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					            Aurora Central Catholic High School                                                              April/May 2012

          Tuesday, May 15
7:30 AM   Student Council Mtg.
12 PM     AP French Exam
          Wednesday, May 16
8 AM      AP English Language Exam
12 PM     AP Statistics Exam
3 PM      Chess Club
3 PM      Key Club
          Thursday, May 17
8:15 AM   School Mass
          Senior Finals Blk 3 & 4
          Friday, May 18
7:30 AM   Science & Outdoor Club
          Senior Finals Blk 1 & 2
          (Early Dismissal 11:15 )
          Sunday, May 20
5 PM      Senior Banquet
          Tuesday, May 22
7:30 AM   Student Council Mtg.

                                                                                        The Last Goodbye
          Wednesday, May 23
          Honors Assembly
          (Afternoon Schedule)
3 PM      Chess Club
7 PM      Baccalaureate Mass                                                        By Ashley Wilk                                  girls‟ basketball team in Aurora has done.
          Thursday, May 24                                                          Staff Writer                                    They got 4th in State! The amazing dance
          Final Exams Blk 3 & 4                                                                                                     team. Freshman and sophomore year we
                                                                                    What happened? It seems like we were all        saw the boys‟ basketball team win back-to-
6 PM      Graduation Class of 2012
                                                                                    puny freshmen a short time ago. Getting to      back conference championships. Last year
          Friday, May 25                                                            class ten minutes early, sitting in the mid-    the school went out and saw them play in
          Final Exams Blk 1 & 2                                                     dle of the hallways so no one can get           the Elite Eight at NIU. This year we all
          (Early Dismissal 11:15)                                                   through, being booed at all the pep rallies,    watched as they drove through, beating
                                                                                    and ignored whenever we talked. Those           Marmion, and got to the Sectional Finals.
                                                                                    were the days. Now our time here is up.         We saw back-to-back conference champi-
                                                                                    We never thought it would arrive so fast,       onships from the volleyball team. Boys‟
                                                                                    but we did it. We survived the ACT and all      and girls‟ track sent athletes down state
                                                                                    the practice tests. We completed all the        every year. Our football team even won a
                                                                                    retreats. We have all the required credits      couple games these past couple years. The
                                                                                    and service hours. Our time here was            most beneficial change is the addition of a
                                                                                    pretty memorable.                               full time trainer. All of us remember how
                                                                                    As for sports, these past couple of years       hard it was with no one to help rehab, tape,
                                                                                    have been full of good memories. The            and ice. Mrs. Vanessa single handedly has
                                                                                    school cheered on the girls‟ basketball
                                                                                    team as they did something that no other                             ...Continued on page 2

  Check us out online!                SUMMER!                                       Seriously, do they really need to know 20
                                                                                    pages worth of ridiculous questions like
                                                                                                                                    cause once the college kids come home for
                                                                                                                                    the summer there won‟t be any jobs left.                                                            “Guessing by percentage, how many people        2. Prepare yourself. For juniors and un-
                                      By Justine Clarke
      Submit articles,
  Submit and read articles!           Staff Writer
                                                                                    do you think cheat on their tax returns?”
                                                                                    Well let‟s see, I am not an accountant and
                                                                                                                                    derclassmen this will come in the form of
                                                                                                                                    visiting colleges. It doesn‟t matter if you
  Chat in the ACC Forums,             If you‟ve seen a senior in the hallway
                                                                                    I‟m not applying for a job at the IRS so this   have no idea what you want or what you
                                                                                    is probably going to fall under the I-DON‟T     want to do, just start looking. Anyone can
         and more!                    lately, you know that summer is near. For
                                                                                    -CARE category! Last time I checked, you        make a school look good in a picture with
                                      many, it is a long awaited break to catch     didn‟t need a CPA license to cashier at Tar-    a good photo-shopping tool, but actually
                                      up on some much needed R&R, but some-         get, but hey, I guess the times are changing.   seeing the neighborhood and the class-
                                      times summer seems to be too long if you
                                                                                    Anyway, if you make it through the appli-       rooms you‟ll be studying in can be a real
                                      have nothing to do. Here are 3 things you
                                                                                    cation process with a minimal amount of         eye-opener. Also juniors, if you didn‟t do
                                      can do to ensure an awesome summer:
                                                                                    suicidal thoughts, getting a job is generally   so well on the ACT/SAT, summer is a
                                      1. Get a job. You‟ve heard this phrase
                                                                                    a good experience. It can help you save         great time to review and study for the up-
                                      countless times from adults and if you‟re     money for college and it looks great on
                                      like me, filling out job applications comes   college applications. Make sure that you
                                      right up next to poking myself in the eye.
                                                                                    start filling out job apps now though, be-                           ...Continued on page 2

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                           5-year Engagement                                          Tanning                                                      Baseball
                           Hunger Games                                               Letter to the Editor
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                                                                                                                                Central Times - Editorials

Orange!                                      a tanner‟s “perfect color” seems to get
                                             darker and darker over time. It‟s pretty
By Ashley Wilk                               funny when serious tanners complain they
Staff Writer                                 are pale but actually are close to five                                      Letter to the Editor
                                             shades darker than everyone else. Exces-
                                             sive tanners seem like they‟re never satis-       To the Editor,
With prom, graduation, and summer right                                                                                                        also being shown around the stage was the
                                             fied with the color of their skin.                I attended the ACC Drama Department‟s
around the corner, teens everywhere are                                                                                                        highlight of her evening (Special thanks to
                                             There are some crazy extremes that girls          production of Legally Blonde on March
running to get that perfect tan. I mean,                                                                                                       Mr. Nohl for allowing her to see the
                                                                        go to. Some peo-       24, 2012. I was very impressed by the
who        would         da-                                                                                                                   stage!) Each cast member‟s kind attitude
                                                                        ple tan every day.     quality of the theatrical performance and
re actually going in public                                                                                                                    toward her and willingness to sign her
                                                                        Others in panic        the talent that the cast members had. I
with pale, white color? It‟s a                                                                                                                 program made me very proud to call my-
                                                                        mode will tan          would also like to compliment the choice
crazy idea to some people.                                                                                                                     self an Aurora Central Catholic alumna.
                                                                        more than once a       of restaurant for the dinner portion of the
Tanning beds, spray tans,or                                                                                                                    Thank you to the cast for showing what
                                                                        day. It‟s against      evening. It was quite good. The part of
just laying outside are com-                                                                                                                   being an ACC student is all about.
                                                                        the rules but          the night that impressed me the most,
mon methods. The only
                                                                        if she uses the ID     however, was after the show. I invited my       To the graduating seniors: break a leg next
question is what are the ef-
                                                                        of sister or a close   coworker and her seven-year-old daughter        year in whatever you decide to do. To the
fects? First, it can become
                                                                        friend, she can tan    to attend the show with my family, and          students who will return to ACC Drama
an addiction. It is very obvi-
                                                                        at two different       they enjoyed it very much. After the show,      next year: I‟m looking forward to next
ous when someone tans a
                                                                        salons. Some call      I took my co-worker‟s daughter around to        year‟s show!
lot. There is a reason it is
                                                                        it crazy, but it is    meet the cast, and I was pleasantly sur-
called “fake and bake.” Now
                                                                        really just a-         prised to find that every cast member who
don‟t get me wrong, some                                                                                                                       Sincerely,
                                                                                               this young girl asked to sign her program
tanning can be good. Also                                               n addiction.                                                           Anna Pauls
                                                                                               did! I don‟t know if those students know
tans can look nice on some                                              Another effect is                                                      ACC Class of 2007
                                                                                               this, but getting their “autographs” and
people. The problem comes                                               health problems.
in when it is excessive. The                                            Many times teens
age limit for tanning is 14 so many girls    don‟t wear sunscreen to protect them-
start tanning as freshman. Serious tanners   selves. This exposure cause an increase in
consider getting the perfect color “a tal-   pigmented moles which later in life have a                                                        mer and not lay around expressing how
ent.” They know how long to tan and how      high risk of turning cancerous. Skin can-         SUMMER!                                         bored you are. Hang out with friends, re-
often. There are five different levels on    cer, as with all cancers can be deadly. So                                                        lax by the pool, see a movie, read, travel,
tanning beds. However, the price goes up     is it really worth it? Just be aware of what      By Justine Clarke                               anything that floats your boat, do it. You
with the level. In some cases, girls can     you are doing. Tanning can be okay once           Staff Writer                                    only have a limited amount of summers
spend up to $70 a month on tanning! That     in a while, just don‟t let it become an ad-                                                       left where you can just relax and take it
is a huge amount of money to be spending.    diction. What‟s so bad about a lit-                                                               easy, so take advantage. Whatever you do,
Also, as some may have noticed,              tle paleness?                                     Continued from page 1...
