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        Hey, who’s the
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        the camera?
    Table of Contents
    •    Strategy Tip #1 – Shoot quality photography.
    •   Strategy Tip #2 – Focus on the needs of your customer.
    •   Strategy Tip #3 – Understand marketing.
    •   Strategy Tip #4 – Show your work.
    •   Strategy Tip #5 – Understand pricing.
    •   Strategy Tip #6 – Do the research.
    •   Strategy Tip #7 – Overdeliver.
    •   Strategy Tip #8 – Leave behinds.
    •   Strategy Tip #9 – Self-promotion.
    •   Strategy Tip #10 – Use ebooks.
    •   Strategy Tip #11 – Greeting cards and calendars.
    •   Strategy Tip #12 – Get into the stock photography market.
    •   Strategy Tip #13 – Working with local businesses.
    •   Strategy Tip #14 – Start and operate an online photo service.
    •   Strategy Tip #15 – Photography Website Basics.
    •   Strategy Tip #16 – Promoting Your Photography Website.
    •   Strategy Tip #17 – Standard Marketing Still Works.

T     his edition of “Freeze, I Have A Camera And I’m Not Afraid To Use It” includes updates added
      in response to the suggestions from readers of Volume 1. This edition includes more marketing re-
sources and links. Also, it now includes informative sections on “Photography Website Basics” Strategy
Tip #15; on “Promoting Your Photography Website” Strategy Tip #16; and “Standard Marketing Exam-
ples” Strategy Tip #17. Improvements will continue to be made to this publication. The current updates
are the results of former readers. We want to hear from you, also. Enjoy the read! And stay connected.
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Hi, I’m Kalem Aquil, CEO of

This is the information that I wish I had when I first tried to be successful in a photography business
- the first time.

I cannot and do not claim to be an expert. Neither do I believe that ‘experience is the best teacher.’
It isn’t, necessarily. It’s just often, the most ‘expensive’ teacher. Some of the lessons I have learned
are contained in this report.

I do not make a six figure income with my photography business. I do, however, make money with
my photography. And I still have fun shooting photography. Years ago I became a ‘professional’
photographer after years as an amateur photographer that had taken many photography courses,
seminars and workshops. I knew photography very well. I didn’t know very much about business,
however. My ignorance cost me a great deal of money and I eventually lost my love of photography
as well as my photography business.

Taking photos for the love of photography is one thing. Taking photos because I had bills to pay
was something else entirely. I know now what I should have known then. This report contains some
of the lessons learned that are applicable in today’s photography market.

I’m hoping this report will inspire and encourage you to try strategies that may be outside of tech-
niques you are used to doing. If increasing awareness of your photography, of you as a photogra-
pher, and of your availability, is important to you, this report is for you.

When it comes to marketing photography, many photographers have a tendency to stay in a com-
fortable rut. We continue doing what we have always done – while often expecting different results!

Some of us photographers, who consider ourselves to be amateurs, eventually venture into the busi-
ness of photography. All too often, we think that all we have to do is have some business cards
printed, pass them out, and wait for the telephone to ring. Unknowingly, we set ourselves up for fail-
ure and a major letdown!

This report outlines some of the steps I took to dramatically increase my presence as a photographer
and to successfully make money with my photography. The steps mentioned in this report work for
me, for my lifestyle and produce the most results for the least amount of time and money (if neces-
sary) investment. Let me be clear: I put a great deal of time into being successful at marketing my
photography. However, my time is spent doing marketing activities that provide me the most profit-
able return on (time and money) invested.

The photography niches that are my favorites and my most profitable are portrait photography and
stock photography. I have established a very good reputation and good income from these photogra-
phy niches. This report offers strategies that I successfully use to market my photography and in-
crease my exposure for my photography (and photography business).

You may not use every strategy listed in this report. Heck, you may not like any of the strategies in
this report! However, the strategies listed are successful strategies that work for me and my lifestyle.
All the techniques I describe here involve work – of course, that’s a good thing. Your competi-
tion will be too lazy to do the work involved. They think that people/customers will automati-
cally want them because their photography work is so ‘great!’ When you do the work, your
photography business successes leap ahead of theirs.

The majority of the strategies in this report are free and easy to accomplish. Most of them re-
quire time, not money. Some require resources such as web sites, photo managing software, and
books. This report also lists such resources – most of them are FREE!

About 75% of this report describes strong, solid, verifiable and easily doable techniques which
build a solid, long-term business. About 15% deals with dealing with people that you don’t
know (you meet them in public places – I have ok people skills, but, I don’t always like to use
them). And about 10% describes gimmicks. Don’t ignore the gimmicks. They often work bril-

In operating my photography business, I attempt to automate as much of the business as possi-
ble. This works for me in the photography niches that I prefer. However, my type of automation
would not necessarily work for a successful wedding photography business, for example.

I also make extensive use of technology to keep my photography work and contact info in front
of people. For example, in addition to a photography website, online photo galleries, etc. I
make my own t-shirts, calendars, post cards, greeting cards and other leave-behinds (items
and/or literature with your contact info that is left after you make contact with people).

How to start a photography business is a very large topic. Whole books have been written on
just the smallest aspects of it. This report is an example of one photographer’s lessons learned.
This report really doesn’t include anything new or any ‘secrets.’ I am simply sharing strategies
that are successful for me.

Don’t take these strategies for granted because they seem familiar. Take action. They actually
work. More importantly, they will give you ideas for greater strategies specifically for your
own photography business. Other successful photographers use these strategies successfully.
So, why don’t you?

At the end of the report, there is a list of resources for photographers chosen specifically for
amateur photographers and experienced photographers looking to increase their exposure and
the exposure of their photography.

This report is aimed at amateur photographers, but you don’t have to be an amateur photogra-
pher to find these business-building strategies useful.

The strategies in this report are actions that I take to keep my work in front of potential custom-
ers and to expand those that see and can use my work. I have another strategy that I use that
keeps me on the minds of my existing customers and encourages them to use my services regu-
larly. This report contains strategies to increase your exposure for your photography services
(whatever you determine they are).
Strategy Tip #1
Shoot quality. Whether you consider yourself        Less is more. Digital allows me to take thou-
an amateur photographer or a professional           sands and thousands of images. And I have
photographer, you have an obligation to pro-        shot thousands and thousands of images. Now
duce the highest quality photography possible.      that I am better at determining better quality, I
Poor quality photography doesn’t mean ama-          am more selective with the photography that I
teur photography – it means ‘poor’ quality          show. Although I have thousands of images, I
photography.                                        cannot honestly claim that the majority of them
                                                    are the best quality. They may be of the best
This is most important of all. There is no sub- quality that I could produce at the time under
stitute for quality. Unfortunately, many pho-       the circumstances, etc. but, I have less than
tographers, at all levels, feel that there are sub- two dozen images (of the thousands) that I can
stitutes for quality.                               honestly consider my ‘very best.’ My fight
                                                    against the urge to publish ‘everything’ contin-
Continue to shoot. Continue to shoot. Continue ues. When I win the fight, only my best work
to shoot. Am I making my point?                     is shown. Business gets better!

