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                                                                     New Beginnings

           February 2010/ March 2010
           Vol. 21 No. 1

                                                                                                                                        A Bright Future
           The News Magazine

                                                                      Mission                               Inside this issue
                                                                                                            2009-2010 Winter Calendar, Message from 2010 President             2-3

                                                                      The Mission of the Minnesota          Administrative Updates/ Community Development Updates              4-7

                                                                      Jaycees is to provide opportunities   Individual Development/ Management Development Updates             8-9
                                                                      for young individuals to develop      Article: Volunteering as an Investment in Yourself/ Membership   10-11
                                                                      their leadership skills, social
                                                                                                            Awards: Impact across the state                                  12-17
                                                                      responsibility, entrepreneurship
                                                                                                            Marketing/ Branding Resources for Chapters                       18-19
                                                                      and fellowship necessary to create
                                                                                                            Foundation: Chapter Grants, Hall of Leadership Award               20
                                                                      positive change.
                                                                                                            Article: All Volunteer Boards                                      29

                                                                                 Tools to Manage Your Jaycee Work, Spring Convention Updates      30-32
                                       Official Publication of the

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2010 Winter State Calendar: Download at
                                                                                                                                         tor/District Director (Where applicable)
  February                                                                                                           Every Monday: - Executive Staff Call – 9pm (Approx ½ Hour)
      February 6: Initial Blue Chip Submissions due to Annual Report/Blue Chip
           PM/Management Development VP
      February 8: Monthly Membership Call at 9pm (Approx 45 min)                                                April
                     Attendees: RD/DDs, VPs/President and RD/DD Coach                                                **Note: ~Projects: Awards are for any project December 1, 2009 – April 15,
      February 15: Mid Month Due                                                                                                2010 not already submitted for an award.
                     Send to: Executive Director; Membership VP; President; Regional Direc-
                            tor/District Director (Where applicable)
                                                                                                                                ~ People: Awards are for January 1 – April 15, 2010
      February 28: Local Presidents Call – 9pm (approx 45 minutes)                                                   April 1: Priority Project Bids Due
                     Attendees: Local Chapter Presidents, VPs/President and RD/DD Coach                              April 12: Monthly Membership Call at 9pm (Approx 45 min)
      February 26: Close Out                                                                                         Attendees: RD/DDs, VPs/President and RD/DD Coach
                     Send to: Executive Director; Membership VP; President; Regional Direc-                          April 15: Mid Month Due
                            tor/District Director (Where applicable)                                                 Send to: Executive Director; Membership VP; President; Regional Director/District
      Every Monday: - Executive Staff Call – 9pm (Approx ½ Hour)                                                                 Director (Where applicable)
                                                                                                                     April 16: Regional Silver and Gold People Awards due to State VPs
                                                                                                                     Regional Staff: E-mail Silver and Gold Awards to Area Vice Presidents
  March                                                                                                              April 21: CPGs due to Chapter Service Center
      March 8: Monthly Membership Call at 9pm (Approx 45 min)                                                        April 21: Vice Presidents Bronze, Silver and Gold People Awards due to
                     Attendees: RD/DDs, VPs/President and RD/DD Coach                                                          MDVP
      March 15: Mid Month Due                                                                                        Vice Presidents: E-mail award winners to MDVP and Blue Chip/Performer Club PM
                     Send to: Executive Director; Membership VP; President; Regional Direc-                          April 24:CPG Judging 9am at Chapter Service Center
                            tor/District Director (Where applicable)                                                 April 24: 1st Quarterly Review of Chapter Plan due to Annual Report/Blue
      March 15: Applications due for – Statesman, Ambassador and Senator                                                       Chip PM/Management Development VP
      March 28: Local Presidents Call – 9pm (approx 45 minutes)                                                      April 25: Local Presidents Call – 9pm (approx 45 minutes)
                     Attendees: Local Chapter Presidents, VPs/President and RD/DD Coach                              Attendees: Local Chapter Presidents, VPs/President and RD/DD Coach
      March 28: Vice President/President Mid-Quarter Review                                                          April 28: Close Out
                     10am at Chapter Service Center                                                                        Send to: Executive Director; Membership VP; President; Regional Director/
      March 29: Close Out                                                                                                         District Director (Where applicable)
                     Send to: Executive Director; Membership VP; President; Regional Direc-                     Every Monday: - Executive Staff Call – 9pm (Approx ½ Hour)

 Minnesota Jaycees                                                                 Gopher, a Minnesota Jaycees news magazine, is published bi-monthly, six times a year, by ECM
                                                                                   Publishers, Inc., Princeton, Minnesota. The Gopher is the only authorized, regular publication of the
 Chapter Service Center                                                            organization. Opinions and conclusions expressed are those of their respective contributors and do
 2101 W. Hwy. 13, Burnsville, MN 55337                                             not necessarily reflect those of the Minnesota Jaycees. Liability for error in ad copy is limited to cor-
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 2 Min n esota   J a y c ee s G O P H E R N ew s M a g a z i n e - F e b r u a ry 2 0 1 0 / M a r c h 2 0 1 0
                                                                   LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT

Laura E. Chesney, 79th President, Minnesota Jaycees

  “Not having a goal is more to be feared than not reaching one.”

