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                                                                                             Chamber of Commerce
                         Chamber Connection                                                      Volume 7 Issue 10
                                                                                                  October 2011
                               “Creating a Bright Future”
     What a beautiful day to play golf! It started out cold but it warmed up around         2011 Officers
10 a.m.                                                                                       President
      Attention members! Thanks to Our Sponsors                                              Gary Fischer
                                                                                             County Corp
Brookville, Englewood, Huber Heights, and Maria-Josephs Living Care Center
Grand Sponsors: Greater Dayton RTAVandalia and Trotwood Chambers will present a member benefit
seminar at Aullwood Audubon Center, 1000 Aullwood Road, Summit Towing                         free (see
Green Sponsors: City of Trotwood, Cub Foods, EMTEC andMay 11, 2006. The seminar is John Smith en-
closed flyer). County Corp, Dayton Gems Professional Hockey, Friendship
Tee Sponsors:                                                                       Trotwood-Madison City Schools
      The Trotwood Chamber of Commerce will host “Breakfast with Rotary
Village, Rogers Funeral Home, Shiloh Springs Care Center, Trotwoodthe Mayor, Thursday, June 15. Loca-
tion __________________, cost ___________. RSVP to 837.1484
and Trotwood YMCA                                                                           Vice President
                                                                                           Jackieyour commu-
or e-mail Riverside Nursing & Rehab Center,
Cart Sponsors: Avis Car Rental-Trotwood, This is your opportunity to meet other business inTrotwood YMCA
nity and well as keep abreast of
and Shiloh Springs Care Center what is going on in your City.
      The spotlight is on Betty Thompson, Flash Quick Copy. Betty donated envelopes and printing of the
                                    Our Donors
                                                                                            Sandra K. Allen
Chamber’s envelopes.
AAA, Account Angel, Chase Bank, Cub Foods, Dayton Dragons, Dayton Gems,                Salem Woods Apartments
Fifth Third Bank, Friendship Village, GFS, Golling’s Arena Dodge, Grismer Auto                        Treasurer
Service Center, Holiday Inn-Englewood, Homewood Suites by Hilton, Jerri’s Ca-                        Angel Heath
tering, Key Bank, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Mercy Siena, Moss Creek Golf                       Account Angel Bookkeeping
Course, New & Olde Pages, Office Depot, Riverside Nursing Center, Salem Of-                     Board of Directors
fice Products, Shiloh Springs Care Center, Storage USA, Trotwood Library and
Trotwood YMCA.                                                                                 Dr. Karen Celik (Garner)
                                                                                                    Summit Towing
    Our President, Gary Fischer and his team received plaques for first place;
and a team from Trotwood-Madison Schools received plaques for second place.                       Raymond Garner
All players that I spoke with had an enjoyable time and are looking forward to                    Ray Garner Realty
next year.                                                                                           Loren Gross
     Special thanks to our golf committee and those special volunteers that                         Salem Towing
worked the day of the outing...Mayor Cameron, Terry Lodge, Bruce Kettelle,                            Pam Hall
Sandra Allen, Beth Girdler and Olivia Meaden…”you were the wind beneath our                       Friendship Village
wings.” See pictures on page 3, also visit
                                                                                                    Larry Jackson
                                                                                                 Dayton Center Courts

