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                   Credit Union
                                               ti a tio n                                                 Members

                               ffe ren                                                                    Credit Union
                       D i
         oj e ct               On November 20, 1953, twenty McLean Trucking Company employees formed McLean Employees Credit
                           Union with the vision that a financial cooperative could improve the lives of McLean employees. By pooling their

  P r                financial resources, they reasoned, McLean employees would be able to shed their dependence on profit-hungry
               banks – trusting their financial futures instead to a union formed of co-workers and their families. McLean Employees Credit
           Union’s goal was to provide affordable financial products and services to their member owners, with focus on service – not profit.
      Controlled and operated by its membership, the credit union would serve as a conduit through which people of modest means could help

  When McLean Employees Credit Union became Members Credit Union in 1986, the cooperative spirit that spawned the Winston-Salem
  financial institution still governed day-to-day operations. An echo of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, the newly-named Members Credit
  Union developed the philosophy “of the members, by the members, for the members.” To this day, these words are a way of life at Members
  Credit Union, as written in Article I, Section 2 of its by-laws:

 “The purpose of this Credit Union is to promote thrift among its members, by affording them an opportunity for accumulating their savings;
 and to create for them a source of credit for loans for provident and productive purposes.”

                                                       To that end, Members Credit Union’s commitment will never sway from offering the

               f Commitme
                                                       exact same product mix, level of service, deposit yield, and loan rate to all members

                                                       regardless of any extraneous factor. By its very structure, credit union growth and
        n                                              any associated prosperity is achieved with one, and only one, beneficiary – our
                                                       membership. Members Credit Union is committed not only to offering the most up-

                                                       to-date financial solutions on a local level, but also to making free, expert financial
                                             to Mem

                                                       education available to all members. We will communicate the benefits of Members
                                                       Credit Union through regular, informative communication to help maximize the
                                                       positive role membership can play in a member’s financial well being.

                                                       The credit union is dedicated to helping members do more with what they
                                        be             have, and financially preparing them for all life stages. While much has
                                   rs                  changed since 1953, Members Credit Union’s operational focus has not.
                                                       We are “people helping people.” We are Members Credit Union.
SECTION ONE                                     rs                                         Members
                               em            be                                            Credit Union
      vi , C o m p a s s i o
    er s s                   n&                         Fairness, compassion, and convenience have played integral roles in

S           e                                           the development of all Members Credit Union financial solutions.
                                                        Members enjoy affordable financial products and services that

                                                         address day-to-day saving and borrowing needs, as well as future-
 F air

                                               C o n v e ni
                                                         focused, goal-oriented savings accounts. Successful member
                                                         service means helping members reach their immediate, short-term,
                                                         and long term financial needs. Products and services that can not
                                                         help members meet this objective have no place at Members Credit
                                                          Union, and will not be offered.
    The following products and services help Members Credit Union meet our lofty
    member service objectives:

    Checking                     MCU4TEEN$                    Share Certificates

    Christmas Club              Regular Savings                   MCU@Home

    Super 60                      Vehicle Loans                     eBill@MCU

    MCU4KID$                 Unsecured Advances                Mortgage Loans
                       Checking Accounts
               When Members Credit Union uses the word “free” to promote our free checking account, we mean free. That means no per check
          fee, no transaction fee, no monthly maintenance fee, unlimited check writing, free Visa debit card with unlimited transactions, free
     electronic bill pay service, free electronic banking, and free telephone banking. Members also earn monthly dividends based on the average
   daily balance in the account. To make this account available to all members, regardless of financial standing, Members Credit Union requires
  only a $25.00 minimum balance – equal to one share of membership.

 Savings Programs
Members Credit Union offers a variety of savings accounts to meet members’ ever-changing needs, each with Annual Percentage
Yields among the top in the financial services industry. All accounts come with free electronic banking and electronic statements with
MCU@Home as well as telephone account access through TELL-COM. Specific savings product features include:

• Super 60 accounts allow members age sixty years or older to make the most out of their deposits by giving them a higher Annual
Percentage Yield in relation to the regular savings account. Members Credit Union realizes that many in this age group live off fixed
incomes and need their savings to work harder for them. This account allows them to earn high yields, while affording them the
liquidity of a regular savings account. The Super 60 account requires a $600 minimum balance.

• To help children learn how to become responsible savers as adults, Members Credit Union has developed two savings accounts
to address their stages of development. The MCU4Kid$ account requires only $5 to open, and has no minimum balance
requirement. As children grow older and more responsible, they can move on to the MCU4Teen$ account. This account
gives the adolescent a free Members Credit Union Cash Card that can be used at ATMs and POS terminals worldwide.
Teaching young members the value of responsible saving and spending is an important goal of this account, which is also
supplemented with the free Googolplex children’s financial information network on MCU4Teen$
 also requires only $5 to open, and will not charge members a low balance fee.
                           • The popular Christmas Club account helps give members the discipline they need to save for the holidays, by using
                    their employer’s direct payroll deposit to their advantage. Deposits can be automatically split into a Christmas Club account
              out of each paycheck, accruing a competitive dividend all year long. In November, members’ responsible saving pays off when
          funds are mailed, transferred to another credit union account, or rolled over for the next year’s savings goals.

