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									CFA Society of Spokane
October 29, 2008 – Meeting Minutes

Attendees:    Dean Kiefer, CFA, Colin Kelly, CFA, Karen Oeser, CFA, Ellen Dolan, CFA

CFO Connect – Oct 30
   We are underwriting this event ($1,000). Being put on by Connect Northwest.
   We will have a booth there promoting CFA (Dean will be there by 4:30 to set up). It will give us
     great exposure to CFOs throughout the region.

New Society Member Service Standards
   Discussed the new standards and what it means for us.
   We probably don’t have time to submit a budget for this year. We will do the pay as you go
   Will be submitting level 2 funding request (Montana initiative). Include WebEx piece. (Ellen)

Public Awareness
    Going well, we continue to rotate the ads. They seem to be effective, people are talking about

    Colin sent out an email soliciting applications from those interested in a scholarship for the
    Have gotten 10 applications already.
    Will send out another reminder. (Colin)
    Will send out an email to the Montana candidates that have recently joined our Society. (Ellen)

Credit card payment on our website
    Need status update. (Ellen will call Dominic)

Montana trip
   Conduct focus group to determine how we can better serve our new members in Montana.
   We have at least 1 member that passed Level III this year. May do an award ceremony in
   Dean and possibly Ellen will make a trip to Montana to do focus groups and award ceremony
      before the end of the year.

Future Speakers
    Nov 6 Ron, CFO at Keytronics
    Dec Sterling Savings
    Jan      XBRL
    Forecast Dinner – Possibly the new State Treasurer (depends on who wins), Brian will handle

    Looks good

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