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copy of zululand-birdlist


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									                                     ZULULAND BIRD CHECKLIST
No. NEW NAME                     SCIENTIFIC NAME    OLD NAME                          RD NE NW S       √
   1 Common Ostrich              Struthio camelus                                              R
 188 Coqui Francolin             Peliperdix coqui                                          R   R   R
 189 Crested Francolin           Peliperdix sephaena                                       R   R   R
 192 Red-winged Francolin        Scleroptila levaillantii                                      R   R
 191 Shelley's Francolin         Scleroptila shelleyi                                      R   R   R
 196 Natal Spurfowl              Pternistes natalensis                                     R   R   R
 199 Swainson's Spurfowl         Pternistes swainsonii      Swainson's Francolin           R   R   R
 200 Common Quail                Coturnix coturnix                                         S   S   S
 201 Harlequin Quail             Coturnix delegorguei                                      S   S   S
 202 Blue Quail                  Coturnix adansonii                                        V
 204 Crested Guineafowl          Guttera pucherani                                         R       R
 203 Helmeted Guineafowl         Numida meleagris                                          R   R   R
 100 Fulvous Duck                Dendrocygna bicolor                                       R   R   R
  99 White-faced Duck            Dendrocygna viduata                                       R   R   R
 101 White-backed Duck           Thalassornis leuconotus                                   R   R   R
 117 Maccoa Duck                 Oxyura maccoa                                                 V
 102 Egyptian Goose              Alopochen aegyptiacus                                     R   R   R
 103 South African Shelduck      Tadorna cana                                                  R
 116 Spur-winged Goose           Plectropterus gambensis                                   R   R   R
 115 Comb Duck                   Sarkidiornis melanotos     Knob-billed Duck               R   R   R
 114 African Pygmy-Goose         Nettapus auritus                                     RD   R   R   R
 106 Cape Teal                   Anas capensis                                             R   R   R
 105 African Black Duck          Anas sparsa                                               R   R   R
     Mallard                     Anas platyrhynchos                                            R   R
 104 Yellow-billed Duck          Anas undulata                                             R   R   R
 112 Cape Shoveler               Anas smithii                                              R   R   R
 108 Red-billed Teal             Anas erythrorhyncha                                       R   R   R
 107 Hottentot Teal              Anas hottentota                                           R   R   R
 113 Southern Pochard            Netta erythrophthalma                                     R   R   R
 205 Kurrichane Buttonquail      Turnix sylvatica                                          R   R   R
206b Black-rumped Buttonquail    Turnix nana                                          RD   R   R   R
 475 Scaly-throated Honeyguide   Indicator variegatus                                      R   R   R
 474 Greater Honeyguide          Indicator indicator                                       R   R   R
 476 Lesser Honeyguide           Indicator minor                                           R   R   R
 478 Brown-backed Honeybird      Prodotiscus regulus        Sharp-billed Honeyguide        R   R   R
 481 Bennett's Woodpecker        Campethera bennettii                                          R
 483 Golden-tailed Woodpecker    Campethera abingoni                                       R   R   R
480 Ground Woodpecker              Geocolaptes olivaceus                                               R
486 Cardinal Woodpecker            Dendropicos fuscescens                                          R   R   R
487 Bearded Woodpecker             Dendropicos namaquus                                            R   R   R
488 Olive Woodpecker               Dendropicos griseocephalus                                      R   R   R
489 Red-throated Wryneck           Jynx ruficollis                                                     R   R
466 White-eared Barbet             Stactolaema leucotis                                            R       R
471 Yellow-rumped Tinkerbird       Pogoniulus bilineatus        Golden-rumped Tinker Barbet        R       R
469 Red-fronted Tinkerbird         Pogoniulus pusillus          Red-fronted Tinker Barbet          R   R   R
465 Acacia Pied Barbet             Tricholaema leucomelas                                          R   R   R
464 Black-collared Barbet          Lybius torquatus                                                R   R   R
473 Crested Barbet                 Trachyphonus vaillantii                                         R   R   R
468 Green Barbet                   Stactolaema olivacea         Woodward's Barbet             RD           R
458 Red-billed Hornbill            Tockus erythrorhynchus                                          R   R
459 Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill Tockus leucomelas                                              R   R   R
460 Crowned Hornbill               Tockus alboterminatus                                           R   R   R
475 African Grey Hornbill          Tockus nasutus                                                  R   R   V
455 Trumpeter Hornbill             Bycanistes bucinator                                            R   R   R
463 Southern Ground-Hornbill       Bucorvus leadbeateri         Ground Hornbill               RD   R   R   R
451 African Hoopoe                 Upupa africana               Hoopoe                             R   R   R
452 Green Wood-Hoopoe              Phoeniculus purpureus        Red-billed Woodhoopoe              R   R   R
454 Common Scimitarbill            Rhinopomastus cyanomelas     Scimitar-billed Woodhoopoe         R   R   R
427 Narina Trogon                  Apaloderma narina                                               R   R   R
446 European Roller                Coracias garrulus                                               S   S   S
447 Lilac-breasted Roller          Coracias caudata                                                R   R   R
449 Purple Roller                  Coracias naevia                                                 R   R   V
450 Broad-billed Roller            Eurystomus glaucurus                                            S       S
430 Half-collared Kingfisher       Alcedo semitorquata                                        RD   R   R   R
431 Malachite Kingfisher           Alcedo cristata                                                 R   R   R
432 African Pygmy-Kingfisher       Ispidina picta                                                  S   S   S
436 Grey-headed Kingfisher         Halcyon leucocephala         Grey-hooded Kingfisher             S   V   S
433 Woodland Kingfisher            Halcyon senegalensis                                            S
434 Mangrove Kingfisher            Halcyon senegaloides                                       RD   W       W
435 Brown-hooded Kingfisher        Halcyon albiventris                                             R   R   R
437 Striped Kingfisher             Halcyon chelicuti                                               R   R   R
429 Giant Kingfisher               Megaceryle maxima                                               R   R   R
428 Pied Kingfisher                Ceryle rudis                                                    R   R   R
443 White-fronted Bee-eater        Merops bullockoides                                             R   R   R
