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Welcome to Singapore and SIM Global Education (GE)    01
About Singapore                                       02
  • Introducing Singapore                             02
Pre-departure checklist                               06
  • What to pack?                                     08
Arriving in Singapore                                 10
Getting around Singapore                              11
Food and beverages                                    13
Healthcare                                            15
Communication services                                19
Financial matters                                     22
  • Living expenses
Laws / Crimes and Sentencing                          25
Immigration matters                                   31
  • The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority           31
     of Singapore
  • Student’s Pass submission & collection            33
Shopping & entertainment                              35
About Singapore Institute of Management (SIM Group)   36
  • Campus facilities and amenities                   39
  • Fee Protection Scheme                             42
  • The SIM Experience - Engage, Enrich, Empower      48
Useful telephone numbers and websites                 51
Location map                                          55

First Edition, 2008
Revised Edition, 2010
Revised Edition, 2011
Welcome to Singapore and SIM
Global Education (GE)
This International Student Handbook        Whether your stay is long or a short
contains all the basic relevant            duration, we hope that this Handbook
information you will need to help you      will give you all the essential
settle down in your life as a student      information to make your stay in
here.                                      Singapore a pleasant one. Singapore
                                           is a very cosmopolitian and vibrant
It begins with a brief introduction to     city. You will have the opportunity to
Singapore, important information to        meet people from other cultures,
immigration matters, campus life in        taste food from around the world and
SIM, accomodation, health, transport       celebrate some of the cultural
and finance. There are other               festivals from the east and the west.
information on shopping, eating out
and recreational options. All these will   We hope that you will return home
be covered in each different chapters.     not only with your academic
                                           achievements, but also the
                                           friendships and memories that you
                                           will treasure in your student life.

about singapore

                  Introducing Singapore
                  Geography                               world’s most prosperous countries,
                                                          with strong international trading
                  The Republic of Singapore is a small    links, its port being one of the world’s
                  tropical island with a land area of     busiest today.
                  712.4 Sq km and lying just 1 degree
                  north of the equator.                   Climate

                  Brief History                           Singapore has a fairly warm and
                                                          humid climate throughout the year.
                  Singapore was formerly known as         The temperature ranges from 22-33
                  “Temasek” or “Sea Town”. According      degree Celsius with December to
                  to legend, a 14th century Sri Vijayan   January as rainy months.
                  prince saw an animal he mistook as
                  a lion on the island and Singapore’s    Population
                  modern day name Singa Pura
                  (meaning the Lion City) was born.       The population of Singapore was
                                                          reported by the Singapore department
                  Founded by Sir Stamford Raffles as      of Statistics to be 5.08 million and
                  a British trading colony in the year    comprises of different ethnic groups.
                  1819, Singapore gained                   Chinese 74%; Malays 13%; Indians
                  independence on 9th August 1965         9.2% and the other ethnic groups 3.8%
                  and went on to become one of the        of the population total.

Language                                   The Singapore Flag

The common languages used in               The National Flag is red and white,
Singapore are mainly English, Chinese,     with a crescent and five stars. Red

                                                                                    about singapore
Malay and Tamil. English is the language   represents universal brotherhood and
of administration as well as the main      equality of men. White symbolizes
medium of instruction in schools and       pervading and everlasting purity and
other education institutions.              virtue. The crescent moon signifies a
                                           young nation on the ascent and the
Tourism                                    five stars depict democracy, peace,
                                           progress, justice and equality.
Visitors to Singapore will encounter
an exciting array of exotic cuisine in     The Merlion
restaurants and hawker centers. This
island is also a shopper's paradise        The Merlion is a symbol of welcome
for a variety of goods.                    to all visitors to Singapore. It has a
                                           lion head and a fish body resting on
Festivities                                a crest of waves. The lion head
                                           symbolizes the legend of the "Lion
A diversity of festivals is celebrated     City" , "Singapura". The fish tail
throughout the year. This includes         symbolizes the ancient city of
Lunar New Year, Deepavali, Hari Raya       Temasek and Singapore's humble
Puasa, Hari Ray Haji, Mid-Autumn           beginnings as a fishing village.
Festival, Thaipusam, Vesak Day, Good
Friday and Christmas.

Details on events and festivals can be
found at http://www.yoursingapore.

                                                               Food Culture
about singapore

                                                               A common greeting amongst
                                                               Singaporeans is "Have you eaten yet?"

                                                               Singaporeans love to eat and more
                                                               so with such a wide variety of food
                                                               offered in different setting.

                                                               Food centres at local neighbourhoods
                                                               or air-conditioned food courts located
                                                               conveniently in shopping complexes
                                                               offer you a wide variety of dishes.

                  The National Flower                          When dining at a food court or hawker
                                                               centre, get a table, note the number,
                  Vanda Miss Joaquim, an orchid                and then look at the pictures at the
                  variety, is a hardy and resilient breed      stall to order. Give the stall operator
                  which blooms throughout the whole            your table number and wait for your
                  year. These particular characteristics       food to be delivered before making
                  of the flower reflects Singapore's           payment. Do take note that some
                  quest for progress and excellence.           stalls are self-serviced and you are
                                                               expected to make payment, wait and
                  Social Culture                               bring the food to your table.

                  People are expected to form queues to        What to Wear
                  board buses, or to wait for service. It is
                  impolite to push ahead of someone who        In tropical Singapore, loose and light
                  is in the queue before you.                  summer clothing is recommended
                                                               especially for outdoor activities.
                  Do be punctual. Allow yourself               Please note that while in lecture
                  sufficient time for travel. It is also       theatres, libraries and administrative
                  considered impolite to miss an               offices, you should be appropriately
                  appointment. Address the people you          attired. Improper attire such as
                  meet with titles such as Mr, Mrs, Miss,      shorts, slippers and clothing with
                  Dr or Professor unless you are invited       indecent words or pictures are
                  to use their first names.                    strongly discouraged.

                                                                                       about singapore
Drugs                                       Singapore shops. The prices marked
                                            are the prices at which goods are sold.
Drug abuse is viewed seriously. The         However, for some shops at HDB
trafficking, manufacturing, importing       estates bargaining is allowed.
or exporting of drugs carries a death
penalty. Unauthorised consumption           Tipping
also carries a heavy penalty.
                                            Tipping is not necessary as a service
Smoking                                     charge of 10% is normally levied at
                                            restaurants, hotels and other
Smoking is prohibited in most buildings     establishments. A tip should only be
and public areas, especially if the         exercised in instances where the bill
premises are enclosed or air-conditioned.   does not include a service charge
Students are not to smoke within the
SIM campus.                                 Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Littering                                    A 7% Goods and Services Tax is levied
                                            on all services and on goods imported
Singapore is a clean and green country      into Singapore.
and littering is prohibited. Singapore
has strict laws against littering.          Overstaying

Vandalism                                   Overstaying is a punishable offence
                                            under the Immigration Act. Take note
Vandalism is a serious offence.             of the expiry dates of your Social Visit
Defacing public and private property        Pass and Student’s Pass.
carries a severe penalty.
                                            Please note that laws in Singapore
Bargaining                                  are taken seriously and penalties
Bargaining is not normally used in

pre-departure checklist

                          Pre-departure Checklist
                          Before leaving your country, please        when you collect your Student’s Pass
                          ensure that you have completed all         at the Immigration & Checkpoints
                          items in the following list:               Authority (ICA).

                          • Check that you have a valid            • Bring your Letter of Offer from SIM.
                            passport. (6 months validity before
                            expiry date)                           • Check with the Singapore High
                                                                     Commission in your country about
                          • Gather all original academic             visa requirement to Singapore and
                            transcripts, high school results,        apply for an entry visa, if required.
                            birth certificate or passport. Have      More information is also available
                            these items prepared and bring           in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
                            them with you to Singapore. If any       website at
                            of the mentioned documents are
                            not in English, please have them       • Apply for SIM Halls of Residence
                            translated through a Notary Public       accommodation. Booking has to be
                            or official translator. Please refer     made minimum 2 weeks prior to
                            to the Immigration Matters section       your arrival in Singapore.To access
                            for a list of documents to bring         the link room booking facilities,

  please visit             For more information on medical
  Navigate to Campus Life >                  insurance, please visit
  Housing and Accommodation.       