Photobuyers and customers buy photographs         When showing my photography work to po-
that they like – not the photographs that we      tential customers, I focus what I show them on
think are the ‘best.’ Sadly, many photogra-       how I can meet their photography need. For
phers ignore this. Don’t fall into the trap of    example, if they are looking for an Executive
‘self-congratulations.’ Continue to shoot. Get    Portrait, I show them a couple of my Executive
better. Produce quality. Continue to shoot. Get   Portrait samples, not all of my samples. If they
better. Produce quality. Etc. etc.                are looking for a Pet Portrait, I show one or
                                                  two sample sets – different poses of the same
Your research will find that there is quite a bit pets. If a middle-age woman is looking for a
of photography that is alarmingly poor. Face it, portrait, I show a couple samples of middle-
with technology what it is today, any and eve- age women (or slightly older women).
ryone can take pictures. Heck, with digital, all
we have to do is point and shoot and we get a Less is more. Only show your best.
relatively good image. Three or four people
tell us that they like the photo – and presto, we Strategy Tip #2
think we’ve arrived!                              Focus on the needs of your customer. Too
                                                  many photographers that want to be in busi-
Your commitment to quality will establish         ness fail to focus on what makes a business
your reputation above the fray. Like a diamond successful – benefits to the customer. Usually
in a sack of cut glass, you will hold immeasur- the needs of the customer will tell you what
able value among the glitter.                     specific benefits to emphasize and fulfill. So,
                                                  focus on the needs of the customer and then
You must show your work. Only show your           overdeliver on the benefits to the customer.
best. Fight the urge to show ‘a lot’ of your
work. As your skills improve, you will wish       Hint: telling your customer the type of equip-
that you can take back some of the photos and ment you are using does absolutely nothing to
images that you have floating ‘out there.’ I      meet their needs or provide benefits to them.
constantly fight the urge to display/publish      Your customer doesn’t care how many
‘everything’ that I shoot.                        megapixels or gigabytes you are using. They
don’t care how well you understand f-stops or     your photography regularly.
depth of field. If you aren’t telling them how
their photography needs will be met, it is a       Commit to marketing your work. It takes time
waste of their time. When you go to a first       to develop. You must be patient and persistent.
class restaurant, the owner or the chef don’t     Believe in your photos and the quality of your
tell you what type of stove, pots or seasonings   work. Plan to spend time each and every day
they use to prepare your meal. Think about it:    marketing and showing your work. Show the
most restaurant customers probably have a         kind of work that you want, like and do best. If
kitchen, a stove and pots and pans at home.       you want to sell portraits, put together a portfo-
They do business with great restaurants be-       lio of your best portraits. If you want to sell
cause they want a ‘quality’ eating experience –   stock photography, assemble a first-class stock
not an education in how to equip a kitchen.       photography portfolio.
The restaurants that meet their customers’
needs are the restaurants that are successful.     Advice on the importance of showing your
By the way, the mechanic that repairs your car    work might seem obvious – it isn’t. Many pho-
probably doesn’t tell you what equipment he is    tographers fail to understand it and never
using, either. Because you aren’t buying their    achieve success. The more you show your
equipment, you are buying what their services     work, the more business you will have. Take
do to meet your needs in the manner that you      advantage of opportunities to show your work.
trust and want.                                   That can mean entering art fairs and photo
                                                  contests, posting on websites, publish articles,
Focus on the needs of your customer – that        present community slide shows, hang your
will establish, drive and sustain your success.   photographs in coffee shops, beauty parlors,
                                                  and offices and even in galleries.
 Strategy Tip #3
Understand marketing. Continue your market-        Strategy Tip #4
ing efforts. Marketing is a process – it never    Show your work. Again, this might seem obvi-
stops. Marketing has a beginning and it has a     ous, but, that just isn’t the case. For whatever
middle. But, it never stops. This report offers   reason, many photographers do not include
effective and easy to do marketing strategies.    showing their work as part of their ‘strategy’
Having a marketing plan is a must if you have     for success. Too often, some photographers
any serious intentions of being successful in     feel that their work is ‘so good’ that it speaks
any business – especially the photography         for (and markets) itself. This simply isn’t the
business. This was one of my costliest mis-       case. The fact is that the most successful pho-
takes – not having a marketing plan or follow-    tographers in the world are successful, largely,
ing the marketing plan that I had.                due to the showing/marketing of their photog-
                                                  raphy – not their ‘artistic’ greatness.
 If you understand what marketing is and what
it isn’t, you will be very, very successful in            Photography Portfolio: This is one of
your photography business endeavors. Market-             the most effective methods of market-
ing is not advertising or selling. Marketing is          ing your photography. Your photogra-
marketing – it is a process that you continue            phy portfolios represent your photogra-
throughout your photography business experi-             phy work, you and the perceived value
ence. Without marketing you do not exist (in             that your message communicates about
the photography business world)! Put and keep            you and your work. You should have a
yourself on the map – market yourself and                portfolio for each of your photography
       niches. For example, your Family Por-                         Disadvantages: No longer
       trait portfolio should be different from                          an industry standard in
       your Executive Portrait portfolio; your                           advertising, fashion, and
       stock photography portfolio on urban                              corporate photography
       life should be different from your port-     Photo Contests
       folio on ethnic/urban children. Less is      Art Fairs
       more. Only include your best work in         Art & Crafts Fairs
       your portfolios and you should always        Online
       be refreshing and updating your various      Photography Websites – Every serious
       portfolios. Whether your portfolio is            photographer must have a photography
       online, printed or on disc, the principle        website. Regardless of how easy and
       is the same – when editing, always and           more user-friendly technology has be-
       only show your best.                             come, there is a ‘learning-curve’ on
                                                        establishing and maintaining a photog-
         Photography Portfolio Types                    raphy website. There is no way around
Print Portfolios – All serious photographers            it, to be a successful photographer, you
should have, at least, one (preferably one for          must maintain and update your website
each photography niche).                                yourself. A good way to learn is to get
Advantages: Strong impact, best potential im-           a free photography website. Upload
age quality, attention to detail                        your images and set up the site to meet
                     Disadvantages: Cost, lack of       your purpose. Refine and adjust the
                        portability, time to put        website to accommodate your knowl-
                        together                        edge growth. With even the most basic
Online Portfolios – Every photographer should           of computer skills, you can operate one
have a photography website for their specific           of the free photography website that is
photography                                             now offered all-over the internet.
Advantages: Instant access anywhere in the              Within about two months, you should
world, inexpensive, great marketing tool, eas-          have a very confident and comfort feel-
ily databased by internet search engines.               ing about your ability to maintain a
                     Disadvantages: Image is            successful photography website. You
                        limited to individual           can then either subscribe to the free
                        computer monitor cali-          website (they are almost always trying
                        bration, low resolution         to get you to upgrade) or you can pay
Disc Portfolios – CDs, DVDs, and zip discs              for a more sophisticated photography
are an acceptable method of sharing work                website hosting company. There is one
Advantages: least expensive method, easy to             website that provides a fully opera-
duplicate, ability to incorporate multimedia            tional photography website for free.
                     Disadvantages: Computer            They provide the website for three
                        systems and software            months for free – without advertising
                        incompatibility, resolu-        or popups. For a list of photography
                        tion, inconsistent moni-        websites and other photography re-
                        tor calibration                 sources, click here. The disadvantage
Slide Portfolios – Once an industry standard,           of having someone else build your pho-
some editors and photobuyers still ask for them         tography website is that you have to
Advantages: Easily viewed, relatively inexpen-          depend on the web designer/builder for
sive, easy to make several copies                       every change and update that you want
      to make – it’s a bummer, most web de-       that you are capturing have value. We are not
      signers (in my experience) are in a         selling photograph sizes.
      separate world from the rest of us.
   Online Galleries                                Part of the process of understanding pricing is
   Photo Blogs. There are many blogging op-       correctly valuing your photography. Another
      tions. I use Squidoo—how about you?         part of the process is educating your photogra-
                                                  phy customer. During your pre-selling phase,
 Strategy Tip #5                                  your marketing message should communicate
Understand pricing. One of the mistakes many the ‘value’ of doing business with you. Re-
non-experienced photographer make is selling member, almost anyone can own and shoot a
on the cheap. Sometimes they do it out of ig-     camera.
norance. Too often, they do it out of under-
valuing their work and failing to understand       When I calculated my costs of taking photo-
what quality photography is and what it isn’t. graphs, I determined that I had to charge a
                                                  minimum of $75 an hour to even begin to
 The photography business falls into two cate- break even. And that amount is often too low.
gories:                                           Of course there are times when I don’t charge
1. Assignment Photography: Portraits, Wed- or get money for my photography services. If I
    dings, Corporate, Event, Glamour, Nature, stick to my marketing plan, I can easily calcu-
    Travel, Fashion, etc.                         late the residual income that I usually get by
2. Stock Photography: Pictures taken on           not charging for my services. The customer
    speculation of subsequent sales.              may see the transaction as “getting something
                                                  for free,” but, I can assure you that I have cal-
 In photography, what is it that we are selling? culated the exposure that I can translate into
We aren’t selling square inches of paper for      business before I agree to give my services for
the cost of printing them. Too many photogra- “free.”
phers place value on their work based on the
size of the pictures delivered. The most impor- I often tell potential customers that “they may
tant thing to keep in mind is the value of your not be able to afford my services.” This might
work.                                             seem rude to some, but, I say/imply it gently
                                                  and helpfully. Under no circumstance do I
 You are selling the value of your work! For      ‘discount’ my photography services. My mar-
example, your creativity and unique ability to keting strategy does not allow me to discount
capture something that others do not see or       my work. The portraits that I sell are on the
cannot capture, has value. Anyone can buy a       high end. For example, the smallest portrait
camera, but can they capture the image exactly that I sell is 16x20. My lowest priced portrait
the way you do? The time you invest in train- is above $250. The only times that I produce
ing to be ready to capture the image has value. smaller portraits are when a customer is order-
The time you spend taking the image and pre- ing more portraits or when I include them in
paring it for presentation has value. How you my marketing promotions. Needless to say,
present the image to the customer has value.      photography customers seeking smaller por-
And, of course, your ability to assess accu-      trait packages are not potential customers, for
rately what your customer wants and overde- me. I would compromise the value of my pho-
livering every time has value. If you are selling tography work if I discounted it. Marketing
portraits (children, family, pet, etc.), the fond high end portraits initially proved very difficult
memories attached to the time and moments         for me. There were (and are) photography
businesses all around me that were/are selling         Using computers and the internet to research
lower priced photography than me. But, once I         information has to be the best contribution to
understood pricing and the value of my work, I        mass education since the development of the
established marketing strategies to focus on          book! Of course, I may be biased - I am a life-
photography customers that buy high end por-          long ‘information junkie.’ I had an insatiable
traits. Consider this – almost all portraits repre-   appetite for information even before the popu-
sent emotional value. Usually, the emotional          larity of the internet. Since the internet phe-
value of a portrait increases as time goes by.        nomenon has exploded, I have literally been in
Marketing high end portraits requires me to           ‘information-junkie-heaven!’ I can’t believe
include the “emotional value to the customer”         what we are experiencing! Of course, I must
in my messages to regular and potential cus-          admit that I am not normal. My friends make
tomers.                                               clear to me, on a regular basis that I am walk-
                                                      ing and talking proof that “too much informa-
 Strategy Tip #6                                      tion is not such a good thing.”
Do the research. Do you know where the mar-
ket is for your photography? Do you know               Don’t worry; to do the required research, you
what your photography niche is? Have you re-          do not have to be an ‘information junkie.’
searched the market to determine what you             There is good news and bad news about the
have to do in this market to succeed? Have you        easy accessibility and amount of information:
determined what your “photography marketing           1. The ‘good news’ is that there is a vast
strength” is? If not, don’t panic. Ninety-five           amount of information that is easily and
percent of photographers, just like you, can’t           quickly accessible.
answer yes to any of those questions. Unfortu-        2. The ‘bad news’ is that there is a vast
nately, most of them will never understand the           amount of information that is easily and
importance of the answers. And others will try           quickly accessible.
to successfully operate without answers to
these questions.                                       The speed and amount of information can
                                                      overwhelm you and much of it is wrong!
 The advantage that you have is this report.
Assisting you to ask and answer these ques-     Most people that do research on the internet
                                               use search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo! MSN,
tions is one of the goals of this report. Asking
and answering the questions will target your   Ask, etc.) Still others that do targeted research
photography market like a laser beam. An-      use ‘search tools.’ Similar to search engines,
swering the questions will assist you to deter-these ‘tools’ allow you to enter information,
mine the most successful, effective and profit-based on the answers that you are seeking, and
able marketing strategies for you and your     find many resources. Some search engines and
photography.                                   some search tools allow you to search many
                                               multiple sources for your information. This is
 Do your research. I am making an assumption referred to as a mega-search. Often, doing a
(so pardon me if I’m mistaken). I am assuming search requires knowing how one database re-
that by virtue of you reading this pdf report, lates to another (and other esoteric techno-
you are ‘relatively computer-able.’ In other   speak).
words, you possess enough familiarity with
computers to do ‘basic’ and effective online    Search Tool: The most effective and easy to
marketing tasks.                               use search tool that I have found anywhere is
                                               called Search It! It is simply the best research
tool available on the internet – at any price!           similar photos.
You can download a free copy of Search It!
That’s right – free! Yes, it is the full version.         For example, I enjoyed taking close-up
This tool is offered by a website business com-          photographs of wild plants and flowers.
pany called SiteSell. Like many successful               I offered them for sale in the stock pho-
marketers on the internet, SiteSell feels their          tography market only to find out
products are so good and impressive that they            through research that close-up photo-
give free copies of ‘full and complete’ internet         graphs of wild plants and flowers are
tools, such as Search It! . The search tool was          very plentiful. Although my ‘great
developed for webmasters to help them find               shots’ were ‘great’ to look at, there was
the best keywords and success resources for              no market for them. (Actually, there is
their websites. However, Search It! is so pow-           no market of consequence. I have
erful, that it literally can simply, easily and ef-      enlarged some of the close-up photo-
ficiently research anything and any topic.               graphs to sizes of 6 feet x 8 feet and
                                                         used them as display at fairs. Their size
 Add this free tool to your marketing tool kit,          and sheer brilliance attracts a lot of at-
and you will be light years ahead of your pho-           tention. And I sometimes have post
tography business competition. I promise.                cards and greeting cards printed up
Also, your time spent researching will be re-            with the close-up photographs. How-
duced by, at least, 75%.                                 ever, both of these strategies only sup-
                                                         plement and contribute to my market-
         Lesson Learned: Great pictures that             ing efforts. The money that I make
        nobody wants!                                    from the photographs is small and,
        Shooting digital allows me to shoot as           compared to my other photography
        many photographs as time allows.                 revenue sources, is of no consequence.)
        Which, in turn, had me shooting almost
        everything. Consequently, I had lots of           Another Lesson Learned: Not every-
        ‘great pictures.’ As I was learning              body appreciates close-up photography.
        about stock photography and gathering            Initially, I made the mistake of includ-
        ‘all’ of my ‘great shots,’ my research           ing close-up photography in my
        made it clear to me that there are cer-          ‘portrait portfolio.’ I got comments on
        tain photos that there is almost no mar-         how ‘beautiful and clear’ the photos
        ket for – simply because everybody has           were. But, I didn’t get follow calls from

