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					 The Rushmore Beacon
     FALL ISSUE 2007                                                                          VOL 121 NO. 1

South Dakota School for the Deaf         importance of audiology as the
hosted the Central States Auditory/      foundation of auditory-based
Oral Education Conference on Nov.        teaching. He also detailed a variety
5th and 6th. The conference was titled   of speech, language and auditory
“Teaching, Listening and Spoken          diagnostic tests and protocols for the
Language”.                               assessment of children who are deaf
                                         or hard of hearing.
Those in attendance were classroom
teachers, pediatric and educational      On Nov. 6th three guest speakers
audiologists, early intervention         were featured. First to speak was Dr.
professionals, educators of children     Ken Scott, who is the only fellowship
who are deaf and hard of hearing,        trained neurotologist in the Dakotas,
speech-language pathologists,            and his practice’s mission statement
school administrators and special        is “that those who are deaf and hard     Above: Donald M. Goldberg, Ph.D.
education directors, families of         of hearing would be able to              CCC-SLP/A, FAAA,Cert. AVT
children with a hearing loss and         communicate independently and
                                                                                  topics related to speech and
university students.                     successfully with their hearing
                                                                                  language. The third guest speaker,
                                         peers”. The second speaker, Jane
                                                                                  Dr. Samuel R. Atcherson, currently
The featured speaker on Nov. 5th         Clem, MA, CCC/SLP serves as the
                                                                                  teaches graduate audiology courses
was Dr. Donald M. Goldberg, who          clinical director of the USD Scottish
                                                                                  and American Sign Language at the
is currently the Co-Director of the      Rite Children’s Clinic in Sioux Falls
                                                                                  University of South Dakota. His
Hearing Implant Program at the           and as an instructor of the
                                                                                  research interests are in the areas
Head and Neck Institute of the           Communication              Disorders
                                                                                  of electrophysiology, diagnostics and
Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio.     Department at the University of South
                                                                                  assistive technology.
Dr. Goldberg described the               Dakota. She discussed a variety of
                                                                                              ... Continued on page 6
                                                 IN THIS ISSUE...
        Central States Auditory Oral Ed. Conf .     1                  Deaf Awareness Week                 5
        Superintendent’s Corner                     2                  Quite a Catch Assembly              6
        New Staff at SDSD                           3                  SDSD Celebrates Veterans Day        7
        SDSD Fall Carnival                          4                  New Projects Around Campus          8
        Air Monitoring Equipment                    5

