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					         January 2008, Vol. XXVI, No. 1                                                                                            

Will there be a spring election?                                                                      To force an election or not to               Mounting       fears    of    an
                                                                                             force an election. That is the question      impending economic meltdown are
                                                                                             Liberal MPs are pondering as they            reducing the chances that Liberals will
                                                                                             prepare for next week's resumption of        decide to force an early federal
                                                                                             Parliament. And the answer thus far          election. Even the most hawkish
                                                                                             appears to be: Maybe. Even Leader            Liberal MPs were suddenly pulling
                                                                                             Stephane Dion, who was decidedly             back from the election brink Monday as
                                                                                             hawkish only a month ago about               stock markets worldwide continued
                                                                                             toppling the minority Conservative           their nosedive. "I think the economy is
                                                                                             government early in the new year, has        the No. 1 thing right now, rather than an
                                                                                             toned down the sabre rattling.               election, I really do," said Toronto-area
                                                                                                      Federal    Liberal     caucus       MP Garth Turner.
                                                                                             chairman Anthony Rota says "we                        Prime Minister Stephen Harper
                                                                                             haven't picked a time to overthrow the       will pay a heavy political price in the
                                                                                             government,"      but     the     official   next election for his right-wing
                                                                                             Opposition is ready for an election          "fanaticism" and his betrayal of
                                                                                             campaign, if and when the time is            Quebec, predicts Bloc Québécois
                                                                                             right to defeat the minority                 Leader Gilles Duceppe. Mr. Duceppe
                                                                                             Conservatives      after     Parliament      outlined a two-fold election strategy
                                                                                             resumes next week. Rota, MP for the          attacking the Conservatives' economic
                                                                                             Northern Ontario riding of Nipissing-        record as the defender of the French
                                                                                             Timiskaming, made the comment in             language and the Quebec identity.
                                                                                             an interview on the eve of the Liberals'     Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles
                                                                                             two-day caucus session in Kitchener,
                                                                                             Ont.                                         See Page 16      Spring election
Liberal Party convention sign

 TOURISM                             Page 6
                                               Hillary or Obama? FilAms weigh in
                                                                                                                                              Which one will make history – a first
                                                                                                                                          black president or first woman
                                                                                                                                          president? The community is weighing
                                                                                                                                          in, with the Democratic race for
                    Negros Occidental                                                                                                     presidential nominee in the Nov. 4
                                                                                                                                          general elections shaping into a two-
                                                                                                                                          way contest between New York Sen.
            Contents                                                                                                                      Hillary Clinton and Illinois Sen. Barack
                                                                                                                                          Obama. Said Irene Bueno, who worked
                                                                                                                                          in the White House during President Bill
                                                                                                                                          Clinton’s two terms: “Hillary’s win in
 To u r i s m   . . . . . . . . . . . . p. 6                                                                                              New Hampshire shows that momentum
                                                                                                                                          is clearly in our side. Voters across the
 Showbiz Gossip          . . . . . . . p. 8                                                                                               country will see as voters in New
                                                                                                                                          Hampshire saw that Hillary Clinton
 Filstar Photo Gallery . . . p. 10
                                                                                                                                          doesn’t just talk about change–she will
                                                                                                                                          be a president who actually brings
 Classified Ads         . . . . . . . p. 12
                                                                                                                                             Bueno served as special presidential
                                                                                                                                          assistant on domestic policy at the
 Philippine Cuisine . . . . . p. 12
                                                                                                                                          White House, and also as special
                                                                                                                                          assistant in the chief of staff’s office.
 Community News. . . . . . . p. 16
                                                                                                                                          Currently, she’s a principal at Nueva
                                                                                                                                          Vista Group LLC based here. For
 Global Perspectives . . . . p. 17
                                                                                                                                          Baldwin        Domingo,        three-term
                                                                                                                                          Democratic member of the State House
 Other News . . . p. 3,5,13-15,18                                                                                                         in New Hampshire, it doesn’t matter

                                                                                                                                          See Page 16      Hillary or Obama
                                               Senator   Barack Obama (Illinois) and Senator Hillary Clinton (New York)

                                    Vote for a new voice in Ottawa!
                                      Questions or concerns? Call (514) 482-0770                                                            TZOUBARI
2                                                                      The North American Filipino Star                                             January 1-15, 2008

                                                                                           Why all Filipinos should join the Cooperative

                                                                                                    The auditors, Gosselin &           least 100 members who will commit
                                                                                           Associates, are now completing the          themselves to be available and attend
                                                                                           2006 financial statements after a long      this meeting, we will find an
                                                                                           delay because we only submitted all         appropriate place. Members who are
                                             implemented. Do we ever keep track
Politics and change                          of them?
                                                                                           the accounting records last December.       interested in attending the geneal
                                                                                           This was unavoidable because of the         assembly should call 514-733-8915 to
     The concept of change is an                  The media is probably responsible        huge amount of paper that our               indicate their willingness to attend, or
interesting subject for it can be viewed     for this lack of follow up. When the          accounting clerk had to go through in       they can come to the store at 4711 Van
from both a philosophical and practical      issues are current topics, newspapers         order to understand what happened           Horne Avenue to sign a survey sheet
point of view. Lately, it has become the     and radio talk shows do a good job of         with the cash which were not properly       to indicate their choice of a meeting
word of the day as it is the slogan of       keeping them in people’s minds but            accounted for. There were no                date. At the time of writing this article,
the main contenders to the US                after a short period of time, even if they    accounting procedures in place at the       we have not yet received any specific
presidential nomination particularly         do not get resolved, they are not             beginning of the Coop. This was             date when the auditors can give us the
among the Democrats.             Senator     reported again. It would seem that it is      compounded by the problem of the            2006 financial statement but as soon
Barack Obama is even dubbed as Mr.           only during elections that the same           “Paluagan” or members’ saving plan,         as this information is available, we will
Change, while Senator Hillary Clinton        topics will be discussed and debated          a scheme introduced by the former           post the notice at the Coop and also
has passionately declared her                again.                                        president of the Coop to entice people      announce it in the next issue of the
commitment to change. In fact, she                We agree that change is good             to become members for a $10 or $20          Filipino Star.
emphasized that her 35 years of              when it is meant to improve or to             membership fee.                                      Many people may wonder
experience has been devoted to               correct     injustices     and     wrongs              Although we do not yet have        why it is a good idea to be a member
change.                                      committed against people who are              an exact date when the general              of the Filipino Solidarity Cooperative.
     It seems easy to say that one is in     deprived of their fair share of economic      assembly will be held, we are hoping        The auditors, Gosselin & Associates,
favor of change but it is not clear how      opportunities. But how often have we          to hold it soon after the financial         gave us a very interesting information
one can implement it without the             seen that it takes several years before       statements have been finalized by the       that most people may not be aware of.
cooperation of everyone concerned.           changes are adopted by the majority           auditors. We will call all members to a     According to them, cooperative
As everyone agrees, change is                or the mainstream society.              For   general assembly in order to discuss        members usually get discounts and
inevitable in the natural world but it       example, the question of professional         the financial status of the Coop and to     rebates called “ristourne” in French.
seems impossible to do in man-made           accreditation of foreign graduates has        show exact figures about the missing
institutions or systems. Mr. Clive           not been resolved until now. The              or wasted funds spent.. If there are at     See Page 4       Why be a member?
Doucet who wrote a book titled “Urban        changes proposed to the Live-In
Meltdown” provides an interesting            Caregiver program are still not realized
point of view of why change is hard to       although there have been many
                                                                                                                 FILIPINO SOLIDARITY
do. As poet, city councilor and urban
activist, he provides a “razor-sharp
                                             representations made by advocacy
                                             groups.       Even changes to the
                                                                                                    2004         COOPERATIVE
insider’s perspective into how               immigration refugee act passed by                                   Coopérative de Solidarité Filipino
explosive urban growth is accelerating       Parliament are not yet acted upon for
global warming, and why political
                                                                                                                 4711 Van Horne Avenue, Montreal H3W 1H8
                                             some unknown reasons. If only these
action seems paralyzed.” He believes         changes have been adopted, Mr.
that politicians seem to be paralyzed        Danius Sabadao could have had his
by the pressures of lobby groups;            refugee appeal heard and he could
hence,        they     have       pushed     have avoided years of agony. Until
environmental issues on the back             now, he is still waiting for his fate to be
burner. He said” “It’s not about             decided.
planning. It’s about politics.” Doucet            The idea of change, or making
asserts that climate change is               changes to the government always
proceeding so quickly not for lack of        attracts people.        A new political
knowledge, but because politicians           candidate can get a lot of mileage by
who deviate from the car-based sprawl        simply declaring he or she will work for
model cannot get elected.                    change. But how much change really                   Not yet a member? Support your first and only
     During elections, it seems as if all    happens? Often times, the status quo               Filipino cooperative in Canada. Be a member now!
candidates         become       idealists,   is maintained because most politicians
philosophers, and visionaries but after      prefer to keep the peace. Perhaps, the
elections, the ideas that they espoused
either get postponed or forgotten
                                             only way changes will occur is when a
                                             strong political leader is able to
unless they are reminded by a diligent       mobilize his peers not only to pass                              Store Hours:
electorate. But the problem seems to         laws but also to act upon them
lie in the general attitude of apathy,
                                                                                                   Monday to Friday - 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
                                             expeditiously or promptly. We also
Moreover, we are simply too busy to          need political leaders like Nelson                    Saturday-Sunday - 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
notice that the promises these               Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi who
politicians made have not been               showed such strong commitment to                                       514-733-8915
followed through. We all generally           change that they were willing to
become embroiled with our own busy           sacrifice their own lives. But they are a                     Tangkilin ang sariling atin.
life and we tend to let things go by.        rare breed thus change remains an                 Working together for common prosperity.
Unless we are real activists, we wait for    elusive dream most of the time.
the political leaders to do their jobs. It
is a wonder how long it takes before                  Zenaida Ferry Kharroubi
the       changes      promised       get

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January 1-15, 2008                                                      The North American Filipino Star                                                                                 3

RP government drafts constitutional                                                             Under      the    constitution,    the    scope and boundaries of the MILF's
                                                                                          exploration, utilisation and development        demand for "ancestral domain" or
amendment to create muslim homeland                                                       of natural resources shall be "under the        communal land that Muslims lost when
January 9, 2008                               over a larger area.                         full control" of the state.                     the colonial government introduced a
                                                   Decades of fighting has left tens of         Both sides reached a breakthrough         system of land titles. a
     President Gloria Arroyo is to call for
changes to the Philippines constitution       thousands dead as well as large parts of in November when they agreed to the
to resolve a major obstacle that has          Mindanao mired in poverty.
threatened to derail peace talks with              Christian migrants that now            Thousands hail religious statue in
                                              comprise the majority in Mindanao are
Muslim separatists, a senior aide said
Wednesday.                                    wary of Muslim rule and have rejected
     The Filipino leader is to ask            proposals to expand the ARMM.               January 9, 2008
Congress and the electorate to approve             Previous government efforts to               Tens of thousands of devotees,
a shift from a centralised form of            change the constitution have proved many of them barefoot, thronged
government in favour of a "federal"           unpopular in the past due to suspicion Manila on Wednesday to snatch a
system to accommodate Moro Islamic            that the sitting president would use it to glimpse of a centuries old black statue
Liberation Front (MILF) calls for a           change a provision that limits the of Jesus Christ during its annual
regional government in parts of the           presidency to a single six-year term.       parade.
south, Jesus Dureza said.                          Dureza said the idea of a federal set-       The wooden Black Nazarene,
     Dureza, Arroyo's chief adviser on        up was popular in Mindanao, where carved in Mexico and brought to the
peace negotiations with the country's         there is a perception by many that the Philippine capital in the early 17th
communist as well as Muslim separatist        national government has neglected the century, is cherished by Catholics, who
rebel groups, said her cabinet agreed         region.                                     believe it performs miracles.
on December 18 "that this is the way               He said the Arroyo government was            "Before I wash the shirt I wore in
forward" after talks with the MILF broke      hopeful that if the electorate were the procession, I wipe my children's
down.                                         convinced a federal set-up would solve faces with it first so they will not get
     He told the Foreign Correspondents       the Muslim insurgency, "they will give it sick," Arnel Gadia, who has been
Association here that the initiative would    to us."                                     coming to the festival for 11 years, told
allow the setting up of a MILF-proposed            He said the government has yet to
                                                                                          Reuters Television.
"Bangsa Moro (Muslim Nation) Juridical        decide whether to ask the Senate and
                                                                                                The police estimated up to
Entity" to exercise key powers over the       the House of Representatives to
                                                                                          100,000 people gathered in the oldest
area excluding defence and foreign            convene a constituent assembly to
                                              amend the constitution, or to call on
                                                                                          part of Manila to see the icon, dressed
     The electorate of the mainly Roman       Filipinos to elect delegates to a in maroon robes and paraded in a
Catholic Philippines in 1987 ratified a       constitutional convention. He also carriage.                                                A statue of the Black Nazarene makes its
new constitution that set up limited          declined to discuss a timetable.                  The religious spectacle has been          way as thousands of devotees joined the
Muslim self-rule in several provinces of           The peace talks, hosted by Kuala carried out for more than 200 hundred                 procession in Manila January 9, 2008.
the southern region of Mindanao.              Lumpur, broke down last month with the years.                                               some of its power.
     Nine years later the government          MILF aborting a planned December 15               Police were checking reports two
                                                                                                                                             "Because of the Black Nazarene,
signed a peace treaty with another            meeting to draft a peace accord for people collapsed and later died in the
                                                                                                                                          my son recovered from a car accident.
Muslim rebel faction, the Moro National       signing in early 2008.                      procession.
                                                                                                                                          He almost died," said Marcelina
Liberation Front, that went on to run the          The rebels want greater Muslim               Many         onlookers         twirled
                                                                                                                                          Eusebio, 59, who came from the
so-called Autonomous Region in Muslim         control over the economic resources of handkerchiefs and threw them at
                                              the proposed Muslim homeland in the devotees on the carriage to wipe the                    central island of Cebu to join the
Mindanao (ARMM).
                                              Philippines, a former Spanish and US statue in the hope of carrying away                    choked procession. a
     However the MILF has rejected the
ARMM and demanded wider powers                colony.