    These are two images that I felt had value ($) until I did the research. They ’only’ have
    value to me. I have enlarged these to 6 ft. x 8 ft. They get attention.
       the people that I was showing them to.     your customers? Everyone you come in con-
       One day, a friend told me that women       tact with: vendors, co-workers, neighbors,
       don’t want to have pictures taken of       family, clients, everyone. If you adopt the atti-
       themselves that are as ‘clear and de-      tude that everyone is your customer, you im-
       tailed’ as close-up photos. I removed      prove the chance that they will influence future
       the close-up photos out of my portfolio    sales.
       – the follow up calls came. I didn’t pay
       attention to my customer’s needs. If IWhen your photography customer has a prob-
       had, I may have determined on my own lem, you must find what should have hap-
                                            pened, what didn’t happen and what needs to
       that their needs often includes photo-
       graphing them in soft and feminine   happen. Giving good customer service is about
       tones – not bright and detailed high-attitude. Yours! When a problem occurs, treat
       lights.                              it as a challenge or an opportunity not as a
                                            problem. Ask questions and listen. Show em-
 Strategy Tip #7                            pathy, apologize and ask how you can fix the
Overdeliver: Give great customer service.   problem. If you focus more of your energy on
Solving your photography customer’s prob-   listening, you will often discover their real
lems will help you sell and publish more of problem or real need. Have a plan to solve
your photography. Treat everyone you deal   common customer problems and treat each
with as if they were your customer. Why?    customer service issue as a potential opportu-
Your customers pay you the money that your nity for a new sale – because, in the end, it is.
photography business makes. They make your           Lessons Learned: Solving your cus-
photography business possible. So who are            tomers’ problems is often meeting

 By looking at magazines, brochures and other published literature, I get a sense of what style
 stock photobuyers buy. I then shoot stock images attempting to meet that style.