  Setting goals - whether they be personal goals, professional goals or Jaycee goals - is critical to success. Without goals you have
  nothing to strive for, nothing to push you. When you work towards meeting goals you have set, the goals are what motivate you
  to work more, to push harder. If you didn’t have those goals, what you’ve already done would seem good enough.

  Hopefully, all of you have set goals for yourself and your chapter and what you’d like to ac-
  complish this year. For some of you it may be to gain leadership skills that you can use to
  further your work career, or to further your Jaycee career. For others it may be to improve
  your chapter. That improvement may come in the form of providing your members with the
  activities they want or to activate new members or members you haven’t seen in awhile. For
                                                                                                    “Not having a
  many chapters, there may be goals to grow the chapter. Don’t think it’s all about “numbers”;
  what it IS about is strength. Inviting new members to join your chapter helps bring new ideas      goal is more
  and new “blood” into a chapter. And most importantly, new members help to ensure the
  vitality and longevity of a chapter.                                                               to be feared
  Once you’ve set goals, don’t put them aside. Look at them regularly. Evaluate them continu-
  ously. By reviewing them regularly you are keeping those goals in the front of your mind and         than not
  remembering what you’ve set out to accomplish. If you don’t review where you are and
  where you want to be, your goals become “out of sight, out of mind” and you stop striving to
  accomplish them.
                                                                                                    reaching one.”
  Set your goals.
  Review your goals.
  Live your goals.
  Achieve your goals.

  In Jaycee Spirit,

  Laura E. Chesney, 79th President, Minnesota Jaycees

 Jaycees Helping Haiti:                                                         2010 Chapter Leaders:
 JCI Operation Hope                                                             Update Contact Information

  Our national parent organization, JCI, has been assisting with Haiti
  earthquake relief efforts. JCI is coordinating aid with both the                           Make Sure You Submit
  United Nations and members of JCI Dominican Republic. Through                            Your Chapter Contact Info!
  JCI Operation Hope, members can reach across the globe to expand
  this recovery initiative by committing to providing resources for
  sustainable recovery in Haiti. During the January Board Meeting at
  JCI World Headquarters, the Executive Committee pledged to pro-                                WE NEED YOUR 2010
  vide aid to Haiti and asks members to help by donating money to                           CHAPTER OFFICER INFORMATION
  JCI Operation Hope.                                                                        AND CHAPTER CONTACT INFO.

  For more information about what you or your Jaycee chapter can do
  to assist in the recovery efforts, please visit:

                                          Please visit:

Vol. 21 No. 1                                                                                                                           3
                                                National Convention– New Orleans
ADMINISTRATIVE                                                                     The US Jaycees Year End National Convention, cele-
VICE PRESIDENT                                                                     brating the 2009 year, will be held June 1-6, 2010 in
                                                                                                                                               To register or ask questions:
                                                                                   New Orleans, LA. This will be the first national con-
Lisa Ahlquist                                                                      vention to combine both the mid-year and year-end
Cell: 612-240-4320                                                                 conventions together. It will definitely be an action-                                                              packed week!

Program Managers                                                                         Get more information online at

Conventions                                         To register, contact past Minnesota Jaycees President Jason Gadd, we are organizing the Minnesota contingent.
Alicia Buda                                         Minnesota registrants will receive access to our hospitality room, a shirt, and other amenities to enhance our
Home: 507-226-7719                                  stay in New Orleans.

Legal Counsel                                   Insurance: Our Group Buying                                            Bylaw/Policy Change Update
Marty Helle
Cell: 507.440.1059                              Power                                                                                                        At annual convention in Bloomington January 9th the
                                                           As a chapter and individual member in our                   Board of Directors voted to pass a policy change and
Treasurer                                                  state organization, part of your dues pay                   addition.
Molly Tighe                                                for a general liability policy that protects                                        you when you have events.                                   Addition of Policy 27. Non-Sufficient Funds
                                                           We also provide access to group-buying                      Policy 27 was added explaining how the Minnesota
Secretary                                                  power for motor vehicle insurance (for                      Jaycees will handle returned checks. If a check is re-
Drew Nerdahl
                                                           things like floats and demo derbies),                       turned from the bank due to insufficient funds or a
                                                           haunted house insurance, and liquor liabil-                 closed account a charge in an amount decided by the
                                                           ity insurance.                                              finance committee will be charged to the individual or
                                                           A quick reminder that the MN Jaycees                        business who wrote the check.
                                                           insurance year started over on September
                                                           22, 2009 and runs through September 22,                     Change to Policy 8. Clarification of Name Tag
                                                           2010.                                                       Only
                                                           Chapters needing certificates for events                    The policy change clarified what it means when a
                                                           with alcohol will need to submit the appli-                 name tag only is purchased at a convention. The in-
                                                           cation, event details, and proof of TIPS                    tent of the name tag only option has always been to
                                                           training with payment of the cost-sharing                   allow members of the Board of Directors who are
                                                           amount for this year to the Chapter Service                 unable to attend the entire convention an option to
                                                           Center.                                                     purchase a name tag for a reduced price to attend the
                                                        To request any of the insurance forms, contact                 Board of directors meeting only. The language further
                                                                                        defined and clarified the meaning of nametag only– to
                                                                                                                       be explicitly for Board of Directors meetings only.
                                                            Annual Cost Sharing for Liquor
                                                            Under $5,000                                   $600.00      Upcoming Conventions
                                                            $5,000 - $9,999                                $1,375.00
                                                            $10,000 - $14,999                              $1,800.00     => 2010 Spring Convention May 14-16, Sugar Lake
                                                                                                                         Lodge, Grand Rapids, MN
                                                            $15,000- $19,999                               $2,750.00
                                                            $20,000 +                                      $4,750.00     => 2010 Fall Convention September 10-12, Willmar
                                                                                                                         Holiday Inn and Conference Center

