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Best Buy Best Bargain by alicejenny


									                                       LESSON PLAN
                                   Best Buy, Best Bargain?

What Students Will Do                                 Background Information
        Participate in a controlled experiment to
         find out which adhesive bandage lasts        Teaching Today’s Health, Anspaugh & Ezell, 9th
         longer.                                      Edition, Chapter 22: Strategies for Teaching
        Compare the cost of the adhesive bandage     Consumer Health
         with the length of time the adhesive
         bandage stays on.                            “…To chose wisely requires accumulating
                                                      knowledge and formulating attitudes about different
Valued Outcomes                                       kinds of products and services. Students must learn
After doing the activities, the student should be     that products and services differ in quality, cost, and
able to express and illustrate:                       intrinsic value. They must also recognize how
     Infectious diseases originate from              advertising and social forces influence ideas about
         pathogens.                                   needs and desires. Above all, they must understand
     It is important to obtain accurate              that the responsibility for making wise consumer
         information concerning health care           decisions ultimately is a personal one. …Most
         products and services.                       directly health-related products and services include
     Many advertising claims are inflated or         over-the-counter (OTC) medications, cosmetics and
         misleading. Advertising seeks to persuade    medical and dental treatment…”
         rather than to inform.
     The best way to make wise consumer              A controlled experiment is one in which one
         decisions is to become informed about the    variable is manipulated while all others are held as
         facts concerning products and services.      constant as possible. In the experiment the students
                                                      will do in this activity, the manipulated variable will
     Making wise consumer decisions is
                                                      be the four brands of adhesive bandages. This is the
         ultimately a personal responsibility.
                                                      independent variable. The measured variable
                                                      (dependent variable) will be the length of time the
Grade Level Appropriateness: Grades 2–4               bandages stay adhered to the hand. Students should
                                                      carry on normal activities and not manipulate the
Note                                                  bandage in any way to cause it to stay on or come
This activity will begin on day one and conclude on   off. The controlled variables will be that one of four
day three.                                            brands of bandages will be placed on the wrist of
                                                      each child (same location) on the same day and at
Materials                                             the same time. Students will record the time of day
Four different brands of adhesive bandages to equal   the bandage (one adhesive side) no longer adheres
one per child. All of the bandages should be of the   to the skin and calculate the number of hours it
same size and shape.                                  stayed on the hand. At that time, the bandage can be
Per groups of four:                                   removed completely. Students should continue
    1. One each of four different brands of           normal activity including washing hands, etc. On
         adhesive bandages that have been pre-        the third day, most bandages should have come off.
         marked.                                      This is the day the class data can be collected.
For the class:
    1. Duplicate a data sheet for each student.

consumer, customer, product, persuade, superficial
wound, bacteria, pathogen, controlled experiment

Advance Preparation
Label each of the boxes of the four brands of
adhesive bandages with a number (1, 2, 3, and 4).
With a permanent marker, mark the bandages with
the corresponding number from the box (1, 2, 3, or
4). Place the mark on the non-adhesive side of the
bandage in the same corresponding spot on all.

                                     Best Buy, Best Bargain?
              Guiding the Lesson                                      Support Information

Write consumer on word cards or on a white/chalk         Some students may recall the term used in reference
board and say the word. Ask students to recall ways      to food chains where the consumer (animal) eats the
they remember it being used. Write or place a word       producer (plant) or other animals. The customer
card with word customer beneath. Explain that            refers to the consumer of the product. Customers are
when a person purchases a product, they are              people who purchase products from retailers.
considered the consumer and/or customer. Point out
that what a person purchases becomes his/her
product. Invite students to name some products
they have purchased lately.

Ask: What are some products that are purchased at a      Guide students to consider health related products,
pharmacy (drug store)?                                   including over-the-counter (OTC) medications,
                                                         cosmetics, and medical and dental treatments.

Ask: How can the information on the package be           Accept reasonable responses such as the
helpful to the customer? Elicit reasons why this is      ingredients, directions for use, restrictions, and
important.                                               packaging propaganda.

Ask: Might any of the information be misleading?         Stress that the misleading information is used to try
(yes) Point out that the packaging may not tell the      to get the customer to purchase one product rather
complete truth.                                          than another product because there are many similar
                                                         products made by different manufacturers.

Write persuade on the chalk/white board or display       Students might identify other ways products or
the word card. Explain that the producer of the          people use persuasion techniques.
product uses words or phrases to persuade or
convince the consumer to purchase the product.

Place the bandage packages so that every group of        These descriptive words are adjectives or properties
four has at least one type of package. Invite students   of the bandage.
to locate phrases such as “long lasting protection,
non-stick pad, water resistant etc.”

