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Factsheet Singapore Nederlandse Ambassade in Singapore


									     Factsheet Singapore
                                                                                           Edition: 2012

    Singapore Key Figures 2011
    Salary Indicators 2011
    Market Approach
    Useful Info & Business Conduct
    Useful Addresses
    Dutch Organisations in Singapore
    Internet Addresses
    Trade Events/Shows 2012
    Chambers of Commerce
    Publications

    Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)
    International Enterprise Singapore (IE)

     Despite the care with which the data in the 'Factsheet Singapore' are mentioned, no responsibility can
     be accepted for its accuracy
Singapore Key Figures 2011

GNP 2011                                    S$ 326.8 billion

GDP 2011                                    S$ 257.6 billion

GNP per capita 2011                         S$ 63,000

Real GDP Growth                              8.4% (2004)       1.5 (2008)
                                            6.4% (2005)        -0.8% (2009)
                                            8.2% (2006)        14.5% (2010)
                                            7.7% (2007)        5.4% (2011

Languages                                   English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil

Population                                  5.2 million
No. Of Tourists                             13.7 million

Currency                                    2009 (1USD = SGD1.45)
                                            2010 (1USD = SGD 1.29)
                                            2011 (1USD = SGD 1.30)
Time Difference with the Netherlands        +6 hours (summer) / +7 hours (winter)

Unemployment rate                           2.0%

% Share in GDP : Financial Services         11.9%

% Share in GDP:                             20.9%
% Share in GDP : Trade                      17.4%

% Share in GDP: Transport &                 11.6%
% Share in GDP: Construction                4.2%

Inflation                                   5.2%

source: Econ Survey of Singapore Annual 2011 (Éxch. Rate: USD 1= SGD 1,30 / Euro 1 = SGD 1,68)
Imports 2011: S$ 459.6 billion                   (1) 12.6% from the EU
(Top 5 Trading partners)                         (2) 10.7% from Malaysia
                                                 (3) 10.7% from the U.S.
                                                 (4) 10,4% from China
                                                 (5) 7,2% from Japan
                                                 --> 1.8% (S$8.7billion) from the Netherlands
                                                 (fuels, medicines, semicon & ICs & data
                                                 processing equipment, Xray machinery, industrial
                                                 machinery and parts, valves, lifting equipment,
                                                 construction equipment, marine parts, vehicle
                                                 parts, aeroplane parts and frozen meats)

Exports 2011: S$ 514.7 billion                   (1) 12.2% to Malaysia
(Top 5 Trading partners)                         (2) 11.1% to Hong Kong
                                                 (3) 10.4% to China
                                                 (4) 10.4% to Indonesie
                                                 (5) 9.4% to the EU
                                                 --> 1.8 % (S$9.5 bilion) to the Netherlands
                                                 (medicines, fuels, ICs/electronics equipment,
                                                 parts, waste/scrap, communication equipment
                                                 waste, chemicals, industrial instrumentation and
                                                 tooling equipment, tyres, aeroplanes parts)

R&D expenditure in 2010 (% GDP)                  S$6.5 billion (2.1% GNP)

2010 – Total investments in                      (NL: No.1 investor within the EU/ No. 3 bi-
production facilities/                           lateral investor from 2000 to 2010)
Total Foreign Investors : S$104                  (1) US: 32%
million /Top 3 Foreign Investors in              (2) Japan: 15%
Singapore                                        (3) EU: 27% (NL : S$13 billion/12%)

Dutch Companies/Business in                      260 (2011)
No. Of Dutch people (incl. children)             3600 in 2010
In Singapore                                     3800 in 2011

Potential Opportunities in Singapore:            Water (incl.maritime), biometical, high-
                                                 technology, serious gaming, energy
                                                 (sustainability); food and nutrition

Source: Census of Manufacturing Activities 2010 (EDB); Econ Survey of Spore 2011 (MTI)

The average amounts are gross salaries per month, excluding social (mandatory retirement
fund contributions) and other allowances.:

