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									01.Compare and Contrast Vector Vs Raster?
Raster Artwork                                       Vector Artwork

Definition: Any artwork that is composed digitally   Definition: Two dimensional artwork that is
of horizontal and vertical rows of pixels to         made up of mathematical lines and curves.
make up an image. Raster files are resolution        Vector
dependent and cannot be enlarged without             files are resolution independent and can be
losing image quality.                                enlarged infinitely without losing image quality.

Typical File Types: .psd .tif .jpg .gif .bmp         Typical File Types: .ai .eps .ps .indd .pdf .cdr

Important Note: The file types above are always      Important Note: The vector file types shown
raster images and are never usable for our table     above can contain raster art. If you are unsure
throw or chair products.                             about your files have one of our production
                                                     specialists verify your artwork.

Raster Artwork viewed at 100%:
                                                     Vector Artwork viewed at 100%:

Raster Artwork viewed at 500%:                       Vector Artwork viewed at 500%:
                                Compare Vector vs Raster

Compare                                      Types of Images
Categorizes            Vector Images                        Raster/Bitmap Images
               Vector graphics are resolution         Raster graphics are resolution
                independent.                            dependent.

               They can be scaled up or down
                without any loss of quality.           They cannot be enlarged without
Resolution                                              losing image quality.
               Vector images are defined by
                math, not pixels.                      The resolution of a raster image or
                                                        scanned image is expressed in terms
                                                        of the dots per inch or dpi.
               Vector images are composed of          Raster images are composed of
                objects not pixels.                     pixel, so color of each Dots or
               Easier to change the color of
                individual objects without         complexity of colors and try to
     Color      worrying about individual pixels.   change colors, and you can see the
                                                    biggest disadvantage of editing and
               Coloring vector images is much      manipulating raster images
                easier than coloring bitmaps.

               Vector files are very small in file    Huge file sizes for raster graphics.
                size. (Because Vector images do         (Because color of each pixel in the
 File Size      not need to keep track of each          collection of pixels.)
                individual pixel in an image,
                only mathematical descriptions.)
               Common Vector image formats :    Common raster image formats :
                EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)     BMP (Windows Bitmap)
                WMF (Windows Metafile)            PCX (Paintbrush)
                AI (Adobe Illustrator)            TIFF (Tag Interleave Format)
   File         CDR (CorelDraw)                   JPEG (Joint Photographics Expert
   Formats      DXF (AutoCAD)                     Group) GIF (Graphics Interchange
                SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)    Format)
                PLT (Hewlett Packard Graphics     PNG (Portable Network Graphic)
                Language Plot File)               PSD (Adobe PhotoShop)
                                                  CPT (Corel PhotoPAINT)
               Popular Vector Editing Programs  Popular Bitmap Editing Programs :
                :                                 Adobe Photoshop
                Adobe Illustrator                 GIMP
                CorelDRAW                         Microsoft Paint
                Freehand                          Corel PhotoPAINT
   Program      Inkscape
                Serif DrawPlus
                Xara Xtreme
 Collect Different Kind Of Font Used In Newspaper And Categorize
 Them As Serif And San-Serif Family.

                        Introduction to compression

                        Compression ?
 :-Compression is the reduction in size of data in order to save space or transmission time. For
 data transmission, compression can be performed on just the data content or on the entire
 transmission unit (including header data) depending on a number of factors.

 :- Content compression can be as simple as removing all extra space characters, inserting a single
 repeat character to indicate a string of repeated characters, and substituting smaller bit strings
 for frequently occurring characters.

 :-This kind of compression can reduce a text file to 50% of its original size. Compression is
 performed by a program that uses a formula or algorithm to determine how to compress or
 decompress data.

                             The basics of compression
     Lossless and lossy compression
     Latency
                                Lossless                                compression
 :- A compression technique that decompresses data back                 to its original form without
 any loss. The decompressed file and the original are identical.
 :- All compression methods used to compress text, databases and other business data are lossless.
 For example, the ZIP archiving technology (PKZIP, WinZip, etc.) is a widely used lossless method.