Write superficial wound on the chalk/white board         Students will easily talk about their cuts and bruises
or display the word card. Explain that an adhesive       and say they put a band-aid on cuts. Band-Aid is a
bandage, such as those in the box, is designed to        trade name for the adhesive bandages manufactured
protect a cut or break in the skin or superficial        by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.

Discuss reasons why treating a superficial wound         Cleaning the wound with soapy water or other
helps prevent additional treatment and using an          antibacterial agents should precede the use of an
adhesive bandage further protects the superficial        adhesive bandage. Both agents help prevent further
wound from getting infected. Write bacteria and          invasion of germs, which are pathogenic microbes
pathogen on the chalk/white board or display the         such as some types of bacteria. Organisms are living
word card. Explain that bacteria are one type of         things that, in the right conditions, grow and
common microscopic organism that can get into a         reproduce.
wound and may cause infection. Some bacteria are
pathogens. Explain that the body’s immune system
protects the body against disease by attacking

Invite students to read the boxes and identify some
of the similar acclamations on the box labels.

Ask: How can we find out which adhesive bandage         In a controlled experiment all variables are held
provides the longest protection? Invite discussion      constant except the one being tested. The
about experimental design. Write controlled             independent variable is the tested material, event or
experiment on the chalk/white board or display the      process, and the dependent variable is the variable
word card. Explain that in an experiment an event is    being measured. (Another example of
studied, such as the length of time an adhesive         experimenting with independent variables is the
bandage stays on the skin to protect a superficial      growing of plants from seed. Each of the following
wound. All other (independent) variables are            could be a controlled independent variable: the type
controlled, or held constant, such as the size of the   of soil, the amount of water, the material the
bandage, when it is put on the skin, and where the      container is made of, the intensity of light or the size
bandage is placed on the hand. The variable             of the seed. The dependent variable may be the
measured (dependent) is the length of time the          height the plant grows. )
bandage stays on the skin. Explain that the boxes of
adhesive bandages are all from different
manufacturers but the bandages have similar

Direct students to recognize the four different         You might invite students to vote on the place on
brands. Distribute one of each brand of bandage that    the hand that is most often subjected to a superficial
has been marked with a 1, 2, 3, or 4. Instruct all      wound. It is important that students not handle the
students in the class to place one adhesive bandage     “sticky” side of the strip. Students could also wash
on the same place on the hand, such as on the wrist,    and dry their hands before they place the strip. Try
the space between the thumb and forefinger, the top     to control as many variables as possible.
of the hand, or around a finger.

Tell students that in a controlled experiment, all      Emphasize that normal activities should be carried
things must be kept the same. In this experiment the    out such as hand washing, sporting events, sleeping,
placement of the bandage, and the time of day are       etc. and they cannot manipulate the bandage in any
all kept the same. The bandage is considered “off”      way to keep it on or pull it off.
when one side has completely come off. Tell them
they will need to know the hour and day.

Distribute the data sheet to record the date and time
the bandage was placed on the hand. Be sure they
identify all variables that are controlled and which
are being tested (Length of time bandage stays on
the hand.).


Collect the data from each group as to the number       The Y axis of the graph will need to be adjusted to
of hours the bandage stayed on the skin. Students       range from 0 to the highest number of hours the
should average the number of hours for bandages 1-      bandage adhered to the skin. You may need to make
4 respectively. If students don’t know how to do the    a transparency to show students how to write in the
averaging process, you can direct the mathematics       intervals. The intervals must begin with 0 and be
or have the students use calculators. Invite them to    evenly spaced. A bar graph is used to compare
share the activity they were doing when they            quantities.
noticed the bandage was beginning to peel.

Compare the price of the bandage with the length of   To more accurately make a judgment, you may need
time it stayed on the skin. Discuss which of the      to find the average price of the bandage by dividing
bandages were the best or not the best bargain for    the cost by the number of bandages in the box.
the money spent. Discuss the importance of being
wise consumers.
Name_______________________ Date____________

                                                     Best Buy, Best Bargain?
   1. Record the date and time when you place the bandage on your hand:
                                 Date: ________________        Time: _________________
   2. Describe the activity you were doing when you noticed it was beginning to come
   3. How many hours was the bandage on your hand? _______________________
   4. In your experiment, what variables were the same?_______________________

   Use the graph below for the class data.
   Number of Hours Bandage Stayed on the Skin
   Number of Hours Bandage Stayed on the Skin

Bandage                                         #1        #2                    #3            #4

Which bandage do you think is the best bargain?_______________________

Explain why:____________________________________________________________


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