                                                                      are pleased to invite you to
               G i l m o r e I n t e r n a t i o n a l C o l l e g e the “Writers Helping Writers”
               & t h e Wo r l d A c a d e m y o f L e t t e r s                workshop
                                                                                                 inter-active, multi-cultural, motivational
                   Your ideas should not remain locked up in your head - find a way to
                   express them and feel fulfilled by doing so. This workshop will help you
                   get started easily in the most interesting way. Find out the secret by
                   attending this unique workshop which will start soon.       Seminars to be held in
                                              What they say about writing:                      March and April 2008
   Who should attend:                      There’s only one way to learn to write - read!
   People from all walks of life, fields   Every person who has the ability to read can learn how to write.
   and occupations - nurses, doctors, What do writers do? They write.
   architects, engineers, clerks,          What do good writers do? They write and re-write.
   secretaries, teachers, students -       What do excellent writers do? They write, re-write, re-write, re-
   anyone who wants to live a fuller life. write until they get it “right.”
                                                                                                                                  Workshop Leaders
  Why you should attend:                       Proof of Attendance:
  Everyone has to write, whether you           An attractive certificate and tax receipt will be given at the
  earn your living by writing or               end of the workshop.
  working for yourself or others, your         Proceedings will be videotaped. You may purchase a
  ability to express yourself in English       copy for your future reference.
  is absolutely essential. Since               NOTE:
  English has become the language of           In addition to establishing a writers’ network, a public
  business around the world,                   speaking course will be a follow-up to this workshop.
  mastering the art of writing and
  speaking is the key to your success
                                               Schedule: (Tentatively set for Jan. 08)                                 Isaac T. Goodine                  Zenaida F. Kharroubi
  in your personal and professional                                                                                    BsC., B.Ed. C. Eng.             B.A. English, M.A. Ed. Studies
  life.Learning to write well helps you        Friday - 6:00 to 10:00 p.m.                                          International Speaker & Author      Diploma in Education, TESL
  win friends and influence people!            Saturday & Saturday - 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.                            “Leaders Leding Leaders”          Founder & Director-General
                                                                                                                   Resource Person, Transparency         Gilmore International College
                                               Tuition Fee:
   Gilmore International College                                                                                    International, Fomrer Principal,          Editor & Publisher,
   4950 Queen Mary Rd. Penthouse
                                               2 1/2 days seminar for the low rate of $495 including               Director of Schools & Colleges,       North American Filipino Star
   Montreal, QC H3W 1X3                        taxes and materials.                                                Human Resources Development           Group Commissioner, Scouts
                                                                                                                  Specialist, Consultant, World Bank      Canada, Quebec Council
                                                                                                                                                             “Laging Handa” 0592                      Call 514-485-7861 to register
4                                                                    The North American Filipino Star                                          January 1-15, 2008

From Page 2      Why be a member?           capital required to buy merchandise in      balances but some of them have              installments. This amount covers the
                                            bulk. to cover overhead costs, and to       changed their telephone numbers after       qualifying shares of $50 for common
They will also receive more dividends if
                                            pay its worker-members. So far, only a      signing their membership application        stock, and $50 for preferred shares.
they do more business with their own
                                            few people are sacrificing their time       forms. We are therefore asking them         We will also issue additional preferred
cooperative as they get more share of
                                            and effort in working many hours as         to help us by giving their new address      shares that will have a better interest
the profits in proportion to their
                                            volunteers. After more than two years,      and telephone number. At the same           rate     than     guaranteed     savings
participation or patronage.          We
                                            these volunteers should be given a          time, we are asking all members to          certificates. If there are 50 members
therefore advise all members to keep
                                            break, including the writer of this         submit ID size photos for their ID cards    who will be willing to invest a minimum
their receipts so that they can claim
                                            article. It will be a big shame if no one   plus $3.00 to cover the cost of             of $1 000 in preferred shares each, we
these rebates when the time comes.
                                            cares about their sacrifices for the        lamination and printing. This ID card       will have enough operating capital for
However, dividends will only be
                                            Coop. After all, it is not owned by one     will be used in the implementation of       the next 6 months.
distributed to members when a
                                            person but by approximately 600             lower prices for members soon.                        We are also embarking on the
cooperative can afford such a
                                            people who have put down between                     The Coop is stepping on its        revision of the Coop’s first business
distribution without putting it into a
                                            $10 to $100 each. Those who have not        third year. We would like to achieve        plan in order to apply for a second
precarious financial positiion. It is all
                                            completely paid their quailifying shares    5000 level of membershhip before our        subsidy from the government but one
up to members to make the Coop
                                            of $100 should also be made aware           fifth year of existence in order to win a   of the crucial factors of being approved
attain its profit objective.
                                            that they must pay their balances           financial award given to new                is to show improvement in its sales.
          As everyone knows, the
                                            which total approximately $30 000.          cooperatives that overcame big              We can only fulfill this requirement with
grocery stores which are very
                                            This will greatly help the Coop in          challenges. At present, we have about       your help and support. Needless to
successful are patronized by many
                                            purchasing more merchandise and             600      members.           We      need    say, our Cooperative will only succeed
Filipinos. But these stores do not give
                                            paying some of its creditors. In            approximately 20% of tthe Filipino          if we all believe in the economic
them anything in return.        If they
                                            particular, we have some directors who      population in Cote des Neiges to            empowerment that a cooperative can
patronize their own cooperative, they
                                            loaned money to the Coop and have           become members to achieve our goal.         give. Will you all answer this call to
will get something back in the form of
                                            not yet been paid until now.                         What does it take to be a          help your own community?
discounts and dividends. However,
                                                       We are going to call those       member? It only involves investing
they have to start by becoming
                                            members who have outstanding                $100 which can be paid in 2 or 3                    Zenaida Ferry Kharroubi
members in order to build up the

                     Une réduction de taxe pour                                                                          Happy
                         la nouvelle année                                                                              New Year!

            Le gouvernement du Canada                                                                The GST is going down
                baisse la TPS à 5 %.                                                                       to 5%.
       À compter du 1er janvier 2008, toutes les entreprises doivent percevoir la TPS             Starting on January 1, 2008 all businesses must apply
       au nouveau taux réduit de 5 %.                                                             the GST at the new and lower rate of 5%.

       Tous les Canadiens pourront profiter de cette réduction de taxe permanente                  This permanent tax cut will benefit all Canadians,
       lorsqu’ils achèteront, par exemple, un café, une automobile, un ordinateur,                whether purchasing a coffee or a car, a computer or
       une maison neuve, des pneus d’hiver ou lorsqu’ils feront appel aux services                a new home, snow tires or the services of a skilled
       de gens de métier.                                                                         tradesperson.

                 En 2008, les Canadiens                                                                  2008 will be a less
                     paieront moins                                                                        taxing year for
                        de taxe.                                                                             Canadians.
       Pour en savoir davantage sur la réduction de la TPS, les consommateurs                     To learn more about how the GST reduction affects
       et les entreprises peuvent se rendre à ou appeler                         consumers or businesses visit
       au 1-866-959-7798.                                                                         or call: 1-866-959-7797.

January 1-15, 2008                                             The North American Filipino Star                                                                     5

Palace downplays Erap plan for Estrada plans to name 'plotters' in
2010                           new book
January 14, 2008                         president.                             January 6, 2008                              his impeachment 30 months into office,
     Malacañang reminded ousted               During the People Asia                 Disgraced      former     Philippine    and subsequently to his ouster in a
President Joseph Estrada Sunday          magazine’s "People of the Year"        president Joseph Estrada said Monday         military-backed bloodless popular
that the Constitution bars him from      awards         at     the      Hotel   he is writing a book about his life and      revolt.
running again for the presidency in                                             plans to name prominent officials he              In April 2000 he became the first
                                         InterContinental       in     Makati
                                                                                claims conspired against him.                president to be booked and detained
2010.                                    Thursday night, Estrada said he             Estrada, 70, was released two           like a common criminal.
     Executive Secretary Eduardo         would rather pick himself to lead      months ago from prison where he had
Ermita said the 70-year-old Estrada      the country than entrust the task to   been serving a life sentence for             His six-year trial ended last September,
does not seem to be serious in his       any of Monday’s presidential           corruption, after being granted a
statements that he will make a           aspirants.                             pardon by his arch enemy and
comeback since he is fully aware of           None of them were winnable so     successor, President Gloria Arroyo.
the legal and constitutional             he would run for office himself, he         Estrada told ABS-CBN television
impediments.                             added.                                 that the nation's powerbrokers had
     "Former President Estrada is             Other special guests were Vice    conspired to bring original corruption
his own man, and we cannot fault                                                charges against him because they
                                         President Noli de Castro, Senators
                                                                                could not accept an outsider was
him for making such statements,"         Manuel Roxas II, Loren Legarda         running the country.
Ermita said in a telephone               and      Jinggoy     Estrada,   and         "I will reveal how big business,
interview.                               Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos-            politicians and military officials
     "Let’s give it to him. He has his   Recto.                                 conspired against me," said Estrada, a
own plans, however, the way I see             Legarda and Santos were           former action movie star, who
it, he is just trying to regain his      among the awardees.                    cultivated an image of the everyday
support from the masses."                     Earlier, Estrada said he would    man and remains hugely popular.
     Ermita said Estrada’s moving        run for president in 2010 if the            "They conspired with personalities
around, giving gifts and speeches,       opposition fails to unite behind a     from other sectors when they failed to
was not exactly early campaigning,                                              obtain government favours for their
                                         single standard-bearer.
                                                                                businesses," he said, refusing to name
but rather he wants to "return to the         He is qualified to run in 2010    the alleged conspirators.
masses that had placed him where         despite his conviction for plunder          "The book will describe how they
he is now."                              by the Sandiganbayan, he added.        ganged up against me."
     "He has been detained for six            Estrada said the executive             He said the book should be in print     File Photo: Ousted Philippine president
years, he might be wanting to            clemency granted him by President      "before the end of the year."                Joseph Estrada addresses supporters
regain his former popular status,"       Arroyo has already restored his             Estrada, who has said he is             during a visit to Navotas City, north of
he said.                                 political rights, among them his       finished with politics, told AFP last        Manila, in November 2007.
     However, Estrada said the           right to vote or to run for public     week that he was planning a return to
constitutional ban on presidential       office.                                the silver screen, this time starring in a   when he was convicted and sentenced
reelection does not apply to him                                                comedy.                                      for illegally amassing about 80 million
                                              He was able to vote in the last
                                                                                     In 1998 he won the presidency by        dollars      through     embezzlement,
because the people power revolt in       barangay elections, he added. a        the biggest margin in Philippine             kickbacks and payoffs from operators
January 2001 prevented him from                                                 history. Allegations of incompetence         of an illegal lottery. a
completing his six-year term as                                                 and massive corruption however led to

                                                                                                  LA MAISON NEW KUM MON

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                                                                                 Montreal, QC (Corner Appleton)
                                                                                                                             5047 Henri Bourassa Est
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                                                                                                                             Tel.: (514) 322-3133, 322-3130

         Enroll now at Gilmore                                                   Bean Curd Seafood Soup
                                                                                 1/2 Crispy Chicken
                                                                                 Salt and Pepper Pork Loin
                                                                                                                             Fish Maw Seafood Soup
                                                                                                                             Baked Lobster with Ginger
                                                                                                                             Seafood with Chinese
          Call 514-485-7861                                                      Stuffed Bean Curd with
                                                                                 Sauted Seasonal Vegetables
                                                                                                                             Saltand Pepper Cuttle Fish
                                                                                                                             Fried Sea Bass Fish
                                                                                 Steamed Rice
                                                                                                                             Steamed Rice
                                                                                                               4 Persons                                     $58.95
                                                                                                                                                          4 Persons