                                                 SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF
Rushmore Beacon                                           1                                   Vol. 121, No. 1, 2007
Rushmore Beacon                                                                               Vol. 121, No. 1, 2007
 The Rushmore Beacon
           Fall Issue
                                         SUPERINTENDENT’S CORNER
     Vol. 121, No. 1, 2007
                                                              It   is    with     some input into what they perceive
     State of South Dakota                                    humbleness          to be the direction that should be
     Mike Rounds, Governor                                    and a very dis-     considered for SDSD. It is my in-
                                                              tinct pleasure      tention to develop and have in place
South Dakota School for the Deaf                              to be the new       a Strategic Leadership Team of ten
      2001 East 8th Street                                    superintendent      people to assist me with the devel-
  Sioux Falls, SD 57103 - 1896                                at the South        opment of a strategic plan for SDSD
        Terry Gregersen                                       Dakota School       by late spring. You might consider
        Superintendent                                        for the Deaf.       this school year an opportunity for
                                                              With       this     me to work in what I call the “pre-
          Editorial Staff              comes a “sense of urgency” to see          launch” phase of building support for
                                       what I, with your input, can do to         innovation and getting ready for ac-
       Executive Editor                improve our services to our deaf and       tivities that will promote trust among
        Terry Gregersen                hard of hearing students. After be-        the various stakeholder groups based
            Editor                     ing on the job for two months, I would     on mutual collaboration and commit-
         Jana Carlson                  be remiss if I did not share some of       ment. This is a huge endeavor but
                                       my thoughts regarding this position.       one that I am prepared to take to
        Deputy Editor                                                             ensure that we provide what is best
         Sharon Myers                  First and foremost, I wish to thank        for our deaf and hard of hearing stu-
                                       the folks for offering me this job, a      dents in South Dakota. People need
 THE RUSHMORE BEACON is                job that I am prepared to do success-      to come to the realization that
 published three times during the      fully with all of my abilities. Sec-       change is inevitable given the
 school year by the South Da-          ondly, I wish to share with you folks      changes with the federal and state
 kota School for the Deaf, 2001        how impressed I am with the state          statutes, technology and with chal-
 East 8th Street, Sioux Falls,         of South Dakota. Being born in Min-        lenging the “status quo” to ensure
 South Dakota.                         neapolis, Minnesota and trans-             that our students obtain the best
                                       planted to the states of Washington,       education possible. Deaf and hard
 POSTMASTER: Send address              Oregon and California, I have come         of hearing education, in my opinion,
 changes to THE RUSHMORE               to love the pastoral and serene state      has become stagnant, and we need
 BEACON, 2001 East 8th Street,         of South Dakota. It is a state that is     to challenge the notion of pursuing
 Sioux Falls, South Dakota             also teeming with life, and folks here     things as they are and “raise the high
 57103 - 1896.                         appear to be more “laid back” with         bar” for our students.
                                       life in general. Yes, I have heard sto-
 Copyright to all contents in this     ries of how cold it gets here, but be-     I do understand that change, big or
 publication belongs to the South      ing a former Minnesotan, I am confi-       small, is intimidating, but with ex-
 Dakota School for the Deaf and        dent that I will embrace the cold and      panding ownership of the change
 may not be used, altered or           do well.                                   process or “redesign” process to as
 reproduced without written
                                                                                  many influential stakeholders as
 permission. All inquiries should be
 addressed to the South Dakota
                                       On the school front, I am now in the       possible, we can collaboratively have
 School for the Deaf, 2001 East 8th    process of analyzing the school and        a vested interest in the future of
 Street, Sioux Falls, South Dakota     its policies, understanding the vari-      SDSD, in how the system is struc-
 57103 - 1896.                         ous stakeholder groups and working         tured and in what happens to the
                                       with the folks in Pierre to determine      work we are doing for our children.
      SDSD can be reached              which direction we should be taking        This is a very complex endeavor and
    during business hours at:
                                       in the future. I have a “vision”, but      one that I plan to talk about repeat-
          (605) 367-5200
       (605) 367-5209 (Fax)
                                       this “vision” is not one that is “set in   edly in the future. I plan to keep you
                                       stone” for I do believe in the power of    folks informed of every step we take
  875 copies printed by The South      a “shared vision” that is crystallized     and the progress that is made. Keep
 Dakota School for the Deaf at $.85
                                       after all of the stakeholders have                       .. . Continued on page 3
         each. Fall 2007.

