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The Salem WitchTrials
 The Salem Witch

  by CiaraCiara Murray-Jordan & Caitlin Balagula
           Murray-Jordan & Caitlin Balagula
     How it all started (and ended)…
    Once upon a time, there lived three girls who were named
Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. On their way to
  the annual ball, they encountered an evil mastermind who was
infamously known as the Wicked Witch of the West. She told
 them that if they didn’t know why the chicken crossed the road,
 she would kill them. And they didn’t know why. So she killed
                    them. Happily ever after.

                              (That are 100% NOT made up)
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                          The Unreliable
   It was early February of 1692. Reverend Parris , a 36-year old
 minister in the Salem Village of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, had
recently been watching over as his daughter, Elizabeth Parris and his
    niece, Abigail Williams, were acting…strange. VERY STRANGE.
 Lately, these two girls had began twisting themselves into inhuman
positions, making odd gestures, and uttering incoherent words. They
     had inhuman-like bites and pinches covering their bodies and
  claimed to see visions of ghosts and spirits. As a result, Reverend
 decided that the girls should have a visit from a physician so-called
      William Griggs. At the end of the check-up, the extremely
 intelligent doctor came up with the most realistic conclusion of all…

                                             Howdy Folks! Just on my
                                                  way to bite some
                                              innocent young Puritan
                                             girls! Don’t mind if I do!
 THEY WERE                          DUN-


                Stupid unhappy
    possible.     yellow circle!
   Absolutely   It’s obvious my
      not        patients have
                been bewitched!
At least, according to Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams, that’s what you’re
 supposed to do. They pointed fingers towards three innocent and vulnerable
    women who were physically and mentally weak. One of them included
Tituba, a West Indian slave for the Parris family who was considered bizarre by
  the town of Salem. The other two elderly women who had a bad reputation
were Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne. This was the unfortunate beginning of the
                          infamous Salem Witch Trials.
Tituba is teaching girls about witchcraft.
As a result of the several other accused witches, the governor
   ordered that the Court of Oyer and Teminer be opened. It is
  currently known as the exclusive trials in which the witches
pleaded innocent or, in other cases, guilty. Although you might
think, “Oh, that’s stupid. Why WOuld sOmeOne plead guilty if they
 kneW they Were innOcent?”, the questiOns the cOurt asked Were
 extremely physiologically pressuring. Here is a conversation
   between the magistrate and Sarah Good during a hearing:
Magistrate: What evil spirit have you familiarity with?
Sarah Good: None.
Magistrate: Have you made no contract with the Devil?
Sarah Good: No.
Magistrate: Why do you hurt these children?
Sarah Good: I do not hurt them. I scorn it.
Magistrate: Who do you imply then to do it?
Sarah Good: I imply no body.
Magistrate: What creature do you imply then?
Sarah Good: No creature. I am falsely accused.
On top of asking compelling questions, the people in charge of the court also looked for physical
                                     evidence of being of witch.
 The witches supposedly injected puppets, pins and/or sharp objects into their victims’ skin. The
    witch would fashion a model of their enemy and poke the objects into that model, causing
                                  inflicting pain on the actual body.
       They looked for a projecting body part that the Devil supposedly fed to the witch in the
            formation of a small animal. This protruding part was called a witch’s tit.
                               They checked for supernatural abilities.
      They forced the blamed witches to stare at their enemies and looked to see if that caused
     The witches were told to recite the Lord’s prayer. If there were any mistakes, they could be
                                          charged as a witch.
 If the bewitched child was having a fit, the accused witch had to touch him/her in order to see if
                               the witch could heal the affliction or not.

  Random Fact About Hands & Witches
When Mary Eastey, an accused witch, was on                                         +
  trial, she clasped her hands together.
 mercy leWis’s, One her victims, hands stuck
tOgether at the same time eastey’s did. she                                          _____
  claimed that she cOuldn’t release them
 GET PREGNANT! Pregnant women weren’t executed after being
  named a witch. The Puritans may have been cruel, but they didn’t
  believe that a baby should die because of his/her mother being a
 CONFESS! The Puritans thought that if someone confessed their
  sin, it was God who choose how they should be punished. As a
  result, they were freed. Yet, as more figured this out, more witch
  nonsense was spread through Salem.
 RUN AWAY! Many witches ran from the prisons they were held in.
  People did manage this. They included Phillip and Mary English,
  Hezekiah Usher, and John Alden.
  Dunking was a popular, but dreaded method of torture the
Massachusetts Bay Colony used. It was like a modern-day flag
pole, but instead of a flag, there was an alleged witch trussed to
  a wooden chair. The chair was elevated and controlled by
 pulling a rope. It was used to force the accused to confess or
  give up information. If the person didn’t cooperate, he/she
               would be dunked under the water.

                                   Pressing was another gory torture technique the people of
                                 Salem used to cause pain to accused witches. The suspect was
                                   placed under a flat board and it was one a time, covered by
                                 heavy rocks and stones. A famous case involved Giles Cory, a
                                 supposed witch who refused to plead guilty or innocent. After
                                 being pressed for more than two days straight, he still failed to
                                    plead. Therefore, he was killed by the crushing pressure.
    The lives of 19 innocent convicted witches ended at the
 primary location of execution during the Salem Witch Trials,
  Gallows Hill. The deaths took place on four separate dates-
June 10, July 19, August 19, and September 22. On the right is
 the forlorn death of an accused witch named Bridget Bishop.
  She was the first person to be murdered due to the fact that
                 people thought she was a witch.

