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Bush immigration policy denounced as servitude Workers World


									 Jan. 22, 2004                            Vol. 46, No. 3

                                                                                                                                                ¿Alza económica?
                                                                                                                                                Obrer@s no celebran                         12

                                                                Another giveaway to the bosses

                                                                Bush’s immigration policy
                                                                denounced as servitude
                                                                By Teresa Gutierrez                                                    exploitation and said “Basta ya”—enough is enough. As never
                                                                                                                                       before, from California to Illinois to New York, immigrants are
In the spirit of Dr. King:                                         An empty piñata. A major gift to employers. The new bracero         changing the face of labor and organizing to defend their inter-
STANDING UP TO REPRESSION                                       program. A huge pool of temporary workers. Indentured
                                                                                                                                          Bush’s announcement is especially a slap in the face of the his-
CENTERFOLD:                                                        These are some of the responses to President George W. Bush’s       toric Oct. 4, 2003, Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride and
   NOW censured                                                 major policy announcement on immigration.                              demonstration in Queens, N.Y.
   for backing Braun                                               On Jan. 7, Bush proposed what the mainstream media                     Over 100,000 immigrants came forth that day—at risk of
                                                                described as “a sweeping overhaul of the nation’s immigration          deportation and loss of wages and jobs—to demand dignity and
   Kevin Cooper:                                                law.” Bush said in part, “Today I ask the Congress to join me in       rights.
   Fighting ‘legal’ lynching                                    passing new immigration laws that reflect [four] principles that          The main slogan on Oct. 4 was amnesty. In his immigration
   Racism, repression                                           meet America’s economic needs and live up to our highest ideals.”      plan, Bush pointedly came out against this demand.
                                                                   The principles he claimed to be upholding were: “1) America            Bush said, “I oppose amnesty, placing undocumented work-
   and the state
                                                                must control its borders; 2) new immigration laws should serve         ers on the automatic path to citizenship.”
EDITORIAL:                                                      the economic needs of our country; 3) we should not give unfair           A Mexican immigrant in New York City said after Bush’s
   King's legacy:                                               rewards to illegal immigrants in the citizenship process or dis-       announcement: “I have suffered years of abuse. My father died
                                                                advantage those who came here lawfully or hope to do so; and 4)        in Mexico last year and I could not attend the funeral. I am sep-
   uniting the struggles 10
                                                                new laws should provide incentives for temporary foreign work-         arated from my wife and children. I earn less than most other
                                                                ers to return permanently to their home countries after their          workers.
                                                                period of work in the United States has expired.”                         “I have earned my citizenship.”
PAUL O'NEILL                                                       Bush’s announcement was denounced within hours. Labor
                                                                                                                                       Bracero vs. amnesty
                                                                activists, immigrants and their advocates immediately con-
Spilling the beans                                         5
                                                                demned the policy as anti-immigrant and pro-boss.                         One of the key features of Bush’s proposal is a temporary worker
                                                                   For weeks, immigration advocates, various Latino organiza-          program. While the mainstream media has already sown confu-
                                                                tions and some members of Congress had anxiously waited to             sion by saying that this “effectively amounts to an amnesty pro-
JOBLESS ‘RECOVERY’                                              hear what stance Bush would take on immigration.                       gram” (New York Times, Jan. 7), that is far from being true.
Happy days for whom?                                       4       Bush’s announcement was key to a meeting to take place this            The temporary worker provision of Bush’s new policy
                                                                week in Mexico between himself and Mexican President Vicente           amounts to a new “bracero” program.
                                                                Fox. Like other Mexican presidents before him, Fox intensely              “Bracero” refers to a policy enforced during World War II and
ROE V. WADE                                                     reviews U.S. immigration policy. Over half of the 8 to 12 million      through the early 1960s. The program allowed Mexican workers
                                                                undocumented workers in this country are from Mexico.                  to come to the United States legally for a specific time and for a
Taking it to the streets
                                                                   If any of these forces had naively expected a fair or just policy   specific industry.
April 25                                                   4
                                                                for immigrant workers, they were sadly disappointed.                      The term stems from the Spanish word for arm—”brazos,” as
                                                                   The White House’s immigration proposal amounts to an elec-          in “to embrace.”
                                                                tion-year ploy that will mainly benefit the bosses. Chances are it        The bracero program of the 1940s brought in cheap labor to
FROM DEATH ROW                                                  won’t even be enacted this year.                                       work the fields of Texas and other states at the mercy of the
Mumia on Iraq occupation:                                          It does nothing to alleviate the dire sweatshop conditions          bosses. It was rife with abuses. Workers reported horrible con-
‘Feelin' safe yet?’       8                                     immigrants face in this country.                                       ditions, often not getting paid—and after serving their term of
                                                                   The Bush plan callously defies the sentiment of immigrants
                                                                who in the last few years have heroically stood up to decades of                                                   Continued on page 3

U.S.-backed Georgian coup 9
                                                                   In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
HEALTHCARE                                                         By standing up for civil Rights for immigrant workers
IN THE AMERICAS                                                    and their families in Freehold, N.J.,
A tale of two systems                                      11      you defend everyone’s rights
                                                                    The Mayor and Town Council of Freehold have imple-            SUNDAY
                                                                    mented a campaign of lies against immigrants and
                                                                    measures whose purpose is to expel immigrants from
Subscribe                                                           Freehold. These measures violate important rights
                                                                    and liberties granted under the Constitution to all peo-
to Workers                                                          ple. Immigrants should be recognized as equal partici-
                                                                    pants in society and be granted permanent residency.          & MARCH
World                                                                  We the residents of Freehold and Monmouth
                                                                                                                                  2:30 P.M.
Special trial subscription:                                         County cannot be an accomplice to this injustice. Dr.
$2 for 8 weeks                                                      Martin Luther King, Jr. taught that the rights of all
                                                                                                                                Centro de Trabajo
One year subscription: $25                                          should be defended regardless of race, national origin
                                                                    or economic position. We honor his dream and his            Parking Lot
                                                                    teaching that the struggle cannot end while any group       133 Throckmorton St.
PHONE NUMBER                                                        of people is oppressed.                                     Freehold Borough
                                                                      Immigrants and citizens are working together in           New Jesey
A D D R E S S C I T Y / S TAT E / Z I P
                                                                    this cause and we invite you to join us.

                                                                   El Comité de Trabajadores Por el Progreso y el Bienestar Social Monmouth County Residents for Immigrant Rights
Workers World Newspaper                                                 3 8
                                                                   732-345-8400 Email :
55 W. 17 St. NY, NY 10011
                                                                   (The International Action Center and NY Answer are organizing transportation to Freehold from New York. Tickets are $15.00.
(212) 627-2994
                                                                   To sign up for transportation and to support the struggle of immigrant workers, call the IAC at (212) 633-6646.) read it online
Page 2 Jan. 22, 2004

                                                                                                                                          Bush immigrant plan denounced as servitude . . . . . . 1
                                                                                                                                          LA event raises funds for strikers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
                                                                                                                                          What good is a ‘recovery’ without jobs? . . . . . . . . . . 4
                                                                                                                                          March to defend women’s right to choose . . . . . . . . . 4
                                                                                                                                          O'Neill spills the beans . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
                                                                                                                                          The state, racism and repression . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
                                                                                                                                          NOW attacked for supporting Black candidate . . . . . . 6
                                                                                                                                          Kevin Cooper slated for next execution . . . . . . . . . . . 7
          Make a commitment to keep truth alive                                                                                           Mumia: Feelin’ safe yet?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8


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                                                                                                                                         Vol. 46, No. 3 • Jan. 22, 2004
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                                                                                                                                              Jan. 22, 2004     Page 3


Cultural event raises funds for strikers
        benefit performance for the 70,000 striking and locked-out
A        grocery workers packed a club in North Hollywood on Jan.
6. Performers included alternative singer/songwriter Michelle
Shocked, hip hop artist Will B, The Blazers, Cisco, and Lowen and
   The owner of the non-profit club, often used for progressive
causes, commented that it was a record crowd. The performances
are regularly streamed onto the Internet, so that union supporters
from all over were able to log on, enjoy the music, and send in
donations using Paypal.
   Nearly $1,000 was raised, and a similar performance is planned
for the near future. In addition to raising funds, the event reached
across the Internet and helped to build solidarity for this historic
   As the strike enters its thirteenth week, strikers and locked-out
workers have remained strong on the picket line in spite of finan-
cial hardship. All Vons stores are being picketed, as well as a large
distribution center in El Monte, Calif., which delivers to Vons.
   Support from union members and community organizations is
increasing. Community Action Project to Support Labor—a project
of the Los Angeles ANSWER Coalition—is continuing fundraising
efforts and a food drive. Other support actions are being planned,
including a citywide march.
                                                                                                                                                                              WW PHOTO: J. LA RIVA
                                                —Scott Scheffer           Michelle Shocked and Will B performed at a Los Angeles fundraiser for strikers.

Bush immigration plan denounced as servitude
Continued from page 1                           dishwashers and so on will not be inclined        their sweatshops or stop paying below-           towards newer immigrants, according to
near-slave-labor, they were kicked out of       to participate.                                   standard wages. It is a cornerstone of the       the article.
the United States.                                 Why should they when the profits are           profit system.                                      This is but one example that illustrates
   These kinds of abuses continue today.        so generous and the source of labor so vul-          The capitalist system—whose only drive        that the solution to U.S. immigration pol-
An immigrant advocate said on Jan. 8 that       nerable?                                          is for war and profits—must have at its          icy is to organize. The solution is to wage
agriculture workers in the U.S. often              Fine also pointed out that there is little     command the ability to super-exploit             an independent campaign of solidarity
report that bosses pay them for half a day      incentive for the workers to participate in       immigrants. There is so much profit to be        among all workers.
although they worked a full day. Workers        the program, since citizenship is not guar-       made from their labor power.                        Instead of workers being pitted against
are told they must “donate” a week’s pay        anteed.                                              That is why Bush’s immigration policy         each other—by nationality, by country of
in order to come back the next summer.             The program would result in workers            is a gift to the bosses. It will bring workers   origin, by sexual orientation and so on—
   The policy emanating from the White          “outing” themselves, with the possibility,        out of the shadows with the promise of           the answer is to organize a multinational
House will only aggravate this situation.       in return, of being deported at the end of        temporary legal status but at the beck and       movement to demand an end to exploita-
   Bush said on Jan. 7, “I propose a new        the guest worker program.                         call of the employer.                            tion once and for all, a movement that
temporary workers program that will                                                                  The U.S. economy would not stand one          declares that there are no borders in the
match willing foreign workers with willing      Immigration policy                                hour without immigrant labor. Who                workers’ struggle.
American employers when no Americans            for the capitalist class                          would deliver the food, cut the grass, build        In the short term, the progressive and
can be found to fill the jobs.”                     Bush’s announcement led to a flurry of        the offices, paint the fingernails, chop the     working-class movement in the United
   Immigrants, the White House said,            media accounts that referred to U.S.              lettuce, pack the meat or take care of the       States should take to the streets in record
might be able to obtain temporary legal         immigration policy as a “broken policy.”          children?                                        numbers and demand amnesty now for all
status for three years, and could reapply           But the policy is far from broken. It may        In 2001, the Pew Hispanic Center esti-        immigrants. It should demand a major
once. They must pay a one-time fee to reg-      be underfunded and understaffed in the            mated that the “unauthorized labor force”        increase in the minimum wage as well as
ister for the program and their name will       opinion of some. And it may be ridicu-            totaled about 5.3 million workers. This          jobs for all. Protecting the sovereign rights
be entered into a national database.            lously and inhumanely bureaucratic.               included 700,000 restaurant workers,             of the nations of Latin America, Africa,
   “This program expects temporary                  According to a former counsel of the          250,000 household employees and                  Asia, the Caribbean and so on must be a
workers to return permanently to their          Immigration and Naturalization Service,           620,000 construction workers.                    cornerstone so that oppressed nations are
home countries after their period of work       for example, since 2001 Bush promised to             Clearly, the capitalist system thrives on     free of International Monetary Fund and
in the United States has expired,” Bush         reduce the delays in processing of immi-          the labor of immigrants. It depends on an        imperialist intervention.
said.                                           gration applications. Just the opposite has       immigration policy that creates a pool of           The time has come for labor, immi-
   According to the New York Times, “An         occurred. The backlog has grown from 3.9          cheap labor that can be easily manipu-           grants and the progressive movement in
undocumented worker and employer                million to 6.2 million in the past two years.     lated, paid as little as possible, where         the U.S. to conduct the kind of rich class
would have to apply for the guest worker        (Washington Post, Jan. 11)                        workers can be brought into the country          struggles that led to the glorious founda-
hand in hand, with the employer serving             And ominously, the Department of              or deported as the economy demands and           tion of May Day and International
as the sponsor for the worker.”                 Homeland Security inherited the duties of         at the whim of the bosses.                       Women’s Day.
   Janice Fine, a researcher from the           the Immigration and Naturalization                                                                    There are tremendous examples of
Economic Policy Institute, wrote in the         Service. This makes immigration a highly          Solution to Bush’s policy:                       struggles in this country we can look to for
Boston Globe Jan. 11 that one reason            political issue tied directly to imperial-        solidarity                                       inspiration.
Bush’s plan is extremely flawed is that         ism’s so-called war on terror.                       Behind George W. Bush’s immigration              The Latinos/as in California who
bosses get too much power with the plan.            But whether the system is efficient or        policy is an attempt to divide workers. It       recently led a major walkout to protest the
   Fine reported on a national study she        not, U.S. immigration policy functions            will inevitably mean a rise in racist, chau-     repeal of driver’s license rights and the
conducted that documents the same               exactly as it should—because it represents        vinistic, anti-immigrant backlash.               grocery workers fighting for health care in
abuses that “depressingly” occur over and       a capitalist government that in turn rep-            A climate of fear among U.S.-born             Los Angeles are two such examples. Their
over across the country: “Unpaid wages,         resents the ruling class. It is this class that   workers will surely be fostered. Workers         victory will be a victory for all workers.
forced overtime, sky-high rates of injury       ultimately sets policy—on immigration,            will be forced to compete for jobs at a time        On the East Coast, everyone is urged to
on the jobs, discrimination, sexual harass-     on war in Iraq, on every question.                when unemployment is high and under-             converge in Freehold, N.J., on Jan. 18. The
ment and unjust firings. Workers who                This is the class that respects no bor-       employment even higher.                          mayor and a racist group want to push
speak up are fired and blacklisted.             ders. It is free to travel around the globe          This climate will be favorable for the        Latinos/as out of Freehold and have car-
Employers routinely ignore government           creating the kind of economic and social          bosses who will count on fear to drive           ried out a chauvinistic campaign against
regulations, and government monitoring          conditions that force workers to come             down wages. If Bush and the bosses pre-          day laborers. But the workers are fighting
in most of these industries is terribly inad-   here in the first place.                          vail, living standards will be lowered even      back.
equate at best.”                                    Bush said that it is wrong for “employ-       more for all workers, here and around the           By taking a stand in Freehold on Jan.
   The researcher went on to point out that     ers to turn to the illegal labor market.” But     world.                                           18, U.S. and foreign-born workers, African
a huge number of immigrants will not            it is not the “labor market” that is illegal.        One immigrant told a reporter that he         Americans, Latinos/as, whites, Asians,
even be able to tap into the program                The truth is that the thousands of cock-      had no documentation, worked a con-              women and men, young and old, will give
because they work mainly in the informal        roach capitalists and the unaccountable           struction job paying $10 an hour but lost        George Bush exactly the kind of response
sector of the economy. Employers of gar-        multinational corporations that employ            the job to a recent immigrant willing to         his recent immigration announcement
deners, day laborers, domestic workers,         undocumented workers will never close             take $8. This immigrant expressed anger          deserves.
Page 4 Jan. 22, 2004

