Your Computer Repair Logo Design – 4 Tips to Keep In Mind (Slides)

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  Your Computer
Repair Logo Design
    – 4 Tips to
   Keep In Mind
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  Small Business Computer Consulting Blog
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 Computer Repair
 Business Needs
 a Logo
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Your Logo is There
to Represent
Your Business,
To Act as an Image
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That Sticks in the
Minds of Your
Audience and
Starts to Build
Trust with Them
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There are Four
Things You Need
To Do to Make Sure
You Achieve That:
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1. All Logos
   Should Follow
   the K.I.S.S.
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Your Logo
Should Be a Unique
Representation of
Your Business,
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 Which is One
 Reason Why You
 Should Never Use
 Stock Imagery
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 2. A Logo is Not
    Meant to Be
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 Giving a Nod to
 Something that is
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Or that Relates
to Something in
the Media /
Celebrity World
is a Bad Move
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  2. Be Careful
     With Colors
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 Make Sure that
 the Palette You’ve
 Chosen is One that
 Does Not Clash,
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And that it
Resonates with
Your Business and
Your Audience
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Some Bright Colors
that Look Great on
Paper Translate
Very Poorly to the
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You Also Want to
Make Sure that the
Design Looks Good
in Color as Well as
Black and White
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 4. Fonts and
    Imagery Make or
    Break a Design
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Make Sure the
Imagery is Uniquely
Appropriate to Your
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The Font Has to be
in Alignment with
the Imagery,
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 As Well as Being
 Appropriate to the
 Style of Your
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You May Love
Comic Sans as a
Font, but it is
Rarely Acceptable
for a Logo Design
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If You have Any
Doubt in Your
Ability to Design
Your Own Logo,
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Speak to a
and Have One
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Be Prepared for the
Fact that the
Professional You
Choose Will Get
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If You Want to
Throw Any of the
Above Advice Out
of the Window
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You’re Paying
Them for their
Knowledge and
Skill in their Field—
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Be Guided by
Their Advice
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 How Did You
 Approach Having
 Your Logo
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 Share Your
 Experiences and
 Images With Us in
 the Comments
 Section Below
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Creative Commons Image Source: Flickr BUILDWindows

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