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									                                                                                    Daily News Bulletin
                                                             TuesdayMonday, May September 1015, 2012

GENERAL                                                                                                               The Spring Athletic Banquet is scheduled for 6:00 PM
                                                                                                                      at the KC Hall on Sunday, June 3 . Sign up in the HS
                                                                                                                                                                                     Formatted: Font: Bold
School Pictures: Tuesday, Sept. 18
                                                                                                                      office. Athletes are free, all others are $8.
                                                                                                                      HS Track and Field: Don’t forget to pay $3.50 to Coach         Formatted: Font: Bold
Junior Dues: Your class treasurer is collecting $20 class                                                             Bridges by noon today if you want to attend the
dues. You may also pay your dues to Mrs. Breese in the                                                                Sectional Track and Field Pizza Party and Super Fun
library.                                                                                                              Time plus Neat Games Night on Friday night!
                                                                                                                      Sectionals are Saturday at Centralia. PASSES ARE
Sophomore Dues: Class officers will be collecting $20                                                                 NOT VALID at the Sectional or State Meets. Best of
dues through Thurs., Sept. 12 in the sophomore hallway.                                                               luck to all athletes!
Term 1 ends on Tuesday, Sept. 25.                                                                                     Baseball: We play Fulton in Fulton at 12:30 Saturday           Formatted: Font: Bold
NHS Members: If you need service hours, there are some                                                                in the first round of Districts. Admission will be $4 per
youth basketball games here at Fatima, and we need                                                                    person. Students and senior citizens will be required
workers for the concession stand. The list of dates and                                                               to pay $4 admission as well. PASSES ARE NOT VALID
times is on the NHS board outside Mrs. Mueller’s office.                                                              at the District, Sectional, Quarterfinal or State meets.
You can work part or all of the day – just sign up as you                                                             Soccer: We host Dixon tonight at 5:00. On Saturday,            Formatted: Font: Bold
can.                                                                                                                  the first District game is Southern Boone vs. Belle at
Health Room: ALL MEDS NEED TO BE PICKED UP BERORE YOU LEAVE.                                                          4:30 then we play Crocker at 7:00. The winner of those
7-11 Finals Schedule:
                                 th                   st   nd                             th                   rd
                                                                                                                      two games will compete for the championship title on
May 15 – Grades 7-11 will take 7 hour finals during 1 & 2 hour and grades 9-11 will take 8 hour finals during 3 &            th
 th                                                                              th
4 hour. JH will go to the multi-purpose room at 9:45 for the awards program and 8 grade promotion.                    the 15 at 6:00. Admission will be $4 per person.
JH Awards: The JH program starts at approximately 10:00. Report to your 8 hour teacher for attendance. You will       Students and senior citizens will be required to pay $4
then be excused to go to the Multi-Purpose room. You need to be quiet in the hallways as grades 9-11 will be taking
finals.                                                                                                               admission as well. PASSES ARE NOT VALID at the
Vitae Essay Deadline: The Vitae Essay Contest deadline has been extended to June 15. Students, take advantage         District, Sectional, Quarterfinal or State meets.
of the extra time to submit your essay for a chance to win Cardinals tickets and more!

A+: If you are going to be a Junior or Senior next year and would like to get your A+ tutoring hours completed over   Golf: Dusty Angerer and Connor Muenks compete at               Formatted: Font: Bold
the summer, you need to see Mr. Buthod. To qualify for A+ you must do 50 hours of tutoring. Summer school is a
great way to get your hours in very quickly.                                                                          State at Twin Oaks in Springfield on May 14 and 15.
                                                                                                                      Congratulations and Good Luck!                                 Formatted: Font: 5 pt
SPORTS                                                                                                                                                      th        th
                                                                                                                      JH Boys and Girls Basketball: 7 and 8 Grade Girls
                                                                                                                      and Boys play at Linn Tues, Sept 18, 5:00 tip-off. They
                                                                                                                                                                                     Formatted: Font: Bold
Pizza Make: The Pizza Make is Sunday, Sept. 23. Forms
                                                                                                                      travel to Vienna on Fri, Sept 21, 5:00 tip-off and to Eugene   Formatted: Superscript
are DUE by Sept. 13. Money should be collected as you
deliver pizzas.                                                                                                       Mon, Sept 24 (5:00).                                           Formatted: Superscript