                                                                                                                         => 2011 Annual Convention January, 2011, TBA
                                                Dues Statements and
                                                New Membership System
                                                   Administrative staff are continuing work to integrate the
                                                   issuing of membership statements and the new online                 Upcoming State Event Bids
                                                   membership system.
                                                                                                                       2011 State Bowling
                                                   Please watch J-mail, Facebook, and the Website for
                                                   updates as we streamline our membership process. Con-
                                                                                                                       2011 Spring All State
                                                   tact the Administrative Vice President at

 4       M i n n e so t a J a y c e es G O P HE R N ew s M a g a z in e - F e b ru a ry 2 0 1 0 / M a r ch 2 0 1 0
                               NOTES–            DEVELOPMENT
                          COMMUNITY DEVELOMENT UPDATES
State Priority                                                State Priority
Project Update                                                Project Update                                                   COMMUNITY
The Jaycees have been a very                                  Youth mentoring is good for our communities because           VICE PRESIDENT
valued supporter of Camp                                      it gives kids in need an opportunity to see the world
Confidence over the many years you have recognized            differently, through the experiences offered by their
                                                                                                                                 Mike Waterbury
them as a Minnesota Jaycees Priority Project. We              mentoring relationship. This increases the likelihood
                                                                                                                                     Cell: 320.837.5417
hope you know how dearly Confidence Learning Cen-             kids will make better choices and will create a better     
ter holds this relationship. Every dollar and volunteer       life for themselves.
hour makes a very positive impact on Confidence
                                                                                                                                Program Managers
Learning Center in continuing their mission and               Most communities where Kinship’s programs operate
achieving their goals while providing great learning and      would not have youth mentoring if not for Kinship.
                                                                                                                                     Camp Confidence
growing opportunities for all Campers!                        As a network, Kinship has many resources and the
                                                                                                                                       Justin Harrison
                                                              strengths of a large organization. Yet, their programs
We encourage all chapters to give any support to Con-         are locally supported and serve their communities.         
fidence Learning Center that they are able to, each
year. Whether you run one project, make one mone-             The Minnesota Jaycees can partner to support Kinship                       Relay for Life
tary donation, give wish list items, or volunteer your        by raising money or helping to recruit mentors in their                    Char Blashill
time at a Camp Confidence event. We highly encour-            community– local chapters can be matched with a                             218-766-4258
age you to visit Confidence Learning Center and see           local Kinship affiliate to maximize impact.               
for yourself the great things they do and how your
support can make a difference.                                                                                                                Kinship
                                                                                                                           Open (contact CDVP to apply)
                                                                                                                                           Youth Sports
Your chapter can:                                                                                                                             Joel Blom
                                                              Your chapter can:                                                       Cell: 320-224-4240
          • Coordinate a town hall camp recruitment                     •   Recruit members and other volunteers to be   
            meeting for (earn 500 points)                                   mentors
          • Raise money for a Camper Subsidy–                           •   Raise money through a fundraising project or
            $44.00 per person (earn 250 points)                             event
          • Hold a drive for the supplies on the wish                   •   Provide ambassadors that can help promote
            list (points vary)                                              Kinship in your community
           1st. Place: Chapter retreat at Confidence Learn-
           ing Center for up to 25 people with a fish fry.
           2nd place: Chapter retreat at Confidence Learn-
           ing Center for up to 25 people
           3rd place: 2 Confidence Learning Center wind-
           breakers and 3 Confidence Learning Center t-

Info on how to get your chapter involved:                     Info on how to get your chapter involved:             

Submit Your Favorite Organization:                            Youth Sports Projects
Priority Project Bids Due

                                                              Update: iHoops– competitions can be run from
  Each year, the Minnesota Jaycees selects a statewide        January– March 7th
  Priority Project. Chapters all over the state have the
  opportunity to showcase and offer resources to a            Update: Pitch Hit and Run– competitions can be run
  favored nonprofit organization that serves the state        between March 1 – Mid May
  of Minnesota.

  Priority Project status is offered for 2 years, and this
  fall, Kinship is up for renewal. New priority project
  submissions are due April 1st.