   • Regular Savings accounts come with free Life Savings Insurance, which matches a member’s savings balance for a beneficiary up to $2,000. Regular
  Savings accounts require only a $25 minimum balance, charge no maintenance fees, and have all of the premium account access products associated with
  competitors’ high fee accounts.

 Vehicle Loans
       Members Credit Union saves members millions of dollars per year with low fixed rate automobile loans. Each member owner deserves equal service,
 we believe, so the Annual Percentage Rate charge incurred by borrowers is the same no matter if the a vehicle is new, used, or a refinance. The rate also
 remains the same regardless of a member’s credit rating or account balance, so long as the loan can be approved.
       Members who owe more on a vehicle than its market value can refinance the loan up to $1,000 over NADA value. This policy allows members
to “right the ship,” and begin paying off the vehicle at a much lower rate. Ideally, members will then begin earning equity in the vehicle and thereby
strengthen their financial well being.
       Flexible repayment terms of all vehicle loans are designed to help varying needs of borrowing members. Members can make bi-monthly payments,
change the payment due date to get in line with their pay day, or even purchase low cost extended warranty or accidental death and disability insurance
plans. Members who pay their loan with direct transfer from their checking account or savings account also enjoy a .25% reduction of the already low,
stated loan rate.

Unsecured Advances
       Members Credit Union offers unsecured advances with no minimum advance amount. While studies show that the smallest profitable loan
in the financial services world is $2,400, Members Credit Union regularly makes loans of $200, and even $100. With the goal of service instead
of profit, loan officers are empowered to make a difference in the members’ lives. “If it takes a $100 loan to get the member back on their feet,”
comments loan officer Bobie Logan, “then that’s what their credit union should help them out with.” Like the credit union’s vehicle loans,
unsecured advances are approved at the same rate for every member.
       Members Credit Union also pays for credit life insurance on each unsecured advance. With these plans, borrowers’ debt will be
covered at no cost to their beneficiary in the event of a claim. The heartache that comes with the loss of a loved one, Members Credit
Union believes, should not be compounded by unsecured debt.
                            Convenience                                                               N orth Carolina Sin
                                                                                                ing                                       ce
                   Members Credit Union’s products, services, associations,
             and physical locations were all developed with accessibility and                rv                                                1

         convenience as top priorities. Examples include:

   • Fifteen branch locations across North Carolina.

  • TELL-COM telephone service makes account access only a phone call away.
  Service is available in both English and Spanish.

 • MCU@Home online account access allows members to make account
 withdrawals, transfers, and stop payment requests with the click of a mouse.
 Members can also view cleared check images, account histories, and electronic

 • Members Credit Union makes no-surcharge ATMs available in various parts of our service area. These machines are set up to
 supplement branch presence in areas of high SEG/member concentration.

• eBill@MCU allows members with Members Credit Union checking accounts to pay bills electronically at no charge. Members can schedule automatic
payments and help themselves budget expenses, while saving the time and money involved in mailing out checks each month for their bills.

• Members Credit Union’s Spanish Services department allows Spanish-speaking members service in their native tongue. This department is
supplemented with marketing material, including a dedicated website, in Spanish.

• Credit Union Cathy, a fictional cartoon character on, allows members to directly email questions to Members Credit Union’s
Member Services department. This gives members the opportunity to ask questions they may be embarrassed to ask in person, and enables
employees to respond with detailed answers very quickly.

• Members Credit Union’s marketing department makes itself widely available for SEG human resource departments for various needs,
including payroll questions, free seminars, marketing communications, benefits fairs, and onsite visitations.

• Each branch has at least one notary public, who offers members free service of charge to members.

• Members Credit Union’s free auto buying service arms members with information regarding the car buying process, pricing,
and financing options. The credit union can actually set up the car sale, or pre-approve the member for a specific loan
amount that reflects the fair market value for the member’s desired vehicle.
SECTION TWO                                                                                           Members
                                                    t ion                                             Credit Union
                                        u ca
             b er
          em            Members Credit Union knows that financial literacy and education are essential to improving the lives of our
                     membership. “People helping people,” after all, means more than just helping someone in the short term. To help members

  M             achieve true personal financial growth and soundness, we know that we must teach the guiding principles of disciplined saving,
           borrowing, and spending. Members Credit Union delivers this knowledge in a variety of ways:

    • Free educational seminars and one-on-one meetings are offered throughout the year to educate members about important topics such as
  understanding your credit report, retirement savings, estate planning, and the car buying process.