    What good is a ‘recovery’
    without jobs?
    By Milt Neidenberg                              been a jobless recovery. Overall the econ-     ery and wage growth has slowed to a            chairperson of Workers World Party, said
                                                    omy dropped by 74,000 jobs in 2003.            crawl.”                                        in a 1975 discussion bulletin, “Instead of
       Cheerful thoughts about a boom econ-         Since President Bush took office in               Today more than one out of every 10         acting as a stimulant to capitalist expan-
    omy in the foreseeable future have been         January 2001, over 2.3 million jobs have       workers is unemployed. This rises to three     sion and accumulation [military spend-
    seriously dampened by the December              disappeared. More than 300,000 workers         out of 10 among Black and Latino teen-         ing] turns into its dialectical opposite and
    job-growth figures reported by the Bureau       were permanently dropped from the job          agers and over two out of 10 in the Black      becomes a depressant. Like any drug, it
    of Labor Statistics. Far from the 150,000       market, and the index of hours worked fell     adult population. The unofficial rate is       may operate to accelerate recovery from
    new jobs predicted by just about every          below the 1998 level.                          even higher. These brutal facts expose the     illness, but if administered on an ever-
    high-priced Wall Street analyst and bour-          The traditional unemployment rate           so-called trickle-down theory: that good       continuing and ever-increasing basis
    geois economist, they turned out to be a        does not count various segments of the         times bring good jobs.                         without letup, it becomes toxic and poi-
    miniscule 1,000. When the figures were          working-age population—people not                 Is this a recovery unlike any other in      sons the organism.” This is even more true
    released, the Dow Jones industrial aver-        looking or working part-time. More “dis-       history? No. It is like the 1930s. Edmund      today.
    age dropped 133.55 points and the NAS-          couraged workers” explains why the             S. Phelps, professor of political economy         Dark clouds loom for the capitalist sys-
    DAQ 13.33.                                      unemployment rate dropped from 5.9 to          and director of the Center on Capitalism       tem. If there is no job growth in the com-
       How could they have gone so far off tar-     5.7 in December, but the Bush administra-      and Society at Columbia University, com-       ing months, the Bush reelection will be in
    get? Do they lack the data to predict so sig-   tion put a positive spin on it.                mented in the Jan. 5 Wall Street Journal       trouble. A number of Democratic presi-
    nificant an economic statistic as job              Consumer confidence is on the decline.      that “The technological developments and       dential candidates, as the 2004 election
    growth?                                         Consumer spending represents two-              overseas tensions that slowed and limited      grows nearer, will present proposals that
       They went astray because the economy         thirds of the Gross Domestic Product.          the 1930s recovery have clear parallels in     they promise will bring back jobs, peace
    is unpredictable and expanding out of           People can’t continue to spend when            the economy’s present situation.” The          and prosperity. Promising won’t make it
    control, even while there are signs of stag-    there is no income. Consequently, under        unemployment rate then was one out of          so. These candidates support the system
    nation and crisis.                              the most relentless, unprecedented rise in     every four.                                    of monopoly capitalism and the exploita-
       The Wall Street Journal on Jan. 9            productivity, the markets have become             Prices briefly dropped during the most      tion of labor for profit.
    rounded up a group of Wall Street econo-        glutted with goods and services.               acute stage of the economic crisis of the         The occupations of Iraq and Afghan-
    mists for a consensus. There was none.             Intense exploitation of the workers and     1930s, but the upward spiral of prices         istan have not brought Wall Street and
    “The payroll gain of only 1,000 is ... quite    the oppressed sections of the population       soon resumed. Today, prices of commodi-        Washington spoils from their wars of
    shocking. ... I would certainly not have        also has drawbacks for the capitalists. As     ties are on the rise due to runaway deficits   aggression. At home, the capitalists believe
    expected anything resembling that,” said        Karl Marx explained, if the capitalists are    and rising interest rates, but even more       the cure lies in layoffs, cutbacks in social
    Bill Cheney, chief economist at John Han-       exploiting fewer workers, there’s less         because of the monumental war expendi-         programs, and intolerable productivity
    cock Financial Services. And there was          unpaid labor, less extraction of surplus       tures that are causing the devaluation of      and poverty.
    James Glassman, a J.P. Morgan econo-            value, and consequently less profit for the    the dollar.                                       To the multinational workers and
    mist: “We’re at least three to four million     boss class.                                       According to Robert Pollack, professor      oppressed nationalities, recovery means
    jobs below what we should be.”                                                                 of economics at the University of Mas-         jobs for all and insuring work opportuni-
       Then there were the optimists. “Over         Echoes of 1930s                                sachusetts at Amherst, “Five percent more      ties for the oncoming generation. It means
    the next few months, all the signs are that        This is no normal recovery. A Jan. 10       money is being pumped into the economy         a rise in the standard of living for them
    payroll employment will rise dramati-           New York Times article, headlined “As Far      than taken out in tax revenues ... and 60      and their loved ones. There is a conjunc-
    cally,” stated Ian Richardson, chief econ-      as Jobs Go, Bush Can Only Wait,” said:         percent of the 3.3 percent growth in the       ture of class-wide interests with other
    omist at High Frequency Economics. But          “Both the White House and the Fed              GDP is attributed to the military.”            movements—the anti-war activists, the
    the chief economic officer at Wells Fargo,      [Federal Reserve Board] are confronted                                                        civil rights/civil liberties and anti-global-
    Sung Won Sohn, thought otherwise:               by a recovery unlike any other in history.     Military spending a depressant                 ization resisters. And most important, the
    “Neither business nor potential employ-         Economic growth has been soaring for             Military spending of the astronomical        struggle must be elevated within the labor
    ees have confidence in the economy.”            months, corporate profits have shot up,        dimensions required to pay for the Iraq        movement, especially building solidarity
       The current fear is that the economic        and the stock market has regained much         and Afghanistan wars has diverted hun-         with immigrant workers. The crisis
    expansion, which began around Novem-            of its ebullience. Yet job creation has been   dreds of billions of dollars from much-        requires joining forces and taking the
    ber 2001, is running out of steam. It has       slower than in almost any previous recov-      needed social programs. Sam Marcy,             independent road to fight back.

    Roe v. Wade anniversary

    March to defend women’s right to choose
    By Sue Davis                                    is not mentioned in the bill; nor are there                                                      This anti-abortion strategy, however, is
                                                    penalties for harm inflicted on the                                                           not limited to the United States. A case
       Thirty-one years after the Supreme           woman.                                                                                        that would grant an unborn fetus the same
    Court affirmed women’s right to have an            This bill would not in any way protect                                                     rights as a person is currently before the
    abortion if they so choose, that right is       women’s right to have children. Its limited                                                   European Court of Human Rights.
    under serious assault in courts and legis-      wording exposes the bill’s real purpose: to                                                      But that isn’t the only strategy right-
    latures all over the country. The good          assert that fetuses, from the moment of                                                       wing zealots are trying to use to stop
    news is that more than 570 groups are           conception, have the full rights of an adult                                                  women’s right to control their own bod-
    mobilizing for a fight-back march and           person. If the courts were to accept this                                                     ies. Opponents of reproductive rights in
    rally on April 25.                              definition of “fetal personhood,” that                                                        states like Kansas are targeting adoles-
       Called by the Feminist Majority,             would totally negate women’s right to                                                         cents’ access to abortion and contracep-
    NARAL Pro-Choice America, the National          abortion.                                                                                     tive services and pumping millions of dol-
    Organization for Women and Planned                 A Florida appeals court ruled against                                                      lars into abstinence-only education pro-
    Parenthood Federation of America, the           “fetal personhood” on Jan. 10 when it                                                         grams at the expense of comprehensive
    march is being co-sponsored by the Black        decided that the state could not appoint a                                                    sex education.
    Women’s Health Imperative, Center for           guardian for the fetus of a mentally dis-                                                        Building a movement to defend
    Reproductive Rights and hundreds of             abled rape victim. The case created con-                                                      women’s rights is sorely needed to counter
    other groups representing women, people         troversy last spring when Gov. Jeb Bush,                                                      all such right-wing attacks. The April 25
    of color, labor, lesbian/gay/bi/trans, civil    who is as adamantly anti-choice as his                                                        demonstration in Washington, D.C.,
    rights, campus and religious constituen-        brother, supported an Orlando woman            change the law, to limit the rights of         billed as the “March for Women’s Lives,”
    cies, as well as health clinics and service     who sought to become the fetus’s               women and bring to the Supreme Court           projects a broad agenda, including
    providers.                                      guardian.                                      something that would overturn or alter         women’s reproductive health, justice and
       Emboldened by passage of the ban on             “When you set up a guardian for a fetus,    Roe v. Wade.” (New York Times, Jan. 11)        freedom as well as family planning and
    “partial birth” abortions last October,         you’re creating a situation with the              The same tactic is being tried in           the right to have children.
    anti-choice forces in Congress have intro-      mother and the fetus having competing          California in response to the murder of           As the organizers noted in a recent
    duced the “Unborn Victims of Violence           legal rights,” said Howard Simon, execu-       Laci Peterson, who was eight months            press release, “We will not allow women’s
    Act” which would make it a crime to dam-        tive director of the American Civil            pregnant when she was killed. Her hus-         lives to be lost or ruined by unjust laws
    age a fetus or cause a miscarriage. The bill    Liberties Union of Florida, who argued         band is being charged with two counts of       and insensitive regulations promulgated
    defines the fetus, not the woman, as the        the case before the appeals panel. “There      murder: one for her death and one for the      by those who put women last.”
    victim of violence. The pregnant woman          was no masking that this was a crusade to      fetus’s.
                                                                                                                                              Jan. 22, 2004    Page 5