                                                                                                                                               have fun but don‟t do anything stupid.
                                                                                               coming September test dates. In addition,       YOLO may be the rage right now, but
                                                                                               summer is a good time to start applying         herpes never will.
                   The brave and the bald                                                      for scholarships. You can make free ac-
                                                                                               counts on websites such as
By Lauren San Diego                          Pub where other participants from around          and that create a specialized
Staff Writer                                 the area also had their heads shaved by           list of scholarships that you qualify for and
                                             volunteer barbers.                                let‟s face it, who doesn‟t like free money?
Most people would cringe at the thought      For some, going bald is a big sacrifice.          As for seniors, summer is a time to men-
of losing their hair. For sophomore Jared    Dave was very apprehensive before the             tally and emotionally prepare yourself for
Cebulski, it‟s a chance to do something      shaving and even had second thoughts.             the transition from high school to college.
good. “I have a choice to go bald. These     The hairlessness doesn‟t last forever             Make sure you spend a great deal of your
kids with cancer don‟t, but I want to do     though. To Josh, the shaving was just like        summer with friends and family because
my part to support and help them.”           another haircut. “It grows back; it‟s not a       you probably won‟t realize exactly how
This year marked Jared‟s sixth year par-     big deal,” said the St. Baldrick‟s veteran.       much they mean to you until you‟re hun-
ticipating in a St. Baldrick‟s fundraiser,   Both Dave and Josh want to participate in         dreds          of      miles        away.
and the second year ACC has sponsored it.    the event again next year. Jared hopes to         3. Have fun. I know it sounds lame, but
The St. Baldrick‟s Foundation is an or-      encourage more people to volunteer in the         make sure you actually enjoy your sum-
ganization dedicated to raising funds for    future. Girls shouldn‟t be too discouraged
researching childhood cancers by head        about losing their precious locks. Ms.
shaving events. Family and friends spon-     Oros and Mrs. Elliott were among the
sor volunteers willing to shave off their    6,000 females volunteered to be shaved
hair. They‟ve raised over $28 million in     this year.
the United States this year and had over
47,000 participants.
                                             All donations and support are greatly ap-         The Last Goodbye
                                             preciated. The St. Baldrick‟s Foundation
ACC exceeded the goal of $1,500.00.          has grown into the world‟s largest volun-         By Ashley Wilk
Sophomore Dave Gagnon and freshman           teer-driven fundraising organization for          Staff Writer
Josh San Diego joined the event for the      childhood cancer research and awareness.
first time this year, and Mrs. Elliott and   They‟ve partnered up with other childhood         Continued from page 1...
Ms. Oros returned for their second year.     cancer programs, so every little bit of help      saved teams and players from falling apart
The shaving event was held on Sunday,        brings us one step closer to the end of           or sustaining season ending injuries.
April 22, at Mike and Denise‟s Pizza and     childhood cancer.                                 We saw some friends leave and warmly
                                                                                               welcomed others to our school. Cheers and
                                                                                               applause greeted the eight plays and musi-
                                                                                               cals. We danced the Homecomings, Turn-
                                                                                               abouts, the first winter dance, and of
                                                                                               course, Prom. The memories will last for-
                                                                                               ever. Master Stallons and Mr. Rubey will
                                                                                               be leaving this year with us. We all thank
                                                                                               them for a great education. The class of
                                                                                               2012 started in 1st grade in „01, 2nd grade
                                                                                               in „02,… and finally 12th grade in 2012.
                                                                                               This class is leaving in a few days, all go-
                                                                                               ing to different places. Some people we
                                                                                               may never say hi to again. The class of
                                                                                               2012 wants to thank all those who made
                                                                                               these past four years memorable for all of
                                                                                               us. We will always be Chargers!
                                         April/May 2012

                                                incident due to the violence in them.
  Land of the Suer                              Again, case thrown out and compensation
  By Leanne Hay                                 to the entertainment industries was given.
                                                When security cameras aren‟t on most
                                                                                               Central Times Staff
  Staff Writer                                  people, our reaction usually isn‟t a violent
  America: Land of the Brave and Home of        crime (I hope). Edward Brewer sued
                                                                                               Managing Editor: Cara Traczek
  the Whopper? Nope, more like Land of          Providence Hospital because they didn‟t
                                                prevent him from raping one of the pa-         Layout & Design Man-
  Stating the Obvious and Home of the
  Suer. Coffee might be hot after heating?      tients with proper security. The ruling?       ager: Emily Arch
  Sleep medicine may cause drowsiness?          That it was Brewer‟s responsibility, not       Website Manager: Luke Kearby
  Give me a minute to process that. I once      the hospital‟s.
  found on a mattress, “Warning! Do not         In 2008, Tomas Delgado hit and killed a          Section Editors & Staff Writers
  attempt to swallow!” You know what that       17-year-old boy who was biking. This just      Editorials: Cara Traczek
  means? Someone tried to do just that. Did     seems like the right breeding ground for       Arts & Entertainment:
  the person have the brain capacity of a       Delgado to get sued, right? Wrong, he          Justine Clarke
  bug? No, they were probably trying to get     sued the boy‟s family, claiming damage to      Local & World
  money.                                                                     his car. He
  Su in g                                                                    eventually
                                                                                               News: Emily Schwendner
                                                                                               School News: Ashley Wilk
                                                                                                                                               Your Advertisement
  seems to
  be     the
                                                                             dropped the
                                                                             case before
                                                                                               Sports: Bailey Shemenski                              Here!
  “ n e w                                                                    anything ma-
  black”,                                                                    j      o      r               Staff Writers                         For a low price you could be
  taking                                                                     could happen.     Carolyn Clarke, Oscar Gomez, Jenny              showing off your business in this
  o v e r                                                                    Students,         Gulczynski, Leanne Hay, Erin                     space! For more information,
  America.                                                                   listen up! It‟s   Maurer, Megan Tews, Jared                              visit our website at
  L e t ‟ s                                                                  happened to       Friedrich, Kyle Friedrich, Lauren San
  look at                                                                                                                                 
                                                                             everyone;         Diego, and Mitch LaVoy
  some of                                                                    your teacher                                                     and send our Business Manager an
  the crazi-                                                                 is    covering    Photographer: Julia Wright                       e-mail through our easy to use
  est cases.                                                                 the most bor-                                                               contact form.
                                                                                               Advisor: Mrs. Una Goldie
  One of                                                                     ing     subject
  my personal favorite cases was Robert         ever in class and you doze off. It happens.