 Unskilled Labourer                                          SGD        800 - 1.300
 Production Asst (unskilled)                                 SGD      1.000 - 1.400
 Production Asst (skilled)                                   SGD      1.300 - 2.100
 Driver                                                      SGD      1.000 - 2.200
 Office Assistant                                            SGD      1.500 - 2.400
 General Manager (GM/MD)                                     SGD      11.000 - 15.000
 Accountant                                                  SGD      3.000 - 8.000
 Engineer                                                    SGD      3.000 - 8.000
 Sales & Marketing Manager                                   SGD      3.500 - 6.000
 Office Secretary                                            SGD      1.800 - 3.500
 Personal Asst/Exec. Secretary                               SGD      2.500 - 4.000

Source: Ministry of Manpower website: (Report on Wages 2010)

Why Singapore?
At the crossroad of international trade routes and the junction of East and West, Singapore is a top-class world
city to live, work and play. The multi-cultural cosmopolitan city is the most competitive in Asia and is officially the
world’s easiest place to do business. Since 14 consecutive years Singapore is ranked second as the city with the
best investment potential worldwide.

The city is Asia’s most “network ready” country and is rated to have Asia’s best business environment. The
workforce is the best skilled in Asia Pacific and the most motivated in the region while labour regulations are the
most business conducive in Asia.

Foreign talent is very welcome and immigration laws are the least restrictive in the world. Companies benefit from
a range of Free Trade Agreements, Double Taxation Agreements while being served by over 500 local and
foreign financial services and more than 4,500 companies offering services such as audit and accounting,
management consulting, market research, legal and human capital services.

The Government is well known for its pro-business policy regardless of world economic situations and crisis,
while promoting assets such as integrity, quality, reliability, productivity, rule of law and enforcement of
intellectual property rights.

Besides, Singapore is a top transportation hub for sea and air cargo with its busy container ports hosting 200
shipping lines with links to 600 ports in over 120 countries. Changi International Airport offers over 4,000 weekly
flights into 57 countries.

Source: Similar information:;
Cultural Practices for Doing Business in Singapore
Business Cards

After initial introduction Business (name) cards are exchanged with both hands. Examine the card
carefully before putting them in a business card case. Treat the card with respect. This is indicative
of how one will treat the relationship.

Communication Styles in Singapore

Due to the diverse ethnic mix in Singapore, there are 4 languages in common usage - Malay,
Mandarin Chinese, Tamil and English.

English is widely used as the 'common' language because of its apparent neutrality as well as its
importance in the international business arena. Many Singaporean schools run the curriculum in
English. Therefore, levels of English are extremely good in Singapore and foreign business people
who also have a good command of the English language will have little difficulty communicating.

As in many Asian cultures, 'no' is a difficult word and other ways of expressing disagreement
should be sought. Disagreement can affect the harmony of the situation as well as possibly making
somebody lose face and needs to be avoided. Vagueness and substitutions are often used to avoid
disagreement. Thus 'no' becomes, 'Yes, but it might be difficult' and 'yes' might merely imply 'I
have understood your point.' It is therefore important that everything, which is said, is not taken

Ask lots of open questions and go over important points several times. However, should your
probing reveal a flaw in the logic of an argument or an actual mistake, try not to point it out in
public. Be aware of the 'face' of the other side. Pay attention to non-verbal communication (facial
expression, tone of voice and posture).

Humour can often be misunderstood or not understood at all and as such is best avoided. It is
better to underplay your personal merits, majoring rather on the merits of your organisation or
department. Conversation about deeply personal issues should be avoided, as should comments
about the Singaporean 'system'

Singaporean Meetings

Appointments are necessary and should be made at least 2 weeks in advance, whenever possible.
The most formal way to schedule a meeting is to write to the person concerned, although most
Singaporeans will schedule an appointment by telephone, fax or email. One should arrive at a
meeting on time. Punctuality is a virtue, as lateness implies a lack of respect.

It is important that meetings should remain as harmonious and non-confrontational as possible,
with due regard being given to the preservation of 'face'. Thus, it could be very detrimental to the
long-term health of any business relationship should a meeting descend into openly expressed
frustrations. Bear in mind that the quality of the relationship is the key determinant of a successful
and mutually fruitful partnership. (Although, once again, when dealing with Western educated
Singaporeans working with MNC's, it is possible to encounter US style frankness.)