O’Neill spills the beans

Iraq war plans began day
Bush took office
By Fred Goldstein                               war preparation.                                  Iraq and grab the oil wealth.                   The O'Neill revelations
                                                   Two days later, on Feb. 1, the second             Thus, they are all holding their
   As the old saying goes, when thieves fall    meeting took place. Secretary of State            breath in the hope that, with the cap-          create contradictions
out, truth comes into its own. This popu-       Colin Powell had been assigned the task of        ture of Saddam Hussein, they have
lar adage is being dramatized on an inter-      tightening up the sanctions regime at the         turned the corner. But all signs show           for all factions and
national stage as controversy mounts over       first meeting. Says the book:                     that the vital and determined resist-
former Secretary of the Treasury Paul              “Powell began by discussing the new            ance to the occupation is continuing            parties in the ruling class
O’Neill’s revelation that the Bush admin-       strategy for ‘targeted sanctions.’ But after      strongly.
istration planned to conquer Iraq from the      a moment Rumsfeld interrupted.
                                                                                                  O’Neill took cover off war
                                                                                                                                                  establishment. They
moment it took office.                             “‘Sanctions are fine,’ he said. ‘But what
   The revelations are contained in the         we really want to think about is going after         Bush gave the ruling class a cover           have to decide whether
book “The Price of Loyalty: George W.           Saddam.                                           for the war in Iraq—eliminating the
Bush, the White House, and the Education           “‘Imagine what the region would look           nuclear threat (which did not exist);           to foment a scandal or
of Paul O’Neill” by Ron Suskind, which hit      like without Saddam and with a regime             eliminating the threat of biological
the bookstores on Jan. 13. In preparation       that’s aligned with U.S. interests,’ Rums-        and chemical weapons (which have
for the book, O’Neill turned over 19,000        feld said. ‘It would demonstrate what U.S.        not been found); and breaking the ties
                                                                                                                                                  to gradually bury it.
documents and 7,300 diary entries to            policy is all about.’”(p.85)                      between Baghdad and Al Qaeda (there
Suskind, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author           At another point in the book, Suskind          were none). All these pretexts were
                                                                                                                                                  They could go either
and former international editor of the          recounts that “One document, headed               seized upon by the capitalist parties,
Wall Street Journal. Suskind interviewed        ‘Foreign Suitors for Iraqi Oilfield Con-          the capitalist media and the entire cor-
                                                                                                                                                  way, depending upon
hundreds of people, including present           tracts,’ lists companies from 30 coun-            porate world to railroad the country to
government officials, beginning in Feb-         tries—including France, Germany, Russia,          war—with the resulting death and dev-           the outcome in Iraq.
ruary 2003. It was the best-selling book on     and the United Kingdom—their special-             astation for untold numbers of Iraqis well before being published.         ties, and in some cases their particular          and the thousands of U.S. casualties.
   O’Neill was a standing member of the         areas of interest. An attached document              When the occupation began facing              struggle for world domination, then it’s
National Security Council, a long-time          maps Iraq with markings for ‘supergiant           resistance, the networks that had sent           right. If it ends up in a disaster for the
friend of Vice President Dick Cheney and        oilfield,’ ‘other oilfield,’ and ‘earmarked       embedded reporters to grind out Pen-             bosses, then it’s a mistake. The conse-
a protégé of Secretary of Defense Donald        for production sharing,’ while demarking          tagon propaganda, as well as the editorial       quences for the workers and the oppres-
Rumsfeld during the Ford administration.        the largely undeveloped southwest of the          page writers who urged the war, began to         sed, who have to fight and die in their
He met one-on-one with Bush weekly dur-         country into nine ‘blocks’ to designate           turn on the Bush administration. They            wars, is of no concern to them whatso-
ing his two years as secretary of the treas-    areas for future exploration.” (p.96)             accused it of “misleading” them and              ever when it comes to an evaluation.
ury before he was fired for objecting to           Suskind recounts that at the start of          stoked an exposé of some of the lies about          Not one member of the establishment
Bush’s tax cuts. Rumsfeld called O’Neill        2001, “Actual plans, to O’Neill’s astonish-       uranium from Niger and other myths               will say the truth, although it is totally
beforehand and warned him not to pub-           ment, were already being discussed to take        about weapons of mass destruction.               borne out by the O’Neill revelations, that
lish the book.                                  over Iraq and occupy it—complete with                But now O’Neill has totally taken the         this was an illegal, unjust war and that jus-
   The controversy flared even higher           disposition of oil fields, peacekeeping for-      cover off the entire war. And who is he?         tice requires that the U.S. pull its forces
when CBS, on the program “60 Minutes,”          ces, and war crimes tribunals—carrying            He’s the former head of Alcoa, the ex-           out, make restitution to the Iraqi people,
aired interviews with O’Neill and Suskind       forward an unspoken doctrine of preemp-           ploiter of 140,000 workers in 36 coun-           and leave them alone to determine their
by Leslie Stahl. Excerpts from the tran-        tive war.” (p. 129)                               tries, and former union-busting president        own destiny.
script speak for themselves.                       At the present time O’Neill appears to         of International Paper Co. He did not act           The working class and progressive
   “From the very beginning, there was a        be backing away from his charges and try-         out of any progressive motives. Yet he has       movement should learn the proper lessons
conviction that Saddam Hussein was a bad        ing to give the impression that he was only       laid out the truly imperialist character of      from these revelations. But that can only
person and that he needed to go,” says          referring to a continuation of the Clinton        the war in black and white.                      be done in the context of understanding
O’Neill, who added that going after Sad-        policy of regime change, which was offi-             The lies told after Sept. 11 were not a       imperialism. These revelations should not
dam was topic “A” 10 days after the inau-       cially sanctioned in the Iraq Liberation Act      heated reaction to an attack or made             be used to single out the Bush conspiracy
guration—eight months before Sept. 11.          of Oct. 31, 1998. But it is too late to put the   under the influence of the drumbeat of           to go to war as some type of aberrant
   “From the very first instance, it was        genie back in the bottle.                         war. They were not part of an overzealous,       behavior by an extremist administration.
about Iraq. It was about what we can do to         ABC News of Jan. 13 ran an exclusive           impetuous, misguided effort.                     It should be seen in the light of imperial-
change this regime,” says Suskind. “Day         story that a government official had con-            This was a cold, calculated conspiracy        ism as a system.
one, these things were laid and sealed.”        firmed O’Neill’s account. According to the        by the Bush administration from day one
   “It was all about finding a way to do it.    transcript, “The official, who asked not to       to conquer Iraq, set up an occupation and        Imperialist war
That was the tone of it. The president say-     be identified, was present in the same            a pro-U.S. regime, take control over its oil     and conspiracy: A history
ing ‘Go find me a way to do this,’” says        National Security Council meetings as             and dominate the Middle East. They made             Every war they unleash is carried out
O’Neill. And it came up at the first meeting.   O’Neill immediately after Bush’s inaugu-          no bones about that in the National              under a fraudulent pretext of one sort or
                                                ration in January and February of 2001.           Security Council. This was a totally crim-       another. Every one is done in a cold and
Plans to occupy Iraq                               “‘The president told his Pentagon offi-        inal war for totally imperialist purposes.       calculating way based on serving the cor-
and seize oil                                   cials to explore the military options,                                                             porate and strategic interests of finance
   In the book itself, Suskind recounts         including use of ground forces,’ the offi-        Bush & Co. belong on trial                       capital.
those early NSC meetings. On Jan. 30,           cial told ABC News. ‘That went beyond                But what is going on right now? Who is           What is unusual about the O’Neill rev-
2001, at the first NSC meeting of the Bush      the Clinton administration’s halfhearted          under investigation? O’Neill! The Demo-          elations is that they are directed at an in-
administration, which lasted less than an       attempts to overthrow Hussein without             crats will, of course, try to use the revela-    office administration, fighting to stabilize
hour, the first topic was about how the         force.’”                                          tions to get themselves elected. But that is     a brutal colonial occupation.
administration was going to side with              What the ultimate meaning and politi-          hardly the point. Instead of O’Neill being          The Pentagon Papers revealed a similar
Israel and openly let Ariel Sharon have full    cal fallout will be as a result of these reve-    under investigation, these revelations call      cunning conspiracy by Lyndon Johnson
freedom to attack the Palestinians without      lations remains to be seen. The revelations       for a trial of the entire Bush administra-       and his administration, including Secre-
any restraint from Washington.                  create contradictions for all factions and        tion. There should be congressional inves-       tary of State Dean Rusk and Secretary of
   Then Bush turned to Condoleezza Rice,        parties in the ruling class establishment.        tigations and the whole lot of these war         Defense Robert McNamara, to escalate
his national security adviser, and says,        They have to decide whether to foment a           criminals should be bound over for trial.        the Vietnam War. In 1965 they concocted
“So, Condi, what are we going to talk about     scandal or to gradually bury it. They could          What the Bush administration did,             a non-existent “incident” in the Gulf of
today?”                                         go either way, depending upon the out-            from the point of view of legality, should       Tonkin. A Vietnamese P-T boat was sup-
   “How Iraq is destabilizing the region,       come in Iraq.                                     land the entire administration in jail for       posed to have attacked a mighty U.S. war-
Mr. President,’ she replied in what was            Those who are angry and disillusioned          conspiracy to provoke and carry out a war        ship in the waters off Vietnam. Of course,
described as a “scripted exchange.” Then        with the Bush administration for all the          against an oppressed people. They should         even if it had happened, it was no reason
CIA head George Tenet pulled out his infa-      false assumptions having to do with the           be tried, not only for the war crimes they       to send 500,000 soldiers to Vietnam. But
mous photos of an alleged chemical              ease of conquering Iraq are in a difficult        committed in Iraq, but for the crime of          the incident did not happen, as the
weapons plant and they all huddled excit-       position. On the one hand, the O’Neill rev-       secretly plotting this war.                      Pentagon Papers showed.
edly around the photos as though they had       elations give them extraordinary ammu-               But when it comes to wars where the              After World War II President Harry
found the smoking gun. These were the           nition to condemn Bush. On the other,             interests of the imperialists are con-           Truman carried out a repressive, provoca-
same meaningless photos of a factory with       even those in the ruling class who oppose         cerned, the question of right and wrong          tive policy in South Korea to deny the
unidentified trucks standing by that Colin      Bush desperately want the Pentagon to             is judged from a ruling class point of           Korean people unification and the right to
Powell tried unsuccessfully to sell to the      succeed with the brutal colonial occupa-          view. If it strengthens their profit inter-      self-determination. He carried out mili-
UN Security Council in the final stages of      tion, crush the Iraqi resistance, stabilize       ests and their strategic position in the                              Continued on page 8
Page 6 Jan. 22, 2004