                                                                                  Bean Curd Soup                              Fish maw seafood soup

         Need Money?                                                              1/2 Crispy Chicken
                                                                                  Shrimp Cake with Chinese
                                                                                                                              2 Baked Lobsters with Ginger
                                                                                                                              Seafood with Eggplant
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  Do you have a full time job?                                                    Sweet and Sour Pork
                                                                                                                              Stuffed Bean Curd with
                                                                                  Seafood with Bean Curd in                   Seafood with Chinese broccoli
   If yes, call (514) 344-1499                                                    Hot Pot
                                                                                  Salt and Pepper Squid
                                                                                                                              Fried Sea Bass Fish
                                                                                                                              House Fried Rice
                                                                                  Fried Sea Bass Fish                         Special Fried Noodles
                                                                                  Steamed Rice                                                           $125.95

         AND GET CASH NOW!                                                                                       $63.95
                                                                                                              6 Persons                                   10 Persons

                                                                                 F R E E D E L I V E RY
                                                                                 Minimum order of $10
 Good & Bad Credit Accepted                                                      Delivery hours:                             514-733-1067
                                                                                 11:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
                                                                                 5:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.                      For party menu, call Kenny

6                                                                    The North American Filipino Star                                           January 1-15, 2008

      Sugar Bowl Of
      The Philippines
     Often referred to as the land of       while the rest speak "Cebuano".
genteel people and large sugar              Residents of its’ capital, Bacolod, are
plantations, Negros Occidental is           known as "Bacoleños.
blessed with beautiful natural scenery,           Negros     Occidental      is   the
unexplored waterfalls and mountains,        “Sugarbowl of the Philippines.” Sugar
white sand beaches, and crystal             was introduced to the Negrense during
springs.                                    the Spanish period and has been the
     Negros Occidental’s wealth has         main industry of the province since
always been its land, its charm in its      then, producing more than half of the
people, its pride in its cuisine. These     country’s sugar. Other industries
elements make for a destination that is     include aqua culture, agribusiness,
best when experienced.                      steel fabrication, and beer breweries.
     Strategically located as part of the         The province is also widely known
Western Visayas Region, the province        for its unique cuisine. Inasal, one of its
of Occidental Negros occupies the           known dishes, is a barbecued style
western portion of Negros Island. It is     chicken marinated in coconut vinegar,
bounded to the north by the Visayan         ginger, soy sauce, garlic and other
Sea; to the east by the province of         spices.
Oriental Negros and partly by Tañon               The sugar capital of the country is
Strait; to the west by the Strait of        also rich in natural and man-made
Guimaras; and to the south by Sulu          attractions. There’s Enchanted Isle,
Sea. The province is composed of 13         (Isla Puti), reputed for its white sand
cities and 19 municipalities. About         beaches and brimming vegetation, is
85% of the Negrenses speak "Ilonggo"        an ideal place for all water sports

                                                                                         Mount Kanlaon - An active volcano, it has two craters at the summit. It is home to
                                                                                         more than a hundred birds species found only here, including the Negros fruit dove.

An Iron Dinosaur (Steam Locomotive) at the entrance of the Lopez Sugar Plant.
Some sugar mills still maintain these turn of the century machines in good
working condition.

                                                             Masskara Festival, October 2007, Bacolod City
January 1-15, 2008                                                                            The North American Filipino Star                                                                              7
activities. Mt. Kanlaon, highest                     known to be the most numbered in
mountain range in the Visayan region,                festivals depicting certain cultures in
has a National Park with a variety of                each of its 19 towns and 13 cities. The
beautiful orchids and a boundless                    most famous is the Masskara Festival.
carpet of ferns and ligneous forest.                 - Sugar Mills and Plantations - The
      Historical sites also abound the               Sugar Industry itself - the mono-crop
area like Palacio Episcopal, which                   economy that made Negros the “Sugar
served as a home for Spanish military                Bowl” of the Philippines.
and officials. Remnants of the past                        - Beaches - Negros Occidental is
include several churches built during                also endowed with popular beaches
the Spanish era such as the San                      and island destinations located up
Sebastian Cathedral, Chapel of Santa                 north and down south of the province.
Clara and Chapel of Cartwheels. Silay                      - Steam Locomotives (San Carlos
City, one of the top 25 destinations in              Milling Inc., San Carlos City).
the country, brings you back in time as              Dates back to 1911. Still used today to
you pass by stately mansions where                   bring sugar planters from the Hacienda
sugar barons used to live.                           to the Sugar Mills.
      Bacolod City is noted for its                        - San Sebastian Cathedral - More San Sebastian Cathedral, Bacolod City, Negros Occiendtal, built during the spanish era
annual celebration of the Masskara                   than a century-old cathedral made of
Festival (festival of smiling faces). Held           corals taken from nearby Guimaras
during the month of October, the                     Island.
Bacoleños dramatize the Negrense                           -Danjugan Island - Three hectares
virtue and indomitable soul wearing                  of reserved marine sanctuary, a virtual
colorful costumes and smiling masks.                 marine paradise to lovers of the
This festivity has earned Bacolod the                underwater world.
title "City of Smiles".                                    - Enchanted Isle (Isla Puti) - A lust
      Among things to do and see                     tropical islet noted for its fine, white
around the province:                                 sand       beaches     and       abundant
      - Mambukal Resort - Located 31                 vegetation. Rich in marine life, Isla Puti
km. east of Bacolod City. This resort is             as it is known in the dialect, is excellent
surrounded by therapeutic sulfur                     for all types of water sports.
springs, seven waterfalls, mountain                        - Mt. Kanlaon Natl. Park -
streams, lush valleys, and hiking trails             A tropical hideaway beneath a canopy
leading to Mt. Kanlaon.                              of forest. Has springs, waterfalls, giant
      - Festivals - Negros Occidental is             trees, ferns, among others. a

                              Hours:                                                                                  A pair of local residents of San Carlos City, Negros Occiendal, getting around town
                              Mon.-Tues. Wed.    8 AM-5 PM
                              Thursday -Friday   8 AM-6 PM
                              Saturday           8 AM-5 PM
                              Closed on Sundays.
                              HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!

    Fill up your freezer for the winter season.
       Pork loin
        15 lbs                                   Beef                                   Picnic ham
                                              Blade steak                               (with bone)

         1.99lb                               2.99lb                                    0.99lb
      Half or Whole
           pork                                                                       Boneless leg
     Cut & Wrapped                 Front quarter of beef                                of ham
                                   Approximately 200 lbs

         1.00lb                               1.99lb                                   3.79lb                         A little piece of paradise - Sipalay is about 150kms south of Bacolod City in the
                                         Pork Spare Ribs                           1 litre of fresh                   island of Negros. It used to be known only for its copper and gold mines, now
      Home smoked                                                               blood with purchase                   temporarily shut down, but a few Europeans found their way here and started some
         meat                                                                          1/2 pork
                                                                                                                      dive resorts as little as 6 years ago. Now, the strip of beach you see in the picture is

      8     .29lb                           2.39lb                                  Regular smoked
                                                                                                                      home to Artistic Diving, Easy Diving, and Nataasan.
                                                                                                                      Beyond this cove is Campomanes Bay (seen below), an area rich in marine life, lush
                                                                                                                      vegetation, and WWII history.
       Fresh Belly
        with skin
                                               short ribs                              4.79lb
                                                                                     10 lbs & over

      2   .69                                 2.99lb
                        St.Chrysostome St. Remi St. Edouard
   Fresh pork blood                                 Sherrington
                                   203                Barrington                        202          Lacolle
   Fresh bacon                                                     219
   Fresh liver                           Jackson Road                                                   Sortie
                        Havelock                                                                        Exit No.6
   Pork skin                                                             Canada      Parc
                                                                 219                 Safari     Class        15
Available                                      Covey Hill Road

                                           Boucherie Viau Inc.
                                                                         U. S. A.
                                          Malone                                         Champlain

                 83 Covey Hill, Hemmingford QC J0L 1H0
             Tel.: (450) 247-2130 or (450) 247-3561

                                                                                                                                                         Campomanes Bay
8                                                                       The North American Filipino Star                                              January 1-15, 2008

                                                                                            Ai-Ai files charges                                         against                a
     FILIPINO STAR                                                                          convenience store
                                                                                                 It was not funny at all. Comedienne
 SHOWBIZ GOSSIP                                                                             Ai-Ai de las Alas is filing a case of child
                                                                                            abuse against a convenience store on
                                                                                            P Noval St., Sampaloc, Manila, right
                                                                                            across UST where her 16-year-old son
Isabel Oli off the beaten track                                                             Sancho is studying.
                                                                                                 Ai-Ai told reporters that the cashier
                                             everything to win him, however, is just        of Mini Stop punched her son twice in
                                             half the battle to get into the psyche of      the stomach and then detained him in
                                             Rosita. Isabel has to do some                  the stock room for 10 minutes after
                                             makeover with her looks to play the            accusing him of shop-lifting two packs
                                             part well.                                     of Mentos candy last Dec. 4.
                                                  The GMA Artist Center talent hires             “My son told me about it only now
                                             her own stylist to make sure she looks         maybe because he was afraid,” said
                                             glamorous and fabulous all the time            Ai-Ai in tears. “Sancho told me that
                                             just like Lorna did in the movie. Isabel       after he got the Mentos, he was trying
                                             even provides her own wardrobe to              to call a friend who was leaving the
                                             make her every appearance grand.               store and that’s when the cashier
                                                  Isabel says she considers this a          grabbed him by the collar and accused
                                             career move and that she wants to              him of trying to run away with the
                                             become a character actor and essay             Mentos. After he was punched, he said
                                             juicy, meaty roles in the future. After all,
                                                                                            that the cashier challenged him to a
                                             she has played many an endearing,                                                            do anything to destroy her name,’ and
                                                                                            fight before pushing him into the stock
                                             lovely role on cam as she does off                                                           showed his ID. Diyos ko naman,
                                                                                            room. Sancho said that he wasn’t
                                             cam. It is time Isabel to spread her                                                         dalawang     packet     ng   Mentos,
                                                                                            shop-lifting and even showed the
                                             wings.                                                                                       nanakawin ng anak ko a
                                                                                            cashier his wallet. Then, he said, ‘I’m
       Playing the scheming Rosita                But no matter how aggressively
                                                                                            the son of Ai-Ai de las Alas and I won’t
Monteverde on GMA 7’s latest sine            she tries to be in the shoes of Rosita,
novela titled Maging Akin Ka Lamang is
Isabel Oli’s most off-beat role to date
                                             Isabel falters in scenes that require her
                                             to be edgy or a vamp.
                                                                                            Aiko guards public image
on both small and big screen. For                 “I had a hard time doing and                    Aiko Melendez is wondering
inspiration, Isabel has Glenn Close of       preparing for the rape scene which my           where all the stories linking her to
Fatal Attraction, Demi Moore of              character initiated with Andy (Polo),”          other men are coming from.
Indecent      Proposal       and   Lorna     recalls Isabel. “I made Andy drunk to           "Nagugulat talaga ako dahil may bago
Tolentino, who played Rosita in the          make love with me. That was really              na raw akong boyfriend. Nakita pa raw
Lino Brocka movie version and won a          tough for someone who is not that               akong nakikipaghalikan sa isang bar.
Famas Best Actress award for her             really aggressive in that aspect. But I         It’s so degrading. Para bang napaka-
portrayal. The sine novela, which            had to do it because Rosita wanted to           cheap ko naman," she gushes. "I’m a
premieres today after Daisy Siete, also      have a real connection with Andy. I             public official and I have a reputation
stars Nadine Samonte as Elsa Paruel          thank director Gil Tejada who is                to protect. I’m not stupid naman to
and Polo Ravales as Andy Abrigo,             supportive and patient with me. We just         behave like that in public at baka isipin
Rosita’s object of fantasy.                  shot the scene once.”                           ng constituents kong nagwawala ako."
     “I watched the movie,” shares                If Rosita lacks and craves for                  She says she’s not ready yet to
Isabel on the preparation she made for       attention and love, Isabel has more             commit to another relationship. "My
the role. “I also checked out movies         than enough with boyfriend Paolo                second marriage just ended in
like Fatal Attraction with obsession as      Contis, who gave a sterling                     separation. Natural lang na mas
theme. It is fun playing kontrabida for a    performance as a good cop in the                maging maingat ako ngayon. Dapat
change. When the idea of playing             Metro Manila Film Festival entry Banal.         dahan-dahan lang as I don’t want to
Rosita was broached to me, I was                  Isabel says things are getting             make another mistake. Kaya lahat ng
surprised and had apprehensions. I           better between her and Paolo after              tsismis na nagli-link sa akin sa ganito o
started to like the character when they      their five-month breakup. Isabel also           gan’ong lalaki, all I can say is hindi
(the executives) explained to me             adds that their fans won’t hear                 totoo ‘yun. My priorities now are only
                                             wedding bells ringing anytime soon.                                                          actress. "Nag-browse talaga ako
everything. They told me I have the                                                          my kids and my constituents."
                                             She and Paolo are focused on their                                                           tungkol sa iba’t-ibang fields kasi
look and poise of Rosita. Besides, the                                                            In the hit game show, "1 Vs. 100,"
                                             careers. Besides, marriage can wait.                                                         general information naman ang
project is a welcome change since I’ve                                                       Aiko will be the main player tonight.
                                                  Asked if there’s a possibility that                                                     tinatanong sa show."
been playing goody-goody roles for                                                           "The moment I got their invitation to
quite sometime. My being maldita is          she might get obsessed with someone,                                                              Is she hoping to take home the
                                                                                             play in the show, kinabahan na talaga        jackpot prize of P2 million like Pooh
not the typical screaming and                Isabel answers, “It’s not my
                                                                                             ako. Nakakanerbiyos naman talaga             and Jay Contreras? "Sana. I’m praying
confrontational type. Rosita disguises       personality. If ever I veer toward that
                                                                                             sumali sa gano’ng klase ng show, ‘di         na makuha ko nga as I’ll give most of
her nastiness with sweetness and             direction, I will pray hard not to
                                                                                             ba? But I’m glad very supportive sa’kin      it to charity, lalo na sa needy
kindness.” This is the real deal of          become obsessed. What I know is that
                                                                                             ang host na si Edu Manzano.                  constituents ko. Basta I will do my best
becoming Rosita on TV, adds Isabel.          I’m aggressive with my work. I’m
                                                                                             Nagpapatawa siya so nababawasan              para hindi naman ako mapahiya." a
     Learning to fall for the man who will   willing to give more.” a
                                                                                             ang tension ko," says the councilor-
never reciprocate her love and to do