                   Annual Dinner and Business of the Year                                           Bruce Kettelle
                                                                                                   Totally Trotwood
                        Thursday, November 3, 2011
                                  5:30-8 p.m.                                                         Pat Lodge
                                                                                             United Theological Seminary
                  Friendship Village—Atrium Dining Room
                     5790 Denlinger Road, Trotwood OH                                              Michael Lucking
    See page 2 of this newsletter for a list of businesses to nominate for                         City of Trotwood
“Business of the Year.”                                                                            Karen Wampler
Step 2: Employee Involvement and Recognition—By: Ohio BWC                                        Hara Arena Complex
    Safety is a behavioral science not an engineering or technical science. The vast ma-
jority of things that cause employees to get hurt are behavioral in nature. Unfortunately,      Executive Director
                                                                                                     Marie Battle
behavior is one of the hardest things to change, especially if employees have been al-
lowed to develop bad habits. These habits usually go unnoticed or unchanged until                     In This Issue
someone has had an accident. Once this has happened we often try to determine                  Executive Director’s notes
blame, instead of finding the root cause. Most of the time the causes are easy to see, if              Step 2 BWC
we only open our eyes and start observing why our employees do what they do.                        List of Businesses
                                                                                                 Pictures of Golf Outing
What Could Go Wrong—By: Gary W. Hanson, President of American Safety and                        Social Media Workshop
Health Management Consultants, Inc.                                                                Upcoming Events
    When I visit my clients I often spend time observing employees performing their nor-     Social Media Workshop Oct. 11
mal work routine. As I do so, I ask myself, is this the safest way to work and if not What       Board Meeting Oct. 19
                                                                                               HR Council Event Oct. 27
Could Go Wrong. I am always looking at the potential risk factors of each job. Employ-            Annual Dinner Nov. 3
ees don’t deliberately work unsafely, but many employees will take the quickest, easiest
way to perform the job. Sometimes employees have not been trained in the safest
method to perform their job and sometimes safe procedures have not been developed.
    Page 2
                                             Chamber Connection
             Eligibility List of Businesses      Salem Towing
Access systems                                   Salem Woods Apartments
A Storage USA                                    Shiloh Springs Care Center
Algo Termite & Pest Control                      Shiloh Springs Store & Lock
Account Angel Bookkeeping LLC                    Sir Handy Improvement LLC
Adams Auto Service                               Sisters of the Precious Blood
Angel Heart                                      Slemker Auto Care LLC
Boone’s Power Equipment, Inc.                    Southern Ornamental Iron Co., Inc.
Calvary Missionary Baptist Church                Stryver Manufacturing Inc.
Chiappa Firearms Limited                         The Veranda
City of Trotwood                                 Totally Trotwood
Clara’s Heart Childcare Center                   Trotwood Library
Colbert Family Health                            Trotwood Madison City Schools
County Corp                                      Trotwood-Madison Historical Society
Cub Foods-Trotwood                               Trotwood Rotary Club
Dayton Center Courts                             United Theological Seminary
Dayton Hara Complex                              Vectren Utility Holdings
Dayton Nutra Foods, Inc.                         Wertz Insurance
Easter Seals Adult Day Services                  Wise Construction
Fifth Third Bank                                 Wolf Creek Company
First Day Financial FCU                          Wurst Architect
Flash Quick Copy                                 YMCA of Greater Dayton
Four Seasons of Dayton Nursing & Rehab. Center                       Nomination Form
Friendship Village
Frontier Communications                          This area must be completed to be considered for
Gall & Gall
Golling’s Arena Dodge                            nomination (you may nominate your own business;
Gordon Food Services (GFS)
Greater Dayton RTA                               however, the business must be a member of the
Greater St. John Baptist Church                  Chamber to be considered for nomination). The eligi-
Green Star Trucking
Grismer Tire Company                             bility list is above.
Gump Law Office
HH Roberts Mortuary                              Individual/Business/Organization
Heard Management                                 Address: ___________________________________
Holiday Inn-Englewood
Hunter Consulting Company                        City_______________________________________
Icon Solar Power
J. W. Devers & Son, Inc.                         (Phone)_____________EM ___________________
Jerri’s Catering                                 Check Category: Small __ Large __
Katies Hallmark
Key Bank                                         Provide a brief explanation of why you feel this individ-
K.M. Ingersoll & Son, Inc.
Korrect Plumbing Co.                             ual/business/organization should receive this
Life of Riley Landscape                          award:___________________________________________
Logan Service
M&H Service Center                               ______________________________________
Mercy Siena Retirement Community
Miami Valley Career Technology Center            Date _________________________
Maria-Joseph Living Care Center                  Signature _____________________
New York Pizzeria
Nile Investment
                                                 Deadline to complete and return the form is October 21,
North Dayton School of Discovery
Office Depot                                     2011. Please mail form to Trotwood Chamber of Commerce,
Olivea Travel Shop                               5790 Denlinger Road, Trotwood OH 45426 or email to trot-
Precious Blood Church                  
                                                 Please put a check mark ( ) by the name of the
Ray Garner Realty
Rhonda Smith-Bass NP, Inc.                       business you are nominating.
Riverside Nursing & Rehabilitation               2010     Large Business—Friendship Village
Rogers Funeral Home, Inc.                                 Small Business—Golling’s Arena Dodge
Rumpke Waste Removal & Recycling                 2009     Large Business—Dayton Hara Arena
Salem Bend Condominium                                    Small Business—Katies Hallmark
Page 3
         Chamber Connection
     Page 4                                   Chamber Connection
        Trotwood Chamber of Commerce                •   Social network to increase traffic volume to your
                     presents                           business website
      Basic Social Media Network Marketing          •   Social network to promote your non-profit or-
   (A Guide to Using the Internet for Marketing)        ganization
        When: Tuesday, October 11, 2011
   Where: Friendship Village Convocation Room       Breakfast compliments of Friendship Village – FREE
                (enter at Door #1)                  to members…non-members $5.00. RSVP by Thurs-
                Time: 8-10:30 a.m.                  day, October 6, to 937.837.1484.
    5790 Denlinger Road, Trotwood OH 45426
        Sponsored by: Friendship Village
       Presenter: Art Helmstetter (SCORE)

Come prepared to introduce yourself, state your level
of knowledge on this subject and the reason you are
attending. Highlights include:                        Hattie J’s Restaurant
• Social network to economically market your busi- September 16, 2011

                     We Copy Up a Storm!
                   2572 Shiloh Springs Road                             Over 65 Years in Dayton
                     Trotwood OH 45426                                  4164 Gardendale Avenue
                      Ph: 937.854.5648                                     Dayton OH 45427
                      Fax: 937.854.7006                                    Ph: 937.268-6100
                                                                           Fax: 937.268.0277

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