444 Little Bee-eater               Merops pusillus                                                 R   R   R
439 Madagascar Bee-eater           Merops superciliosus         Olive Bee-eater                    V
445 Swallow-tailed Bee-eater       Merops hirundineus                                              V       V
440 Blue-cheeked Bee-eater         Merops persicus                                                 S       S
438 European Bee-eater             Merops apiaster                                                 S   S   S
 441 Southern Carmine Bee-eater       Merops nubicoides                                         V
 424 Speckled Mousebird               Colius striatus                                           R     R   R
 426 Red-faced Mousebird              Urocolius indicus                                         R     R   R
 382 Jacobin Cuckoo                   Oxylophus jacobinus                                       S     S    S
 381 Levaillant's Cuckoo              Oxylophus levaillantii      African Striped Cuckoo        S     S    S
 380 Great Spotted Cuckoo             Clamator glandarius                                       S
 383 Thick-billed Cuckoo              Pachycoccyx audeberti                                     S
 377 Red-chested Cuckoo               Cuculus solitarius                                        S     S    S
 378 Black Cuckoo                     Cuculus clamosus                                          S     S    S
 374 Common Cuckoo                    Cuculus canorus             Eurasian Cuckoo               S     S    S
 375 African Cuckoo                   Cuculus gularis                                           S     S    S
 385 Klaas's Cuckoo                   Chrysococcyx klaas                                        S/R   S/R S/R
 384 African Emerald Cuckoo           Chrysococcyx cupreus                                      S     S    S
 386 Diderick Cuckoo                  Chrysococcyx caprius                                      S     S    S
 387 Green Malkoha                    Ceuthmochares aereus        Green Coucal                  R         R
 388 Black Coucal                     Centropus grillii                                    RD   S     S    S
 391 Burchell's Coucal                Centropus burchelli                                       R     R   R
 362 Cape Parrot                      Poicephalus robustus                                 RD              V
 363 Brown-headed Parrot              Poicephalus cryptoxanthus                                 R     R
 366 Rose-ringed Parakeet             Psittacula krameri                                        R         R
 421 African Palm-Swift               Cypsiurus parvus                                          R     R   R
 418 Alpine Swift                     Apus melba                                                R     R   R
 411 Common Swift                     Apus apus                   European Swift                S     S    S
 412 African Black Swift              Apus barbatus                                             R     R   R
 417 Little Swift                     Apus affinis                                              S/R   S/R S/R
 416 Horus Swift                      Apus horus                                                S     S    S
 415 White-rumped Swift               Apus caffer                                               S     S    S
370b Livingstone's Turaco             Tauraco livingstonii        Livingstone's Lourie          R         R
 370 Knysna Turaco                    Tauraco corythaix           Knysna Lourie                           R
 371 Purple-crested Turaco            Musophaga porphyreolopha    Purple-crested Lourie         R     R   R
 373 Grey Go-away-bird                Corythaixoides concolor     Grey Lourie                   R     R   R
 392 Barn Owl                         Tyto alba                                                 R     R   R
 393 African Grass-Owl                Tyto capensis                                        RD   R     R   R
 396 African Scops-Owl                Otus senegalensis                                         R     R   R
 397 Southern White-faced Scops-Owl   Ptilopsus granti            White-faced Owl               R
 400 Cape Eagle-Owl                   Bubo capensis                                                   V
 401 Spotted Eagle-Owl                Bubo africanus                                            R     R   R
 402 Verreaux's Eagle-Owl             Bubo lacteus                Giant, Milky Eagle-Owl        R     R   R
 403 Pel's Fishing-Owl                Scotopelia peli                                      RD   R         R
 394 African Wood-Owl                 Strix woodfordii                                          R     R   R
 398 Pearl-spotted Owlet              Glaucidium perlatum         Pearl Spotted Owl             R
 399 African Barred Owlet             Glaucidium capense          Barred Owl                    R
395 Marsh Owl                     Asio capensis                                              R   R   R
404 European Nightjar             Caprimulgus europaeus                                      S   S   S
405 Fiery-necked Nightjar         Caprimulgus pectoralis                                     R   R   R
407 Swamp Nightjar                Caprimulgus natalensis          Natal Nightjar        RD   R       R
408 Freckled Nightjar             Caprimulgus tristigma                                      R   R
409 Square-tailed Nightjar        Caprimulgus fossii              Mozambique Nightjar        R   R   R
410 Pennant-winged Nightjar       Macrodipteryx vexillarius                                  V       V
348 Rock Dove                     Columba livia                   Feral Pigeon               R   R   R
349 Speckled Pigeon               Columba guinea                  Rock Pigeon                R   R   R
350 African Olive-Pigeon          Columba arquatrix               Rameron Pigeon             R   R   R
351 Eastern Bronze-naped Pigeon   Columba delegorguei             Delegorgue's Pigeon   RD   R   R   R
360 Lemon Dove                    Aplopelia larvata               Cinnamon Dove              R   R   R
355 Laughing Dove                 Streptopelia senegalensis                                  R   R   R
354 Cape Turtle-Dove              Streptopelia capicola                                      R   R   R
352 Red-eyed Dove                 Streptopelia semitorquata                                  R   R   R
358 Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove     Turtur chalcospilos             Green-spotted Dove         R   R   R
359 Tambourine Dove               Turtur tympanistria                                        R   R   R
356 Namaqua Dove                  Oena capensis                                              R   R   R
361 African Green-Pigeon          Treron calva                                               R   R   R
231 Denham's Bustard              Neotis denhami                  Stanley's Bustard     RD   R   R
237 Red-crested Korhaan           Eupodotis ruficrista                                       R   R   R
233 White-bellied Korhaan         Eupodotis [s.] barrowii                               RD   R   R   R
234 Blue Korhaan                  Eupodotis caerulescens                                RD       R
238 Black-bellied Bustard         Eupodotis melanogaster                                RD   R   R   R
209 Grey Crowned Crane            Balearica regulorum                                   RD   R   R   R
208 Blue Crane                    Anthropoides paradisea                                RD       R   R
207 Wattled Crane                 Grus carunculatus                                     RD       V
229 African Finfoot               Podica senegalensis                                   RD   R   R   R
218 Buff-spotted Flufftail        Sarothrura elegans                                         R   R   R
217 Red-chested Flufftail         Sarothrura rufa                                            R   R   R