Cross Country: V/JV/JH travel to Fulton on Saturday for                                                               Trap Shoot: The Vienna Trap Shoot is at 9:00 AM on             Formatted: Font: Not Bold
a 9:00 meet. They run on Thurs, Sept. 20 at Belle at 4:00.                                                            Saturday. The Hermann FFA Trap Shoot and 3D Bow                Formatted: Font: 5 pt
                                                                                                                      Shoot is at 9:00 AM on Sat, Sept. 22.
Boys Soccer: V/JV travel to Warrenton today for a 5:00                                                                                                                               Formatted: Font: 5 pt
start. Players will be dismissed at 2:05. JV hosts Calvary                                                                                                                           Formatted: Font: Bold
Lutheran tomorrow at 5:00. Varsity plays in the Moberly
Spartans Invitational Thurs and Fri. Fri and Sat                                                                      SENIORS                                                        Formatted: Font: Not Bold
                                                                                                                      Project Grad NFL Tickets: You can still sell tickets, just
                                                                                                                                                                                     Formatted: Font: 5 pt
Softball: JV plays at JC tonight at 4:00 and Varsity hosts                                                            remember if you sell the winning ticket after the game has
Tuscumbia at 5:00. Both teams travel to New Bloomfield                                                                been played, winnings will not be paid out for that game on
tomorrow for a 5:00 start. They play in Centralia Thurs                                                               that ticket. Ticket numbers MUST be logged BEFORE a
starting at 5:00.                                                                                                     game to be eligible for the payout.
                                                                                                                      Class Composite Pictures: Boys, keep in mind you have          Formatted: Font: 5 pt
Volleyball: Freshmen host Fr. Tolton Catholic tonight at
5:30. V/JV and 9 host Owensville tomorrow at 5:30. On                                                                 to wear a collared shirt/tie. Girls, you have to wear a nice
Thurs, V/JV play at Linn at 5:30. On Saturday, Freshmen                                                               top (business casual).
play at Helias at 8:30 AM and JV plays in the JC JV                                                                   Fines/Fees Reminder: Please keep in mind if you owe
Tournament.                                                                                                           lunch money, library fines/fees, etc., that all has to be
Spring sports are rapidly coming to an end. GOOD                                                                      paid before Friday. Your diploma will not be mailed to
                                                                                                                                                                                     Formatted: Font: Bold
LUCK to all athletes as we enter District, Sectional and                                                              you if you owe money, still have books checked out,
State competitions!                                                                                                   etc.
Finals Schedule:                                                  Oct 25 – William Woods – 8:10
Thurs, May 10: hours 2,4,6,8                                      Oct 25 – MU-Columbia – 10:00
Fri, May 11:
                                                                  Seniors with a “B” GPA – 3.0 – and who participate in at
8:15 AM – Mass at St. Joseph in cap and gown
                                                                  least one school sponsored sport: Apply for the Wendy’s
                                                                  High School Heisman by Oct 2. The first 25,000 applicants
9:00 AM – Breakfast at the Lion’s Hall if class dues
                                                                  will get a $10 Wendy’s gift card.                Go to
                                                                  www.wendysheisman.com to apply.
9:30 AM – HS gym for class group picture – cap/gown
9:45 AM – Graduation Practice – gym Lobby                         Seniors interested in Washington University in St.
Sun, May 13                                                       Louis: Let Mueller know so she can nominate you for the
7:00 PM – Graduates arrive at Fatima Multi-Purpose                Danforth scholarship – multi levels of full and partial tuition
room                                                              scholarships.
7:30 PM – Graduation Ceremony in the gymMake sure
                                                                  Juniors or Seniors interested in Duke: An admissions