                                                                                         pre-departure checklist
• International Reception:
  Take note of the International             For more information on student
  Student Reception date & time. It          support services, please visit
  is crucial that you attend the   
  International Student Reception,
  as this session will provide you with    • Financial Preparation:
  important information that you             Arrange to bring enough money to
  need to know on your first few days        Singapore, to cover local travel
  in SIM.                                    ex p e n s e s a n d l i v i n g co st s
                                             (minimum S$1000). You may also
• Travel Arrangements:                       wish to bring along travelers'
  Ensure that all your travel                cheques or credit cards, if you don't
  arrangements, e.g. booking and             wish to carry too much cash. You
  confirmation of plane tickets are          can open a bank account in
  done. It is advisable that you use         Singapore once you've obtained
  the services of a reputable travel         your student pass or SIM Letter of Offer.
  agency to minimize potential problems.

• Medical Insurance:
  SIM has in place a group medical
  insurance scheme for all its
  students. This medical insurance
  scheme will have a minimum
  coverage as follows:- an annual
  coverage limit of S$20,000 per
  student, covers up to B2 ward in
  government and restructured
  hospitals and provides for 24 hours
  coverage in Singapore and
  overseas (if student is involved in
  SIM-related activities) throughout
  the course duration.

pre-departure checklist

                          What to pack?
                          Following are some of the essentials      • Any other documents that may be
                          that need to be packed prior your           needed for processing by the
                          departure to Singapore:                     Singapore Immigration Authority
                                                                      of Singapore, for example death
                          • Six passport sized photographs            certificate if one or both parents
                            (35mm x 43mm).                            is/are deceased.

                          • Original copies of certificates,        • Confirmed notification of
                            transcripts and other documents           Accommodation arrangement.
                            for verification as you register as a
                            student.                                • Cash (minimum of $1000), to cover
                                                                      local transportation, meals etc.
                          • Passport and any other
                            identification documents such as        • Comfortable informal light clothing.
                            identity card/birth certificate.
                                                                    • One set of formal wear and a set
                          • Letter of Offer (original)                o f yo u r N a t i o n a l C o st u m e
                                                                      (international students are

    encouraged to showcase their
    countries' culture).

• Bath towel and toiletries.

                                          pre-departure checklist
• Pillow and bed sheets.

• Medication (check with your

Optional items that you may want to
bring along:

• Alarm clock
• Calculator
• Dictionary
• Sports related items, e.g. jogging
• Camera

Please note that it is an offence to
bring in controlled drugs, reproduction
of copyright videotapes,
VCDs/CDs/DVDs into the country.
Offenders will be fined or jailed, and
in some cases both.

arriving in singapore

                         Arrival at Singapore Airport
                         Taxi service in Singapore is plentiful, convenient and reasonably priced. Take
                         a taxi to your destination. Most taxi drivers speak English and Mandarin.
                         Tipping is not expected.

                         The Arrival Process

                                                      Arrange for flight to Singapore

                        Arrive in Singapore (ensure that you have sufficient Singapore Dollars to cover for expenses)

                            Proceed from Changi Airport to Accommodation via taxi or airport pick up service

                          Attend International Reception and medical examination and as arranged by SIM GE

                                     Make E-Appointment once medical examination report is ready

                                            Attend Orientation Activities and Course Briefings

                                               Complete Student’s Pass Formalities at ICA

Getting Around Singapore
Getting around Singapore is easy and convenient with local transportation.
Taxis, buses, Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) are easily

                                                                                 getting around singapore
available and accessible.

Taxi Fares                               List of Cab Companies and their
                                         phone numbers:
Basic fare                               Comfort & City cab     - 6552 1111
Flag down:                               Prime Taxi             - 6778 0808
S$2.80 for 1st km                        Silver Cab             - 6363 6888
1km to 10km: S$0.20 for every 385m       Smart Cab              - 6485 7777
Above 10km: S$0.20 for every 330m        SMRT                   - 6555 8888
Waiting time: S$0.20 for every 45sec     Trans Cab              - 6555 3333

Peak Premium:
35% of metered fare
Mon to Fri : 7.00am - 9.30am
Mon to Sat : 5.00pm - 8.00pm
(not applicable on Public Holiday)

City Surcharge:
S$3 additional.
Mon - Sat: 5pm - midnight

Late Night Surcharge:
50% of metered fare.
Midnight - 5.59am

Current booking fee:
Prime Time: S$3.50
Mon - Fri:
7.00am - 9.30am, 5.00pm - 11.00pm

Non-Prime Time: S$2.50

All other times including Sat, Sun and
Public Holidays

                           Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Mass                        Transitlink stored value card
                           Rapid Transit (MRT)                                      (Ez-link Card)

                           The MRT and LRT trains in Singapore                      The Transitlink stored value card is a
getting around singapore

                           are the most convenient, fast and                        contactless stored value smart card
                           clean ways to travel around                              that is usable on buses, Mass Rapid
                           Singapore. While MRT trains bring                        Transit (MRT) and LRT. The cost of
                           you to different parts of Singapore,                     purchasing a card is S$15, consisting
                           the LRT trains operate within HDB                        of card value and cost of the smart card.
                           estates.                                                  A stored value card may be purchased
                                                                                    at any Transitlink Ticketing office.
                           The fare ranges from S$0.71 to S$2.40
                           and operating hours are from 5.45am                      Smart cards maybe topped up by cash
                           to 12.15am.                                              or nets at any general ticketing
                                                                                    machines or value adding machine.
                           Food and drinks are strictly prohibited                  Values may also be added at any
                           while on board the trains.                               Transitlink Ticketing Office with a
                                                                                    minimum of S$10 Top up. Use of a
                           Buses from Clementi Central/MRT                          transitlink smartcard allows a traveler
                           Station to SIM HQ: 184, 154, 52                          to enjoy rebates as well as discounts
                                                                                    on travelling fares.
                           Bus from Dover MRT Station to SIM
                           HQ: 74                                                   (To pay for a fare, simply tap the
                                                                                    Transitlink smart card on a reader
                           Buses from Holland Drive to SIM HQ:                      device when boarding or alighting.
                           75, 61                                                   Please ensure that there is a beep
                                                                                    after tapping to ensure that the fares
                           Buses from Upper                           Bukit         have been correctly deducted.
                           Timah/Hillview: 75, 61, 184                              Note: Travelers are encouraged to
                                                                                    use a Transitlink card to pay for
                           Public Transport Fare Calculator                         travelling. The other alternative
                           (                      would be to pay the exact amount of
                           i s h / p t p / e n / d i s t a n c e f a re . h t m l   fares for buses.

                           Transport Websites                                       For MRT, a single use train ticket is
                                                                                    available for purchasing at the general
                           Http://                             ticketing station located in the MRT

Food and Beverages

                                                                                         food and beverages
Singapore is an eating paradise where        Food prices range from $2.50 to $4.00
a variety of different types of cuisine     for a meal, 0.80 to 0.90 cents for hot
can be found at restaurants, hawker         drinks and $1.10 to $1.50 for cold drinks.
centres and food courts.
                                            Food courts
Hawker centres and coffee shops
                                            Food courts are usually located at
Non air-conditioned and located             shopping malls and prices are valued
within HDB estates, these outlets           at $4.00 - $5.50 for a meal and $1.50
p ro v i d e e co n o m i ca l fo o d a t   for a can of drink.
reasonable prices. They open daily
from 6am to 11pm with some outlets          They open daily from 11.00am to
opening 24 hours.                           10.00pm.