222 White-winged Flufftail        Sarothrura ayresi                                     RD   V
221 Striped Flufftail             Sarothrura affinis                                    RD       S   S
210 African Rail                  Rallus caerulescens                                        R   R   R
212 African Crake                 Crecopsis egregia                                          S   S   S
211 Corn Crake                    Crex crex                                             RD   S   S   S
213 Black Crake                   Amaurornis flavirostra                                     R   R   R
215 Baillon's Crake               Porzana pusilla                                            S   S   S
216 Striped Crake                 Aenigmatolimnas maginalis                             RD           V
214 Spotted Crake                 Porzana porzana                                            V
223 African Purple Swamphen       Porphyrio [p.] madagascariensis Purple Gallinule           R   R   R
224 Allen's Gallinule             Porphyrula alleni               Lesser Gallinule           S   S   S
226 Common Moorhen                Gallinula chloropus                                        R   R   R
227 Lesser Moorhen                Gallinula angulata                                S   S   S
228 Red-knobbed Coot              Fulica cristata                                   R   R   R
285 Great Snipe                   Gallinago media                                   V
286 African Snipe                 Gallinago nigripennis     Ethiopian Snipe         R   R   R
287 Black-tailed Godwit           Limosa limosa                                     V       V
288 Bar-tailed Godwit             Limosa lapponica                                  S       S
290 Common Whimbrel               Numenius phaeopus                                 S       S
289 Eurasian Curlew               Numenius arquata                                  S       S
268 Common Redshank               Tringa totanus                                            V
269 Marsh Sandpiper               Tringa stagnatilis                                S   S   S
270 Common Greenshank             Tringa nebularia                                  S   S   S
265 Green Sandpiper               Tringa ochropus                                   V       V
266 Wood Sandpiper                Tringa glareola                                   S   S   S
263 Terek Sandpiper               Xenus cinereus                                    S       S
264 Common Sandpiper              Actitis hypoleucos                                S   S   S
262 Ruddy Turnstone               Arenaria interpres                                S       S
271 Red Knot                      Calidris canutus                                  S       S
281 Sanderling                    Calidris alba                                     S       S
274 Little Stint                  Calidris minuta                                   S   S   S
280 Temminck's Stint              Calidris temminckii                                       V
272 Curlew Sandpiper              Calidris ferruginea                               S   S   S
279 Pectoral Sandpiper            Calidris melanotos                                V   V   V
282 Buff-breasted Sandpiper       Tryngites subruficollis                                   V
283 Broad-billed Sandpiper        Limicola falcinellus                                      V
284 Ruff                          Philomachus pugnax                                S   S   S
242 Greater Painted-snipe         Rostratula benghalensis                      RD   R   R   R
240 African Jacana                Actophilornis africanus                           R   R   R
241 Lesser Jacana                 Microparra capensis                          RD   R   R   R
298 Water Thick-knee              Burhinus vermiculatus     Water Dikkop            R   R   R
297 Spotted Thick-knee            Burhinus capensis         Cape Dikkop             R   R   R
243 Eurasian Oystercatcher        Haematopus ostralegus                             V       V
244 African Black Oystercatcher   Haematopus moquini                           RD           V
295 Black-winged Stilt            Himantopus himantopus                             R   R   R
294 Pied Avocet                   Recurvirostra avosetta                            R   R   R
253 Pacific Golden Plover         Pluvialis fulva                                           V
254 Grey Plover                   Pluvialis squatarola                              S       S
245 Common Ringed Plover          Charadrius hiaticula                              S   S   S
248 Kittlitz's Plover             Charadrius pecuarius                              R   R   R
249 Three-banded Plover           Charadrius tricollaris                            R   R   R
247 Chestnut-banded Plover        Charadrius pallidus                          RD   V       S
246 White-fronted Plover          Charadrius marginatus                             R       R
250 Lesser Sand Plover            Charadrius mongolus       Mongolian Plover                V
251 Greater Sand Plover        Charadrius leschenaultii                                   S          S
252 Caspian Plover             Charadrius asiaticus                                       V          V
261 Long-toed Lapwing          Vanellus crassirostris     Longtoed Plover                 R
258 Blacksmith Lapwing         Vanellus armatus           Blacksmith Plover               R     R   R
260 African Wattled Lapwing    Vanellus senegallus        Wattled Plover                  R     R   R
256 Senegal Lapwing            Vanellus lugubris          Lesser Black-wing Plover        R         R
257 Black-winged Lapwing       Vanellus melanopterus      Black-winged Plover        RD   R     R   R
255 Crowned Lapwing            Vanellus coronatus         Crowned Plover                  R     R   R
296 Crab Plover                Dromas ardeola                                             V          V
303 Bronze-winged Courser      Rhinoptilus chalcopterus                                   S     S    S
300 Temminck's Courser         Cursorius temminckii                                       R     R   R
304 Collared Pratincole        Glareola pratincola        Red-winged Pratincole      RD   S          S
310 Subantarctic Skua          Catharacta antarctica                                      P          P
311 South Polar Skua           Catharacta maccormicki                                                P
309 Pomarine Jaeger            Stercorarius pomarinus     Pomarine Skua                   P          P
307 Parasitic Jaeger           Stercorarius parasiticus   Arctic Skua                                P
308 Long-tailed Jaeger         Stercorarius longicaudus   Long-tailed Skua                           P
343 African Skimmer            Rynchops flavirostris                                 RD   V
311 Kelp Gull                  Larus [dominicanus                                         R         R
313 Lesser Black-backed Gull   Larus fuscus                                               V          V
315 Grey-headed Gull           Larus cirrocephalus                                        R     V   R
316 Hartlaub's Gull            Larus hartlaubii                                                      V
318 Sabine's Gull              Larus sabini                                                          V
321 Gull-billed Tern           Sterna nilotica                                                       V
322 Caspian Tern               Sterna caspia                                         RD   R         R
325 Lesser Crested Tern        Sterna bengalensis                                         S          S
324 Swift Tern                 Sterna bergii              Crested Tern                    R         R
326 Sandwich Tern              Sterna sandvicensis                                        S          S
331 Black-naped Tern           Sterna sumatrana                                                      P