you keep track of EVERY scholarship you apply for –
                                                                  officer will be a St. Louis Clayton High School on Thurs,
you WILL need that list. Make sure your parents know
                                                                  Sept 20 at 7:00. Go to admiss.ugrad.duke.edu/discover-
they will have to complete a FAFSA. Mrs. Mueller will host
                                                                  duke/ to register.
a FAFSA night sometime in February. If your parents have
never had to complete a FAFSA application, encourage
them to attend for help completing it. They will need their
2012 tax info, but if they haven’t filed yet at that time, they
can complete a FAFSA using their 2011 return and then do
                                                                  Seniors: First, If you took any dual credit
a corrected FAFSA once they do file the 2012 return.              classes from a school that you are NOT
GUIDANCE                                                          attending next year, you must request
Juniors: Oct 16 you are invited to attend the Osage Co
College Fair in Linn. Our bus will leave immediately after
                                                                  that your transcript be sent from the
2 lunch. We will return before school is out. Several
college and military reps will be there. If you wish to
                                                                  school that gave you the credit to the
attend, you MUST return a permission slip to Mueller by
Friday. The slips can be found on lockers and walls
                                                                  school that you are going to attend. If you
around the junior lockers.                                        are not currently taking any dual credit
Missouri Southern State Univ will host a Criminal Justice
Open House on Sept. 26, a Future Lions Day Oct. 5,
                                                                  but did in the past, send this request now.
Honors Program Discovery Day Oct. 25, Health Prof Day
Nov 9 and Junior Discovery Day April 12. To schedule a
                                                                  If you are currently in a dual credit, send
tour, call 417-625-9364 or email tours@mssu.edu. You
can complete the form for the above days at
                                                                  this request to the school at the end of
222.mssu.edu/admissions.                                          may so they have time to get your
Missouri Valley College will have open house events on
Sept. 21, Oct 26, Nov 9, Feb 15 and March 8. Call 660-
                                                                  current classes on the transcript.
831-4114 or email admissions@moval.edu to register.               Second, you MUST give Mrs. Mueller a
Students between the ages of 14 and 18 as of Feb 1,
2013: Consider applying for the Miss Missouri Teen USA            final transcript request so she can send
pageant. The winner will earn a $57,600 scholarship to
Lindenwood Univ and compete for the title of Miss Teen
                                                                  your transcript that says “graduate” to
USA.    All who participates will earn a Lindenwood
scholarship valued at $33,600. See Mueller for a form.
                                                                  the school you will attend in the fall. You
Juniors and Seniors: Sign up outside of Mrs. Mueller’s            can’t attend that school until they have
office to see the following college reps:
Sept 13 – Columbia College – 12:44
                                                                  that transcript.
Sept 13 – Westminster – 2:24
Sept 17 – Linn State – 1:34
Sept 26 – Southeast Mo State – 10:00
Sept 27 – UCM – Warrensburg – 9:30
                                                                  Students 8-12 grade interested in sports
Oct 15 – Lindenwood – 2:00
Oct 17 – Northwest MO State – 1:30
                                                                  medicine / athletic training: Consider
Oct 17 – Truman – 2:30                                            attending the Missouri State 2012 Bear’s
Athletic Training/Sports Medicine Camp     Medical Center. Get information on
June 13-16. Cost is $225. Register by May  careers in the health industry, an
14. Mueller has a flyer or go to           understanding of how to conduct basic
http://sportsmed.missouristate.edu or      patient assessments (blood pressure,
call 417-836-8553 for more information.    temperature, etc.), Eight hours of job
                                           shadowing and attend a Scholarships and
Freshmen: Missouri Chamber of              School Forum . For information contact
Commerce and Industry will be offering     Leah Prewett at Mid-MO AHEC
the Leadership in Practice (LIP) program leah@maheclibrary.org. Register online
again this summer – July 25, 26 & 27, 2012 at www.midmoahec.org. Go to "events."
(Wed thru Fri). Students participating in
the program have gone back to their high MENU
                                                       Lunch – Chicken
schools to become active participants in ThursdayCorn, Cheesecake &/orPatties or Bun Mashed
                                           Potatoes,                         Peaches,