                                   One of my photogra-
                                   phy niches is chil-
                                   dren. Capturing their
                                   charm in images re-
                                   minds me of photo-
                                   graphing flowers.
       their needs – and they remember you
       for it. My experience has been that the
       most common problem my potential
       photography customers have is a ‘time’
       problem – they usually don’t have
       much of it to get what they need done. I
       specifically don’t do ‘rush’ work be-
       cause I don’t like to ‘be on call’ in my
       photography business. (Another reason
       that I don’t offer ‘rush’ services is be-
       cause products that are produced
       quickly aren’t perceived as having a
       high level of quality, by some. And I
       want the value of my photography to be               Please don’t feed the ducks?
       perceived as having high-value.) How-
       ever, I have the capacity and the neces-
       sary contacts to produce almost any         my own with an inkjet printer using glossy
       type of photography in a matter of          business card stock. I put a striking image on
       hours, max. I don’t publicize this to       one side of the card and a calendar on the
       customers (regular or potential) at all.    other. I always include my website address and
       When they call and frantically tell me      my full contact information. Another great
       what their problem is – I fix it. When I    leave-behind can be a calendar. Calendars al-
       fix it, I don’t charge them more for the    low you to leave potential customers with a
       ‘rush’ job. They love me just for that      mini portfolio that includes 12 of your images.
       gesture. And, of course, they then con-     Newsletters are a powerful leave-behind. A
       sider me ‘their’ photographer. From         brochure with selected images of your best
       there, I do everything possible to con-     work is a good leave behind (a good idea is to
       tinue to provide the same level of ser-     print your photography business brochure on a
       vice. When I fix such ‘impossible’          greeting card – my experience is that people
       problems, they proudly recommend me         hold on to a greeting card with good images
       to their friends, families and co-          longer than a brochure). They even sometimes
       workers as ‘their personal’ photogra-       save it and put it up in their space at work. If
       pher.                                       you have included your full contact informa-
                                                   tion, you have a well-placed advertisement for
 Strategy Tip #8                                   your photography.
Leave behinds. When you appear anywhere to
show your photography work, speak to an au-         Strategy Tip #9
dience, meet with editors to show your portfo-     Self-promotion. There is absolutely no substi-
lio or talk to anyone about your photography,      tute for promotion. If you want to be success-
be sure to have a leave-behind. Business cards     ful in the business of photography, your mar-
are also a must-have, but you need much more       ket needs to see and be aware of you all the
than a business card to leave a lasting impres-    time. And while you’re at it, you can contrib-
sion on prospects, clients or potential custom-    ute to your community.
ers.                                               Here are some suggestions:
                                                            1. Join local service and business or-
I use business cards very effectively. I print                 ganizations
       2. Volunteer to teach photography
          workshops and seminars
       3. Donate your photography to chari-
       4. Mentor someone with an interest in
       5. Volunteer your photography ser-
          vices to a non-profit organization’s
          community event

 There are rules to good self-promotion. Pho-
tographers need to aggressively promote them-
selves if they want to be published or hired.
Here are some basic rules:
        1. Make sure your contact information      Too often, some photographers underestimate
            appears on everything you mail,        the affection people have for their pets.
            distribute or show to the public.
        2. Expect to contact someone at least
            seven times before they start to pay
            attention to you. Sending only one
            postcard, for example, simply is not
            enough and won’t work.
        3. Use the media to spread the word
            about your photography business
            and yourself.
        4. Use one dramatic photograph with
            high impact on your marketing
            pieces instead of several smaller
        5. Show only your best work.
        6. Don’t sound desperate – customers       There is a very small (but totally dedicated)
            don’t do business with desperate       market for various icon niches, such as
            businesses.                            Harley-Davidsons. I wanted to shoot specific
                                                   photos of motorcycle clubs. I took this shot
                                                   and printed it on greeting cards that I sent to
                                                   motorcycle club representatives. I don’t ride
                                                   motorcycles, but I think club members appre-
                                                   ciate the art photo of their passion.

                                                   “Mr. Bob” (LeSoinne) leads the music class
                                                   for the toddlers of the Center for Community
                                                   and Family Services, located in Southern
                                                   California. As photographer, I had to be in the
                                                   room without being a distraction. Young chil-
                                                   dren are so sophisticated, that they will want
                                                   to see the photo right after its taken - they
                                                   know that digital is immediate!
Strategy Tip #10                                      emerging and unknown photographers, they
Use ebooks. Stand head & shoulders above the          buy mostly stock photography. You must be
crowd, consider producing a photography               persistent for this market. You’ll need to treat
ebook. This report is an ebook. As you see, an        greeting card and calendar companies the same
ebook is a digital file that readers can              way you would magazines. Study these mar-
download or receive on CD-ROM. Ebooks                 kets closely and carefully. Since greeting cards
don’t have to be printed on sophisticated             have to convey their messages in a limited
presses, bound, inventoried, or shipped.              amount of space, your photography must per-
Ebooks are rarely returned for a refund               fectly match the message. Make sure your pho-
(especially the ebooks that are given away –          tographs reflect the personal tone of greeting
like this one). Of course, you can sell your          cards. Usually these are photos that have emo-
ebook on your website, at regular bookstores,         tional impact.
on on Ebay, or on internet fo-
rums.                                                       I publish my own greeting cards and calen-
                                                          dars. There is no way (at least, as far as I can
 Photography ebooks are most popular when figure out) that I can mass produce greeting
written with a how-to approach, as in travel,             cards and calendars that I would need to in or-
cooking, gardening, etc.                                                            der to generate the
You can build the ebook                                                             profit to make it
using any number of soft-                                                           ‘worth my while.’
ware programs. Almost                                                               However, I find that
every computer sold to-                                                             my ‘limited edition’
day comes with a pro-                                                               greeting cards and
gram that can read                                                                  calendars have great
ebooks – Adobe Reader                                                               marketing value. I
software is available free                                                          make calendars for
of charge from their web-                                                           non-profit organiza-
site                                                                  tions and give it to
                                As ‘attention-getters’ these images continue to     them to do whatever
 If you choose to publish serve me well, but images of colorful, wildflow-          they choose. Most of
                                ers are plentiful in the stock photography market.
an ebook to sell, you can                                                           the times, they dis-
                                Consequently, the only ‘value’ is either personal
then set up a shopping          for the photographer and/or useful as marketing     tribute a few among
cart system on your web-        tools. I enlarge them and display them.             their employees and
site and sell your ebook                                                            clients. Initially, I
online. Depending on the size of the ebook,               started this marketing activity thinking that the
you could make it available to download from organization would want to mass produce the
your website. If the ebook files are too large,           calendars (as fund-raisers, packet fillers, etc.).
you can burn it onto a CD-ROM and ship it to What I find is that they are very effective be-
customers for an additional fee. And, of                  cause the people that do get them hold on to
course, you can print your ebook into a hard              them (and my contact information). Sometimes
copy and sell it traditionally.                           the organizations call me to ‘inquire’ if I plan
                                                          to ‘donate’ calendars for the year.
Strategy Tip #11
Greeting cards and calendars: Greeting card                         Lessons Learned: People love their
companies and calendar companies are large                         pets.
consumers of photography. Unfortunately for                        A marketing strategy that I use to in-
       crease the exposure of my photography start with Hallmark or American Greetings.
       business involves modified ‘street-           Start with a regional approach. Calendar pub-
       shooting.’ For me, this form of photog- lishers are somewhat more receptive to photo
       raphy has me, as the photographer,            submissions from emerging photographers.
       walking down the street or sitting in a Calendar submission requires thematic submis-
       heavily populated area and taking pho- sions. For example, calendar companies look
       tos of people with pets. I ask if I can       for 12 cat pictures, 12 landscape pictures, and
       take their picture. My experience con- 12 cars. The more original you can make the
       tinues to be approximately 99.9% say theme, the more likely you are to see your
       yes – those that don’t usually cannot         work accepted for publication.
       get their pet to be still. If they ask me
       what I intend to do with the photo, I tell Are you struggling to implement your
       them that I am a photographer that I am marketing?
       publishing a photography book on ‘pets When it comes to your marketing ef-
                                                       forts, do the following questions stay
       and their people.’ They sometimes ask
                                                       on your mind?
       me to notify them when I publish the            1. What should I do in the first
       book. About 4 out of 10 people ask me               place?
       how they can get a copy of the photo. I         2. How do I handle resistance?
       use a photography fulfillment company 3. How do I come up with good
       called Using their ser-              ideas?
       vice, I can give my business card and           4. How do I create a workable plan?
       tell inquiring pet owners to visit my           5. How do I fit mar-
                                                           keting into my
       website to get a copy. I upload the im-             schedule?
       ages to my web space,
       set the prices for photos and that’s it.        Try this great market-
       The customer/pet owner visits the site          ing resource. I highly
       and if they like the photo of their pets        recommend it. It’s
       they buy. I generally set my photo              easy as 1-2-3!
       prices low – I use this marketing strat-
       egy simply to keep my photography
       and my photography business on
       people’s minds. However, the re-
       sponse from pet owners was so
       overwhelming that I added Pet
       Portraits to my photography
       niches. And trust me, people love
       their pets. Make their pets look
       good and you have a customer for
       life. My Pet Portrait regular cus-
       tomers have more portraits taken
       of their pets than families have
       portraits taken of their children         Product photography is a niche that can be profitable. A
       and families.                             store owner in California had trouble selling leather ski
                                                 jackets. She had me shoot this jacket which she then used
 When it comes to submitting images to           in an online store. She was able to market the jacket to
greeting card companies, you shouldn’t           cold weather customers.
 Strategy Tip #12                                has a ‘great’ sunset photo and a ‘great’ wild
Get into the stock photography market. The       flower close-up photo and thinks their photos
stock photography market is experiencing         should be published somewhere. However, the
some of the most turbulent and dramatic          number of sunset photos and close-up of wild
change since the beginning of the stock pho-     flowers that are published is pretty small.
tography industry. Some long-time stock pho-
tographers don’t like and are fighting the         Developing a niche may be the best way to
change. Others are adjusting to the changes       find a buyer for your photography. Specialize
and profiting from their flexibility.             or be as specific as possible. Finding your
                                                  niche doesn’t mean that those are the only pho-
 Stock photography is a photography niche         tos you can take. But it does mean that when it
worth investigating. Once in the world of stock comes to selling your photos, this subject is
photography, you will need to find and de-        what you are known for and where you con-
velop a ‘specialty’ photography niche. One of centrate your marketing efforts.
the most significant ingredients for success in
this market is to specialize. For example, if      This sort of target marketing approach will
you shoot sports, landscape, travel or architec- produce a much higher quality of buyer. It’s
ture photography, it will be easier to sell stock also easy to sell to a tightly targeted market
photos than if you were a generalist.             rather than a broad market. You’ll likely be
                                                  more successful if you target a specific type of
 Being good at photographing people is a          photography to a specific buyer. The more spe-
must, also. The majority of stock photographs cific and targeted you are in your approach, the
sold in the United States contain pictures of     more likely it is you’ll have success over oth-
people. Another important element in stock        ers who are tying to sell a broad range of pho-
photography successfully is to know the types tos.
of photographs agencies look for. Do this by
looking through magazines to see the types of
images that sell.

