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					“10 Free Ways To Raise Funds For Your Charity
             Using The Internet”

    “10 Free Ways To Raise Funds For Your Charity Using The Internet”

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              Putting the Fun Back into Fundraising

Cudeca is a private cancer hospice in Fuengirola, Malaga, Spain and is the brainchild of
Mrs.Joan Hunt, OBE. The inspiration for this e-book came after hearing the problems
Cudeca was experiencing. The hospice started work in March 1992 to meet the need of
cancer patients after Mrs. Hunt’s husband died from this terrible disease. It was officially
opened in 2006 by Princess Isabel of Spain. The hospice runs a 16-bed unit and also
caters for outpatients. It is multi-denominational and multi-cultural. Rising costs and
falling funds threaten the closure of the 16 bed ward.

The book will show you the easiest and quickest way to raise funds that compliment your
existing fundraising efforts. By offering goods and services to your network of well
wishers and the public beyond you will make money both in the short term and in
ongoing residual income. When you diversify the goods and services you offer you are
offering something for everyone. The wider the range of products or services you offer,
the more funds you will raise. In other words don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

I strongly recommend you read this whole e-book at least once before taking ANY
actions. Please take it one step at a time. NB. Save this e-book. Bookmark this page or
save it to your favourites because the links in this e-book open in the same window. If
you do not save it you might get lost!

PART ONE All The Tools Are Here So Let’s Get Started.
Have You Ever Wanted A Show Dog Kennels?
Help Yourself by Helping Others
Promote Your Charity With More Merchandise
Online Banks. Health and Beauty
Native Remedies
Special Care For Pets and Eco Friendly Products For Babies
For The Outdoor Crowd
Finally Flowers
PART TWO The Charitable Fundraisers Crash Course to Internet Marketing
So how will people find you and know about your activities?
Free advertising that Google loves.
Submit your websites
Press Releases then Take a break
Are you ready to get going again now?
PART THREE Let’s Get A Little Technical
What is Affiliate Marketing All About?
The Affiliate Masters Course
You Got Here!

                            Copyright © 2008 Edward Kirwan
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All The Tools Are Here So Let’s Get Started.

Everything in this book is FREE. Programs are FREE to join, the publicity and
advertising methods I will show you are FREE. All recommendations in the book are
either used by the author or are highly recommended by other respected internet
marketers. The approach is the KISS method. For those unfamiliar with the KISS
method: Keep It Simple Stupid ☺ I recommend you read it through at least twice before
you tackle any of the tasks. All this will cost you is some time.

You will be signing up to join various affiliate programs. An affiliate
program is one where you as the “affiliate” offer the products and/or
services of a “merchant” to your supporters and customers and make
a commission on goods sold.

You do not need to sign up for all or any of these programs as you may prefer to choose
your own. These are merely my recommendations based on careful research, simplicity
for the users and personal experience

You do not need a website or blog but it is preferable. I will discuss that later and show
you a good FREE way to do it.

Let’s combine the online world with the “real world”.
Own Your Own Specialist Shop
Floto was launch in 2003 and produces top quality Italian leather travel bags for men and
women and offers them at e-prices. First class Italian calf-skins and natural vibrant
fabrics are hand-crafted into classic designs by true artisans. Floto boast Chelsea Clinton
and David Letterman amongst it’s clientele..

                         Quality always shines through and it sells itself -. if you have a
                         website or blog you can earn money by offering your site visitors
                         great deals on fabulous travel bags and accessories through the
                         Floto imports affiliate program.

                         This program features:
                         • Timeless product with limited distribution
                         • 8% commission on a $299 average price point
                         • 2 tier commission structure - 8/12
                         • 365 day tracking

It is easy to join - sign up and place affiliate code links on your website or blog and
start earning commissions right away.

                            Copyright © 2008 Edward Kirwan
                                                                                    Page 3
Have You Ever Wanted A Show Dog Kennels?

This next recommendation has universal appeal but particularly to
those helping our canine friends.

This site is a lot of fun and can be turned into a great fundraiser because it is very
competitive. It is a one-of-a-kind virtual dog simulation game for people who dream of
having their own quality dogs to raise, feed, groom, train, breed and show.

Members pay a monthly fee to participate. The members can
choose from 149 different breeds - whether it be Great Dane,
Beagle, Whippet, or Poodle, there is a breed for everyone. You
are the breeder, owner, handler, trainer, and groomer of your
show dogs. You get to manage and budget the rations of food
your dogs receive, how you breed your dogs, which shows you
enter and so on. The competition is fierce!