327 Common Tern                Sterna hirundo                                             S          S
328 Arctic Tern                Sterna paradisaea                                          V          V
329 Antarctic Tern             Sterna vittata                                                        V
335 Little Tern                Sterna albifrons                                           S          S
333 Bridled Tern               Sterna anaethetus                                                     V
336 White-cheeked Tern         Sterna repressa                                                       V
332 Sooty Tern                 Sterna fuscata                                             V          V
338 Whiskered Tern             Chlidonias hybridus                                        R     R   R
339 White-winged Tern          Chlidonias leucopterus                                     S     S    S
337 Black Tern                 Chlidonias niger                                                      V
340 Brown Noddy                Anous stolidus             Common Noddy                    V          V
341 Lesser Noddy               Anous tenuirostris                                         V
170 Osprey                     Pandion haliaetus                                          R/S   R/S R/S
128 African Cuckoo Hawk           Aviceda cuculoides                                           R   R   R
130 European Honey-Buzzard        Pernis apivorus                                              S   S   S
129 Bat Hawk                      Macheiramphus alcinus                                   RD   R       R
127 Black-shouldered Kite         Elanus caeruleus                                             R   R   R
126 Black Kite                    Milvus migrans             Yellow-billed Kite                S   S   S
148 African Fish-Eagle            Haliaeetus vocifer                                           R   R   R
147 Palm-nut Vulture              Gypohierax angolensis                                        R       R
121 Hooded Vulture                Necrosyrtes monachus                                    RD   R   R
123 White-backed Vulture          Gyps africanus                                          RD   R   R   R
122 Cape Vulture                  Gyps coprotheres                                        RD   R   R
124 Lappet-faced Vulture          Torgos tracheliotus                                     RD   R   R   R
125 White-headed Vulture          Trigonoceps occipitalis                                 RD   R   R   R
143 Black-chested Snake-Eagle     Circaetus pectoralis       Black-breasted Snake Eagle        R   R   R
142 Brown Snake-Eagle             Circaetus cinereus                                           R   R   R
144 Southern Banded Snake-Eagle   Circaetus fasciolatus                                   RD   R       R
146 Bateleur                      Terathopius ecaudatus                                   RD   R   R   R
164 Western Marsh-Harrier         Circus aeruginosus         Eurasian Marsh Harrier            S   S   S
165 African Marsh-Harrier         Circus ranivorus                                        RD   R   R   R
168 Black Harrier                 Circus maurus                                           RD       V
167 Pallid Harrier                Circus macrourus                                        RD   S   S
166 Montagu's Harrier             Circus pygargus                                              S   S   S
169 African Harrier-Hawk          Polyboroides typus         Gymnogene                         R   R   R
154 Lizard Buzzard                Kaupifalco monogrammicus                                     R   R   R
163 Dark Chanting Goshawk         Melierax metabates                                           R
161 Gabar Goshawk                 Melierax gabar                                               R   R   R
160 African Goshawk               Accipiter tachiro                                            R   R   R
159 Shikra                        Accipiter badius           Little Banded Goshawk             R   R   R
157 Little Sparrowhawk            Accipiter minullus                                           R   R   R
156 Ovambo Sparrowhawk            Accipiter ovampensis                                         V
155 Rufous-chested Sparrowhawk    Accipiter rufiventris      Red-breasted Sparrowhawk              V
158 Black Sparrowhawk             Accipiter melanoleucus                                       R   R   R
149 Steppe Buzzard                Buteo buteo                                                  S   S   S
150 Forest Buzzard                Buteo trizonatus                                                 R
152 Jackal Buzzard                Buteo rufofuscus                                             R   R   R
134 Lesser Spotted Eagle          Aquila pomarina                                              S   S
132 Tawny Eagle                   Aquila rapax                                            RD   R   R   R
133 Steppe Eagle                  Aquila nipalensis                                            S   S
131 Verreaux's Eagle              Aquila verreauxii          African Black Eagle                   R   R
135 Wahlberg's Eagle              Aquila wahlbergi                                             S   S   S
137 African Hawk-Eagle            Hieraaetus spilogaster                                       R   R   R
136 Booted Eagle                  Hieraaetus pennatus                                          R   R   R
138 Ayres's Hawk-Eagle            Hieraaetus ayresii                                      RD   S   S   S
140 Martial Eagle               Polemaetus bellicosus                                    RD   R     R   R
139 Long-crested Eagle          Lophaetus occipitalis                                         R     R   R
141 African Crowned Eagle       Stephanoaetus coronatus                                  RD   R     R   R
118 Secretarybird               Sagittarius serpentarius                                 RD   R     R   R
183 Lesser Kestrel              Falco naumanni                                           RD   S     S
181 Rock Kestrel                Falco tinnunculus                                             R     R   R
179 Red-footed Falcon           Falco vespertinus            Western Red-footed Falcon        S     S
180 Amur Falcon                 Falco amurensis              Eastern Red-footed Falcon        S     S    S
175 Sooty Falcon                Falco concolor                                                S          S
177 Eleonora's Falcon           Falco eleonoae                                                V
173 Eurasian Hobby              Falco subbuteo                                                S     S    S
172 Lanner Falcon               Falco biarmicus                                          RD   R     R   R
171 Peregrine Falcon            Falco peregrinus                                         RD   R     R   R
  8 Little Grebe                Tachybaptus ruficollis       Dabchick                         R     R   R
  6 Great Crested Grebe         Podiceps cristatus                                            R     V
 53 Cape Gannet                 Morus capensis                                           RD   W         W
 52 Brown Booby                 Sula leucogaster                                              V
 60 African Darter              Anhinga rufa                                                  R     R   R
 58 Reed Cormorant              Phalacrocorax africanus                                       R     R   R
 55 White-breasted Cormorant    Phalacrocorax [c.] lucidus                                    R     R   R
 56 Cape Cormorant              Phalacrocorax capensis                                   RD   W         W
 70 Slaty Egret                 Egretta vinaceigula                                           V
 69 Black Heron                 Egretta ardesiaca            Black Egret                      R     R   R