The focus of any meeting should be on co-operation and the preservation of harmony. Therefore, it
is often a good idea to let any sticking points drop, returning to them later through another
approach or even saving them for later in the negotiation process when further progress has been
made and the relationship has been further strengthened

Respect should be given to the hierarchy during the meeting, which includes thoughtful pauses
prior to answering questions posed by Senior Managers. Do not leave your junior members to deal
with their senior team whilst you attend to something more important!
Building Relationships

Personal relationships are the cornerstone of all business relationships. Business is a matter of
being tied into the proper network which is the result of long standing personal relationships or
proper introductions. This is a group-oriented culture, so links are often based on ethnicity,
education or working for the same company. Relationships take time to develop. One must be
patient as this indicates that your organisation is here for the long term and not looking for short
term gains. Rank is always respected. Most Singaporeans are soft-spoken and believe a calm
demeanour is superior to a more aggressive style. Watch one’s body language and facial
expressions (non-verbal communication).

Management Style in Singapore

As befits a hierarchical structure, Managers tend to be older which in itself lends them an air of
authority. As in the rest of Asia, age still implies wisdom and people will be more comfortable
dealing with an older Manager than a young 'whizz-kid'. Managers delegate decisions to their
teams and expect the decisions to be overtly respected. This does not mean, however, that the
rationale behind the decision is never debated - it is merely that any dissension is likely to be aired
in a more private manner than in the full view of an open meeting. (This, again, may not hold true
when dealing with a Singapore-based MNC.)

As in all basically Confucian business cultures, the Manager expects to be respected and obeyed
and in return for loyalty and dedication to the cause, he will show a much more holistic interest in
the wellbeing of his team. This includes an almost paternal regard for many aspects of a
subordinate's life. The Manager's relationship with the team does not necessarily finish at the end
of the working day

Outside family ties, promotion will be based on merit and performance criteria rather than
connections. The performance criteria may, however, differ from those in the West and top of the
list may be the ability to create a harmonious team in which people feel at ease

Gift Giving

The government has introduced very tight legislation governing the issues around gift giving -
wishing to avoid the corruption scandals which have tainted other Asian societies in the past. It is,
therefore, less common for gifts to be given and received in Singapore than in many other
countries in the region.

It is possibly better to give one gift to the group as a whole, but if individual gifts are to be given
they should be merely tokens (pens with corporate logos etc.) As with other Asian countries, gifts
should be wrapped and are unlikely to be opened in front of the giver.

Dress Code

Due to its position on the equator, Singapore is hot and humid all year round. Dress codes in
business reflect the climatic conditions and tend to be more informal than in many Western
countries or even other Asian countries such as Japan and Korea

Thus, men will often wear shirt and trousers with no tie (jackets are not usually worn.) Colours can
be lighter than the dark blues and greys of the UK and Japan.

Women tend to wear lightweight business suits. Accessories should be of good quality but not
overly ostentatious

Source from : www.World business
Dutch Organisations in Singapore

Ambassade van het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden
541 Orchard Road #13-01
Liat Towers, Singapore 238881
Tel: (65) 6737 1155
Fax: (65) 6737 1940

     Opening hours for Public: Mon. to Fri. 9.00 to 13.00 ; 14.00 to 17.00
     Office hours: Mon. to Fri. 8.00 to 12.30 & 13.30 to 16.30
     Opening hours for Visa application: Fri. : 9.00 -13.00

Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary
H.E. Mr. Johannes W.G. Jansing

Administrative office
Ms. Jenny Born, personal assistant
Tel: +65 6739 1116
Ms. Hitje Helsloot, information and communication officer
Tel: +65 3739 1129
Fax: +65 6737 1940

Economic Department
Mrs. Pauline Eizema, Deputy Head of Mission
Tel: +65 6739 1116
Fax: +65 6737 1940

Mrs. Liz Ng, Senior Trade Officer
Tel: +65 6739 1113
Fax: +65 6737 1940

Mrs. Susan van Boxtel, Advisor Science and Technology
Tel: +65 6739 1127
Mrs. Susanne van Loon, Project Manager Science and Technology
Tel: +65 6739 1111
Fax: +65 6737 2431

Ms. Karin Rancuret, Area Director (Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency)
Tel: +65 6739 1135
Ms. Adeline Tan, senior Project Manager NFIA
Tel: +65 6739 1137
Fax: +65 6737 1940


