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					 What if... you could invest just USD $100 in a certified Gold Bullion coin
      from the country of your choice, and also receive USD $440
            in revenue-sharing from the 2001 Gold Cooperative?


" The Human Mind Once Expanded By A New Idea Can Never Return To Its
 Original Dimensions. Imagination Is Greater Than Knowledge " (Einstein).
                Our quest for gold takes us to distant galaxies

                 Welcome to HyperSpeed-2001
                                 Vision Statement

   The HyperSpeed Vision is to offer to each one that chooses, financial
   independence and freedom through cooperation versus competition;
  through caring and sharing versus wheeling and dealing and stealing.
                        Together we are stronger!
            “The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts;
           Each Part Prospers Faster by Assisting the Whole!”
           “To Boldly Go” on “The Ultimate Journey” toward
                  “The Final Frontier,” of “InnerSpace!”
                  Let’s Go HyperSpeed-2001 Together!

                         HyperSpeed-2001 Has Re-designed
                        One Of The World's Oldest Concepts...

                                A Cooperative !!

  Using today's high-speed processing technology and the global networking power of
the Internet, HyperSpeed has established its 2001Gold Cooperative as one of the Hottest
and Fastest income producing concepts on the Web.
  By leveraging the purchasing power of Each individual, the combined purchasing
power of the 2001 Gold Cooperative produces more value for Each... more money
(Gold and Cash), more revenue-sharing, more group volume commissions and bonuses
to Each participant. Think of it as your community Gold Cooperative in Cyber Space.
 Through our unique marketing relationship with premier Gold Bullion coin providers,
HyperSpeed-2001 can offer the Internet public, New Millennium options for creating
"Techno-wealth." We can help you preserve an estate for yourself, your spouse and
your children, through certified Pure Gold Bullion coins.
  What if... you could invest just USD $100 in a certified Gold Bullion coin from the
country of your choice, and also receive USD $440 in revenue-sharing from the 2001
Gold Co-op?
  What if... your $100 investment was never at risk, because it guarantees that you
will receive $100 worth of the Gold Bullion coin you select, based on available weights
per country, with any overages paid as funds, and all based on the official spot
value/price of Gold?
  What if... you were not asked to sell anything, but simply to add your purchasing
power to a group of thousands of other investors from many countries? All investors
share in this lucrative, revenue-sharing opportunity.
   What if... you did not have to wait months, a year or more, as in other alternatives, to
realize this income potential?
               How would Gold and Cash change your lifestyle?
Only you can answer these questions, but the answer to "How do I start?" is...

       The fastest gold investment and revenue-sharing program ever designed!

     Absolutely the fastest income generating program on the Internet!
  Try it without Risk - backed by Gold! The world's most valuable and most respected
product! In HyperSpeed-2001 there are NO LOSERS, ONLY WINNERS!!
If you were the last person on planet Earth to enter HyperSpeed-2001, you would still
receive your selected Gold Bullion coin... NO LOSERS, ONLY WINNERS!!
                      How HyperSpeed-2001Works
  HyperSpeed-2001 has designed and implemented a unique revenue-sharing formula
which more equitably distributes revenues among the 2001 Gold Cooperative
participants. This "Co-op" design produces more income faster, with the fewest
number of people than any other payout system. Do your own research and compare!
  The Company's unique concepts and Internet Marketing efforts, ensure continued
growth of its 2001 Gold Co-op and consistent revenue-sharing for ALL participants.
                          NO LOSERS, ONLY WINNERS!!
  To accelerate the speed of transactions and revenue distribution, the worldwide 2001
Gold Co-op is further broken down into "Mini Co-ops" of just 20 people. Each person is
the beginning of their own "mini co-op," which grows rapidly to 20 coin orders total for
a mini co-op!
  Each client's order is the beginning of a mini co-op of 20 orders. A client's 3 Pack
order is the beginning of three separate mini co-ops, of 20 orders each, totaling 60
orders credited to that client! That is HyperSpeed!
  HyperSpeed's simple and dynamic design, together with the continuous progression
of co-ops filling and re-entering, ensures effortless growth for ALL co-ops. Compare
HyperSpeed to the "stagnant" design of other concepts. The 2001 Gold Co-op re-entries
are constantly assisting newly developing co-ops in a very big way: these re-entries also
bring all of their referrals with them, and their referrals, etc.
   A participant may further accelerate their co-op's growth and income distribution for
All, by purchasing a 3 Pack (Three Gold Coins at one time). This "cluster effect"
leverages the same number of people in your 20 position co-op, to simultaneously drive
your 3 Pack cluster. All other entries into your mini co-op come after the 3 Pack, and
each subsequent entry counts for all three positions of the 3 Pack. A 3 Pack cashes out
of the co-op, rapidly, one after the other... no waiting to re-enter!
  This 3 Pack purchase of your favorite Gold Bullion coins actually yields the same
results as three individual purchases, except that it does it at HyperSpeed and with much
fewer people than 20!
  Ours is a concept based on consumerism, not salesmanship! The vast majority of
people are not natural sales people. They are very uncomfortable being forced to sell
products to their friends and family at high mark-ups, just to earn a revenue. Add to this
the fact that the promise of big residual income lies in recruiting others, which most
regard as worse than selling. That's why 97% fail, and only 3% succeed in
traditional, sales oriented programs.
  We are ALL consumers and we enjoy shopping, buying and owning nice things. To
own Gold is to own the World's Best Product, because over time, it consistently holds its
value and purchasing power.