 To be truly successful at stock photography,
you must determine what your
‘photographic strength/areas’ are.
Rohn Engh, author of “Sell & Re-
Sell Your Photos,” provides the
easy-to-understand steps to take
                                                                        Research has shown me that
to identify your photographic                                           a good stock photography
strengths. It is also a great way to                                    niche for me is children.
get to know yourself better!

 Identify, refine and continuously
develop your own niche. One of
the best ways to improve your chances of sell-
ing or publishing your photography is to de-
velop your own niche.

 Just about every professional photographer
                                                              Research showed me that images of children interacting
Strategy Tip #13
                                                              with adults, in educational settings, has value in stock.
Working with local businesses. Every business has a
need for photography of some kind. They might need
pictures for their website, catalog, advertisements,
products or their building. They need pictures of em-
ployees for annual reports or business flyers. If you
are interested in this type of work, create a portfolio
and call on local businesses. Making cold calls is
scary for some people (including me). However, with
practice, you might be amazed at how productive it
can be. All you are actually doing is introducing your-
self to the person who needs your photography.

 If you want to sell to businesses, you must turn your
photos to products. It’s best to start with companies
that are familiar. For example, if you always go to the
same mechanic, chances are the mechanic will recog-
nize you. You then only need to say to them, “By the
way, how would you like me to make some custom
calendars that you could give to your best customers?”
Developing this kind of relationship with businesses is
a very non-threatening and low key approach to sell-
ing. Do that with every business that you do business
with regularly, and you’ll start to quickly generate
new business.

 Publish custom products. Think of other products that
you could custom publish for local businesses. Pho-
tography books are a good high-valued product. Es-
tablishing a working relationship with local designers,
typesetters, and printers generates targeted referrals.
You can generate multiple income streams by creating
custom products such as photography books.

 Strategy Tip #14
Start and operate an online photo service. In addi-
tion to having a photography website to sell photo-
graphs online, you can also use an online photo ser-
vice to sell your photos. With a photo service such as, or you
set your own prices and payment terms. You upload
your logo and add it to
your site as well custom-
ize the experience for
buyers. This option
makes your photos pub-
licly searchable and to
market them, you send
email invitations to your
researched and targeted
      Often, the bright and innocent smiles of the children
      make the clearest statements - life is great!
Strategy Tip #15                                   site is critical for success.
Photography Website Basics
No matter what type of photography consumes        Photography Website Basics #1
your “passion,” a focused and strong online        Website Purpose: Determine what the primary
presence can build your photography business       goal of your website is:
like no other marketing tool. A photography        • to display your work
website, when planned in advance, can dra-         • to advertise your services
matically increase a photographer’s potential      • to market yourself and your photography
client base.                                       • to sell, etc.