                     Located at most shopping malls, cafes
                     serve mainly coffee and snacks. Some
food and beverages

                     well-known cafes are Starbuck,
                     Coffee Bean, Coffee Xpress etc.
                     Prices are slightly up-market and are
                     usually priced at $4.50 or more for a
                     drink or snack.

                     Cafes open daily from 10.00am to

                     Fast food outlets

                     MacDonald's, Burger King and
                     Kentucky can be found at most malls
                     and within some HDB estates.


                     A wide range of cuisine is available
                     for selection at restaurants. Prices
                     range from average to expensive
                     depending on type of restaurants.
                     They open daily from 11.00am to

There are many private and                 This medical insurance scheme will
government clinics in Singapore.           have a minimum coverage as
Private clinics are located at most        follows:- an annual coverage limit of
housing estates. There is also no          S$20,000 per student, covers up to
difficulty in finding 24-hour clinics in   B2 ward in government and
Singapore.                                 restructured hospitals and provides
                                           for 24 hours coverage in Singapore
Hospitalisation is potentially             and overseas (if student is involved in
expensive with hospitals requiring an      SIM-related activities) throughout the
initial deposit of about $3000 to $5000    course duration.
before admission.
                                           For more information on medical
It is highly recommended that              insurance,      please       visit
students purchase health insurance
to cover unforeseen medical
circumstances.                             Pharmacies

Medical Insurance                          These are medical store located
                                           within HDB estates where medicine
SIM has in place a group medical           such as panadol, medicated oil, etc
insurance scheme for all its students.     for minor ailments can be bought.

             Polyclinics / Government Clinics

             These are located at various housing
             estates; the one nearest to SIM is at

             Clementi Central.
             Charges are minimal for both locals
             and foreigners. Local Singaporean
             pays $8 for consultation and a small
             amount for medication as this is
             subsidised by the government.

             Private Clinics

             Private Clinics cost $20-$30 per visit
             and are open from 9am to 1pm, 2-
             4pm and 7-9pm on weekdays and 9am
             to 1pm on weekends.

             Some are open 24 hours but charges
             are relatively more expensive (double
             charge after midnight).

             Dental Clinics

             It is expensive for foreigners visiting
             either the private and government
             dental clinics. Checks and scaling
             cost from $40 and above.

             These clinics open Mondays to Fridays
             from 9am to 5pm, and 7pm to 9pm.
             and 9am to 1pm on Saturdays.

             These are closed on Sundays.

Public Hospitals

Singapore General Hospital (SGH)
Outram Road, Singapore 169 608

Tel: 6222 3322

Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH)
11 Jalan Tan Tock Seng
Singapore 308 433
Tel: 6256 6011

National University Hospital (NUH)
5 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 119 074
Tel: 6772 5555

Changi General Hospital
2 Simei Street 3
Singapore 529 889
Tel: 6788 8833

Alexandra Hospital
378 Alexandra Road
Singapore 159 964
Tel: 6472 2000

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH)
90 Yishun Central
Singapore 768 828
Tel: 6555 8000


             Private Hospitals              Mount Alvernia Hospital
                                            820 Thompson Road
             Mt Elizabeth Hospital          Singapore 574 623
             3 Mount Elizabeth              Tel: 63476688
             Singapore 228510               Website: http://www.mtalvernia-
             Tel: 67372666        

             Gleneagles Hospital            Thomson Medical Hospital
             6 Napier Road                  339 Thomson Road
             Singapore 258 500              Singapore 307677
             Tel: 64737222                  Tel: 62502222
             East Shore Hospital  
             321 Joo Chiat Place
             Singapore 427 990              Raffles Hospital
             Tel: 63447588                  585 North Bridge Road
             Website:                       Singapore 18870
      Tel: 63111111

Communication Services

                                                                                                      communication services
Communication services such as postal,           be done at the many 24-hour auto
internet, mobile phones and cable                machines (S.A.M) installed outside
television are readily available in Singapore.   these centres.

Postal Services                                  The nearest Post office to SIM HQ is
                                                 at Clement Central. The address is
Located within HDB estates, purchase             as follows:
of stamps, posting, parcel collections,
driving licence renewals and payment             443 Clementi Avenue 3
of bills can be done at these counters.          #01-65/67
                                                 Singapore 120 443
There are 62 post offices located all            Mon to Fri - 8.30am to 5.30pm
over the island. Most outlets open               Wed          - 8.30am to 8.00pm
from 8.30am to 5pm from Mondays                  Sat           - 8.30am to 1.00pm
to Fridays and 8.30am to 1pm on                  Closed on Sunday
Saturdays. It costs 26 cents for a local
le t te r a n d 4 5 ce n t s fo r a n            For a complete list of local and
aerogramme to any part of the world.             international mail rates, please visit:
Bills and purchase of stamps can also            h t t p : / / w w w. s i n g p o s t . c o m . s g

                         Singapore Telecommunications Ltd           make local and international calls.
                         (Singtel)                                  Cost differs depending on package
                                                                    and promotion, but can be in the
                         SingTel provide telephone services. To     region of $20 a month with minimal
communication services

                         apply for home line, call 1609/ 1800-      usage. The service usually
                         781311 or fill in an application form at   incorporates Short Message Sending
                         any post office or Telecom outlet.         (SMS) feature which may be free for
                                                                    the first 300 messages.

                         Internet Access                            To purchase a mobile phone, you need
                                                                    to be at least 16 years old and you
                         Access accounts can be subscribed          have to produce your student's pass,
                         from:                                      passport and proof of billing address
                                                                    at the time of purchase.
                         Pacific Internet Pte Ltd
                         Tel: 1800-872-1455

                         Tel: 1800-733-4133

                         Tel: 1800-825-7900

                         Rates and pricing schemes differ from
                         provider to provider.

                         Mobile Phones

                         Singtel Customer Service: 100

                         MobileOne Customer Service: 1627

                         StarHub Customer Service: 1633

                         Singtel, MobileOne and Starhub
                         provide mobile phone services to
Payphones                                      Newspaper & Magazines

Located at public places, eg HDB void          The main daily local English
decks and shopping malls, coin-                newspaper is The Straits Times.

                                                                                       communication services
operated payphones can be used for             Other newspapers include TODAY and
local calls only; each call is 20 cents        Business Times (English), LianHe
per 3 minutes. Card-operated                   ZaoBao (Chinese), Berita Harian
payphones can be used for both local           (Malay) and Tamil Murasu (Tamil).
and overseas call.                             The daily newspaper costs 80 cents
                                               each on weekdays and one dollar on
Phone cards can be purchased at post           Sundays. TODAY is given out free at
offices, convenience stores and retail         MRT stations.
outlets. Cards for local calls are priced
at $3/$5 and cards for overseas call           A wide range of local and imported
are priced at $10/$20.                         magazines is readily available at any
                                               bookstore or from any newspaper
                                               vendor. You can also read them at
Television and Cable                           public libraries.

MediaCorp Pte Ltd produces two
English and two Chinese free-to-air
channels and one Malay and one
Tamil channel. Mediacorp also
produces many radio programmes.

