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  Do you like Chocolate?
 Do you know what chocolate

 is made from?
     Milk,cocoa/cocoa butter, sugar, and
      vegetable oil
     Cocoa and Cocoa butter
    come from cocoa beans

 Cacao Beans grow in cocoa
  pods that grow on trees
 Cocoa trees are grown in tropical
  regions by the equator.
 Most cocoa is grown in Africa
    The Chocolate Process
   Cocoa farmers harvest the cocoa
    pods by hand
   They crack open the pods to take out the cocoa beans
   Farmers sell these beans to traders
   Then the beans are shipped to factories
   The companies roast the
    beans to make chocolate
   Consumers like you buy them at
    the supermarket
    Effects of Cocoa

 Farmers only gets pennies for
  each chocolate bar you buy
 Many cocoa famers and their families are
  very poor
 Children have to work on the farm, they
  don’t go to school
 Farmers can’t afford to feed their children
  or take them to a doctor when they get sick
Effects of Cocoa

 Some children work as slaves – taken
  away from their homes and families
 Many of the children that work on these
  farms have never even tasted chocolate
    Effects of Cocoa
   Forests are destroyed
    to create plantations
   Farmers use pesticides and
    chemicals on these
    plantations to keep bugs
    and diseases away and to     make
    the plants grow faster
    Fair Trade
 Many people think farmers should get paid
  more for their cocoa and be able to protect
  the environment.
 They have set up a fair trade system

 Farmers get more money so they can buy
  food and clothes, go to the doctor, send
  their children to school
 And slavery is outlawed
    What does Fair Trade mean?

 Fair price – Farmers, distributors, and
 Safe working conditions - NO child labor
 Empowerment of woman and children
 Environmental sustainability –take care of
  the land (environment)
 Assess to education
 Assess to health care
    Fair Trade Chocolate

   Chocolate Video
    Fair Trade Chocolate

   How do you know if the chocolate you buy is
    fair trade?
     You   will see these labels on the wrapper or container

   Only a few companies participate in Fair Trade
    – most big companies, like Hershey, don’t.
 Other Fair Trade Products

 Chocolate
 Coffee

 Tea

 Bananas

 Sugar

 Rice

 Vanilla

 Sports balls
 Fair Trade Chocolate

 Have you ever tasted or seen fair trade
 Fair trade chocolate actually tastes better:

  No pesticides
  No chemicals
  No preservatives
    Raise the Bar, Hershey!

 Hershey is America’s favorite chocolate brand
 Yet, inside almost every Hershey chocolate
  product is the bitter truth that the cocoa used to
  produce the chocolate may have been
  produced under harmful conditions, including
  forced labor, human trafficking, and abusive
  child labor.
 In addition, Hersey chocolate is over processed
  - laden with chemicals and pesticides
    What can YOU do

   Choose Fair Trade products
        will change the lives of millions of farmers,
     You
     workers and their communities
   Educate others
     Many people are unaware they
     are promoting child and slave labor
     when they purchase products that
     are not fairly traded
    This Halloween

   No Hershey Halloween
   Reverse Trick-or-Treating:
     This Halloween you can help end the exploitation of
      adults and children working tin the cocoas industry
      and raise awareness of Fair Trade
     Trick-or-treaters will be handing Fair Trade
      chocolate back to adults, with informational cards
      attached, to explain the problems of the cocoa
      industry and how Fair Trade presents a solution.
     Hundreds of thousands of households in the US are
      getting the message that child labor and forced
      labor will not be tolerated.

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