When you sign up as an affiliate you will be given all the promotional materials
necessary to promote the Show Dogs website by their affiliate managers. Yes, there is a
little extra work here as you have to be a member of the affiliate management program
but it is a simple sign up process and it does have its advantages.

Sign up as an affiliate for Show Dog Kennels here and let the shows begin.



                            LET’S SEE WHAT’S NEXT

                          Copyright © 2008 Edward Kirwan
                                                                                Page 4
Promote Your Charity With More Merchandise

This is a Specialist Shop with Worldwide Appeal.
This New Zealand website offers an extensive range of high quality, unique and
interesting gifts and products to your supporters and customers. The products range from
foodstuffs (for homesick Kiwi’s craving their favourite treats) to wonderful possum and
wool garments. They ship worldwide at cost, while shipping inside New Zealand is free
which is ideal for your supporters when sending gifts to friends and relatives there.

Take a look at the categories of products.

       Art - Contemporary                               Homeware
       Books, Calendars, Magazines                      Jewelry
       Cards, Posters, Maps                             Kiwiana Collection Pet Charms.
       CDs - Music                                      Maori Art & Crafts
       Christmas Decorations                            Men - Gifts
       Clothes, Handbags, Footwear,                     New Zealand Food & Candy
       Other Accessories                                Outdoor Equipment
       Corporate Gifts                                  Sheepskin and Rugs
       Cosmetics, Beauty Care                           Software, Website Services
       DVD, Video Scenic NZ                             Stationery From New Zealand
       Flowers & Native Trees                           Tapestry, Knitting, Needlepoint
       Food Natural - Organic                           and Yarn
       Funky Design                                     Thrill seeking! in NZ
       Gift Baskets, Gourmet Hampers                    Toys, Puzzles, Games, Music
       Gift Certificates                                Wine from NZ
       Hand Painted Men's Silk Ties                     Wooden Items
       Health Products

This is a two tier affiliate program. What that means is that should any of your customers
decide sell products on their own website and they joined as an affiliate from your link
you will benefit from company commissions on anything they sell. That is residual income
at work! Now you can start to see the power of this form of fundraising I am sure.

Sign up as an affiliate to offer goods from New Zealand direct from their site.

                           Copyright © 2008 Edward Kirwan
                                                                                   Page 5
Help Yourself by Helping Others
World Nomads is a travel insurance company with heart. Their core business is travel
insurance for adventurers and to that end they provide very competitive rates and in a
very flexible way. What makes them stand apart from the crowd is that every client has
the opportunity to donate something to one of World Nomad’s sponsored projects. All
projects both current and past are detailed on the site.

For the traveller, World Nomads (underwritten by Allianz) provide free SMS travel
safety alerts, iPod language guides, an online travel journal and destination guides. They
also run an online shop. All in all this is an attractive package and makes travel insurance
much easier to promote. You will receive commissions from the sale of the travel
insurance policies and any shop sales.

Visit the World Nomads site here and join their Partner Network direct from the
bottom right hand column of their website. Note: Instead of “affiliate” World
Nomads use the word “partner”.


A Word About Affiliate Merchant Programs and Online Banks

Until now you have joined affiliate programs directly from the website. Other affiliate
merchants (product or service owners) use Affiliate Management Programs and you will
need to be a member of these before you can join certain affiliate programs. When this
occurs you will be directed to the Affiliate Management company concerned to sign up
with them and then with the program you want to promote. Of course this takes a little
more time but the efforts are worth it in the long term.

The following is not an exhaustive directory by any means but are the ones you are likely
to come across following the companies in this e-book. You might as well become
familiar with the names.                            http://Kolimbo


Most affiliate programs provide some marketing help. Some are better than others. The
better companies/programs help their affiliates as much as possible. As long as at least
one of your sites offers good help you can apply that training to your other sites. You can
also get very confused with too many ideas and you won’t learn there what you will learn
here :-)

The Charitable Fundraisers Crash Course to Internet Marketing is in PART 2 ☺

                            Copyright © 2008 Edward Kirwan
                                                                                     Page 6
Online Banks
Some Companies and Affiliate Manager Programs may prefer to pay you through one of
these banks. To set up the accounts is FREE. PayPal is perhaps the most widely used so
set up your account soon and don’t use the others until you need to.                                        

You will get FREE training with these partners:

Native Remedies                                 New Zealand Products


Natural Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty products is a competitive market yet when presented correctly can be
very lucrative. More and more people are daily turning to more natural products for their
health care needs. This is reflected in the choice of programs presented here. I have
chosen two-tier programs* so that you can get the maximum benefit from your efforts.