 67 Little Egret                Egretta garzetta                                              R     R   R
 68 Yellow-billed Egret         Egretta intermedia                                            R     R   R
 66 Great Egret                 Egretta alba                 Great White Egret                R     R   R
 62 Grey Heron                  Ardea cinerea                                                 R     R   R
 63 Black-headed Heron          Ardea melanocephala                                           R     R   R
 64 Goliath Heron               Ardea goliath                                                 R     R   R
 65 Purple Heron                Ardea purpurea                                                R     R   R
 71 Cattle Egret                Bubulcus ibis                                                 R     R   R
 72 Squacco Heron               Ardeola ralloides                                             R     R   R
 75 Rufous-bellied Heron        Ardeola rufiventris                                           R
 74 Green-backed Heron          Butorides striatus                                            R     R   R
 76 Black-crowned Night-Heron   Nycticorax nycticorax                                         R     R   R
 77 White-backed Night-Heron    Gorsachius leuconotus                                    RD   R     R   R
 78 Little Bittern              Ixobrychus minutus                                            R/S   R/S R/S
 79 Dwarf Bittern               Ixobrychus sturmii                                            S     S    S
 80 Eurasian Bittern            Botaurus stellaris           Bittern                     RD   V          V
 81 Hamerkop                    Scopus umbretta                                               R     R   R
 96 Greater Flamingo            Phoenicopterus ruber                                     RD   R         R
 97 Lesser Flamingo             Phoenicopterus minor                                     RD   R     V   R
 93 Glossy Ibis                       Plegadis falcinellus                                           R     R   R
 94 Hadeda Ibis                       Bostrychia hagedash                                            R     R   R
 92 Southern Bald Ibis                Geronticus calvus                                         RD   R     R   R
 91 African Sacred Ibis               Threskiornis aethiopicus                                       R     R   R
 95 African Spoonbill                 Platalea alba                                                  R     R   R
 49 Great White Pelican               Pelecanus onocrotalus                                     RD   R         R
 50 Pink-backed Pelican               Pelecanus rufescens                                       RD   R     R   R
 90 Yellow-billed Stork               Mycteria ibis                                             RD   R     R   R
 87 African Openbill                  Anastomus lamelligerus          Open-billed Stork         RD   R     R   R
 84 Black Stork                       Ciconia nigra                                             RD   R     R   R
 85 Abdim's Stork                     Ciconia abdimii                                                V     V    V
 86 Woolly-necked Stork               Ciconia episcopus                                         RD   R     R   R
 83 White Stork                       Ciconia ciconia                                                S     S    S
 88 Saddle-billed Stork               Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis                             RD   R     R   R
 89 Marabou Stork                     Leptoptilos crumeniferus                                  RD   R     V    V
  3 African Penguin                   Spheniscus demersus             Jackass Penguin           RD   V          V
 44 Wilson's Storm-Petrel             Oceanites oceanicus                                                       P
 46 Black-bellied Storm-Petrel        Fregetta tropica                                                          P
 42 European Storm-Petrel             Hydrobates pelagicus            British Storm-Petrel           P
 12 Black-browed Albatross            Thalassarche melanophris                                  RD   P          P
 11 Shy Albatross                     Thalassarche cauta                                        RD   P          P
14b Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross     Thalassarche carteri                                      RD   P          P
 17 Southern Giant-Petrel             Macronectes giganteus                                     RD              P
 21 Pintado Petrel                    Daption capense                 Cape Petrel                    P
 23 Great-winged Petrel               Pterodroma macroptera                                          P          P
 24 Soft-plumaged Petrel              Pterodroma mollis                                              P          P
 28 Blue Petrel                       Halobaena caerulea                                                        P
 30 Slender-billed Prion              Pachyptila belcheri                                            P          P
 32 White-chinned Petrel              Procellaria aequinoctialis                                RD   P          P
    Streaked Shearwater               Calonectrisleucomelas                                                     P
 37 Sooty Shearwater                  Puffinus griseus                                                          P
490 African Broadbill                 Smithornis capensis                                       RD   R         R
543 Eurasian Golden Oriole            Oriolus oriolus                                                S     S    S
544 African Golden Oriole             Oriolus auratus                                                V     V
545 Black-headed Oriole               Oriolus larvatus                                               R     R   R
542 Square-tailed Drongo              Dicrurus ludwigii                                              R         R
541 Fork-tailed Drongo                Dicrurus adsimilis                                             R     R   R
708 Blue-mantled Crested Flycatcher   Trochocercus cyanomelas         Blue-mantled Flycatcher        R     R   R
710 African Paradise-Flycatcher       Terpsiphone viridis                                            S/R   S/R S/R
741 Brubru                            Nilaus afer                                                    R     R   R
740 Black-backed Puffback             Dryoscopus cubla                Puffback Shrike                R     R   R
743 Black-crowned Tchagra             Tchagra senegala                                               R     R   R
744 Brown-crowned Tchagra         Tchagra australis           Three-streaked Tchagra         R   R   R
742 Southern Tchagra              Tchagra tchagra                                            R   R   R
736 Southern Boubou               Laniarius ferrugineus                                      R   R   R
746 Bokmakierie                   Telophorus zeylonus                                        R   R   R
748 Orange-breasted Bush-Shrike   Telophorus sulfureopectus                                  R   R   R
750 Olive Bush-Shrike             Telophorus olivaceus                                       R   R   R
747 Gorgeous Bush-Shrike          Telophorus quadricolor                                     R   R   R
751 Grey-headed Bush-Shrike       Malaconotus blanchoti                                      R   R   R
753 White-crested Helmet-Shrike   Prionops plumatus           White Helmetshrike             R   R   R
754 Retz's Helmet-Shrike          Prionops retzii             Red-billed Helmetshrike        R
700 Cape Batis                    Batis capensis                                             R   R   R
704 Woodwards' Batis              Batis fratrum                                         RD   R       R
