Master's Programme in Corporate and Financial Management

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master’s programme in corporate and
financial management

•	 1	year,	full	time,	60	ECTS	credits	                          terprises. Similarly, finance executives often make decisions
•	 School	of	Economics	and	Management	                          with important strategic consequences. The importance of

•	 Lund	campus                                                  being well-versed in finance and management is particularly
                                                                apparent in corporate advisory positions, such as in manage-
•	 Application	deadline	–	15	January	2013
                                                                ment consulting or investment banking.
•	 Programme	start	–	autumn	2013

                                                                programme modules/courses
Class Profile 2010/11:
                                                                Compulsory	courses	(7.5	ECTS	credits	each):	Strategic	Finan-
•	 1624	applicants:	47	enrolled	
                                                                cial	Management;	Structured	Finance	and	Insurance;	Finan-
•	 age	range:	21-32	
                                                                cial Analysis and Corporate Restructuring; Managing Value
•	 male	62%	/	female	38%
                                                                and	Strategic	Change.	Electives	(7.5	ECTS	credits	each):	Stra-
•	 19	nationalities	from	4	continents
                                                                tegic	Corporate	Finance;	Macrofinancial	Risk	Management;	
                                                                Strategic Management; Corporate Governance.
programme overview
                                                                The	programme	ends	with	a	degree	project	(15	ECTS	credits).
Is your ambition to have a future career working with both
finance and strategic decision-making? Do you want to mas-
                                                                career prospects
ter the techniques, models and theories that are associated
                                                                The programme prepares you for a professional career in
with these fields? Do you hold an undergraduate degree
                                                                corporate management, financial management, manage-
in business with a major in finance including financial ac-
                                                                ment consulting, financial analysis and/or investment bank-
counting? Are you motivated, appreciate a tough workload
                                                                ing or in corporate finance functions in non-financial firms,
including weekly assignments in calculation, statistics and
                                                                as well as for doctoral studies in business administration.
analysing quantitative data? In that case, this programme
                                                                Graduates have found work at companies including Maersk,
is for you.
                                                                Nordea	Corporate	Finance	and	Orkla.

The target audience of the programme consists of students
who are aiming for a career in corporate management, for
example, as general managers or management consultants,
in financial advisory, for example, as financial analysts or
investment bankers, or in controlling, treasury, or other fi-
nancial management functions. Whether working in finan-
cial management or financial advisory, senior management
or management consulting, understanding how to analyse
corporate performance, firm value, and credit worthiness
and the impact of strategic decisions and corporate restruc-
turings on these are valuable. Equally valuable is knowledge
of how to finance and manage the risk of ventures, be they      admission requirements and how to apply
start-ups or incumbent firms, and of how to design control      Admission	requirements
and incentive systems.                                          An	undergraduate	degree	(BA/BSc)	with	at	least	60	credits	
                                                                (ECTS)	in	business	administration	(major).	At	least	10	credits	
Corporate finance is a place where business strategy, pro-      (ECTS)	in	corporate	finance.	English	B	(advanced),	see	www.
cess and information combine. The programme provides   for details on English proficiency levels.
techniques and models to assist in financial and strategic
decision-making and the insight to determine whether            This programme requires a solid background in quantita-
these decisions make sense in a strategic competitive con-      tive	courses	in	 business.	 For	 more	information	on	 recom-
text. Corporate executives are often confronted with issues     mended courses in terms of prerequisites, see www.lusem.
that have important financial consequences for their en-
How	to	apply                                                                about the school of economics and
1. Go to and find the programme.                   management
Click on “Apply” and follow the instructions for the online                 The activities within Lund University School of Economics
application form on the Swedish national application web-                   and Management cover research and education in business
site.                                                                       administration, business law, economic history, economics,
2. Send your supporting documents (for details on docu-                     informatics, and statistics, as well as research policy. About
ment	requirements,	see	):                       4	100	students	and	400	researchers,	teachers	and	other	staff	
- Cover sheet                                                               members study and work at the School.
- Certificates and diplomas from previous studies at an in-
ternationally recognised higher education institution (uni-                 The School of Economics and Management provides a well-
versity	or	university	college)                                              profiled, research-based education that is international and
- Transcripts of completed courses and grades for each se-                  multidisciplinary in nature and helps equip our students to
mester	(including	course	list)                                              hold key positions in industry and society in an increasingly
- Proof of English language skills                                          globalised	 world.	 Our	 students	 can	 choose	 from	 a	 wide	
- Proof that you meet the specific admission requirements                   range of specialist subjects and attend lectures by some of
- Copy of the page in your passport with your personal data                 our best researchers, international guest professors, and
and photograph, or some other identification document                       business leaders from a broad spectrum of sectors and or-
(EU/EEA	citizens	may	need	to	send	a	certified	passport	copy)                ganisations.
- Statement of purpose (see instructions on www.lusem.                                                 about lund university
- We encourage applicants to submit results from GMAT                       Founded	in	1666,	Lund	University	is	today	one	of	Europe’s	
and/or GRE tests                                                            leading universities and is consistently ranked among the
GMAT code, School of Economics and Management, Lund                         world’s	top	100	universities.	Here,	history	and	tradition	lay	
University:	8VR-PL-07                                                       the ground for the study and research environments of to-
3.	Make	sure	to	check	the	country	specific	requirements	on	                 morrow. We offer education and research within engineer- before sending your docu-                       ing, science, law, social sciences, economics and manage-
ments.                                                                      ment, medicine, humanities, theology, fine art, music and
4.	Pay	the	application	fee	(when	applicable).                               theatre. Through interaction with business and the com-
                                                                            munity we ensure that knowledge and innovations benefit
Selection	criteria/additional	info                                          society.	The	University	has	47	000	students	and	6	300	staff	
Selection is based on academic qualifications and statement                 from all over the world, based mainly in Lund, Malmö and
of purpose.                                                                 Helsingborg.	We	work	with	680	partner	universities	in	more	
                                                                            than	50	countries.
Tuition	fees
There	are	no	tuition	fees	for	EU/EEA	citizens.	For	non-EU/
EEA citizens the tuition fee for this programme is 110 000
SEK	per	year.	For	details	on	tuition	fees	and	scholarships,	see

Programme	webpage:	
Programme	Coordinator:	Ingela	Petersson,	

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