clubs, organizations and other areas of    Friday Breakfast – Pancakes
                                           Friday Lunch – Pizza or Hamburger, Green Beans,
personal interest. If you have any         Applesauce, Oranges
                                           Monday Breakfast – Breakfast Pizza
questions, please contact the Chamber at Lunch – Cooks ChoiceFrench Toast
                                           Tuesday Breakfast –
573-634-3511 or                            NO     LUNCH      SERVED       –    HAVE    A
                                           SUMMER!Monday Lunch – Ravioli or Chicken Noodle,

BCrouse@mochamber.com.                     Carrots w/ PB, Celery, Pineapple, Bread
                                           Tuesday Breakfast – Breakfast on a Stick
                                                 Tuesday Lunch – Rib-B-Que or Hot Dog, Baked Beans,

College Visits: Wash U in St. L has various      Creamy Cole Slaw, Fresh Grapes, Bun
                                                 Wed Breakfast – Biscuits & Gravy
special visit days over the summer               Wednesday Lunch – Chicken Patty or PBJ, Mashed
                                                 Potatoes, Corn, Pears, Ice Cream, Bun
including academic exploration day June          Thursday Breakfast – Egg Omelet
                                                 Thursday Lunch – Hot Dog, Chili Dog or Burger, Salad,
14 and Jul 17, Art and Architecture July         Mixed Fruit, Bun
                                                 Friday Breakfast – Pancakes
12, Business Jul 26, Engineering June 26 &       Friday Lunch – Pizza or Burger, Green Beans,
                                                 Applesauce, Peaches
Jul 5, Liberal Arts June 21, Pre-Med June                                                                Formatted: Font: 5 pt

12 & Jul 10 and Scholar Athlete Jun 19. For
all you must register about two weeks in
advance. Go to wustl.edu for more info.     CALENDAR OF EVENTS
                                                 Thurs, May 10
                                                 5:00 PM – V/JV Soccer hosts Dixon
Health Career Discovery Camp will be held        Sat, May 12
                                                 District Baseball at Blair Oaks
July 11-13, 2012 from 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM          Sectional Track at Centralia
                                                 District Soccer
each day at the Phelps County Regional           Sun, May 13
7:30 PM – 2012 Graduation                                FCCLA Fundraiser begins
Mon, May 14                                              Sat, Sept 22
State Golf Championships                                 9:0-0 AM – Hermann FFA Trap Shoot & 3D Bow Shoot
Tues, May 15                                             Sun, Sept 23
11:22 Dismissal – LAST DAY OF SCHOOL                     Pizza Make
District Soccer                                          Tues, Sept 25
Wed, May 16                                              TERM 1 ENDS (29 Attendance Days in T1)
Teacher Workday                                          7:30 AM – FFA Officer Meeting
7:00 PM – Board of Education Meeting                     6:00 PM – Trap Shoot Training in Vienna
Fri, May 18
State Track
Sat, May 19                                              TEACHERS
State Track                                              Sub Reminder:
District Baseball at Blair Oaks                          Friday:
Tues, May 22                                             Ron Woody will be in for Casey Steinman
Sectional Baseball                                       Tara Kloeppel will be in for Jeff Adamson
                                                                                      st   th
Sectional Soccer                                         Kathy Rolwes w/ seniors 1 – 4 hour – no sub needed
Thurs, May 24                                            Monday:
Baseball quarterfinals                                   Donna Mueller will be out
Sat, May 26                                              Kurt Strope will be in for Brad Royston
Soccer Quarterfinals                                     Tuesday:
Wed, May 30                                              Kurt Strope will be in for Cheryl Van Kirk
Summer School Begins 8:00 – 2:30
Mon, Sept 10                                             Lunch Supervision:
                                                         All available teachers should be supervising their respective lunch shift
4:00 PM – JV Softball at JC                                                                                                          Formatted: Font: 5 pt
5:00 PM – Varsity Softball vs. Tuscumbia at Fatima
5:00 PM – V/JV Soccer at Warrenton
5:30 PM – Freshman Volleyball vs. Fr. Tolton at Fatima
Tues, Sept 11
5:00 PM – V/JV Softball at New Bloomfield
5:00 PM – JV Soccer vs. Calvary Lutheran at Fatima
5:30 PM – 9 /JV/V Volleyball vs. Owensville at Fatima
7 Hour – FFA Chapter Meeting                                                                                                         Formatted: Superscript
6:00 PM – Trap Shoot Training
Bradford Field Day
Wed, Sept. 12
2 Hour – StuCo Meeting
Thurs, Sept. 13
Varsity Soccer at Moberly
5:00 PM – V/JV Softball at Centralia
5:30 PM – V/JV Volleyball at Linn
Sat, Sept 15
9:00 AM – Vienna Trap Shoot

Mon, Sept 17
3:30 PM – FCCLA Regional Officer Training – Tipton
5:00 PM – Hermann Greenhand Conf/Rituals Contest
5:00 PM – Area XIV MVATA Meeting in Hermann
Tues, Sept 18
Picture Day – K-12
6:00 PM – Trap Shoot Training at Vienna
Wed, Sept 19
No Nichols Classes
7:00 PM – School Board Meeting

Thurs, Sept 20
1:40 PM – Tornado Drill
8 Hour – FCCLA Meeting                                                                                                               Formatted: Superscript

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