Charice’s ‘snow white’ holiday in New York
                                                 After she guested on Ellen                 trip to New York, also made possible               They rode the ferry to the Liberty
                                             DeGeneres’ show in December last               by immigration lawyer and STAR                Island and saw the Statue of Liberty
                                             year, Charice Pempengco and her                columnist Michael Gurfinkel who               up close, strolled around Central Park,
                                             mom, Raquel, flew back home in the             processed their visas during their trip       marveled at the dazzling lights in
                                             morning of Dec. 23 and rushed that             to L.A. on Dec. 13 last year for Ellen’s      Times Square, and watched a play on
                                             same afternoon to Seoul to guest on            show. He accompanied Charice to               Broadway.
                                             the talent-search show Star King and           Ellen’s show, and he and his wife Millie           By      coincidence,        Raquel
                                             to spend Christmas there. Before New           welcomed Charice and Raquel as their          celebrated her birthday on Jan. 10, a
                                             Year, mother and daughter came                 guests in their Beverly Hills home for        day after their arrival in New York.
                                             back. Charice guested on ASAP Boy              two weeks. Charice and Raquel had a                “It was my mom’s best birthday
                                             & Kris and other shows of ABS-CBN              grand time at the Big Apple.                  ever,” gasped Charice, “and I’ll never
                                                 Mother and daughter left last Jan.              “At last,” Charice was quoted as         forget my first visit to New York. Next
                                             9 and they flew back last night                saying, “I touched my first snow. I           time, I hope to bring along my brother
                                             euphoric with memories of their first          even tasted it! Parang marshmallow!”          Carl.” a
January 1-15, 2008                                                      The North American Filipino Star                                                                     9

Sunshine Dizon: There’s life Jennylyn pregnant, but won’t
after La Vendetta            marry Patrick yet
                                             another feather on Sunshine’s colorful
                                                   But Sunshine is not about to rest
                                             on her laurels. She will continuously
                                             harness her skills for another project
                                             coming her way as La Vendetta wraps
                                             up on Jan. 11. Another teleseries is in
                                             the drawing board, but Sunshine is
                                             not about to reveal it yet, until GMA
                                             heads cast her in it.
                                                   “Let’s just wait and see because
                                             it’s hard to presume something I’m not
                                             sure of. What I know is that there is
                                             another soap but nothing is concrete
                                             yet,” she says.
                                                   Sunshine’s plan of enrolling in a
                                             12-session culinary class when she
                                             gets a month-long break from TV is
                                             more definite.
                                                   “It will be a good opportunity for
                                             me to hone that gift (cooking) and get
       It would have been easy for           to relax at the same time,” Sunshine
Sunshine Dizon to point an accusing          states.
finger on Paolo Contis to iron out the             This will also give her the chance
problems she finds herself in, even if       to get her hands on the kiosk her mom
she is later proven wrong. She, too,         Dorothy Laforteza put up and named
easily gets into trouble with Jean           Sunshine Express at Victory Mall in
Garcia.                                      Caloocan City.
     Is Sunshine going crazy? Don’t                “I could have handled a business
get any wild ideas. She’s just playing       hadn’t acting come along. I took up
Eloisa when she put Paolo as Junjun          Business Management in La Salle
                                             College of St. Benilde. But I wasn’t               A young actress will get pregnant     Cheska Garcia is getting married to
in hot water and got Jean, as her sister
                                             able to continue because TV projects          out of wedlock but she won’t marry the     Douglas Kramer, her basketball player-
Amanda, some bruises on GMA 7’s La
                                             started to pour in. I still plan to           “culprit” (her actor-boyfriend) yet.       boyfriend,      this   year.    Filipino
Vendetta, now on its final week.
                                             continue my studies but right now if               Barely three days after that item     superstition has it that sukob
     The Eloisa role somehow subjects
                                             given a break, I’d like to attend a           came out in this corner’s annual, Mga      (weddings of siblings in the same year)
Sunshine’s acting talent to another
                                             culinary class,” Sunshine says.               Halu-Halong Hula-Hula last Jan. 1,         is bad luck.
acid test. It is her first time to be on a
                                                   Indeed, Sunshines focuses on            word has reached Funfare Update that            But from St. Luke’s, Becky
TV soap with a twist of suspense and
                                             things worthwhile. She never delves           Jennylyn Mercado is pregnant and           accompanied the young couple to the
horror. She must also pretend to
                                             on issues that doesn’t concern her            Patrick Garcia, her boyfriend of more      Makati City Hall, she said, “for
seeing a ghost where there’s none.
                                             unless being asked to comment on              than one year, is the “culprit.”           counseling.”
And convincing shrieks and screams
                                             the latest showbiz buzz like Jennylyn              “Yes, Jen is six weeks pregnant,”          Informed      about     Jennylyn’s
while crying are musts in most scenes.
                                             Mercado’s present state. What does            Jennylyn’s manager Becky Aguila            condition, Wilma Galvante, SVP for
     Eloisa and Sunshine may be
                                             she think of La Vendetta co-star              confirmed to Funfare Update yesterday      Entertainment TV GMA with which
complete opposites. But Sushine still
                                             Jennylyn ‘s pregnancy?                        afternoon an hour after Jennylyn           Jennylyn and Patrick are under
manages to make televiewers feel the
                                                   “I was surprised when I learned         underwent an ultrasound at the St.         contract, said, “We might have to drop
dilemma Eloisa is in night after night.
                                             about it because we seldom get the            Luke’s Medical Center. But no,             them from the new soap Maging Akin
     “Acting is my passion, my craft. I
                                             chance to talk on the set. I just wish        Jennylyn, 20, and Patrick, 26, are not     Ka Lamang.”
wouldn’t deny that it’s my bread and
                                             Jennylyn luck. She has nothing to feel        getting married just because of her             Jennylyn is in the cast of La
butter, that is why I give my all in every
                                             sorry for. A baby is a blessing,”             delicate condition.                        Vendetta, another GMA soap now
performance,” Sunshine shares.
                                             Sunshine says.                                     “I asked Jen if she’s ready to get    airing.
“Immersing yourself into the character
                                                   Will she also have the guts to let      married and she said she is not,”               Until Jennylyn gives birth in
that is not you is tough.”
                                             people know if ever she gets                  added Becky whose other talent,            September, according to Becky, “She
     That is why she feels happy every
                                             pregnant?                                     Valerie Concepcion (Willie Revillame’s     won’t disappear from the scene all
time people vividly see her as the
                                                   “If it happens to me, I’ll be a proud   co-host on the ABS-CBN noontime            together; she will continue working
many different characters she
                                             mom. It’s not an easy task to be a            show Wowowee), gave birth at age 16        until such time when her doctor tells
portrays. She, too, is on Cloud Nine
                                             mother,” Sunshine replies. a                  also out of wedlock. “I also asked         her to rest na. But definitely, she will
whenever judges behind the award-
                                                                                           Patrick if he’s ready to get married and   resume full-time work after she gives
giving bodies notice her performance.
                                                                                           he said he is not.”                        birth. She has to because she’s the
Her Star Awards’ Best Actress trophy
                                                                                                Besides, Patrick’s older sister       breadwinner in the family.” a
for her Bakekang role has added

The Gutierrez twins to celebrate birthday January 21
                                                 Richard and Raymond Gutierrez             noticed how close they are to each         close friends while shooting ‘BFGF.’ I
                                             are turning a year older on Monday,           other     when      they’re    taping      want to have a good working
                                             January 21, and the twins have a              "Kamandag." "’Pag hindi sila ang           relationship with everyone."
                                             special birthday celebration in "SOP".        kinukunan, laging sila ang magkatabi             Richard as Vergel finally gets to
                                             Raymond will also be feted in                 at nag-uusap nang masinsinan," says        face his nemesis, Mark Anthony
                                             "Showbiz Central."                            our informer. "When Richard had a          Fernandez who’s now known as the
                                                 Richard is now busy promoting             kissing scene with Maxene Magalona,        villainous Talim, in "Kamandag." They
                                             his Valentine movie with Marian               nando’n si Jewel sa gilid ng set at        figure an intense fight with each other
                                             Rivera, "My Best Friend’s Girlfriend" (or     nagbantay. Nagselos yata. After the        and when Mark is about to defeat
                                             "BFGF"), but rumors have it that he’s         taping, usually, sila rin ang              Richard, guess who comes along to
                                             now really playing beautiful music with       magkasamang umaalis to eat out.            defend him. Who else but Jewel who
                                             Jewel Mische, one of his leading              Mukhang sila na nga talaga."               plays the role of Jenny? In all fairness,
                                             ladies in the hit telefantasya,                   "Friendly naman ako to all my          it’s easy to see that Richard and Jewel
                                             "Kamandag."                                   leading ladies," says Richard. "In the     have great on-screen chemistry. a
   Twins Raymond & Richard Gutierrez             It’s said even their co-stars have        same way that Marian and I became

10                                                                    The North American Filipino Star                                                 January 1-15, 2008

   Filipino Star Photo Gallery

                                                                                         Accounting 1 students at Gilmore International College contributed $20 each to the souvenir
                                                                                         program commemorating the Silver Jubilee of the North American Filipino Star and the 18th
Ajennat Beauty Salon celebrated its first anniversary last October 21, 2007. Alicia      anniversary of the College, the proceeds of which are designated to be donated to the Filipino
Atayde Lee (6th from left, rear row) with her guests that included Dr. Gene Santander,   Solidarity Cooperative. Standing from left: Magdalena Villanueva, Jackie Padua, Mae de
Lita Sideco, Cora Eriza, Sylvia Lemaire, Nena Cordero, Esmeralda Roldan, Maryanne        Guzman, Sheila Gonzales, (seated) Nora Sacdalan, Zenaida Kharroubi (accounting teacher),
Solidarios, Hesil Barigues.                                                              and Vilma Kelly.

Laging Handa Scouts standing at attention before the playing of the national anthem.               A good example of children’s intercultural communication at play.
Scout Leader Romeo Valenzuela, in charge of the troop can be seen on the right
behind them.

                                                                                            One of the participating groups, Canadian Association of People
24th year of Sinulog celebration in Montreal organized by Marlene Birao Schacter            Helping People from the Philippines.
and company at St. Kevin’s Church Hall, January 20, 2008. There were many
people, lots of food and manyparticipants in the Sinulog contest.
                                                                                                             INVITATION TO A
             HOME BASED BUSINESS,                                                                  PERSONAL BUSINESS RECEPTION
          LUCRATIVE INCOME POTENTIAL,                                                              WHEN: SUNDAY, JANUARY 27, 2008
            FREE TRAINING PROVIDED,                                                                                          M
                                                                                                           TIME: 1:00-2:00 P. .
                   MENTORING                                                                    WHERE: 4950 Queen Mary Road Penthouse
              PROGRAM AVAILABLE                                                                     FREE SEMINAR - SPACE LIMITED
        CALL 514-485-7861 OR 514-731-8881                                                     PLEASE CALL TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT: 514-485-7861
January 1-15, 2008                       The North American Filipino Star                                   11

     Join the biggest youth
    serving movement - the
    Scouts, that celebrated
     its Centennial Year in
 Register your child and yourself with the Laging
 Handa Scout Group 0592, the first Filipino-
 Canadian Group in Montreal. Str from age 5
 to 17 - Beavers to Venturers. We also need adult
 volunteers to lead them during activities and
 camping trips.