                                     NEW STAFF AT SDSD
                      Regina Pfarr,        with friends she has picked up
                      nickname Gina,                                                 lives in Chicago. In her spare time
                                           some different signs. Gina is look-       she likes to read, spend time with
                      grew up outside      ing forward to learning more ASL
                      of Denver, Colo-                                               her friends and family and do any-
                                           from students, staff and ASL class.       thing that she can outdoors. She
                      rado. In 1970,       Her hobbies include any kind of out-
                      Gina moved to                                                  loves to travel, and her dream is to
                                           door activities, coaching and play-       go overseas and teach English in the
                      Durango, Co. for     ing sports, crocheting, knitting and
college and worked until 1980, and                                                   future. Becca said, “I love working at
                                           practicing the cello. In the past, she    SDSD so far because the children
then moved to Montana to attend            really had fun teaching SDSD stu-
MSU for Nursing. After graduating,                                                   are wonderful, and it’s great to join
                                           dents to ski at Great Bear Ski Val-       the team of staff at the school.”
she worked at the VA first in Phoe-        ley.
nix then in Sioux Falls, Avera
McKennan, Orthopedic Clinics and           Gina said, “I look forward to meet-
homecare. Gina enjoys working with         ing and getting to know the stu-                           Naomi Mangan is
kids; her favorite areas of work have      dents and staff at SDSD, and a                             currently working
been Pediatrics and NICU.                  great school year ahead.”                                  as the permanent
                                                                                                      substitute teacher.
Gina has 3 sons, and they all live in
                                                            R e b e c c a                             Last year Naomi
Sioux Falls. Chris graduated from
                                                            P e t e r s o n                           worked as a Guid-
Roosevelt High School and is in the
                                                            (Becca) is the                            ance Counselor In-
Army National Guard. He is with the
                                                            new Instructional                         tern from Gallaudet
115th Signal Company in Brookings
                                                            Aide in the Audi-                         University.
and will leave soon for Georgia for
computer satellite training. Alexander                      tory/Oral Depart-
                                                            ment at SDSD.           Naomi has a B.A. in Psychology
also graduated from Roosevelt High
                                                            Becca gradu-            with a minor in Deaf Studies and a
School and is working in Sioux Fall.
                                                            ated in May from        MA in School Guidance and Coun-
Elliott is a junior at Lincoln High
                                                            Oklahoma                seling. Naomi lives in Lennox and
School. He is busy with Oral Inter-
                                           Wesleyan University with a degree        has three boys: Nicholas, age 14,
pretation, soccer and skiing.
                                           in Secondary English Education.          Skye, age 12 and Caelan, age 10.
                                           Becca grew up in South Dakota,           Naomi likes to read novels and hang
Gina has always had an interest in
                                           and her parents live here in Sioux       out with her friends. Her favorite drink
sign language, and one of her goals
                                           Falls. She has one brother who           is coffee, and she loves gummy
was to take ASL classes. She taught
                                           lives in Oklahoma and a sister who       bears and dark chocolate bars.
herself how to sign the alphabet, and

“Superintendent’s Corner” Continued from page 2
in mind, change does not happen
overnight or in one year or two;
rather change requires a few years
to become fully operational and suc-
cessful. So, in closing, I wish for a
little patience while I am working on
this endeavor.

It is my intention to put SDSD on
the proverbial map with a school for
the deaf and hard of hearing with
something innovative, effective, and
a model that was developed through
collaboration, commitment and trust
on all of our parts.

Rushmore Beacon                                              3                                     Vol. 121, No. 1, 2007
Rushmore Beacon                                                                                  Vol. 121, No. 1, 2007

The SDSD Fall Carnival was held on         raffle for the drawing of a Fat Boy
Thursday, October 25, 2007. New            Harley Davidson motorcycle, which
games and a change in menu were            was won by Bill Van Den Hemel.
just two of the changes that were a        This is a wonderful community event,
big hit this year. The Carnival            and we could not have set up the
Committee started meeting as soon          carnival without the generous
as school started in order to              donation of “manpower” from
brainstorm some new games. Lisa                                                                   Above
                                           Communication Service for the Deaf
Heisinger was a tremendous help,                                                      Michael Skinner & Mepper Beshears
                                           and the Deaf Community. They
giving us ideas and making several         provided us with a truck and trailer
of the games. New games included:          as well as several men to help us
a beauty parlor complete with tattoos      load and unload our booths. Several
and fingernail polish, backyard golf,      other volunteers made our new
football toss, sticky darts and the fast   posters and signs for the booths. It
pitch game in which Officer                is no wonder that this was a record
Pottebaum from the SF Police               breaking year in profits for our school.
Department used his radar gun to           The money will be used to buy
record the speed of your pitch. Our        costumes and props for creative play,
most popular booth, as always, was         drama or classroom plays. Thank
the cake walk. The silent auction was      you to everyone who contributed to         Above: Tina Bordenave
well attended, and we profited over        this spectacular event!!                   Bikes donated by: Terry Gregersen &
$1,000 just on this booth. We had a                           - Carmen Steen          Tina Bordenave in honor of Arthur
                                                                                      Manseau (Tina’s Father)

 PROCEDURAL SAFEGUARDS                                                                      SDSD WINTER
Parents interested in ‘Procedural Safeguards’ online, better known as ‘Pa-                  Dec 12th 1:00pm
rental Rights in Special Education’ should go to:
                                                                                            Dec 13th 7:00pm
                                                                                                 at the
This is the same information that you have received in the registration
                                                                                      Guadalupe Catholic Church on 8th
packet sent to you in August. If you prefer an additional copy of these
materials, please contact the school at 367-5200 and a copy will be mailed            and Cliff.
to you.

