Un folleto de un país hispanohablante

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					                         Un folleto de un país hispanohablante
                                       Español I
                                                                     Nombre: ____________
In our class you have a new Spanish name, a new country of origin, and now a new job!
Imagine that you are working on a collaborative effort of the Departments of Tourism and
Education in your Spanish speaking country, and you need to entice students from the US
and other countries to visit your country as student tourists (through study abroad or
exchange programs).

Therefore, as a project assignment, you are going to develop an English language
informational brochure (folleto/tríptico) that a perspective student would read in order to
find out about the cultural connections, products, practices and perspectives. Most
importantly, you have to present what would interest students from diverse backgrounds to
come to your country for a week, a semester, or a whole year. You will use the country that
you chose when you chose your Spanish name in class.

Organize your brochure so it is useful, neat and professional looking so someone can easily
find information.

Here are the criteria:
_____ must be a tri-fold front and back of one paper and be folded as a brochure (un tríptico)
______must be word-processed and look professional and neat         (ordenado)
_____ include 5 pictures or graphics other than the flag (pictures/images must relate to
          your country)        (las fotos y los imagines)
_____ include a picture of the flag       (la bandera)
_____ include the population                (la población)
_____ include the square miles/square kilometres-area                    (la superficie)
_____ include the name of the currency               (el dinero)
_____ include the country name and its capital                 (la capital)
_____ include the names of 8 other cities and/or villages (las ciudades, los pueblos)
_____ include 5 geographical features such as names of rivers, mountains, oceans , etc.
          (los rîos, las montañas, los oceanos)
_____ include 2 details about the climate/weather , and clothing suggestion (el clima y la ropa)
_____ include the names of 5 products that support its economy                     (los productos)
_____ include the names of 5 food specialities preferably in Spanish (la comida típica)
_____ include the names of 5 famous people-(current or historical) (las personas famosas)
_____ include 3 famous events in history      (los eventos importantes)
_____ include 3 details that explain some aspects of art and/or music (el arte, la música)
_____ include 3 details that are unique cultural aspects of the culture       (la cultura)
_____ include 5 words in Spanish or a native language that are used in this country/region
_____ include 5 popular activities that young people engage in (aactividades populares)
_____must cite all resources including Internet sites in MLA format.
1. _____Research the information by finding accurate information using a variety of
          resources including the Internet, encyclopedias ,and the almanac in the library. Do
          most of your research in English.
2. _____Investigate and do your research using at least two sites in Spanish. Spanish
          language search engines are:,, and

3._____Print, copy, and/or take notes during individual research, and bring to class on
4._____Organize your information and create a brochure that is professional, easy to follow,
          easy to read, and would convince someone to visit or study in your country
5._____Due: _________________ (10% off per day it is late)

Grading: You will be assessed on the following questions:
             1. Does your brochure meet or exceed expectations?
             2. Is your brochure professional?
             3. Are there any spelling or grammatical errors?
             4. Is your brochure convincing and make the reader want to visit?

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