                     The following affiliate websites provide you with a shop front
                     website that you can link with and send your website visitors to. If
                     they know that by buying through your website and that they are
                     going to be helping your charity they are at least likely to look at
                     what you have to offer!

                           Copyright © 2008 Edward Kirwan
                                                                                  Page 7
Healthy Living

Native Remedies offers the highest quality natural herbal remedies for health. They are
professionally formulated in therapeutic dosages by a leading
clinical psychologist designed for her own patients over the last
12 years.

Native Remedies, is the market-leading brand of specially
formulated, natural remedies produced in therapeutic dosage. You can search dictionary
of health from A-Z to find detailed information on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
options. You can also view the full range of proven natural remedies to support your
physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Native Remedies also offers something for the pet lovers! This is a two-in-one site as it
is not only Native Remedies it is Pet Alive. When you sign up as an affiliate for Native
Remedies you are automatically enrolled to offer Pet Alive products too.

Here is a fantastic bonus for those new to internet marketing

Native Remedies are particularly committed to the success of their affiliate partners. As
a result, they have an Affiliate Resource Center with a vast array of articles, forums, tips
and tricks to help you become more successful. You will be automatically directed to
their training section when you go to collect your affiliate links. And best of all, it's
FREE which is just another benefit of being a Native Remedies partner.

You can become a Native Remedies Affiliate here and Earn 25% Commissions!

                            Copyright © 2008 Edward Kirwan
                                                                                     Page 8
                    Special Care For Your Pets
                    Just like humans, domesticated animals like dogs and cats are
                    affected by the health hazards of modern living. Pollution, poor
                    nutrition, stress and unhealthy lifestyles can lead to a variety of
                    illnesses and conditions that are very similar to those experienced by
                    humans. Pet Alive supplies natural and safe herbal remedies for pets

                      These days, emotional and psychological problems like depression,
                      anxiety, ADHD and behavioral problems are just as prevalent in pets
as they are in their owners. Similarly, physical ailments such as diabetes, arthritis,
chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, cystitis, kidney and liver disease, skin disorders,
obesity, thyroid dysfunction and other problems are becoming more and more common in
domesticated animals.

Many, if not most of these conditions can be prevented by
helping your pets to live a healthier lifestyle. For pets already
suffering from existing conditions, a combination of lifestyle
changes and natural medicine can work wonders!

Join Pet Alive here by looking for AFFILIATES at the
bottom of the page.

Eco Friendly Products For Babies

NaturalEco Organics is part of the Native Remedies family. It offers a wide variety of
natural and eco-friendly products for babies and nursing mothers. It seems they have
thought of everything from tinctures to help increase the chances of conception, to
massage oils for your feet and belly during your pregnancy, to chemical free bedding and
nursery supplies for your baby.

The two-tier affiliate program pays 25% on the first tier and 5% on the second tier for the
lifetime of the referral.

Join NaturalEco Organics for the future welfare and comfort of mothers and babies

                            Copyright © 2008 Edward Kirwan
                                                                                    Page 9
For The Outdoor Crowd
Golfers and Golf

Golf is as popular as ever and golfers are always looking to improve their game while
                   loved ones are often searching to find an ideal gift. The Golfer’s
                   Advantage website is the answer to these problems as it is an online
                   warehouse for golf clubs, training aids, balls, accessories and videos.
                   It is another two-tier affiliate program which pays 20% on the first
                   tier and 10% on second tier sales. Monthly payments can be made
                   via PayPal which is the online banking service mentioned earlier

Open your Golf Warehouse affiliate account here

Fishing Tackle
For fishing and angling fans there is an enormous selection of tackle at this fishing tackle
superstore. Based in the UK , it is written in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian
and Japanese. It offers everything from rods and reels to lines and lures to flies and floats
                     and pretty much anything else you can think of.

                     They offer huge savings on all fishing equipment and fishing
                     accessories. They also stock many discontinued and hard to find
                     products, as well as many products which are sought after in the
                     USA. It is one of the UK’s largest online fishing tackle stores.
                     Affiliates earn 5% commission on sales. This is a two-tier program
                     paying 1% on the second tier.

