TigerPaw Productions Staff Training Guide by dffhrtcv3


									       TigerPaw Productions
        Mission Statement
TPP exists to facilitate the production of
major events for Clemson University and
  the surrounding community, strives to
utilize the talents of Clemson students in
all capacities, and provides its members a
 fun, educational, and professional work
  TigerPaw Productions has a very close relationship with
Campus Life, a division of student affairs. TPP works in all of
             the Campus Life venues & spaces.

                      Campus Life includes:

          Student Organizations:    Venues & Spaces:

            TigerPaw Productions     Littlejohn Coliseum
                Central Spirit       Tillman Auditorium
               CLEMSONLiVE       Outdoor Reservable Spaces
                                  Hendrix Student Center
                                      University Union
                                   Mobile Event Services

                                                  Campus Life
                                                    Full Time Staff

                           Director                                                         Director
                          Campus Life                                                      Major Events
                          Facilities and                                                   and Business
                           Operations                                                      Development

   Associate                               Mandy Hays                     Marty Kern
   Director                                                                                                              Associate
  Campus Life                                                                                                             Director
 Facilities (LJC)                                                                                                      Major Events and
                     Dusty Saine                                                                                         Operations
                                                                            Director                      Zach Kerns
   Director                                             Cecilia Vazquez
   Operations                                                                                                             Associate
                       Kevin                                                                                             Campus Life
                      Burgess                                                                                             Programs
                                                                            Director                Laura McMaster
                                                                           Campus Life
    Campus Life
      Facilities                                        Alanna Waldrop
(Tillman/Outdoor/                                                                                                       Campus Life
      Mobile)       Wendy Gregus                                                                                       Event Coordinator

    Associate                                                             Campus Life
    Director                                                              Administrative            Meredith Merritt
   Campus Life                                                             Coordinator
  (HSC/Union)                                            Shonna Peppers
                     Andy Riggins
The staff of Campus Life are dedicated to the
  success of TigerPaw Productions. That
means they are dedicated to YOUR personal
   success. Make connections with them,
 introduce yourself, and they will help you
TigerPaw Productions (TPP) Structure
                         Leadership           Campus Life
 TPP Advisors                                 Events Staff
                          TPP Directors

   TPP Fanatics                               TPP Crews
 •Advises Directors on                     •Provide labor and
                          TPP Members
      concerts by                         staffing for concerts,
 representing student                     basketball and other
     body opinion                                 events
 •Recommends artists,                     •Receive training in
    bands, and acts                         technical skills,
                                            hospitality, and
 •Voluntary position,
                                           customer service
 with member benefits
        & dues                              •Paid positions
                         TPP Fanatics
•   TigerPaw Productions serves as Clemson
    University’s Concert Committee
•   TPP receives an allocation from Student
    Government every year that is used to
    attract popular national acts and to offer
    student discounts on tickets
•   As a member of TPP Fanatics you have the
    opportunity to attend Concert Committee
    meetings, gain industry knowledge and have
    the inside track on Clemson entertainment
•   You also have the opportunity to
    recommend the bands, artists, and acts that
    are of most interest to the student body as a
                             TPP Crews
•   TigerPaw Productions physically produces
    the events at Campus Life venues                  Guest Services
•   The responsibilities include everything from      Hospitality
    building the stage to setting the court for       Box Office
    basketball games, from rigging light sets to
    running sound boards, from coordinating           Marketing
    dressing rooms to catering for crews, and         Changeover
    from selling the ticket to ushering them to
    their seats… TigerPaw does it all!
•   There are multiple crews to have a fit for        Mobile Events
•   Training is offered in all areas, with multiple
    advanced opportunities as well.
•   Hands on industry learning and experience.
The best part is…

you can do both!!!!
                          TPP Leadership

                           Guest                              Mobile
Box Office   Changeover              Hospitality    M&A                  Marketing   Production
 Director     Director    Services    Director     Director   Events     Director     Director
                          Director                            Director

                                     Associate Directors                  But
                                         Crew Leads                       work
                  You                                                     way
                                       Staff & Crews
                  start                                                    up!
     TigerPaw Productions
            Directors 2010-2011