          For more information go to:                         Toolkits and resources are available at:         

      Vol. 21 No. 1
Chapter Project Spotlight: Cold Spring Jaycees Soup and Chili Bowl
Get more info and photos at

Cold Spring Jaycees Soup and Chili Bowl,
January 30, 2010

            75 Volunteers
            1800 Volunteer Hours
            38 Soup/Chili Competitors
            495 pounds of food and $210 to our
            local food shelf
            1400 people attend
            Proceeds: Split between the Cold Spring
            High School Band Booster Club and
            the ROCORI Bike Trail Project.

 Chapter Project Spotlight: Alexandria Jaycees Jingle Bells Telethon
 Get more info and photos at

Alexandria Jaycees Jingle Bells Telethon,
December 12, 2009
The goal of the Jingle Bells program is to raise money for people
in need in Douglas County and surrounding counties. The major-
ity of donations made to Jingle Bells are used to purchase food
and toys for families during the holiday season. Additionally,
there are donations made during the year to area food shelves
and individuals in need.

          $110,000 raised during the telethon

          Approximately 1,150 food baskets
          Hundreds of families served in Douglas

Youth Sports Projects In-A-Box

2010 Youth Basketball                                                     2010                                            Bring Pitch Hit
Resources                                                                 Punt                                            & Run to Your
                                                                          Pass &                                          Community!
Information on running various available
types of youth basketball programs including                              Kick
                                                                          The Minnesota Jaycees, in association with      There is no better way to
a new NBA program called iHoops– which is                                                                                 influence the future, than by
run very similarly to PPK and PHR. All the                                the National Football League, are proud to be
                                                                          sponsoring the Punt, Pass & Kick football       working with the leaders of
available basketball programs run as excellent
                                                                          competition for boys and girls ages 8-15        tomorrow...KIDS! Consider running a Pitch,
Community Development Projects-in-a-Box
                                                                                                                          Hit & Run (PHR) competition in your
                                                                          again this year.

  6      M i n n e so t a J a y c e es G O P HE R N ew s M a g a z in e - F e b ru a ry 2 0 1 0 / M a r ch 2 0 1 0
                             NOTES–            DEVELOPMENT

 Support Our Troops
 This is a new program being added to the national priority
 projects this year. It was developed to show our soldiers
 our support and appreciation for their service.

                              You chapter can:                                      2010 NATIONAL
            •     Partner with .or another
                  organization providing support to our service men and
                  Hold a drive for care package items                                 PROJECTS
National    •     Coordinate letter writing and care package assembly
Priority          gatherings

 Relay for Life                                                               Citizen Corps
 Relay for Life offers everyone in                                            Cities and counties across the country have
 the community an opportunity to participate in the                           been working to create Citizen Corps Councils that will coordinate emergency
 fight against cancer. Relay For Life is a fun-filled                         preparedness efforts.
 overnight event designed to celebrate survivorship and
 raise money for research and programs.                                                                   Your chapter can:
                              Your chapter can:                                       • Assist in coordination efforts If your community has a Citizen
                                                                                         Corps Council
             •    Form a Relay team                                                   • Assist in the formation of a Council if your
             •    Help your local Relay for Life organization recruit Relay              community does not yet have one.
National          teams                                                               • Visit                        National
                                                                                         for more info                                             Priority
             •    Go to for more information                                                                                  Project

  National Priority Project Update: Relay for Life

  Get your Jaycee Relay team registered!

  Step 1:    Visit —Under Event Info, click on Find Relay Events
  Step 2:    Locate your community Relay by entering your zip code
  Step 3:    Click on your Community Relay
  Step 4:    Click on Start a Team
  Step 5:    Follow the instructions. Make sure you add “Jaycees” in your team
             name; this helps us with tracking so the Jaycees receive credit for your
  Note that the front page of your community Relay also lists Team Captain meeting dates and times. In addition, you’ll fine contact informa-
  tion for local American Cancer Society office staff, available to answer any of your questions. Once you have registered your Relay for Life
  team, you may access any of the online resources to help you with your team, including a Team Captain guidebook and fundraising tips.
  Thank you for fighting cancer through Relay for Life!

                             Request a Free Sign for your Jaycee Relay Team!
                                    Contact Relay Program Manager
                                  Char Blashill,

Vol. 21 No. 1
                                                  Plan an Individual                                                      ID Competitions as
                                                  Development College in Your                                             Leadership Development
VICE PRESIDENT                                                                                                            Portfolio/ Interview Competitions offer Leader-
                                                          ID college is individual training you offer your
                                                                                                                          ship Development Through:
                                                          chapter’s members
Debbie Ackermann                                                                                                               Building resume-writing skills through the
                                                          typically a ½ or full day event
612-868-2356                                                                                                                   creation of a personal portfolio of your ac-                                        These trainings offer members a focused individ-                     complishments
                                                          ual development opportunity
                                                                                                                               Building interview skills through the proc-
Program Managers                                          Need at least 3 classes for it to qualify as an ID                   ess of competing
                                                                                                                               Building a member’s self-confidence
Training                                                  They can be on a variety of personal and profes-
                                                                                                                               Members become experts at “marketing”
Heather Noyes                                             sional development topics
612-801-6145                                              Don’t forget the PR: Local community centers,                                         Email/Facebook/Twitter to Jaycee & non-Jaycee                   Speak-Up/ Write-Up Competitions offer Leader-
                                                          friends, website, newsletter, invite co-workers, ask            ship Development Through:
Competitions                                              speakers to post info about the event within their
Open (contact IDVP to apply)                                                                                                   Improving public speaking skills
                                                          networks, newspaper, community ads on radio,
                                                          etc.                                                                 Improving writing skills
                                                                                                                               Building a member’s self-confidence

