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Customer Relationship Management at

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About the Company:

Airtel comes to you from Bharti Airtel Limited, one of Asia’s leading integrated telecom
services providers with operations in India and Sri Lanka. Bharti Airtel since its inception,
has been at the forefront of technology and has pioneered several innovations in the telecom

The company is structured into four strategic business units - Mobile, Telemedia, Enterprise
and Digital TV. The mobile business offers services in India and Sri Lanka. The Telemedia
business provides broadband, IPTV and telephone services in 95 Indian cities. The Digital
TV business provides Direct-to-Home TV services across India. The Enterprise business
provides end-to-end telecom solutions to corporate customers and national and international
long distance services to telcos.

By 2010 Airtel will be the most admired brand in India:

Loved by more customers
Targeted by top talent
Benchmarked by more businesses
   We at Airtel always think in fresh and innovative ways about the needs of our customers
and how we want them to feel. We deliver what we promise and go out of our way to delight
the customer with a little bit more

What is CRM?

CRM consists of:
   Helping an enterprise to enable its marketing departments to identify and target their best
    customers, manage marketing campaigns with clear goals and objectives, and generate
    quality leads for the sales team.
   Assisting the organization to improve telesales, account, and sales management by
    optimizing information shared by multiple employees, and streamlining existing
    processes (for example, taking orders using mobile devices)
   Allowing the formation of individualized relationships with customers, with the aim of
    improving customer satisfaction and maximizing profits; identifying the most profitable
    customers and providing them the highest level of service.
   Providing employees with the information and processes necessary to know their
    customers, understand their needs, and effectively build relationships between the
    company, its customer base, and distribution partners
After All, It costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain one.
Why did Airtel need CRM?

Existing Systems (before 2003)

There were Individual modules for each of the processes and hence a clear lack of
              Order processing
              Project management
              Billing
              Customer details
              Call center operations
              Direct Marketing
              Sales Management
              Channel Management

All processes were handled with minimum coordination from another and the
interdependence was avoided which later proved to create problems like duplicity,
insufficient data, inefficient service etc.

                                        Things Changed

A Three Step Program changed is for Bharti Airtel and made them what they are today.

Step1: Technology evaluation and Gap analysis

In the first step of implementation, capabilities of all the existing technologies of Airtel were
evaluated and Gap analysis was done to find out the difference between current and required
technology levels. The technologies which were required were listed down and their
prospective cost of implementation was calculated.

Step2: Internal restructuring and Re- engineering

In the second phase of implementation, Airtel redesigned all the existing modules of for each
process, which were earlier process focused to new modules which are now customer
focused. These new modules helped them to recognize their customer needs more accurately
and provide them with the desired benefits.

Step3: Pilot program and Feedback cycle

In the last and final phase of implementation when all the modules were redesigned, a pilot
program was launched and feedback was taken from the users of the pilot program.
Customer Segmentation

New CRM model helped Airtel to segment their customers in a much better way. As per the
model, Airtel classified its customers into four major segments:

   Achievers -Consisting of professionals and executives who want quick and efficient
   Funsters - Young people who want fun and entertainment, mobile is a gadget for them.
   Productivity Enhancer- Like traders, plumbers and electricians for whom mobile is a
    productive tool.
   Social Callers- Consisting of young girls/ wives who make calls to stay in touch with
    their loved one/ friends and at times to flaunt it as a status symbol.

Internal and External CRM

Internal and External CRM are nothing but two sides of the same coin. Airtel has classified
them as Operational and Analytical CRM.

   Operational CRM

            Workflow

            Day-to-day activities

   Analytical CRM

            Customer information

            Business development

Hence New Modules were introduced:
            Marketing
            Planning
            Campaign Management
            Lead Management
            Sales
            Activity Management
            Knowledge Management (FAQs, How to guides)
            Call Center Support
            Opportunity Management

It is important to understand and segregate customer needs depending on the product and
services he is buying. One of the primary things that they have done in this solution is the
segmentation of customers. With this, AirTel is now able to give its customers more value for
money. With the help of CRM, they are able to provide customers different schemes and
services depending on airtime usage. If the customer is a heavy user then they have some
specific schemes; for normal users they have other schemes. Apart from this, they have also
managed to segregate their workflow with the help of the CRM tool.

Initially, when Bharti started operations, the whole system was run manually. At that point of
time only 40 percent of their customer issues were getting resolved—this has now gone up to
about 90 percent.

