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Application for Issuance of Guarantee Commerzbank


									                              Unterschriftsregelung: U3 = Kompetenzträger

                         Our Ref.:                                                                                             Page 1/2
                         Date:                                                                                    Customer No.:

                                                                                                                  Sort code:
                         To                                                                                       Name und address of principal:

                          Commerzbank AG

                                                                                                                  Contact details of person in charge at principal's end:

                                                                                                                  Name:                                      Phone:


                    11   Application for Issuance of a Guarantee
                         I/We ask you to issue or to arrange for issue/confirmation of the following guarantee:
                         1. Class of Guarantee  A Standby L/C without confirmation                C Standby L/C with confirmation
                               B Surety         G Guarantue        F Confirmation of financing    E Surety payable on first demand
                         2. Type of Guarantee (e.g. Tender Guarantee, Advance Payment Guarantee, Performance Guarantee)
                                 Hier bitte Avaltyp auswählen

                         3.      Guarantee-                     yourselves towards the Beneficiary (direct)                    a correspondent bank at your discretion (indirect)
                                 issuing bank:
                                                                the following bank (indirect):

                              – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –                                                                             –
                               or                  Issuance by yourselves towards the Beneficiary
                               (only applicable to with advice and        without adding confirmation (A) or adding confirmation (C)
                               Standby Letters of
                               Credit, see item 1  by a corrspondent bank at your discretion              or
                               A or C):            by the following bank:

                         4. Issuing                           as document/letter               by SWIFT/telex

                         5. Applicable Rules (for foreign guarantees only):                        none           URDG             other
                              Please refer to Nos. 9 and 10 of the Conditions for Guarantee Business. Applicable rules shall apply in addition thereto, unless they are inconsistent with the Con-
                              ditions for Guarantee Business. If no choice is made and unless agreed otherwise, no rules will apply to govern the guarantee.
                         6.      Amount of Guarantee *                           Currency (ISO Code)                                              % of value of offer/contract

                              The amount of guarantee:
                                 H    includes no interest and costs
                                 I    includes interest and costs (= maximum account)
                                 Z J is increased for interest and costs by (in currency of guarantee)                         (surcharge) *ˆ
                                 Z N is increased for interest and costs – without limitation – (internal surcharge as egreed) *ˆ
                              *ˆ The total amount of guarantee and surcharge will be charged to the guarantee account and is the base of calculation of guarantee commission.

                         7. Expiry of Guarantee:                      date of expiry                                                    unlimited as to validity (approx. expiring):

                         8. Beneficiary:
                              (no P.O. Box address,
                              street/visiting address only)

                         9. Reference of                              mine/ours:                                                        beneficiary:
40/01/27 - HD1111

                    Page 2 of the „Application for Issuance of a Guarantee“                                                  Page 2/2

                    dd                      , type:   Hier bitte Avaltyp auswählen                                                                                                               ,
                    amount:                                                 , expiry: unlimited as to validity (e.g. as no fixed date of expiry entered under item 7),
                    reference of mine/ors:                                                      , customer-number:

                    10. Exact description of principal liability of the underlying business/transaction
                          (Object of delivery in the same language as used in the offer/contract etc./if known: expected date of delivery):

                              Reference/kind of                                                                                                Total value of
                              offer / order / contract                                                     dd:                                 conreact / order:
                              Ref. of tender/                                                                                                  Tender
                          invitation to bid:                                                               dd:                                 closing day:

                    11. Wording of Guarantee
                              S1 Standard wording of guarantee-issuing bank                                           BF Wording drafted by beneficiary (see annex)
                              AF Wording drafted by me/us (see annex)                                                       Other (see annex)
                                                                                                                            (e.g. special terms of effectiveness, - reduction)

                    12. Original of Guarantee by guarantee-issuing bank respectively advising notice by advising bank to be delivered by
                             registered/airmail               courier service     handing over                      simple mail dispatch (for domestic sureties onl)
                          an     A me/us                              B Beneficiary
                                 D third party

                    13. Debit my/our account no.                                                                                            sort code:
                        with your expenditures, commission and other charges.
                        Unless agreed otherwise, commission is payable quarterly in advance.

                    14.       I/We am (are) acting on my (our) own behalf and not on behalf of a third party.
                             I/We am (are) acting on behalf of a third party.;ˆ
                          Consequently, please issue the guarantee on behalf of:: (no P.O. Box address, street/visiting address only)

                          ;ˆ In case it is hereby acted on behalf of a company, please additionally use form “Determining the ownership and control structure of legal entities in accordance with
                             Section 3 (1) 3 German Money Laundering Act (GwG)“, which is sent on request.

                          Client cooperation with regard to German Money-Laundering Act:
                          In the event that the mandatory information, given to the bank, changes in the course of the business relationship the account holder
                          is obliged to notify the bank without undue delay.

                    15. Other

                    Applicable law and jurisdiction:
                    This “Application for Issuance of a Guarantee“ is subject to German law. In case the principal is a merchant and the placing of
                    this “Application for Issuance of a Guarantee“ is to be attributed to the business operation of his trade, so the Bank may sue
                    him before the courts at the place of the instructed branch of the Bank or before another competent court. In this case, the Bank
                    itself may be sued by the principal only before the courts at the place of the instructed branch of the Bank.

                     Risk notice with regard to guarantees payable “on first demand“: Guarantees, Standby Letters of Credit and Sureties pay-
                     able on first demand include special risks. The corresponding risk notice contained in your Conditions for Guarantee Busi-
                     ness is known to me/us.
                    This order is subject to your Conditions for Guarantee Business and also to your General Business Conditions which may be
                    inspected at any branch of the Bank and are sent on request.
                    Several signatories are liable as joint and several debtors.

                    Unterschriften geprüft:
40/01/27 - HD1111

                                                      (Unterschrift des Bank-Angestellten)                                              Stamp and signature(s)
                    Bank internal remarks referring to the „Application for Issuance of a Guarantee“
                    dd                    , type:   Hier bitte Avaltyp auswählen                                                                                ,
                    amount:                                        , expiry: unlimited as to validity (e.g. as no fixed date of expiry entered under item 7),
                    reference of mine/ors:                                           , customer-number:

                                                                           Bearbeitungsvermerke der Bank

                     Avalprovison p.a:                                       %
                     Mindestprov.betrag:                                     EUR p.a.
                     Bearbeitungsentgelt:                                    EUR
                     Änderungsentgelt:                                       EUR
                                                     :                       EUR

                     Genehmigung Verzicht/ Teilverzicht

                     Datum                                             Unterschrift Kompetenzträger

                     Vorliegenden „Auftrag zur Übernahme eines Avals“ kreditmäßig geordnet:

                     Datum                                             Unterschrift Kompetenzträger

                                                    Bearbeitungsvermerke für Private Kredite in 2-Augen-Kompetenz

                     Ort, Datum

                     Stempel und Unterschrift
                     – Vertrieb –

                     Boni-/Kreditrating                                /                         Int. Fälligkeit                      /
40/01/27 - HD1111

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