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					                                              ...for those in need.

    AUTO DONATION PROGRAM:                                                                           Quarterly Newsletter
                                                                                                      Volume 30, Issue 2
                      CARS WANTED!                                                                      Summer 2012

         Those words sometimes seen on scrap metal ads       reliable or too costly to repair, they recommend and
are often heard and thought at Friends In Deed. For our      coordinate their disposal. (Proceeds from any car
neighbors in need, a car is often a necessity. They need     disposal are put back into our car repair program.)
to work but often cannot afford to live near the jobs they
                                                                      In the past 12 months, we have given out six
get or cannot get to them by public transportation. To       cars to people in need. But the need is still great. We
work, they may need to get youngsters to and from day        currently have 10 requests on our waiting list for a
care or school, and shopping for food or clothes beyond      vehicle. If you or someone you know is getting a new
local convenience stores requires driving. Callers           car, consider giving that used car to a family in need by
seeking FID furniture and appliance donations often          donating it to Friends In Deed. We and the people in
cannot make or keep appointments at our building             need are eager to hear from you. Federal income tax
because they "don't have transportation." Additionally,      deduction for the "fair market value" of such donations
we have regular requests for vehicles from people with       is allowable (for filers of Form 1040 and Schedule A for
chronic medical conditions or with children with these       itemized deductions). We 'd like to get one or two cars
issues that cannot get to regular doctor visits, because     per month to help those in need. Give us a call!
they do not live on a bus line.
          But stretching modest wages, disability
payments or social security to cover rent, utilities, food
and clothing leaves little to cover upkeep on an older
car, let alone make payments on a newer car. Recent
scrapping of so many older model trade-ins through the
"cash for clunkers" program and the tendency of people
to keep their vehicles longer in these hard times have
slashed the supply and raised the prices of used cars. So
calls to FID from persons in need and from agencies
that help them keep coming in on a regular basis. Our
reputation for addressing unmet needs is known, and
we're a "qualified organization" under federal tax law to
receive car donations.                                                An excited client receiving her vehicle at Select Auto.

        For persons in need, a donated car can be a

                                                                 *                                                              *
miracle solution to a problem. Our records include                           MISSION STATEMENT
heart-warming stories of donated cars enabling a
woman to keep a job and pursue vocational studies or a                  Friends In Deed is an interfaith
man able to work more hours and earn more money for               organization that responds to unmet needs
his family's needs. But a used car may have problems.                  of low-income Washtenaw County
Select Auto Service technicians Paul Milske and Walt              residents. We partner with the community
Hayes carefully inspect vehicles donated to us,
evaluating whether they are sound enough to give to
                                                                     to provide critical financial assistance,
person in need. They analyze mechanical problems and                 furniture, congregational services and
                                                                                agency referrals.
make needed repairs at low cost for those vehicles that
pass their inspection. For those vehicles not deemed             *                                                              *
 Happy Spring to our friends and supporters. I hope this
 short note finds you well. I would like to draw your              Friends In Deed has a staff opening and is looking
 attention to our urgent and continuing need for volunteers        for a person who is dedicated to helping others to
 who are willing to pick up furniture from donors and more         fill it. Our Program Manager Stormy Lloyd has
 importantly, to deliver those items to our clients who so         recently left FID for a new job. GOOD LUCK,
 desperately need them.                                            STORMY! This leaves us in need of a Program
                                                                   Manager. The position entails two major areas of
 I think of the 61-year old man who had been sleeping on           responsibility: office management and
 the floor since Christmas, and we were able to give him a         development/fundraising duties. The position is
 bed last month.                                                   30-35 hours/week. If you or someone you know is
 I think of the 49-year old woman with COPD and having             interested in a position like this, please send a
 had open heart surgery, lost much of her furniture to             resume to the FID office. And please pray for us
 bedbugs, including her mattress and loveseat.                     that we will find just the right person for the job.
 I think of the women who are pregnant and sleeping on the
 I think of the many who are coming out of local shelters
 who have nothing.

 Would you be willing to help us deliver furniture to those                                 The move of this year’s Big
 who desperately need it? We only need 2-3 volunteers for a                                 House Big Heart race to April
 route, which typically lasts 4 hours. This is a great                                      resulted in a lower number of
 opportunity to spend time with friends or family while                                     participants signing up to
 doing the community a wonderful service. We have a             walk/run. However, the ones who did sign up were able to
 truck (with a lift) available to use as well and are open to   get faithful friends and supporters to sponsor them. The
 having volunteers take a route morning or afternoon,           day of the race, though, the weather was worse than
 weekday or weekend. We can certainly work around your          frightful and only three of our participants walked. Thank
 schedule. Please call us if you are interested at 734 485-     you to Jeff Walters, Ross Thornburg and Catherine
 7658 and ask to speak with Lora.                               Thornburg for braving the rain and threatening storm to
                                                                represent Friends In Deed. We raised over $1400! Since
 Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to hear from      the spring date seems to limit the number of racers, FID
 you.                                                           will be looking for a fall race to join in the hopes of
                                                                regaining some of our participants.
 Lora Elwart, Furniture Coordinator