                                                                                                                                Spring Convention Competitions
                                                                                                                                     registration deadline is:
                                                            Ideas for an Individual Development
                                                            (Non-Jaycee specific) College could In-
                                                                                                                                     Wednesday, April 21
                                                                       Networking 101                                        email to register
                                                                       Scrapbooking class
                                                                       Parenting workshops
                                                                       1st-time home-buyers seminar
                                                                       Job interview skills training
                                                                       Real Estate Agent – Tips for
                                                                       Buying & Selling
                                                                                                                          Individual Development
                                                                       Personal Trainer – At-home exer-
                                                                       cise ideas                                         Project Ideas
                                                                       Financial Planner – Personal
                                                                       Finance 101                                        Networking Nights; Have members come with
                                                                       Wills & Estate Planning                            business cards and do a speed networking event.
                                                                       Dietitian – Healthy Eating for a                   Provide sheets of paper with questions and space
                                                                       Busy Lifestyle                                     to take notes. Pair people up, set the timer for 5
                                                                       Resume Writing & Interview                         minutes and then have rotate partners until every-
                                                                       Skills                                             one has met each other.
                                                                       Local entrepreneurs – how to
                                                                       start your own business                            Speaker Series; Hold a monthly or quarterly
                                                                                                                          speaker series. Potential speakers include: Newspa-
                                                            Ideas ID College topics/speakers (Jaycee                      per columnists, local entrepreneurs, members of
                                                            specific):                                                    city council or mayor, community partners (i.e.
                                                                       CPG training                                       director of Special Olympics or Big Brothers/Big
                                                                       Competitions training: Speak-up,                   Sisters, etc), etc.
                                                                       Write-up, Debate
                                                                                                                          Recreation/Social events: canoe trip, wine tast-
                                                                       Fundraiser ideas
                                                                                                                          ing/winery tour, sledding, ice skating, apple or-
                                                                       Parliamentary Procedure                            chard, museum tours, film festival, bonfire & lawn
                                                                       (Robert’s Rules)                                   games, dinner at new local restaurant, etc.
                                                                       Jaycee History

 8       M i n n e s o t a J a y c ee s G O P H E R N ew s M a g a z i n e - F e b r u a ry 2 0 1 0 / M a r c h 2 0 1 0
                             NOTES–            DEVELOPMENT
Chairperson’s Planning Guide (CPG)
The Jaycees’ ticket to success
 When you think of CPG’s, do you want to curl         proval. This is the time for review the plan and          DEVELOPMENT
 up and hide? Do you think to yourself, “This is      make sure nothing has been overlooked.                   VICE PRESIDENT
 just another ploy for me to do more paper-
 work!”?                                              After the event, questions #8-#10 would be                         Jari Steinlage
                                                      answered. This is where documentation on what                        612-214-0045
 Everyone has ideas. The best way to impact your      would be done differently if you could plan this      
 members and community is by putting these            event again, recommendations for the future and
 ideas into practice. The CPG, or Chairperson’s       the impact on the community, chapter and indi-               Program Managers
 Planning Guide, was not developed as a torture       vidual. This is the time to think about the smiling
                                                                                                                        Blue Chip/Parade
 device, but rather, a business plan, developed to    faces, the happy kids, members who stepped into
                                                                                                                            Sarah Stenerson
 ensure all details of a project were thought out     roles they never thought they would be in and                           218-546-6535
 and discussed BEFORE the event takes place.          how community leaders praised the actions of       
                                                      the local chapter.
 Outlining and going through the first 7 questions
                                                                                                                           Brenda Sadowski
 of the CPG lays out what is going to happen at       CPG’s should be used to guide the project chair-                        952-270-6067
 the event, who’s needed for the event, what          person in planning a successful project that can
 steps need to be taken for the event to take         be passed on from year to year and that will help
 place, how much money will be spent and what         develop the leadership skills of your chapter         Publications Program Manager
                                                                                                              Open (contact MDVP to apply)
 the chapter wants to accomplish through this         members.
 event. In reality you are goal setting, developing                                                         Ten Outstanding Young MN/
 manpower assignments, budgeting and devising         Now that the project is ran and the CPG com-            Outstanding Young Farmer
 a time line on the project.                          pleted it should be submitted for an award. This                 Program Manager
                                                                                                             Open (contact MDVP to apply)
                                                      is a great way to recognize those who worked
 Once a CPG is written, it should submit it to the    hard to plan and execute the event. Other chap-
 chapter Board of Director’s and/or membership        ters will hear about the project and all of the
 for discussion and approval. Since chapter           great work you have done in the community and
 money might be required to fund the project, it      maybe it will spark up their own projects. A
 is especially important for discussion and ap-       CPG can stand for many things, but the best
                                                      would be Creative Project Generator!