You can subscribe to Cable and Digital
TV from StarHub to watch movies,
documentaries and news from HBO,
National Geographic, BBC, CNN,
CCTV-4, TVBJ and VV Drama or
international channels like NHK
World Premium and TV5 Asia. Digital
TV subscription also allows you
access           to        sports        or
entertainment channels. Visit
w w w. m e d i a c o r p . c o m . s g a n d
w w w. s t a r h u b . c o m f o r m o re

                    Financial Matters
financial matters

                    Banks                                     allows you to withdraw money from
                                                              the bank's ATM machines and
                    There are many commercial and             conduct various transactions such as
                    merchant banks in Singapore. The          topping up your EZlink card. ATM
                    most common bank in which most            machines are fully automated and
                    Singaporeans have an account with         available 24 hours.
                    is the DBS/POSB.
                                                              DBS/POSB have the most Automatic
                    Banks are usually open from 9am to        Teller Machines (ATM) and branches.
                    4pm on weekdays and 9am to 1pm            They can be found in most HDB
                    on Saturdays. They are closed on          estates.
                                                              An ATM card also allows you to make
                    To open a savings account, visit any      NETS (Network for Electronic
                    bank with your passport, Student’s        Transfers) payment for your
                    Pass and letter of admission to SIM.      purchases. This is a cashless
                     A minimum deposit of $100 is usually     payment transaction system that
                    required if you are below 21 years old.   deducts the exact purchase amount
                                                              directly from your bank account, at
                    Once you have opened a bank account,      the point of sale.
                    you can apply for an ATM card which

In SIM, there are also DBS/POSB,     Mon-Fri: 9.00am to 4.30pm
UOB, OCBC ATM machines located at    Sat: 9.00am to 11.30am
level 2, Koi Pond area.              Sun: Closed

The nearest POSB banks near SIM      Clementi

                                                                          financial matters
HQ are at:                           Blk 446 Clementi Ave 3 #01-193/195
                                     Singapore 120446
Clementi Central Branch              Banking Hours:
Block 449 Clementi Avenue 3          Mon-Fri: 9.00am to 4.30pm
#01-243 Singapore 120449             Sat: 9.00am to 11.30am
Operating Hours: 8.30am to 4.30pm    Sun: Closed
Weekends:        8.30am to 1.00pm
                 (Sat)               Money Changers

Beauty World Centre Branch           Popular licensed money changers
144 Upper Bukit Timah Road           can be found at:
#03-06A Beauty World Centre          • Orchard Shopping Centre
Singapore 588 177                    • Katong Shopping Centre
Operating Hours: 11.00am to 7.00pm   • Peoples' Park Centre
Weekends:        11.00am to 7.00pm   • Centrepoint
                                     • Lucky Plaza
The nearest OCBC and UOB banks
closest to SIM are                   For PRC students, money conversion
                                      from RMB to Singapore dollars can
UOB Branch - Clementi Branch         be also be done at:
Blk 450 Clementi Avenue 3
#01-287/289 Singapore 120450         • Money World (Singapore)
Opening Hours:                         151 Chin Swee Road
Mon - Fri: 9.30am - 4pm                #04-08 Manhattan House
Sat: 9am - 12.30pm                     Singapore 169876
                                       Tel : 65-62211755
UOB Branch - Bukit Timah Branch        Fax : 65-62211005
(587 Bukit Timah Road                  Operating Hours:
#02-25/26/27/28 Coronation             Mon-Fri: 9am to 6pm
Shopping Plaza Singapore 269707
Opening Hours:                       • Retail Outlet @ Jurong Point
Mon - Fri: 9.30am - 4pm                No. 1 Jurong West Central
Sat: 9am - 12.30pm                     #B1-09 (Within NTUC FairPrice
                                       Down Aisle 8)
OCBC Bank- Bukit Timah                 Singapore 648886
170 Upper Bukit Timah Rd #01-01        Tel/Fax: 6 7913397
Bukit Timah Shopping Centre            Operating Hours:
Singapore 588179                       Tue-Sun: 12.30pm to 8.30pm
Banking Hours:                         Closed on Mons
financial matters

                    The estimated monthly living cost for
                    a full-time international student is as

                    (three to a room)        S$535*
                    Meals                    S$300*
                    Local Transport
                    (excluding taxi)         S$100*
                    Personal Expenses        S$300*
                    Total                    S$1235*

                    * All figures inclusive of GST

                    The monthly expenditure per student
                    may be more or less than what is
                    stated above depending on individual

Laws / Crimes and Sentencing

                                                                                  laws/crimes and sentencing
Singapore has very strict laws and      Loitering and Congregation
foreigners need to make themselves
familiar with their responsibilities.   You are always required to provide
Consequences of breaking laws due       information to a police officer if
to lack of knowledge can be tough as    requested. The police may stop and
the Government treats its foreign       question you anytime and you must
residents no differently than locals    be able to explain the reason of your
when it comes to punishment.            presence in any location. If the police
                                        suspect you and a group of five or
The death penalty and caning are        more gathering with the intention to
existing penalties and intervention     commit a crime, this could be an
by foreign governments on behalf of     offence under the law of unlawful
convicted foreigners is seen as         assembly.
                                        Vandalism and Mischief
It is very important to constantly
update one's knowledge of               Causing damage to public and private
Singapore laws as to avoid              property can be classified as
accidental violations and we suggest    vandalism and is punished by a
you make yourself familiar with the     caning and a fine or imprisonment.
Penal Code

                             Possession or Setting Off of Fire

                             Possession and setting off of
laws/crimes and sentencing

                             firecrackers is an offence under the
                             Dangerous Fireworks Act and can be
                             fined up to S$ 10.000 and with two
                             years jail.

                             Distributing fireworks will be
                             punished with jail and caning.


                             Singapore has one of the toughest
                             anti-drug regimes (Misuse of Drugs
                             Act) in the world. Do not use, offer,       Prescription Drugs
                             sell, give, administer, transport,
                             deliver or distribute any type of drugs..   Ordering medical drugs from a foreign
                             If you are depending on illegal drugs       web site may land you in jail. Check
                             such as listed below do not enter           with customs before ordering. If you
                             Singapore at all. Only recently a           carry prescription depressants while
                             number of expatriates were sent to          entering or leaving the country check
                             jail for possessing illegal substances.     The Presumption Clause under
                             If you are caught possessing more           Section 17 for illegal substances and
                             than a stated amount of drugs (see          make sure you can show a medical
                             here) you are presumed to be                certificate from your doctor stating
                             trafficking controlled drugs which          that the drugs are for your own use .
                             carries the death penalty. Singapore        Http://
                             applies the death penalty also to
                             foreigners regardless of their country      Drug Test
                             of origin.
                                                                         It is a criminal offence to refuse a
                             Please visit the website of the Central     police request for a drug test. A
                             Narcotics Bureau below and make             positive test deems drug possession
                             yourself familiar with the laws against     even if the drugs have been ingested
                             drug abuse:                                 outside Singapore.

False Identification

If teenagers in Singapore show false
identification to enter discos and

                                               laws/crimes and sentencing
clubs limited to those over 18/21
years old or to purchase alcohol a
court hearing can land them in jail.


Singapore has very strict laws against
littering with heavy fines and
corrective work for repeat offenders.
Never dispose anything to any other
place than a litter box - this includes
cigarette butts!

Consuming gum at MRT stations or
on trains may be fined up to S$ 500.
Dropping larger items such as
newspapers or drink cans may be
fined up to S$ 1,000 or issued a CWO
(Community Work Order) of up to 12
hours or both. While first time
offenders pay between SGD 200 and
1,000 The fine for repeat offenders
may be up to SGD 5,000 !

                             Alcohol/Drunkenness                       license for up to 12 months each time
                                                                       they enter into Singapore . For license
                             Purchase and consummation of              not written in English language, an
                             alcohol is not permitted for those        International Driving Permit or
laws/crimes and sentencing

                             below 18 years of age. Persons drunk      translation is required.
                             in a public place may be fined, or can
                             be imprisoned up to three months.         Driving/Seat Belts

                             Driving                                   Under the Road Traffic Act when driving
                                                                       in a car (e.g. taxi) each passenger has
                             A foreigner above 18 years of age and     to use the seatbelt (also in the back of
                             holding a Work Pass/Dependent             the car!) failure to do so the driver of
                             Pass/Student’s Pass may drive in          the car and the passenger will be
                             Singapore with a valid class 3, 3A or     punished with a fine of S$ 200. Any child
                             2B foreign license, for a period of not   below the age of eight should be
                             more than 12 months. A Singapore          secured with an approved child
                             driving license is required after 12      restraint, failing which the driver can
                             months. Those on short term social        be punished with a fine of S$ 120 and
                             visit may drive with their foreign        three demerit points.