Jordan Gestring                                       Cyrus Witte
Box Office Director                              Changeover Director

DJ Dorsey                                         Avery Latham
Guest Services Director                          Hospitality Director

                           Alvin Jenkins
                           Executive Director
Caitlin Volpe                                   Sarah Stallworth
Mobile Events Director                            Marketing Director

Elisabeth Bailey                                  David Bennett
Membership & Admin. Director                     Production Director
The Crews
  Guest Services
If you love to interact with and meet new
people, then this is the crew for you! The
Guest Services crew experience includes:

 •   Providing directional information
 •   Ushering
 •   Checking items and operating lost
     & found
 •   Dealing directly with guests
     attending all events

Guest Services workers must be
enthusiastic, friendly, professional, and
respectful, as well as knowledgeable
about our building. Guest Services is a
great crew to work if you love helping
people and sharing your knowledge!
              • Supplies food for the crews
                and Artists
              • Dressing room setup and
              • Fulfills all of the artist’s
              • Runs Artist Meet & Greets
              • Used as runners on the day of
                show, driving artists and crew
                around town
              • It is mandatory that the
                Hospitality crew maintains a
                professional attitude toward
                the Artist and all of their
     Box Office
•   Provides all ticketing services to
    guests. Including ticket sales,
    ticket scanning, directional
    information, and seat relocations.
•   Working in the box office, you will
    gain a working knowledge of
    Ticketmaster. You will also learn
    to work with money, cash
    registers, financial duties, and
•   Working as a ticket taker and
    seller you will develop strong
    customer service skills.
•   We are the first people any patron
    sees. We want to start off their
    experience at Littlejohn Coliseum
Marketing (street team)
                  • Promotes upcoming Concerts
                  • Promotes TPP
                  • Drives the Promo Van
                  • Papers Clemson, Greenville,
                  • Distribute swag to students,
                    guests, etc
                  • Design and carry out remotes
                  • Viral & Online marketing
•   Set and Strike for events.
•   Build the stage for the
•   Sets basketball goals.
•   Returns the venue to a state of
    readiness for whatever is to come.
•   Crews are over a wide range of
    times including some at night,
    possibly late which allows it to fit
    into your schedule.
•   On a changeover crew you will
    learn how to work together as a
    team to accomplish a goal in a
    timely manner.
             • Is responsible for loading &
               unloading trucks full of show
             • Works with the road crew
             • Runs lights & sound for events,
               including basketball games
             • Understands the importance of
               professionalism when working
               with artist road crews
             • Must perform heavy lifting
             • Must have specific Production
    Mobile Events
•   Staffs events in Outdoor Spaces
    and many other places on campus.
•   Works with tech equipment
    including sound systems, lighting,
    projectors, etc.
•   Sets events with tables, chairs,
    barricade, and whatever else may
    be needed.
•   Work with Clients to ensure their
    event is a success.
•   Monitors events to help the guests
    have a wonderful experience.
   • Staffs events in Tillman
   • Works with tech equipment
     including sound systems,
     lighting, projectors, etc.
   • Sets events with tables, chairs,
     barricade, and whatever else
     may be needed.
   • Work with Clients to ensure
     their event is a success.
   • Monitors events to help the
     guests have a wonderful
• Every crew has their own crew specific training. Be sure
  to look for these and attend the ones that interest you the
• In addition to these basic trainings, many areas have
  additional advanced trainings such as sound board
  operation, forklift licenses, hospitality, and many others.
• The more training you receive, the more opportunities
  you have to work.
• These trainings are linked to raises, so not only can you
  work more, but you get paid more at the same time!
• Don’t miss these opportunities!!!
                     Building Hours
HSC                                   LJC                            Tillman
Some areas have opportunities for more stabilized
  hours and have various tasks associated with them

•   Opening/Closing the building
•   Setting up for smaller events
•   Maintaining equipment and inventory
•   Various Projects

    For more information about these positions, please contact your supervisor
                      Office Hours
HSC                                LJC                             Tillman
Some areas have opportunities for more stabilized hours
and have various tasks associated with them

•Filing, processing, and completing paperwork
•Data processing and accounting
•Answering phones and directing customers
•Various Projects
•Learn professional skills and see behind the scenes