Your success with a website relies heavily on      Believe it or not, websites are not simply ad-
understanding website basics and determining       vertising tools – they are sales closing tools as
what it is that you want your photography          well as effective self-promotion tools. Your
website to do – website purpose.                   website should be designed and used to assist
                                                   you in getting and closing of a sale.
A photography website has the potential to be
a virtual office, a point of sale, an exhibition   Photography Website Point of Confusion: A
space, as well as a center of communication        point of confusion for many photographers
that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a     about the internet is understanding that a pho-
week.                                              tography website must appeal to humans to be
                                                   successful. And, it must also appeal to the
There are basics for any type of website. And,     search engines to be successful. On the inter-
there are basics for a successful photography      net, text (keywords, meta tags, etc.) is neces-
website.                                           sary for the search engines to find and rank
                                                   your website. People find your website at the
Basic Website Elements (the following are          search engines. A photographer’s world is im-
basic for all websites regardless of type)         ages, not text. Although the confusion is un-
1. A clean and attractive front page               derstandable, it isn’t difficult to overcome and
2. Simple navigation                               master.
3. Easy-to-find contact info
4. Brief, clear product descriptions           Website Image: Your website should reflect
                                               the same high-quality, professionalism of your
Basic Photography Website Distinction          other literature and your photography services.
When it comes to photography websites, there Don’t just ‘throw up’ a website just to say that
is a distinct difference between a successful  you have a website. Determine which website
photography website and an unsuccessful one. creation option is best for you. You can build
It’s simple, really.                           your own website ( trust me, building first-
         • A successful photography website    class, photography websites is currently easier
             makes money.                      than ever). Of course, you can have your web-
         • An unsuccessful photography web- site built by a website designer. But, most de-
             site doesn’t.                     signers build websites to look good—not to be
                                               successful for the website owner. Also, you
A photography website should be much more have to wait on the web designer when you
than an extension of your brochure. And once want to make changes. Building your website
you have the photography website that reflects yourself will surprise you how easy it is and
you and your photography, marketing the web- how fast you will learn about websites.
Photography Website Basics #2                     they are! Keep it professional – just your
Display Options: Here are suggested display       name.
options for your site                             2. What Are Your Qualifications? How
Galleries: Photography websites provide the       many years experience? What photography
perfect settings for online photography galler-   related education do you have? This is where
ies. If you are a wedding photographer and po-    you can list your photographic achievements
tential customers want to see samples of your     such as certificates, awards, won contests, etc.
work – they can visit your website gallery.       3. Where Are You Located? What state,
Likewise with portraits, seniors’ photography,    county, city, etc. Of course, this information is
sports photography, events photography or         critical if you have a studio or other commer-
even nude photography – galleries dramati-        cial location (as a rule, photographers that have
cally expand and increase your exposure 24        their studios in their homes don’t want to pro-
hrs. a day, 7 days a week.                        vide specific location information online –
                                                  they want to pre-screen visitors)
Portfolios: Such websites offer almost unlim- 4. How Can You Be Contacted? Telephone
ited opportunities for photographers to display number; FAX number; email address (and
their portfolios. Whether your photography        email link)
niche is family portraits, stock photography,     5. What Times Can You Be Contacted?
wedding photography, boudoir photography,         6. What Photography Services Do You
etc., creating and publishing a first-rate online Provide and How Can You Make Me Look
portfolio is very doable. Photographers that do Good?
not have their portfolios online are simply los-
ing out.                                          Photography Website Basics #4
                                                  The following list includes components to
Online Stock Libraries: You can send photo- consider including in your photography
buyers emails with links to your libraries. Of    website:
course, you will only send emails after you
have done the research of what types of photo- • Photo Galleries: Galleries are used to sort
graphs to send and to whom to send them.          and organize your photos depending on your
                                                  content or subject. Your galleries may include
Private Viewing: Your customers can access your portrait gallery, your stock photography
your website photo gallery. You can simply        gallery, your wedding portrait gallery, or event
send them an email that contains the photo gal- galleries (from events that you photographed).
lery link and a secret password for the access- This type of website sometimes offers opportu-
ing of private portrait reviews (i.e. family por- nities for visitors to view and purchase images.
traits, boudoir and glamour portraits, etc.)
                                                  • Portfolio: A way to showcase who you
Photography Website Basics #3                     are, the type of photography work that you do,
Contact Information:                              and what you do. Your portfolio or portfolios
A word of caution and common sense here: It should only display your best work. Too many
simply isn’t wise to provide all or most of your of us photographers (including me) put too
personal information as your professional con- many photos in our portfolios. Many of us
tact information.                                 have a difficult time being objective about our
1. Who Are You? – Just provide your name. photography. Get qualified help on this – only
Too many photographers (and other creative        show your best work in your portfolio(s)! Pho-
types) simply provide too much about who          tography Website Tip: Just because websites
allow limitless space, this does not mean you      done with a “sitemap” which is a page that list
should use all of it. Keep your portfolio edit     the links to the pages in your site.
tight and you will keep others interested in       • Online Store/Fulfillment: A method to
your online portfolio. Your photography web-       allow your visitors to place an order and/or
site should show off your best images, cleanly     buy your photography work. There are differ-
and without tacky gimmicks.                        ent methods available for allowing visitors to
• Weekly Photo: Keeping your visitors              make online purchases. Many web hosting
coming back is key to the success of your web-     companies offer the service. However, with a
site and “weekly photos” is a fun way to keep      little patience, you can set up your site so that
them coming back. The weekly photo is also a       payments come directly to you and you won’t
way to keep your website “fresh.”                  have to pay commission fees. My preference is
• Guestbook: The guestbook allows your             automation. So, I choose services that allow
visitors to post comments and feedback about       visitors to view and purchase online. The ser-
your website.                                      vice completes the sale for me, takes their fee
• Biography: Who are you? Tell your visi-          and sends the difference to me. Doing it your-
tors a little more information about who you       self is fine until you begin to receive more
are and where you’re going. This is the section    business than you can handle by yourself
where you can expand on ‘who you are.’ Keep        (remember, you’re a photographer, your best
in mind, however, attention to professional de-    time is spent taking photos not packaging and
tails always builds business credibility.          mailing products. In the long run, automation
“Weirdness” doesn’t contribute to a profes-        is better, in my opinion).
sional image, in any way. Too many photogra-
phers advertise and promote their “weirdness”      All of the listed components aren’t necessary
to their disadvantage. Sure, your customer         for every website. Although, all of the listed
wants creative. But, they usually want it from a   components can be included in a thought-out
professional that doesn’t come off as too          website that has a need for them to fulfill the
“weird” to trust to do business with.              website purpose, it isn’t necessary to use all of
• Resume: If you’re looking for new oppor-         them. Also, they can be added as the website is
tunities, use of a resume page will work won-      built bigger and better.
ders for you. Not only will your clients be able
to view all of your sample work or portfolios      Photography Website Building Basic Steps
on your website, they will also be able to sum-    Creating your own functioning photography
marize your experience and qualifications.         website can seem like a daunting and confus-
• Favorite Links: Post a section containing        ing task. However, it does not have to be this
some of your favorite websites. For example,       way. Creating a website can (oddly enough) be
share other websites that can be useful to your    a fun and rewarding experience if you just fol-
visitors. Thinks this step through. For the most   low a few simple guidelines.
part, you don’t want your visitor to ‘click’
away from your website.                            Define Your Photography Website: The first
• FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:                thing that you should do when getting ready to
Your visitors will be able to answer all their     construct your first website is to define it.
questions on their own without having to con-      What do you want your web page to do? Do
tact you.                                          not just start constructing your page, really
• Help Items: If you think your visitors will      think about it. You should think about how you
need assistance with areas of your website, you    want it to look, what information you want to
can offer a help link. Sometimes this can be       provide to your perspective customer in order
to persuade him to hire you or to buy from you will also speed up the download speed of your
rather than going elsewhere.                     page so that the customer can view quickly
                                                 without having to wait for large picture files to
Be sure that you organize the page well, think appear on the screen. Most photo management
of your Home Page like the Table of Contents software can accomplish this task for you. An-
page in a book, it is there so that your custom- other source is the following website:
ers know where to go in your site for their par-
ticular needs, or just to familiarize themselves hp The process is very simple.
with your photography and photography ser-
vices. Lastly, when defining your site you       Fonts and Background Colors: You should
should do your research. Always visit other      also put some serious thought into what color
photographers’ websites (especially your local fonts you are going to use, and the background
competition) to see how they have organized      color as well. When in doubt, remember that a
their sites, so you can make yours better,       white background with black text has been
whether it is just including more information    successful for thousands of years!
about your photography, or simply making a
better designed site.                            Easy Navigation: Your website should also be
                                                 easy to navigate, all your links should be obvi-
Website Name: Now that you have given            ous to the viewer, and should be self explana-
some serious thought to how you want your        tory or have information about where the link
web site to look, and what you want to include will take them. Try to keep the number of links
in it, you need to think of a name for it. There you have low, the viewer does not want to
are various approaches to finding the right      spend a lot of time waiting for links to
name for your website. The first is to make the download, chances are, like you, he is pretty
name logical, for instance, Nike’s web site is   busy! Further, always link back to your home- Another approach is to make the        page in order to make navigating your web
name memorable so that your customers can        page easier for your potential customers.
type it in without thought, the name does not
have to be descriptive of the product you sell, The Paper Plan: Now, before you begin to
for example sells books. Further, construct your website on a computer, you
you should keep the name as short as possible should construct your website on paper. De-
so that it is easy for your customers to type    cide the number of pages you want to have in-
into the url field.                              side of your site, and determine logical titles
                                                 for them. Think of any pictures that you might
Pictures, Images and Slow Loading Web-           want to put on each page and where you are
sites: One of the most annoying things for peo- going to put them in order to be most effective.
ple surfing the web are pages that take a long You should plan out your hyperlinks now, as it
time to download. A slow loading website will will make keeping track of them later a lot eas-
not do you any good if instead of waiting for    ier and save you time trying to figure out why
the page to download the viewer closes his       they are not working properly. Decide where
browser and goes elsewhere.                      you want to put any buttons that you might
                                                 create for hyperlinks as well. Lastly write out
 Pictures, images and graphics are slow to load any information content you will be putting
on websites unless they have been internet       onto your web page in Microsoft Word first so
“optimized.” This simply means that the sizes you can detect any spelling errors you might
of your pictures/images are made smaller. This have made. You can cut and paste parts later.
The Practice Page: You should make a prac-             gines, to categorize specific websites
tice page first so that you can get a feel for         and web pages. Also, write a brief de-
whatever web building tools you are using and          scription of your website and be sure to
gain some experience using them before you             include your main keywords in the de-
start constructing a page which you will pub-          scription.
lish on the internet. Practice adding and delet-   Find methods to add interesting content to
ing text, pictures, and hyperlinks until you can       your website. The behavior of the ma-
do these actions with ease.                            jority of website visitors is that they
                                                       will not return to a website unless the
Building a website is simple and easy if you           site’s “freshness” demands that they
follow the above steps. The most important             return. Likewise with your photography
part of the construction process actually takes        website, using “freshness” on your site
place before you start your first page. Think of       will give your clients a reason to revisit
constructing your web site like taking a test          your site. For example, try a survey, a
back in school, those who prepared before the          chat room, photo contests, etc. Use any
test probably did better than those who just           method you can think of to create
went in without even opening their books.              “freshness” (interest and interaction).
                                                       This method requires a lot of mainte-
So be sure to prepare before you start, think of       nance but will boost your website’s
the content you want to put in, think about            popularity, rankings, recognition, repu-
your links, think about your web site’s name,          tation and customer loyalty.
draw up an outline on paper before you start       Make your website easy to use. Use easy to
constructing the page.                                 read fonts with non-animated back-
Including a website in your marketing strate-          grounds. Regardless of how great your
gies can only help your photography experi-            photography is, visitors will not wait
ences. Remember, your photography website              for your “great” website to download.
efforts should be focused and thought out.         Establish a dialogue with your customers.
Photography marketing has to be focused on             Respond to their requests quickly and
what it is you want to do. Knowing the basics          always plan for follow-up. Be personal
of websites will help you to build a successful        and personable. You’re dealing in a
photography website. Photography marketing             cold, impersonal medium, so try to
should not be a guessing game. And, no matter          warm things up. Remember, you are in
how elaborate or simple your photography               charge of what happens next.
website is, it must benefit your photography       Be sure to add your website address (url) to
marketing results.                                     everything you print, including busi-
                                                       ness cards, letterhead, envelopes, mail-
Strategy Tip #16                                       ing labels, logo labels, note cards,
Promoting Your Photography Website                     photo prints labels, slide captions, esti-
 Just building it isn’t enough! Fortunately,           mates, invoices, promotion pieces,
 there are many different methods to promote           mailers, ads and in every outgoing
 your photography website both online and              email.
 offline:                                          Register with internet search engines, gen-
                                                       eral directories and photography spe-
   What keywords will you use for your meta            cific directories.
     tag page? Keywords are what are used          Write both print and electronic press re-
     by both, web surfers and search en-               leases to submit to the appropriate me-
      dia to announce your website.                ness will greatly help you to “cover your ex-
   Exchange links with other photography spe-      penses” and then some!
      cific websites that relate to your market-
      ing message. (For an in-depth and easy      Strategy Tip #17
      to grasp education about exchanging         Still More Photography Marketing Ideas
      links click here.)                          There are many effective, low-cost strategies to
   Make your website content relate to your       market your photography whether you want
      marketing message and use the site as a     customers to shoot, customers to buy your
      portfolio.                                  prints or customers to hire you for your photog-
                                                  raphy skills. Being an amateur photographer
Strategy Tip #17                                  doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be effi-
Standard Marketing Still Works                    cient, dependable and good! Even if you’re
As revolutionary as the internet is, the standard only interested in generating enough money to
methods of marketing should also continued to cover the costs of your photography, conduct-
be utilized:                                      ing yourself as a professional brings credibility
        Classified Ads                            which brings a lot of photography business.
        Direct Mail
        Post Cards                                I do a lot of marketing. However, I don’t spend
        Yellow Pages                              a great deal of money. I do simple, but effec-
        Brochures                                 tive, activities that bring steady business. I
        Flyers                                    share all of the strategies that work for me on
        Billboards                                my website:
        Door Hangers                              Please feel free to visit regularly. If you want to
        Catalogues                                keep up with the latest photography marketing
        Seminars                                  tips, you must subscribe to our free amateur
        Gift Certificates                         photography ezine, “Best Amateur Photogra-
        Coupons                                   phy Tips Digest.” If you found the tips in this
        Celebrity Endorsements                    book helpful, you’ll love the “Best Amateur
        Word of Mouth                             Photography Tips Digest!”
        Creative Business Cards
        Video Brochure                            I share successful marketing activities that I
        Newsletters                               use. For example, are you (like me) too shy to
        Novelty Items                             go up to complete strangers and asking them if
        Press Release                             you can take their picture? Well, I’m still rela-
                                                  tively shy. But, I use a “stress-less” method to
Regardless of your area of photography, today get complete strangers to become my best pho-
you must deal with a significant change in the tography customers. Click here to read about it.
photography world. Plain and simple: you can It will work for you, too! In this free ezine, I
no longer be ‘just a photographer.’ The future share low-cost but highly effective marketing
belongs to the owners of photography busi-        strategies—such as Photography Calendars.
nesses. Whatever the plan for marketing and
self-promotion you write, you must deal with       Photography Calendars as Marketing Tools
the business side. Marketing and self-            One method that I’ve found very successful is a
promotion are part of the business side. Even if very “useful gift” – a calendar. With the proper
you are just seeking enough revenue to pay for software, computer and printer, you can pro-
your photography passion, seeing it as a busi- duce calendars, yourself. As a rule, calendars
are kept longer and displayed in a prominent       ting customers to ‘keep’ the ‘gifts’ for a long
space. Depending on the photo that I include on    time.
the calendar, I personalize the calendar. On the
following pages are examples of calendars that    The next example is similar in the marketing
I regularly use successfully.                     message. The added elements to this calendar
                                                  that strongly encourage the customer to hold on
Depending on the photo, I print theme and/or      to the calendar. For example, there is space for
color-coordinated greeting cards that match the the toddler’s ‘first words’ and ‘first steps’ date.
calendar theme. Keep in mind that these aren’t Of course, the documenting of such events
items that I sell. These are items that I give to makes the calendar a family keepsake.
my current photography customers and my po-
tential photography customers. Some of the cal- As simple as this method is to produce, it con-
                                                               tinues to prove very productive for
                                                               me. I continue to get calls months
                                                               to years after I’ve given the calen-
                                                               dars. I once gave a calendar to a
                                                               mother that worked in a large
                                                               agency. The calendar was popular.
                                                               I got customers because of the cal-
                                                               endar. I gave each of the new cus-
                                                               tomers a calendar. Long story
                                                               short: at this particular agency, my
                                                               calendars have become a
                                                               “collectable!” Also, at the same
                                                               agency, greeting cards featuring
                                                               my photography were very popu-
                                                               lar. The exposure continues to be