NOW attacked for supporting
Black candidate
By Kathy Durkin                                marginalized, trivialized, ignored and           bers strongly replied to the New York
                                               assailed by the establishment media from         Times. Gay E. Bruhn, Ed.D., Illinois NOW
   The National Organization for Women         the beginning, which, as usual, singles out      president, stated, “In this race, Carol
has formally endorsed the candidacy of         and criticizes oppressed people who run          Moseley Braun—Black, female, credible,
Carol Moseley Braun for president of the       for political office. The corporate media        qualified—is another rock in the stream.
U.S. By taking this step, this major           promote wealthy, white, male, main-              She deserves our support, we are proud to
national women’s group has put itself          stream candidates and push under the rug         give it to her, and we will not be moved.”
solidly behind the campaign of a well-         or make light of allegations of their finan-        NOW launched a letter-writing cam-
known and leading African-American             cial or other wrongdoing.                        paign to this allegedly liberal newspaper
woman.                                            In research conducted by NOW over six         supporting Moseley Braun’s candidacy.            Carol Moseley Braun
   Moseley Braun has consistently fought       months in 2003, Moseley Braun was the            Letters were also sent by members of the
for civil rights, women’s equality, social     candidate least likely to receive mention        National Women’s Political Caucus,               ing, poor and oppressed people on a mul-
programs for women, children, poor,            in the press, yet her rating in the polls is     which had endorsed her campaign.                 titude of issues in direct opposition to the
working, oppressed people, the                 higher than some of the white, male can-            NOW’s six-point reply to the New York         government’s policies.
lesbian/gay/bi/transgendered commu-            didates (see Despite           Times editorial, which can be found at its          What kind of scrutiny have the wealthy,
nity and the elderly. She has been an out-     her experience, she is rarely quoted on the      website (, states that           white, ruling-class candidates been
spoken critic of the Bush administration       issues or interviewed about her views.           the newspaper “assumes that the candi-           under? Vice President Cheney’s financial
on many domestic policies, including the       Often her name is omitted from lists of          dacy of an African-American woman can-           ties to Halliburton have not been criti-
Patriot Act.                                   candidates.                                      not be serious,” and points out that the         cized in the establishment media as rea-
   Moseley Braun is well-known and                Not surprisingly, the New York Times          newspaper rarely mentions Moseley                sons to keep him out of office, nor were
admired by millions of oppressed and pro-      blasted NOW for endorsing Moseley                Braun’s campaign but is eager to make            these connections strongly criticized
gressive people for her courageous stand       Braun in a Sept. 14, 2003, editorial head-       space for a critical piece, “after declining     when he ran with Bush. And that is but
and defeat of Sen. Jesse Helms’s pursuit       lined “NOW’s Woman Problem.” The                 requests to meet with NOW or Moseley             one example. The history of capitalist
of federal recognition of the racist United    piece stated that NOW “trivialized the           Braun.”                                          elections in this country is rife with finan-
Daughters of the Confederacy emblem.           important role women will play in the               But this is certainly not the first time,     cial wheeling and dealing, hidden assets
This was, in essence, a struggle about fly-    coming election, and made themselves             nor will it be the last, that a major estab-     and donors, bribery and corruption. The
ing the Confederate flag and the heinous       look silly to boot” by this endorsement. It      lishment newspaper like the New York             2000 presidential elections exposed the
legacy of slavery.                             called her campaign a “vanity affair,” and       Times has assaulted the serious campaign         disfranchisement of thousands of
   Moseley Braun was the first African-        said she had a “personal quest to return to      and character of an African-American             oppressed peoples in Florida and else-
American woman ever elected to the U.S.        the limelight.” The Times referred to her        candidate for president or other office.         where.
Senate, and has held other offices since       reputation as “clouded” and “tarnished,”            The Rev. Al Sharpton has come under              It is only when an oppressed person, a
she successfully ran for the Illinois State    referring to unfair charges initiated by         frequent criticism by that newspaper and         woman, or someone with views consid-
Legislature in 1978. She has always, how-      Rove.                                            other establishment print and electronic         ered too radical runs for office that the
ever, had to deal with criticism and racist,      The editorial also said her campaign is       media. As a case in point, in a total slur on    media carry out this type of virulent
sexist attacks by right-wing politicians       “symbolic,” and that there isn’t a “princi-      Rev. Sharpton’s campaign, the New York           attack.
and the establishment media, going back        ple that distinguishes Ms. [Moseley]             Times of Jan. 9, 2003, ran a front-page             None of this, however, changes the fact
to the days when she first ran for office.     Braun’s candidacy…” In addition to the           article attacking him on alleged financial       that imperialist war, economic crises,
   In 1998, Moseley Braun’s defeat in her      fact that NOW was supporting her very            irregularities and “unreasonable” cam-           poverty, unemployment and cuts in social
second bid for the U.S. Senate was engi-       sound record on women’s rights, and her          paign expenses.                                  services will not be stopped by voting for
neered by Karl Rove, current Bush admin-       high level of qualifications and experi-            Not only is Rev. Sharpton a representa-       candidates of either capitalist party,
istration political strategist, who was        ence, doesn’t an African-American                tive of the oppressed communities, but,          Democrat or Republican. Only the class
hired to mount a smear campaign on             woman have the democratic right to run           unlike Moseley Braun, he has strongly            struggle, people’s movements and mass
behalf of her multi-millionaire opponent,      for the highest elected office and doesn’t       opposed the Bush administration’s war            mobilizations can make real social
Peter Fitzgerald. Though she was exoner-       the media have the duty to take such a           and occupation in Iraq and has spoken at         change. And, ultimately, the profit system
ated, media attacks have continued.            campaign seriously?                              many national anti-war demonstrations.           that generates all these ills must be
   Her presidential campaign has been             To NOW’s credit, its leaders and mem-         He has also spoken forthrightly for work-        exposed and defeated.

The state, racism and repression
From a talk given by Betsey Piette at the                                                       flict in check. The very existence of the        Panther Party office, handcuffed and
Dec. 6-7 New York conference on reviv-                                                          state is proof that the class differences        stripped Panther members for the press to
ing the struggle for socialism.                                                                 can not be reconciled.”                          photograph. Years later this same police
                                                                                                   The state serves as a special apparatus       department dropped a bomb in West
   To rebuild the movement for socialism,                                                       for the systematic subjugation of people         Philly, murdering 11 MOVE members.
we must honestly examine the barriers                                                           by force, coercion and violence. Prisons,        Philly’s police force originated in the
that stand in our way. We must challenge                                                        police, courts, armies and laws codifying        1830s—recruited from gangs of white
the ideology that says things will get bet-                                                     discrimination work to exploit and               goons to terrorize immigrants, striking
ter if only we exercise our right to vote,                                                      oppress the working class and poor. The          workers and the movement to abolish
because the U.S. claims to be a democ-                                                          names of ruling class families and corpo-        slavery.
racy—no matter how exploitative, how                                                            rations may change, but the core of U.S.            The struggle to free political prisoner
politically repressive, how widespread the                                                      “democracy”—the rule of capital—                 Mumia Abu-Jamal has focused world
denial of basic human rights.                                                                   remains the same.                                attention on Philadelphia as the “death
   It’s not by chance that the income gap                                                          Political repression, racism, sexism,         penalty” capital. In the 1970s Mumia was
in the U.S. between the wealthiest 1 per-                                                       homophobia and xenophobia are all cor-           the target of the federal COINTELPRO
cent and the rest of the population grows                                                       nerstones of this system. The “founding          program. This fall, the FBI targeted the
wider by the hour. Let’s not harbor any                                                         fathers” of the United States even penned        incumbent African American mayor, John
illusions about which class calls the shots.                                                    a Constitution that allowed slavery and          Street, in the midst of his re-election cam-
                                                                         WW PHOTO: JOE PIETTE
   “One of the most democratic republics       Betsey Piette                                    denied political and economic rights to all      paign.
in the world is the United States, yet                                                          but property-owning white men.                      When it comes to racism and repres-
nowhere is the power of capital, the power     state. The state developed as society               The U.S. capitalist state has always fos-     sion, there is nothing unique about
of a handful of billionaires over the whole    formed into classes—slave owners and             tered racism to maintain its power. I’m          Philadelphia.
of society, so crude and so openly corrupt     slaves; feudal lords and serfs; capitalists      from Philadelphia, the so-called cradle of          Capitalism uses the illusion of “free”
as in America.” Lenin wrote these words        and workers—based on the evolution of            U.S. democracy whose symbol, the Liberty         elections to maintain its domination,
in 1919 in a short essay entitled “The         private property.                                Bell, now sits atop the site where George        offering the best candidates money can
State.”                                           Engels wrote: “The state is a product         Washington enslaved Africans. The U.S.           buy. The capitalist media tells workers
   Lenin defined the state as a machine for    of society at a certain stage of develop-        Constitution was signed in Independence          which candidates are “legitimate” and
maintaining the rule of one class over         ment—an admission that the society is            Hall, which was built by unpaid slave            which issues really count. Is the candidate
another by force. In “The Origin of The        so divided into irreconcilable, antago-          labor.                                           “tough on crime”—for more cops and pris-
Family, Private Property and the State,”       nistic class interests that the class in            Philly is notorious for its brutally racist   ons? Does he put down welfare moms,
Frederick Engels described primitive           power needs a force to stand above soci-         police force. During the 1970s, Mayor            oppose gay marriage, and attack affirma-
communal society when there was no             ety for the purpose of keeping the con-          Frank Rizzo’s police raided the Black            tive action and abortion rights? Then he’s
                                                                                                                                             Jan. 22, 2004    Page 7

California's prison-industrial complex

Kevin Cooper slated
for next execution
By LeiLani Dowell                               and agricultural industries that use prison           As fewer social services are available for
San Francisco                                   labor in California: license plates, coffee       people on the outside, and desperation
                                                roasting, knitting mills, meat cutting and        grows, so does the likelihood of more poor
   As people gather on Jan. 19 in San           laundry services, to name a few. You can          people and people of color ending up in
Francisco to honor the life and legacy of       even order prisoner-made goods and                prison.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., banners and         services from the California Prison                   The crowding of prisons with mentally
placards will be raised in support of Kevin     Industry Authority’s online catalog!              ill people—as many as one in five, accord-
Cooper.                                            Another example: “PIA’s Digital                ing to a Human Rights Watch study—is a
   If the state has its way, Cooper will be     Services Enterprise provides a variety of         national phenomenon.
executed Feb. 10. The African American          custom global position maps and related               Given this state of affairs, the Jan. 6
man was convicted of murdering three            services to help governmental agencies to         legal lynching of mentally ill Charles
members of the Ryen family and their            plan for a variety of contingencies”—vivid        Singleton was not surprising. With court         Kevin Cooper
houseguest in Southern California in            evidence of the connection between the            permission, the state of Arkansas forcibly
1985. In his time on death row, Cooper has      war at home and abroad.                           medicated Singleton to make him “sane”
spoken and written against the racist              While the PIA touts these as “produc-          enough to execute. (Sunday Times of                 Cooper won the right to a DNA test after
death penalty and prison system.                tive work assignments to reduce idleness          South Africa, Jan. 10)                           a three-year fight. The blood tested was
   Several recent articles in the big-busi-     and improve job skills,” it really is noth-                                                        determined to be his. But Cooper and his
ness press have highlighted the crisis of       ing but slave labor, especially when you          Next victim: Kevin Cooper                        lawyers were unaware that a portion of the
the U.S. prison system. Nowhere does this       consider that in 2002 California’s prison            The state of California is set to make        evidence had been removed for 24 hours
have more impact than in California.            population was 73.7 percent people of             Kevin Cooper its next victim on Feb. 10.         by a criminologist who admitted to chang-
According to the Legislative Analyst’s          color.                                               The case for Cooper’s guilt was dubious       ing test results. Despite this blatant tam-
Office, California annually spends more                                                           from the start. Joshua Ryen, the sole wit-       pering, the state has used Cooper’s DNA
on prisons—$5.1 billion—and incarcer-           Prisons as ‘mental health clinics’                ness to his family’s murder, told police         test to seal his conviction in stone.
ates more people—over 160,000—than                  The Nov. 1 New York Times reported            there were three killers and that they were         On Jan. 11, Cooper petitioned Governor
any other state.                                that the Los Angeles County Jail, with            all white or Latino men. One of the vic-         Schwarzenegger for new DNA testing to
   California has built 23 prisons since        3,400 mentally ill prisoners, serves as the       tims, 10-year-old Jessica Ryen, was found        prove his innocence. To learn more about
1980, but just one university.                  “largest psychiatric inpatient institution”       with a clump of blond hair in her hand.          Cooper’s case and to get involved in the
   While the 65 executions that took place      in the U.S.—yet it’s really more of a hold-       Both Joshua and his grandmother have             struggle to free him, visit www.savekevin-
in the United States in 2003 were exclu-        ing pen, where illnesses are not treated          questioned Cooper’s conviction.        
sively in the South (89 percent) and            and are allowed to fester.                           An expert from the American Board of
Midwest (11 percent), California has the            The harsh conditions of prison life only      Pathology stated that it was impossible          Legal lynching epidemic
distinction of having the largest number        exacerbate prisoners’ mental illnesses.           for the 159 wounds, 28 fractures and two            The Death Penalty Information Cen-
of people on death row—640. Even Texas          Frequently the response of administrators         amputations to have been inflicted by            ter’s 2003 Year End Report states: “As
has fewer prisoners on death row.               and prison guards isn’t treatment, but            one person. But the prosecution insisted         has been the case for many years, those
                                                solitary confinement.                             that Cooper used a hatchet, ice pick and         executed [in 2003] were almost exclu-
Prison labor is big business                        California Gov. Arnold Schwarzen-             knife to commit the crimes, all in 60 to         sively guilty of murdering a white vic-
   What motivates California to invest so       egger’s proposed budget for 2004-2005             90 seconds.                                      tim—only 18 percent of those executed
heavily in its prison-industrial complex?       would cut $438 million from youth and                A racist frenzy surrounded the trial.         were convicted of murdering a black per-
The answer lies in the excessive amount         adult prisons—the first time in years that        Crowds near the courthouse hung a toy            son—despite the fact that blacks are vic-
of profit to be made by private corpora-        a cut in prison spending has been pro-            gorilla in effigy and held signs with racial     tims in about 50 percent of murders in the
tions—all on the backs of prisoners.            posed. However, it also proposes a mora-          epithets.                                        U.S. In 2003, no white person was exe-
   A map on the State of California Web         torium on the creation of new Adult Day              At the very least, there is evidence that     cuted exclusively for the murder of a black
page lists some 60 service, manufacturing       Health Care centers and the expansion of          Cooper’s case should be immediately              person.”
                                                current ones.                                     reopened and the execution halted.                  The prison system and death penalty
                                                    According to the State of California site,       For example, Diana Roper in Chino             show that the U.S. government’s domes-
                                                these centers “provide programs ... for           approached police with a pair of bloody          tic policy mirrors its foreign policy of
                                                developmentally disabled and/or men-              coveralls that her boyfriend, Lee Furrow,        making people of color and the poor dis-
their man—usually a white man.
                                                tally disabled adults in a day care setting.      came home in the morning of the mur-             posable.
   Democracy, the hallmark of ancient
                                                ... Persons served are at risk of being           ders. She stated that a brown t-shirt found         By criminalizing those with mental ill-
Greece, existed only for the slave-owning
                                                placed in a facility or an institution if serv-   near the murder scene matched one that           nesses, taking jobs away from union work-
class. Capitalist states may have parlia-
                                                ices are not provided.”                           he owned. Furrow’s hatchet was missing           ers and replacing them with prison slave
ments; they can be democracies, republics
                                                    In addition, cuts in prison spending will     from her home as well. Police assigned to        labor, and committing modern-day lynch-
or even fascist dictatorships. But all exist
                                                likely amount to cuts in services for the         the case threw the bloody coveralls away.        ings through legal executions, the prison
solely to protect the profit system.
                                                prisoners. On Jan. 1, inmate visitation              A prison inmate who was not incarcer-         system is a fundamental part of the
   When Bush calls the U.S., Britain and
                                                days were cut in half in most California          ated when the murder took place con-             domestic war on the poor, people of color
Israel “models of democracy,” he really
                                                correctional institutions. Already sparse         fessed to his cell mate that he had partic-      and the whole working class.
means they provide unfettered opportuni-
                                                prisoner health services are endangered.          ipated in the murders, and had accurate             Dowell, a Workers World Party
ties for imperialism. Who could miss the
                                                    The cuts in prison spending accompany         information that had not been reported in        member, is the Peace & Freedom Party
irony that it took 7,000 bodyguards to pro-
                                                a long list of cuts in social services pro-       the press. This prisoner had Diana Roper         candidate for the 8th Congressional
tect George W. Bush, the “leader of
                                                posed by Schwarzenegger.                          listed as his emergency contact.                 District in San Francisco.
democracy,” from British anti-war demo-
nstrators in November?
   Will there be a need for a state appara-
tus under socialism? If we understand that
the state functions to provide a means for
the class in power to keep the class con-
flict in check, it makes sense that for a
period of time the workers and oppressed
will need a state to solidify and maintain
their rule over their former oppressors.
   For the slaves in ancient Greece or those
in the 19th century U.S., rebellion was the
only way to end their oppression. The
same holds true for workers today.
However, it’s not enough for workers to
just take over the capitalist state; we need
to abolish it and replace it with a socialist
state designed to eliminate every vestige of
capitalism’s legacy of exploitation and
   Only then will we be on the way to elim-
inating the need for a state once and for
Page 8 Jan. 22, 2004