 Saturday, 3-5 pm is our regular activity day at the
 Intercultural Library 6767 Cote des Neiges Road
 Call 514-485-7861 to obtain membership forms
 and take advantage of special rates during the
 friendship month of February.

 Don’t hesitate - Be prepared to make a
 commitment to the development of our youth.
                                                                            LAGING HANDA SCOUT GROUP 0592

12                                                                 The North American Filipino Star                                            January 1-15, 2008
                                                                                                                                adding the salt and pepper, then set
                                                                                    Saute the ingredients in a skillet,         aside and cover with coconut cream,
                                                                                    minus the pickles and eggs, and cook        let sit for 10 minutes, then serve.
                                                                                    for about 30 minutes, until the pork is     Servings: 4
                                                                                    completely cooked. Drop in your

            Philippine Cuisine                                                      eggs and pickles, blend them in
                                                                                    thoroughly. Add salt and freshly
                                                                                    ground pepper to taste. You may also
                                                                                                                                Adobong Gulay
                                                                                    want to include some hot peppers
                                                                                    such as chipotle, or jalapenos.
Ginisang Munggo                           Add shrimp, salt and pepper, and
                                          cook for another 6 or 7 minutes,          Leave your mixture to cool for 1/2
                                          allowing the shrimp to absorb the         hour, then drop large spoonfuls onto
                                          flavor.                                   the pastry squares, fold into a triangle,
                                          Servings: 4                               wet edges with water, and use a fork
                                                                                    to seal them.

                                          Pork Empanadas                            bake the empanadas on a cookie
                                                                                    sheet for 30 minutes in an oven pre-
                                                                                    heated at 400º
                                                                                    Servings: 14
                                                                                     Ginataang Talong
                                                                                                                                1/2       lb      Talong
                                                                                                                                1/2       lb      Potatoes
Ingredients                                                                                                                     1                 Chopped onion
1       lb       Large shrimp                                                                                                   2         cloves Minced garlic
2       cups Dry mung beans                                                                                                     -         Vegetable oil (as needed)
1         Yellow onion, peeled                                                                                                  -         Peppercorn (as needed)
        and sliced                                                                                                              2         Bay leaves
2       tbsps Peanut oil                                                                                                        -         Soy sauce (as needed)
2       cloves Sliced garlic                                                                                                    1/2       tsp     Sugar
4.1/2 cups Chicken soup stock             Ingredients                                                                           1
1         Thin slice of fresh ginger      1       1/4 oz   Pkg of double crust                                                            tsp    Freshly ground
1       tsp      Salt                     pastry                                                                                          pepper
1       tsp      Freshly ground           3       cups     Finely minced pork
        pepper                            1       tbsp     Olive oil                Ingredients                                 Preparation
                                          2       tbsp     Minced garlic            2         Talong
Preparation                               1/4     cup      Very finely minced       1       Minced onion                        Heat the oil in a large skillet, add
Soak beans overnight, then hull them      onions                                    1       cup      Coconut cream              peppercorn and bay leaves. Add
by rubbing them in your hands, scoop      1/4     cup      Minced tomatoes          2       tbsp     Vegetable oil              garlic and saute until brown, add the
out the hulls from the container, then    1       cup      Chopped hard-            4       tsp      Salt                       onion, then add sugar, freshly ground
rinse the beans.                          boiled eggs                               12      tsp      Freshly ground black       pepper vinegar and soy sauce. Stir,
                                          1       cup      Finely chopped           pepper                                      cover and let simmer for 40 minutes.
Add peanut oil into a large preheated     sweet pickles                                                                         You may want to add a little water if
saucepan, and stir fry your yellow        1       tsp      Salt                     Preparation                                 too much evaporate during cooking.
onion and garlic, then add your           1       tsp      Freshly ground           Roast whole eggplants in oven, then         Servings: 4
chicken soup stock and your slice of      pepper                                    peel and chop them into small cubes.
ginger. Bring the lot to a boil, reduce                                             Mince the onion, then fry in oil in a
heat, cover, simmer for 20 minutes,       Preparation                               medium saucepan, or deep skillet,            Advertise in the Star
                                          Flatten the pastry dough and cut into
remove your ginger, then continue
                                          4-inch squares.
                                                                                    until they become translucent, then           Call 514-485-7861
cooking for about 10 minutes.                                                       drop in your diced eggplant. Stir fry,

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January 1-15, 2008                                                      The North American Filipino Star                                                                     13

What’s inside those Balikbayan boxes?                                                                                                    Abaca stages a
January 15, 2008                              malls abroad launch their yearly sales,       next products of choice in the boxes that
      Making his way to hundreds of           you can be sure that another box will         come from those countries, says Nette
                                                                                                                                         January 15, 2008
Filipino homes every month, burly             soon be on its way to our doorstep,” he       Baguisa of UMAC-Toronto. Used clothing
                                                                                                                                               Interest in abaca, a favorite crop
Ramon Ungco has a schedule more               says.                                         and appliances come in third on their
                                                                                                                                         long ago, is regaining with the new
hectic than Santa Claus,’ delivering the           Like Emas, most Filipinos receive        packing list. “Sometimes Filipino
                                              balikbayan boxes loaded with canned           migrants even send packs of garlic and       surge in demand abroad.
much anticipated balikbayan boxes that
                                              goods, the favorite item sent home by         onions because they get them cheap           Councilor Leo Avila said the city is
herald another season of cheer and
plenty.                                       overseas Filipino workers, reveals            abroad,” she adds.                           helping farmers in planting abaca in
      Ungco’s sleigh and reindeer are the     Ungco, whose clients are mostly nurses,            The boxes often contain food items      5,000 hectares of land, especially in
ten-wheeler cargo trucks and closed           doctors, engineers and accountants.           because the general perception abroad        the highlands.
utility vans that negotiate rough roads            Last year his company shipped            is that “people are going hungry in our           Among the companies reportedly
across the country to deposit the             about 10,000 balikbayan boxes, sized 28       country,” says Rene Pinzon, who              interested in the fiber, which was the
precious boxes safely at the doorstep of      by 18 inches. Thirty-five percent of the      oversees UMAC’s international units.         more popular crop before Davao
expectant families. His elves are the         goods inside the boxes were canned            Sending imported food rations is almost      shifted to banana decades ago, is the
muscled men, hired truck helpers, who         goods, he says, with clothes and shoes        tantamount to giving their loved ones        German automobile maker BMW,
hoist and carry the heavy boxes and           accounting for 25 percent; candies, 15        back home a taste of their lives abroad,     which prefers abaca fibers instead of
packages.                                     percent, and chocolates, 10 percent.          he adds.                                     fiber glass. Other car manufacturers
      “I’ve been all over the country, from   Second-hand         home       appliances,         There is a marked difference,           have reportedly followed suit.
Aparri to Jolo, to deliver balikbayan         electronic gadgets, old furniture,            however, in the packages from the                 Before World War II, American
boxes,” says Ungco, who owns the Port         perfumes and toiletries such as soap,         Middle East, Pinzon points out. Rather       entrepreneurs reportedly managed
Jersey Shipping International Inc. “And       body wash and tissue paper account for        than foodstuff, the boxes are filled with    vast abaca plantations in Davao
I’ve seen countless faces light up when       the remaining 15 percent.                     appliances and second-hand clothing.
                                                                                                                                         totalling 45,000 hectares.
they see the gifts from their loved ones in        “Filipinos abroad have this penchant     “The variety of food available there is
                                                                                                                                              Abaca is indigenous in the
the US.”                                      for grocery shopping for the folks back       limited. Being a Muslim country, (Saudi
                                                                                                                                         Philippines and can easily grow in
      Ungco has been providing door-to-       home, especially when there’s a sale in       Arabia) doesn’t allow pork, and that
                                              supermarkets,” says Ungco, who once           narrows down the choices of food to          between trees. Avila noted that it is
door balikbayan box service to the
                                              made the rounds of New York City as a         sheep and chicken, which are more            suitable in the highlands, and could
Philippines for the past 25 years, and is
just one of the many “Santa Clauses” in       limousine driver before he started his        expensive,” he says.                         help preserve watershed areas. Davao
the country who deliver loads of goodies      shipping company in 1982. “Besides,                Items such as towels, bed sheets,       City alone has nine watershed areas
specially picked out by Filipinos living      canned goods are really cheaper               soaps and other toiletries are often used    covering 80,000 hectares, he said.
abroad, for their loved ones back home.       abroad,” he explains.                         as “fillers,” to make sure that every inch        He said Davao farmers better grab
The local yellow pages reveal more than            Around November and December—            of space inside the box is utilized,         the opportunity because of the high
50 firms engaged in shipping balikbayan       the holiday season—balikbayan boxes           observes Baguisa.                            demand for abaca, which now sells for
boxes from the US, Middle East,               are packed with motley confections and             While balikbayan boxes are often        P52 per kilo. Avila noted, though, that
Canada, Europe and Asia.                      chocolates, particularly those that are       sent as gifts to loved ones, some people     the price could shoot up to as much as
      “After two decades of running this      not available in the country, observes        see them as a means to earn extra cash.      P200 a kilo.
business, I’ve realized that Filipinos        Ungco. “It’s a habit among Filipinos               Take office worker Ann, 24, of               The problem is, abaca plants in
abroad always have this desire to share       abroad—buying stuff not usually found         Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija, whose aunt in       Davao now reportedly have diseases
the good things they have with their          in the Philippines,” he says from his own     Chicago sends boxes of imported              and thus need to be replaced.
families here,” says Ungco, who               past experiences of sending home              beauty products, toiletries and perfumes          Avila said the Fiber Industry
maintains an office in New Jersey, and in     similar gift boxes to his mother. He          about twice a year.                          Development Authority (FIDA) is now
Estrella Avenue, Makati City.                 recalls shipping back even used home               “Sometimes there are just too many
                                                                                                                                         helping out, putting up a laboratory
      Among the lucky recipients of such      fixtures, and old clothing with the canned    for the family, so we sell them to our
                                                                                                                                         here where tissues for disease-free
generous tidings is Albert Emas, 24, for      goods.                                        officemates,” admits Ann. The excess
                                                                                                                                         abacas are being cultured. But he said
whom Christmas comes almost five                   The UMAC Forwarders Express Inc.,        usually comes in handy during the
                                              with offices in Quezon City and Marikina,     Christmas season, she says, adding that      the city government is also planning to
times a year, with the arrival of large
                                              shares the same experiences and               she would make the rounds in her office      put up its own laboratory.
sweet-scented boxes from his aunt Ida,
who migrated to New Jersey in 2004,           observations on the contents of               to ask for orders.                                For this project, the city has
and cousin Mon, a doctor in South             balikbayan boxes. The company, named               “Victoria’s Secret body sprays are      allotted P1 million from its annual
Hampton, United Kingdom.                      after Teodoro Carino Jr., the late chair of   our bestsellers,” says Ann. “We sell them    development fund. Rep. Sid Ungab of
      The boxes his family receives from      the Forex Family of Companies,                for P550, P50 lower than the price at the    the city’s third district, also vowed to
his aunt, says Emas, are a treasure trove     maintains offices in the United States,       malls, on installment basis at that.” Bath   add more money for the project. But
of canned goods, with the staples being       Europe, Middle East, Asia and Canada.         and Body Works soap products rank            Avila said more money is needed
corned beef and Spam; an assortment of             Canned goods, usually by the             second. The informal business gives          because a good laboratory costs P10
chocolates and chocolate drinks; toys         dozen, are the staple of the 23- x 20-inch    them extra cash for the holidays, she        million.
for the children and clothes for the          balikbayan boxes, roughly 150,000 of          adds.                                             Avila said there are plans by
grown-ups.                                    which UMAC routed from the US, Europe              For Ungco, such enterprising moves      players in the abaca industry to put up
      From his cousin, the goodies are        and Canada last year. Other grocery           are proof that balikbayan boxes bring not    an abaca council that will guide in the
usually bags, clothes and toys. “When         items, including sacks of rice, are the       only delight to families back home, but      propagation of abaca.
                                                                                            also help boost the country’s economy.            Indigenous people living in
                                                                                            His own business has gained from it, he      Sibulan have also expressed interest
                                                                                            adds. “When (the forwarding) business        they would plant abaca in their
                                                                                            boomed in the 1990s, it started bringing     ancestral lands. Avila said at least
                                                                                            in billions of pesos in taxes to our
                                                                                                                                         8,000 hectares of ancestral lands are
                                                                                            economy,” he adds. a
                                                                                                                                         available for abaca farms. a