  When we as consumers find value in our purchases or in experiences such as a good
movie or restaurant or HyperSpeed 2001, we naturally tell others about these. This is
called Natural Networking or Word-of-Mouth Advertising, which is the oldest and most
effective form of advertising. However, when those we have referred go to the movie or
restaurant, we never receive referral fees or a % from the consumption revenues we
helped to create. HyperSpeed-2001 has incorporated a generous referral fee
percentage right into its revenue-sharing formula.
                        "We dare you not to tell two people!"
  Although sponsoring or recruiting others is not required in HyperSpeed-2001, those
who find value in this unique concept and naturally share it with others, will naturally
move faster through the program. Those who you refer through word-of-mouth
advertising will be assigned to your "mini Co-op" for as long as you remain a
participant. This means that as their referrer, your referrals, and their referrals, will help
fill your mini co-op faster, time after time, for as many times as you re-enter
HyperSpeed-2001! (No Limit)
            You will be able to check the up-to-the-minute growth of your
                 mini co-op, through our interactive reporting system.
                    Just point and get to know your co-op members.
                     How To Share HyperSpeed
                     Pre-build Marketing Materials
           HyperSpeed-2001 Pre-build is Now Open for Leaders!
We are very close to completing the project and are almost ready to bring
HyperSpeed-2001 to market. As you have seen from your preliminary view
of this leading-edge web site and the many positive comments, we have
completed an enormous amount of quality work, and are now about to open
HyperSpeed. You have received a very special glimpse of "the future of
marketing on the Internet" via a private web site showing, and a Gold
Bullion Coin program called HyperSpeed-2001.
You have seen that we have a unique web site, representing a marketing
methodology and technology that is not yet being fully utilized on the Internet.
We believe that what we have developed, together with our "proven" marketing
concepts, are "light-years" ahead of current Internet marketing strategies.
While others are scrambling right now to compete with, or just understand the
Internet, we have been quietly creating...
        the Future of Marketing in Cyberspace - HyperSpeed-2001!
There will now be a short period of time until the official Launching of
HyperSpeed-2001 (Stardate: ...stay flexible), during which we will allow
online entry into the HyperSpeed worldwide matrix - on a Pre-build basis.
This will allow anyone interested, to secure "early positioning" in the already
developing worldwide matrix. Pre-build will also allow the Company to "Pre-
FILL the Co-ops." This will ensure that those with Full Mini Co-ops on
Stardate (no limit, with Automatic Re-entry), will be in "instant payout" for
each full Co-op of 20 positions!
During the "Pre-build HyperSpeed-2001" promotional rollout, a client may
enter his or her Gold Bullion Coin order information and client data – online!
However, to guarantee "early positioning" in the 2001 Gold Co-op, the client
must forward the necessary funds to HyperSpeed via a major credit card, debit
card, wire transfer or "debit to referrer’s account." Only the referrer can
authorize a debit to his/her account to refer another, and only after
Launch. After the coin order information is filled in and the early positions are
reserved and paid for, the Company will guarantee payment for every order
within a co-op, and "No Black Holes" in the Worldwide Matrix (ever).
Again, this will ensure that those with Full Mini Co-ops on Stardate (no limit
with automatic re-entry), will be in "instant payout" for each full Co-op of 20
orders. These early positions can expect to receive many times their initial gold
investment in revenue-sharing, for as long as they re-enter (we strongly
suggest Automatic Re-entry)! These positions also receive their Debit Cards
first, after official Launch (access your account balance through ATM machines

