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									  Security Matters
   April 2011                                         The People Who Know ®                                 www.securitycu.org

                                                                                                FREE Income
                                                                                                Tax Filing
                                                                                                Take advantage of a FREE web-based
                                                                                                income tax filing program offered at
                                                                                                Security Credit Union called “Just file
                                                                                                it!” Complete your federal and state tax
                                                                                                forms easily at www.securitycu.org, by
                                                                                                clicking on the “Just file it! We’ll help”
                                                                                                link, or call 810-235-2322 or 800-373-
                                                                                                2333 and make an appointment to use
                                                                                                a computer at any of our convenient
                                                                                                locations by April 18, 2011.
Put some extra “green” in your wallet
by financing a Pre-Owned Car, or
refinancing your existing Car Loan
from another financial institution at any
Security Credit Union office. Whatever your
transportation needs may be, we can help.
  I Buying a reliable Pre-Owned Car
  I Purchasing a Pre-Owned Car for
     the new teen driver in your family
  I Lowering your monthly payments by refinancing

Happy With the Car, But Not the Monthly Payment?
You may be able to save interest and/or lower your monthly payment by refinancing. For a
FREE no-obligation loan analysis to find out how much you can save, visit any Security
office today. You can start saving even faster if you bring your current car loan documents,
proof of insurance and car title.                                                               Peace of Mind
More Great Reasons to Finance Your Car at Security                                              for Important
 FREE Oil Change                                  BONUS $25 Reward                              Documents and
 When you finance a Pre-Owned
 Car or refinance your existing Car Loan
                                                  You’ll receive a certificate for a FREE Oil
                                                  Change PLUS a $25 reward when you             Valuables
 from another financial institution of            finance a Pre-Owned Car or refinance          Safe Deposit Boxes
 $5,000 to $9,999 at any Security Credit          your existing Car Loan from another
 Union office, you’ll receive a certificate       financial institution of $10,000 or more at   Security offers an affordable solution for
 for a FREE Oil Change!                           any Security Credit Union office!             storing birth certificates, wills, real estate
                                                                                                and tax documents, along with other
                                                                                                valuables. You’ll rest easy knowing
                                                                                                everything is in one secure location. For
Start Saving Today!                                                                             more information on safe deposit boxes,
                                                                                                call 810-235-2322 or toll free 800-373-
Offer Expires June 30, 2011                                                                     2333.
Find out how much “green” you can put in your wallet by having The People Who Know®
supply you with a FREE, no-obligation loan quote!

CALL: 810-235-2322 or 800-373-2333
CLICK: www.securitycu.org
VISIT: Any Security Credit Union office
Financing                                          Youth Programs for Children and Teens
You Can Feel                                       Plan ahead for summer by opening a Security Credit Union Youth Account for your
                                                   child or grandchild. It’s the perfect place to keep their earnings from summer jobs, as
Good About                                         well as gift and allowance money.

A Message from
the Chairman
At Security Credit Union, we’ve been
providing affordable loans to members since
1949. When you finance with The People
Who Know®, you’ll enjoy a great interest rate,
flexible repayment options and no confusing
                                                   For Children 12 and                               For Teens 13 – 17
f ine print.                                       Younger                                           Get your teen on the road to financial
                                                                                                     freedom with Security’s My Money
                                                   Security’s Magic Money Club makes
                                                                                                     Account! My Money Account
More Than Great                                    saving and learning about money
                                                                                                     members can also open their first
                                                   fun! Members receive cool
Car Loans                                          contest offers, special
                                                                                                     Checking Account (with a qualified
When you think of credit unions, do you think                                                        adult) with a FREE Check Card and
                                                   newsletters and can play safe,
of car loans? Many people do, but did you                                                            ATM Card. Members receive fun
                                                   FREE online games at
know that Security Credit Union also offers:                                                         contest offers, special newsletters,
                                                   www.securitycu.org under
                                                                                                     access to online games and “Getting
  I Motorcycle, Recreational Vehicle and           the “Youth Programs” link.
                                                                                                     Started,” a website filled with
     Watercraft Loans                              Stop by any Security office
                                                                                                     financial tips specifically for teens.
  I VISA® Credit Cards                             and open your child
                                                                                                     Bring your teen to an office to open a
                                                   or grandchild a
  I Home Mortgages and Equity Loans                                                                  My Money Account today!
                                                   Magic Money Club
  I Personal Loans                                 Account today!
  I Debt Consolidation Loans
  I Business Loans
  I Refinancing for most any type of loan