14                                                                    The North American Filipino Star                                                January 1-15, 2008

Strong peso hurting overseas workers' families                                            Weaker dollar to stop Making a home like no
January 11, 2008                              office to express disappointment over       OFWs from leaving     other in Philippines’
     Jasmine Cordero, whose husband
works in New Zealand, feels bad that
                                              the strong peso.
                                                   “They even told us that they feel
                                                                                         January 14, 2008       first island lots
                                                                                              The weakened dollar against the
the value of the US dollar against the        like not going back abroad again           peso      will   discourage       Filipinos,    January 14, 2008
peso is declining.                            because of the weak dollar. But then       especially professionals and highly                  Eton Properties Philippines, Inc.,
     “Before, I could receive between         again, they realised that they have to     skilled workers, from leaving the               the real-estate arm of the Lucio Tan
10,000 pesos (US$246.39) and 15,000           leave the country and work outside for     country, an official of a recruiters’ group     Group, launches the first residential
pesos ($369.59) a month from him.             the sake of their family,” Filamor said.   said Friday.                                    island lots in the Philippines—the
Now, its less than that,” Cordero of               Help in the form of training, loans        Jackson Gan, vice president of the         South Lake Village at Eton City in Sta.
Tacloban City said. Her husband,              and financial literacy and scholarship     Federated Association of Manpower
                                                                                                                                         Rosa, Laguna. The flagship project is
Gerry, left the country in March 2007.        programs are being extended by             Exporters       (FAME),       said       this
                                                                                                                                         worth billions of pesos and occupies
     The peso gained nearly 19%               government agencies like OWWA to           phenomenon would reduce the number
                                                                                                                                         almost 1,000 hectares of prime land.
against the dollar in 2007, making it         OFW families.                              of overseas Filipino workers, making it
                                                                                         unlikely for the government to hit its               It is situated near both sides of the
Asia’s best performing currency. The               As early as 2007, President Gloria                                                    South Luzon Expressway adjacent to
Philippine        currency         further    Arroyo directed the Department of          one-million target in OFW deployment
                                                                                         for 2008.                                       the entrance of the existing Eton-City
strengthened against the dollar at the        Labour and Employment (Dole) and                                                           Greenfield interchange. Explaining the
                                                                                              The labor department has an OFW
start of 2008.                                the Central Bank of the Philippines to                                                     objective of the move, Danilo Ignacio,
                                                                                         deployment annual target of one million
     Francis Allan Angelo of Iloilo City, a   help OFWs, said Anthony Golez,                                                             president and COO of Eton, says: “We
                                                                                         until 2010.
son of an overseas Filipino worker            deputy presidential spokesperson.                                                          wanted to build the first ever island lots
                                                                                              “Workers are not attracted to
(OFW), said the strong peso adversely              Dole has focused its efforts on       overseas job opportunities because of           in the Philippines to be a residential
affected his family’s income.                 provinces where the semi-skilled           the strong peso; they would rather seek         place for the people to live and enjoy.
     Angelo’s mother Esther has been          OFWs come from. They include Samar,        work in the country since the peso is           Our company is proud to present this
working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for 12       Leyte, North Cotabato, Zamboanga,          predicted to hit P38 to a dollar by end of      because we know that this is a
years.                                        Iloilo, Aklan, Capiz, Maguindanao,         2008,” he said.                                 breakthrough not just for our company
     “Before the dollar went down to 40       South Cotabato, Agusan, La Union,               This is unfortunate because there is       but also for the country.”
pesos, we received a monthly                  Isabela and Pangasinan.                    a huge demand for experienced and                    This “out of the box” concept of a
allotment of 25,000 pesos to 30,000                “The families of the semi-skilled     skilled construction workers in the             village boasts 18 residential islands
pesos. Now, we receive only around            workers are provided with livelihood       Middle East, Gan said.                          surrounded by a 35-hectare man-
20,000 pesos to 22,000 pesos,” he             assistance, skills for employment,              Gan called on the government to
                                                                                                                                         made         lake.   Each     island     is
said.                                         scholarship program, commissaries          organize a new manpower summit for all
                                                                                                                                         approximately one hectare in size and
     He said the strengthening of the         selling goods at discounted prices, and    the stakeholders, including the
                                                                                         Technical      Education      and      Skills
                                                                                                                                         will have eight to 10 residential lots of
peso came at a bad time because the           many others in coordination with                                                           about 1,000 square meters each.
family was still paying debts incurred        (Department of Trade and Industry)         Development Authority (Tesda) and the
                                                                                         Department of Education. In this                     The project derives inspiration
when his father got sick.                     and (Department of Agriculture),”                                                          from the Foster City in San Francisco,
     “Before, we used to buy two sacks        Golez said in Davao City.                  summit, he said, everyone would
                                                                                         participate in finding solutions to the         Dubai’s Jumeirah, The Palm and The
of rice and budget for groceries around            He said the BSP also came up with                                                     World. South Lake Village is classified
                                                                                         lack of qualified manpower.
6,000 to 7,000 pesos per month. Now,          the Financial Literacy Programme                                                           as “luxurious residence” with exquisite
                                                                                              Gan said that in 2007, almost half
we have a monthly budget of 4,000 to          (FLC) for overseas Filipino workers        (some 480,000) of the 1,012,054 OFWs            flora and fauna, iconic architecture
5,000 pesos per month,” he said.              (OFWs) and their beneficiaries.            who were deployed were re-hires. He             evident in its linear parks along the
     Semi-skilled OFWs, or those                   Under the FLC, OFWs and their         said this meant that no new jobs were           river and lake-view corridors and
earning between $200 and $399 a               beneficiaries are being urged to save      created.                                        bridges. Exclusivity, security and
month, were the ones experiencing             and invest in financial products. “There        Another industry leader, Lito              natural environment are the salient
tougher times, a Malacañang deputy            are also alternative uses for their        Soriano, said that the industry should          features of South Lake Village.
spokesperson said.                            remittances      such     as    business   emphasize the importance of technical-               Expectedly, the South Lake Sports
     Evangeline Filamor, director of the      ventures,” Golez said.                     vocational training vis-a-vis traditional       and Country Club offers the required
Overseas          Workers         Welfare          The BSP also helps OFWs become        courses.                                        recreational amenities—an outdoor
Administration (OWWA) for Eastern             familiar with consumer laws and BSP             “Educational institutions should
                                                                                                                                         Jacuzzi and infinity pool in the
Visayas, said several OFWs visited her        issuances relating to customer             shift to vocational training as the
                                                                                                                                         Swimming Pool Zone ; Kid’s Zone
                                              protection.                                demand is now for workers like welders,
                                                                                                                                         where children can exercise and play;
                                                   OWWA has been conducting              pipe-fitters, machinists, mechanics,
                                                                                         electricians including tailors and
                                                                                                                                         Adult Zone for various sports and
                                              seminars and training for OFWs and                                                         entertainment; F&B Zone for party and
                                              their families to teach them how to run    engineers,” he said.
                                                                                              A new policy of the Philippine             gatherings; Health and Spa Zone,
                                              a business, said James Mendiola,                                                           which is a combined gym, aerobics
                                              regional director-in-charge of OWWA.       Overseas Employment Administration,
                                                                                         which among other things raises the             area, clinic and salon, and Outdoor
                                                   After the seminars, the families                                                      zone for family barbeques and lake
                                                                                         minimum wage of Filipino domestic
                                              would form groups or circles, which                                                        activities. a
                                                                                         helpers working abroad, has caused the
                                              could put up retail businesses, such as    drop in the number of deployment for
                                              convenience and grocery stores,            this type of work from 140,000 in 2006 to
                                              Mendiola said. a                           less than 40,000 in 2007, he said. a

January 1-15, 2008                                                  The North American Filipino Star                                                                      15

Goverment vows beauty over building in tourism drive
January 14, 2008                         authorities will be scrutinising               year and fierce competition over                   “It’s not the number of people
     The Philippines’ drive to attract   building permits.                              prized lots in Boracay resulted in a          who destroy the environment, it’s the
more tourists must be balanced                Last year was a record for                deadly shootout on the island this            abuse of some and the government
against environmental concerns after     Philippine tourism with over 3 million         week. A former soldier was killed and         allowing it,” said the father of eight.
sewage spills and flooding triggered     arrivals, many of them overseas                a teenager wounded.                                Environmentalists who argue
a construction halt on its most          Filipinos but also hundreds of                     Long-time visitors to Boracay             that the Earth cannot cope with rapid
famous beach resort, a senior official   thousands of Koreans, Americans                have        complained          about         population growth get short shrift
said on Thursday.                        and Japanese. Tourism expenditure              overcrowding but large numbers of             from the 66 year old, who says illegal
     Lito Atienza, the environment       was tagged at nearly US$5 billion.             people do not bother Atienza, a               logging       rather    than     human
secretary, ordered all building on                                                                                                    settlement is the main reason for
Boracay, a tiny island south of Manila                                                                                                landslides.
renowned for its powdery white                                                                                                             “They are telling them (poor
sands, to stop for six months after                                                                                                   people), don’t have children any
rapid development overwhelmed                                                                                                         more because look at what
facilities and threatened to destroy                                                                                                  happened, landslides happened
the island’s pristine reputation.                                                                                                     because of your numbers. No, no, no
Sewage was released into the sea                                                                                                      it’s not the number of the poor it’s the
and, with most beachfront areas                                                                                                       super rich who have committed
already gobbled up, even the                                                                                                          these landslides and calamities.”
island’s forests were being cut down                                                                                                       Activists were aghast when
to make way for more hotels.                                                                                                          Atienza, formerly the mayor of
     “If we don’t control development                                                                                                 Manila, was appointed environment
on Boracay island and in fact on all                                                                                                  chief last year. He was dubbed the
the other islands we may lose the                                                                                                     “butcher of Arroceros” when he
very essence of attraction,” said                                                                                                     ordered the closure of Arroceros
Atienza.       “The       uncontrolled                                                                                                Park in Manila in 2003 to make way
development that has poured into                                                                                                      for new buildings.
the island has overloaded it.                                                                                                              Atienza said the trees were
     Nearly 600,000 tourists visited                                                                                                  replanted elsewhere and insists that
Boracay last year, nearly four times                                                                                                  while his brief also includes
the number of 10 years ago, and the                                                                                                   promoting the mining sector his
Philippines has a goal of raising                                                                                                     priority is always the environment.
arrivals there by 10 percent each        Environment and Natural Resources Secretary Joselito Atienza said all construction permits        “We have to always primarily
year.                                    would be withheld in Boracay until the end of June 2008.                                     consider the environment, the
     Atienza     said     after   July                                                                                                natural beauty of an area. All else will
construction may be banned in some          The Philippines wants to attract            devout Catholic and the chairman of           have to come in second.” a
parts of the island, where a Shangri-    US$5.8 billion in visitor spending this        the Philippines’ pro-life movement.
La resort is being built, and

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            DRIVING SCHOOL
                 $240 - 12 h DRIVING
                   Office: 514-509-9390
                    Cell: 514-998-9604
                     Fax: 54-509-9389
          7370 Cote. St. Luc #118, Montreal, QC H4W 1P9
           Pick up from METRO COTE. ST. CATHERINE, VENDOME,


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16                                                                        The North American Filipino Star                                                January 1-15, 2008
                                                                                                                                            Stephen Harper on Thursday and

  Community News                                                                              fFrom Page 1      Spring elections