  Brock vs.… himself. He claimed that he        But here‟s what one boy did when his
  violated his own rights when he commit-       teacher woke him up by slamming her
                                                                                                                                              NCIS, and many more. However, several
  ted crimes while intoxicated, landing him
  in prison. Because he was in prison, Brock
                                                hand on his desk: sued her. We all know
                                                how annoying getting woken up is, but
                                                                                               What makes a good                              shows have been officially canceled like
  expected the government to pay the            next time you get interrupted taking a nap     T.V show?                                      Charlie’s Angels, Terra Nova, and Prime
  money. Needless to say, case dismissed.       during class, try not to take it to the
  We‟ve all heard of Columbine, the school      courts please?                                                                                It makes you think, what makes a good
                                                                                               By Jared Friedrich                             T.V. show? Yes, a show needs good writ-
  shooting. It seems obvious that these kids    These are only a few of the insane cases
  were, shall we say, mentally unstable. But    that happen regularly in today‟s America.      Staff Writer                                   ers and good actors to make the show
  for some families involved in the tragedy,    Do us all a favor when you grow up, don‟t                                                     worth watching; but another big factor is
  it was the movies and video games the         sue unless your case actually makes sense!     “Winter is coming,” is a common phrase         that some shows don‟t get enough promo-
  teens played that were responsible for the                                                   used in Game of Thrones, a hit show on         tions, or the show‟s pilot is bad which
                                                                                               HBO which began its second season April        ruins the reputation of the show before it
                                                                                               1st. Based on George Martin‟s fantasy-         even really starts. Some shows only make
                                                                                               book series, A Song of Fire and Ice,           it to 6 episodes or less. H & R only made
                                                                                               Games of Thrones follows the story of          it to 4 episodes while the show How to be
  Clever articles are too mainstream                                                           several ruling familes in their quest for      a Gentleman only made it to three. Shows
                                                                                               power. While ratings for this show were        are canceled because they don‟t get
  By Cara Traczek                               were SO last year) and get out of my busi-                                                    enough viewers, and a show only gets
                                                                                               low at first, they began to pick up rapidly
  Staff Writer                                  ness. And what is with the fake thick          and now Game of Thrones’ first season          viewers if the show is interesting and gets
  The biggest trend these days is to be         rimmed glasses? I didn‟t realize it was        has tallied 9.3 million viewers per episode.   a lot of publicity.
  “hipster.” What is a hipster? Honestly, I     cool to make a fashion statement of other      The second season‟s budget has increased       Many shows have done extremely well
  couldn‟t tell you. To me, it seems like a     people‟s vision impairment.                    by 15% to include more CGI, exotic loca-       making it 8 or more seasons. Desperate
  person wearing skinny jeans, a flannel        It‟s true I have fallen victim to getting      tions, and also bigger and grander battles.    Housewives, House, and 24 are well know
  shirt, thick rimmed glasses, and a fedora.    mad at someone for liking something after      With more seasons to come, it looks as         shows that have made it to 8 seasons.
  They also like to use the phrase, “I knew     it became popular, but because I didn‟t        though Game of Thrones’ future is bright       Family Guy is in its 10th season, South
  about that before it was popular,” or “Oh     monopolize whatever band or product it         and is nearly impossible not to get re-        Park in its 21st, and the the Simpsons will
  that is just so mainstream now.” So? What     may be, I just have to sit back and bite my    newed for its future seasons.                  have their 25th season be their last. These
  do they want? A round of applause?            tongue because I wouldn‟t want some an-        The future also looks bright for other         shows are an example of what a successful
  I‟m not sure what                                                      noying kid wear-      popular shows such as The Walking Dead,        T.V. show needs to be to have a long last-
  rock        hipsters                                                   ing army boots        which will be starting its third season this   ing appeal to make viewers come back
  crawled out from                                                       telling me what I     fall, and for shows such as The Big Bang       season after season. These shows have a
  under but they don‟t                                                   can and can-          Theory, The Voice, Smash, Family Guy,          real “character” about them.
  own the music in-                                                      not like.
  dustry. If I want to                                                   Hipsters will say
  listen to a popular                                                    they are non con-
  song, I will listen to                                                 for mists      and
  a popular song.                                                        they‟re     black
  Sorry I didn‟t know                                                    sheep in a never-
  about a band when                                                      ending sea of bor-
  they were in the                                                       ing old sell-out
  womb. I don‟t care                                                     white sheep but if
  if they think shower-                                                  they‟re all so
  ing is so lame or that                                                 unique and differ-
  they invented fire                                                     ent, why do they
  before the cavemen. Saying stuff like that    dress the same? Just because I like a popu-
  doesn‟t make a person cool, it makes them     lar band or book series, it doesn‟t mean I
  annoying. If I want to wear Converse gym      have fallen victim to the conformity of the
  shoes, I don‟t need a bunch of pretentious    ignorant masses.
  hippies wearing hemp shirts scoffing          I will leave you with one statement
  at me.                                        though; hipsters dress and act alike but
  I have a message for hipsters: please throw   one thing they‟ll never do is conform.
  away your TAB soda and get off your           Makes sense right?
  high Pegasus (because I‟m sure horses
                              Central Times - School News


                     Prom short and sweet
By Oscar Gomez
Staff Writer
Some plan it months in advance; others         had very unique experiences that were
wait till the last minute to figure every-     made possible by the events we didn‟t
thing out. One way of another they make it     count on: a broken heel, a lost corsage, or
to prom for better or worse. Prom also         a camera with no battery. I feel it‟s the
makes people do very funny things. Girls       little things that either make or break a
suddenly feel the urge to change colors        prom. Even with this and that going
ranging from sun kissed to leather, and        wrong, prom was still enjoyable as it was
guys find themselves at Men‟s Warehouse        fulfilling. Enjoyable because the weather
for hours trying to get a tux they should‟ve   was nice, the food was decent, and the
ordered way in advance. Some parents just      music was satisfying. But it was fulfilling
sit back until they have to take that one      because I didn‟t really have any expecta-
picture that will capture the brief moment     tions. Prom was going to turn out to be
where their child looks prom ready. Try-       whatever it wanted it to be regardless of
ing to figure out whether the time, effort,    how much I or anyone else begged it
and money put into the occasion was            would be. Everything came down to the
worth it is hard to consider until you         choices we made each moment of that
closely examine the little details and cate-   night, everything from what songs we
gorize them in to either a positive or nega-   chose to dance to or what party we went to
tive. What intrigues me the most is that       afterward. Ultimately it was you that dic-
even though at one point me and all the        tated if you liked prom or not.
other part takers in the event were on the
same dance floor only inches apart. We all
                                           April/May 2012
                                                                       5                                            Senior survey, take two
                                                                                                  By Bailey Shemenski

l News
                                                                                                  and Cara Traczek
                                                                                                  Staff Writers                              Reed Tack- Joey‟s buzzer beater
                                                                                                                                             Julie Sondgeroth- freshmen girls‟ bas-
                                                                                                  Where I see myself in 10 years:            Michael Young- Joey‟s buzzer beater
                                                                                                  Mary Kate Gosselin- a special ed           against Yorkville
                                                                                                  teacher                                    Kendall Adams- going to state for bas-
                                                                                                  Destiny Barry- editing books in a
                    Hitting all the right notes                                                   house in the woods
                                                                                                                                             Paul Kaminski- getting a 5% on a cal-
 By Bailey Shemenski                              MP: We held a festival here for the first       Kaylee Hoffner- varsity coach              culus test
 Staff Writer                                     time and played together with the Wau-          Megan Reichardt- an occupational           Gina LaRocco- being on the dance
                                                  bonsee Community Jazz Band. It is going         therapist with a family
                                                  to become annual.
 An interview with band director, Mr.                                                             Destiny Salazar- on my way to owning
 Brian Patti puts the Central Times in the        CT: How did your school concerts go                                                        Matt Fleischer- taking Art II
                                                                                                  my own hair and nail salon                 Lindsay Krachtus- being part of the
 know about ACC‟s band.                           over?
 Central Times: Who are your most tal-            MP: They went well. I‟m very happy with         Magdalen Wright- a lay minister and        dance team
 ented players this year?                         the way the Christmas concert worked out,       novel illustrator                          Isabelle Jackson- Home Ec.
 Mr. Patti: We have a lot of good, talented       very, very well.                                Emily Blaser- a grade school teacher       Joey McEachern- when I hit the last
 players. The Cannings [Erin, Sean, Pat-          CT: What is your favorite new piece that        with a family                              second shot against Yorkville in Re-
 rick] and the Butlers come right to my           your class learned this year?                   Kristina Scarpitti- a physical therapist   gionals
 mind, along with Scott Johnson and               MP: We played it at the May 10 concert.         Ashley Wilk- an ER doctor
 Jerome Hernandez, and Mr. Curry, of                                                                                                         Jack McNally- slap fights with Matt
                                                  It‟s a Pirates of the Caribbean piece that
 course.                                          features Erin Canning and Jerome Hernan-
                                                                                                  Federico Magana- designing the best        Musuras
 CT: Who has been with the ACC band for           dez.                                            video games in the world                   Danielle Blake- CK XX
 all of their four years at Aurora Central?       After a year of new pieces and festivals,       Amanda Contreras- happy with the           Bailey Shemenski- Mrs. Una Mae
 MP: Erin Canning, Danielle Butler, Kyle          although we are losing four valuable sen-       love of my life by my side                 Goldie. She takes the cake!