For more information about these positions, please contact your supervisor
• Assist guests on a day to day
• Knowledgeable about all
  campus events, activities, and
• Assists in reservations and
  bookings of facilities.
• The center of activity for
  Campus Life.
HSC Tech

     • Setup events in HSC and
     • Help maintain quality of
       building and equipment
     • Desk assistance after hours
     • Maintain and organize HSC
     • Available to help customers at
       any time.
Now that you know who we are…

    Lets dive in a little deeper
The Venues
            Littlejohn Coliseum
• 10,000 seat multi-purpose auditorium
• Host everything from concerts, to basketball games, to
  graduations, to conferences, to galas, and anything in
• Can be used as multiple separate spaces or one large space.
         Tillman Auditorium
• 820 seat Theater
• Used for seminars, lectures, pageants, small
  concerts, dances, and much more.
       Hendrix Student Center
• Student center with many reservable areas including
  ballrooms, meeting rooms, a conference room, and even
  a 150 seat movie theater.
• Houses the TPP and many Campus Life Offices
• Home to the Campus Life HUB
      Outdoor Reservable Spaces
•   Bowman Field
•   Military Heritage Plaza
•   Carillon Gardens
•   Outdoor Theater
•   Johnstone Meadows
•   Cox Plaza
•   More to come…
Rules &
            Here at TigerPaw Productions:

• EVERYONE who comes to our event or one of our
  buildings is our GUEST.
• Our primary job is to SERVE.
• To do this all TigerPaw employees need to be
  knowledgeable about our venues, emergency procedures,
  and the Campus Life fulltime staff.
• This training will give you the tools you need to serve our
  guests with the professionalism, thoughtfulness,
  sincerity, and enthusiasm that makes us known
• Our motto is “Whatever It Takes!” and that sure helps us
  get everything done.
TigerPaw Productions Employee Rules
Because we function in a professional
capacity it is necessary that every member act
in a professional manner. Our employee
rules are there to protect both you and the
organization. By signing the worker’s
contract you are signifying that you have
read and understand our employee rules.
Failure to comply can result in immediate
dismissal from the organization.
 Campus Life Event Rules & Regulations
For their own safety and enjoyment, Guests are required
to follow these Facility Rules:

No Alcohol Unless Otherwise Posted
No Outside Food or Drink
No Weapons or Fireworks of Any Kind
No Tobacco Products
No Audio or Video Recording Devices
  (Event Specific)
No Strollers or Umbrellas
No Re-Entry for Ticketed Events
No Animals other than service animals
No Glitter
No Helium Balloons
          Employee Expectations
At TigerPaw Productions, we like to have a lot of fun, but we definitely
have to get down to business as well. Here are some expectations we
have for you every time you work with us:

•Be on time and ready to work
•Dress appropriately for the crew you are on
•Be professional
•Respect Yourself and Others
•No Personal Phone Calls
•Record your time honestly and accurately
•Follow the TigerPaw Worker’s Contract
•Have a great attitude!
Some jobs at TigerPaw may be exposed to sensitive material. Don’t
  assume that anything is public knowledge without asking your

Some of this information may include any information on shows that
  havent been released yet, or possibly an incident that may have
  occurred at an event.
These things can need to stay confidential for a number of reasons,
  from proper business practices, to a person’s right to privacy, so
  please respect both.

        Remember… What happens at TigerPaw,
                       Stays at TigerPaw!
       What do I wear to work?
1.   Dress appropriately for the
     crew that you are working.
     This may include nice khaki
     pants or black pants, be sure
     to ask your supervisor.
2.   Closed toe shoes. This may
     be extended to closed toe,
     closed heel, for certain crews.   PICTURE HERE!!
3.   Most crews will be given a
     uniform shirt to wear, so be
     sure you have on an
     appropriate undershirt for
     the crew you are working.
What do I never wear to work?
 1.   Athletic shorts
 2.   Pants with holes in them
 3.   Flip Flops
 4.   iPods
 5.   Cell phones
 6.   Blue tooth