                                       DID YOU KNOW ?
   Avian Influenza (H5N1)                   4. Can, on occasion, cause disease        From CDC website EID Journal
      The Bird Flu                         in other animals, including human          Home > Better Vaccines for
                                                                                      Influenza A Volume 13, Number
1. Is a lethal, contagious, respiratory                                               10–October 2007
virus that naturally occurs among wild                                                eid/content/13/10/1512.htm
                                           5. Human influenza infections with
birds (endemic) - duck and poultry         subtype (H5N1) viruses are often fa-       7. As of June 4, 2007, 309 labora-
populations.                               tal.                                       tory-confirmed cases of human in-
                                                                                      fection have been reported to the
2. Is caused by the influenza A virus      6. If a pandemic is triggered by trans-    World Health Organization (WHO);
subtype (H5N1).                            ferring Bird Flu to people, then from      61% were fatal, mainly in persons
                                           person to person, millions of people       10–39 years of age.
3. Has spread with alarming speed          could die. World economies would
across Europe, Africa and parts of         likely be crippled for 6–24 months.        8. Vaccination is the best option by
Asia.                                                                                 which to prevent the spread of a
                                                                                                  ...Continued on page 6
       Air Monitoring Equipment on Campus
As you might have noticed a new         will be made available to the public      determining the best new busi-
strange looking building with towers    on a near real time basis on the          nesses. These are important
on it has shown up at the south end     department’s website. The data is         rankings for the business health of
of our garages. This is an air moni-    also used to rank the City of Sioux       the state.
toring system operated by the De-       Falls in the various assessments                   -Bill Van Den Hemel
partment of Environment and Natu-       done by outside agencies, such as
ral Resources.

The data from this site will be used
in several ways. The first is to de-
termine compliance with the Na-
tional Ambient Air Quality Standards
set by the EPA. The data along with
data from sites throughout the na-
tion will be used in national health
studies to determine the effects of
air pollution on the public. Some of
the data will be used to assess and
possibly set future National Ambi-
ent Air Quality Standards for the na-
tion. Locally the data is used to
make sure pollution levels remain
below the health level standards for
the people in Sioux Falls. The hourly
data from the continuous monitors             In the Picture Above: This equipment, found on SDSD’s campus,
                                              will monitor air quality within the city of Sioux Falls.

SDSD purchased several new
pieces of technology equipment
for the 2007-2008 school year.
14 new digital cameras
7 ICD projectors
2 Interwrite boards
32 desktop computers with LCD
4 laptop computers
1 Document Reader
Teachers and students are very
excited about using the new
                                                     Picture Above: Gary Heater using one of the new
technology to help them with
                                                     Interwrite boards for Biology class.
their classroom work.

Rushmore Beacon                                           5                                    Vol. 121, No. 1, 2007
Rushmore Beacon                                                                                         Vol. 121, No. 1, 2007

        QUITE A                                                                            SDSD CALENDAR
        CATCH!                                                                            November 22 - 23
                                                                                          No School - Thanksgiving Break
Dakota Assemblies presented
Quite a Catch on Tuesday, Sep-                                                            Nov. 30 Nature Bus Assembly
tember 4th. The performer juggled
scarves, boxes, balls and plates.                                                         December 12
                                                                                          Winter Play Matinee 1:00 pm
He even juggled while balancing
on a unicycle and a see-saw.                                                              December 13
                                                                                          Winter Play 7:00 pm
             -Brenda Sosa
                                     In the Picture Above: Nichole Singaram assists       December 13 -14 (DSU Madison)
                                     the performer with a plate spinning demonstration.   BOR Meeting