To sign up as an affiliate for the Fishing Tackle Superstore, scroll down the page
and the link is on the right hand side column

                            Copyright © 2008 Edward Kirwan
                                                                                    Page 10
Finally Flowers
Flowers can sometimes say what                                        Birthday
               words cannot                                           Business
                Flowers are always a                                  Everyday
                wonderful gift for many                               Get Well Soon
                occasions. Now you                                    Sympathy
                can send flowers and                                  Thank You
plants of any imaginable choice or
arrangement through Flora World.
Chose flowers for any occasion from a
vast range around the world.

        Roses                                            Gifts
        Flower Arrangements                              Favourites

       All Prices                                        $50 - $60
       $30 - $40                                         $60 - $70
       $40 - $50                                         $70 - $80

Affiliates earn $3.00 on every sale they originate and you will receive an additional $1.00
second tier bonus. (Once again, don't worry, that dollar does not come from the standard
$3.00 commission your suggested site will earn).

Join the international Flower World here and let you visitors send flowers around
the globe.

                           Copyright © 2008 Edward Kirwan
                                                                                  Page 11
The Charitable Fundraisers Crash Course to Internet Marketing

So how will people find you and know about your activities?
Word of mouth is the first and simplest step. In internet terms that means emailing your
supporters and telling them about the products now available through your online shops.

To reach a wider audience you will be using these little tricks to raise awareness.
Depending on the size of your organization much of this work can be done by your
marketing department. On a smaller scale, in your inner core of supporters there will be
people happy to take on an area of work that is not only enjoyable but will open a whole
new world of fundraising ideas. Just make sure they keep focused and take action!

No Website? No Money? No Problem!
Good Old Google

Go to Google and set up a free account. Not just a gmail account, an account. (email in
“Googleland” is a gmail) Within Google you will find Google Pages. From here you can
make a website with as many pages as you wish (in fact you can have 3 websites per
account) One small problem is that you cannot delete a website but you can choose not to
publish a particular page so that is no real problem. Link this website to your gmail
account with the same username and try to keyword it to your subject matter. There you
have a whole neat package.

Google Base
So many people ignore what is inside Google that it is astonishing. Google Base is just
one of many fantastic tools you can explore. Essentially you can tell the world about you
and your project and all your efforts. Explore and use this tool.

You Have a Website. Great!
Add another page to your website with all your ideas, articles, links, shops, merchandise,
services and so on. Make sure you write plenty of informative content about your charity,
your events and point out that anyone buying goods or services through your pages will
be aiding your charity. Make that page content filled with text links to your products: use
banners sparingly.

                           Copyright © 2008 Edward Kirwan
                                                                                  Page 12
Free advertising that Google loves.
Squidoo’s are mini websites called “lenses” and are easy to make and are FREE. There

are eBooks you can buy to make your                                 more noticeable by
the search engines but we as fundraisers don’t need to go that route do we?. There is a
good deal of help on Squidoo itself from other Squidooers on how to set up a successful
Squidoo (or several that you link together) and how to get them noticed. See the
resources below.

Hub Pages

These are very similar to Squidoos and work equally well as far as getting noticed by the
search engine spiders. Once noticed they will climb the rankings and be seen by a wider
online audience. Hey, this only gets better!

You can easily publish information on a topic you love to write about. It is simple to use,
FREE and Hub Pages allows you to publish online with easy, non-techie tools. You will
be widely read thanks to the heavy internet traffic and of course as you are going to be
directing peoples’ attention to your site, you will create ongoing commission

Ready to make your first Squidoo or Hub Page?

These Squidoo lenses will help along the way to getting noticed quicker:

GreekGeek's Squidoo Tips: How to Get Your Lens Found

Basic HTML for Squidoo

Squidoo vs Hubpages

HTML Squidoo tricks how to lens with sample codes step-by-step

This is not a “lens” but a guide to more useful information about Squidoos

Hello! I'm N376

Once your Squidoos and Hubs are written send them out to the world.
How? It’s easy.

                           Copyright © 2008 Edward Kirwan
                                                                                  Page 13
Submit your Websites, Squidoos, Hubs, Article URL’s and
everything to Google and Web 2.0

First: submit any and all your URLs (website addresses or domain name) to
Google. This is where you enter your URL and the second box asks for “comments”. In
this box put five or six keywords. Enter the security code and your are finished. It’s very

Second: submit to as many Web 2.0 sites as possible. What is Web2.0? Web2.0 is the
new generation of interactive website networks. These are the huge social networking
sites where people interact on the internet and pass on ideas. You have probably heard of
or visited YouTube, Digg, Delicious and many more..