        Crowd Management
• Our patrons are essential to every event
  that we have.
• TigerPaw Productions is the first line of
  contact with these very important people.
• You always need to handle all situations
  professionally and calmly.
• Be sure you know the venue rules, because
  you will be the one enforcing them.
              First Aid Procedures
The following procedures must be followed in the case of serious illness or
injury for a guest or staff member:

1.   DO NOT TOUCH or MOVE the injured person.
2.   Remain Calm. Do not create a panic situation.
3.   Alert your supervisor or First Aid by means of radio, phone, or JTECH
4.   Stay with the guest until the paramedics or a supervisor take charge of the
5.   Assistance may be needed to keep the area clear of on-lookers.
6.   All medical incidents must be documented by a TPP Director or Campus
     Life Staff Member.
7.   Under no circumstances should you discuss the incident with anyone
     other than TPP Directors or Campus Life Staff.
        Emergency Notification
At every major event open to the public, the Fire Alarm is
  disabled and monitored by an on-site fireman. This
  prevents false alarms for large events. If it is determined
  that an evacuation is necessary, the alarm will be
  activated manually.

For smaller events, the alarm will not be monitored and we
  should assume it was activated for an emergency.

  Basic Emergency Procedures
1. Remain calm and professional. Assist the
   people in your area and direct them to the
   nearest exit.
2. Have the patrons to meet at the designated
   location. If they ask about more information,
   tell them that it will be provided there.
3. Be sure your staff assembles at their
   designated area to ensure everyone is
   accounted for.
4. In the event of an evacuation, we will not allow
   access to the facility until the emergency
   response team gives the all-clear.
5. Be sure you are familiar with the detailed plans
   of each facility you work in.
• We are here to ensure the safety of
  everyone around us.
• This includes the patrons, your fellow
  workers, clients, as well as yourself.

     100% Safety
    How do I get into the building?
    Littlejohn Coliseum is a large building and often fairly hard to find
       your way in. If you are working a crew that is in this facility, you
       need to come in one of these two ways.

•    Most events will have a check in
     location known as the “hot
     sheet”. This is a single location
     where anyone in the building
     checks in. All TPP employees
     who come to work enter the
     Coliseum through the “hot
     sheet” located at the South
     Entrance on the balcony.
•    Some crews will enter through
     the loading area known as the
     tunnel. This is also on the South
     side of the building. Be sure to
     check in with your supervisor as
     soon as you arrive.
Handicap Accommodations
        • We must make ALL guests feel
          welcome and provide assistance as
        • No guest with a disability is to be
          excluded from or discriminated
        • We meet all ADA requirements in our
          building and provide Accessible
          seating for our guests with disabilities.
        • Handicap Parking is located at the
          North Entrance at Littlejohn Coliseum
          and adjacent to our other facilities.
Now you are ready to work, Right?
How do I sign up to work?
Crew Calls are used for events
1.   Once you become a member of TPP Crew you will start receiving crew call
     emails. These will direct you to our crew call system web site. This
     system can be accessed anytime at www.clemson.edu/tpp . You will log in
     with your Novell password that you use for other campus applications.
     (There is a tutorial that will walk you through how to use the system.)
2.   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the directors.
3.   It is in your best interest to Sign Up Early if you want a spot!
4.   Don’t be discouraged if you are not chosen for the first couple of calls you
     sign up for. (The more you work and do well on crews the more directors
     know your name which will increase your chances on being placed on
     more calls)
   How do I get paid for events?
• TigerPaw Productions employees are paid weekly with checks.
• This means you pick up your paycheck at the Campus Life HUB.
• Paychecks are available on Fridays between the hours of 1pm and
  5pm. After a check becomes available you can pick them up after
  that Friday anytime from Monday thru Friday 8AM – 6PM.
• The Campus Life HUB is located on the second floor of the Hendrix
  Student Center.
• Please be sure to bring an ID with you to pick up your pay check.

 Please remember that you cannot
 get paid if you do not sign your
 signature on the sign-in sheet for
 each crew. We want to make sure
 you get paid so make sure you
 sign in and out!
         TPP Office

• Located in the Hendrix Student Center in the 214 suite offices (all
  the way down the hall behind Einstein Bros.)

• If you ever have a concern or just want to say hello, feel free to stop
  by anytime!

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