How HyperSpeed Works
Very simply: it is a cooperative investment club for Gold Bullion Coins...
from all over the world. When a client places an order for $100 worth of the
specific gold coin selected from our online catalog, the system places him/her
into the HyperSpeed worldwide matrix, in the next available position (always
seeking the referrer). This gold coin order begins his/her own mini co-op of 20
positions (orders).
When 19 more coin orders enter a person’s mini co-op, the original buyer has
earned $440 from the Company’s revenue-sharing formula, plus $100 worth of
the gold coin selected! These dollars are available to the buyer electronically
via a HyperSpeed debit card, which may be used to access cash (in his/her
own currency) at most ATM machines – worldwide!
When someone buys his/her first coin as "unreferred," HyperSpeed
automatically assigns this person to a referrer, on a First In, First Out
basis. This strategy helps those who may need some initial help building their
mini co-ops, and at the same time ensures a continually balancing worldwide
matrix for HyperSpeed. This benefits ALL! A client’s co-op can easily fill with
persons unknown to him/her, which have entered as "unreferred" (from
HyperSpeed’s Internet marketing strategies) or referred by the client’s
referrer or his referrer, and so on. The rule within HyperSpeed is that...
             "every new order is seeking to help fill the referrer’s
                          currently filling co-op."
So, anyone that you refer to HyperSpeed will always be seeking you as their
referrer, bringing all of their coin orders with them into your co-ops, as well as all
of their referrals, etc.
               "The Whole is greater than the sum of its parts;
              each part prospers faster by assisting the Whole!"
              A mini co-op contains only 20 positions (orders)!
                 Each coin order is the beginning of another
                          mini co-op of 20 orders!

Automatic Re-entry
If the buyer has selected "Automatic Re-entry" into HyperSpeed, (an option
on the order form), then $100 is automatically deducted from the buyer’s
revenue-sharing account (for each re-entry order). This entitles the client to
another coin and another $440 when his/her co-op fills again. The buyer can
repeat this process – infinitely through a "standing Buy order" (Automatic Re-
entry). This ensures that the buyer will be immediately placed back into
HyperSpeed’s worldwide matrix, automatically! The system places this re-entry
into the referrer’s currently filling co-op! The new order is always seeking his/her
referrer, who is, in turn, always seeking his/her referrer, and so on.
                This re-entry order begins another mini co-op
                       and the entire process repeats.
The HyperSpeed system handles automatic re-entry for 1, 2 or 3 coins, as
selected by the client on the order form, deducts the necessary funds from the
client's account, and automatically sends an order confirmation to the client's
email. The client has the option of changing the order created by automatic re-
entry, including selecting a different coin or canceling automatic re-entry.
If a client does not select automatic re-entry, when his/her co-op fills for that
order, the client is then considered as "inactive" and loses his/her early
position in the worldwide matrix. If and when the client decides to re-enter
HyperSpeed, he/she will have to go to the "back of the line" and enter in the
next available position in the ongoing worldwide matrix. This inactive client will
be assigned to a new referrer (he/she has then lost all advantage of his/her
original referrer and his/her early positioning). An "inactive" client also loses
the benefit of all of his/her current referrals, which will be re-assigned to a new
referrer. As long as the client has at least one order/co-op currently filling, the
client is considered active and still following his original referrer.
Each buyer can rapidly fill his/her own 20 position mini co-op by referring
others to the program, although not required. These referrals will always follow
their referrer into as many mini co-ops, as the referrer has orders currently
filling. The introverted buyer can, if he/she chooses to do nothing, simply
purchase 1 to 3 Gold Bullion coins, and through HyperSpeed’s Internet
marketing strategies, the Company will eventually fill his/her mini co-op(s). This
process is automatic and runs by a proprietary computer program. Obviously,
those who actually share HyperSpeed with others, via word-of-mouth
advertising (referring others, although not required), will fill their mini co-ops
much faster, time after time, and earn more coins and money.
                     "We dare you not to tell two people!"
HyperSpeed has been designed to be a true international growth system that
clusters clients from many countries, into rapidly filling co-ops according to their
coin orders, second by second. We believe that our unique, dynamic design and
"secret recipe formula" represent a vast improvement over other
mathematical systems now in use with other companies, and helps the slower,
non-sales oriented people. As you can see, if a client chooses "Automatic Re-
entry" each time he/she cycles through a mini co-op, the client could
realistically recycle more than once per day, considering the combined group’s
referrals and volume of new and re-entering clients. We believe that we are
"underselling the real speed!"
                         That is why the name says it all

