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									  Dante B. Fascell Elementary School
2004 Governor's Sterling Award Recipient
Human Resources
Lifelong Learners: A myriad of opportunities

                    Teresa Acosta &
                   Elaine Davis-Diaz
   Shared decision making is at the
    of our organization.

   Cross-training results in a cooperative work

   Innovations and risk-taking are part of the
    culture of our organization.
Capitalize on the diverse ideas, cultures, and thinking of
employees and the community by utilizing their expertise
and creativity throughout the organization.


   Senior Leaders           EESAC                   OLT

   Promote cooperation, initiative, empowerment, innovation
   and agility through a cascading leadership system
              Paraprofessionals needed a dismissal plan.
              Safety Committee met to discuss the ideas,
              concerns, and student safety.

              A plan was developed and put into action.

              The effectiveness was evaluated with input
              from the paraprofessionals and improvements
              were made.

              A solid plan is now in place.

DBFE utilizes the expertise and creativity
of employees at all organizational levels.
How does the work at DBFE enable
 employees and the organization to
    achieve high performance ?
    Personnel          Performance Management System         Feedback
   Classification                                            Mechanism

                                                           ACCESS center
  Administrative        Performance Assessment System       review and

                                                           Post observation

                                                          Beginning, middle,
                                                          and end of the year

 Non-instructional       Performance Appraisal System      Post conference

 Plant Operations
                                    Audits                   Audit results

Cafeteria Operations
                                    Audits                   Audit results

    Custodians           Cleaning and Sanitation Audits      Audit results
   Conferences

   Audit and inspection measures aligned to Key
    Performance Areas

        Student Achievement
        High Performing Workforce
        Effective and Efficient Operations

   Quarterly reviews conducted with instructional and
    operational personnel

Results are used for planning and improvement cycles.
Achieve effective communication and skill sharing

Keys to ensuring effectiveness:

• DBFE supports a customer and organizational focus:
                Student Achievement.
• Everything we do is aligned with our school’s mission, vision,
and core values.

• Long and short term goals are aligned and developed

• DBFE provides feedback to employees after data is collected
     • observations and
     • survey results.

• DBFE supports high performance.
   Florida School Recognition Program
   Best in Class

   Grants
   Letters of Commendation
   Acknowledgements: Miami Herald and
   National Board Certification Bonuses
The National Board’s
mission is to advance
the quality of teaching
and learning by:

•maintaining high and
rigorous standards for
what accomplished
teachers should know
and be able to do,

•providing a national
voluntary system
certifying teachers who
meet these standards,

•advocating related
education reforms to
integrate National Board
Certification in American
education and to
capitalize on the
expertise of National
Board Certified
     Climbing the ladder to success!

   M-DCPS Applicant Tracking System

   Recruitment
       Networking
       Hardship transfers
       Student internship opportunities

   Determine applicants compatibility with the
    mission, vision and core values
       Employees represent the diverse ideas, cultures
        and philosophy of the school’s community.
   Succession Planning- Cross-training is a valuable

   Retention of Employees
        Recognition
        Staff incentives
        Empowerment through professional development
   District Services, benefits, and policies

     Health  care services
     Retirement planning

     Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP)

     Disability coverage

     Employee Assistance Program

     On-line registration for professional development

     On-line professional development
   Safe, secure and healthful work
       OLT
       Safety committee meetings
       Fire Drills
       Code Red
       Tornado

   Climate Surveys
       District
       Staff School Climate Survey
  Education & Training

+ Action plans aligned with KPA
  Achievement of Action Plans
   Beginning Teacher Orientation
   New Educator Support Team
   Mentoring Program
   Ethics Training
   Identify professional development needs
      Surveys

      Data collection

   Design Professional Development Plan
      Correlation to School Improvement Plan

      Mission. . Vision. . Values

   Use data to guide instruction and training
   Evaluate the effectiveness of plans
      Surveys

      results
    “The classroom work environment supports the full
    development and engagement of teachers and students
      in accomplishing the classroom mission and goals.
       Students are viewed as co-producers of learning. “
•    Learning-Centered Education
      • Multiple Intelligence Approach
          • Focus on students’ individual needs
      • Emphasize student responsibility for managing their
         key learning processes.

Organizational and Personal Learning
   Well-executed approach to continual improvement
   As full participants in learning and as contributors to
   improvement processes.
Assess, monitor and improve student satisfaction through:

        •Data Collection
        • PDSA

                   PDSA . . . . . .
  Every classroom has a system in place to recognize
  student contributions towards achieving individual, class
  and school goals.

               Student of the Week

               AR goals

               CRP – Comprehensive Reading Plan
Brightening the future

through the power of knowledge

using a Multiple Intelligence Approach
Dante B. Fascell will help individuals excel
    by discovering their full potential,
 experiencing the lure of the future and
dreaming of and actualizing the possible.
   The vision will be accomplished by:
   In-services
   Sharing Knowledge - Weekly Grade Level
       Agenda
       Minutes

   Strategic Planning
       Faculty, staff, students, and stakeholders

   Innovations
       Accelerated Reader
       Professional Days
   Strategic Planning
       Long and short term goals placed in professional
        development plans

   Planning considers educational
    requirements and changes
       Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test
       No Child Left Behind

   Changes made to improve our product,
    services, programs and processes to
    create new value for stakeholders
       School Improvement Plan
       CST
       LEP
       AIP
   DBFE influences other organizations

       Define the obligations of our industry through
        Best Practices
       Core Values infused into DBFE processes


       DBFE has helped define the obligations of our
        industry through our performance on Best
       We provide leadership and support to all
   DATA driven
       Benchmarking
       School Climate Survey
       A+ Plan
       Annual Yearly Progress
         No Child Left Behind

   Value Creation Processes aligned with
    organizational goals
       LEP committee meetings
       Child Study Team Meetings

Our entire organization is managed
 from students to faculty to staff
   Opportunities for improvement beyond

       Organizational Leadership Team
           Leadership Teams serve as role models for
          ethics and safety
          School Operational Achievement Plan
              Developed to take a step farther than regulatory

   Ethics Training

      DCPS has taken a proactive approach with
    training & compliance
DBFE is driven by a goal of significant change
   Strategic Plan and Action Plans
          SIP
          SOAP
   Professional Development Plans
          Aligned with Mission & Vision
          Aligned with Key Performance Areas
          Aligned with School Improvement Plan

   Professional Development Days
          Waiver to maximize professional development
           opportunities that enhance our number one goal:
                 STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT
“You have a vision of success.
You know the students, staff, and
parents can make it a reality,”
shared Principal Santiago.

   “But it takes hard work and
 commitment to make it happen.
  My staff deserves a world of
   If you do what you’ve
       always done. . .

  You’ll get what you’ve
         always got!

Take a                ...

Go out on a limb !

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