                                   Okay, let’s get this fact straight. Burning witches at the
                                    stake was NOT used during the Salem Witch Trials. I
                                     repeat. Burning witches at the stake was NOT used
                                   during the Salem Witch Trials.. This execution process
                                  was only commonly used in European witch hunts and the
                                                      Spanish Inquisition.
Over 150 accused witches and wizards were
 arrested and imprisoned
19 accused witches and wizards were hanged
4 accused witches and wizards died in prison
I accused wizard was pressed to death

Accused Witch/Wizard     Date of Death      Cause of Death
   Bridget Bishop        June 10, 1692         Hanged
   Rebecca Nurse          July 19, 1692        Hanged
    Sarah Good            July 19, 1692        Hanged
  Susannah Martin         July 19, 1692        Hanged
   Elizabeth Howe         July 19, 1692        Hanged
    Sarah Wildes          July 19, 1692        Hanged
  George Burroughs      August 19, 1692        Hanged
   Martha Carrier       August 19, 1692        Hanged
    John Willard        August 19, 1692        Hanged
 George Jacobs, Sr.     August 19, 1682        Hanged
    John Proctor        August 19, 1692        Hanged
   Martha Corey        September 22, 1692      Hanged
    Mary Eastey        September 22, 1692      Hanged
   Ann Pudeator        September 22, 1692      Hanged
  Alice Parker           September 22, 1692           Hanged
  Mary Parker            September 22, 1692           Hanged
 Wilmott Redd            September 22, 1692           Hanged
 Margaret Scott          September 22, 1692           Hanged
Samuel Wardwell          September 22, 1692           Hanged
  Giles Corey            September 19, 1692           Pressed
 Sarah Osborn               May 10, 1692              In Prison
Roger Toothaker   June 1692 (Exact Date is Unknown)   In Prison
  Lydia Dustin             March 10, 1693             In Prison
  Ann Foster              December 3, 1692            In Prison
        Why did the Salem Witch Trials End?
There were numerous reasons why the Salem Witch Trials actually came to a close. No one directly pointed out
   that there would be no more accusations and hangings. However, the people nowadays can look back and
   understand the signs of its end and what they meant. Increase Mather once said, “To take away the life of
anyone, merely because a specter or Devil, in a bewitched or possessed person does accuse them, will bring the guilt
                                         of innocent blood on the land.”
     Despite Rebecca Nurse’s kind and saintly personality, she was executed. George Burroughs movingly and
    perfectly recited the Lord’s Prayer before he was hanged. Giles Corey stubbornly, yet heroically, refused to
    admit if he was a witch or not. These occurrences started to cause the townspeople sorrow and regret towards
                            the artificiality of the girls’ seizures and the existence od witches.
     The “bewitched” girls’ overwhelming number of accusations were becoming a clear sign that they were not
                                         actually under the possession of the Devil.
     Lady Phips, the wife of Governor Phips, was accused of using witchcraft on others. However, Phips had
                                    already blamed several others for the same reason.
     Later on in life, the afflicted girls came across an elderly woman. They immediately went into one of their
      spasmodic fits. Another by-passer told them to take it somewhere else. Proceeding this event, the girls
                   coincidentally(or not), stopped accusing others for their supposed bewitchment.

 Now, since I told you the end of the Salem Witch Trials, you think this extremely weird, but

      beautiful, PowerPoint presentation is over.            WELL IT’S NOT.
What might have really happened to the afflicted girls is not 100% definite. Here are the two main things
historians believe could have happened to the girls:
   They could have possibly injected ergot poisoning, a fungus that grows on grain. The Puritans ate rye
   bread and the fungi could have somehow contaminated the bread, causing the girls to take the
   poison in and become stricken with the seizures.
   They could have possibly been amazing actresses. People say that, in the beginning, they were just
   looking for attention from others. However, after the first three arrests of “witches” were made,
   that’s when they acknowledged their real power. Yet, they couldn’t stop. Otherwise, they would be
   condemned for accusing people of felonies that they never committed. So, they continued on with
   their fits, causing the arrests of many and the deaths of 24.
On January 15, in the colony of Massachusetts, the one judge and 12 Salem jurors
begged for forgiveness on a day we know as Day of Humiliation. (Don’t you think
we should have more of those?)
Samuel Parris, one of the causes of the whole witch hunt, was kicked out of Salem.
(Cough, “Epic,” Cough, “Fail”)
Only one of the alleged victims of witch craft, Ann Putnam, openly accredited her
disturbing role in the death of many innocent people. In 1706, the pastor read her
statement aloud. “It was a great delusion of Satan that deceived me at that said
time…I desire to lie in the dust and earnestly beg forgiveness.”

                                                          The Devil
                                                         made me do

Despite people’s genuine forgiveness, most of the pardoned “witches” lived the
rest of their lives in poverty with tainted reputations.

 Eventually, everyone died.
                                                         This is Sarah Good’s,
                                                          one of the accused
                                                           witches, graves.

                         This is the Court of Oyer and
 This is exactly what              Terminer.
the accused witches in
 Salem DIDN’T look

  We would like to honor this
 beautiful presentation that we
  did to all the innocent people
  America lost because of some
     silly, stupid, and false
  accusations made by SOME
 people. (Yeah, I’m talking to
     you Ann Putnam. No

              Anyway, so yeah
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   The Salem Witch Trials Edited by Laura Marvel
   The Devil on Trial by Philip Margulies & Maxine Rosaler

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