Coin Order Numbers and 3 Packs
Please note that each coin ordered has its own "order number" for tracking
purposes, even if ordered as part of a "3 Pack." The online order form assigns
a temporary "pre-order number" and when the order is approved and
processed, the system automatically sends an order confirmation to the client's
email with the final order number. The client then has the option of changing the
order, including selecting a different coin or canceling automatic re-entry.
               Every order number is treated as the beginning
                      of a separate co-op of 20 orders!
A "3 Pack" is actually three different co-ops (orders), which are driven by the
same number of people that drive a single order – HyperSpeed! A Co-op
within a Co-op, within a Co-op! A 3 Pack maximizes the speed of
HyperSpeed! Each order of a 3 Pack is actually filling simultaneously using the
same people/orders within the co-op, and "pops out" one after the other... no
waiting to re-enter with Automatic Re-entry!
                 "Working Together Is Easier And Stronger
                    Than Working Separately (Co-op)."

How to share HyperSpeed
The final section of the HyperSpeed-2001 web site is called "How to share
HyperSpeed" and contains the Pre-build marketing materials, Q&As, positive
comments and leader endorsements, referral tips, intelligent HyperSpeed
banners for posting on your own personal web sites or simply emailing, latest
coin additions to the online catalog, our monthly newsletter HyperNews, and
much more. You will be able to simply refer your referrals to this section of the
web site, to better understand the overall benefits of the program. No baby-
sitting your referrals! HyperSpeed is a completely "hassle free" concept of
networking! A definite office water cooler topic!

Early Positioning
When HyperSpeed officially opens to the public, you will be asked to choose a
specific coin from our online catalog, for each coin order number! No coins will
be shipped during Pre-build, while these "early positions" are being secured,
and until the official Launch of HyperSpeed (Stardate - stay flexible). The added
advantage of your early positioning, is that your coin order will be among the
first assigned to one of our approved Gold Dealers (backed by our Gold Seal of
Approval guarantee). The dealer will fulfill your order and provide you directly,
via email, with shipping and tracking information to ensure the delivery of your
selected Gold Bullion Coins. Please allow 4-6 weeks for international delivery.
              With HyperSpeed’s innovative Internet strategy,
                     we now have something better,
                 much better for making money effortlessly!

             Early Positioning ensures that your investment in
                            Gold Bullion Coins,
                will produce immediate returns and income
                             from opening day!

You will not have to wait years to see a profit! With HyperSpeed’s "Early
Positioning," your income is locked in from the very first day, and from the very
beginning of the worldwide matrix. This can not be manipulated by us, since the
system is designed for you to monitor the growth of these "early centers"
yourself, real-time, up-to-the-minute. You will receive the coins and you will see
the money accumulating in your "private account" (password controlled).
You will be able to access your funds with an ATM card, worldwide.

A simple analogy of the advantage of this early positioning opportunity would be
to visualize a small gear/cog being driven by a large gear; the small gear (your
co-op) would turn many times faster than the large gear (the rest of the
HyperSpeed co-ops). This is one of the powerful features of HyperSpeed! We
are building the worldwide matrix on a WIN / WIN basis (not greed), right from
the very beginning, to assist even the novice. For ease of processing and the
uniform building of the worldwide matrix, we are only accepting early positioning
of 3 Packs at this time. After we open "officially," we will allow orders of one
position for $100.

                             A Global Market Place
HyperSpeed has been designed to take advantage of the untapped potential of
the Internet. It is no longer being referred to as "the Information
Superhighway;" it is no longer being used simply as a rather large library in
          "The Internet is fully maturing into a One Trillion Dollar
  global market place, where the "dot com" domains outnumber the "dot
                  net" or "dot org" domains by 100 to 1!"
                     e-commerce is not a fad, it is a fact!"

