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                                  PO Box 207 DOONSIDE NSW 2767

                                                                                  18 April 2012
Advisory Panel
Draft National Wildlife Corridors Plan
c/o Dept Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities
GPO Box 787

                   Recommended Inclusion to National Wildlife Corridors Plan
                              - Great Eastern Range Initiative

Members of Cumberland Conservation Network request the Advisory Panel seriously consider
inclusion in the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative of the National Wildlife Corridors Plan - the
Cumberland Conservation Corridor proposed by key conservation groups in Western Sydney.

The proposed Cumberland Conservation Corridor has received considerable support from major
political parties in the past two Federal Elections. So far, the Federal Labor Government has
committed $22.5M for acquisition of strategic lands as well as committing to a conservation future
nearly 2,000ha of key Commonwealth land when present operations at the respective sites are
wound up. Written communications to this effect can be supplied if required.

The attached draft map identifies the proposed boundaries of the Cumberland Conservation

The following points are made:

i)      The south-west boundary of the Cumberland Conservation Corridor connects with the Great
        Eastern Ranges Initiative (see pink outline).

ii)     That connection affords opportunity for residents of the nation's most populated area -
        Western Sydney - to have close connection with the National Wildlife Corridors Plan.

iii)    The Cumberland Conservation Corridor connects expansive tracts of land already committed
        to a conservation future (see green shading).

iv)     The Cumberland Conservation Corridor connects lands identified as "Priority Conservation
        Sites" which are to be targeted for acquisition to satisfy EPBC Act requirements for the
        Sydney Growth Centres Strategic Assessment. (see blue shading)

v)      $397.5M are expected to flow from the Sydney Growth Centres Conservation Fund for such
        acquisitions to be achieved over 25 years.

vi)     Small connector sites will be included as zoning permits - much of which is occurring - (see
        red shading).
       President: Lisa Harrold       Secretary: Wayne Olling          Ph 4733 3444 or 9621 2105
vii)    Riparian zones of significant creeks in Western Sydney form part of the Cumberland
        Conservation Corridor also for connection purposes (see pink outline).

viii)   The Cumberland Conservation Corridor presents the last opportunity to afford sufficient
        habitat to sustain viable populations of the flora and fauna of Western Sydney, including

ix)     The Cumberland Conservation Corridor includes the area between Penrith and Richmond
        identified by Birds Australia and Cumberland Bird Observers as an "Important Bird Area".

x)      Residents of Sydney's Greater West do not have beaches, the harbour, the mountains, the
        major heritage buildings or the major cultural venues in the heart of their Cumberland Plain
        but they do have the potential natural heritage afforded by the Cumberland Conservation

xi)     Residents of Western Sydney will be encouraged through having their heartland included in
        the nationally significant conservation initiative that is the National Wildlife Corridors Plan.

We leave this matter for the consideration of the Advisory Panel and indicate we would welcome
the opportunity to express to you, person to person and in greater detail, the Cumberland
Conservation Corridor and its benefits.

Yours sincerely,
Wayne Olling

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