 Offerman, and Jerome Hernandez.                  iors, we can expect much more to come           Alex Karafiat- good question               Katilyn Rosa- going to state for bas-
 CT: How have your competitions gone so           from Mr. Patti and the ACC band next            Andrew Pauley- an Aurora firefighter/      ketball
 far this year? How did you place?                year.
                                                                                                  paramedic                                  Emily Schwendner- cross country
                                                                                                  Sam Koziol- a dermatologist some-          memories
                                                                                                  where in Colorado                          A.T. White- football
          Mr. Rubey retires after 48 years of                                                     Paulina Morales- owning my own             Kyle Ritli- A.T. White
                      teaching                                                                    Jill Huseman- varsity coach
                                                                                                                                             Silvia Azcona- dance state 2011
                                                                                                                                             Joe Anger- ACC basketball student
 By Carolyn Clarke                                lar but unique.” Some of his students note      Kara Kayzar- owning my own restau-         section
 Staff Writer                                     Mr. Rubey‟s class for being a laid back         rant and bakery                            Ryan Baker- basketball student section
                                                  environment, and of course, let‟s not for-      Kyle Offerman- living up in Northern
 Mr. Rubey has decided to retire after 48         get about his elephant jokes! “ACC is a                                                    Nicole Eallonardo- senior year basket-
                                                                                                  Minnesota or as a mechanic                 ball games
 years of teaching, with six years at ACC.        tremendous school and I‟ve been enjoying
 He has taught in numerous towns in Illi-         this school tremendously. It was a difficult    Cara Traczek- working in the National      Danielle Fletcher- going to the basket-
 nois. He has also taught in his home state       decision to come to. I feel it‟s important to   Hockey League                              ball games
 of North Dakota, where he grew up on a           make it fun and to have fun as well.”           Jose Jacquez- as a landscaper              Nathan Johnson- becoming the WYSE
 farm and went to college at the University       As some well know, Mr. Rubey is also a          Carissa Carrizales- in the music indus-    state champ
 of North Dakota. Mr. Rubey has taught            remarkable painter and has some of his          try
 over 7,000 students in public, private and       pieces around in his classroom. He says he                                                 Jerome Hernandez- “catch” with
 non co-ed schools. He has taught every           will paint more when he retires. “I am
                                                                                                  Michael Seibert- an acclaimed medical      drumsticks in Mr. Patti‟s class
 science course at all levels, and even a         going to enjoy all the things I‟ve done in      doctor                                     Katie Callahan- Deacon P‟s humor
 psychology course. “I will miss the stu-         the past and have more time to do them          Michael Fortman- a digital illustrator     Jackie Cardona- Mrs. Skowronski‟s
 dents the most,” he says, “they‟re all simi-     now.”                                           Kyle Clechenko- owner of a sports          film class junior year
                                                                                                  performance facility                       Lisa Gaffino- soccer season
                                                                                                  D.J. Cuevas- serving our country           Nicholas Gregory- Mr. Patti‟s class-
 Advice column                           Q: “I‟m so stressed with juggling classes and
                                                                                                  Jimmy Bohr- running Bohr Construc-         room
                                         extra curriculars! How do I balance everything?”         tion                                       Nick Holzer- leading the roller coaster
 By Justine Clarke                                                                                Jenny Gulczynski- a nurse in the navy
                                         Oh, the age-old question: how to balance your                                                       at basketball games
 and Leanne Hay
                                                  As any good mechanic will tell you, run-
                                                                                                  Vickie Gavin- general manager for the      Luis Flores- Algebra 2 with Mr.
 Staff Writers                                                                                    Blackhawks
                                                  ning on empty for a long time is never                                                     Farmer
 life. It seems if we knew the answer to          good. If you find yourself constantly           Justin Czapczyk- a millionaire who         I would like to bequeath:
 that, we‟d have the key to life. First, take a   stressed out and working into the wee           works on Wall Street
 breath. Contrary to popular belief, stress-                                                                                                 Aany Arizaga- my beastness at soccer
                                                  hours of the night, something‟s got to          Alex Hoover- wandering the world
 ing won‟t help you pass that test or get         give. If you don‟t see yourself pursuing a
                                                                                                                                             to Chava Salmeron
 you on the extreme ping pong team.                                                               using my bike to get from place to         Erin Canning- my “smarts” to that one
                                                  certain activity or major in college, it may
 Maybe you‟re in hard classes, sports, and                                                        place. Sort of like a traveling homeless   Sean Canning kid
                                                  be time to re-prioritize. That doesn‟t mean
 other clubs. First in the attack strategy is     drop everything, but find a balance that‟s      man.
                                                                                                                                             Kennedy Bubolz- our amazing cheers
 planning. What has to be done first? That        going to suit you and your future. In the       Favorite memory at ACC:                    from the student section to the juniors
 chemistry test tomorrow, study for that          words of Zach Galifianakis, “You better         Dorothy Allison- senior year fall
 now. That quiz in three days? It can wait.       check yourself, before you wreck your-
                                                                                                                                             Tori Ridge- my place in the Drama
                                                                                                  drama- Arsenic and Old Lace                Department to the freshmen
 Have practice or work? This is where it          self.” Also, make sure you are taking
 gets tricky. If possible, bring homework                                                         Jordan Clifton- becoming part of the       Chris Mowka- my ability to stay out
                                                  study breaks. When you find yourself con-
 with you to study on the bus or on breaks.       stantly re-reading the same question on         amazing ACC drama family                   of the middle of the hallway to the
 Have a friend quiz you while you‟re wait-        your homework, stand up and walk                Faythe Mayer- Kairos                       incoming freshmen and sophomores
 ing to show off those sweet skills. But if       around, eat something, or do a quick activ-     Meghan Barry- senior year Legally
 all else fails, DON‟T pull an all-nighter! 6
                                                                                                                                             Alex Karafiat- my Coach Casey im-
                                                  ity that will keep your mind off your           Blonde: the Musicall
 -8 hours of sleep before a big day is a                                                                                                     personations to Pat Marcoux
                                                  homework such as watching TV or read-
 must. Head to bed early, then wake up at 5       ing the Central Times Newspaper (sorry,
                                                                                                  Joe Reyna- going to the musicals with      Alex Duncan- the title of Prom King
 a.m. to get a head start. Finding extra          couldn‟t resist). Studying is never about       friends                                    to Jerome
 hours in a day is almost impossible to           quantity of time, it‟s about quality. If you    Sarah Ryan- all homecoming week            Bailey Shemenski- my Dunkin‟
 master. Always use the weekend to help           find yourself stressing before a big test or    Emily Thomas- dance team Nationals         Donuts gift card to Mrs. Goldie
 you catch up, get ahead and recharge. It         game, do some breathing exercises, visit a      in Florida                                 Matt Marter- my suspenders and bow
 may just get you through the week. If all        “happy place” in your mind, or if you feel
 else fails, keep calm and carry on, know-        the need, pop a yoga pose in the hallway
                                                                                                  Emily Schroeder- when Joey hit the         ties to Ryan Bing
 ing that summer is just a measly few             (don‟t worry about other people hating,         game winning shot                          Kevin Bond- the Bench Mob to Jacob
 weeks away!                                      most will just be appreciating). All in all,    Adilene Rubio- winning Homecoming          May
 -Miss KnowItAll                                  just relax fellow brethren, summer is just      Queen was amazing                          Andrew Salapatek- my nickname to
                                                  around the corner and you can lounge out        Tyler Sonne- meeting Squeege the           my brother
                                                  your troubles by the pool.                      first day                                  Robert DeMeyers- my basketball jer-
                                                  -The Boss
                                                                                                  Jesse Valenzuela- football                 sey to Sean Anger
 Need help? Drop off your question in the library mail box or come find Justine or
                                                                                                  Andrew Salapatek- the Sectional            Alex Dunn- Cournaya‟s soccer team
 Leanne (in confidence of course!)