Many are already feeling overwhelmed and left behind by all of this Cyberstuff!
HyperSpeed’s simple, user-friendly, graphical design actually makes it fun
for everyone to catch this technological tidal wave, and profit from it -

HyperSpeed will prove to be "absolutely the fastest income generating
program on the Internet!" The potential exists for a client to fill more than one
mini co-op a day (depending on their "referring")! This is especially true of
these "early positions" combined with "Seasoned Leadership!"
Pre-build Special Promotional Offer:
HyperSpeed has set aside (reserved) "100 early positions" at the beginning of
the Worldwide Matrix! These positions are "COMPANY SPONSORED!" They
are reserved for those who truly understand our "Vision" and are ready to step
up and help make it happen, finally. The purchase of each of these "early"
positions includes free assistance with establishing multiple currency and Gold-
backed accounts, and hundreds of dollars worth of hard-to-find information on
"How to live the lifestyle of your dreams"... Legally!

            First Come, First Served! Limit one 3 Pack per client!
          All other pre-build entries will follow these 100 reserved,
                    Company Sponsored, early positions!

A person can reserve one of these Company Sponsored positions, and also
enter himself or herself above this block of 100 Company Sponsored positions,
with a "3 Pack" – a very wise and highly effective strategy for fast co-op growth
and repeat income!
The "Company Sponsored" advantage alone make these "reserved positions"
very valuable, since all of our existing network – will then be seeking these 100
to fill their co-ops rapidly, again and again! Also, new, unreferred entries from
the Company’s Internet marketing strategies, will automatically be placed by our
system into the networks/co-ops of these 100 reserved positions First!
          A word to the wise here is sufficient - HOLD THE GOLD!

Cooperatively yours,
The 2001 Gold Co-op Team
                        Promotional Rollout

Outline of what we have designed so far as a Rollout plan:

1. We are projecting and building toward an official opening/Launch of
HyperSpeed-2001! Stay Flexible!
2. We have now designed, programmed and fully tested the critical pieces of
the HyperSpeed system. The easy, online registration process captures the
customer data and instantly passes it on to our system, for the real-time
building and reporting of the mini co-ops... First In, First Out!
3. We are now far enough along in the programming to accommodate the
Pre-build Promotional Effort directly through the web site, via the
“temporary” online order form. The order form on the prior sneak peeks has
evolved as we promised. The final online order form (is now completed and will
be unveiled for Launch) is actually a series of semi-intelligent programs running
in the background, which perform data validation and quality assurance, then
instantly feeds the client data directly into our matrix building software and
worldwide database. The new order form accepts client information, specific
coin order information, as well as the number of coins ordered, and whether the
client is choosing “automatic re-entry.” The new order form will also accept most
major credit cards, with online, secure, verification and authorization within
4. This next generation of the online order form also integrates with the new
Online Coin Catalog, at the click of a button – select a coin from around
the world – point and click! Open up various “windows” of the best coin
images on the web! Review the history and significance of each country’s
coins, as well as purity of gold content, e.g., .999 Pure Gold! These coins are
minted and certified, as to gold weight and purity, by the various governments of
the world. HyperSpeed’s coin catalog offers the world’s most popular Gold
Bullion Coins such as the South African Krugerrand, the Canadian Maple Leaf,
the Chinese Panda, and the American Eagle. In the future, HyperSpeed will
expand its coin catalog to include “Platinum and Silver coins,” “specialty
and rare coins” as well as “custom designed coins!” When you make your
selection(s), the HyperSpeed system intelligently and automatically fills in the
rest of your order form, and allows you to verify the order, before pressing
“update order.”
5. Toward the end of Pre-build, and just before Launch, each client will be
able to check his/her own co-op's growth online, real-time, with the data for
each entry into your co-op, instantly available via a simple point and view,
Gold Coin Co-op window.

By simply pointing to the appropriate coin slice, a window opens up with that
entry’s data. This feature alone will help create the desired Hyper-excitement
for the “Pre-build HyperSpeed-2001” promotional rollout. Get to know your
co-op participants! The system also allows you to monitor the rapid growth in
your multiple co-ops, easily, through the same coin slice, graphical interface.
You will be able to easily track all of your coin orders and the co-ops within other
co-ops, which repeat orders form. After the official Launch, a client will be
able to open up various windows, at the click of a button, and see the same coin
slice, graphical interface for ALL of his/her orders.