701 Chinspot Batis                Batis molitor                                              R   R   R
705 Black-throated Wattle-eye     Platysteira peltata         Wattle-eyed Flycatcher    RD   R   R   R
549 House Crow                    Corvus splendens                                                   R
547 Cape Crow                     Corvus capensis             Black Crow                     R   R   R
548 Pied Crow                     Corvus albus                                               R   R   R
550 White-necked Raven            Corvus albicollis                                          R   R   R
733 Red-backed Shrike             Lanius collurio                                            S   S   S
731 Lesser Grey Shrike            Lanius minor                                               S   S   S
732 Common Fiscal                 Lanius collaris             Fiscal Shrike                  R   R   R
735 Magpie Shrike                 Corvinella melanoleuca      Long-tailed Shrike             R   R
539 White-breasted Cuckooshrike   Coracina pectoralis                                        V
540 Grey Cuckooshrike             Coracina caesia                                            R   R   R
538 Black Cuckooshrike            Campephaga flava                                           R   R   R
558 Grey Penduline-Tit            Anthoscopus caroli                                         R   R   R
554 Southern Black Tit            Parus niger                                                R   R   R
532 Sand Martin                   Riparia riparia                                            S   S   S
533 Brown-throated Martin         Riparia paludicola                                         R   R   R
534 Banded Martin                 Riparia cincta                                             S   S   S
531 Grey-rumped Swallow           Pseudhirundo griseopyga                                    R   S   R
518 Barn Swallow                  Hirundo rustica             European Swallow               S   S   S
520 White-throated Swallow        Hirundo albigularis                                        S   S   S
522 Wire-tailed Swallow           Hirundo smithii                                            R   R   R
521 Blue Swallow                  Hirundo atrocaerulea                                  RD       S
526 Greater Striped Swallow       Hirundo cucullata                                          S   S   S
527 Lesser Striped Swallow        Hirundo abyssinica                                         R   S   R
524 Red-breasted Swallow          Hirundo semirufa                                           S   S   S
525 Mosque Swallow                Hirundo senegalensis                                       V
528 South African Cliff-Swallow   Hirundo spilodera                                              S
529 Rock Martin                   Hirundo fuligula                                           R   R   R
530 Common House-Martin           Delichon urbica                                            S   S   S
536 Black Saw-wing                    Psalidoprocne holomelaena         Black Sawwing Swallow          R   R   R
537 Eastern Saw-wing                  Psalidoprocne orientalis          Eastern Sawwing Swallow        V
568 Dark-capped Bulbul                Pycnonotus tricolor               Black-eyed Bulbul              R   R   R
572 Sombre Greenbul                   Andropadus importunus             Sombre Bulbul                  R   R   R
574 Yellow-bellied Greenbul           Chlorocichla flaviventris         Yellow-bellied Bulbul          R   R   R
569 Terrestrial Brownbul              Phyllastrephus terrestris         Terrestrial Bulbul             R   R   R
570 Yellow-streaked Greenbul          Phyllastrephus flavostriatus      Yellow-streaked Bulbul         R       R
575 Eastern Nicator                   Nicator gularis                   Yellow-spotted Nicator         R   R   R
706 Fairy Flycatcher                  Stenostira scita                                                     R
661 Cape Grassbird                    Sphenoeacus afer                  Grassbird                          R   R
651 Long-billed Crombec               Sylvietta rufescens                                              R   R   R
653 Yellow-bellied Eremomela          Eremomela icteropygialis                                         R   R
655 Green-capped Eremomela            Eremomela scotops                                                R
656 Burnt-necked Eremomela            Eremomela usticollis                                             R   R   R
642 Broad-tailed Warbler              Schoenicola brevirostris          Fan-tailed Warbler        RD   S   S   S
638 Little Rush-Warbler               Bradypterus baboecala             African Sedge Warbler          R   R   R
639 Barratt's Warbler                 Bradypterus barratti                                             W   R   R
634 Sedge Warbler                     Acrocephalus schoenobaenus        European Sedge Warbler         S   S   S
631 African Reed-Warbler              Acrocephalus baeticatus           African Marsh-Warbler          R   R   R
633 Marsh Warbler                     Acrocephalus palustris            European Marsh Warbler         S   S   S
628 Great Reed-Warbler                Acrocephalus arundinaceus                                        S   S   S
629 Basra Reed-Warbler                Acrocephalus griseldis                                                   V
635 Lesser Swamp-Warbler              Acrocephalus gracilirostris       Cape Reed Warbler              R   R   R
626 Olive-tree Warbler                Hippolais olivetorum                                             S
625 Icterine Warbler                  Hippolais icterina                                               S   S   S
637 Dark-capped Yellow Warbler        Chloropeta natalensis             Yellow Warbler                 R   R   R
644 Yellow-throated Woodland-Warbler Phylloscopus ruficapillus          Yellow-throated Warbler            R   R
643 Willow Warbler                    Phylloscopus trochilus                                           S   S   S
560 Arrow-marked Babbler              Turdoides jardineii                                              R   R   R
621 Chestnut-vented Tit-Babbler       Parisoma subcaeruleum             Titbabbler                     R   R   R
565 Bush Blackcap                     Lioptilus nigricapillus                                     RD       R   W
619 Garden Warbler                    Sylvia borin                                                     S   S   S
620 Common Whitethroat                Sylvia communis                                                  S
797 African Yellow White-eye          Zosterops senegalensis                                           R
796 Cape White-eye                    Zosterops pallidus                                               R   R   R
674 Red-faced Cisticola               Cisticola erythrops                                              R   R   R
679 Lazy Cisticola                    Cisticola aberrans                                               R   R   R
672 Rattling Cisticola                Cisticola chinianus                                              R   R   R
670 Wailing Cisticola                 Cisticola lais                                                       R   R
675 Rufous-winged Cisticola           Cisticola galactotes galactotes   Black-backed Cisticola         R       R
677 Levaillant's Cisticola            Cisticola tinniens                                               R   R   R
678 Croaking Cisticola                Cisticola natalensis                                             R   R   R
 681 Neddicky                      Cisticola fulvicapillus                                              R     R   R
 664 Zitting Cisticola             Cisticola juncidis              Fan-tailed Cisticola                 R     R   R
 665 Desert Cisticola              Cisticola aridulus                                                   R         R