 • Active supporters of the Financial Literacy Center of Forsyth County and participants in the
 Forsyth County Financial Literacy Council.

 • News for Members, a monthly newsletter, helps members get more out of their credit union by
discussing the features and benefits of our products and services, relaying important consumer
information, and budgeting tips. Stories are written to be both informational and entertaining.

• Members Credit Union’s website,, regularly features stories designed to
enhance the financial literacy of web visitors.

• Members Credit Union’s intern/shadowing program allows students to gain first-hand working
experience in the not-for-profit financial services industry. This program allows the credit union
to help develop young talent to help secure the credit union movement’s future.
SECTION THREE                                                                                        Members
                                      rna nce                                                        Credit Union
                        /G o ve
               me nt
     vo l ve          Members Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative wholly owned, operated, and governed by

 n                its members. Our operational scope depends solely on the ideas, concerns, and desires of member owners,
            as the membership’s well being and the credit union’s well being are interdependent. Members Credit Union’s

        guiding principles of “people helping people” and “for service, not for profit” are necessitated by our very structure,
        and are thereby not optional. The following aspects of Members Credit Union’s by-laws and philosophy ensure member
        involvement and governance:

        • Every member has equal ownership of Members Credit Union, and thus one vote – regardless of financial or social

        • Members democratically elect volunteers for each of twelve seats on Members Credit Union’s Board of Directors. As a
        basic qualification for nomination and election, Directors must be Members Credit Union members.

        • To ensure the transparency and accuracy of credit union operations and finances Members Credit Union undergoes a
                                                                rigorous internal audit, a certified audit by an independent CPA
                                                                firm, and an official North Carolina State Examiner’s audit each
                                                                calendar year. Members Credit Union makes the particulars
                                                                of these examinations available to all members in our Annual
                                                                Report. Unaudited monthly statements of financial soundness
                                                                are also available at member request. Members Credit Union is
                                                                also subject to insurance reviews by the National Credit Union
                   • Members receive monthly communication via News for Members, which contains credit union news, information
             concerning financial products and services, and details about upcoming events. News for Members also encourages member
         feedback and guidance through frequent comment/suggestion cards in the newsletter. These submissions help mold management
     decisions to better serve our membership base.

 • Any director, committee member, officer, or employee of Members Credit Union may be removed from office by the affirmative vote of
 two-thirds of the members present at a special meeting called for that purpose.

• Members Credit Union’s Supervisory Committee, consisting mostly of member volunteers, examines all securities, cash, and accounts to
evaluate operations, and to determine the safety, soundness, and efficiency of operations. This committee must report any violation of state
law or Members Credit Union’s bylaws to Members Credit Union’s Board of Directors.

• All members are invited to Members Credit Union’s annual shareholders meeting, where they can elect Directors for open Board seats, hear
a recap of the previous year’s financial and operational developments, and voice opinions on the future direction of the credit union.

• Credit Union Cathy, a fictional character appearing prominently on Members Credit Union’s website, encourages member feedback and
questions. Questions and comments are instantly delivered to the appropriate department or executive manager, who can address each issue
SECTION FOUR                                                                                   Members
                                                                                               Credit Union
   D iv                        To meet the needs of an ever-evolving field of membership, Members Credit Union realizes that pursuing,
                           developing, and promoting diversity in the makeup of our staff, as well as the products and services that we
                   deliver with that staff, are essential. Compassion for co-workers and our field of membership, we believe, can truly
             manifest only when the heterogeneous backgrounds, ethnicity, sex, financial status, and points-of-view of our staff allow.
       Likewise, products and services should be accessible to all members regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age,
  disability, or familial status. Members Credit Union pursues diversity in various ways, including:

                  • Members Credit Union is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer, meaning we fully comply with all Federal
                  regulations prohibiting discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, disability, age, or national origin.

                  • Members Credit Union started a Spanish Services Department in 2004 to serve our field of membership’s fast-
                  growing Hispanic population.

                  • A vast majority of Members Credit Union’s English language publications have been translated and released to
                  members in Spanish language versions. This includes a website written entirely in Spanish located at www.memcu.

                                             • Members Credit Union discloses lending statistics subject to the Home Mortgage
                                             Disclosure Act (HMDA) demonstrating fair, non-discriminatory lending activity.

                                             • Members Credit Union is an Equal Housing Lender, meaning we fully comply with
                                             all anti-discrimination policies enforced by the U.S. Department of Housing and
                                             Urban Development Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity. Home mortgage
                                             loans are made with no regard given to the race, color, religion, sex, national origin,
                                             age, disability, or familial status of the member applicant.