                                                                There are many methods to show
endars have more ‘keeping value’ than others.      your photography work. Using a little imagina-
On the second calendar example, the context is     tion and visiting various resources will spark
obvious – child and grandfather. I make sure       creative ideas to help you show your work.
that the calendars have the twelve months on       From calendars, mugs, gifts, photo books, pho-
them. This ensures that they will be kept longer   tography websites, online photo galleries, etc.
(than a brochure or flyer).                        the choices are limited only to your imagina-
I always include my contact information on the
calendars – my website address, in this case.     Stimulate your imagination—subscribe to the
                                                  “Best Amateur Photography Tips Digest”
The second example is a good snap shot printed today!
on a calendar. The context is obvious – child
and grandfather. The calendars, both, include
all twelve months – which helps to ensure that
it is kept for, at least the year. The uniqueness
of these ‘gifts’ is a very strong element in get-
Final Strategy Tips – For now                       Create The Perception Of Effortless-
Whether you’re selling wedding or portrait         ness
photography, stock photography, or commer-         Every customer’s dream photography
cial photography, there are factors that your      session is the one that eases her fear
potential customers need to know before they       and meets her challenges. Your market-
make the big decision to work with you! Re-        ing should be addressing this issue.
view your marketing plan and self-promotion        There is always something their current
materials with these final strategy tips in mind   photographer has done to frustrate the
and make sure that your photography business       customer or made a portrait purchase
message is represented.                            difficult. This could be your way to
                                                   ‘earn their trust.’
        What Are Your Photography Cus-
       tomers Actually Looking For?                 Be Flexible
       Your marketing strategies and self-         This means you will be easy to work
       promotion materials must reflect what       with and solve problems, not make
       potential customers need to know about      more than your customers already
       you and your photography. This knowl-       have. Whether it is a family or a execu-
       edge about you is necessary because all     tive portrait shoot, no customer needs
       of your potential customers you are         more problems. Flexibility does not
       selling to probably already have pho-       mean dropping your price to get the
       tographers they work with.                  job.