 666 Cloud Cisticola               Cisticola textrix                                                    R     R   R
 668 Pale-crowned Cisticola        Cisticola cinnamomeus                                                R     S   S
 667 Wing-snapping Cisticola       Cisticola ayresii               Ayre's Cloud Cisticola               R     R   R
 683 Tawny-flanked Prinia          Prinia subflava                                                      R     R   R
686b Drakensberg Prinia            Prinia [m.] hypoxantha                                                     R   R
 645 Bar-throated Apalis           Apalis thoracica                                                     R     R   R
 648 Yellow-breasted Apalis        Apalis flavida                                                       R     R   R
 649 Rudd's Apalis                 Apalis ruddi                                                    RD   R     R   R
 657 Green-backed Camaroptera      Camaroptera brachyura           Green-backed Bleating Warbler        R     R   R
 659 Stierling's Wren-Warbler      Calamonastes stierlingi         Stierling's Barred Warbler           R
 494 Rufous-naped Lark             Mirafra africana                                                     R     R   R
 496 Flappet Lark                  Mirafra rufocinnamomea                                               R     R   R
 498 Sabota Lark                   Mirafra sabota                                                       R     R   R
 505 Dusky Lark                    Pinarocorys nigricans                                                V     V   V
500c Eastern Long-billed Lark      Certhilauda [c.] semitorquata                                              R   R
 506 Spike-heeled Lark             Chersomanes albofasciata                                                   R
 515 Chestnut-backed Sparrowlark   Eremopterix leucotis            Chestnut-backed Finchlark            R/N   V   R/N
 507 Red-capped Lark               Calandrella cinerea                                                        R   R
 581 Cape Rock-Thrush              Monticola rupestris                                                  R     R   R
 582 Sentinel Rock-Thrush          Monticola explorator                                                       W
 579 Orange Ground-Thrush          Zoothera gurneyi                                                RD         R   R
 578 Spotted Ground-Thrush         Zoothera guttata                                                RD             R
 580 Groundscraper Thrush          Psophocichla litsipsirupa                                            R     R   R
 576 Kurrichane Thrush             Turdus libonyanus                                                    R     R   R
 577 Olive Thrush                  Turdus olivaceus                                                     R     R   R
 696 Pale Flycatcher               Bradornis pallidus              Mouse-coloured Flycatcher            R     R   R
 694 Southern Black Flycatcher     Melaenornis pammelaina                                               R     R   R
 698 Fiscal Flycatcher             Sigelus silens                                                       R     R   R
 689 Spotted Flycatcher            Muscicapa striata                                                    S     S   S
 690 African Dusky Flycatcher      Muscicapa adusta                                                     R     R   R
 691 Ashy Flycatcher               Muscicapa caerulescens          Blue-grey Flycatcher                 R     R   R
 693 Grey Tit-Flycatcher           Myioparus plumbeus              Fantailed Flycatcher                 R     R   R
 606 White-starred Robin           Pogonocichla stellata           Starred Robin                        R     R   R
 601 Cape Robin-Chat               Cossypha caffra                 Cape Robin                           R     R   R
 602 White-throated Robin-Chat     Cossypha humeralis              White-throated Robin                 R     R   R
 599 White-browed Robin-Chat       Cossypha heuglini               Heuglin's Robin                      R     R   R
 600 Red-capped Robin-Chat         Cossypha natalensis             Natal Robin                          R     R   R
 598 Chorister Robin-Chat          Cossypha dichroa                Chorister Robin                      R     R   R
 617 Bearded Scrub-Robin           Cercotrichas quadrivirgata      Bearded Robin                        R     R   R
616 Brown Scrub-Robin                Cercotrichas signata         Brown Robin                           R     R   R
613 White-browed Scrub-Robin         Cercotrichas leucophrys      White-browed Robin                    R     R   R
596 African Stonechat                Saxicola torquata                                                  R     R   R
588 Buff-streaked Chat               Oenanthe bifasciata                                                      R   R
586 Mountain Wheatear                Oenanthe monticola           Mountain Chat                         V     R    V
907 Pied Wheatear                    Oenanthe pleschanka                                                           V
589 Familiar Chat                    Cercomela familiaris                                               R     R   R
595 Ant-eating Chat                  Myrmecocichla formicivora                                                R
593 Mocking Cliff-Chat               Thamnolaea cinnamomeiventris Mocking Chat                          R     R   R
769 Red-winged Starling              Onychognathus morio                                                R     R   R
768 Black-bellied Starling           Lamprotornis corruscus                                             R     R   R
764 Cape Glossy Starling             Lamprotornis nitens                                                R     R   R
762 Burchell's Starling              Lamprotornis australis                                             R     R
761 Violet-backed Starling           Cinnyricinclus leucogaster   Plum-coloured Starling                S     S    S
759 Pied Starling                    Spreo bicolor                                                            R
760 Wattled Starling                 Creatophora cinerea                                                R/N   R/N R/N
757 Common Starling                  Sturnus vulgaris             European Starling                                V
758 Common Myna                      Acridotheres tristis         Indian Myna                           R     R   R
771 Yellow-billed Oxpecker           Buphagus africanus                                            RD   R     R
772 Red-billed Oxpecker              Buphagus erythrorhynchus                                      RD   R     R   R
794 Plain-backed Sunbird             Anthreptes reichenowi        Blue-throated Sunbird                 R
790 Eastern Olive Sunbird            Cyanomitra olivacea                                                R     R   R
789 Grey Sunbird                     Cyanomitra veroxii                                                 R     R   R
792 Amethyst Sunbird                 Chalcomitra amethystina      Black Sunbird                         R     R   R
791 Scarlet-chested Sunbird          Chalcomitra senegalensis                                           R     R   R
775 Malachite Sunbird                Nectarinia famosa                                                        R   R
793 Collared Sunbird                 Hedydipna collaris                                                 R     R   R
783 Southern Double-collared SunbirdCinnyris chalybea             Lesser Double-collared Sunbird              R   R
785 Greater Double-collared Sunbird Cinnyris afra                                                             R   R
782 Neergaard's Sunbird              Cinnyris neergaardi                                           RD   R
787 White-bellied Sunbird            Cinnyris talatala                                                  R     R   R
779 Marico Sunbird                   Cinnyris mariquensis                                               R     R   R
