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                   CFA Institute’s Society Scholarships for CFA Examinations in June 2010
                                    Submission Deadline: January 11, 2010

Dear CFA Exam Candidate:

The CFA Society of Cleveland (CFASC) is inviting applications from candidates taking CFA examinations (Levels I, II,
and III) in June 2010 under the CFA Institute’s Society Scholarships program.

Under the scholarship program, the CFA Program enrollment fee is waived (which applies to the Level I candidates) and
the registration fee is discounted. Scholarship recipients pay only US$225. The scholarship’s monetary value varies from
$485 to $1,210 depending on when the candidate pays the fee per deadlines set by the CFA Institute and if a program
enrollment fee is required in case of the new registrants for the Level I exam.

The terms of the scholarship award are as follows: The fee is non-refundable. Scholarships cannot be deferred to another
exam offering. The exam registration fee includes the CFA Program curriculum. Scholarships cannot be awarded to
society officers, directors, or employees, or their immediate families. Applicants must fulfill all CFA candidate
requirements which can be found at
The society scholarships information is at:

There are a limited number of scholarships available and they will be awarded on a competitive basis considering the
potential for success at the exam as indicated by such factors as academic credentials, career interests, time commitment
for study, etc. While holding to these criteria, preference will be given to the applicants residing and working/studying in
the Cleveland metropolitan area. Applicants with no other form of financial support, i.e., company support programs for
payment/reimbursement of the exam fee or the CFA Institute’s Student Scholarships program through professors who are
CFA charter holders, will receive priority consideration. Further, applicants taking the exam at a given level for the first
time will be preferred over those taking it for the second time, etc.

The list of awardees will have to be communicated to the CFA Institute by February 1, 2010. Therefore, it is very
important that we receive the applications by the indicated deadline (January 11, 2010) in order to complete our
evaluation process and decide about the awards in a timely fashion. Please put together your application packet
consisting of the following items into one scanned document and submit it by e-mail.

1) CFA Society’s Application Form (Word Doc) – on the next page.
2) CFA Institute’s Application Form (PDF File) – Attached.
3) Two letters of recommendation (including one from the supervisor or major professor in case of students)
4) Latest Resume
5) Academic Transcript(s) containing course work relevant to CFA curriculum

E-Mail the application packet (as one scanned document) to:, Attn: Katie Khoury, Executive Administrator

                                         Chenchu Bathala, Ph.D., CFA
                                               Education Chair
                             Phone: (216) 687-4715; E-Mail:
                                           CFA Society of Cleveland
                         Application for CFA Institute’s Scholarship – June 2010 Exams
                                     Submission Deadline: January 11, 2010
 Name:                                                        Residential Address:

 Registration Level:                        I    II   III     Have you taken the exam at this level before? YES / NO
 Have already enrolled for the exam?            YES / NO      Study Plan Till Exam Date (Hrs/Wk):
 Did you receive a scholarship/employer support before?       If yes, indicate the source of support and the year:
 YES / NO       For which level(s)?:   I    II     III
 Educational Background/Student Status:
 Degree(s) Earned & Year(s):                                  Major Field(s) of Study:
 University:                                                  Overall GPA:
 Professional Certifications, if any:                         Awards/Honors, if any:
 Are you currently enrolled as a student?        YES / NO     If Yes, the program & the university:

 Current Employment
 Company Name:                                                Company Address:

 Your Job Title:                                              Your city of employment:

 Years of Experience:                                         Supervisor’s Name/Phone #:

 Your Primary Job Responsibilities:

 Employed Applicants: Does your employer provide fee reimbursement for the CFA exam?                        YES / NO
 Student Applicants: Have you applied for a student scholarship from a professor holding CFA charter? YES / NO
 Describe your objective(s) in pursuing the CFA designation, your academic course work in the different areas of CFA
 curriculum, and your plan of study/time commitments for successful completion of the CFA program. If your employer
 does not provide funding support for the CFA exam, include a statement that you have contacted your supervisor and
 confirmed to that effect. If you are a student, include a statement confirming that you have explored the opportunity by
 contacting the professor(s) who are CFA charter holders for an award under the Student Scholarships program.

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