Do you think this is a lot of work? OK. Let’s make it easier.

Third: Go to and set up an account. Here you will have to join,
individually, each social networking website on the list but you only have to do it once.
Then enter all your usernames and passwords (use the same username and password)
onto the OnlyWire form. It will take you about an hour. Thereafter you only need to
submit any new article or press release you make to OnlyWire. They will spread the word
for you at the click of a mouse! This is powerful! does a similar
job. Stumble Upon is wonderful too. Use these free websites as a resource to get your
message out there.

Web 2.0                                                

Web 2.0 submission services                     

                            Copyright © 2008 Edward Kirwan
                                                                                    Page 14
Press Releases
Write press releases about your latest news. Don’t forget to submit your press release
URL to Google as detailed above. Every little helps. Record your URL addresses of the
press releases (and articles) on a separate links page and link it to your web site. Why?
The internet spiders love fresh content and links. Take it one step further and you can add
LinkScout as a little banner to your website and get even more exposure but maybe
that’s for another day ☺

Free Press Releases          

Free Ad Sites                                    

                                        Take a Break…grab a coffee or a glass
                                        of wine and let that lot sink in. It takes
                                        time to set this up so don’t rush. No doubt
                                        you will have help whether it is a
                                        marketing department, a committee or an
                                        army of volunteer supporters or a
                                        combination of all three.

                                   By studying what is to come, you will see
                                   that there is room for a lot of people to
make a lot of noise about your charity. Once you are set up with your
various affiliate partners, DELEGATE MUCH OF THIS WORK and you
can be sending a mass of visitors to your websites. But…

…you do need to read the whole of this to get the full picture.

                           Copyright © 2008 Edward Kirwan
                                                                                  Page 15
Are you ready to get going again now? OK, let’s move on.
How Do You Eat An Elephant?
An internet friend of mine wrote to me and asked that question and the answer makes a
lot of sense….One Bite At A Time! The above is a lot of information and may seem
daunting but you do not have to do it all in one go. I know that all fundraisers know this
in one way or another.

Let’s get noticed for free.
Article writing
Article writing is free advertising. Write an article giving useful information and submit it
to one of the many article bases. You will need to do this in a such a way that it is not
only of interest to readers but also the search engine spiders. (Don’t worry, you’ll find out
how soon enough) You will then make a small biography box where you can leave a link
back to your main site. Again, this is simple enough and will be explained on the site you
submit your articles to. For great FREE advice on article writing visit my friend Travis at and he will tell you all about it and the elephant no doubt! is probably the most prestigious of these article databases as authors
need to qualify to be able to submit their articles. The advantage to you is that these
articles can and are picked up by the editors of e-zines (online magazines) who are
always hungry for fresh content for their readers. Your article, complete with your
website address in the bio-box, has the potential of being seen by millions worldwide.

Each article submission website has its own rules outlined on the site. Just follow them
and you will be fine. One little tip is to write your article, check it and submit it rather
than agonize over it too long; i.e. take action!

There are many, many article databases, the best of which from the point of view of ease
of use, quality and being loved by the search engines are listed below.

Article Submission Websites                                                     

                            Copyright © 2008 Edward Kirwan
                                                                                    Page 16
Let’s Get A Little Technical
Part Three deals with more slightly more technical issues and sadly some parts will cost
a little money to implement. There are FREE options and there is a lot of valuable FREE
information so please read on.

Do you have an opt-in form on your website? If not you are missing out on collecting
names and e-mail addresses of potential supporters/fundraisers/customers. By offering
something of value, an e-book for instance, many people will be more than happy to add
themselves to your mailing list. With their names captured you can send them follow up
emails using an autoresponder.

What’s that? An email autoresponder automatically sends out reminders and is a highly
useful marketing tool. Sometimes it takes several follow-up messages before you achieve
a response. This tool saves time and will increase your sales. It is also a cheap, reliable,
efficient way to send out your newsletter. I use it for two of our newsletters.

The best on the market are Aweber and Get Response. There are free autoresponders but
frankly they are not worth the effort due to deliverability issues, limitations and
commercial advertising.

It is beyond the scope of this e-book to go into the ins and outs of opt-in forms and
autoresponders. Everything you need to know is explained on the websites in detail. You
can also search Google or Yahoo for any information you require.