Visit us at www.securitycu.org for current         A Great Value in a Checking Account
rates and a secure online application, give us a
call, or stop by any office to find a loan that    Turn those big bank fees away with a Security    Manage Your
fits your needs.                                   Credit Union Checking Account – it has
                                                   everything you need. There are NO monthly        Account and Reorder
Ask for Your FREE Financial Check-Up               service charges or per check fees! Plus, you     Checks Online
Our staff is trained to help members save          get your first set of checks FREE! Enjoy         Use Security@home online banking at
money. I personally invite you to take             these benefits:                                  www.securitycu.org to manage your
advantage of our offer for a FREE Financial                                                         account at a time and place that’s
Check-Up. Let us show you how to reduce            Convenient Options for                           convenient for you. You can also review
your expenses and stretch your budget by                                                            and print checks that have cleared your
moving your business to Security Credit
                                                   Account Access                                   account, and much more. Running low
Union - The People Who Know®. Simply               To access funds from your Checking Account       on checks? Visit our website and with
stop by any office and we’ll be glad to            you can write a check, use your FREE             just a few clicks of your mouse, you can
assist you.                                        MasterCard® Check Card, your FREE ATM            reorder checks that will be shipped to
                                                   Card, or make payments electronically with       your home address.
We sincerely appreciate your business and          our FREE Online Bill Pay.
look forward to serving you.                                                                        Make the Switch
                                                                                                    to Security!
                                                                                                    Moving your Checking Account from
Ken Scott, Chairman
                                                                                                    another financial institution is easier
                                                                                                    than you think. Stop by any Security
                                                                                                    office and we’ll help you move your
                                                                                                    Checking Account today!

Security Matters The People Who Know®
Stretch Your Car-Buying Budget                                                        A New
With These Money Saving Tips                                                          Twist on
Although there’s nothing you can do about the high cost of gas, there are
many ways you can reduce the cost of transportation by paying less for your car       Identity
and its upkeep. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for your next car:
 I Do your homework. Look                I Never buy based on a monthly
   online or in Consumer                   payment. Instead, negotiate based on
   Reports to find out about gas           the total price of the car.
   mileage, reliability,
                                                                                      Employment Scams
                                         I Get pre-approved. Contact Security
   maintenance and resale value                                                       More people are out looking for jobs these
                                           Credit Union before you go shopping to
   on the cars you are                                                                days and that means more opportunities for
                                           get your loan pre-approved, then enjoy
   considering.                                                                       identity theft. Job seekers may respond to fake
                                           the bargaining power of a “cash” buyer.
                                                                                      job postings and in their excitement over a
 I Buying new? Find out the              I Compare prices on extended                 potential offer, fail to take necessary
   dealer’s real cost on the car           warranties and other “extras.” Keep in     precautions to protect their personal
   (typically it’s less than               mind Security Credit Union offers          information. Here’s what you can do to avoid
   “invoice”) by doing research            Guaranteed Asset Protection on your        employment scams:
   online, then get at least three         car loan at a great price.
   quotes to use for negotiation.
                                                                                      Protect your social security number.
 I Trading in a car? Find the                                                         Typically, you do not have to provide your
   value of your trade-in ahead of                                                    social security number until you have been
   time by calling us.                                                                hired. If you decide to provide it during the
 I Do the math. When you get                                                          application process, make sure you know the
   to the contract stage, make                                                        employer is legitimate.
   sure there are no hidden
   charges like an extended                                                           Research potential employers. If the employer
   warranty you did not request.                                                      is someone you’ve never heard of, do some
                                                                                      research on the Internet, confirm a physical
                                                                                      address and network with others to find out
                                                                                      about their reputation in your community
Rest Easy…Your Money is Safe                                                          before you apply.
You can take comfort in knowing that your savings at Security Credit Union are
                                                                                      Be alert for scams even on legitimate job
federally insured up to $250,000, and IRAs are federally insured separately up to
                                                                                      search websites. Typical listings to be
$250,000 by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. It’s administered by
                                                                                      cautious about include job titles like
the National Credit Union Administration and backed by the full faith and credit of
                                                                                      “Transaction Processing Assistant,”
the United States government.
                                                                                      “Reshipping Agent,” “Goods Forwarding
                                                                                      Executive,” or “Processor for Online
                                                                                      Auction Listings.”
Smart Solutions for Your Business                                                     Watch out for work at home jobs, business
Merchant Services                                                                     opportunities and offers to find work.
                                                                                      “Opportunities” that require you to pay up front
Security Credit Union offers a point-of-sale system that will
                                                                                      are almost always a scam. Remember, if it
revolutionize your business. Our system offers countless time and
                                                                                      sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
money saving features that will allow you to focus on what’s
important: keeping your customers satisfied and spending!
                                                                                      Never let anyone pressure you into giving out
                                                                                      personal information, financial information or
Business Checking                                                                     your hard-earned money. A legitimate employer
Security Credit Union has a Checking Account for your                                 will not do this. If you’re in doubt, tell them you
business no matter how big or small. And, it comes                                    need to get some information and ask for a
with a FREE MasterCard® Check Card you can use                                        phone number where you can call them back.
instead of writing checks. Our MasterCard Check
Card automatically deducts funds for purchases from                                   Security Credit Union is always looking for
your Security Credit Union Checking Account. Plus, it                                 mindful tips to keep our members’ protected
comes with FREE $200,000 travel insurance. Contact us                                 from identity theft. Put your trust in Security -
or stop by any office today.                                                          The People Who Know®.
Spring Ahead with FREE                                         Annual Meeting April 17, 2011
Convenience Services                                           The Annual Meeting of Security Credit Union will be held on Sunday,
                                                               April 17, 2011 at 2:00 pm at the Holiday Inn Conference Centre, 5353 Gateway
At Security Credit Union, we make it easy to save time by
                                                               Centre, Flint, 48507. Each year at the Annual Meeting, the membership elects
offering secure and easy-to-use account management
                                                               member volunteers to serve on the Board of Directors. The Nominating
options that fit your busy lifestyle.
                                                               Committee has nominated the following members for the Board of Directors:
                                                               Vic Carpenter, Ron Dodge, Lauren Emmons, Wilda Foy and Don Henry.
Mobile Banking - With SCU Mobile, you can easily look
up account balances or recent account history, and transfer    The cost of your dinner ticket will be refunded back to you after you attend.
funds. To enroll, visit our website at www.securitycu.org.     Tickets for the dinner are $20 each. After you attend, the $20 cost of your
Note: Never respond to any email offer to download and         ticket will be refunded to your Share Savings Account by May 6, 2011. Order
use a new banking phone application. Only use                                                     your tickets today by completing and
applications provided from Security Credit Union through                                          returning the order form below to Security
the enrollment process.                                                                           Credit Union, 3801 W. Boulevard Drive,
                                                                                                  Flint, MI 48505. Hurry—dinner seating
Security@home Online Banking - Enjoy the ease of                                                  is limited!
managing your finances for FREE from any online
computer with Security@home available at                                                                 Doors open at noon
www.securitycu.org.                                                                                      Dinner at 1:00 pm
                                                                                                         Business Meeting at 2:00 pm
Online Bill Pay - It’s the FREE and easy way to organize
and pay bills from your Security Credit Union Checking
Account. Plus, you’ll save time, checks and postage!                              TICKET ORDER FORM