                                                                                                  Championship comeback junior year          punishment to the freshman class
                      Central Times - Arts & Entertainment                                                                                                             April/May 2012

                           Arts & Entertainment
Sick of romance? Try comedy                                                                    Much too long of an engagement
By Jenny Gulczynski                             Collinwood Manor, a player who‟s               By Emily Schwendner                            their wedding plans. Obstacle after obsta-
Staff Writer                                    smooth with the ladies, and has the looks.     Staff Writer                                   cle occurs, resulting in repeated delays to
                                                Did I mention he‟s rich? Everything goes                                                      the point that it‟s no longer believable.
Corpse Bride, The Nightmare Before              wrong when he breaks the heart of an           When you meet the love of your life and        Over time, Tom grows more and more
Christmas, and the                                     “innocent” girl… who happens to         get engaged, most people are anxious for       distant from Violet as the wedding keeps
film that left us                                      be a witch. Bet he didn‟t see that      the happy day to arrive. What happens          getting postponed. Eventually, the two of
scared since our                                       one coming.                             though when obsta-                                        them barely even seem to know
childhood, James and                                                                           cles arise and you                                        each other anymore, and they‟ve
the Giant Peach, all                                    Long story short, he‟s cursed to       find yourself having                                      been engaged for five whole
scream Tim Burton.                                      roam the mortal world as a vam-        to wait much longer                                       years! Clearly, something isn‟t
While completing his                                    pire…blah, blah, blah, and comes       than the typical                                          right here. Will these two find
new film Dark Shad-                                     back to life two centuries later       engagement, say                                           their way back to each other, or
ows, he‟s in the midst                                  after being buried alive. Now it‟s     five years? In this                                       are some things just not meant
of producing yet an-                                    the year 1972, and Barnabas is         romantic comedy,                                          to be?
other unexpected                                        discovering all the wonders of the     that‟s exactly the
film…Abraham Lin-                                       20th Century. From cable televi-       problem Tom                                               The title of this movie, The Five
coln: Vampire                                           sion to Chevys, he‟s in for a big      (Jason Segel) and                                         Year Engagement, is a fitting
Hunter. He really                                       surprise. He returns to his ruined     Violet (Emily                                             title because this movie was
thought outside the                                     manor only to find the remaining,      Blunt) are faced                                          very long and drawn out, and I
box on that one.                                        creepy descendants of his family,      with. One year after                                      felt like it lasted five years. The
                                                        each having their own dirty little     they meet, Tom                                            only times I found myself laugh-
Filled with the fa-                                     secrets.                               proposes, Violet                                          ing were at parts that the humor
mous dark atmosphere and weird charac-                                                         accepts, and the two                                      was so dumb, it was funny.
ters Burton always seems to produce,            If you‟re one of those crazy stalker fans      couldn‟t be happier.                                      Overall, I was very disappointed
Dark Shadows is the perfect embodiment          who have every Johnny Depp poster plas-        Violet starts plan-                                       because I expected to see a
of a traditional love story turned into a       tered on your wall and Pirates of the Car-     ning the wedding,                                         lighthearted, cute movie; but
ghoulish comedy.                                ibbean bed sheets, definitely see this one.    and Tom is enjoying his successful career      instead I got a dull, depressing movie that
                                                No one can compete with this incredible        as a chef in Los Angeles. An unexpected        couldn‟t end soon enough.
It‟s the year 1752 and the Collins family       human being in the art of sarcasm.             pregnancy of a relative causes a delay in
set sail to America to live a new life; 20
years later, their son, Barnabas, is the boy                                                                                                  her and invites her to join him in a spring
every good girl wants. He‟s the master of                                                      A journey for truth                            break road trip, despite her father‟s pro-
                                                                                                                                              tests. In hopes of finding answers to her
                                                                                               By Lauren San Diego
May the odds be ever in your favor                                                             Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                              past, Hannah sneaks off and travels to her
                                                                                                                                              birth town of Mobile, Alabama. Her jour-
By Jenny Gulczynski                             who loves a good face-paced, adventurous                                                      ney takes her from one place to the next,
                                                                                               What if everything you thought you knew
                                                movie.                                                                                        slowly discovering the details leading up
Staff Writer                                                                                   about your life was a lie? Would you
                                                The film is based on the fictional novels,                                                    to her birth. Hannah struggles coming to
                                                                                               search out the truth with a crumpled piece
When people hear the words “2 ½ hour            The Hunger Games Trilogy, written by                                                          terms with all she has discovered and must
                                                                                               of paper as your only clue? Could you
movie”, chances are they will be wonder-        Suzanne Collins. This young adult series                                                      learn to forgive and move on with her life.
                                                                                               forgive the ones who lied to you and tried
ing if it‟s even worth the time. They might     is just as thrilling as the film productions                                                  This movie has a powerful pro-life mes-
                                                                                               to hurt you? These are questions one teen-
even be plotting ways to get out of seeing      themselves, if not more! Don‟t plan on                                                        sage on the consequences of abortion and
                                                                                               age girl has to face in October Baby.
it. Sitting in a cramped, stuffy movie thea-    going out once you‟ve cracked open the                                                        how it affects more than just the child.
                                                                                               After college student Hannah unexpect-
ter and watching 20 minutes of previews         first book. Soon, you‟ll be driving to the                                                    Though October Baby was marketed as a
                                                                                               edly collapses on stage during her theatri-
doesn‟t sound like fun. But when people         library for Catching Fire and Mockingjay!                                                     Christian film, it‟s surprisingly not overly
                                                                                               cal debut, she learns that all the medical
go to see The Hunger Games, they won‟t          Warning: the entire 1,155 pages of the                                                        preachy nor judgmental. It portrays a fair
                                                                                               conditions that have plagued her whole
notice any of those things.                     trilogy are dangerously addictive. Now,                                                       view on both the pro-choice and pro-life
                                                                                               life are linked to complications from her
The film has viewers hooked from start to       the increasingly popular Hunger Games                                                         sides while leading viewers to see that
                                                                                               premature birth. Her parents then reveal
end. They won‟t be looking at their             shares the spotlight with the “notorious”                                                     every life is precious. The movie is a little
                                                                                               that she was adopted after a failed abortion
watches every 15 minutes wondering              Twilight Saga. Worldwide 26 million                                                           slow at first, but it will leave you teary-
                                                                                               attempt by her birthmother. When she
when the movie is going to end. The             books have been sold, vigorously compet-                                                      eyed yet optimistic by the end of the
                                                                                               reviews her birth certificate, she only dis-
events are so intense and nail-biting that if   ing with the 116 million copies sold by the                                                   movie.
                                                                                               covers a nurse‟s signature and the hospital
you get up to get that popcorn you‟ve been      Twilight Saga. Is this new film the new        where she was delivered.
dying for, you‟ll be sorry you ever left.                                                      Angered and confused by this revelation,
Each scene will leave you eagerly on the                                                       Hannah‟s best friend Jason tries to console
edge of your seat, guessing what will hap-
pen next…and it‟s never anticipated. It is
recommended for a more mature audience                                                         What to see this summer
                                                                                               By Jared Friedrich                             Garfield. A few other movies that have
Hippies at the Paramount Theater                                                               Staff Writer                                   some promise are Brave, Pixar‟s latest
                                                                                                                                              film; Snow White and the Huntsman, a
By Kyle Friedrich                               ences, and a brief scene of nudity. While it   Over the past year much attention has          dark new take on the Snow White story;
Staff Writer                                    is true that some things really were not       given to low movie attendance. There are       and Prometheus, a sci-fi space story which
                                                necessary (the nudity in particular), the      many things contributing to this problem,      is a mix of Alien and Star Wars. Finally
In the last of Paramount Theater‟s first        play was meant to capture the essence of       but the biggest issue is that a lot of the     Dark Shadows, a Johnny Depp vampire
series of Broadway musicals, Hair: The          the hippie movement, so of course there‟s      movies are below par. This summer there        movie, shows some potential too.