780 Purple-banded Sunbird            Cinnyris bifasciata                                                R     R   R
774 Gurney's Sugarbird               Promerops gurneyi                                                        R   R
798 Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver        Bubalornis niger                                                   R     R
815 Lesser Masked-Weaver             Ploceus intermedius                                                R     R   R
810 Spectacled Weaver                Ploceus ocularis                                                   R     R   R
813 Cape Weaver                      Ploceus capensis                                                         R   R
817 Yellow Weaver                    Ploceus subaureus            African Golden Weaver                 R         R
816 Golden Weaver                    Ploceus xanthops                                                   R
818 Southern Brown-throated Weaver   Ploceus xanthopterus                                               R         R
814 Southern Masked-Weaver           Ploceus velatus                                                    R     R   R
811 Village Weaver                 Ploceus cucullatus         Spotted-backed Weaver            R   R   R
808 Dark-backed Weaver             Ploceus bicolor            Forest Weaver                    R   R   R
819 Red-headed Weaver              Anaplectes rubriceps                                        R   R
822 Red-headed Quelea              Quelea erythrops                                            S       S
821 Red-billed Quelea              Quelea quelea                                               R   R   R
826 Yellow-crowned Bishop          Euplectes afer             Golden Bishop                        R
824 Southern Red Bishop            Euplectes orix             Red Bishop                       R   R   R
827 Yellow Bishop                  Euplectes capensis         Yellow-rumped, Cape Widow            R   R
828 Fan-tailed Widowbird           Euplectes axillaris        Red-shouldered Widow             R   R   R
829 White-winged Widowbird         Euplectes albonotatus      White-winged Widow               R   R   R
831 Red-collared Widowbird         Euplectes ardens           Red-collared Widow               R   R   R
832 Long-tailed Widowbird          Euplectes progne           Long-tailed Widow                    R   R
807 Thick-billed Weaver            Amblyospiza albifrons                                       R   R   R
856 Red-headed Finch               Amadina erythrocephala                                          R
844 Blue Waxbill                   Uraeginthus angolensis                                      R   R   R
845 Violet-eared Waxbill           Granatina granatina                                         V   V
848 Grey Waxbill                   Estrilda perreini                                           R       R
850 Swee Waxbill                   Estrilda melanotis                                          R   R   R
846 Common Waxbill                 Estrilda astrild                                            R   R   R
854 Orange-breasted Waxbill        Amandava subflava                                           R   R   R
852 African Quailfinch             Ortygospiza atricollis                                      R   R   R
835 Green Twinspot                 Mandingoa nitidula                                          R   R   R
838 Pink-throated Twinspot         Hypargos margaritatus                                  RD   R
834 Green-winged Pytilia           Pytilia melba              Melba Finch                      R   R   R
842 Red-billed Firefinch           Lagonosticta senegala                                       R   R   R
840 African Firefinch              Lagonosticta rubricata     Blue-billed Firefinch            R   R   R
841 Jameson's Firefinch            Lagonosticta rhodopareia                                    R   R
857 Bronze Mannikin                Lonchura cucullata                                          R   R   R
858 Red-backed Mannikin            Lonchura [b.] nigriceps                                     R   R   R
859 Magpie Mannikin                Lonchura fringilloides     Pied Mannikin               RD           V
860 Pin-tailed Whydah              Vidua macroura                                              R   R   R
862 Long-tailed Paradise-Whydah    Vidua paradisaea           Paradise Whydah                  R   R   R
867 Village Indigobird             Vidua chalybeata           Steel-blue Widow-finch           S   S   S
864 Dusky Indigobird               Vidua funerea              Black Widow-finch                R   R   R
865 Purple Indigobird              Vidua purpurascens         Purple Widow-finch               S
820 Cuckoo Finch                   Anomalospiza imberbis                                       S   S
801 House Sparrow                  Passer domesticus                                           R   R   R
803 Cape Sparrow                   Passer melanurus                                                R   R
804 Southern Grey-headed Sparrow   Passer diffusus                                             R   R   R
805 Yellow-throated Petronia       Petronia superciliaris     Yellow-throated Sparrow          R   R   R
711 African Pied Wagtail           Motacilla aguimp                                            R   R   R
713 Cape Wagtail                   Motacilla capensis                                          R   R   R
714 Yellow Wagtail               Motacilla flava                                         S   S   S
712 Mountain Wagtail             Motacilla clara         Long-tailed Wagtail                 R   R
715 Grey Wagtail                 Motacilla cinerea                                               V
728 Yellow-throated Longclaw     Macronyx croceus                                        R   R   R
727 Cape Longclaw                Macronyx capensis       Orange-throated Longclaw        R   R   R
730 Rosy-throated Longclaw       Macronyx ameliae        Pink-throated Longclaw     RD   R
725 Yellow-breasted Pipit        Anthus chloris                                     RD           V
720 Striped Pipit                Anthus lineiventris                                     R   R   R
716 African Pipit                Anthus cinnamomeus      Grassveld Pipit                 R   R   R
718 Plain-backed Pipit           Anthus leucophrys                                       R   R   R
719 Buffy Pipit                  Anthus vaalensis                                            R
717 Long-billed Pipit            Anthus similis                                              R   R
724 Short-tailed Pipit           Anthus brachyurus                                  RD   R   R   R
723 Bushveld Pipit               Anthus caffer                                           R   R   R
872 Cape Canary                  Serinus canicollis                                      R   R   R
873 Forest Canary                Serinus scotops                                             R   R
870 Black-throated Canary        Serinus atrogularis                                         R
871 Lemon-breasted Canary        Serinus citrinipectus                              RD   R
869 Yellow-fronted Canary        Serinus mozambicus      Yellow-eyed Canary              R   R   R
877 Brimstone Canary             Serinus sulphuratus     Bully Canary                    R   R   R
881 Streaky-headed Seedeater     Serinus gularis         Streaky-headed Canary           R   R   R
886 Cinnamon-breasted Bunting    Emberiza tahapisi       Rock Bunting                    R   R   R
885 Cape Bunting                 Emberiza capensis                                           W   W
884 Golden-breasted Bunting      Emberiza flaviventris                                   R   R   R
                     Compiled by Duncan McKenzie, Pete Outhwaite and Hugh Chittenden

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