                      Thank You
  * To Apex Company Foundation for a recurring                           HANDYMEN, PLUMBERS,
  unrestricted award of $2,500. Peggy Glahn, FID Board                  CARPENTERS, APPLIANCE
  member and Apex worker, encourages this support.
                                                                            REPAIRERS AND
  * To Ann Arbor Kiwanis Club for $1,080 to administer
  the Holiday Bed Drive, funding the Club has provided to
  this annual event for many years.                                 We need you! We are experiencing an
  * To Pfizer Corporation for $3,750 in gifts continuing to        increasing number of requests for water
  help our community by combining past and present                heater installation, appliance repairs, and
  employee contributions with corporate matching funds.
                                                                  plumbing issues. Our two volunteers need
                                                                  help handling the demand. Call JoAnna at
  Phelps for his donation of a work van enabling us to haul
                                                                    734-484–HELP (4357) to volunteer.
  smaller loads not needing the box truck's capacity. It's
  already proving a welcome addition to our "fleet."

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                                                4th ANNUAL FRIENDS IN DEED
        Friends In Deed
        Annual Meeting                                      GOLF OUTING
When: Tuesday, June 12, 7 p.m.                               MONDAY, JULY 23
Where: St. Luke Lutheran Church
4205 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor                  Join us for a fun day of golf at Reddeman Farms
                                            555 South Dancer Road, Chelsea MI 734-475-3020
All congregational partners are
invited to attend. Agenda: election                  8:00 am Registration and Team Photo
of Board Members for Class of 2015,
presentation of 2011 Annual Report
                                                               9:00 am Shotgun Start
and sharing experiences and ideas for               2:00 Lunch, scores, winners announced
FID's future.
                                                           REGISTRATION FORM

      Newsletter Contributors           Name: ____________________________________________________________

 Writer: Jim Waltz                      Address: _________________________________________________________
                                        City: ______________________________________ State: _______________
 Designer: Sarah Thornburg
                                        Zip: _________________ Day time phone: __________________________
 Copied by: Ann Arbor Christian
            Reformed Church

 Mailing: Claudia Larson and the        Golf Outing Fees:
          MP Group
                                        ______ Single Golfer(s) at $95
                                        ______ Fivesome at $450
                                        ______ Fivesome and Hole Sponsorship at $525

  The FID Newsletter is                 ______ Hole Sponsorship only at $100
  available electronically.             ______ Cart Sponsorship only at $50
  Contact the office if you             ______ I am unable to attend but my contribution is enclosed.
    would like to start
   getting your copy via
                                        ______ Enclosed is a check payable to Friends In Deed OR
                                        Please charge my ______ Visa ______ Mastercard ______ Discover
                                        Acct. # __________________________________ Exp. Date _____________
                                        Signature ________________________________________________________
       Keep up-to-date
          on what’s                     SCRAMBLE TEAM MEMBERS:
        happening at
         Friends In                     1. _______________________________ 2. _______________________________
           Deed by                      3. _______________________________ 4. _______________________________
       checking us out
                                        5. _______________________________
        on Facebook.
                                                             Return this form to:
                                             Friends In Deed 1196 Ecorse Road Ypsilanti, MI 48198
                                                 Any questions, contact Dave Siglin at

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      Friends In Deed
    Contact Information

       1196 Ecorse Rd.
      Ypsilanti, MI 48198
                                                               Annual Great Late
       Administration Line
         (734) 485-7658
                                                             Summer Rummage and
         Help Line
                                                                  Bake Sale
       (734) 484-4357
   Monday-Friday 9:30-12:00                                    Friday and Saturday, August 10-11
        Furniture Line
        (734) 484-7607                                                  St. Luke Lutheran Church
   Tuesday-Friday 9:30-12:00

                                                                4205 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor

         Q UARTERLY                                         Contribute your items to help Friends In
         N EWSLETTER                                        Deed raise money for operations through
                                                            this event. Call the FID office in June for
                                                                    collection dates and times.

         We partner with the community to provide critical financial assistance, furniture, congregational services and agency referrals.
            Friends In Deed is an interfaith organization that responds to unmet needs of low-income Washtenaw County residents.

Permit No. 365
                                                                                          Return Service Requested
                                                                                 1196 Ecorse Road Ypsilanti, MI 48198
 U.S. Postage

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