                                                                                               Duceppe is gearing up for a dogfight
                                                                                                                                            demanded a newly announced, $1-
                                                                                                                                            billion relief package aimed at
                                                                                                                                            cushioning the impact of the soaring
                                                                                              with the Conservatives in the                 dollar on Canadian industries and
                                                                                              nextfederal      election.       Duceppe      workers not be held hostage to a
                                                                                              delivered the message to about 300            minority Parliament and possible
                                                                                              supporters at a Bloc conference in            election.
                                                                                              Montreal, where the party is shifting                  New Democratic Party Leader
                                                                                              into election mode.                           Jack Layton is hoping to inspire an
                                                                                                       Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles         orange wave across Canada during a
                                                                                              Duceppe said Tuesday he expects a             general election in 2008 to change the
                                                                                              federal election will be called in about a    country's direction on fighting global
                                                                                              month. Speaking in Quebec City,               warming, the war in Afghanistan and
                                                                                              Duceppe said he believes the country          reducing the gap between Canadians
                                                                                              will be plunged into an election              who make the most money and those
                                                                                              campaign after MPs vote on the                who make the least. "We had some
                                                                                              government's plan to help the forestry        exciting growth [for the NDP] in 2007,
                                                                                              and manufacturing sectors.                    and would certainly hope to see that
                                                                                                    FA spokesman for the Prime              continue," Mr. Layton said in an end-of-
                                                                                              Minister's Office strongly denies a           year interview with CanWest News
                                                                                              claim by the Newfoundland premier             Service on Monday.
                                                                                              that Stephen Harper said the federal                   T'was the year of the Non-
 Tri-City Softball Team Champion 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 2007                               Conservatives           don't        need     Election. You remember . . . the vote
 FCAWI poses with Ambassador Jose Brillantes and FCAWI president Ramon                        Newfoundland seats to win an election.        that was a certainty going to be last
 Vicente after retaining the Championship Trophy held at Long Sault. Seated                   Danny Williams made the comment               spring as a new and confident Liberal
 left to right: Alvin Trinidad, Leslie Tejada and Ron Ylagan. Standing left to right:         Monday in St. John's, telling reporters       Leader Stephane Dion piggybacked
 Nards Alberto, Romy Ilagan (Team Captain and MV)), Noel Tejada,                              Harper told him at a meeting between          on his political honeymoon to return
 Ambassador Jose Brillantes , Eddie Aguila, Mke,Romy Ilagan (Team Captain                     the two in November that: "I don't need       the party to its natural governing state.
 and MVP) Noel Tejada, Ambassador Jose Brillantes, Eddie Aguila, Mike, Ricky                  Newfoundland and Labrador to win."            Fortunately       for    the    hapless,
 Aguino, Ramon Vicente and Sonny Macalanda. Standing at the backrpw                           Premiers want aid money now, not              honeymoonless official Opposition
 )jstanding -Rodel Tejada. Not in photo was Ador Bulosan.                                     after uncertain budget vote                   leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper
                                                                                                       The premiers of Ontario and          didn't give him a decent non-confiden
                                                                                              Quebec ganged up on Prime Minister
PUBLIC AFFAIRS                                 product for which demand by youth and
                                                                                              enforcement operations and mass               youth, parents, school systems,
                                               young adults had plummeted, and are
THURSDAY, JANUARY 3, 2008                      exploiting vulnerabilities along our shared    media reports, effectively dismantled         emergency departments, medical
                                               border. This is alarming for the youth of      the European – U.S. Ecstasy trade.            examiners, poison control centers, and
(202) 395-6618                                 both Canada and the United States.”            However,        U.S.    and     Canadian      law enforcement agencies regarding
                                                         Ecstasy use in the United States     intelligence reports indicate that            the hazards of Ecstasy and
CANADIAN-MADE, METH-LACED                      rose in the late 1990s with the rise of the    Canada-based         drug       trafficking   methamphetamine, to shore up
ECSTASY BEING DUMPED INTO                      ‘Rave’ culture, however due to the well-       organizations are attempting to fill the      treatment systems to look for and
U.S. ILLEGAL DRUG MARKETS                      coordinated national and international         supply void, and have drastically             address the unique and well known
IS A ONCE-WANING FAD MAKING A                  response - Ecstasy use in the U.S.
                                                                                              increased their Ecstasy production and        challenges of meth addiction.
                                               diminished in the early 2000s. In fact, the
NEW FORM?                                                                                     trafficking.                                            “We cannot allow our young
                                               U.S. witnessed a 54 percent reduction
                                               since 2001 in the number of United States                The Royal Canadian Mounted          people to once again be victimized by
(          Washington, DC) – The White         teens using Ecstasy in the past month,         Police (RCMP) estimates that the              the ‘Rave’ culture, ‘designer’ drugs, or
House Office of National Drug Control          however recent data show progress              current combined production capacity          the myth that drug use is safe,” said
Policy (ONDCP) is warning public health        against the drug has ebbed. The number         of Canadian Ecstasy laboratories              Director Walters. “We cannot afford to
and safety leaders across the country          of people in the U.S. who reported that        exceeds 2 million tablets per week.           be complacent with the progress made
about a dangerous new drug threat              they tried Ecstasy for the first time during   Federal, State, and local law                 against Ecstasy since 2001. Just as
coming from Canada. Ecstasy laced with         the past year increased 40 percent             enforcement agencies along the U.S. –         we must teach new generations of
methamphetamine (meth) has been                between 2005 and 2006 – from 615,000 to        Canada border report large increases          children to read, we must continue to
entering the United States illegal drug        860,000. One-third of these new users in
markets, particularly in northern border
                                                                                              in the flow of Ecstasy from Canada into       educate new generations of young
                                               2006 were under age 18 when they started
states. Intelligence reports indicate that                                                    the United States. In 2003, 568,220           people on the harms of drug use.”
                                               using Ecstasy.
once smuggled into the U.S., the meth-                                                        dosage units of Ecstasy were seized            iving Beyond the Holiday Season
                                                        And while still lower than its
laced Ecstasy is then being distributed                                                       federally in the ten Northern border           Gifts of Oxen, Safe Motherhood Kits
                                               peak in 2002, past-month Ecstasy use
throughout the country.                                                                       states; in 2006, 5,485,619 dosage units       and Clean Water Will Make a
                                               has been increasing over the last two
           The     dangerous      poly-drug                                                   were seized.                                  Difference All Year Round
combination of methamphetamine and             years among young adults aged 18-25.
                                                                                                        Alarmingly, more than 55
Ecstasy can have severe health                 An estimated 326,000 young adults
                                                                                              percent of the Ecstasy samples seized
consequences, especially as both drugs         reported past-month Ecstasy use in                                                           From page 1     Hillary or Obama
                                                                                              in the United States last year contained
have toxic effects on the brain. They both     2006, compared to 231,000 in 2004.
                                                                                              methamphetamine.           Cutting their
can interfere with the body’s ability to       These increases coincide with                                                                who wins in November, as long as it’s a
regulate temperature, leading to sharp
                                                                                              product         with      less-expensive
                                               increased trafficking of Ecstasy from                                                        Democrat.
increases       in    body      temperature                                                   methamphetamine boosts profits for
                                               Canada.        Additionally, the latest                                                           In a phone interview on Jan. 9,
(hyperthermia), which can result in liver,                                                    Canadian Ecstasy producers, likely
                                               Monitoring the Future Study, which                                                           Baldwin, 81, said, “We were all
kidney, and cardiovascular system failure                                                     increases the addictive potential of
                                               tracks teen attitudes and behavior with                                                      surprised that Hillary won. After he won
and death. The potential for a life-                                                          their product, and effectively gives a
                                               respect to drug use, found decreases                                                         in Iowa, I thought that Obama would
threatening or fatal overdose is also                                                         dangerous “face lift” to a designer drug
increased when meth-laced Ecstasy is           in the perception of risk of taking                                                          win (in New Hampshire).” He voted for
                                                                                              that had fallen out of fashion with
combined with alcohol. Recent laboratory       Ecstasy occasionally among 8th and                                                           Obama because he’s a “fresh face, he
                                                                                              young American drug users.
research suggests that Ecstasy and meth        10th graders (-7% and -4%,                                                                   has no baggage,” but expressed
                                                                                                        Federal law enforcement
combinations may produce greater               respectively). After years of increased                                                      concerns whether Obama would win
                                                                                              officers are working with the RCMP to
adverse neurochemical and behavioral           perception of risk for Ecstasy use,                                                          “in the long run.” People looking for
effects than either drug alone.
                                                                                              put greater pressure on Canadian
                                               today’s young people are not getting                                                         change favor Obama, he added.
           John Walters, the Nation’s “Drug                                                   Ecstasy producers through increased
                                               the message that Ecstasy use is                                                                 He said he also liked John Edwards,
Czar,” said, “This ‘Extreme Ecstasy’ is a                                                     intelligence sharing and coordinated
                                               dangerous and potentially deadly.                                                            2004 vice presidential candidate and
disturbing development in what has been                                                       enforcement operations, and RCMP
                                                        Prior    to   2003,    Europe                                                       former North Carolina senator. “I’ve met
one of the most significant international                                                     officials are focusing their efforts on the
                                               (primarily The Netherlands and                                                               him and his wife several times,” he
achievements against the illicit drug trade.                                                  importation of precursor chemicals
Historic progress against Ecstasy              Belgium) was the predominant source                                                          said.But time is running out on cash-
                                                                                              used in drug production. In the
availability and use is in jeopardy of being   of Ecstasy consumed in the United                                                            strapped Edwards, who is hanging on.
                                                                                              meantime, Director Walters is urging
rolled back by Canadian criminal               States. Increased cooperation among                                                          New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson
                                                                                              State and local public health officials to
organizations. Desperate to develop their      U.S. and European governments,                                                               dropped from the race Jan. 10, after
                                                                                              reinvigorate their prevention efforts, to
client base, they are dangerously altering a   combined        with   improved     law                                                      poor finishes in        Iowa and New
                                                                                              enhance educational outreach to               See Page 17      Hillary or Obama
January 1-15, 2008                                                  The North American Filipino Star                                                                     17

                                                Global                                immigration. A couple of years ago, I
                                                                                      had the distinct pleasure to address
                                                                                                                                  create a demand for Foreign Trained
                                                                                                                                  nurses and the Philippines can offer
                                                                                      the annual meeting of the Filipino          one of the best options. Education is
                                             Perspectives                             Nurses Association of Montreal during
                                                                                      which we discussed the aims and
                                                                                                                                  in English, schools are amenable to
                                                                                                                                  curriculum changes, if necessary, to
                                                                                      objectives of the Nightingale Initiative    meet required standards for foreign
                                                                                      for Global Health that includes a           employment, and many have
                                                                                      recommendation( # 3 ): Collaborate--        experience in the home country as
                                                                                      -across disciplines and across              well as outside.
                                                                                      cultures---for promoting health in                   If    we      work     together
                                                                                      community settings. The discussion          synergistically      to     share    our
                                                                                      was based on the writings of Dr. Deva-      knowledge and resources, we can
                                                                                      Marie Beck, who is now based in             quickly establish procedures to
                                                                                      Ottawa, as International Director of        improve       the     efficiency    and
                                                                                      NIGH. For more on the NIGH                  effectiveness of recruiting and
                                                                                      movement please visit the Website at:       deploying professional and technical
           Isaac T. Goodine                                                                      staff from abroad. What we know for
                                                                                              Currently, the Canadian             sure is that if we can clearly identify
All about Migration in 2008                                                           Nurses Association is celebrating their     the requirements for the jobs on offer,
                                           responds to the question this way:         Centennial Anniversary Year in 2008         training institutions in the Philippines
Listen to a simple story                   “Well, I don’t rightly know who I am.      and we honor every one in this              will meet those requirements.
Told by a reed taken from its home.        When I got up this morning I thought I     extraordinary group as each of the          Blockages and delays from the
Here’s a tale for all you people           knew, but as the day progressed, I         250,000 registered nurses have              Canadian side can be overcome as
Who’ve wandered lost and all alone.        became unsure.”                            touched every aspect of Canadian life.      the Canadian Government and some
                                                    Canadian        society      is   Even     as    we    celebrate      this    provinces have already taken
Since I was cut out the reed-bed I         multicultural and probably the most        achievement we must recognize that          concrete steps to remove barriers and
have made this crying sound.               accommodating of diversity in the          this professional group is under            speed up integration. The main
Anyone parted from a true love             world today but that does not make it      pressure due to heavy workloads and         impediments to be overcome relate to
Knows the sorrow that I have found.        as good as it can be, or as good as we     emerging staff shortages due to             recognition of credentials; evaluation
                                           intend it to be. One of the things we      recent and impending retirements.           and accreditation of work experience
Anyone pulled from Source and              must be aware of and address soon is       They are not alone as Canada’s baby-        gained at home and abroad; and
center And taken far from house and        a tendency to fear strangers,              boomer        generation      reaches       language constraints associated with
home Longs to return to where the          especially if newcomers, such as           retirement age, but nurses require          cross-cultural communications. WE
roots are, Longs to rest, no more to       migrants are feared simply because         special preparation and the schools of      CAN DO THE REQUIRED.
roam.                                      they are different.                        nursing do not have sufficient student
        …These are opening lines                    In her book, Working in a         nurses in line to fill projected            Isaac’s Email is:
from a poem by RUMI, a 13th century        Cross-cultural Environment, Violeta A.     vacancies and in some cases there 
Persian; put to song by Michael            Laraya, kindly mentioned yours truly       will be a shortage of teaching staff.
Green, a 21st century American. The        and wrote: “Mr. Goodine is the             Current and emerging vacancies
CD        is       available       from    epitome of a person who is able to live
                                                                                                                                  presidential race.”                in another culture and practically         From page 16 Hiillary or Obama                   But he added: “Although Senator
        The Society for International      become like one of the natives, the
                                                                                      Hampshire.                                  Clinton won New Hampshire, the
Development, celebrating 50 years,         color of his skin and eyes not
                                                                                              Having run her own grueling         presidential race is far from over. At this
devoted the December 2007 issue of         withstanding.”
                                                                                      campaign in this area, a realistic Vellie   point, both Senator Clinton and
its Quarterly to the issues of migration            May I say it took a long time
                                                                                      Sandalo Dietrich Hall said Jan. 8, when     Senator Obama have an even chance
and development.                           and much experience in many
                                                                                      it looked like Hillary would again lose     of winning the Democratic nomination.”
        While no one knows for sure        cultures before I became the
                                                                                      big in New Hampshire, “It’s too early to    Dutta noted the race for the Democratic
how many human migrants there are          particular Mr. Goodine that Mrs.
                                                                                      determine Hillary’s chances. There are      presidential nomination “will not be
in the world today it has been             Laraya met? What that means is that
                                                                                      still more primaries coming up.” She        decided before February 5, when
estimated that there are about             working across-cultures is a learning
                                                                                      said she herself was leaning towards        voters in major states like California
100,000,000 people who have been           experience, both challenging and
                                                                                      former Republican Massachusetts Gov.        and New York will be voting.” Hillary is
taken far from house and home; for         rewarding. Of course I am white and
                                                                                      Mitt Romney.                                banking on winning on Feb. 5, when
whatever reason. Whatever the              my eyes are blue so that makes me a
                                                                                            Republican Ms. Hall, a successful     over 20 states will be voting for the
reason all share a common humanity         visible minority in many of the
                                                                                      businesswoman, ran last November for        nominee from both parties.
and are motivated to move away from        countries where I have worked. I am
                                                                                      Fairfax supervisor in the nearby state of      The New York Times reported Hillary
something they don’t like or toward        aware that stereotyping can be
                                                                                      Virginia, losing but capturing 37           won 39 percent to 37 percent over
something that they do like.               devastating when it is encountered as
                                                                                      percent of the vote in her first foray in   Obama in New Hampshire. Hillary was
        The extremes of these              discrimination, and that is especially
                                                                                      politics. Gautam Dutta, executive           shown on TV, exulting, “Now together,
motivating emotions are hate and           true for someone who has been taken
                                                                                      director of Asian American Action Fund      let’s give America the kind of
love, manifested in society as war and     far from house and home in order to
                                                                                      based in this U.S. capital, a political     comeback that New Hampshire has
peace. Between these extremes there        earn a livelihood.
                                                                                      action       committee       supporting     just given me.”
are numerous reasons for migration                  No country has ever had so
                                                                                      Democrats, said with her unexpected
with economic concerns among the           many people leaving home to earn a
                                                                                      victory in New Hampshire primary,
leading causes. We are a mobile            decent livelihood as has the
                                                                                      “Hillary has stormed back into the
species and travel for a host of           Philippines. They work in many
reasons so we require a whole lexicon      countries doing many jobs, and for
to categorize who we are when we
migrate. War and conflict create
                                           the most part, perform service of high
                                           quality for reasonable wages. Of the                           Patrick Labrosse
refugees, terrorists, and grows the        many things that Filipinos do well,
ranks of the poor who migrate to find      care-giving is an art form. This                                                        Financial Services
a better life; while peace creates         includes specially trained Registered
pilgrims, tourists, traders, and           Nurses who work abroad, often on a                      Maximize your refund by maximizing your RRSP contribution
transnational workers of many stripes.     contract for a fixed term. While living                  Quick and easy process! No small amount will be refused!
The absence of war and access to the       in the Philippines the early 1990’s, I                      Free income tax return with RRSP portfolio review
ballot box are not enough to meet          learned that the Philippine Nurses
expectations as people also need           Association had 181,000 Registered
access to the marketplace through          Nurses on their nominal rolls (of which               RRSPs - The Best Investment
education and jobs.
        Who we are depends on lot of
                                           95 percent were female) and of that
                                           number 120,000 (over 66 percent)
                                                                                                         You can make
things. It also depends on who is          were working abroad. Those working
                                                                                                 Other services: Life Insurance, Car/house Insurance, Mortgages, RESP,
asking and why. It also depends on         abroad include Canada, but in most
                                                                                                    Investments, SEG Funds, Bookkeeping, Commissioner of Oath
who we think we are. In the tale of        cases those in Canada came, not
                                                                                                          Affiliated with Dennis Buenviaje Financial Services
Alice in Wonderland, the heroine           under      work-permits      but,    by
18                                                                    The North American Filipino Star                                          January 1-15, 2008

