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Operational Consulting by Rynbbur


									Frequently Asked Questions on Operational Consulting

Many of you might have not heard about operational consulting. Grab the opportunity now to
learn more about this matter. Follow through the usual questions asked by most people, which
might also be the same questions you have in your mind right now and be guided with how this
content will enlighten you about things.

 What is Operational Consulting all about?

Operational consulting is not limited to just planning strategies within production facilities and
manufacturing plants. Basically, operational consulting covers a broad aspect in the business
world. Operational consulting consists of both operational and strategic aspects, each comprised
of unique talking points. It is not merely suggesting what best things should be done, but also
includes implementing the possible helpful operations to come up with strategies that can truly
help and boost sales and management.

 How do these two aspects in operational consulting work?

Simply, when we talk about the operational aspect of consulting, it mainly focuses on taking
actions through reaching out to merchants and consumers to make them understand the
changes that have to be made and then implementing changes after. The strategic aspect, on
the other hand, goes beyond recommending how to achieve success in management and sales.
With this aspect, operational strategic consultation actually helps in making changes. In this
process, operational consultants will actually get involved in the implementation of these changes
with careful analysis to reach out to different characteristics of customers and will also aid in the
assessment of what is being impacted by these changes towards sales and management.

 How is operational consulting being processed?

The process will normally start by simply examining the business’s structure of workflow. It
would usually start within the division and structure of labor of the companies’ management, and
then it will proceed to the departments and sub-divisions of the company. The inter-relationship
within the divisions, departments and sub-divisions of the management is also assessed since it is
the most important part in delivering goods and services towards the consumers. The importance
of such a matter is simply focusing on how the workflow structure will directly or indirectly affect
the process.

When assessment is done, and the operational consultant had truly understood the whole
process and everything behind every procedure and relationship, then the next step would be the
main task of the consultant which is to suggest or recommend things which he believed to be
helpful in the whole management system. These would include evaluation of flaws in the whole
process and suggesting alternatives to correct such flaws. The consultant’s main goal would be
the improvements or enhancements needed for the company or for any business matters. It is
important to take note that the implementation of the said recommendations is still in the hand
of the client; usually there are some clients who would resist to some parts of the suggested

Once everything is agreed between the client and the operational consultant, the next step would
be implementation. In this process, it depends on the consultant whether he will get involved or
not with the implementation. It is usually best to be involved to see how everything works for the
improvement of the management or business.

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