 By Mumia Abu-Jamal from death row                                   .

 Feelin' safe yet?
                                                                         Iraq war plans began
                                                                         day Bush took office
     t’s been eight months since the
     Americans marched into the
     deserts of Iraq as part of the tri-                                 Continued from page 5                                     American War of 1898, by which Washington col-
 umph of the West in the now-classic
                                                                         tary provocations and then launched a three-year          onized Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and
 “Clash of Civilizations.”
                                                                         war which was simply aimed at rolling back social-        Guam under the guise of “liberating” those people
    Since that time, the Iraqis have
                                                                         ism and the liberation of the country.                    from their suffering under Spain’s rule. The war
 staged a resistance that has cost
                                                                            It took years to bring to light the fact that the      fever was whipped up by a national campaign in the
 the lives of hundreds of Americans,
                                                                         administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt planned a         Hearst press, which sent the well-known artist
 sent the United Nations into
                                                                         U.S. war in the Pacific with the dual purpose of con-     Frederic Remington to Cuba to produce heart-rend-
 retreat, and caused several nations
                                                                         quering new territory and at the same time lifting        ing sketches of “gentlewomen” being abused by
 to refrain from even attempting to
                                                                         the country out of the second phase of the Great          leering Spanish soldiers.
 intervene in the region.
                                                                         Depression, which had resumed in 1938. Roosevelt             Republican and Democratic administrations
    Americans started the Iraq War
                                                                         cut off all oil to Japan, which had only a 30 days’ oil   alike have served the imperialist ruling class for
 on a series of false pretenses; a) the war on terrorism; b)
                                                                         supply, knowing and counting on the fact that this        over 100 years, pursuing their interests abroad. The
 Iraq’s role in supporting the jihadis of 9/11; and c) Iraq’s
                                                                         would precipitate a conflict in Asia.                     idea of a venal conspiracy to go to war by the group-
 “imminent threat” posed by weapons of mass destruction.
                                                                            In April 1917 the U.S. entered the conflict in         ing around Bush should surprise no one who under-
    The capture of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has sent the
                                                                         Europe on the side of the imperialist Allies.             stands imperialism and should not be used as a jus-
 American media and politicians into paroxysms of joy. It’s
                                                                         Woodrow Wilson used the sinking of the British            tification to support the Democrats, who have his-
 kind of like the second invasion of the country. The Hussein
                                                                         ocean liner Lusitania by German U-boats in May            torically been a party of war.
 capture is of a piece that is a U.S. attempt at “nation build-
                                                                         1915, two years earlier as a pretext to whip up war          This conspiracy should be used to expose the rul-
                                                                         fever and carry out pre-existing war plans. Some          ing class as a whole, not just the Bush administra-
    One of America’s chief architects of the Cold War found
                                                                         128 U.S. citizens had been aboard the ship. Wilson        tion, and to fuel the anti-war movement. The only
 this aspect of Bush’s new “preemptive strike” doctrine
                                                                         was protecting and expanding U.S. capitalism’s            lesson that should be taken from the O’Neill reve-
 wrong-headed. George Kennan called it “a great mistake in
                                                                         growing investments in Europe.                            lations is that they confirm that the only way to stop
 principle.” In a little-noticed item in the congressional news-
                                                                            And, of course, there was the infamous beginning       war is to put an end to imperialism. And the only
 paper The Hill, Kennan offered the opinion that a study of
                                                                         of U.S. imperialism, the so-called Spanish-               way to do that is through mass struggle.
 history teaches us “that you might start a war with certain
 things in ... mind,” but inevitably, nations turn to fighting for
 things “never thought of before.” Of the second Iraqi war,
 Keenan noted it “bears no relation to the first war against
 terrorism.” (From Bruce Cumings, “Is America an Imperial                     Saturday 1 pm
                                                                            January 31
 Power?,” Current History, November 2003, p. 360)
    Further, Kennan was harshly critical of the Congress, upon
 whom rests the awesome responsibility to declare war, but
 he was particularly dismissive of congressional Democrats,
 whom he called “shameful,” “shabby” and “timid” in the
                                                                            You are invited to
 face of Bush’s plans for war. Kennan, 98 years old at the time             a socialist forum
 of the September 2002 interview, was the formulator of the
 U.S. “containment” policies of the past 50 years, and was
 U.S. ambassador to Moscow during the Soviet regime (ca.
 1952) and ambassador to Yugoslavia in the early 1960s. That
 this unabashed nationalist, conservative thinker is so critical
 of the present U.S. course is telling.
    Clearly, Kennan sees “imminent danger” from the adminis-
 tration’s present course of action.
    Even with the capture of Hussein, does anyone seriously
 believe that the armed resistance to the U.S. occupation will
 cease? Saddam Hussein, president of the Iraqi state for over
 a generation, was not the engine nor even the spark of the
 Iraqi Resistance. That Resistance is fueled by the presence
 and the behavior of Americans in a foreign land. The
 Resistance is fueled by Iraqi nationalism, not love for the
 Hussein family. We shall see if this event dulls the fires of
 resistance; time will tell.
    According to one scholar who has examined the present
 situation in Iraq, the U.S. has done almost everything wrong.
                                                                           Imperialism and.
 Alan Sorensen, associate editor of Current History, has
    “The U.S. military failed to deploy enough force to estab-
 lish security, permitting looting and lawlessness to continue
 unchecked. It initially appointed (then dismissed) a low-key,
 low-profile coordinator to oversee reconstruction. It grossly
 underestimated the costs of restoring services and rebuilding
                                                                         in the MIDDLE EAST
 infrastructure. It attempted to promote an emigre political             FORUM SPEAKERS:
 figure with little experience in his native country. It failed to                                                          Growing resistance to Bush's
                                                                              Larry Holmes
 secure critical facilities, including arms caches, many of                                                                 colonial occupation in Iraq
 them still unguarded. It diverted significant resources and                  Sara Flounders
 manpower to a failed attempt to find weapons of mass                         Fred Goldstein
 destruction. It consigned the Iraqi Army to resentful unem-                                                                 Imperialist rivalry and the drive
 ployment. It emptied the government of knowledgeable                                                                        to control markets and resources
 technocrats. It invited Iraq’s former imperial masters from             ALSO: CLASSES
 Turkey to join the occupation. It favored select American               ON SOCIALISM
 businesses in the distribution of no-bid contracts. It failed            10 am-12 pm                                        Zionism and the struggle
 miserably to engage in effective public diplomacy. It ignored            3:30-5:30 pm                                       for Palestinian self-determination
 a pre-invasion State Department report that has laid out with
 startling precision many of the challenges now bedeviling
 authorities.” (“The Reluctant Nation Builders,” Current                                                                     How Afghanistan figures in the
 History, December 2003, p. 409)                                         Chelsea Auditorium                                  politics of oil and gas
    And Americans wonder why things are going so badly
 there.                                                                  281 9th Ave. & W. 27 St.
    The reason things are going so badly is because it was ill-          New York City                                        Organizing the anti-war movement
 conceived from the get-go. Sold as the “next step” in the
                                                                         (Trains: 1/9 to 28 St. or C/E to 23 St.)             and GI resistance
 “war against terrorism,” the Iraq Adventure is not really
 that, nor even nation building. It is empire-building, with
 Iraq chosen to serve as demonstration model. The subjuga-               Admission: $10 – forum & classes
 tion of Iraq is meant to teach other regimes in the region the          $5 – forum or class; sliding scale available
 meaning of American imperial power. Those are the real                  Sponsor: Workers World Party
 stakes in Iraq.
                                                                         For more information: 212-627-2994 • •
                                                                                                                                           Jan. 22, 2004    Page 9

Thorns in the ‘roses’