6. The HyperSpeed system automatically confirms or rejects all orders, and
welcomes new clients with all relevant data, such as their unique ID information
and password, and their referrer (see Sample Letters attached). Each new
client is assigned a special password, which enables access to “client
functions,” and ensures the privacy and security of your transactions and
activity reports. Within minutes, a new client will be able to (after Launch) click
the “update my Co-op” button, and might find, to his/her delight, that someone
from another country has already entered his/her co-op. Just click on “update
my co-op” to view the up-to-the-minute growth of your Gold Bullion Coin co-op!

          This is one of the most advanced features of HyperSpeed!

7. Here is an "extra bonus" available during this Pre-build, promotional
rollout. For all those with full co-ops when HyperSpeed-2001 launches, the
Company will ensure that there will be "no Black Holes" in your co-op(s) for
instant cash-out!
HyperSpeed will guarantee payment for every order in your co-op! This
will further accelerate HyperSpeed-2001! With the Pre-build excitement of
Hyperspeed-2001, its universal appeal product (GOLD BULLION COINS),
Low Entry Fee, and No Selling or Recruiting Required, we do not
anticipate any "Black Holes" in full co-ops.

                            No Black Holes Ever!
Add to these powerful features, an absolutely leading-edge web site that sets a
new standard and will attract many thousands of visitors a day; a proven,
innovative track record; a powerful worldwide network ready to go; and you will
understand why “we know” that HyperSpeed-2001 will be an instant
success (see leader comments on web site).
8. One other powerful feature of HyperSpeed is the web site’s availability in
multiple languages, at a click of a button. Currently available in English and
Spanish (the order form, catalog and how to share HyperSpeed are
currently being translated), with high quality translation into French, Italian,
Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Arabic and more
already underway! We have already proven the effectiveness of this
International Strategy years ago! Imagine now taking it to the level of millions
on the Internet (daily), and HyperSpeed clients from many countries coming
into your co-op effortlessly!
 9. HyperSpeed is strictly Internet-based! Any order without an email
address, will be rejected! You may refer someone into HyperSpeed using
your email address, but we seriously urge you to get them “wired” quickly, with
their own email address, or you will be baby-sitting and sorting lots of their
emails! Please pay extra attention when entering your email address in the
order form! If you make an error entering your email, you will not receive
credit for referring others, and you will not understand why you are not
receiving order confirmations or anything else from the Company! Please don’t
blame HyperSpeed; it just creates more unnecessary work for ALL! Your
referrer will not receive any credit either, and so on through the co-ops! Take an
extra second or two to make sure your email is correct, for your sake and that of
many others!
10. A section of the web site (How to share HyperSpeed) will be structured
for those who wish to print out a “text only” synopsis of the web site, and the
Pre-build marketing materials for HyperSpeed. A special link to "Print out text
of site" has been provided at the end of this "Promotional Rollout" section. This
synopsis can be emailed, copied and distributed to others, even through
personal fax on demand. The synopsis also points people to our web site and
encourages them to “get wired,” if they are not already using the Internet, and
to “stretch themselves” to “catch the wave now” and not be left behind. The
synopsis will gradually expand to quote current leading research on the
staggering growth of the Internet, the growth in use by various demographic
groups, especially senior citizens, and the opportunity for true financial
independence through HyperSpeed and the Internet.
11. HyperSpeed-2001 Home Parties: Invite one or two friends over to your
house for a HyperSpeed Party, and watch their excitement grow as they
experience the HyperSpeed web site demonstration on your own computer.
Watch how easy you will be able to “let the web site do the talking,” and how
effortlessly you will fill your co-ops. Your friends and family will not be able to
resist joining HyperSpeed, on the spot and online from your HyperSpeed
Home Party!
12. We will be producing a very high-end CDROM soon after Launch, which
will contain the entire web site with enhanced graphics, animation and audio
(version three is very HOT). This CDROM will also contain the Client Side
Application (CSA), which contains all the necessary programs and files to
interact with our Servers, and receive up-to-the-minute co-op reports. This will
allow anyone wishing to share HyperSpeed-2001 with others, to simply fire up
the CDROM fast, instead of accessing the web site and contending with
possible slow Internet speeds and limited graphics.