Strategy has also played a major role in improving customer service at AirTel. After starting
its services in Delhi, Bharti acquired lot of circles and sought new licences in other circles;
whenever they got a new licence, they implemented the CRM tool immediately. But they had
to put in a migration strategy in those acquired circles which had an existing subscriber base.

Some of the other benefits include:

    Cross selling and up selling of relevant schemes

    Generation of accurate leads and SMS bursts that target only the right customers
     based on their segmentation is possible

    Customized and simplified bill formats, payment collection centers, network
     deployments, and the activation process was enabled

    Better value added services were provided

    It facilitated knowledge sharing amongst employees.

    Started e-billing

    Online customer support on new system

    Reduced cost of customer or customer acquisition cost

    System is highly scalable as the number of subscribers increase.

    Automatic escalation of problem to superior authority on breaching pre-set time limit.


As the internet is becoming more and more important in business life, many companies
consider it as an opportunity to reduce customer-service costs, tighten customer relationships
and most important, further personalize marketing messages and enable mass
customization.[6] Together with the creation of Sales Force Automation (SFA), where
electronic methods were used to gather data and analyze customer information, the trend of
the upcoming Internet can be seen as the foundation of what we know as eCRM today. We
can define eCRM as activities to manage customer relationships by using the Internet, web
browsers or other electronic touch points. The challenge hereby is to
offer communication and information on the right topic, in the right amount, and at the right
time that fits the customer’s specific needs.[7]

After implementation of the Oracle CRM, Airtel is now implementing e-CRM.

e-CRM implementation partner is IBM

Airtel would now provide a host of services running on Oracle CRM like:

               Online customer support

               Customer profiling

               Web interface

               Sales management for vendors and partners

Such services make it easy for customers, distributors and other channel partners to keep a
track of their request/response and expedite the two way interaction.

      Reception/Waiting               Briefing about the               Purchase
            Area                         various Plans
     • Well Greeted                  • Explained in             • Various Payment
     • Comfortable                     detail                     Options
       Seating                       • Suggested Plans          • SIM delivered
     • Served Water                    according to the           immediately
                                       specific                 • Selected Choice
                                       requirements               for Number
                                     • Explained                • Local Address
                                       Comparative                Proof (-ve)
                                     • VAS
               (+ve)                       (+ve)                          (+ve)
          Activation                         Billing                Value Added
     • Usually take                • Number of                   • Information
       between 24-                   billing Options               available
       48 hrs                      • Incorrect                     easily
     • Loop holes in                 Unbilled                    • Convenient
       Document                      Usage                         activation/Dea
       Submission                  • Billing                       ctivation
     • Address                       Discrepancies               • Wide range
       Verification                • Unfulfilled
               (-ve)                         (-ve)                       (+ve)


It is an example as to how Airtel has been giving choice with convenience to its customers.

Paying bills becomes tedious for a customer if he has to stand in long lines or wait in any
other way , also delayed payment attracts penalty. Airtel is concerned about its customers and
also to diver the increasing customer base to various other channels it has now 9 WAYS to
pay the bill.

    Pay from Home
               Pay using mChek on Airtel
               Log on to www.airtel.in and go to “My Account” Section.
    Onetime Payment instructions
               Give an ECS for your bank account
               Give a standing instruction for charging your credit card.
    Walk in and Pay at
               Any Airtel recharge outlet
               Airtel Relationship centre
               Any easy bill/ Oxygen outlet
               Any Airtel drop box
              ATM payments – For PNB debit card holders

Some Experiences:
Prompt Acknowledgement as soon as you write an email

But, The query is NOT solved as promptly. The replies are most of the time a mere copy
paste of procedures and not specific to what customer asked.

Eg; I had written an email recently to stop my paper bill as I was already getting an ebill and
hence no need to waste paper.

Irrespective of what I asked them to do, they sent me an email telling me to register my
phone on website..........Why would I do that again If I am already getting an ebill and I had
reqested the procedure several times...So it was just a copy paste of procedure of getting an
And few other complaining and furious emails:

   Deliver what you promise!!!

   Don’t over-commit!!

   Be Reasonable while answering Queries!!

   Be Accountable!!

   Real time billing update

   Ensure safe handling of documents

   Immediate Activation

   Courteous and informed employees is a must

   Keep Customer informed about new schemes but do not hinder privacy!!!

   Empathise with customers of all age groups- Don’t expect old age people to write
    emails etc.

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