 “ Did You Know” Continued from page 4                                                    December 21 -January 1
pandemic virus and reduce the se-                                                         No School - Winter Break
                                          To protect yourself and your family
verity of the disease.                    from the flu, you can                           December 25 & January 1
9. A global approach is vital for com-    *Cough and sneeze into a tissue or              Offices Closed
bating the next influenza pandemic,       into your elbow
a monumental public health chal-          *Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or             January 2
lenge.                                    mouth, as this can help prevent germs           School Resumes
                                          from entering your body
The “FLU” is a contagious respira-        *Wash your hands frequently or use              January 8
tory virus that can affect the nose,      an alcohol-based gel if you don’t have          First Semester Ends
throat, and airways in the lungs. It      access to water
can cause mild to severe illness,         *Keep shared surfaces such as                   January 21
even death. Pandemic Flu is a                                                             No School - Martin Luther King Holiday
                                          phones and keyboards clean
human flu that spreads rapidly            *Avoid crowds during the flu season             January 22
around the world with high rates of
                                                                                          No School - Inservice for Teachers
illness and death. This occurs             A study of 305 school children found
when there is a major change in           that youngsters who washed their
the flu virus. Most humans have           hands 4 times a day had 24% fewer “Central States Auditory/Oral
no immunity.                              sick days due to respiratory illness Education Conference” Continued
                                          and 51% fewer days due to upset from page 1
It is likely that another influenza       stomach.- Centers for Disease Con- The conference was a huge
pandemic will occur sometime in the       trol and Prevention                    success attended by about 60
future. The schools in Sioux Falls,          *The child influenza immunization participants. There were many
the city of Sioux Falls, and              program is voluntary and will be an comments made about the
Minnehaha County are preparing a          ongoing effort.                        conference: “It was really good, no
Pandemic Influenza Response Plan.            *The Department of Health will pur- I mean really, really good”and “It
                                          chase the vaccine and supply it to was the best conference that
A Pandemic Flu Drill is scheduled         local clinics, as it does with other SDSD has ever had”. Other
for the end of November with staff        childhood vaccines such as measles comments made were “The
and students at SDSD. We will have        and diphtheria. While the vaccine is presenters          were        very
a practice drill before that to learn     free, providers may charge an admin- knowledgeable and enjoyable to
more about the Avian Influenza,           istration fee.                         listen to” “Awsome”,“you came
signs and symptoms of the flu, pre-                                              away with ideas you could use
vention measures, and Center for                                                 immediately” and “very useful for
Disease Control recommendations                             - Regina Pfarr
for everybody to get flu shots.                           SDSD School Nurse                          - Jana Carlson

To help the students at SDSD better      dressed in patri-
understand the many contributions        otic clothing to
military personnel make to better our    take pictures to in-
country, SDSD is celebrating Veter-      clude with the let-
ans Day in a new way this year. The      ters to the sol-
school is hosting a donation drive of    diers.
items to be sent to men and women
currently serving outside of the coun-   The final day to
try. Students and staff are placing      drop off donations
donated food and hygiene products        was Friday, No-
at a table in the front office. Cash     vember 9th. Care
donations will be used to defray the     packages and let-
cost of shipping the care packages       ters will be shipped
abroad. Many items have been do-         throughout the rest
nated so far.                            of November. The
                                         South Dakota School for the Deaf an-        SDSD students and staff also sent
Students also wrote letters to include   ticipates that red, white, and blue day     well wishes and heartfelt messages
in the care packages. SDSD cel-          and the care package donation drive         to Kevin Mowl. Kevin’s parents are
ebrated red, white, and blue day on      will continue to help students learn        both deaf, and he was injured while
Wednesday, November 7th. Stu-            about veterans and military person-         serving our country in Iraq.
dents, teachers, and administration      nel for years to come.                                           -Sara Hansen

