The Czech Republic

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  Podpora rozvoje cizích jazyků pro Evropu 21. stol.

Tento projekt je spolufinancován Evropským sociálním fondem a
státním rozpočtem České republiky.
The Czech Republic

    Prague, Brno
         The Czech Republic
• Lies in the heart of
• Borders with Germany,
  Poland, Slovakia and
• Population: over 10 mil.
• Capital: Prague
• Major cities: Brno,      • Historic regions:
  Ostrava, Plzeň,            Bohemia, Moravia,
  Olomouc                    and Silesia.
         Geographical facts
• Highest mountain: Sněžka 1602 m. n. m.
• National parks: Šumava, Krkonošský
  národní park, Českosaské švýcarsko,
• Longest river: Vltava (433 km)
• Deepest lake: Černé jezero (39,8 m)
• Biggest lake: Černé jezero (18,4 ha)
• Climate: a four-seasoned country with a
  continental climate, hot summers and
  cold, cloudy and snowy winters
                 Other facts
• The national currency is the Czech crown
• Most people are Czechs and speak Czech
• People tend to be polite, not incline to argue or
  fight. They are intelligent, creative, well educated
  and can be quite conservative. If you are invited
  to their home, you will find them friendly and
  very hospitable.
• The largest Church is Roman Catholic, but
  Czechs are mostly atheists because of the
  oppression of religion during Communism.
• Parliamentary country, president: Václav
• The Czech Republic was established in
  1993 by treaty signed at Vila Tugendhat,
  before that confederation of
• Bohemia and Moravia rich in mineral
  springs and spas: Karlovy Vary, Marianske
  Lazne, Luhacovice etc.
Czech industries:     The country fully
• power engineering   implemented the
• metallurgy,         Schengen Agreement -
• car manufacture,    abolished border controls,
                      completely opened its
• glass,
                      borders to all neighbours
• leather,
• plastics,
• chemicals,
• ceramics
• and beer
        National Czech meals
• Czech cuisine consists of meat dishes - pork
  beef and chicken. Goose, duck, rabbit and wild
  game are served. Fish is rare – carp is served at
• Traditional Czech meal: Dumpling, pork and
• Alcoholic beverages: Slivovitz, Czech beer,
  wine, Fernet Stock and Becherovka.
• Kofola is a non-alcoholic domestic cola soft drink
  which competes with Coca Cola and Pepsi in
• the capital and largest
  city of the Czech
• Nicknames: "the mother
  of cities ", "city of a
  hundred spires" and "the
  golden city"
• Situated on the River
  Vltava in central Bohemia
• Population: over a million
               Main sights
• popular tourist destination, the sixth most-
  visited European city
• Old Town with its Old Town Square with
  the Astronomical Clock – is where the
  settlement in Prague started, the city was
  expanded in the 14th century by Charles
  IV with the founding of the New Town. The
  Astronomical Clock hourly shows figures
  of the Apostles and other moving
• The Charles Bridge is a famous historical
  bridge that crosses the Vltava river. Its
  construction started under the rule of King
  Charles IV. It is protected by three bridge
  towers, the bridge is decorated by 30
  statues, most of them baroque-style.
  During the day it is a very busy place, with
  painters, owners of kiosks and tourists
  crossing the bridge.
• The New Town with famous Wenceslas Square,
  which is a traditional setting for demonstrations,
  celebrations, and other public gatherings. The
  square is named after Saint Wenceslas, the
  patron saint of Bohemia.
• Prague Castle is where the presidents of the
  Czech Republic have their offices. The Czech
  Crown Jewels are kept here. It is one of the
  biggest castles in the world. St. Vitus Cathedral
  is found there, too. It is the seat of the
  Archbishop of Prague and contains the tombs of
  many Bohemian kings.
• Vyšehrad is a castle located on a hill over
  the Vltava River. It contains the Basilica of
  St Peter and St Paul, and Vyšehrad
  cemetery where the remains of many
  famous people from Czech history can be
  found (Antonín Dvořák, Bedřich Smetana,
  Karel Čapek).
• Petřín Lookout Tower is a 60 metre high
  steel framework tower in Prague which
  resembles the Eiffel Tower
• the second largest city in the Czech Republic
• the capital of the Moravian Region
• The population in Brno is 404,887
• In Brno there flows two rivers: Svratka and
  Svitava. On the River Svratka there is Kníničky
  Dam Lake – a popular recreation area
• In Brno there is Špilberk Castle (which used to
  be infamous prison) and St. Petra and Pavla
• Brno is famous for its trade fairs
             Brno in Myths
• The Dragon
  The dragon used to live in a cave by the
  River Svratka. He would eat anything that
  came his way. The people of Brno did not
  know what to do about it. A reward had
  been offered to kill the dragon, but no one
  wanted to try it. Finally, the dragon was
  overcome by a brave manwho fillen a
  dead sheepwith unslaked lime.
• The Brno Wheel
  was a result of a betmade by a master
  wheelmaker Birka of Lednicewho bet that
  he could fell a tree, fashion a wheel and
  roll it to Brno (45km) all before sundown –
  and he won
• Legend about deformed phial
  One version of the legend says that
  Master Antonin Pilgrim who was building a
  portal to Old Town Hall didn't get paid for
  his work so he created one phial
The Ringing of Midday at 11 o’clock
• The legend reminds us of the Swedish Siege in
  1645. Legend has it that General Torstenson
  decided he would order his troops to retreat if
  Brno did not fall by midday. However, he was
  overheard and the cunning Brno citizens used it
  to their advantage. The Swedes had already got
  through the fortress walls when the bell on
  Petrov began to ring midday even though there
  was still one hour to go. It was in this way that
  Brno was saved.

  Tato výuková prezentace byla pořízena z finančních
  prostředků hrazených Evropským sociálním fondem
             a rozpočtem České republiky.

Tento projekt je spolufinancován Evropským sociálním fondem a státním
                       rozpočtem České republiky.

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