American Tribal Love- Rock Musical was          going to be drugs and swearing involved.       are over 100 movies coming to theaters,
performed between March 14th and April          After all, the movement was about break-       and while some of the movies will be bad       However, the most anticipated movie of
1st. Hair first came out in the late 1960‟s     ing away from the norms of society.            or attract a small audience, there is a high   the summer, and possibly the best movie
during the height of the hippie movement,                                                      number of good movies that will resolve        of the year is The Dark Knight Rises. Not
and was created in order to preserve a liv-     The Paramount did an excellent job with        this issue.                                    much has been given away about the
ing example for later generations to ex-        the production. There were no characters                                                      movie‟s plot, but the movie is set eight
perience. The musical revolves around a         whose actors did a weak job of portraying      Some of the movies that are promised to        years after The Dark Knight, and has two
“tribe” of hippies protesting the Vietnam       them. Actors who did a particularly good       have big success in theaters are The Aven-     major villains, Bane and Catwoman. This
War and other social injustices. The main       job were Adrian Aguilar (Berger), Skyler       gers; a movie about a band of dysfunc-         movie is going to be an epic disaster
characters are Berger, the “leader” of the      Adams (Claude), Dana Tretta (Jeanie), and      tional superheroes that must come together     movie, from blowing up a football field to
tribe; Claude, who is faced with either         Josh A. Dawson (Hud). All the songs were       to defend the planet; The Bourne Legacy,       an armed mob sacking Gotham City. Bane
joining the army or escaping the draft; and     sung incredibly well, with equal talent in     a sequel to the Bourne trilogy; Men in         is a super strong straightforward villain
Sheila, Claude and Berger‟s roommate.           the musicians accompanying it. The pro-        Black 3, with returning Tommy Lee Jones        with plans and no jokes. The trailer hints
                                                duction did a great job with catching the      and Will Smith; and finally The Amazing        at the destruction of Gotham City and
Hair has often raised much controversy          spirit of the hippie movement and made         Spider Man, while only five years after        death of Bruce Wayne as part of Bane‟s
over its inclusion of some religiously dis-     such songs as Aquarius, Hair, and Let the      Tobey Maguire was seen as Spider-Man,          master plans. The Dark Knight Rises is
respectful verses, a fair amount of swear-      Sun Shine In memorable. Overall, it was        the franchise has rebooted the series with a   definitely the #1 must see movie for the
ing and certain hand gestures, drug refer-      an amazing experience.                         new story and a new Spider-Man, Andrew         summer.
Central Times - Local and World News                                                                                                             April/May 2012

                       Local and World News
                                                                                                                                                He became upset because a passenger
Team USA takes on London                                                                         Abnormal aviators                              stood up while the plane was taxiing, so he
                                                                                                                                                then proceeded to rant over the intercom
By Lauren San Diego                            gold medal in women‟s beach volleyball.
                                                                                                                                                about the passenger, took a beer from the
Staff Writer                                   Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers return            By Megan Tews
                                                                                                                                                drink cart, and turned on the emergency
                                               after grabbing the gold in Beijing in men‟s       Staff Writer                                   exit slide. After jumping down the slide,
                                               beach volleyball. Boxer Rau‟Shee Warren
“Citius, Altius, Fortiu,” Latin for “Faster,   enters his third Olympics after working           Lately, airline personnel have been having     Slater ran to his home where he was later
Higher, Stronger,” is the motto for the        with world renowned trainer Freddie               breakdowns in the air. In March a Jet Blue     arrested.
International Olympic Committee and the        Roach. Gymnasts Shawn Johnson and                 employee had a meltdown during a flight        The series of these incidences began in
thing every competitor strives for during      reigning all-around champion Nastia               to Las Vegas. Pilot Clayton Osbon began        2008 when an Air-Canada co-pilot had a
the Olympic Games. This summer in Lon-         Liukin return for their second Olympic            acting strange in the cockpit during the       nervous breakdown during a flight to Lon-
don 2,000 athletes from 216 countries will     Games. After being the first U.S. female          flight. His co-pilot said that Osbon was       don. He began swearing and yelling, and
compete in 47 events in hopes of earning       swimmer to win six medals at a single             talking strangely about religion. The co-      flight attendants had to remove him from
the gold.                                      Olympics in 2008, Natalie Coughlin com-           pilot realized something was wrong and         the cockpit and restrain him. Another
The United States plans to continue this       petes with promising 17 year-old Missy            managed to get Osbon locked out of the         flight attendant had to help the plane make
tradition, having won more medals than         Franklin in women‟s swimming. Michael             cockpit. Then, Osbon continued yelling         an immediate landing in Shannon, Ireland
any other country. The London Games is         Phelps and his biggest rival Ryan Lochte          about Jesus, 9/11, and terrorists. Osbon       where the co-pilot was sedated. Progres-
the 27th Olympics Team USA has joined          represent the U.S. in men‟s swimming.             reportedly yelled, “They‟re going to take      sively more occurrences like this have
in, sending almost 600 athletes this year to   Allyson Felix, who won silver in 200m at          us down. Say the Lord‟s prayer.” Passen-       happened since then.
add to its 2,304 medal count. The U.S.         Athens and Beijing, and Sanya Richards-           gers on board the flight managed to re-        Incidences of airplane personnel becoming
claimed 110 medals in Beijing, marking         Ross, who took bronze in 400m and gold            strain the captain while another passenger,    mentally incapacitated during flights are
their fourth consecutive lead in overall       in 4x400m in 2008, are among the female           who happened to be a pilot, helped land        supposedly rare, yet more and more have
medals in the Games.                           track and field athletes to watch. Bronze         the plane in Texas. Osbon was criminally       occurred more frequently over the last few
Can America continue this winning              medalist in 100m and 200m Walter Dix,             charged with “interfering with a flight        years. Why are more flight personnel in-
streak? Here are some athletes to watch        and 110m hurdle bronze medalist David             crew” and is received medical care.            creasingly having breakdowns during
out for:                                       Oliver return for their second Olympics.          Another incident occurred in March when        flights? Are they not getting enough oxy-
Kobe Bryant led the U.S. men‟s basketball      London welcomes the world with the                an American Airlines flight attendant          gen way up in the sky? A more practical
team in three-pointers during his first        opening ceremonies on Friday, July 27,            raged over the intercom. She was yelling       reason is the stress load for pilots today is
Olympics in 2008. The official team for        followed by 15 days of competition. Clos-         about 9/11 and warning her passengers,         a lot bigger. Pilots are suffering from fa-
2012 will be announced no later than June      ing ceremonies take place Sunday, August          “Don‟t blame me if we crash.” Passengers       tigue and many kinds of stress including
18. Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh-         12, celebrating all the athletes‟ achieve-        and other flight personnel had to restrain     security, family issues, time zones, and
Jennings seek their third straight Olympic     ments of the 2012 Olympics.                       her, and it was later discovered that she      unbalanced diets. These pressures lead to
                                                                                                 suffers from bipolar disorder. In August of    in-flight meltdowns that are gradually
                                                                                                 2010, another Jet Blue flight attendant,       getting worse.
A case for Trayvon                             man.
                                               Zimmerman‟s attorney, Mark O‟Mara                 Steven Slater, had a mental breakdown.
