How To Make A Totally Free Website That Could Totally Change Your Life by Mildred264Prindle


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									How To Make A Totally Free Website That Could Totally Change
Your Life
Who can blame you for wanting to know how to make a totally free website? After all, if you are like
me, I don't believe in paying for something if I can get for free especially in this field as there are so
many free programs available.
When I first looked into trying to create a free website I found many companies advertised on the
internet promising an answer to my query. Some companies offer a free affiliate website which is
great if you want to promote their products, but no use to you if you want to promote your own. Others
will build a free website for you but want to place their ads over your web page.
I don't know about you, but I didn't fancy that.
I wanted an easy to follow step by step guide that would teach me how to do it myself. Let's face it, if
you ever need to update or make any changes to your site it would be handy if you could do it
yourself rather than have to pay someone else to.
Having found what I required I quickly learnt entire process of making a website. I must admit I was
quite surprised because I thought it would be a bit too techy for me but it was a lot easier than I
thought, and with the aid of some free software I was soon up and running and built my website for no
cost at all.
The first thing you need to learn is how to save all your files correctly and into keep them all in your
project folder.Then with the aid of some free software such as Kompozer, FileZilla and IrfanView you
will be learning some of the skills that quite frankly most people don't bother to learn.
o How to re-size your images and insert them to your web page.
o How to add text and use effective fonts.
o How to use and change colours in your website.
o How to insert links as to send your visitor to the desired location
o How to upload your finished project to the World Wide Web
Honestly it's not difficult; if I can learn these simple skills then I'm sure you can.
But I will be honest now because although your site isn't going to cost you any money you will have to
dip into your pocket or purse for a domain name and a hosting account but don't worry, these costs
are quite minimal.
Please, take my advice and learn these skills, and who knows you could quite possibly be joining the
many people that regularly make around $250 each and every day online.

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