Washington and the coup
in former Soviet Georgia
By Leslie Feinberg                             known as the BTC, to carry oil from the         cartel building the pipeline.                   mer Soviet republics. Its vineyards were
                                               vast reserves in Azerbaijan to the Turkish         “Between calls from U.S. Secretary           famous for the wines they produced.
   Has Washington just installed its first     port of Ceyhan. Tens of billions of dollars     Colin Powell and others on her first day,       Tourism flourished on its Black Sea
hand-picked president through a coup in        have already been sunk into the project as      Burjanadze met with Ed Johnson, BP’s            beaches.
one of the former Soviet Republics in          capital investment.                             Georgia manager, to assure him Georgia’s           But 13 years after the USSR was over-
Central Asia?                                     That oil pipeline will snake right           revolution wouldn’t affect the project.”        turned, the economy of Georgia has plum-
   Based on results from a Jan. 4 election     through Georgia.                                (Calgary Herald, Jan. 3)                        meted further than any other of the for-
in Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili success-          In 1991, Georgia broke with the Soviet          And immediately after Shevardnadze           mer Soviet republics. Industries col-
fully deposed the formerly-U.S.-backed         Union, declaring itself independent.            was forced out of office, Saakashvili pub-      lapsed. The country is mired in jobless-
party of Eduard Shevardnadze. Shevard-         Georgia is strategically situated—bor-          licly announced his support for the pipe-       ness and acute poverty. The budget cup-
nadze had been re-elected in November.         dered by Turkey to the south, Russia to the     line. And he is also continuing to push, as     board is bare and the economy is saddled
But he was quickly forced to resign after      north and adjacent to Chechnya.                 did his predecessors, for Georgia to join       with $1.8 billion in foreign debt. (AFP,
the opposition, led by Saakashvili, organ-        Soon after Georgia declared independ-        NATO.                                           Dec. 29)
ized large demonstrations charging ballot      ence, it became territorially splintered                                                           Pensions are as low as $7 a month. Lack
fraud.                                         after two of the richest regions broke away     Instant coup—just add oil                       of government services has left many
   Imperialist media reports characterized     in secessionist movements: Abkhazia and            Georgia is the first of the former Soviet    without heat or electricity this winter.
the coup as a “rose revolution,” a spon-       South Ossetia. Immediately after Shev-          Republics where the U.S. has been able to       (Guardian Unlimited, Jan. 2)
taneous revolution from below, symbol-         ardnadze was removed, Bush immedi-              outright install a hand-picked leader              The “rose movement” was not the pop-
ized by the red roses that opposition fig-     ately declared his support for Georgia’s        through a coup. But Washington hopes            ular revolution it was touted to be, but
ure Saakashvili handed out to followers.       “territorial integrity.”                        this is just the beginning.                     billing it as such helped raise expectations
But Shevardnadze and Russian Foreign              Although Russia is still Georgia’s              The Hindu newspaper in India did an          among the impoverished of Georgia.
Minister Igor Ivanov accused Washington        biggest trading partner, the U.S. has           extensive exposé of this effort on Dec. 31.        Worker Dato Bashidze said of Saakash-
of orchestrating the coup.                     pumped some $2.3 billion in official aid           “According to the former head of             vili’s electoral victory, “He’ll have a little
   Ivanov said in an interview with Kom-       into Georgia in the decade since the defeat     Russia’s Federal Security Service, Nikolai      time. That’s why we elected him, to get to
somolskaya Pravda newspaper: “There            of the USSR.                                    Kovalyov, Georgia’s young opposition            work on our demands.” (New York Times,
are enough facts proving that what hap-           The Pentagon officially sent military        leaders, including Mr. Saakashvili, had         Jan. 5)
pened in those days wasn’t spontaneous,        advisors there two years ago after              been trained in U.S.-funded camps in               However, workers who collectively
it didn’t arise suddenly. Of course there      Shevardnadze cut a deal in May 2002 with        Serbia along with representatives from          recall the rights of labor during decades in
were preparations and the U.S. ambassa-        the U.S. that allowed Special Forces to         Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan           the socialist federation didn’t even wait for
dor was involved, as Shevardnadze him-         train some 1,500-2,000 Georgian soldiers        and a few other former Soviet republics.        the Jan. 4 election.
self admitted.” (The Independent, Jan. 2)      in a $64-million program.                       They studied the Yugoslav experience of            On Dec. 15, about 200 workers laying
   Shevardnadze reminded the media that           Washington’s shift in loyalties towards      removing the president, Slobodan                pipe for the BTC in Georgia went on strike
Richard Miles, the U.S. ambassador to          Shevardnadze’s opponent, former Justice         Milosevic, with the help of massive public      for the third time in a week. The workers,
Georgia, had also been posted in Yugo-         Minister Mikhail Saakashvili, was no            protests organized by Serbia’s student          employed by a subcontractor near the city
slavia before the U.S.-engineered over-        secret. According to the Dec. 15 Daily Star,    movement Otpor.”                                of Rustavi—18 miles southeast of the cap-
throw of President Slobodan Milosevic.         “Several analysts seized on U.S. Secretary         The counter-revolutionary student            ital—demanded back wages.
   Shevardnadze, a faithful U.S. ally,         of State Colin Powell’s quote that ‘an          organization Otpor—Resist—used a left-             “We are not getting our salaries on
appeared stunned by Washington’s               unstable Georgia automatically results in       ist-sounding name and clenched-fist sym-        time,” said David, a striking worker and a
betrayal. “I was one of the staunchest sup-    an unstable Caucasus,’ to conclude that,        bol. The Washington Post reported on            resident of Rustavi. “There are problems
porters of the U.S. policy,” he moaned.        faced with supporting an ally who was           Dec. 11, 2000, that Otpor was trained in        with the contracts—they offer us to work
“When they needed help on Iraq, I gave it.     deeply unpopular with his people, the U.S.      tactics by State Department operatives.         for a few days, theoretically as a trial
I don’t have an explanation to what has        ditched him to ensure stability.”                  “We are working with civil movements         period and then dismiss us without pay.”
happened here.” (The Hindu, Dec. 31)              Two weeks after Shevardnadze was             in several countries, and I don’t want to       (AFP, Dec. 16)
   With strong backing from Washington,        forced to resign, U.S. Defense Secretary        name them. But Georgia is the first suc-           One day earlier, some 500 workers
Saakashvili was elected president on Jan.      Donald Rumsfeld visited Georgia and             cess story,” Otpor’s leader, Slobodan           demonstrated in the Gardabani region, 36
4. He is described as the closest U.S. ally    Azerbaijan on Dec. 5 for meetings to dis-       Djinovic, told the BBC.                         miles east of the capital.
of any national leader in the former Soviet    cuss long-term access there for Pentagon           But is the prospect for a stable pipeline       Two days earlier, workers protested in
republics outside the Baltic states. He        forces. The U.S. secretary of defense           just a pipedream?                               Tsalka, about 20 miles southwest of
graduated from Columbia University Law         “demanded Russia withdraw its troops                                                            Tbilisi. “The [striking] workers at Tsalka
School and briefly worked for a                from Ajaria and the other secessionist          From bread basket                               were mainly women who cook for the
Manhattan law firm.                            areas, and suggested the United States          to bread lines                                  workers,” a Petrofac official who
                                               might be ready to send its own troops to          Georgia, a nation of 5.5 million about        requested anonymity told AFP. In order to
Platinum piece of real estate                  the Caucasus. The next day, U.S. Secretary      the size of West Virginia, is today the poor-   press their demand that salaries be paid—
   Central Asia and the Caucasus are the       of State Colin Powell denounced ‘break-         est of the three countries that the pipeline    and fast—”They practically held our rep-
gateways to the vast oil and gas reserves      away elements seeking to weaken Geo-            will pass through.                              resentatives hostage for three hours.”
in the Caspian Basin. The value of these,      rgia’s territorial integrity.’” (AFP, Dec. 7)     What was once an oppressed nation                On a plateau in the Georgian uplands,
the world’s biggest untapped oil and gas          The moment Shevardnadze stepped              under the rule of czarist Russia became         farmers are unhappy with the pipeline
reserves, is estimated at up to $4 trillion    down, acting president Nino Burjanadze          the bread basket of the Soviet Union after      construction because, they explain, it
on the capitalist world market. But the fos-   didn’t waste a second: One of her first calls   the Russian Revolution, enjoying one of         blocks access to their fields, the excavators
sil fuels are landlocked.                      was reportedly to bigwigs from BP—the oil       the highest standards of living of the for-     create choking dust and they have not
   Washington’s war against the impover-                                                                                                       been given enough compensation for their
ished nation of Afghanistan—a corridor                                                                                                         lost land.

through which first energy cartels Enron                                                                                                          The Jan. 5 New York Times explained,
and later Unocal planned to pipe Caspian                                                                                                       “They had hoped that with up to a million
Basin reserves—resulted in the U.S.                                                                                                            barrels of oil a day flowing beneath their
appointing a president and an ambassa-           A Marxist Critique                                                                            feet all their problems would somehow be
dor for Afghanistan who had both worked          by Sam Marcy                                                                                  solved: they would get gas and electricity
as Unocal consultants.                           A unique book, written as it happened. Sam Marcy,                                             for the first time in years, their potholed
   By the time the smoke from the merci-         Marxist thinker and organizer analyzed the events                                             road would be fixed and people would
less aerial bombing had cleared, under the       before the fall of the Soviet Union.                                                          have work.”
cover of the “war on terror,” the Pentagon                                                                                                        As an opposition leader, Saakashvili
                                                 Marcy argues that Gorbachev’s economic reforms,
had quietly established military bases in                                                                                                      had run on a demagogic platform, decry-
                                                 known as perestroika, were hurting the Soviet work-
the former Soviet republics of Uzbekistan,                                                                                                     ing corruption. He assailed the health care
                                                 ers, breeding greater inequality and increasing antag-
Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.                                                                                                                     system in Georgia as “one of the most bar-
                                                 onisms among the many nationalities in the USSR.
   And through an infusion of money and                                                                                                        baric in the world.”
political manipulation, Washington and           “…must reading for all who wish to understand the                                                However, now he’s stressing, “We can-
Wall Street have created client govern-          phenomenon of perestroika.” William Kunstler                                                  not restore the old social-welfare system”
ments in the former Soviet republics of          "Marcy’s treatise is courageous and a valuable                                                of the Soviet era. (AP, Jan. 6)
Azerbaijan, Kazakstan and Georgia.               resource…" Elombe Brath, Patrice Lumumba Coalition                                               His prescription is to develop the capi-
   The BP cartel—a consortium of petro-                                                                                                        talist economy. But that’s what led to
leum giants in which U.S. monopolies own         List price is $12.95 but at         it’s 15% off only 10.99                   widespread poverty and the rising tide of
a huge share—is well underway in con-            WWPublishers, 1990, 409 p.p., index.                                                          anger in the first place.
structing a more than 1,000-mile pipeline,
Page 10 Jan. 22, 2004

    King's legacy:
 uniting the struggles
“During the lifetime of great revolutionaries, the oppressing classes con-
stantly hounded them, received their theories with the most savage mal-
ice, the most furious hatred and the most unscrupulous campaigns of lies
and slander. After their death, attempts are made to convert them into
harmless icons...”

       o Lenin wrote about Marx and Engels in his preface to State and
       Revolution. But a quite similar statement could be applied to the
       way the ruling-class media in the United States now treat Martin
Luther King Jr., and especially the way they treat his holiday.
   King, even though he represented the wing of the Civil Rights move-
ment that sought liberation while rejecting armed struggle or indeed any
militant response to the most severe racist provocations, was certainly no
passive icon. King was immersed in the struggle for economic and political
rights. He was in the forefront of many of these struggles.
   He led a powerful movement. He, along with Malcolm X and Medgar
Evers and others who gave their lives in the struggle for freedom, brought
people into the streets. Hundreds of thousands—millions, eventually—
                                                                                                                                                                                 WW PHOTO: J. LA RIVA
were mobilized for action. These millions sat down at lunch counters,
                                                                                               Left to right: speakers Page Getz, Deirdre Griswold, John Parker, Muna Coobtee.
walked into universities, marched across bridges, facing down KKK sher-
iffs and governors or the organized racists of Cicero, Ill., marching forward
despite water hoses, nightsticks, rabid dogs and bullets. They took over
Washington, D.C., for the great 1963 march.
   King was especially associated with a struggle for the democratic rights
                                                                                               WW editor speaks in Los Angeles

                                                                                               ‘Why U.S. banks can’t
of African American people. And he himself was in continual development
as a leader. In 1967 King had come out completely in opposition to the
U.S. war against Vietnam, although this brought him in direct conflict
with the Lyndon Johnson administration, and in conflict with imperialist
liberals who refused to break with the U.S. war policy. He was willing to
take the risk of this isolation from power in order to stand by his princi-
ples of combating an illegal war of conquest in Southeast Asia.
   In the months before his assassination in 1968, he connected the fight
                                                                                               tell China what to do’
                                                                                               By John Beacham                                       After the Deng grouping won out over the
for Civil Rights and that against the Vietnam War with the struggle for
                                                                                               Los Angeles                                        Maoists, China’s leaders turned to the market
the U.S. working class and poor. He laid out the plans for a Poor People’s
                                                                                                                                                  to spur development. This allowed the growth
March on Washington. In April 1968 he stood in solidarity with the strike
                                                                                                  The editor of Workers World newspaper,          of a capitalist class. However, foreign capital-
of the sanitation workers of Memphis. Before he was to address a meet-
                                                                                               Deirdre Griswold, spoke at a special Workers       ists “are not able to walk right in to China and
ing of those Black workers and their supporters on April 4, King was
                                                                                               World Party forum on China here on Jan. 9.         tell the banks what to do, as they can in other
                                                                                               The title of Griswold’s talk was “The Great        parts of the world. There are still many mech-
   To honor King’s memory is not just to spend a day saluting his image,
                                                                                               Challenges Facing China Today.”                    anisms by which the party and the state hold
but to go on with struggle, organization and the construction of class-wide
                                                                                                  The packed meeting was chaired by John          the reins [of the economy] in their hands,” said
unity against war, racism and exploitation. That’s what the Jan. 15 protest
                                                                                               Parker. Muna Coobtee energized the crowd           Griswold.
in New York against this summer’s Republican National Convention and
                                                                                               with her call to make the upcoming March 20           As an example, she referred to China’s
the war/occupation in Iraq will be doing. And on March 20, the ANSWER
                                                                                               demonstration as big as possible. Its demands      recent decision to transfer $45 billion from its
coalition, along with many Arab and Muslim groups in the United States,
                                                                                               are to end the occupation in Iraq, Palestine and   foreign exchange reserves into a bank that
has called for a demonstration to bring the troops home now from Iraq, to
                                                                                               everywhere and bring the troops home now.          finances state-owned industry. This move,
end the occupation immediately, to stand in solidarity with the struggle of
                                                                                                  Page Getz from the Community Action             which can save the jobs of millions of workers,
Iraqi and Palestinian people for liberation, and to demand jobs and social
                                                                                               Project to Support Labor, a project of the         was not decided on in New York or London or
services at home instead of war abroad. To make this a real mass move-
                                                                                               ANSWER coalition in Los Angeles, gave an           Paris, she stressed. The imperialist banks can-
ment will be the best way to honor King’s memory this year.
                                                                                               update of the Southern California grocery          not tell China what to do, in the way they dic-
                                                                                               workers’ struggle, urging everyone to continue     tate economic and financial policy to countries
                              Racism, national oppression                                      to join the picket lines. She said that commu-     under their domination.
                              & the right to self-determination Larry Holmes                   nity support is needed now more than ever.            She also pointed out that China has canceled
                              Black labor from chattel slavery to wage slavery Sam Marcy          Griswold, who has written extensively on        debts owed it by the African countries, who can
                              Reparations & Black Liberation Monica Moorehead                  China, put the gains and problems of the           now use this as leverage to demand that impe-
                              Harriet Tubman: woman warrior                                    Chinese Revolution in the context of the great     rialist banks and institutions do the same.
                              Mumia Abu-Jamal (Guest Commentary)
                                                                                               challenges it has faced trying to hold off impe-      In China, corrupt officials and capitalists
                              Black labor & the fight for reparations Bill Cecil
                               Alabama’s Black Belt: Legacy of slavery, sharecropping          rialist aggression and build socialism while       who bribe them often face harsh punishment,
                              and segregation By Consuela Lee (Guest commentary)               lifting one-fifth of the world’s population out    including execution. Members of ruling class
                               Black farmers demand justice Monica Moorehead                   of extreme poverty. For hundreds of years,         families in the U.S. never go to jail, and their
                               Greetings from Mumia Abu-Jamal to the 3rd UN                    every imperialist country, but especially the      high-paid executives who steal millions can
                              World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination,
                              Xenophobia & Related Intolerance                                 U.S., has had as one of its primary goals the      plea bargain for sentences light by comparison
                              Nigerian women take over Chevron Texaco                          subjugation of the Chinese people and control      with what the poor and oppressed get. As for
                              Monica Moorehead                                                 of the markets of Asia.                            bribing officials, Griswold pointed out that
 Edited by Monica Moorehead
                              Nigerian women’s takeover ends in victory                                                                           George W. Bush’s biggest political contribu-
                              Monica Moorehead                                                    “Controlling China was the U.S. object in
                              Causes of turmoil in Jamaica PART I PART II       PART III       World War II, the Korean War and the war in        tions came from the Enron Corporation.
                               Pat Chin                                                        Vietnam,” said Griswold. “But the U.S. impe-          Griswold concluded, “A lot of people here
$4.50 at
                              The driving force behind the land seizures                                                                          think China is now a capitalist country. We                  Monica Moorehead                                                rialists, even though they defeated Japanese
                                                                                               imperialism, did not achieve their goal.           don’t agree. While there are many aspects of
                                                                                               Something bigger than U.S. air power, bigger       capitalism in China, and the growth of a capi-

