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					                                                                        P O Box 1269
                                                                        Nashua, NH 03061-1269
                                                                        Tel: (603) 883-6163
                                                                        Fax: (603) 881-7198

   I would like to nominate Kerry Wright for the Nashua Center Monthly Service Award.

   Since beginning her employment with the Nashua Center Kerry has worked diligently to
   provide the folks she works with the best supports possible. She has worked at both of
   our group homes in Nashua and is well liked by her peers as well as the people who
   reside in the homes. Kerry has also provided respite care to some of the folks who live in
   provider homes. I was recently contacted by a Service Coordinator from Gateways who
   needed someone to provide some in home supports to a gentleman; his mom was having
   some medical issues and without supports in place she was unable to go to her necessary
   appointments. Kerry was the first person I thought of and she was right there to help.

   Kerry recently took a position as house manager for our group home on Beard St. in
   Nashua. She has done an amazing job in the short time she has been there. Some of the
   things she has done include, helping folks find things of interest to do in their community
   and creating a schedule for the staff to follow to insure that the people are getting out and
   doing what they want to. Kerry has proved to be an effective supervisor by meeting with
   staff when necessary to help them better understand their responsibilities and to offer
   redirection and guidance. She always treats staff with kindness and respect and it shows
   in their work performance.

   Kerry has the ability to bridge any differences between people with disabilities and those
   without through naturalness in speech that is truly inspiring.


   Billy Abbott
   Program Coordinator
   Residential Services

   “I haven’t had the chance to speak with Kerry often in person, but when she calls me on
   the phone; it is always for a very good reason. Her assessments are highly detailed and
   accurate, and she usually already has a plan of action. She is competent and efficient, and
   I know that I can trust her to take care of the situation at hand. Beard Street med sheet
   documentation has also greatly improved since Kerry came on board as co-manager, and
   I believe her presence has been helpful in this matter.”
                                                              -Elizabeth Kennett

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