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					                       ANECDOTAL RECORD FORM

Goal for this observation:
Build math and problem solving skills.___________________________

Setting: Art Center___________________________________________
Date/Day: 10/11, 10/14, 10/18______________
Time of day: 9AM -10AM_________________
Basic activity: Sorting and Categorizing______
Focus Child: I.M.________________________
Others involved: 4 children________________

Anecdote: It was not too early in the morning around 9am when the ECE
professional from the PCCC Child Development Center, gather 5 children
from the age of 4 to 5 years old, 3 boys and 2 girls into a table in the art
center and gave them a huge bucket of jelly beans and dried beans all of
them mixed together. She also put in the table papers and crayons for them
to get creative with the figures on their papers.
The children were very particularly excited to work with the jelly beans,
one child said, “I like jelly beans, the purple is my favorite.” The ECE
professional asked the children to pick containers and spoons if they need
it to collect beans to take them to the table. Very few children picked the
spoons because most of them preferred to collect the beans with their
hands. The ECE professional also asked them to sort the beans by colors
and shapes. The children were smiling and running back and forth for more
beans. The ECE professional asked the children if they have seen those
beans before and one child said, “My mom gave me some black beans to
eat before.” After they were done sorting them she then asked them to put
the beans onto the circles drawn on the paper and asked them if they
recognize the geometric figures and the numbers and they said yes. When
they were done sorting, categorizing and recognizing geometric figures, the
children were so proud of their work that they decided to keep the beans in
a jar in layers of colors for decoration of the classroom and also to show it
off to visitors in the classroom but the ECE professional told them that they
should keep the beans for future activities.

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