Business Correspondence by alicejenny


									                          Business Correspondence
                                      商 务 信 函
1. Promotion Lerrer (推销信函)
Dear Sirs,
     We have just introduced our new refrigerator to the market , and are enclosing sales
promotional literature to give you full details . No doubt your customers will appreciate the
opportunity to purchase this fine product and with this in mind we are enclosing an order form for
you to complete and return to us without delay . You will received a special introductory discount
of 10% which we can maintain until November 20 .
                                                                             Yours faithfully ,
                                                                               ( Signature )

2. Letter of Inquiry (询价信函)
Gentlemen ,
       We saw your women’s dresses and suits at the London Fashion Show held in New York on
October 17 . The lines you showed for teenagers ,the “Swinger” dresses and trouser suits .would
be most suitable for our market .
       Would you kindly send us your quotation for spring and summer clothing that you could
supply to us by the end of January next .We would require 2 000 dresses and suits in each of the
sizes 10 – 14 , and 500 in sizes 8 – 16 . Please quote c. i. f. Chicago prices . Payment is normally
made by letter of credit .
       Thank you for an early reply .
                                                                                    Very truly yours ,

3. Quotation letter (报价信函)
Dear Sirs ,
       We are pleased to make you an offer regarding our “Swinger ” dresses and trouser suits in
the sizes you require . Nearly all the models you saw at our fashion show are obtainable , except
trouser suits in pink , of which the smaller sizes have been sold out . This line is being
manufactured continuously , but will only be available again in February , so could be delivered to
you in March .
       All other models can be supplied by the middle of January , subject to our receiving your
firm order by 15th November . Our c. i. f. prices are understood to be for sea/land tansport to
Chicago . If you would prefer the goods to be sent by air freight , this will be charged extra at
cost .
       ① Trouser suits sizes 8 – 16 in white , yellow , red , turquoise , navy blue , black .
            Sizes 12 – 14 in pink .                        per 100 US $ 2 650 . 00
       ② Swinger dresses sizes 8 – 16 in white , yellow , red , turquoise , black .
           per 100 US $ 1 845 . 00
      Price : valid until 31st December
      Delivery : c. i. f. Chicago
      Transport : sea freight
      Payment : by irrevocable letter of credit , or cheque with order .
      You will be receiving cuttings of our materials and a colour chart . There were airmailed to
you this morning .
      We hope you agree that our prices are very competitive for these good quality clothes , and
look forward to receiving your initial order .
                                                                                 Yours faithfully ,

4. Response to Quotations (定价信函)
Gentlemen ,
      Thank you for your quotation of October 30 . We have pleasure in placing an order with you
for 2100 “Swinger” dresses .
      At price : $ 38 745
      In the colours and sizes specified below :
      Quanlity                  Size             Colour
      50                        8 , 16           white
      100                       10 , 12 , 14      white
      50                        8 , 16           turquoise
      100                       10 , 12 , 14      turquoise
      50                        8 ,16             red
      100                       10 , 12 , 14      red
      50                        16                yellow
      100                       10 , 12 , 14      yellow
      50                        16                black
      100                       10 , 12 , 14      black
      Delivery : air freight , c. i. f. Chicago
      We shall open a letter of credit with your bank as soon as we receive your order
acknowledgement . Please arrange for immediate collection and transport , since we need the
dresses for Christmas .
                                                                               Very truly yours ,
                                                                                  ( Signature )

5.Response to Counteroffers (还价信函)
Dear sir ,
     Thank you for your letter of March 23 .
     As regards your counteroffer , we regret our inability to accept it because our current price
has already been proved workable by the many orders received from other buyers .
     However , in order to meet you on this occasion , we are prepared to grant you a special
discount of 2% on condition that the quantity ordered is not less than 500 pieces .
     We hope this will enable you to enjoy the benefit of our special discount .
                                                                                      Yours sincerely ,
                                                                                        ( Signature )

6. Letter of Order (订购信函)
Dear Sirs ,
      We thank you for your quotation of 13th June enclosing patterns of your serges . We find
both qualities and prices satisfatory and , confirming my telephone conversation with your Mr .
Fox this morning , I am pleased to place a first order with you for the following serges at the
prices and on the terms quoted :
         Quantity              Item                     Price
      ( 50 yd . pcs. )                               ( per pc .)
      6                        Black serge            $ 565.50
      12                       Blue serge              $ 598.00
      5                        Serge , pattern 24 $ 532.50
      5                        Serge , pattern 37 $ 340.00
      Above prices to include delivery by rail , with a cash – payment discount of 2.5 percent .
      We place the order on the understanding that the goods will be despatched to reach us not
later than 13th july .
                                                                                   Yours faithfully ,
                                                                                    ( Signature )

7. Letter of comfirmation (订单确认函)
Dear Sir ,
      We are writing to say how pleased we were to receive your order of 13th June and to
welcome you as our customers .
       We can supply from stock all the serges ordered and arranging to send them next week by
British Rail . We feel sure that you will be well satisfied with the goods : at their prices they
represent exceptional value .
      Besides serges we supply a wide range of other manufactured cloths , including fine
worsteds ,tweeds and gaberdines and enclose a copy of our current price list . Should you be
interested in any of these shall be glad to send you pattern .
      We hope that our handling of this your first order with us will lead to further business
between us and mark the beginning of a mutually satisfactory working relationship .
                                                                                Yours faithfully ,
                                                                                   ( Signature )