                                               said, “He is concerned about getting a fair                                                      ment can make us buy something? Where
By Oscar Gomez
                                               trial and a fair presentation. He is a client     Court in session!                              will the line be drawn for the govern-
Staff Writer                                   who has a lot of hatred focused on him.                                                          ment‟s power? How close are we to so-
                                               I‟m hoping the hatred settles down. He has
                                                                                                 By Leanne Hay                                  cialism? Those are the big questions being
The details surrounding the events leading     the right to his own safety and the case          Staff Writer                                   raised to the Court.
up to the point in which George Zimmer-        being tried before a judge and jury,”                                                            Another one of the biggest questions sur-
                                               O‟Mara also filed paper work to request a         Health care. Let‟s face it, it may not seem
man shot and killed Trayvon Martin re-                                                           like a big deal to many teens. In a few        rounding the Affordable Care Act is
main unclear. The shooting itself occurred     new judge in the case due to possible con-                                                       whether it‟s a tax. If it is a tax, it is illegal
                                               flict of interest. Circuit Judge Jessica          years time, though the riddance or keeping
on February 26th when Martin was walk-                                                                                                          for it to be debated in court until it has
                                               Reckseidler‟s husband works along side of         of this bill could change your life! Let‟s
ing through a Sanford community and                                                              start from the bottom. Healthcare is how       been put into effect and paid. However, if
community watch volunteer Zimmerman            Mark NeJames, who has ties to the Zim-                                                           it isn‟t a tax, then the Court is free to dis-
                                               merman case. “The concern is that another         society deals with illnesses and one‟s own
observed him. According to police reports                                                        well-being. In places like Canada, it‟s uni-   cuss it all they want. Our nine Justices
and 911 calls, neighbors heard fighting        subdivision talks about a relation to an                                                         went gone back and forth on these quanda-
                                               interested party,” O‟Mara told reporters.         versal and free, meaning everyone gets it.
and finally a gun shot. Once the police                                                          However in America, it‟s not that simple.      ries, rapid-fire questioned lawyers, argued
arrived, Martin was already dead. When         “Unfortunately with a case that is going to                                                      for or against the Act, and discussed the
                                               get this type of scrutiny and over what I         There have been arguments flying around
taken in for questioning Zimmerman                                                               the issue since before Obama was even in       core of our country: the Constitution.
claimed self defense, and Florida police       imagine will be an extended period of                                                            Why should we care? Insurance is our
                                               time, that existing in the front be it with       office, and it‟s soon to be resolved. Su-
released him without charges citing Flor-                                                                                                       parents‟ job, right? Wrong. At age 18,
                                               her and her husband who worked with Mr.           preme Court, what‟s the verdict?
ida‟s Stand Your Ground gun law. It was-                                                                                                        you‟re off your parents insurance and on
n‟t until March 16th that Martin‟s parents     NeJame. Deal with it now, there is cer-           If you‟re not familiar with the Supreme
                                                                                                 Court, they usually take an hour to hear       your own unless you‟re a full-time stu-
were able to gain access to the 911 tapes      tainly a potential for a conflict; get it taken                                                  dent. If the Act is passed, it‟s changed to
which reveal the dispatcher told Zimmer-       care (of) get a new judge in place for the        arguments before making a decision. Not
                                                                                                 so for Obamacare. Six hours was allotted       26 years old. What about birth control?
man not to follow the subject, and in a        entirety of the trial,” O‟Mara said. Cur-                                                        Catholics, you might have to start paying
separate 911 call, cries for help can be       rently Zimmerman is out on bail, although         for the Justices to listen and consider! But
                                                                                                 the decision on the Affordable Care Act        up for it, as well as funding abortions.
clearly heard. Pressure from groups such       the city police department is under investi-                                                     These things matter, even for those as
as the Million Hoodie March in New York        gation over the way they first handled the        won‟t be announced until June. Previous
                                                                                                 to the Act, not everyone had health care       young as freshmen. So get informed, make
mounted and authorities arrested Zimmer-       case.                                                                                            a decision, and stand for it. And if all else
                                                                                                 because it wasn‟t required; but with
                                                                                                                                                fails, always ask yourself, is this constitu-
Mitt Romney looking for VP                                                                       Obama‟s plan, it will become a mandate.
                                                                                                 This is a huge issue for a lot of people. If   tional? The Supreme Court will announce
                                                                                                 this is a democracy, how is it the govern-     their decision. What‟s yours?
By Kyle Friedrich                              Romney‟s criteria of experience.
Staff Writer                                   Another person could be Ohio senator Rob
                                               Portman. Although he is not particularly
                                               well-known, Portman brings experience.
                                                                                                 Dirty dozen                                    provided to former agent Huntington and
With the Republican nomination for the                                                                                                          several other Secret Service members.
presidency practically won for Mitt Rom-
                                               Additionally, as a former trade representa-       By Oscar Gomez                                 Now with the scandal still fresh in peo-
                                               tive, this would be very helpful to Rom-          Staff Writer                                   ple‟s minds, the Secret Service has now
ney, he has begun to seek a vice presiden-
tial running mate. Looking to avoid the        ney‟s desire to increase U.S. exports.                                                           begun to enforce a stricter set of rules for
Sarah Palin disaster that hurt John            New Jersey governor Chris Christie is             Arthur Huntington is a former Secret Ser-      its agents. Agents are now prohibited from
McCain‟s campaign in 2008, Romney is           probably the best known possibility.              vice agent who shortchanged a prostitute       consuming alcohol 10 hours instead of 8
looking for someone with experience and        Christie‟s fame and personality would             during President Obama‟s trip to Colom-        before resuming work and are barred from
who he would be able to work well with.        definitely be an attention-getter. However,       bia. The scandal first broke on April 12th     brining foreigners into their hotel rooms.
As it is unlikely that he will pick one of     it also runs the danger of overshadowing          after the prostitute and the former agent      In addition to the new rules, 100 service
his opponents from the primaries, who are      Romney himself.                                   got into an argument in the hallway of a       members will be sent to John Hopkins
some possible candidates?                      Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan might             hotel in Cartagena.                            University in Washington to undergo eth-
One possible choice is the Florida senator     also be picked. As chairman of the House          The scandal has left a mark on the Secret      ics training course. Since the scandal
Marco Rubio. As a Cuban-American, Re-          of Representatives Budget Committee, he           Service and unknown damage on the wife         broke, a total of 12 Secret Service men
publicans would hope that he could help        could help the campaign focus on Rom-             and two kids of the former agent. So how       have been cited in the case, eight have
bring more of the Hispanic vote to their       ney‟s budget-cutting.                             did this scandal come about? Mr. Hunting-      been forced out of the agency, three have
side. However, Rubio has only been a           One thing is for sure: the pick will be           ton only chose to pay $28 of his $800 tab      been cleared of doing anything seriously
senator for two years, not even a full term.   someone that Romney believes will in-             owed to Dania Suarez, single mother, who       wrong but will face administrative disci-
This would seem to disqualify him for          crease his chance of beating Obama.               has come out saying she was indeed the         pline, and the agency is trying to revoke
                                                                                                 one who was not paid for the service she       the security clearance of one other agent.
Central Times - Charger Sports                                                                                                                   April/May 2012

                                                Charger Sports
                                                                                                                                                Prince, Tony Perez and Zachary Bum-
                      Rounding off a career                                                     Tennis Dueces                                   stead. Success at all levels of the program
                                                                                                                                                this year was common.
                                                                                                By Mitch LaVoy
By Bailey Shemenski                             that one hit to drive in the runs to shift a
                                                                                                Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                                Practices were also very intense for the
Staff Writer                                    game our way,” says Salapatek.                                                                  team. They consisted of drilling for fore-
                                                On the Marmion game at Kane County              This team was great.                            hands, backhands, and serving. Players
As the weather is warming up and the fi-        Cougar Stadium, Salapatek said “It was an                                                       also practiced against each other which
                                                                                                Something about this year‟s tennis team         was a great asset given the level of players
nal stages of senioritis are setting in,        awesome experience that few people have         was special. There was a fantastic feeling
spring sports are heading down the home         the chance to play in. It was the nicest                                                        to choose from. Coach Cowen really re-
                                                                                                throughout the whole team. Hardwork,
stretch. While preparations for graduation      field I‟ve ever played on and ever will. It‟s                                                   fined the techniques of the players to bring
                                                                                                dedication, and lots of fun were all part of
parties and prom planning begin, other          something you really can‟t describe; you                                                        out their best potential, and constantly
                                                                                                the equation. The coaches couldn‟t say
seniors prepare to end a lifelong career.       have to experience it to fully understand                                                       reminded them to swing through the ball
                                                                                                enough about the players. This year‟s team      instead of chopping at it. The team also
This year, the Charger baseball team says       its worth. Every kid dreams of playing in a
                                                                                                wanted to win conference and nearly did         learned a lot from watching great tennis
goodbye to Matt Musuras, Kevin Bond,            stadium and to actually play in one is
                                                                                                it.                                             players on TV like Rafeal Nadal and
Andrew Salapatek, Matt Czerak, and Ryan         amazing for me as a player. I‟ll always
                                                remember playing it. It was raw.”               The word exciting can only begin to ex-         Serena Williams who represent what they
Baker. Musuras and Czerak are the only
athletes moving forward to play in college                                                      plain the Chargers. The team featured a         could become in the future with hardwork
                                                Included in the 2012 varsity lineup are
at a competitive level; Bond, Salapatek,                                                        dynamic first doubles duo of Nick Holzer        and dedication.