DutchCham - Nederlandse Kamer van Koophandel
1 Raffles Boulevard #05-517
Suntec City, S-039593
Tel: 65 6884 5084
Executive Director: Ms. Houda Helal

Association of Dutch Businessmen in Singapore (ADB)
Secretariat: c/o 22 Camden Park, Singapore 299814

Hollandse Club
22 Camden Park
Singapore 299814
Tel: (65) 6464 5225
Fax: (65) 6468 6272

Hollandse School Ltd
65 Bukit Tinggi Road
Singapore 289757
Tel : (65) 6466 0662
Fax: (65) 6467 7582
E-mail: /

Netherlands Charity Association (NCA)
c/o 22 Camden Park
Singapore 299814


Embassy of the Republic of Singapore     International Enterprise Singapore (IE)
(Benelux)                                (trade promotion board of Singapore and
Avenue Franklin Roosevelt 198            registration of foreign “representative
1050 Brussel, België                     offices” in Singapore)
Tel: (32) 2 - 660 29 79 t/m 81           230 Victoria Street Level 10
Fax: (32) 2 - 660 86 85                  Bugis Junction Office Tower
E-mail:         Singapore 188024
Ambassadeur: Mr. Anil Kumar Nayar        Tel: (65) 6337 6628
                                         Fax: (65) 6337 6898 / 6337 3638
Singapore Consulate-General,             Website:
Rotterdam                                E-mail:
Westerlaan 10                            IE Resource Centre: tel: (65) 6433 4431
3016 CK Rotterdam
Tel: 010 4403650                         JTC Corporation
Fax: 010 4403651                         (leasing on industrial land and factories)
E-mail:                                  8 Jurong Town Hall Road       The JTC Summit
Honorair Consul-Generaal:                Singapore 609434
                                         Tel: (65) 6560 0056
Singapore Economic Development           Fax: (65) 6565 5301
Board (EDB)                              Website:
(promotion of foreign investments in     E-mail: (feedback)
Singapore)                               (enquiries)
250 North Bridge Road #28-00
Raffles City Tower                       Accounting & Corporate Regulatory
Singapore 179101                         Authority (ACRA)
Tel: (65) 6832 6832                       (national registrar for companies and
Fax: (65) 66832 6565                     businesses)
Website:                    10 Anson Road #05-01/15
                                         International Plaza
London Office EDB                        Singapore 079903
Grand Building                           Tel: (65) 6248 6028 (Gen Enq)
1-3 Strand                               Fax: (65) 6225 1676
London WC2N 5HR                          Website:
England                                  E-mail:
Fax: (44) 20 – 7484 2700
Ms. Jane Chen, Centre Director           Singapore Customs
                                         55 Newton Road #10-01
SPRING Singapore                         Revenue House
(cross promotion of Singapore SMEs and   Singapore 307987
SME network)                             Tel: (65) 6250 8668 /6355 2000
1 Fusionopolis Walk
#01-02 South Towers, Solaris, S-138628
Tel: (65) 6278 6666
Fax: (65) 6278 6667
Fax: (65) 6250 8663


The Controller of Immigration
Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)
ICA Building10 Kallang Road
Singapore 208718
Tel: (65) 6391 6100 (general enquiries)
Fax: (65) 6298 0837 / 6298 0843
ICA 24 hour Call Centre: 6391 6100

(Application for Work Permits)
Employment Pass Department
Ministry of Manpower
18 Havelock Road
Singapore 059764
Tel: (65) 6438 5122
Fax: (65) 6534 4840

Useful Internet Addresses

A prominent local source of business contacts/trade directory
database covering the scope of industrial, commercial and consumer
Singapore Government with links to all ministries, statutory boards,
agencies and others