8. Amendment of Agreement (修改订单函)
Dear Mr . T ,
     Further to your faxed advice dated 2nd September , your reference KR 123T/92 , please
accept the following amendment to our order:
     1 500 dozen GAUZE BANDAGES 3″× 5 yards @ USD 0.74 per dozen .
     1 500 dozen GAYZE BANDAGES 3″×4 metres @ USD 0.70 per dozen .
     PAYMENT : The amount of USD 997.50 will be remitted by T . T
     In all other repects the terms and conditions of our order No . TCT 987654 apply to this
amendment .
                                                                           With regards ,
                                                                           Yours faithfully ,
                                                                            ( Signature )

9. Cancellation of Agreement (取消订单函)
Dear Sirs ,
      We refer to our letter of October 3 when we stressed the importance of dispatching our order
No . 789 so that it may reach here by November 20 . As we have not recived any information from
you that goods have been sent , we have no alternative but to cancel this order . We regret this
action , but you will appreciate that we have no other way , as our customers insist on delivery by
that date .
                                                                                Yours faithfully ,
                                                                                 ( Signature )

10. Instrution for Shipment (装运指示)
Dear Sir ,
    With regard to the shipment of our order N – 1234 covering the undermentioned
goods ,please observe the following terms and conditions :
    Star Printing Press Model NT – 1023 45 units
    @ US $ 5500 FOB SAN FRANCISCO per unit .
    1. Be sure to pack each in one strong wooden case .
    2. Shipping mark to be given as follows .

                                             San francisco
     3. Shipment to be made by 24th May 2000 .
     4. When shipment is effected , please telex us immediately stating : Name and No. of
         shipped cargo , No . of B/L , gross weight of package , total invoice amount .
     This telex message is very important and will save so much time for Customs Clearance .
     Your special attention to this will be highly appreciated .
                                                                                  Yours faithfully ,
                                                                                  ( Signature )
     11. Letter of Payment and Settlement (交涉付款方式信函)
      Dear Sirs ,
            We enclose your statement for September 1999 , and assume that you will send the
outstanding balance of $ 120.00 by banker’s draft .
      If , however , you prefer to pay by bill of exchange and let us know , we will draw on you for
the amount at 60 d/s and send you our draft for acceptance .
                                                                                   Yours faithfully ,
                                                                                   ( Signature )
Gentleman ,
      We are pleased to inform you that we can supply the goods included in your order No.567 of
April 9 and in accordance with our terms of payment for overseas buyers enclose our dtaft at 30
days for acceptance by your bankers . Immediately we receive the accepted draft we will arrange
to ship the goods .
                                                                                 Yours very truly ,
                                                                                   ( Signature )

12. Letter of Insurance (保险信函)
Dear Sirs ,
      Please insure against All Risks including SRCC , US $ 35000 value of seventy TV receivers ,
                                                  New York
and shipped for account of America Trading Corp . , New York , on board S.S . “Oriental Leader ”,
sailing on May 15 .
      We shall appreciate it if you will effect this at once , and let us have the policy together with
a debit note as soon as possible .
                                                                                      Yours faithfully ,
                                                                                      ( Signature )

13. Letter of Conplaints (申诉信函)
Dear Sirs ,
      We regret to have to complain about late delivery of the filing cabinets ordered on 2nd
September . We did not receive them until this morning though you had guaranteed delivery
within a week . It was on this understanding that we placed the order .
      Unfortunately , there have been similar delays on several previous occasions and their
increasing frequency in recent months compels us to say that business between us cannot be
continued in conditions such as these .
      We have felt it necessary to make our feelings known since we cannot give reliable delivery
dates to our customers unless we can count on undertakings given by our suppliers . We hope you
will understand how we are placed and that from now on we can rely upon punctual completion of
our orders .
                                                                                 Yours faithfully ,
                                                                                  ( Signature )

14. Letter of Claims (索赔信函)
Dear Sirs ,
     Our Order No. V 123
     When the s.s. Lancatia arrived at Famagusta on 10th September , it was noticed that one side
of case No.23 containing the TV receivers was split . We therefore had the case opened and the
contents examined by a local insurance surveyor in the presence of the shipping company’s
agents . The case was invoiced as containing twelve TV receivers , eight of which were badly
damaged . We enclose the surveyor’s report and the shipping agents’ statement . As you hold the
insurance policy we should be grateful if you would take the matter up for ys with the insurers .
     Eight replacement recervers will be required . Please arrange to supply these and charge to
our account . We hope no difficulty will arise in connection with the insurance claim and thank
you in advance for your trouble on our behalf .
                                                                                Yours faithfully ,
                                                                                 ( Signature )

15. Remainder Letter (催收账款信函)
Dear Mr.Smith ,
      Your payment of US $ 2000.00 for the above – referenced invoice is now more than thirty
days past due .
      Since we have not heard from you in response to our previous correspondence . we assume
that the balance is correct and that your records agree with ours .
      It is essential that this account be settled at once to avoid any problem with your credit
standing . If there are circumstances beyond your control that are making it difficult for you to pay
this amount all at once , we urge you to tell us about them immediately so we can discuss setting
up an easy payment plan for you .
      Please mail your payment or contact us right away . We must hear from you at once to avoid
further action .
                                                                                  Yours faithfully ,
                                                                                   ( Signature )

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