Palace readies move against the ‘godfather of smuggling’
January 14, 2008                                  Customs           Commissioner         and of whom seven operated in               are taking their sweet time,” he said,
           The     quarrel   between        Napoleon         Morales   welcomed          Cebu while the rest were scattered all      adding Ronquillo had already moved
Malacañang and Customs worsened             Radovan, saying his experience as a          over Metro Manila.                          out some of the smuggled cars as a
yesterday after the Palace blamed a         police officer would be a big help to            He named a Romy Ronquillo in            result.
Customs official for the continuing         his agency.                                  particular, who is accused of                    Villar said Ronquillo had even
smuggling at the agency.                          Villar said his team was now           operating car centers in Xavierville,       dropped the name of presidential
     The head of the Presidential Anti-     collecting evidence against the              Quezon City, and in Ortigas, Pasig          son and Pampanga Rep. Juan
Smuggling Group called a ranking            Customs official he accuses of               City, that allegedly offer smuggled         Miguel Arroyo, Villar’s godson, to
Customs official the “godfather of          smuggling, “so as to nail not only the       luxury vehicles.                            warn his group to leave him alone.
smuggling” in the country, blaming          small players but the biggest of them            “We have been trying to get a                “But when I called up Mikey
him for the continuing operation of 37      all.”                                        warrant for seizure and detention for       [Arroyo], he told me, ‘Ninong, go
people who allegedly smuggle luxury                                                                                                  after that guy. Put that guy behind
cars from Metro Manila and Cebu                                                                                                      bars’, so it is now up to Customs.”
alone.                                                                                                                                    Villar said Ronquillo paid only
     Group head Antonio Villar said                                                                                                  P600,000 in taxes for four Hummers,
the official was making millions of                                                                                                  which cost between P6 million and
pesos out of each luxury car                                                                                                         10 million each.
smuggled in, but did not name him.                                                                                                        Last month, Villar’s group seized
     “It goes all the way up to this                                                                                                 81 luxury cars from an automobile
official,” he said.                                                                                                                  firm in Makati City, of which three
     “He is the godfather of                                                                                                         reportedly were owned by San Juan
smuggling in the Philippines.                                                                                                        Mayor Jose Victor Ejercito.
Smuggling        has    become      so                                                                                                    Albay Rep. Al Francis Bichara
centralized and he has become a                                                                                                      reportedly owned four of the
multi-millionaire because of this.”                                                                                                  smuggled vehicles, while comedian
     Villar made the statement even                                                                                                  Willie Revillame admitted owning a
as President Arroyo appointed                                                                                                        2006 Ferrari, which was declared as
Nicasio Radovan Jr., formerly chief of                                                                                               being worth only P1 million.
the Southern Tagalog police, as                                                                                                           The cars were seized from Auto
director of the Customs Enforcement                                                                                                  sports 24 Corp. in Pasong Tamo,
and Security Service—a critical unit                                                                                                 Makati, along with a Lamborghini, 21
in the government’s anti-smuggling                                                                                                   BMWs, 16 Mercedez Benzes, 11
campaign.                                                                                                                            Porsche sports cars, four Jaguars,
     Radovan replaces retired Gen.          Who did it? Presidential Anti-Smuggling Group head Antonio Villar points to one of 24    three Volvos, Ferraris, Carera, Boxter,
Nestor Gualberto, who will now head         smuggled cars seized in Makati last year.                                                Land Cruisers, Range Rovers,
up the agency’s Financial Services                                                                                                   Cherokee and a Mini Cooper. a
Division replacing acting chief Edna           He said his group was now                 Ronquillo from Customs for one
Barrida.                                    running after the 37 top smugglers,          month now, but the Customs people

Arroyo calls on Congress anew Cleanup of Boracay Mansion
to pass P1.2-Trillion budget  finally begins
January 15, 2008                            nananawagan tayo sa Kongreso na              January 15, 2008
       President Gloria Macapagal-          agad makabuo ng kasunduan sa                      Swarms of mosquitoes in an
Arroyo called on Congress on Tuesday        pagitan ng Senado at Kamara, at ipasa        overgrown garden met teams of the
to pass the P1.2 trillion national budget   ang budget sa lalong madaling                Quezon City government that were
for 2008, which lawmakers failed to do      panahon [So that important projects          finally able to conduct clearing
before going on recess last year.           and programs will not be delayed, I am       operations at the Boracay Mansion in
     Speaking at the start of a Cabinet     calling on the Senate and the House of       New Manila, Quezon City.
meeting in Malacañang, Arroyo said the      Representatives        to     immediately         A mistress of deposed President
passage of the budget was necessary         agreement to pass the budget at the          Joseph Estrada, who was convicted of
for the government to respond to rising     soonest possible time]," Arroyo said.        plunder and later pardoned, allegedly
prices of oil and basic commodities.             "Ito ang pondong makakalawak ng         lived in the house.
                                            tulong sa maralitang nahihirapan kapag       The teams completed 80 percent of                Endriga said he assured the
                                            tumataas ang presyo ng pangunahing           the task yesterday morning.                 Sandiganbayan sheriff the city
                                            bilihin dahil sa pagtaas ng presyo ng             City treasurer Victor Endriga said     government would await the decision
                                            langis sa buong mundo [These are the         Friday’s debate on who should clean         of the Sandiganbayan and the
                                            funds that will greatly help poverty-        up the property was the result of           Supreme Courts on the matter of
                                            stricken Filipinos everytime the prices of   miscommunication between city               ownership and disposition of the
                                            basic goods will rise as a result of an      officials and the Sandiganbayan             property.
                                            increase in the cost of oil]," she added.    sheriff and security services office.            The team that started the cleanup
                                                 At the same time, the President                                                     at 8 a.m. yesterday collected five
                                                                                              “In fairness to Sheriff Edgardo
                                            said the Presidential Anti-Graft                                                         truckloads of weeds, cut grass and
                                                                                         Urieta, he called me up late Friday and
                                            Commission        (PAGC),       and   the                                                waste. Neighbors, Endriga said, had
                                                                                         apologized for the actions of his men.
                                            Departments of Finance and Budget                                                        expressed fear that snakes and
                                                                                         He said his men had the mistaken
                                            would review its programs to ensure                                                      dengue-carrying mosquitoes could be
                                                                                         notion that city personnel were at the
                                            transparency in government.                                                              breeding in the property.
                                                 The President also vowed more           site to build a structure,” Endriga told
                                                                                         the Inquirer.                                    “The sheriff and I agreed to siphon
                                            thorough investigations on government
                                                                                              On Friday, personnel from the          off the stagnant water from the pool
                                            officials accused of corruption, with the
                                                                                         sheriff’s office reportedly drove away      and fill it up with land to prevent the
                                            help of civil society.
                                                                                         teams from the Quezon City                  spread       of    disease     in    the
                                                 Arroyo said these moves were
                                                                                         Engineering        Department,        the   neighborhood,” the city treasurer said,
                                            meant to ensure that "the people would
                                            benefit from the gains of the growing        Department of Public Order and              adding       the    city    engineering
     The President said the budget was
                                            economy." a                                  Safety and the Environment Protection       department would do the job. a
also needed to finance the construction
of farm to market roads and irrigation                                                   and Waste Management Department
projects.                                                                                that were going to conduct clearing
     "Upang     di    maantala     ang                                                   operations on the property at 100 10th
mahahalagang proyekto at programa,                                                       and 11th Streets in New Manila.

January 1-15, 2008              The North American Filipino Star   19

                     50 g 79¢

20                                                   The North American Filipino
                                                 The North American Filipino StarStar                                   January 1-15, 2008

     Education raises the bar but lowers the barriers to a rewarding career.

      Daycare Assistant          Administrative Assistant              Certified International Trade
                                                                          Professional (C.I.T.P.)
                                                                                                             Personal Support Worker (Nursing Aide)
                                                                                PAB/NURSING AID
     English, French, Spanish, Mandarin                                           New classes
     Filipino (Tagalog)                                                         February 17, 2008
     Microsoft Office
     Accpac Simply Accounting
     Accounting & Bookkeeping
     Administrative Assistant Program
     Business French
     Bilingual Telephone Protocol
• International Trade (C.I.T.P.)
• Personal Support Worker/PAB/Nursing Aide
• Early Childhood Education Assistant
• Integration of Foreign Graduates of Nursing
     (Education Permit Pending)                                                     2007 Students and Staff Annual Christmas party

                                                                         OTHER COURSES
                                                                  •   Writers Helping Writers (February-March 2008)
                                                                  •   Intercultural Communication (To be determined)
                                                                  •   Leadership Training (To be determined)
                                                                  •   Human Resources Development (On request)
                                                                  • English • French •Math/Science
                                                                  (Private or semi-private)

                          4950 Queen Mary Road Penthouse
                          Montreal, Quebec H3W 1X3                                            To register by appointment,
                          Telephone: 514-485-7861                                             please call 514-485-7861
                          Fax: 514-485-3076                                                   Classes start January 13, 2008
                          Website: SNOWDON

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