                                                                                   laws/crime and sentencing
Cigarettes and Smoking                    naked in the privacy of your own
                                          home. You can be fined up to SGD
Under the age of 18, you are not          2,000 and be jailed up to three months
allowed to carry and purchase lit or      if you are convicted of appearing nude
unlit cigarettes in public. Fine S$       and exposing yourself to public view
2,000                                     in a private place.

Smoking is not allowed in public          Pornography
buses, taxis, lifts, theatres, cinemas,
government offices, and in air-           Obscene articles, publications,
conditioned restaurants and shopping      videotapes, disks and software are
centers, bus shelters, interchanges,      considered illegal. There are many
public pools, toilets, community clubs    Western magazines and books rated
and open-air stadiums.                    pornographic.
                                          For information you may contact:
The ban will be extended to pubs,
discos, hawker centers and coffee         The Controller of Undesirable
shops soon. Fine S$ 1,000                 Publications (CUP)
                                          Censorship Section, Ministry of
Nude at Home                              Information & the Arts
                                          Tel: 6 375-2500
I t i s a n o f fe n ce u n d e r t h e   Hotline: 1800-375-7080
Miscellaneous Offences Act to walk

                             Travelling to/from Malaysia

                             When you travel to/from Malaysia be
                             aware that customs laws can be quite
laws/crimes and sentencing

                             strict! Do not import illegal pirated
                             VCD's or DVD, videos and other items
                             prohibited under Singaporean law.
                             There are also restrictions on the
                             amount of food you are allowed to
                             bring back. Smuggling cigarettes
                             carries a maximum penalty of three
                             years jail for a first-time offender!

                             Food: if you buy certain food in
                             Malaysia you may not be able to
                             import it to Singapore. There are
                             containers at Tuas and Woodlands
                             checkpoints to dispose of banned food
                             items before entry. Poultry and eggs
                             may be also prohibited due to the
                             Avian Flu. If you are not sure, call the
                             phone number below or check the

                             Agri-Food and Vetenary Authority AVA
                             Phone: 1800 226 2250

                             Petrol Rule:

                             Before leaving Singapore by car , you
                             need to fill up your gasoline tank to
                             at least three-fourths full or face a
                             large fine. When crossing the border
                             in and out of Malaysia, double check
                             that your passports are stamped.

The                                       Transport services to ICA are:

Immigration                               MRT- alight at Lavender MRT Station

& Checkpoints

                                                                                    immigration matters
                                          Bus 7 - from Clementi Bus Interchange

Authority                                 Bus 145 - from Clementi Avenue 2
                                                   (near the mosque)
of Singapore                              Bus 197- from Ayer Rajah Expressway
(ICA)                                     Student’s pass issued to international
                                          students studying in SIM will be for
                                          the full duration of students' studies.

                                          Security deposit is also waived for
                                          SIM international students.

                                          International students of SIM will also
                                          be granted a one month social visit
                                          pass upon completion of studies for
                                          them to wind down their activities in
                                          Singapore and make arrangements
                                          to leave.

                                          Abiding Rules for International

                                          • Observe immigration regulations
                                            at all times.
The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority   • Students holding Student’s pass
of Singapore (ICA) is located at:           are not allowed to apply for other
                                            passes (eg. employment pass,
ICA Building,                               social visit pass, etc).
4th Storey, 10 Kallang Road               • Students are not allowed to pursue
Singapore 208718                            another course of study with
                                            another institution stimultaneously.

immigration matters

                      • Students are not allowed to engage    Offences
                        in employment and other anti-
                        social, illegal activities.           The following are offences that
                      • No consumption of illegal drugs       constitute a fine of $500 if convicted:
                        like cocaine, ecstasy etc are
                        allowed.                              •   Littering
                      • Should a student terminates           •   Spitting
                        his/her course of study for           •   Jaywalking
                        whatever reason, the Student’s Pass   •   Vandalism, eating, drinking, and
                        must be surrendered to                    smoking on public transport and
                        immigration within 7 days.                non-smoking areas
                      • No students are allowed to remain
                        in Singapore once student pass
                      • Upon completion of study, students
                        must inform immigration of their
                        departure date and flight.

Student’s Pass                          • Locate the queue number kiosk
                                          and proceed to scan the barcode

Submission                                in your IPA letter. Collect and your
                                          queue ticket.

& Collection                            • Wait for your queue number to be

                                                                                  immigration matters
                                        • When your number is called,
Completion of Student’s Pass              submit all required documents to
formalities is to be done at              the ICA officer. The ICA officer with
Immigration & Checkpoints Authority       advice you on your Student’s Pass
(ICA) at level 4 of ICA building.         collection date/time.

Things to bring to ICA

• Passport
• Medical Report
• Original copies of relevant
  documents submitted earlier to
  ICA for certification
  birth certificate. If the original
  document is not in English, please
  ensure that you bring along the
  English version with you.
• Cashcard or NETS (ATM card)
• IMM 27 (small white card)
• In-Principle Approval Letter (IPA)
  issued by ICA. Please read the IPA
  letter carefully for other
  documents that you need to bring
  along to ICA.

What to do at ICA

• Before heading down to ICA, please
  ensure that you have made an E-
  A p p o i n t m e n t         v i a
  Please arrive at least 15 minutes
  before your stated appointment
• Proceed to level 4.

                           Note that if submission of documents
                           is done in the morning, collection of
                           student pass will be on the same day
                           (about 2 hours after submission). If
immigration matters

                           submission is done in the afternoon,
                           student will have to collect the pass
                           on another day.

                           During collection of Student’s Pass,
                           a fee of either $60 to $120 (depending
                           on duration of course) will have to be
                           paid by student to ICA. Payments
                           made at ICA have to be made either
                           through a NETS card or a cashcard.

                           Lost of Student’s Pass

                           Students who have lost their Student’s
                           Pass will have to do the following :

                           • Make a report at the Police Station.
                           • Bring along the original police
                             report to SIM GE Student Helpdesk
                             at SIM HQ level 2, to obtain a
                             certification letter.
                           • Bring certification letter and
                             original police report to ICA
                             building Level 4. Report the loss
                             of the Student’s pass.
                           • ICA will charge $60 as a
                             replacement fee for the Student’s
                             Pass. The ICA officer will advise
                             on the Student’s Pass collection

Shopping &                               For groceries, the NTUC FairPrice is
                                         the place where most Singaporeans

Entertainment                            do their shopping.

                                                                                  shopping & entertainment
Singapore is not only an eating
paradise but also a shopping             Most cinemas are air-conditioned and
paradise. Shopping can be done either    are usually located within housing
at big malls at Orchard area or within   estates or downtown.
HDB housing estates.
                                         Seats are assigned upon purchase of
For the latest in youth culture, Far     tickets. Tickets are priced from $6.50
East Plaza at Scotts, the Heeren along   to $9.50 depending on time and day
Orchard Road, Marina Square and          of show.
Bugis Village are the places to visit.
They offer the very latest in fashion,   Popular cinemas are those at Orchard
accessories and CDs.                     Road areas.