       Photographic Ability                         Work Within Deadlines And Budg-
       When you have a hidden technical ca-        ets
       pability, it should be brought out to       Do your research. Know how much a
       give you a competitive edge. If you’ve      job will cost you and figure in worst
       got – flaunt it!                            case scenarios. When explaining a job
                                                   to a customer, he may recognize the
        Give The Clients What They Want            value of the end product. But, he may
       Overdeliver on customer service to all      not recognize the timelines and differ-
       of your customers (regular and poten-       ent steps in the processing and packag-
       tial). Most potential clients want con-     ing of the end product. They can see
       vincing assurance that they can depend      the obvious. Talk about what they can’t
       on the job getting done the way they        see – time and money management.
       want it done. Focus on the needs of
       your customers.                              Can They Trust You?
                                                   Being able to fully trust you and know
        Make Them Look Good                        your work together is kept confidential
       Be very aware of how sensitive cus-         is very important to your customer. Al-
       tomers are to how the photos will make      ways make sure you consult with cus-
       them look! This awareness is a poten-       tomers before using her image or prod-
       tial competitive edge and added value       uct in any of your marketing strategies.
       to your photography business. Help
       your customer to become and look like
       a hero.
T     he major purpose of this book is to pro-
      vide information to you that is valuable
and effective. Another purpose is to provide
                                                  spending too much time trying to get things to
                                                  work properly (without tech support). True
                                                  story: I once subscribed to a low-cost web host-
resources for your photography business activi-   ing service. When I first subscribed, they were a
ties.                                             small company that appreciated their customers.
                                                  In the span of two years they had explosive
 At Marketing for Photographers and Photogra- growth. Their first-class customer service
phy you will find constantly updated resources turned into vulgar arrogance – as if they were
for your photography business and passion. The now doing their subscribers a favor by taking
website is designed and maintained to provide our money to host our website. One day I called
information similar to what is contained in this their customer service department to tell them
book. Visit regularly and make sure that you      how bad I had been treated by their tech sup-
take advantage of the available resources.        port. During the course of the conversation, the
                                                  customer service rep cursed me and then hung
 Almost always, the resources are free.           up on me! I gave up on “low-cost” web host-
                                                  ing—until I found
 Sometimes free is what you get. You get what
‘you pay’ for. What I continue to find on the      Expensive – Means just that: pay a lot of
internet, however is changing that dynamic.       money for questionable value. Some of us make
                                                  purchases based on the ‘status’ of paying ‘top
 To me, resources have four price categories:     dollar.’ Some of us buy our cars, clothes,
free, low-cost, expensive, and cost-effective.    watches, sun glasses and contact lenses, in that
 Free – Means that you do not pay money for
the resource. There are many free resources for Cost Effective – For me, cost effective means
photographers on the internet. Although you do the amount of money (and time) that I pay for a
not pay money, with ‘free,’ you must invest       resource (tools, service, etc.) brings me a return
time. Some resources that fall into the ‘free’    that is in multiples of the initial costs of the re-
category I have found to be very valuable. For sources. In other words, does it make my life
example, I learned how to build and operate       easier and/or does it generate good to great
websites (photography websites and non-           money for me.
photography websites) with free websites.
There also are companies that give-away vol-       I have found and personally use two web host-
umes of their information for ‘free.’ For exam- ing services that are perfect for my style. I don’t
ple, I got a very thorough education about        like ‘geek-speak.’ I don’t want to keep up with
building a successful internet (not just a suc-   the latest technology advancements. I want
cessful website) business from ‘free’ literature. every tool that I will ever need (whether I use
Sometimes, ‘free’ can be very, very valuable.     them, or not) included for the same price – no
                                                  upgrades! I want to be able to manage and
 Low-cost – Means that, comparatively speak- change my own website without having to be a
ing, you do not pay a ‘prevailing’ price for the ‘techno-wizard!’ And, I want a 100% satisfac-
resource. For me, low-cost eventually becomes tion guarantee.
expensive. I had websites hosted on ‘low-cost’
websites. And the quality was evident. A couple For my individual website hosting, I use and
of them had poor technical support. Still others highly recommend
had absolutely no technical support. With ‘low-
cost’ you save money but often pay for it by       I learned (by doing in easy-to-follow-step-by-
easy-step instructions) how the internet works      presence in the photography world – and beyond!
and how to build a successful internet business
from a company that I give my highest recom-         This may sound self serving, but it’s true – I
mendation                             wish that I had the information contained in this
                                                    report before I decided to ‘try my hand’ at a pho-
 I learned how to boost my photography business     tography business. I now have this information
by following the steps in this book. I learned how  that has helped me to establish a successful pho-
to successfully operate my photography website;     tography business. I got it because other success-
how to get my website to rank high and be popu-     ful photographers gave it to me. I feel that I’m
lar; how to write, publish and distribute this      obligated to give it to you. You can help by shar-
book you’re reading; how to put knowledge that      ing this report with your friends and/or fellow
I’ve known all of my life to work for me; and       photographers.
how to master the internet on my terms—from If owning your own internet busi-        Choose two or three of the Strategy Tips in this
ness is for you, take a look and see if it’s for you, book.
or not.
                                                                         Take Action. provides most of the web hosting
tools and services as However, al-                        Be consistent.
though provides great tutorial
videos on how to use all of their tools, they don’t                     Be persistent.
begin to match the overall “internet know-how”
that provides. You won’t go wrong The information contained in this report is valu-
with either company for web hosting services.         able and effective. However, the most significant
Here’s my comparison: BlueVoda.comis a great component of success for a photography business
college education. is the “best” col- is quality photography. Develop your photogra-
lege education available. Keep in mind, I use         phy business. But, don’t ignore what it is that
both web hosting companies.                           your business is about – photography.

 At Marketing for Photographers and Photogra-       “To thine ownself be true.”
phy every effort is made to provide the best re-
sources available. Of course, things change at a     This is Volume 2 of “Freeze, I Have A Camera
break-neck speed on the internet. Sometimes         And I’m Not Afraid To Use It.” Volume 3 is be-
what was offered for ‘free’ last week now has a     ing researched and compiled. Visit us and let us
price – and visa versa resources offered for sale   know what you would like to see in Volume 3.
one week is given for ‘free’ the next. Every at-
tempt is made to stay current. Do yourself a fa-
vor – stay in touch.                                What Do You Know?
                                                       I know a little about photography. When I first
 Visit our Photography Resources page for pho-         purchased a web hosting package from Site-
tography websites, stock photography resources,, I wanted a successful website. What I
marketing plans, photography software, online          got was the “know-how” to profit from building
galleries, etc. Visit us – you’ll be glad that you     and owning my own internet businesses. I now
do!                                                    own a series of photography related websites. No,
                                                       it didn’t happen overnight and no, I didn’t quit
 I hope you found the information in this book         my ‘day job’ in three weeks! You owe it to your-
useful. Please, feel free to pass it on to a friend or self to take a look at their great resources.
aspiring photographer seeking to increase their
                                                            My passion is photography. I learned
                                    Hey, who’s the
                                                            how to make a successful business with
                                    dweeb with the
                                                            my passion for photography. For me,
                                                            the “passion” is photography. What’s
                                                            your “passion?” Is it in you, too?

                                                                     “The Action Plan ToolKit” -
                                                                     The Action Plan ToolKit is a
                                                                     complete online program
                                                                     Here's everything you get with
                                                                     the Action Plan ToolKit:
                                                                     1. Complete Written Guide-
                                                                     lines with easy step-by-step in-
                                                                     structions for each of the Five
The Web Site Toolkit is for you if...
                                                                     Modules (in pdf format). About
You've always wanted a web site but just didn't know where
                                                                     100 pages total.
to start. You want to know what exactly should go on your web site
                                                                     2. Complete Audio Tutorial of
and how to get the web site design and up on the web. You want to
                                                                     all Five Modules (from 48 to 70
use your web site to educate your potential clients about your busi-
                                                                     mins each). In both mp3 and
ness and make the most positive impression possible. You also want
                                                                     Real Audio online formats.
your web site to help you attract more clients and increase your in-
                                                                     3. A Troubleshooting Guide
                                                                     with answers to every question
                                                                     you might have.
You already have a web site but you aren't
                                                                     4. The Action Plan ToolKit
satisfied with it. It's not getting you the results
                                                                     Online Forum where you can
you want and you need to make it better. You
                                                                     ask questions, connect with oth-
may have some good content on your site but
                                                                     ers using the ToolKit
you want to know what you're missing so that
                                                                     5. "How to Overcome your
you can improve it. You also want your web site
                                                                     Resistance to Marketing
to help you attract more clients and increase your
                                                                     Yourself and Your Services."
                                                                     (was $39)
What exactly is the Web Site Toolkit and how will it help me?        6. A Book list of the very best
The Web Site Toolkit is a comprehensive program that gives books to support you in develop-
you everything you need to build a high quality professional ing effective marketing action
service business web site that gets results.
                                                                     7. A list of about a dozen re-
                                                                     sources on the web which pro-
                                                                     vide additional support for these

  Please give a copy of this free book to a friend

  This report if free. Do not pay for it. Impress your friends, colleagues and customers by giving them a
  copy. This report must NOT be sold. Every effort was made to find and eliminate all obvious errors in this
  report. However, I am human. I make mistakes. If you spot any, please let me know so that they can be
  corrected. The strategies and techniques contained in this report can be used to generate an enormous num-
  ber of photography customers to your photography business. Of course, what you do with these strategies
  is up to you. Because we don’t know each other, I don’t know your skills and don’t know how persistent
  and committed you’ll be. I cannot make any guarantees. My lawyer made me tell you this.

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