 “Enterprise One” – one stop agency to facilitate “Doing Business   
in Singapore” for foreign companies as well as local businesses
in Singapore to start, sustain & grow their operations. Use this
site to find out and learn more about Government laws,
regulations, assistance, licences and permits for your business.
Singapore Government Electronic Business Partner (GeBiz Partner)    
is the Singapore Government’s e-procurement portal. All the public
sector’s invitations for quotations and tenders are posted on GeBiz.
Suppliers can search for procurement opportunities, download tender
documents and submit their bids online.
National Trade Promotion Agency, (I.E.) International Enterprise    
Singapore promotes Singapore's external trade interests; resource
rich in trade statistics, sector directories and databases imports/export
procedures and customs requirements. Daarnaast ook informatie over
internationale handelsmogelijkheden en handels-aanvragen (o.a. over
Singapore Economic Development Board; National economic             
agency's homepage profiles Singapore's economic growth,
business investment opportunities, information on setting up
companies/businesses in Singapore, policy guidelines and
incentives; specific industry profile write-ups and useful links
ACRA is the national registrar for companies and businesses; to     
start, register or grow a business in Singapore; its registry
provides potential businessmen to Singapore with user friendly
and transparent services/functions, online directory searches of
companies and businesses names, purchases of company profile
(background info) extracts
Agency for Science Technology and Research; promotes and            
encourages excellent science engineering and biomedical research
and nurtures talent to help Singapore's transition to a knowledge
based economy; listing of a network of research engineering institutes
and centres is also found on this website.
National agency focusing on nurturing pro-business environment that 
encourages SMEs and industries formation and growth; enhance
productivity,innovation and capabilities of enterprises; help increase
access to markets and business opportunities; national measurement
and standards authority.
Info-Communications Development Authority of Singapore is           
responsible for fostering a competitive world-class infocomm industry
in Singapore, living, working in "New Economy"; spearheading delivery
of e-governmental services; building/operating government's IT
National statistical authority responsible for disseminating official
statistics on Singapore; variety of info/data are freely accessible at this

          TRADE EVENTS/SHOWS 2012

Month   Name of Trade show/conference        Brief Description
Feb     Singapore AirShow 2012               (Holland Pavilion via NAG)
        14-19 Feb

Mar     International Furniture Fair         Furniture fair for Asean and Int'l market/institutional
        9-12 March                           buyers and suppliers                      incorporates: Hospitality Design Furniture Converge Asia Conference

        Asia Pacific Maritime Trade Show
        2012                                 Maritime, marine engineering/shipbuilding and port
        14 - 16 March                        technologies                   (Holland Pavilion by HME)

        Bio-Pharma Asia 2012                 Pharma, Biotech and R&D community
        19-22 March                          incorporates: Pharma Manufacturing World

April   Food & Hotel Asia 2012               Food & Drinks, Hotel, Restaurant, Bakery and
        17 to 20 April                       Food service equipment, supplies and services                (Holland Pavilion by Netherlands Embassy)

        IDEM - International Dental Show     Dental supplies, equipment and technology
        20-22 April

        Singapore Maritime Week 2012         Int'l Conferences : Asia Green Shipping Summit/
        22-27 April                          Annual FPSO/Offshore Support Vessels + Spore Shipping                           Conference/Piracy & Sea Robbery Conference

        Cards & Payments Asia 2011           There are 6 co-located shows in one venue
        25-27 April                          RFID/Near Field Communic/Prepaid Card/Retailworld                    Digital ID world/Transport Ticketing/Mobile Money World

May     Semicon Show 2012                    Wafer fabrication/semiconductors/high-tech microelectronics industry
        2 - 4 May

June    Enterprise IT                        incorporates: Comgraphics & Animations / CG O/Drive
        19-22 June

        Singapore International Water Week   public governance and sustainable development
July    2012                                 (Holland Pavilion by NWP, Netherlands)
        2-5 July

       World Cities Summit 2012
       1-4 July 2012

       WasteMETAsia 2012
       1-4 July 2012

Sept   Pumps and Systems Asia 2012                      Pumps/fluids/hydraulics/Heating/Ventilation/Refrigeration
       5-7 Sept

       Medical Fair Asia 2012                           Medical & Hospital equipment, supplies, systems and
       12-14 Sept                                       technology

       Globaltronics 2012                               SMT assembly, microelectronics, green technologies
       19-21 Sept                                       electronics manufacturing industry

Oct    BEX Asia 2012                                    Eco-Build/Singapore Green Building Council Conference
       10-12 Oct