            About Singapore Institute
            of Management (SIM Group)
about SIM

            Our Vision                               •   Teamwork
                                                     •   Open and Timely Communication
            To be the Centre of Leadership and       •   Performance Excellence
            Management Excellence; and               •   Spirit of Innovative Adventure
            the Embodiment of Lifelong Learning.
                                                     Our Culture
            Our Mission
                                                     An open culture where staff trust and
            • Spearhead management thought           respect each other; embrace
              leadership                             change and seek ways to innovate;
            • Be the preferred strategic partner     learn and work together as a
              of corporations in maximising          team.
              return on human capital
            • Be the choice provider of              Our Commitment
              continuing education to individuals
            • Transform SIM into a regional          To our Members
              brand                                  We care for our members, recognise
                                                     their importance, and strive
            Our Core Values                          to raise the prestige of their
            • Trust and Respect for the Individual

About Singapore Institute
of Management (SIM Group)

                                                                                   about SIM
To our Customers                          The Singapore Institute of
We value our customers and commit         Management (SIM Group) is the
ourselves to actively improve             leading provider of higher education
our services and products.                and professional training in
                                          Singapore, reputed for its dedication
To our Employees                          to lifelong learning and high
We care for our people by creating a      standards and quality. Founded in
conducive work environment,               1964 by the Economic Development
helping them to balance family and        Board to support Singapore’s
work commitments, recognising             economic development, we are today
their contributions, and developing       a diverse and vibrant organisation
them to their full potential.             with a wide range of programmes and
                                          services. We are also a membership-
To our Community                          based organisation with over 37,000
We honour our social obligations and      individual and corporate members.
pledge to be a good corporate             The SIM Group offers its core services
citizen by always acting professionally   through three educational
and ethically in all matters.             brands:

Our Purpose                               SIM University (UniSIM) is the only
- To open doors in life through           privately-funded local university (on
  education opportunities                 social mission) approved by the
– To support SIM Group’s social           Ministry of Education to issue
  mission                                 university degrees in a
                                          comprehensive range of disciplines.
Our Quality Policy                        UniSIM focuses on the upgrading and
                                          learning needs of working
We are dedicated to continuously          professionals and adult learners. It
improve our services and to               adopts a flexible and practice-
consistently exceed the expectations      focused learning approach and offers
of our customers.                         more than 40 academic programmes
                                          in    various      disciplines.

about SIM

            Its current enrolment more than         through its partnerships with
            11,000 students. Since July 2008,       established international universities
            UniSIM’s programmes became even         and institutions from the US, UK,
            more accessible to adult learners as    Australia and Switzerland. Our
            eligible Singaporeans and Permanent     student population consists of both
            Residents taking UniSIM                 full-time and part-time students, with
            undergraduate programmes                current enrolment of 19,500.
            enjoy a government subsidy of up to
            55% and 20% of tuition fees. UniSIM     SIM Professional Development
            has been a Singapore “Institution of    programmes train about 10,500
            a Public Character” (IPC) since         professionals annually through its
            September 2005. It is also a member     600 seminars, workshops and
            of the International Association of     conferences. Its in-company training
            Universities (IAU), an association of   and consultancy services help
            world leading universities.             companies optimise effectiveness in
                                                    various fields of management and
            SIM Global Education offers high-       human resource development.
            quality overseas degree programmes

Campus Facilities
and Amenities

                                                                                    about SIM
Resource Rich                           Tay Eng Soon Library (HQL)
                                        S I M H e a d q u a r te rs ( L eve l 2 )
SIM Headquarters houses 65 lecture      461 Clementi Road
theatres, 57 seminar rooms and 18       Singapore 599 491
computer labs.
                                        Opening hours :
Specialist Libraries                    Mondays to Fridays
                                        8.30am to 9.00pm
At SIM, students get to enjoy access    Saturdays
to two specialist libraries - the Tay   9.00am to 5.30pm
Eng Soon Library at SIM
Headquarters and Richard K M Eu         Richard K M Eu Library (MHL)
Library at SIM Management House.        SIM Management House (Level 5)
These are two of Singapore's largest    41 Namly Avenue
designated management libraries.        Singapore 267 616
You will be able to browse the huge
collection of more than 67,000 print,   Opening hours:
video, audio and online materials.      Mondays to Fridays
                                        8.30am to 7.00pm
                                        9.00am to 5.30pm


                 Head down to any of the four
                 cafeterias when your stomach starts
about SIM

                 to rumble, and tuck in to a wide variety
                 of Chinese, Muslim, Western to
                 Japanese culinary delights.

                 Other Facilities

                 On campus you will find more than
                 560 PCs with ready access to the
                 Internet, application software and
                 services. Student portals allow you to
                 manage your administrative needs,
                 such as access timetables and
                 ex a m i n a t i o n re s u l t s , u p d a t e
                 particulars, communicate with SIM
                 administrative staff, and log on to
                 online databases.

                 Smoke-free Campus

                 SIM is a smoke-free campus. Smoking
                 is not allowed in public places and
                 around the campus.

                                                                                   about SIM
Bookshop                                 International Student Club

SIM Popular bookshops are located        Our International Student Club
at level 3 of SIM Headquarters (SIM      organises special activities/events for
HQ) and SIM Management House (SIM        international students regularly to
MH).                                     help you integrate into our large and
                                         dynamic student community. Through
Bookshop Opening hours:                  these events, you will have ample
SIM HQ:                                  opportunity to mingle with your peers
Mondays to Fridays                       and forge new friendships.
9.30am to 7.30pm
Saturdays                                Student Group Hospital &
9.30am to 2.30pm                         Surgical Insurance

SIM MH:                                  SIM has in place a group medical
Mondays to Fridays                       insurance scheme for all its students.
10.00am to 5.30pm                        This medical insurance scheme will
Saturdays                                have a minimum coverage as
10.00am to 2.30pm                        follows:- an annual coverage limit of
                                         S$20,000 per student, covers up to
Student Lounge                           B2 ward in government and
                                         restructured hospitals and provides
The Student Lounge is located at level   for 24 hours coverage in Singapore
four of SIM Headquarters and SIM         and overseas (if student is involved
Management House.                        in SIM-related activities) throughout
Opening hours:                           the course duration.
Mondays to Fridays
 8.30am to 9.30pm                        For more information on medical
Saturdays                                insurance, please visit
9.00am to 5.00pm               
Closed on Sundays and Public             nce

            Private Education Act
about SIM

            Under the new Private Education Act,      must sign a PEI-Student Contract
            legislated in December 2009, a            with students. The contract lays out
            Council for Private Education (CPE)       the important terms and conditions
            was set up to regulate the private        governing the relationship between
            education industry in Singapore. All      the student and PEI. SIM will honour
            Private Education Institutes (PEIs)       all terms and conditions spelt out in
            are required to comply with the           the contract and in all communication
            regulations under the Act in order to     materials.
            continue operations.
                                                      Students may request for a copy of
            Following are the new requirements        the PEI-Student Contract from SIM.
            which Singapore Institute of
            Management Pte Ltd (SIM) has put in       Cooling-Off Period
                                                      There will be a cooling-off period of
            PEI-Student Contract                      7 working days after signing the PEI-
                                                      Student Contract. Students have the
            CPE, in aiming to enhance the             right to cancel the contract within 7
            confidence of students and their          working days and be entitled to the
            parents in the quality of education in    Maximum Refund amount stipulated
            Singapore, has stipulated that all PEIs   under Clause 2.4 of the PEI-Student

Contract (less any course fees
consumed by the Student if the                SIM has appointed Lonpac Insurance
withdrawal date is later than the             Bhd as our FPS insurance provider.
course commencement date). After              Under the FPS insurance scheme,
the cooling-off period, SIM’s refund          students’ fees are insured by Lonpac

                                                                                       about SIM
policy will apply.                            Insurance Bhd. In case of events, as
                                              stated above, students will be able to
Fee Protection Scheme                         claim their paid fees from Lonpac
                                              Insurance Bhd.
SIM has in place a Fee Protection
Scheme (FPS) to protect the paid fees         We have also appointed Hong Kong
of both local and international students.     and Shanghai Banking Corporation
The FPS serves to protect the student’s       Limited (HSBC) as our FPS escrow
fees in the event that the PEI is unable      provider. Under the FPS escrow
to continue operations due to                 scheme, students will pay their fees
insolvency, and/or regulatory closure.        directly to HSBC. HSBC will act as
In addition, the FPS protects the student     the custodian of students’ fees and
if the PEI fails to pay penalties or return   will only disburse the fees to SIM on
fees to the student arising from              a fixed schedule. Again, in case of
judgments made against it by the              events, as stated above, students will
Singapore courts.                             be able to retrieve their unconsumed
The FPS is compulsory for all                 fees from HSBC.
students and is available in 2 forms,
either Escrow or Insurance Protection         More details of the FPS can also be
Scheme. For more information,                 found in the FPS Instruction Manual,
please visit                                  available at