                                                sophomores Michael Fidler and Andrew            and Joey McEachern with first singles,
and Baker hope to play intramurals.             Bruss, and they both sustained substantial                                                      Other factors also made the team special.
                                                                                                Matt Nass and second singles, Jared Ce-
This year the Chargers held a record of 8-      injuries. Fidler took a line drive off his                                                      Everyone on the team was friends. Every-
                                                                                                bulski. Second doubles consisted of Travis
16-2. Victories include those against HBR,      knee that attracted the immediate attention                                                     one had lots of fun on the bus to matches
                                                                                                Exline and Matt Rahn. All of these players      together and during practices. The team‟s
Plano, Sandwich, Genoa-Kingston, St. Ed,        of a Yorkville trainer and Bruss broke his
                                                                                                had great seasons. JV also looked very          symbolic headbands also showed pride to
and IMSA. However, no record tells the          wrist.                                          good and will continue the great successes
whole story. Recently, in a game against        On finishing a career as an Aurora Central                                                      be a Chargers‟ tennis player. The team
                                                                                                of this year‟s team in the future. They fea-
St. Ed, the Chargers won in the last inning     Catholic senior, Salapatek had this to say:                                                     appreciated all the support from fellow
                                                                                                tured players Mitch LaVoy, Cesar Salti-
after playing in a deficit. Tough losses        “The time I‟ve been able to play here has                                                       Chargers this year. It was a great year for
                                                                                                jeral-Powell, Mario May, David Petesch,
include those against Marmion, a 1-0 loss       been valuable. Even though we haven‟t                                                           a special team.
                                                                                                Brandon Babler, Beau Grzanich, Justin
to Walther Lutheran in 11 innings, and a 2      always been the best team, our team has
-0 loss to Aurora Christian. In hard times,     bonded very well this season and on the
it‟s obvious that the Chargers put up a         field we are all best friends. It‟s been a
fight.                                          great four years and I‟ll miss it when I
However, if one good thing came from            move on to college. This year isn‟t over
these losses, it‟s that the boys learned that   yet and things seem to be coming together
they “…need to play better fundamental          at the right time now and hopefully we
baseball and reduce the mental errors and       make a good run in the state playoffs.
walks. We can‟t seem to come up with

                                                record is 3-5 for varsity, 8-15-1 for sopho-
Batter up!                                      mores, and 0-2 for freshmen. All of the
                                                boys agree they are pumped up for the
By Erin Maurer                                  games against Marmion, West Aurora,
Staff Writer                                    Aurora Christian, and Sycamore. This
                                                season already has tons of memories and
The baseball season is in full swing. Com-
                                                good times. Sophomores Alec Licar, Sean
pared to past seasons, Coach Fulara says
                                                Anger, Jordan Hendricks, and Andy Cze-
this year‟s team has “more talent, depth,       rak all agree they want to be conference
and better attitudes” than the past seasons     champions this year. A memorable mo-
had. Some of the promising players this
                                                ment for sophomore Zach Salapatek was
year include varsity players: Matt Miller,
                                                when he “bulldozed the catcher” and his
Matt Czerak, and Steve Belovich;
                                                pre-game speech. Coach Fulara enjoys
sophmore players: Andy Czerak and Sean
                                                coaching these boys because he loves to
Anger; and freshmen players: Kyle Lorenz        just “be out on the grass throwing a base-
and Chris Saltijeral. This season‟s goal is     ball around.” This year‟s team is striving
to win conference and state. So far the
                                                to be a top notch program and hit it out of
                                                                                                Running, jumping, and throwing O My!
                 Kicking off a great season
By Emily Schwendner                                                                             By Ashley Wilk                                  dash, Ashley Wilk was Conference Cham-
                                                                                                Staff Writer                                    pion in the high jump, Jordan Clifton dou-
Staff Writer                                                                                                                                    ble placed in the shot put and discus, and
                                                                                                Outdoor season started on April 3rd at the      the girls‟ 4x400 relay team broke the
Determined, goofy, and caring. These are        Lisle, but later went on to an exciting vic-
                                                                                                Plano Invite. Outdoor track is normally the     school record. In sectionals, the girls trav-
the words used by Captain Emily Blaser to       tory 2-1 against Plano High school. Way
                                                                                                Charger‟s stronger season between indoor        eled to Mindota. With a lot of great per-
describe her team. “We have some very           to go girls! The most memorable game
                                                                                                and outdoor. This is the time when the all      formances, Lisa Rodriquez had an amaz-
goofy and crazy girls on our team, but we       this season was against Immaculate Con-
                                                                                                the freshmen, sophomores, and non-              ing night and qualified for state in all three
all love each other so much!” The return-       ception. ACC was losing 0-1, and fresh-
                                                                                                competing varsity get out on the track. In      of her events: 100M, 200M, and 400M
ers are Emily Blaser, Erin Canning, Lisa        men Jordyn Sundberg scored a goal with
                                                                                                Indoor, there can only be two entries into      dash. Jena Koerner also did a great job and
Gaffino, Aany Arizaga, Stephanie Mandu-         20 seconds left to tie the game. It went
                                                                                                each event. That makes it very hard to get      qualified in the 800M run. State for the
jano, Dania Pulido, Adriana Hernandez,          into overtime, and Sundberg scored again
                                                                                                over 130 athletes out competing. However        girls is Friday and Saturday the 18th and
and April Valenzuela. The newcomers are         off of a free kick in the second overtime
                                                                                                in outdoor, most events are unlimited en-       19th. For the boys‟ side, at the County
Pia Jungnickel, Paola Ramos, Gabbie             with three minutes left. It was a great mo-
                                                                                                try so all levels get a chance to show what     meet Joe Fese was 100M Champion and
Gutierrez, Kelly Latkiewicz, Annalisa           ment for the team and showed that any-
                                                                                                they have. Coach Kerber said, “Both boys        2nd in the 200M. Matt Meyers got 4th in
Velazquez, Jordyn Sundberg, Christina           thing is possible. The girls had a good
                                                                                                and girls teams are having outstanding          the 1600M run. The 3200M relay team got
Barriero, Shelby Danielson, Sabrina             season overall. They had to face some
                                                                                                season‟s so far! We are looking forward to      3rd, the 800M relay got 4th, and the
Dudziak, Amanda Scarpitti, and Rebecca          obstacles with teammates‟ injuries during
                                                                                                both teams doing well at the Sectionals         1600M relay 6th. All of those individuals
Park. The captains are Emily Blaser, Erin       the season, including Emily Blaser‟s torn
                                                                                                and beyond! A lot of great young talent to      and relays are also state ranked. In Confer-
Canning, and Lisa Gaffino. Their coaches        ACL. The girls stayed strong through it
                                                                                                go with solid upperclassmen leadership!”        ence, the boys earned a team 2nd place!
are Coach Tan and Coach Orewiler.               all, though, and supported each other.
                                                                                                The girls just finished their regular season.   All the boys who placed at County placed
The team is very faith oriented, as they        Emily Blaser says to the underclassmen,                                                         in Conference also! The boys will have
                                                                                                In the girls‟ Conference meet, the girls
pray together as a team before every            “Keep working hard to improve. The team                                                         their Sectional meet on Friday the 18th.
                                                                                                took home 5th place with some great per-
game. Their coach also gives a message in       this year had something special and a lot                                                       Please come out and support your Charg-
                                                                                                formances and a lot of people placing.
the team huddle usually a bible verse or        of potential. If they keep working and im-                                                      ers!
                                                                                                Notably, Lisa Rodriquez got two 2nd
relating faith to their game in some way.       proving, they can be so great in the future!
                                                                                                place finishes in the 100M and 200M
They are not only playing for themselves,       I have so much faith in them!” Good job
but also for God and each other.                girls! You made ACC proud.
Opening their season, the girls tied against

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