Spring Awards Submission
Deadlines                                             Chairperson’s Planning
   CPG’s - Due April 21st to Chapter Service
   CPG Judging - April 24th at Chapter Service            Encourage members to begin writing
   Center                                                 their CPGs prior to their project
   People Awards – Contact your Regional                  Creating a CPG ensures that your chap-
   Director or Cross Assigned VP for due                  ter’s projects improve from year to year
   date. RD’s must submit these awards to
   VPs by April 16th
                                                          Writing a CPG offers members experi-
                                                          ence writing a business plan

 Vol. 21 No. 1
                                                                                                                                                           Trisha Hasbargen
Volunteering: An Investment in Yourself                                                                                                Minnesota Jaycees Executive Director

M       innesotans have been facing what has most certainly been
one of the most challenging economic environments seen in
decades. With employers trimming staff numbers and trimming
training and staff development budgets, an opening for volunteer                                                               “The leadership
organizations like the Jaycees has been created.
                                                                                                                                 skills gained
In a competitive work environment such as this, a young person                                                                  through active
must be doing all that they can do to be seen as invaluable to a
current employer or as a valuable asset to any potential employer.                                                              membership in
As Jaycees, we understand the value of servant leadership and
                                                                                                                              the Jaycees truly
giving back to the community. We also understand that the com-                                                                offers a competi-
mitment it takes to be an effective community leader is not a
small one. It truly is an organization that gives you back what you
                                                                                                                              tive advantage in
put in. Every day, Jaycees are building professional and leader-                                                              the workplace for
ship skills by managing projects in the community and managing
the business of their local chapters.
                                                                                                                                our members”

The leadership skills gained through active membership in the
Jaycees is truly a competitive advantage for members in the
workplace. As a Jaycee, you can actively take ownership over
projects or various aspects of chapter management– make sure
you are selling what you are learning to potential employers.

Not only are you giving back to the community, but you are
proving your leadership skills outside of the workplace– some-
thing that your co-worker may not be doing. As a young person,                                                            The Points of Light Foundation and
being a Jaycee gives you a unique set of experiences and a set of                                                          other researchers have found that the
responsibilities that other workers may not have.                                                                         majority of professionals that volunteer
                                                                                                                         report developing leadership and commu-
With your current employer and potential future employers,
deep experience in the community that shows rich leadership                                                                            nication skills.
experience makes you more appealing as an employee. Being an
active Jaycee in this economic environment provides members                                                        
with competitive advantage in the workplace– make sure you
take full advantage and sell yourself and your volunteer leader-
ship experience.

 Web resources
     • articles on volunteering to build professional skills:

     • article on using volunteer time on your resume:

     • article on the skill development and career development benefits of volunteering