            Refund Policy – Withdrawal and Change of Course

            Percentage of aggregate amount of                  Receipt of original fully completed
            the Course Fees and Miscellanous                   hardcopy Student Request Form with
about SIM

            Fees paid                                          relevant supporting documentary proof

            • 95% Refund                                       • (Maximum Refund) More than 14
                                                                 days before the course
                                                                 commencement date

            • 75% Refund                                       • Within 14 days before the Course
                                                                 Commencement Date OR within 7
                                                                 days after the Course
                                                                 Commencement Date

            • No Refund                                        • More than 7 days after the Course
                                                                 Commencement Date

            • Application fee for courses is non-refundable and non-transferable.
            • All requests for refunds arising from withdrawal and change of course must be accompanied
              with an original fully completed hardcopy Student Request Form (downloadable from the SIM
              GE website and the Students’ Portal) with relevant supporting documentary proof.
            • Refunds (if any) will be processed within 7 working days of receipt of the original fully completed
              hardcopy Student Request Form with relevant supporting documentary proof. Forms that are
              received after 12.00 noon would be considered as submission on the next working day.
            • Approval for change of course will be granted on a case-by-case basis and subject to each
              individual meeting the course admission requirements.
            • Transferring to another institution is deemed as a withdrawal from SIM. As such, for international
              students who transfer to another institution, their International Student’s Pass will be cancelled.
              These students will have to submit their Passport and International Student’s Pass at the
              Student Helpdesk (SIM HQ) within 3 working days of the transfer. Attendance record and other
              relevant documentation to facilitate the transfer will be provided upon request.
            • International students who wish to change to another course offered by SIM will also need
              to submit their Student’s Pass application to Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of
              Singapore (ICA) for approval.
            • For new applicants, in the event that the Student’s Pass application is not approved by ICA,
              the applicant will receive a full refund of the course fee.
            • Course fees must be paid in full before the course commencement date.

Modes of Payment                       bank and your personal limit.

Payment to Singapore Institute of      For credit card payment, the limit is
Management Pte Ltd (SIM)               subjected to your available balance
                                       at the point of payment. We accept

                                                                               about SIM
The modes of payment available are     Visa & MasterCard only.
cash, cheque, Nets, cash card,
Visa/MasterCard           and/or
Cashier/Money/Postal order. We
accept up to 4 different modes of
payment combination. All payments
are to be in Singapore dollars.

For cheque payment, the cheque
must be crossed, and made payable
to "Singapore Institute of
Management Private Limited". It
should not be post dated.

For Nets payment, the daily limit is
$2,000 or $3,000, depending on the

                                       The SIM Student Card is issued by
                                       SIM Global Education to international
                                       students who are currently studying
                                       in its programmes. Students are

                                       required to use this card to register
                                       their campus attendance by tapping

       C       I   M                   it on the card-readers mounted
                                       around the campus.

S   PE                                 The SIM Student Card will also be
                                       used for class attendance. Both the
                                       campus and class attendances are
                                       managed by a electronic system
                                       known as the iAttendance. Students
                                       can view their attendance rating
                                       through this system.

                 Attendance for International
                 Students Only

                 As per the Immigration Checkpoints
                 & Authority of Singapore (ICA)
about SIM

                 regulations, all international students
                 are to adhere to the following
                 attendance requirements:

                 1. To maintain a minimum
                    attendance rate of 90% in the
                    programme they are registered
                 2. To attend at least 3 hours of
                    lessons everyday from Monday to

                 Where the international students do
                 not meet the above mentioned
                 requirements or where they failed to
                 attend classes for a continuous
                 period of 7 days without any valid
                 reason and supporting document,
                 Singapore Institute of Management
                 Pte Ltd (SIM) will have to inform ICA

                 The following actions will also be
                 1. First reminder by email.
                 2. Second reminder by email.
                 3. Bar from taking examinations.

                 With the above understanding, SIM
                 requires all international students
                 to register their class and campus

attendance. Details on campus           - Level 1 study area, outside
attendance are as follows:                LT 1-17
                                        – Level 2 Atrium, near to the glass
SIM Campus Attendance:                    door opposite the Security
• Students are to tap their student       counter

                                                                              about SIM
  cards against the on-campus card      - Level 2 Atrium, near to the glass
  reader when they arrive and when        door besides the Security
  they leave the campus.                  counter
• Students' campus attendance will      - Level 3 outside Jun Hang Food
  be recorded as the time between         Court, below the LCD TV
  their first and last tap.
• The on-campus card readers are      HQ Extension Building
  located at:                         • Level 1 adjacent to Lift Lobby.
  - Basement lift lobby, opposite

about SIM

            The SIM Experience – Engage,              These programs and services include:
            Enrich, Empower                           • More than 60 different student
                                                        clubs and societies that span
            The SIM Experience highlights the           interests in the arts, sports and
            vibrant and varied learning                 culture
            opportunities available to our            • Study abroad and overseas
            students through the Division of            exposure across Asia, Europe, and
            Student Life in SIM Global Education        the Americas
            (SIM GE).                                 • Career guidance and internship
            The Division of Student Life is           • A dedicated student care unit that
            responsible for providing a                 supports international students
            comprehensive suite of programs and       and promotes overall wellness
            services to the nearly 20, 000 students
            enrolled in SIM GE. Our programs          For more information on our
            complement the technical academic         programs, please visit the SIM
            training that our students received       Student        Portal       at
            and provide a rich and holistic 
            experience designed to impart
            personal and professional “core
            skills” necessary for life after

                                                                                 about SIM
SIM Halls of Residence - Accommodation   accommodation blocks equipped with
                                         428 beds, ranging from single, double
The SIM Halls of Residence aims to       to triple occupancy for our full-time
provide campus living and student        students and 4 studio apartments to
development activities for our full      cater for visiting parents/lecturers.
time students, so that students can      The campus also has sports and
experience the total holistic learning   development facilities.
journey of within and beyond the
                                         All rooms are fully air-conditioned.
Residing in the new SIM Global           Monthly rental rates are as follows:
Education Campus at Ulu Pandan, it
is near to the SIM Headquarters and      Room Types            Rental Rates
SIM Management House.                    Single occupancy      S$963
                                         Double occupany       S$749
With a land area of approx 45,000        Triple occupancy      S$588.50
sqm, the campus has 6

            *Prices above includes 7% Goods &      Facilities include:
            Service Tax (GST). Upon confirmation   • Fully equipped gym
            of booking, a refundable deposit       • Multi purpose rooms, dance studio,
            equivalent to 1 month's rent is          student lounge, games & study
about SIM

            required. A one time administration      room
            fee of S$85.60 (inclusive of GST) is   • Sports facilities such as futsal court,
            also payable.For the most updated        tennis court, touch rugby field,
            monthly rental rates & other             outdoor fitness corner & a 1.2km
            important information, please refer      jogging track
            to the SIM GE Campus website at        • Alfresco cafeteria
             • 24 hours security survelliance

                                                   Public Bus Services to/from the Halls
                                                   of Residence:
                                                   SBS 156      - SIM Management
                                                   SMRT 75,61 - SIM HQ
                                                   SBS 7        - Town, Orchard Road

                                                   Students can logon to the following
                                                   URL Link to request for room
                                          Navigate to
                                                   Halls of Residence > SIM GE Campus
                                                   Accomodation Booking

                                                   SIM reserves the right to use any
                                                   images taken of students in our
                                                   undertaking of our course of

Useful Telephone Numbers
and Websites

                                                            about SIM

Police                                 999
Fire/Ambulance                         995
Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)          1800 221 4444
Emergency Counseling: 24 hours

Transport Services

TransitLink Hotline                    1800 2255 663
Woodlands Airport Pick up service      6543 4616


Immigration Enquiry Service            6391 6118
Changi International Airport           1800 542 4422
Flight Enquiry Service


Recruitment/Student Care & Services/   6248 9746
International Student Office
Student Helpdesk                       6248 9393
SIM HQ Security Counter                6248 9572

            Useful Telephone Numbers
            and Websites
about SIM


            Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
            Immigration & Checkpoints Authority
            SBS Transit                 
            About Singapore             

Useful Telephone Numbers
and Websites

                                                                                                        about SIM
Embassies/Consulates/High Commissions in Singapore
Name                  Address                Website             Email                Telephone

Embassy of the        27 Napier Road,        http://singapore.   singaporeusembassy   6476 9100
United States,        Singapore 258208

Australian High       25 Napier Road,        http://www.        enquiries-sg@         6836 4100
Commission,           Singapore 258507       singapore.embassy.