                                                                  K YES!
Account Alerts - Enroll in FREE Account Alerts                                       I would like to reserve dinner tickets for April 17, 2011.
and receive notification via email when your balance                                 (Tickets will be mailed by April 11, 2011.)
reaches a pre-determined level, when deposits are credited
and more!                                                         Please send me: _________ dinner tickets at $20 each

Online Loan Application - You can apply for a loan                                  My check for $______ is enclosed OR
24-hours a day, 7 days a week for FREE from the comfort
of your personal computer online at www.securitycu.org.                             Please deduct $______ from my Share Savings Account.

24-Hour Telephone Account Access - 810-235-0820 or
                                                                  Account #___________________________ Phone # ________________
800-677-4085 - Security’s FREE 24-Hour Telephone
Account Access system allows you to track your finances
                                                                  Signature ___________________________________________________
from any touch tone phone.
                                                                  Name ______________________________________________________
Direct Deposit - You’ll never have to worry about lost or
stolen checks. Sign up for Direct Deposit and your pay or
                                                                  Address ____________________________________________________
benefits check will automatically be deposited into your
account for FREE.
                                                                  City _______________________________ State _____ Zip ________

                                              Call                      Office Locations
                                              810-235-2322              Genesee County                   Lapeer County                     Saginaw County
                                              800-373-2333              2230 S. Center Road, Burton      1675 N. Lapeer Road, Lapeer       2882 Schust Road,
                                                                        North of Atherton Road           M-24 & Davis Lake Road            Saginaw
                                              24-Hour Telephone         3404 N. Linden Road, Flint       1495 Imlay City Road, Lapeer      East of Bay Road, near
                                                                                                                                           Fashion Square Mall
                                      ®       Account Access:           South of Pierson Road            M-21 & Myers Road
                                              810-235-0820              2404 S. Linden Road, Flint       337 E. First Street, Imlay City
                                              800-677-4085              North of Lennon Road             M-53 & First Street               Shiawassee County
                                                                        8040 Holly Road, Grand Blanc     5830 N. Lapeer Road,              1400 E. Main Street,
                                              TDD: 810-235-2459         Trillium Circle, North of I-75   North Branch                      Owosso
                                                                                                         South of Burnside Road in         M-21 & Airport Drive
                                                                        3801 W. Boulevard Drive,
                                                                        Flint, Drive-up only             Deerfield Plaza
                                              Mailing Address           Near Dort & Stewart
                                              3801 W. Boulevard Drive
                                              P.O. Box 5160             Website                          E-mail
                                              Flint, MI 48505-0160      www.securitycu.org               commctr@securitycu.org

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