10      M i n n e s o t a J a y c ee s G O P H E R N ew s M a g a z i n e - F e b r u a ry 2 0 1 0 / M a r c h 2 0 1 0
                                                        MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT UPDATES
Member Activation: Updates to the Springboard and Degrees
Passport to Leadership (formerly known as Degrees) is         program has a new name- there are only a few changes-           DEVELOPMENT
a program with a goal to jump start a new Jaycee’s in-        the forms have been updated and you have the option            VICE PRESIDENT
volvement in the organization. If you, your chapter, and      of using “optional” items after the first few degrees
your members use this as a tool we can promise that           have been achieved. The change presents us with a way                   Jason Benton
you will have a more engaging Jaycee experience and           to get all of the different kinds of chapter within our
will be able to provide newer members a quick way to          organization on an even playing field.                                   320-212-3496
see the full scope of what the Jaycees are.                                                                    
                                                              TIP: Sit down with a 2009 calendar and see what you
Passport to Leadership is a tracking method to help           did and when! YOU CAN GO BACK A YEAR.... Do
members get the most value from their involvement.            not waste a year of your Jaycee Career you did the work            Program Managers
Those that are able to complete all 10 Degrees of the         so use it to promote yourself! Where did you Roadrun
Passport to Leadership program will have mastered the         to? What did you do? Does it fit into any requirement?        RD/DD Coach Tony Wencl
                                                                                                                                       (651) 470-2765
Involvement, Experience, and Leadership phases that           What project did you work on, chair and or visit? What  
are integral to getting the full benefit of being a Jaycee.   position did you hold for your Chapter, Region, State or
                                                              even National? Who did you sign into the organization               Springboard/Degrees
The activities that are selected through this program         and when? Just remember that you can not overlap                             Dana Listerud
enhance all aspects of member abilities in all 4 Areas of     your dates from one degree to another. For example: if                         952-451-9388
Opportunity in the organization making them an ex-            you did some on 12/9/09 for your 2nd degree- that is   
tremely involved citizen in their community and a             the oldest date used for a item to achieve that degree.
stronger professional.                                        Your next degree will start from 12/10/09 on.                                First Timers
                                                                                                                                       Danielle Nesvold
                                                                    Updated forms area available                                            507.440.8857
You will need the Passport form, the Requirement                             online at:                                  
form, and the Tracking sheet (available at                     ). Although this                                                                            Road Run Program Manager
                                                                                                                                                Jen Jaso
                                                              Road Running: Connecting                                                      651-366-8751
2010 Membership Incentives                                                                                            
                                                              Around the State
                                                                                                                                    Alumni Coordinator
       The chapter with the most new members over                                                                                       Laura Deleski
       base membership at end of each trimester will                 Road Running allows members to build
       receive a digital camera.
                                                                     relationships with other leaders around
       The region with the most new members over                     the state
       base membership at the end of each trimester will
       receive a free room for the region at convention.             Your chapter can rack up points for visit-
       For every member you sign throughout the year.                ing other chapter’s events
       Your name will be entered into a drawing and at               Road Runs give you the opportunity to
       the end of the year you will have a chance at                 see how other leaders are running pro-
       winning a netbook. We need your name and the                  jects, learn from them, and share ideas!
       person you signed by December 31.
       We also will be giving out 5 and 10 member pins.
                                                                     Watch for all Chapter Events:
 State Announces New
 Membership System                                         
 The US Jaycees have changed their membership proc-
 ess to an online submission system and database. Min-     
 nesota Jaycees chapters will eventually be able to log in
 and manage their own membership rosters (add, re-
 new, update addresses). Please watch J-mail, Face-
 book, and the Website for updates as we streamline                   Submit Your Events to your
 our membership process. Contact the Membership                       Chapter’s Regional Director
 Vice President with any questions at member-                          or to Road Run Program
 During this transition time, while the changes are be-
 ing implemented, your chapter’s Regional Director                 
 and/or cross-assigned Vice President will be entering
 their assigned chapter’s membership information each
 month into the system when info comes in from chap-
   V ol. 2 1 No . 1
             Congratulations to the Award Winners:
            Our Outstanding Young Leaders at Annual
                       Convention 2010!
President                                                            BRONZE-Nancy Stredde (Willmar)                      5th Place – Foley Area
GOLD – Sarah Stenerson (Fergus Falls)                                                                                    6th Place –Fergus Falls
SILVER – Peggy Stroeing (New Munich)                                 Outstanding Jaycee                                  7th Place – St. Paul
BRONZE – Justin Harrison (Shakopee)                                  GOLD – Amy Bicek (St. Paul)                         8th Place-Rochester
                                                                     SILVER – Julie Hruska (Shakopee)                    9th Place-St. Cloud
Chapter                                                              BRONZE – Russell Beauchamp (Foley Area)             10th Place-Bemidji
GOLD – Shakopee
SILVER – New Munich                                                  Outstanding New Jaycee.                             Parade of Regions
BRONZE – Hopkins Area                                                GOLD – Joelene Wieling (New Munich)                 1st Danielle Nesvold (Region 9)
                                                                     SILVER – Basia Elmore (Hopkins Area)                2nd Heather Heim (Region 6)
Management Vice President                                            BRONZE – Trisca Olson (Truman)                      3rd Patrick Baumgard(Region 5)
GOLD – Angela Hanske (Brainerd)
SILVER – Pam Funk (New Munich)                                       Chapter Newsletter                                  Parade of Districts
BRONZE – Robin Groetsch (St. Cloud)                                  GOLD - Shakopee Chieftain—Editor Jennifer Nerdahl   1st Jari Steinlage (Region 6 DD1)
                                                                     (Shakopee) and Raspberry Reader—Editor Erin Bryan   2nd Laura Chesney (Region 6 DD2)
Individual Vice President                                            (Hopkins Area)
GOLD – Lori Volk (Shakopee)                                          SILVER - Connection—Editor Joy Goodwin              Helping Hand Recipients
SILVER – Sam Rich (Bemidji)                                          (St. Paul)                                          Tim Fennern (Shakopee)
BRONZE – Peggy Larsen (St. Cloud)                                    BRONZE – The Junior Chamber Informer—Editor Jer-    Tony Wencl (Lake Elmo)
                                                                     emy Monnier (Foley Area)
                                                                                                                         Don Heinonen (Bemidji)
Community Vice President                                                                                                 Molly Tighe (Hopkins Area)
                                                                     Chapter Website
GOLD – Lane Brudieck (South St. Paul)
SILVER – Kris Anderson (Shakopee)                                    GOLD-Lake              Kids Helping Hand Recipient
                                                                     Webmaster, Jesse Henning
BRONZE –Deb Most (Saint Paul)                                        SILVER - Rochester –
                                                                                                                         Liz Walczak, Shakopee
                                                                     Webmaster, Nathan Mittlestadt and                   Cade Hotzler, Truman
Membership Vice President                                                      Jonathon Palmer, Bemidji
GOLD-Jackie Julie (Rochester)                                        Webmaster, Nissa Billmeyer
SILVER – Russell Beauchamp (Foley Area)                              BRONZE – Saint           Most Individual Miles
BRONZE- Jake Frie (Brainerd)                                         Webmaster, James Bly                                1st – Mandy Harrison 2951 (Shakopee)
                                                                                                                         2nd – Russ Beauchamp 2600 (Foley Area)
Public Relations Vice President                                      Program Manager                                     3rd – Meredith Black 1930 (Shakopee)
GOLD – Kris Wilke (Fergus Falls)                                     GOLD – Mike Waterbury, First Timers
SILVER – Jesse Henning (Lake Elmo)                                   SILVER – Heather Kolstad, Conventions               Most Individual Road Runs
BRONZE – Dave Geiger (Bemidji)                                       BRONZE – Pete Colarich, Youth Sports                1st - Russell Beauchamp - 39 (Foley Area)
                                                                                                                         2nd – Heather Noyes-26 (Lake Elmo)
Secretary                                                            Regional Staff                                      3rd – Melissa Weinacht-21 (Burnsville)
GOLD – Cassi Johnson (South St. Paul)                                GOLD-Jari Steinlage, Region 6 District 1 Director
SILVER – Anneke Schultz (Saint Paul)                                 SILVER-Patrick Baumgard, Region 5 Director          Most Chapter Miles
BRONZE –Kim Luckey (Rochester)                                       BRONZE-Danielle Nesvold, Region 9 Director          1st – 13,542 miles (Shakopee)
                                                                                                                         2nd – 10,307 miles (Lake Elmo)
Treasurer                                                            Vice President                                      3rd – 4,418 miles (Hopkins Area)
GOLD – Jackie Hase (South St. Paul)                                  GOLD – Jason Benton, Community
SILVER – Jim Rudnick (Willmar)                                       SILVER – Char Blashill, Administrative              Most Chapter Road Runs
BRONZE-Chris Walczak (Shakopee)                                      BRONZE – Mike Chavez, Membership                    1st – 21 Chapter Road Runs (Lake Elmo)
                                                                                                                         2nd – 13 Chapter Road Runs (New Munich)
Director                                                             10th Degrees                                        3rd - 11 Chapter Road Runs (St. Paul)
GOLD – Jackie Van Deusen (St. Paul)                                  Mandy & Justin Harrison (Shakopee)
SILVER – Curt Carstensen (Rochester)                                 Eric & Angel Scott (St. Paul)                       Chapter that visited a new chapter (Most
BRONZE – Meredith Black (Shakopee)                                   Debbie Carlson (Burnsville)                         Miles)
                                                                     Molly Tighe (Hopkins Area)                          New Munich Jaycees 398 miles
State Delegate                                                       Barb Kubly (Truman)
GOLD – Justin Lashley (St. Paul)                                                                                         Most New Member Adds
SILVER – Mandy Harrison (Shakopee)                                   Parade of Chapters                                  BBE Jaycees 19
BRONZE – Sally Kellen-Koltes (New Munich)                            1st Place – Hopkins Area
                                                                     2nd Place - Shakopee                                Highest Growth Chapter over base for Third
Outstanding Alumni                                                   3rd Place – New Munich                              Trimester
GOLD-Martin “Toon” Bauman (Delano)                                   4th Place – Lake Elmo                               Detroit Lakes +7
SILVER-Lyle Klasen (New Munich)