                             lossy compression
:- Reduce non-sensitive information to human eyes (not mathematical, but physiological method)
:- Cannot reproduce original image
  :- Can specify the amount of information loss high compression

 03 Prepare The Table For File Types Including Relevant Details As Short
Name Of Extension, Compression Types And Proprietorship.
Raster Image Formats :

     File Extension                                 File Description                     Compression
      (File Name)                                                                           Type
.BMP (Bitmap Image File )      Many older graphical user interfaces used bitmaps in Lossless
                                their built-in graphics subsystems.        Especially compression
                                on Microsoft Windows and OS/2 operating systems.

                               BMP files may contain different levels of color depths
                                per pixel. They may also be stored using a grayscale
                                color scheme.

                               While most BMP files have a relatively large file size
                                due to lack of any compression.

.TIFF (Tagged Image File       TIFF files were designed to be a standard image format Lossy     and
Format)                         for saving high-quality color images on multiple lossless
                                computer platforms.                                    compression

                               The TIFF format was originally developed by Aldus,
                                who merged with Adobe Systems in 1994.

                               also supports multiple layers and pages.

                               file sizes are quite big.

.GIF (Graphical Interchange    Image file that may contain up to 256 indexed colors.    lossless
Format File)                                                                             compression
                               GIFs are common format for Web graphics, especially
                                small images and images that contain text, such as
                                navigation buttons.

                               They may also include transparent pixels, which allow
                                them to blend with different color backgrounds.
.JPEG (Joint Photographic       JPEG a good format for storing digital photos.            lossy
Experts Group)                                                                             Compression
                                It stores information as 24 bit color.

                                JPEG images are commonly used for Web graphics and
                                 for storing photos taken with digital cameras.

                                Noticeably reduce the image quality if high amounts of
                                 compression are used.

.PNG (Portable       Network    Similar to a .GIF file but without copyright limitations; lossless
Graphic)                         commonly used to store graphics for Web images.           compression

                                PNG images do not provide CMYK color support
                                 because they are not intended for use with professional

                                PNG images are now supported by most Web browsers.

                                PNG images may include an 8-bit transparency

       Vector Image Formats:

      File Extension                              File Description                         Compression
       (File Name)                                                                            Type

.EPS(Encapsulated               PostScript (.PS) file that may contain 2D vector
PostScript File)                 graphics, bitmap images, and text.

                                Can be placed within another PostScript document.

                                EPS files are supported by several different drawing
                                 programs and vector graphic editing applications.

.AI (Adobe Illustrator File)    Drawing created with Adobe Illustrator, a vector          Most vector
                                 graphics editing program.                                  images not
                                commonly used for logos and print media.                  compression
                                Since Illustrator image files are saved in a vector
                                 format, they can be enlarged without losing any image
.CGM (Computer Graphics         Originally used for clip art libraries.
                                (Based on the ISO/IEC 8632 standard) are now
                                 commonly used for CAD drawings.
                           CGM files are encoded using one of three different
                                 o Binary encoding
                                 o Character-based encoding
                                 o Clear-text encoding

.SVG (Scalable   Vector    Describes images using a text format that is based on
Graphics File)              XML.

                           This format created by the World Wide Web
                            Consortium (W3C).

                           SVG images can be created and exported from Adobe
                            Creative Suite programs, such as Illustrator and

.WMF (Windows Metafile)    Proprietary Windows graphic format developed by

                           Including commands for drawing lines, circles, and
                            rectangles; may also contain bitmap drawing
                            operations.                                              Most vector
                                                                                      images not
                           Used primarily for vector images, but can also include      need
                            raster graphics.                                         compression
.EMF (Enhanced Windows     Windows vector graphics format recognized by many
Metafile)                   image-editing applications.

                           Basically a 32-bit version of the original Windows
                            Metafile Format (.WMF), which only supports 16-bit

                           Saves image data in an RGB format and does not
                            support CMYK data.

                           EMF can also used as a graphics language for printer

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