       Singapore International Energy
       Week 2012
       22 to 25 October

       Asia Smart Grid Exhibition 2012
       22 to 24 Oct

       Asia Future Energy Forum & Trade
       Exhibition 2012
       22 to 24 Oct

Nov    Offshore South East Asia 2012
       27 to 30 Nov                                     Oil and Gas Industries and Petroleum Refining/                                Petrochemical industry
                                                        (Holland Pavilions by HME and IRO)

         Source: (conventions & trade exhibitions calender “Business Events” )


Association of Small & Medium Enterprises   E-mail:
(ASME)                                      Website:
167 Jalan Bukit Merah Tower 4 #03-13        CEO:
Singapore 150167                            Mr Hernaikh Singh
Tel: (65) 6513 0388
Fax: (65) 6513 0399
E-mail:                      Singapore International Chamber of
Website:                    Commerce (SICC)
Executive Director: Mr. Bryan T e h         6 Raffles Quay #10-01, John Hancock
Singapore Business Federation (SBF)         Singapore 048580
10 Hoe Chiang Road #22-01, Keppel           Tel: (65) 6500 0988
Towers                                      Fax: (65) 6224 2785
Singapore 089315                            E-mail:
Tel: (65) 6827 6828                         Website:
Fax: (65) 6827 6807                         Executive Director: Mr Philip Overmyer
CEO: Mr. Ho Meng Kit                        Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce
                                            15 Jalan Pinang
Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce &     Singapore 199147
Industry (SCCCI)                            Tel: (65) 6297 9296
47 Hill Street 9th Floor, SCCCI Building    Fax: (65) 6392 4527
Singapore 179365                            E-mail:
Tel: (65) 6337 8381                         Website:
Fax: (65) 6339 0605                         Senior Manager: Mr. Irda Juffri
Website:                   Singapore Manufacturer's Federation (SMA)
Secretary General: Mr Lim Sah Soon          2 Bukit Merah Central #03-00
                                            Spring Singapore, S-195835
Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce        Tel: (65) 6826 3000
(SICCI)                                     Fax: (65) 6822 8328
31 Stanley Street                           E-mail:
Singapore 068740                            Website:
Tel: (65) 6222 2855                         Sec-Gen : Mr. Gwee Seng Kwong
Fax: (65) 6223 1707


American Association of Singapore        Swedish Business Association            

Austrian Business Association            Swiss Business Association             

Belgium-Luxembourg Association           American Chamber of Commerce
Of Singapore                   
                                         Australian Chamber of Commerce
British Business Association   
                                         British Chamber of Commerce
Canada-Singapore Business Association
                                         Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Danish Business Association    
                                         Dutch Chamber of Commerce
Finish Business Council        
                                         European Chamber of Commerce
French Business Association    
                                         Singapore-German Chamber of
Irish Business Association               Commerce             
Italian Business Association             German Centre for Industry and Trade                 
Norwegian Business Association           Italian Chamber of Commerce                
New Zealand Singapore Business Council   Japan Chamber of Commerce and                            Industry

Dutch Service Providers/Consultants assisting with Incorporating Companies in
Singapore :

(1) Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Dutch Cham) - Nederlandse Kamer van Koophandel
1 Raffles Boulevard #05-517 Suntec City, S-039593
Tel: (65) 68845084/ Contact: Ms. Houda Helal, Executive Director
E-mail: Website:

(2) Accelerasia Pte Ltd : Managing Director: Mr. Frank Bomers Tel: 65
91136803 email:

(3) DR Consultancy Services Pte Ltd : Managing Director: Mr. Richard Soemita email: Tel: 65 83336404

Dutch Lawyers in Singapore:

(1) Loyens & Loeff : Partner: Mr. Pieter de Ridder Tel: 65323070 email:

(2) Voskamp Lawyers : Partner: Mrs. Barbara Voskamp Tel: 65
65630535 email:


   Investor's Guide to Singapore/Expat Living Costs (Annual publication)
    Annual publication by Singapore International Chamber of Commerce,
    Singapore, website: email:

   Living in Singapore, a reference guide
    Annual publication by the American Association of Singapore:
    10 Claymore Hill, Singapore 229573, Tel: (65) 6738 0371 Fax: (65) 6738 3648

   Singapore Government Directory
    Online version:

   Annual Economic Survey of Singapore 2011
    By : Department of Statistics (DoS) (released : March 2012)

    Wie Wat Waar in Singapore by Helutrans Group

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