13. A person wishing to demonstrate the Real-Time Update function, which
shows the up-to-the-minute growth in each co-op, will not have to go to the
web site (after Launch). The update function within the CSA simply dials one
of our servers, which returns quickly only the changes to the person’s co-op.
The CSA then displays, in high-quality graphics, the new additions and the total
co-op standing, up-to-the-minute. A “stop watch” type counter will display
the actual expired time, while the co-op is filling effortlessly. Each participant
will be able “to see for themselves” how fast HyperSpeed-2001 delivers what
it promises. Note: These CSA and CDROM features are currently being
developed and will be available shortly after the official Launch of
14. We are creating an innovative “screen saver” with some of the fantastic
HyperSpeed animations, as well as a glossy promotional poster of the web
site’s home page. These will delight your friends’ wildest imaginations, and
prompt them to ask you about HyperSpeed. We have also added another
section at the end of the site called "HPS Special Effects and Art," which will
continue to evolve and contains some of the fantastic animations, graphics,
posters, banners, and screen-saver proto-types, as well as a preview of the
"very hot" Version Three (V3).
15. We are also creating “intelligent HyperSpeed banners” that can be
displayed on your own personal web pages or emailed, which automatically
capture your personal ID information and places it as the referrer. Whenever
anyone visiting your personal web page or receiving your email clicks onto
“your” HyperSpeed banner, it automatically takes them to the actual
HyperSpeed web site. This ensures that if they become a client of the 2001
Gold Co-op (upon visiting), they will automatically be placed into your currently
filling Co-op, as their referrer.
             Our Cyberspace strategy is centered around these,
               and other powerful, Internet marketing tools,
                        which target a burgeoning
                         Trillion Dollar industry!
16. Beautiful post cards and business cards of our home page Promo Poster
will be available after Launch, which say “Check out this web site... Its Pure
Gold!” These can be downloaded directly from the “How to share
HyperSpeed” section of the web site in a digital format, along with the home
page poster, which can be printed directly onto glossy post card or poster stock
by your own quality color printer, or at a copy and print store. These high quality
prints make great posters and post cards, and can be mailed to those you know
who are not yet “wired” (using the Internet). “Get everyone wired now!”
17. There will be three final versions of the web site, based on client side
computer power and telecom speed (we are going broad-band soon... V3).
The current version being utilized for Pre-build is version II, and it is currently
being enhanced further. HyperSpeed III will be the most powerful of the three,
combining high-speeds, with digital video, audio, and leading-edge graphics
(HOT). Each version will have several options such as “First Time Visitor,”
and for existing clients: “Skip the Trip,” “Update My Co-op,” “Change My
Order,” “Show Me All My Co-ops,” etc.
     ALL functions are Online, Real-time! No more waiting for reports!
18. The HyperSpeed system has been designed with unique security
features, in addition to requiring ID information and password. The system
utilizes a unique form of encryption and applies this formula to such critical
information as IDs, passwords and credit cards. All critical data and update
functions reside on our secure server.
19. The HyperSpeed-2001 web site will soon be open to the general public!
After invitation and ample opportunity for our "faithful few" to have entered
HyperSpeed first, the password control will be removed, and then the whole
world can enter. Until now, only some of our worldwide leaders had seen the
web site, during our extensive market testing. They in turn, have invited a few of
their "faithful few." Now the promise has been fulfilled and the bottom of the
HyperSpeed worldwide matrix has been set with the First 100 and their
20. The Pre-build HyperSpeed-2001 Package as it now appears on the web
site, along with leader comments, will continue to evolve, and we have just
added FAQs (see link below). During Pre-build, we will continue to feature
positive comments and endorsements from those entering for “early
positioning.” We invite you to help us make HyperSpeed a success for all, by
continuing to send in your positive comments throughout the progression of Pre-
build. We will keep adding to them as leaders make further comments. These
will be published on the web site, to further assist ALL in developing their mini
          A word to the wise here is sufficient - HOLD THE GOLD!
           Dealer Inquiries Welcome! Provider Portfolios Privy!
   Help us make HyperSpeed “a breath of fresh air” for the MLM industry!

Cooperatively yours,
The 2001 Gold Co-op Team

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