Take a FREE test drive or join Aweber here.

Get Response has a FREE version you can try.

Search Google for “free autoresponders” if you would like to explore this option.

                            Copyright © 2008 Edward Kirwan
                                                                                    Page 17
What is Affiliate Marketing All About?
Derek Gehl of IMC, (Internet Marketing Center) is the best person to tell you.

The Insider Secrets to Marketing puts your fundraising business on the internet. There
are many courses available but this one gets my recommendation. The "Insider Secrets"
course consists of 2 binders and 2 resource CDs that collectively contain 1,000+ pages of
the exact information you need to start, promote, and grow a highly successful, extremely
profitable internet business.

In fact, you will not know this, but this is who I learned most of my “secrets” from. It's
really the best Internet Marketing course I've read. That's why I highly recommend it -
both as a tool for learning how to increase your affiliate sales. It is currently priced at

You can get the home-study course here.

How to Build a Website from Scratch
The best person by far to teach you this is Ken Evoy, President of SiteSell. People that
use his system of website building rank among the top 3% of all websites online. He has
the enviable record of having his program as the basis of “real world” university and
college courses in Internet Marketing.

Here comes that FREE thing again. You can download an excellent e-book where Ken
explains in detail how to go about building a profitable website from start to finish. Look
for the name and don’t be put off by the title The Masters Guide to Affiliate Marketing.

Targeted traffic is the life-blood of your online business. An increase in targeted traffic
produces more sales which in turn produces more income for you. The Affiliate Masters
Course will help you build a Web site that will pull in targeted traffic (in a way that the
Search Engines love!) and that your visitors will find beneficial due to its solid-gold

You will learn how to create a Theme-Based Content Site... a site that is loaded with high
value Keyword-Focused Pages that rank highly with the Search Engines and get the click
through to income-generating sites. This site can be an affiliate merchant site or your
own online store or your site that sells products of your own creation.

                           Copyright © 2008 Edward Kirwan
                                                                                  Page 18
The Affiliate Masters Course
The Affiliate Masters Course clearly shows you how to create an effective Theme-Based
Content Site that will generate income. Nothing has been held back and everything you
need to know is included in the course.

Download the Affiliate Masters Course It is an excellent FREE ebook

You can see and hear from people who just LOVE Site Build It

And this is the home page of the superb Site Build It!

NB You can join their Affiliate Program and make residual income
even if you do not use Site Build It

I was going to put this last FREE offering with the articles but here it is now!

Warm up your visitors with your words
 Anyone can succeed on the internet with the right words and the right process. You
know how to "persuade" in your daily life. Now you just need to adjust and fine-tune this
skill for the internet. And it all starts with this ….

                   "Information, information, information."

                   People on the internet are looking for information... quality content.
                   Quality content is what builds traffic and earns you income. In other
                   words, write better... to sell more! The Netwriting Masters Course will
                   show you how to "write for success" and build a profitable, stable,
                   online business. It's very do-able... you just need to bring your own
                   brain power and motivation!

Download this FREE e-book and save it to your computer
where you can find it!
You will need an Adobe Reader. You can get that here.

                            Copyright © 2008 Edward Kirwan
                                                                                   Page 19
You Got Here!
You reached the end. Well done!
I am aware this is something of a marathon, treat it that way because it is just that! By
getting this far you obviously have determination. You will need to read this again but
you will succeed.

Further updates will be posted at the Charitable Fundraising Website. Please check
back at the website to pick up the most recent edition of this guide (be aware that links do
change from time to time) and new programs.

Visit my homepage for further information where there are more ideas for you and sign
up for my occasional newsletter where you will get access to more useful FREE stuff
and direction to a FREE Members Only area Here you can find out how to put PayPal
buttons on your site and how to make an e-book like this one!

I hope you have found this information helpful in your charitable fundraising
efforts. Please feel free to pass this e-book to anyone who may find it useful. Simply
send them to


I wish you the best of luck with your fundraising adventures. Remember, TAKE
ACTION, STICK WITH IT and you WILL reap the rewards for years to come.


If you have any views or problems I may help you with,

I can be contacted by gmail at

       Two Tier Programs

The idea behind two tier affiliate programs is that as an affiliate yourself, you have the
ability to sign up other affiliates under you as well as sell the merchant’s products.

NB. Promote the product first and foremost, other affiliates will follow.

                            Copyright © 2008 Edward Kirwan
                                                                                   Page 20

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