                     DEAF AWARENESS WEEK
SDSD had a fun-filled week during                                                    Chief Editor of CSD’s SigNews. She
Deaf Awareness Week, which was                                                       explained that if everyone worked
held during the week of September                                                    hard, they will grow up and be
24 – 28. We invited wonderful deaf                                                   successful.
and hard of hearing people to visit
our school and share their                                                            Finally, we had an awesome VRS
experiences and background as                                                        (Video Relay Service) presentation
successful deaf people.                                                              done all on DDN. Will Hayes from
                                                                                     CSD/VRS Minnesota provided
Dr. Sam Atcherson from USD                                                           information on the proper etiquette
provided a neat presentation about       Pictured Above: Jeff Perri                  for using the VRS. This was done
the difference between what deaf and
                                                                                                   ...Continued on page 8
hard of hearing people hear and how
they access information. Dr.             He gave three samples of his
Atcherson is an audiologist who          delicious Rice Krispies: plain,
wears a cochlear implant and a           cinnamon and nutmeg. Students
hearing aid. He also provided a          were asked to pick a favorite. The
hands-on activity for students to        cinnamon Rice Krispies was voted
make their own ear molds.                the most favorite!

Jeff Perri is a deaf chef from Camp      Jennifer Dans-Willey gave us a great
Lakodia. He came to share his            PowerPoint presentation about what
exciting cooking experiences with us     it is like to write news for a well-known
through a presentation showing his       newspaper for the deaf and hard of
trips to Europe and Africa. There were   hearing called “SigNews”. She is
a lot of interesting pictures of food.                                                Pictured Above: Dr. Sam Atcherson

Rushmore Beacon                                             7                                    Vol. 121, No. 1, 2007
Rushmore Beacon                                                                                    Vol. 121, No. 1, 2007

            CAMPUS                                                                     “Deaf Awarnesss Week” Continued from
                                                                                       page 7
 Because the gym is now closed             The SDSD maintance crew worked             via the phone in coordination with
 until further notice, the Student Cen-    hard at preparing the new preschool        DeAnne Sweeney from CSD/VRS.
 ter is being used for P.E. classes        playground equipment. Wood chips
 and other activities. The old carpet      were added around the equipment,           Guess Who? How Well Do You
 was removed and new vinyl tile was        and students are already enjoying the      Know The SDSD Deaf Staff? We had
 laid in the area.                         new equipment during recess.               baby pictures of deaf staff as well
                                                                                      as questions about their
                                                                                      backgrounds. Students and staff
                                                                                      were invited to guess who they were
                                                                                      and to see how well they knew them.
                                                                                      The Guess Who staff winners were
                                                                                      Patti Christianson and Alecia
                                                                                      Winkleman. The student winners
                                                                                      were Kale Smith and Taner Kiewel.
                                                                                      The “How Well Do You Know Your
The SDSD front lobby also got a new                                                   Staff” winners were: Staff: Patti
look. The reception area was moved                                                    Christianson and student: Blake
closer to the front door to allow guests                                              Nitko. Congratulations!
to sign in and out as they enter the

                                                                                        -La Donna Haake Johnson & Joanne DeBee

benefits accruing to students who are Deaf, hard-of-hearing, or have cochlear implants throughout the state.
resource to parents/families, and to schools/agencies in South Dakota in order to foster maximum possible educational
citizens to the State of South Dakota and the United States of America. The school’s mission includes service as a
chlear implants from birth to age 21, preparing them to become potentially independent, self-sustaining and contributing
specialized programs of education and special related services to children who are Deaf, hard-of-hearing, or have co-
The mission of the South Dakota School for the Deaf as cited in SDCL 13-62 (1880), is to provide quality, comprehensive,

national origin.
impaired children (0 - 21) and employs individuals without regard to age (18 - 70), race, sex, handicap, religion, or
- NOTICE - The South Dakota School for the Deaf offers educational programs and services to qualified hearing

   Permit No. 7680
                                                      SIOUX FALLS, SD 57103 - 1896
   Sioux Falls, SD
   U.S. PostagePAID                                   2001 EAST 8TH STREET
   Non Profit Org.                                    SOUTH DAKOTA SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF


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