Bangladesh High       91 Bencoolen Street,   http://www.         bdoot@singnet        6255 0075
Commission,           #06-01, Sunshine
Singapore             Plaza, Singapore       .sg/cms/

British High          100 Tanglin Road,      http://ukin         consular.singapore   6424 4200
Commission,           Singapore 247919       singapore.fco.

Bruneian Consulate    325 Tanglin Road       N/A                 N/A                  6733 9055
in Singapore          Singapore 247955

Embassy of            400 Orchard Road,      http://www.recam    cambodiaembasy@      6341 9785
Cambodia,             #10-03/04    
Singapore             Orchard Towers,
                      Singapore 238875

The Embassy of        150 Tanglin Road,      http://www.china    chinaemb_sg@         64180328,
the People's          Singapore 247969           64180333,
Republic of China,                           /chn/                                    64180336

Embassy of France,    101-103 Cluny          http://www.amba     Admin-etrangers.     6880 7800
Singapore             Park Road,         singapour-
                      Singapore 259595                           amba@diplomatie.

High Commission       31 Grange Road,        http://www.         hcoffice@            6238 2550
of India, Singapore   India House, 
                      Singapore 239702

Embassy of            No. 7                  http://www.         info@kbri            6737 7422
Indonesia,            Chatsworth Road,
Singapore             Singapore 249761

Embassy of            16 Nassim Road,      infoculture@         6235 8855
Japan, Singapore      Singapore 258390

Embassy of the        47 Scotts Road,        http://sgp.mofat    info@korea           6256 1188
Republic of Korea     #05-01 Goldbell   
                      Singapore 228233

Embassy of Laos,      51 Newton Road,        N/A                 laoembsg@            6250 6044,
Singapore             #13-04/05                               6250 6741
                      Goldhill Plaza,
                      Singapore 308900

            Useful Telephone Numbers
            and Websites
about SIM

            Embassies/Consulates/High Commissions in Singapore
            Name               Address                  Website             Email                Telephone

            High Commission    301 Jervois Road,        http://www.kln.     mwspore@             6732 8067
            of Malaysia,       Singapore 249077   

            Embassy of         600 North Bridge         http://www.real     consulmn@            6348 0745
            Mongolia in        Road, #24-08   
            Singapore          Parkview Square          singapore/
                               Singapore 188778

            Embassy of the     15 ST. Martin's Drive,       ambassador@          6735 0209
            Union of Myanmar   Singapore 257996

            Consulate-         1 North Bridge Road,     N/A                 swamilaw@            6336 1677
            General            #18-05 High Street                 
            of Nepal           Centre Singapore

            New Zealand        391A Orchard Road,       enquiries@nz-        6235 9966
            High Commission,   #15-06/10 Ngee Ann
            Singapore          City Tower A,            singapore
                               Singapore 238873

            High Commission    1 Scotts Road            http://www.parep    N/A                  6737 6988
            of Pakistan        #24-02/04, Shaw
                               Centre, Singapore

            Embassy of         20 Nassim Road,          http://www.   6737 3977
            the Philippines    Singapore 258395         philippine-

            High Commission    51 Newton Road,          http://www.lanka.   slhcs@lanka.         6254 4595/6/7
            of Sri Lanka       #13-07/12 Goldhill    
                               Plaza, Singapore

            Taipei             #23-00 PSA Building,     http://www.taiwan   visataipeirep@       6500 0100
            Representative     460 Alexandra Road,            (ext 111, 116)
            Office in          Singapore 119963

            Royal Thai         370 Orchard Road,        http://www.thai     thaisgp@             6737 2158,
            Embassy            Singapore 238870       6737 2644
                                                                                                 6737 2475,
                                                                                                 6737 2476,
                                                                                                 6235 4175,
                                                                                                 6732 4674,
                                                                                                 6733 1768,
                                                                                                 6737 1460

            Embassy of         10 Leedon Park,          http://www.vietnam N/A                   6462 5994
            Vietnam,           Singapore 267887         embassy-singapore
            Singapore                                   .org/en/

Location Maps

                                                                                                                                                    about SIM
SIM HQ Building and SIM University
      From C

                                                                                     Ngee Ann
                                      mp                                         Polytechnic (NAP)
                              ju   Ca

                                           Gate 3 (2-way traffic)

 Make a                                    Ngee Ann
 U-turn here                               Polytechnic (NAP)
                                                                                          Main Entrance
                                                                                          Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NAP)

                                                                                                                                      Bukit Timah

                                                                                                                               h Ro
                                                                    Gate 2
                                                                    (1-way traffic)      Gate 1 (2-way traffic)

                                                                               Clementi Road

                                                        Legend                                                           ukit
                                                                                                                        er B
                  SIM Headquarters                      Bus Stop

                  461 Clementi Road                     Bus Nos: 52, 61,74,75,151
                  Singapore 599491                      (from Dover MRT Station)
                                                        154,184 (from Clementi MRT Station)
                                                        Overhead Bridge

            Location Maps
about SIM

            SIM Mangement House (Namly Avenue)

                                                                FRO UE

                                                                                                                                                                                              Overhead bridge

                                             Ist U-Turn

                                             available                          2nd U-Turn                                                                                                    Bus-stop

                                                                                available                                                                                                     Services No. 66, 67, 74
            FRO                                                                                                                                                                                            151, 154, 156, 157

                       UPP                                                                                                                                                                                 170, 171, 174, 961, 852

                             BUK                                                                                                                                                    CP
                                    IT T                                                                                                                                                      Car Park
                                                                  VANDA RO


                                              H                                                                                                                                     Nearest MRT Stations

                                                                                                          Nanyang Girls                                                             – Newton MRT Station

                                                                                                           High School                                                                (Bus service no. 171 at Scotts Road or
                                                                                                                                                                                      no. 66, 67, 170 and 171 at Bukit Timah Road)
                                                                                                                                    National Junior College                         – Clementi MRT Station
                                                                                                                                                                                      (Bus service no. 154 at Clementi Road)



                                                                                                                                                     Authority of Singapore


                                                                                                                              D U
                H AV



                                                                                                                                  N E


                                                                                                                                       A R





                                                                                                                             B U




                                                                                                                                  K I            O







                                 RES                                                                                                     T I











                   LY                                                                                                 CP                                                                                     3rd U-Turn



                            A V E NUE                                                                                                                                   O




                                                                                                                                                              Hwa Chong

                                                                                                     gh o
                                                                                                   Hi cho                  Chinese High
                                                                                                                                                              Junior College
                                                                                                se g S
                                                                                             ine in                        School
                                                                                           Ch oard
                                                                                        Singapore Institute of Management                                                                Plaza                            FR
                                                                                              Management House                                                                                                                     WT

                                                                                               41, Namly Avenue
                                                                                               Singapore 267616

                                                                                               Tel: 65 6246 6746


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