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Thank you for downloading this report. I hope you find it
useful and make some money.

The information contained within is supplied for informational and
entertainment purposes only. It is not professional advice of any kind. There is
absolutely no promise of earnings. Any results obtained in the past do not
constitute predictions for the future. The reader is 100% responsible for his or
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holds the author free of any liability in any way.

                         Copyright 2012 Noel Hynes                             1
About Me
My name is Noel Hynes and I have been making a full-time income online for
the past 10 years. During that time I have made a steady income which has
enabled me to work my own hours and travel the world. I know what works
and what does not because I have tried them all.

The internet is full of scams with ridicules claims of overnight riches with no
work involved. I hope I can help you make your first dollar online or at least
steer you in the right direction.

The reason I wrote this report is that I get many people including friends and
family asking me how to start a business online while having no money to
invest. So I put together a few simple methods to get some quick cash in hand
and then use that cash to get a sustainable business started online.

Make $100 online this week.

The quickest way that I know of to raise some cash is by selling stuff you own
but no longer use or need on sites like craigslist, eBay, and amazon.

Now before you say you have nothing to sell, let me assure you that 90% of the
population have stuff they no longer use and could sell to raise some cash.
Even if you are a teenager you possibly have old computers, games consoles,
games, DVDs, music CDs and even old toys which you could sell easily for cash.

Most of us have lots of stuff we no longer need and have forgotten about
stored in the loft or basement cluttering up the place. Items like old furniture,
electronics, tools, appliances, musical instruments, pictures, old clothes, toys,
baby stuff, computers, jewellery, books, magazines, golf equipment, phones
and so on.

                         Copyright 2012 Noel Hynes                                  2
Here's a couple of tips to get you started selling:

    Go to each room in your home and gather all of your stuff in one box.
    Research similar items for pricing and description on eBay, Craigslist or
     Amazon. Look to see what is selling and what is not. This will help you to
     sell your items more quickly.
    Clean up your items. Nobody wants to buy something dirty. Wash or have
     the clothes cleaned, wipe off toys and polish furniture etc. You get the
    Take clear pictures of your items. It helps people to form an emotional
     attachment to what you are selling.
    Be prompt when shipping your items.
    Figure out the cheapest shipping costs to make the most money.

By now you should be ready to list your items on eBay, Craigslist, Amazon or
whatever local site you feel offers the best opportunity for profit. By the end of
the week you should have at least $100 in profit and possibly much more.

Sell your old and new gadgets on

When you have some cash available you are ready to take it to the next level.

Make even more money.

What I have found is that some items sell quickly because they are in demand,
you will know this because of the number of bids you get on eBay for example.
This presents a great opportunity.

By going out and finding more inventory to sell you could go on to make a full-
time business just doing this. There are lots of places you can find inventory to
sell, yard sales, local job lot stores and even eBay itself. You can even find job
lot sellers on eBay where you can buy products in bulk cheaply and resell them
individually for a nice profit.

                          Copyright 2012 Noel Hynes                              3
There are also many local businesses and store with inventory that is not
selling for one reason or another. You could offer to help them sell it on eBay
for a commission. The possibilities are endless and all you have to do is think
outside the box.

What if none of this appeals to you?

If buying, packing and shipping physical products does not appeal to you there
are many other ways of making money online for free. However it will take
several weeks or longer to see results. Here are just a few of the options
available to you.

1. MTurk
MTurk is an Amazon website which allows you to work from home and make
some money. On MTurk you can get micro payments for micro jobs, called
"hits". Some of those hits will merely take you seconds to perform, while
others can take hours.
A hit can be anything from clicking a link to check if a home page is accessible,
to writing an article. Pay ranges from a few cents to a few dollars depending on
the task. MTurk is free to join, and you can do so at

Another site similar to MTurk is

                         Copyright 2012 Noel Hynes                                4
2. Offer your professional expertise in an online
If you have any skills in the area of writing, graphic design, web design or
programming for example you should have no difficulty finding freelance jobs
on the many freelancing sites like Elance, oDesk, Freelancer and Fiverr. Other
skills in demand include language translation services, video creation and voice

The best way to start is to browse these site to get an idea of how they work,
what kind of jobs are available and how much they pay.

There are literally thousands of jobs posted on these sites each month and all
you have to do is bid for the jobs you are qualified to undertake.

3. Other way to earn some cash
Sell your photos on

Sell your photos on
Sell your photos on

Sell your photos on

Get paid to write articles at

                        Copyright 2012 Noel Hynes                                5
Get paid to write articles at

Get paid to write articles at

Get paid to write articles at

Get paid to post Summaries & Reviews on

Get paid to translate at

Get paid to write and guide others at

Get paid to tweet at

Get paid to review software at

Get paid for reviewing websites on

Get paid for writing product reviews on

Get paid to write articles on

Get paid to upload documents at

Get paid to write essays at

Get paid to write unique blog posts on

Get paid to write stories at

Get paid to do freelance work at

Get paid to do jobs posted on

Get paid to do jobs posted on

Get paid for doing gigs at

Get paid for doing gigs at

Get paid to work from home at

                        Copyright 2012 Noel Hynes                      6
Get paid to do voice over work at

Get paid to do data entry work on

Get paid to do design on
Get paid to design T-Shirts at

Get paid to design products at

Sell your web design templates at

Sell your product designs on

Sell your animation on

Sell your logo designs on

Sell your software at

Sell your scripts on

Sell your e-learning courses at

Get paid to teach your own online course at

Get paid to socialize on

Get paid as a virtual assistant on

Get paid to tutor on

Get paid to offer your expertise at

Get paid to help with homework on

Get paid to answer expert questions at

Get paid to play online games at

Get paid to play games on

                        Copyright 2012 Noel Hynes                        7
Sell your music at

Sell your videos to

Sell your audio clips at

Sell your ideas & patents at

Sell your handmade products on

Sell your art at

Get paid for coming up with unique domain names on

Get paid by naming businesses on

Get paid to promote CPA offers at

Get paid to promote CPA offers at

Get paid to promote CPA offers at

Get paid to promote CPA offers at

                        Copyright 2012 Noel Hynes              8
So there you have it, a range simple methods for making your first dollar online
or in this case $100. But you must take action. Most will not unfortunately. Do
not let this happen to you.

If you want to take it to the next level and build a long term sustainable online
business that will provide a full-time income and allow you to be location
independent you will have the funds in place to start. Look out for more details
on this over the coming weeks.

Until then, wishing you every success.


If you have any comments or suggestions on this report please feel free to
contact me at

                         Copyright 2012 Noel Hynes                             9

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