                                          HAITI A SLAVE REVOLUTION
                                                                                               than A-bombs and bigger than Wall Street,          talist class presents a real danger to socialism,
                                                                                               with all its wealth, intervened—the political      it is not yet the dominant class. It has not
                                                                                               power of millions of Chinese workers and           defeated the workers’ state created by the rev-
                                          Includes writings of Ramsey Clark, Edwidge           peasants organized into a Communist Party          olution. And most Chinese agree with us.”
                                          Danicat, Frederick Douglass, Ben Dupuy, Paul
                                                                                               and a Red Army.”                                      Those who want to aid China’s socialist
                                          Laraque, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Pat Chin, Greg
                                          Dunkel, Sara Flounders, Stan Goff, Kim Ives,            To this day, U.S. imperialism is still unable   development should build the struggle here
                                          Fleurimond Kerns, Maude Le Blanc, Sam Marcy,         to control China. Considering the poverty and      against U.S. imperialism, Griswold said.
                                          Franz Mendes & Steve Gillis, Felix Morriseau-Leroy   underdevelopment of China in 1949 and the          “When the workers in the developed, actually
                                          and Johnnie Stevens.                                 all-out assault by U.S. imperialism, it is truly   rotten ripe, imperialist countries fight for
                                          225 pages, photos, bibliography & index $19.95.      incredible that many of the social and institu-    social change, the biggest burden will be lifted
                                          Order online from for a discount or    tional gains of the working class and peasants     from the oppressed countries, too.”
                                          write to the IAC, 39 W.14 St., #206, NY, NY 10011
                                          and include $5 for shipping and handling             have endured.
                                                                                                                                             Jan. 22, 2004     Page 11

Venezuela brings in Cuban doctors
while Washington fumes
By LeiLani Dowell                              the business class has submitted for a              The imperialists in the White House               “U.S. Decries Venezuela’s Ties to Cuba”
                                               recall vote on Chávez’s term. The bosses         are fuming because their first two                headlined a Jan. 5 Associated Press arti-
   As resistance to U.S. imperialism grows     claim they have garnered 3.4 million sig-        attempts to unseat Chávez—a coup in               cle. It reported: “Administration officials
in Latin America, Washington is intensi-       natures, but the Venezuelan National             April 2002 and a national lockout in              say Cuba and Venezuela are working
fying its war of words against Venezuela.      Elections Council is still reviewing the         December 2002—were defeated by the                together to oppose pro-American, demo-
The U.S. government views Venezuela’s          petitions.                                       mobilization of poor and working people           cratic governments in the region. ...
“Bolivarian Revolution” as a distinct             Since Chávez took office in 1998, his         to defend the president.                          Chávez’s actions have worried Washing-
threat.                                        progressive agenda has brought about                Washington and Wall Street see Chávez          ton for some time, but U.S. officials have
   On Jan. 9, National Security Advisor        changes to improve living conditions for         and Venezuela as bad examples for the             said little publicly.”
Condoleezza Rice said: “There are roles        the 80 percent of Venezuelans in poverty.        rest of Latin America to follow. Indeed, an          Cuba has sent thousands of doctors and
that Venezuela has played that have not        The National Assembly has created one            article in the Jan. 8 New York Times              literacy volunteers to Venezuela in an act
been very helpful. ... The best thing that     of the most inclusive constitutions in the       warned, “The United States, which has             of international solidarity.
[Venezuelan President Hugo] Chávez             world, including the right to strike, Indi-      often viewed most nations of Latin Amer-             The anti-imperialist movement in the
could do at this point is to demonstrate       genous rights and lesbian/ gay rights.           ica as reliable and docile allies, is increas-    U.S. should pay close attention to devel-
that he believes in a democratic future for       Chávez has included poor and working          ingly facing resentment over security and         opments in Venezuela and be prepared to
Venezuela by carrying out the wishes of        people in the creation of Bolivarian circles     trade policies that some of them view as          stand in solidarity with the Venezuelan
his people in this regard.”                    to defend these progressive measures and         inimical to their interests.”                     people.
   Rice was referring to a referendum that     perform necessary social services.

                                                                                                Health care in the Americas:
                                                                                                A tale of two systems
                                                                                                By Heather Cottin                                     A Census Bureau analyst said last
                                                                                                                                                  September that 18-to-24-year-olds expe-
                                                                                                   The Bush administration has accused            rience a high rate of “uninsurance.” He
                                                                                                Cuba of “destabilization” for providing           also noted that “one-third of all Hispanics,
                                                                                                free health care and education to                 one-fifth of Blacks, and one-tenth of
                                                                                                Venezuela.                                        whites in the U.S. were uninsured.”
                                                                      WW PHOTO: BILL HACKWELL      Some 10,169 Cuban doctors, mostly              (, Sept. 30)
 Pierre Labossiere, Haiti Support Committee representative speaking at forum                    women, are currently working in Vene-                 The U.S. Census Bureau said that
 on Resistance to Imperialism in Latin America                                                  zuela, mainly in the most impoverished            health premiums increased 13.9 percent
                                                                                                neighborhoods of Caracas. “It is a battle         between 2002 and 2003. A family policy,

Popular movements                                                                               for life. The munitions are medicines,”
                                                                                                said Venezuelan Ambassador Julio
                                                                                                                                                  on average, cost $9,068. The Department
                                                                                                                                                  of Health and Human Services reported
                                                                                                                                                  that health care spending shot up 9.3 per-