                                             • Refusing to charge application fees, monthly maintenance fees, origination
                                             fees, per check fees, and other similar fees commonplace in the financial
                                             services industry, Members Credit Union allows members on all levels of
                                             financial standing to receive affordable credit union products and services.
SECTION FIVE                                                                                          Members
                      ovement                                                                         Credit Union
          redit U
   T   heC            Members Credit Union strongly believes in the ability of credit unions to increase member wealth, financial literacy,
                   convenience, and general well-being. We know that by strengthening the credit union movement, we will also be increasing
             availability and awareness of these affordable financial products and services. We remain committed to the Credit Union
          Movement because we believe in the power of cooperation, compassion, and self-improvement, and dedicate ourselves to the
       movement in the following ways:

  • President/CEO Jack Braswell serves as a volunteer on the First Carolina Corporate
 Credit Union Board of Directors, whose primary focus is to build a stronger, more
 independent credit union owned financial network. Braswell has also been
 heavily involved in the Political Action Board of Trustees, CUNA Mutual
 Policy Owners’ Council, Credit Union Service Corporation Board and
Operations Committee, various NC Credit Union League Committees
including its Board of Directors, and the Northwest Chapter Board of
Directors, where he has served terms as President and Vice President.

 • Members Credit Union has actively lobbied against, and
 has likely defeated, a charter conversion bill (HR 3206)
sponsored by Representative Patrick McHenry (R-NC).
The bill would have made it easier for credit unions
to change their charters into bank charters. We were
formed to serve members as a not-for-profit financial
cooperative, and believe the only way that philosophy
should be changed is by the overwhelming majority vote
of our member owners.
          • Executive VP, Bob Donley is the past President and a current Director of CUBEusers, which helps over 1,500 credit unions
      who use Integrasys’ Credit Union Business Environment as their operating system. Donley also serves on the North Carolina Credit
   Union Executive Society’s Board of Directors, and on the Credit Union Service Corporation Operations Committee.

• Eric Stiff, Vice President of Marketing, serves as Vice President of the Northwest Chapter of Credit Unions, which helps to coordinate the
support of North Carolina piedmont credit unions and various community service projects. Stiff is also involved in the North Carolina Credit
Union Marketing Council.

• Rob Semar, Internal Auditor, serves on the Executive Committee of the Compliance Council at the North Carolina Credit Union League.

• Matt Davis, Director of Public Relations, serves on the Forsyth County Financial Literacy Council and on the Forsyth County Financial
Literacy Center Committee. Davis is also involved in the North Carolina Credit Union Marketing Council.

• To help solidify the future of the credit union movement, Members Credit Union financially supports continuing education for employees
in various fields of interest.

• Members Credit Union fervently supports the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation, a fund set up to pool credit union resources to help
in financial literacy, community outreach, and other service initiatives.
 SECTION SIX                                                                                  Members
                   ice                                                                        Credit Union
                               Members Credit Union takes the social responsibility associated with a credit union charter very
                           seriously. Winner of the coveted Dora Maxwell Award in 2005 for our efforts, Members Credit Union
                    is dedicated to making the communities we serve better places to live – financially and otherwise. Current and
                    recent public service projects have benefited:

                                                       Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

                                                       United Way’s Community Impact Fund

             si b ilit y t o t h e C                   Carolinas Credit Union Foundation

        on                                o            Piedmont Down Syndrome Support Network
R esp

                                              m u n it y
                                                       Group Home for Boys at the Children’s Home of Winston-Salem

                                                       Brenner’s Children’s Hospital

                                                       American Red Cross Blood Service

                                                       American Red Cross Emergency Relief Fund

                                                       Battered Women’s Shelter of Family Services, Inc.

                                                       Handy Capable

                                                      Welfare Reform Liaison
Andrews High School (High Point, NC)                           S elf l essness
Junior Achievement

Forsyth County Financial Literacy Council

Hope Mills Police Department

Hope Mills Youth Association

Hope Mills Kiwanis Club

Amos Cottage

High Point Housing Authority
                                                       pl e H elpin g P e
RJ Reynolds High School (Winston-Salem, NC)       eo                        o


Habitat for Humanity

Southeastern Regional Medical Center Fund

Betty Stevenson Scholarship Fund

Daniel Elkins Scholarship Fund

High Point Regional Health Systems
Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce
                                                          w ork & G en er o
Clinton Chamber of Commerce                           m                       s

                                                                              it y
                                               Te a
Hope Mills Chamber of Commerce

South View High School (Hope Mills, NC)

The Corner Table

Lincolnton Head Start

Burke United Christian Ministries

High Point Open Door Ministries

Greensboro Urban Ministries

Crisis Control Ministries of Davidson County

Second Harvest, Northwest NC Food Bank

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