growing in Latin America                                                                           The Bush administration has charac-
                                                                                                terized this humanitarian campaign as an
                                                                                                attempt to “destabilize parts of the
                                                                                                                                                  cent in 2002, the largest increase in 11
                                                                                                                                                  years, to a total of $1.55 trillion. That rep-
                                                                                                                                                  resents an average of $5,440 for each per-
By Bill Hackwell                               Committee, who just returned from his            region,” according to U.S. Secretary of           son in the United States. (New York
San Francisco                                  homeland, gave an account of the devel-          State Colin Powell. (New York Times, Jan.         Times, Jan. 8)
                                               opments there on the 200th anniversary           9) The top U.S. official on Latin American            This money goes to HMOs, hospitals
   An overflow crowd attended a Jan. 10        of Haiti’s independence. Labossiere              affairs, Roger Noriega, said, “We have            and the other corporate fiends sucking the
meeting in the Women’s Building here to        explained how the popular movements              sources of information that paint a dis-          blood of people dependent on the U.S.
hear about recent developments in the          are growing in Haiti and so is the con-          turbing picture of Cuban involvement in           health care system. Health expenditures
struggle against imperialism in Latin          sciousness of the people concerning U.S.         supporting elements in various countries          account for almost 15 percent of the Gross
America. The forum, sponsored by the           attempts to destabilize the Aristide gov-        that seek to destabilize democratically           Domestic Product. Health insurance pre-
International Action Center, comes at a        ernment. He said there are gross inaccu-         elected governments.”                             miums have gone up precipitously in the
time when the level of threats emanating       racies in the reporting by the corporate            Washington fears that this interna-            past year, with increases ranging from 45
from Washington against the entire region      media here, who have downplayed the              tional solidarity will enhance Cuba’s             percent in New Mexico and 31 percent in
is on the rise. The emergence of progres-      size of the demonstrations in support of         stature in Latin America and increase             North Carolina to 20 percent in Nevada
sive governments in Venezuela, Brazil and      President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.                working-class support in Venezuela and            and 50 percent in California. (Public
Argentina, coupled with the solidarity of         Alicia Jrapko, a member of the National       Latin America for the Bolivarian Revol-           Citizen, Congress Watch)
revolutionary Cuba, is worrisome to the        Committee to Free the Cuban Five, spoke          ution led by President Hugo Chávez.                   Last year health care moguls lobbied
Bush administration. Anti-imperialist          about the solidarity that Cuba has shown            Providing health care for the poor is          for, and won, a bill that weakened Medi-
movements are emerging in many coun-           to the world. “Roger Noriega, the U.S.           part of the Bolivarian Constitution adopt-        care while guaranteeing that drug prices
tries of Latin America as opposition to the    assistant secretary of state for Western         ed in 1999. The Venezuelan state “conse-          would remain high. The bill prevented
Free Trade Area of the Americas and neo-       Hemisphere affairs, has accused Cuba of          crates rights of citizens to health and med-      low-priced pharmaceuticals from Canada
liberalism in general grows.                   playing a destabilizing role in Latin            ical care, as well as other social rights,        or elsewhere from interfering with U.S.
   Nati Carrera, a youth organizer with the    America. It is the U.S. that has been the        while increasing state responsibility.”           drug industry profits.
ANSWER Coalition, talked about the             destabilizing element in the region by              For decades health care for the poor               Total health care spending in the U.S.
struggle of the Indigenous people in           backing governments that have allowed            languished in Venezuela. Only 7 percent           rose $212.5 billion in 2002. Out-of-pocket
Chiapas, Mexico. Carrera, KPFA radio           U.S. corporations to exploit their human         of government expenditures went to                spending on prescription drugs rose $6.1
contributor to the “La Onda Bajita” pro-       and natural resources,” stated Jrapko.           health care. Some 14 percent of children          billion, to $48.6 billion. (New York Times,
gram, explained how the Zapatista Army            LeiLani Dowell, a student organizer for       suffer from stunted growth, according to          Jan. 8) That year the drug industry raked
of National Liberation in the highlands of     the ANSWER Coalition and Peace and               Unicef.                                           in profits five-and-a-half times greater
Chiapas launched the struggle against the      Freedom Party candidate for the 8th                 Cuba is the only nation in Latin               than the median for all industries repre-
North American Free Trade Agreement on         Congressional District in San Francisco,         America and the Caribbean that provides           sented in the Fortune 500. (Congress
Jan. 1, 1994. The Zapatista movement           spoke on the situation in Venezuela.             free, quality health care to its people.          Watch, June 2003)
remains today in the forefront of the strug-   Dowell, who traveled to Venezuela last           Cuba’s infant mortality statistics are the            While Cuba offers state-of-the-art med-
gle of the Indigenous against transna-         year, talked about the mass support for          lowest in the Western Hemisphere.                 icine for free to all Cubans, and provides
tional corporations.                           President Hugo Chávez and the struggle           Washington, D.C., has an infant mortal-           its well-trained doctors to the poor people
   Jackie Santos, who was born on the          to use the country’s great oil wealth for        ity rate twice that of Cuba, a small devel-       of Venezuela, the Bush administration
island of Vieques, gave a historical analy-    health and education instead of profits for      oping country. In 2000, Cuban President           fumes. Granma newspaper asked in a
sis of the Puerto Rican people’s resistance    the wealthy.                                     Fidel Castro even offered to send doctors         front-page editorial defending Cuba’s
to U.S. imperialism since 1898. “Even             IAC activist Nathalie Alsop gave a            to poor communities in the U.S.                   support for Venezuela, “Since when has
though the U.S. Navy has been forced out       report on the trade union movement in               While Cuba is helping to improve               promoting education and culture been
of Vieques, which they had used for            Colombia and the recent agreement of             health care in Venezuela, the number of           seen as destabilizing nations?”
bombing practice for decades, Puerto           guerrilla forces there to work together in       people in the U.S. with access to medical             But it is destabilizing to the imperialists
Rico can never be a sovereign country          the struggle against the dominant role           insurance is declining. There were 43.6           if the people of the Americas realize that
until there is not one U.S. soldier left on    that the U.S. plays in Colombia.                 million uninsured U.S. residents, or 15.2         capitalism rewards corporate greed while
its soil,” Santos said.                           The meeting was chaired by Peruvian           percent, in 2002. That’s up nearly 6 per-         ignoring human need.
   Pierre Labossiere of the Haiti Support      activist Patricia Chase.                         cent from the previous year.
Wall Street celebra alza económica;
obreros no comparten el entusiasmo
Por Milton Neidenberg                         crédito comercial y la especulación, la         resultante del comercio global de este país.   niendo la economía desde el fin de la rece-
                                              cual finalmente termina, después de un             Tomando préstamos al exterior para          sión en noviembre de 2001.
Boletín de última hora: Un reporte por        salto rompecuello, exactamente donde            cubrir estos gastos podría tumbar esta            El periódico Wall Street Journal del 6
el Fondo Monetario Internacional dice         comenzó—en el hoyo de una crisis”.              casa de naipes, según Robert Rubin, ex         de enero reportó que el nivel de aparta-
que los déficites de los Estados Unidos          Después viene el desboque, cuando la         secretario del tesoro en la administración     mentos desocupados en el mercado de
están amenazando la economía                  crisis ocurre. “El comercio está paral-         de Clinton y socio poderoso de la empresa      estos a través de los EE.UU. a fin del año
mundial. Este extrañísimo paso de una         izado, los mercados están repletos, los         de Goldman Sachs en Wall Street. En la         2003 fue el más alto en 15 años. Mientras
institución controlada por los bancos         productos se acumulan sin poder ven-            misma conferencia de la AEA, Rubin pre-        tanto, familias sin techo están llenando los
de Wall Street seguramente tendrá             derse, el efectivo se desaparece, el crédito    sentó un reporte sobre las consecuencias       albergues para desamparados porque no
amplias repercusiones. A continuación         de desvanece, las fábricas se cierran, la       de una situación fiscal y financiera desor-    pueden pagar los alquileres exorbitantes
ofrecemos un análisis e historial sobre       masa obrera está necesitada de los              denada que podría conducir a una crisis en     que demandan los dueños de edificios.
el potencial catastrófico de la actual        medios básicos de subsistencia—porque           la confianza económoy a un “potencial de
alza económica capitalista.                   han producido demasiados medios de              catástrofe”. (Columnista liberal Paul          Oportunidad de poca duración
                • • • • • •                   subsistencia”.                                  Krugman en el número del New York              para trabajo
                                                 “Las fuerzas productivas y los produc-       Times del 6 de enero)                             ¿Intervendrá el movimiento laboral
   Gritos de alegría se oyen de los líderes
                                              tos son desperdiciados y destruidos en             De hecho, esta es la época de los ciclos    en este período de altas ganancias cor-
en Wall Street diciendo: “Estamos de
                                              gran cantidad,” dice Engels. “[L]a maqui-       de altas y bajas. La inestabilidad y la cri-   porativas y de expansión en la manufac-
nuevo en el camino.”
                                              naria se torna en el arma más poderosa          sis capitalista están en la agenda. En un      tura y en la industria? ¿Lucharán para
   La rápida tasa de expansión
                                              en la guerra del capital contra la clase obr-   articulo del Wall Street Journal del 5 de      obtener una medida de justicia
económica en el año 2003 amplió la
                                              era”. Engels concluye, “que los instru-         enero titulado, “Crash, Bang, Wallop”(         económica y social?
meta de hegemonía global por parte de
                                              mentos de trabajo (de propiedad privada)        “Choques, Estallidos y Fuertes Golpizas”)         La AFL-CIO debe tomar esta oportu-
los Estados Unidos. La industria manu-
                                              constantemente arrebatan los medios de          Edmund S. Phelps, profesor de economía         nidad y tomar la ofensiva. No es que al
facturera alcanzó el mayor aumento en
                                              subsistencia de las manos del trabajador;       política y director del Centro sobre el        movimiento sindical le falten recursos.
20 años en diciembre, iniciada princi-
                                              que el mismo producto del obrero se con-        Capitalismo y la Sociedad de la Uni-              “Los sindicatos de los EE.UU. tienen
palmente por la caída del dólar que dio
                                              vierte en un instrumento para su propia         versidad de Columbia, dibuja varios para-      recursos enormes: 15 millones de miem-
un gran impulso a las exportaciones
                                              subyugación”.                                   lelos entre la década de los años 1930 y       bros, miles de millones de dólares en
                                                 A comienzos del año 2000 la bolsa de         hoy. “El período del alza económica de los     cuotas, y cientos de miles de millones de
   El Instituto del Control de Abaste-
                                              valores se vino abajo. Los mercados se sat-     años 1990, luego la baja y la reciente recu-   capital en pensiones.” (Tres Pasos Para
cimiento (ISM, silgas en inglés), el cual
                                              uraron mientras la sobreproducción dejó         peración, se parecen mucho al período del      la Reorganización y Reconstrucción del
recopila información sobre los gastos de
                                              una cifra oficial de 9 millones de desem-       alza de los años 1920, el declive precipi-     Movimiento Laboral”, por Stephen
compra de ejecutivos en más de 400
                                              pleados, y muchos millones más sin con-         tado durante el principio de la década de      Lerner, Director de Servicios de Con-
compañías industriales, reportó un
                                              tar. Los ingresos familiares cayeron pre-       los años 1930 y la recuperación inicial …      strucción del SEIU –Sindicato Inter-
aumento a 66.2% en las compras de
                                              cipitadamente porque los obreros, en par-       cada alza la causó la llegada de una nueva     nacional de Empleados del sector de
diciembre, de un 62.8% en el mes de
                                              ticular aquellos con destrezas especial-        tecnología de aplicación general”              Servicios)
noviembre. Una lectura de más de 50
                                              izadas y con salario alto, se vieron forza-        Omitido del análisis estadístico y detal-      Es la falta de voluntad o la ausencia de
“demuestra señales de expansión y
                                              dos a trabajar en empleos de menos paga.        lado de Phelps de los años ’30, es la par-     una propuesta unificada entre los lideres
diciembre fue el sexto mes consecutivo
                                              Las fábricas cerraron y muchas com-             ticipación masiva de los trabajadores en la    de la AFL-CIO. Están en un estado de con-
de crecimiento. También fue el nivel
                                              pañías huyeron al extranjero a explotar         lucha social que desafió los derechos de       fusión mientras que discuten cual entre
mensual más alto desde 1983” (BBC
                                              mano de obra y materia prima más                propiedad del capital, seguido de la           los candidatos del Partido Demócrata
New World Edition, 2 de enero)
                                              baratas. La pobreza se intensificó entre la     entrada de los Estados Unidos en la            deben apoyar económica y políticamente,
   El ISM, que tomó una encuesta a 17 de
                                              gente de color extendiéndose también            Segunda Guerra Mundial, lo que puso el         desviando a los trabajadores de una lucha
20 industrias en la manufactura, dice
                                              entre los obreros blancos.                      fin a las huelgas heroicas de ocupación de     verdadera.
que el aumento de órdenes nuevas
                                                                                              las fabricas que había comenzado en los           Mientras tanto, la huelga/paro patronal
reflejó el mismo optimismo. Todos los         La explotación crece                            años treinta.                                  de 70.000 miembros del Sindicato de
principales índices del mercado de            más intensamente                                                                               Trabajadores Comerciales y de Alimentos
acciones—incluyendo a Dow Jones,                                                              Un pájaro no significa que ha
                                                 Debido al inmenso avance de la revolu-                                                      (UFCW por las siglas en inglés) ha comen-
Estándar & Poor’s 500 y el NASDAQ—se                                                          llegado el verano
                                              ción científico-tecnológica, la intensifi-                                                     zado su tercer mes. Es una lucha clave
han mantenido elevados en este último
                                              cación de la explotación ha causado                Este ciclo de alta puede ser de corta       sobre los gastos de salud que afecta a todo
mes. El año pasado fue el primero de los
                                              desplazamientos masivos de millones de          duración. La clase trabajadora no puede        miembro de sindicato. ¿Cuántos de los 15
últimos cuatro años que terminó en una
                                              obreros a escala global—tal y como lo           comprar lo que ha producido. En un artic-      millones de miembros la AFL-CIO están
nota positiva.
                                              describió Engels.                               ulo de Prensa Asociada titulado “El            involucrados y cuántos recursos de los 66
No hay júbilo entre los obreros                  Pero la clase gobernante dice que no fue     Mercado De Empleos Disminuye La Con-           sindicatos internacionales confederados
                                              tan malo. He aquí como Alan Greenspan,          fianza De Consumidores” Lisa Singhania         han sido movilizados?
   El alza en las ganancias corporativas y
                                              presidente de la Junta de la Reserva            escribió el 30 de diciembre recordándole          No suficientes, de lo contrario los arro-
la expansión de la productividad a una
                                              Federal, vio ese mismo período. En la con-      a los inversionistas optimistas de Wall        gantes patrones de los supermercados
velocidad inhumana sin precedentes
                                              ferencia anual de la Asociación Eco-            Street que la confianza de los consumi-        estarían en la mesa de negociación.
produjo este estado de júbilo. La intensi-
                                              nómica Americana (AEA), ante una                dores cayó en diciembre. Los gastos de los        El momento ha llegado de adelantar la
ficación de la explotación ha producido
                                              amplia audiencia de prestigiosos econo-         consumidores representan dos terceras          lucha de esta huelga/paro patronal a un
masivas pérdidas de puestos de trabajo y
                                              mistas capitalistas, él minimizó el daño.       partes de la economía. Una encuesta de         nivel más alto de lucha militante. Una vic-
recortes en los salarios y beneficios. Los
                                              “A pesar de la caída del mercado de             5.000 hogares indicó que los consumi-          toria para los 70.000 heroicos traba-
recortes en los costos de la mano de obra
                                              acciones, los ataques terroristas, los          dores todavía se sienten preocupados por       jadores de alimentos será una victoria
sin una correspondiente lucha organi-
                                              escándalos corporativos, y las guerras en       los empleos. Sólo para mantenerse a la par     para todos los trabajadores.
zada por el movimiento sindical ha ayu-
                                              Afganistán e Irak, nosotros hemos exper-        con los despidos, la creación de nuevos           El movimiento laboral multinacional
dado a crear esta euforia. El pequeño
                                              imentado una recesión excepcionalmente          empleos tiene que alcanzar un nivel de         no ha desarrollado todo su potencial para
grupo de multimillonarios se ha apropi-
                                              leve, aún más leve que la de hace una           entre 150.000 y 200.000 empleos nuevos         poder resistir el apetito voraz de Wall
ado de las ganancias. Pero eso no es
                                              década”. (New York Times, 3 de enero)           cada mes. Optimistamente hablando, el          Street por la conquista global. Para tomar
                                                 ¡Qué disculpa para la administración de      nivel de desempleo ha disminuido un            el camino de la lucha independiente de
   Los Marxistas ya lo saben. Federico
                                              Bush que ha llevado a la economía capi-         poco, pero los nuevos empleos sólo             toda la clase trabajadora aquí en los
Engels resumió los ciclos capitalistas de
                                              talista al borde del desastre!                  aumentaron en 55.000 al mes durante            EE.UU. se necesita la participación del
alzas y bajas hace más de un siglo en su
                                                 El departamento conocido como el             este período de supuesta “alza”.               movimiento en contra de la guerra y otros
libro, “Socialismo: Utópico y Científico.”
                                              Reloj Nacional mantiene el récord de la            Además, la Junta de Conferencias            partidarios. Tal solidaridad está basada en
Él describe la parte ascendiente del ciclo
                                              deuda pública. Esta se acerca ya a los $7       (Conference Board) una junta consultora,       una coyuntura de intereses de clase.
capitalista, la cual llega después de un
                                              billones de dólares (EEUU), o                   dijo que la venta de casas por dueños pre-     Obligando al gobierno de los EE.UU.a
período de estancamiento económico
                                              $ El déficit del pre-         vios, bajó un 4,6 por ciento en noviembre.     acabar con la ocupación de Irak y no hacer
capitalista: “Poco a poco el paso se
                                              supuesto actual agregará un trillón más, y      Singhania notó que ambos reportes son          más guerras imperialistas va ligado a la
apresura. Se torna en trote. El trote
                                              eso sin contar con el costo secreto de las      vigilados con mucha atención, porque las       resistencia contra la guerra que están
industrial se torna carrera, y la carrera a
                                              guerras contra Afganistán e Irak. Además        viviendas y los gastos de los consumidores     librando contra los trabajadores y los
su vez se convierte en una perfecta car-
                                              está el déficit anual de $500 mil millones      han sido los aportes principales soste-        oprimidos aquí en casa.
rera con obstáculos de la industria, el

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