12     Mi nn eso t a J ay c e es G OP HE R N ews M ag azin e - F eb ru a r y 2010/ M ar ch 2010
Highest Growth Region over base for Third Lyle Klasen (New Munich)                                        Jen Jaso - Family Life
Trimester                                                                                                 Pete Colarich - Youth Sports
Region 5 +27                              Tres Goetting                                                   Mike Waterbury - First Timers
                                          Mandy Harrison (Shakopee)                                       Ann Waterbury - Awards
Most New Mebber Adds for the Year
Brainerd +67                              Henry Giessenbier, Jr Award                                     Region Staff Keys
                                          Shakopee Jaycees                                                BRONZE
Highest Growth Chapter over base for the                                                                  Laura Chesney - Region 6 District II Director
Year                                      Hampton Whetsell                                                Heather Heim - Region 6 Director
Grand Rapids +22                          BBE Area Jaycees                                                SILVER
                                                                                                          Patrick Baumgard - Region 5 Director
Highest Growth Region over base for the                     Frank Vandais Memorial Award                  GOLD
Year                                                        Region 6                                      Danielle Nesvold - Region 9 Director
Region 1 +30                                                                                              Jari Steinlage - Region 6 District I Director
                                                            Danny Schroeder Memorial Award
Write-Up                                                    Lyle Klassen ( New Munich)                    State Delegate Keys
Runner-Up-Jess Strand (Lake Elmo)                                                                         BRONZE
Winner – Christina Schmitz (Lake Elmo)                      Outstanding Program Manager of the Year       Sally Kellen - New Munich
                                                            Pete Colarich (Youth Sports)                  SILVER
Debate                                                                                                    Justin Lashely - Saint Paul
First Place Team Brainerd                                   Sheridan Adams Award                          Sara Piekarski - Fergus Falls
Tad Johnson, Gabe Johnson & Angie Hanske                    Mike Chavez (Membership)                      GOLD
2nd Place Team St. Paul                                                                                   Joel Blom - Hopkins Area
Justin Lashley, Magnus Skoog and Mike Weiss                 Outstanding District Director of the Year     Mandy Harrison - Shakopee
                                                            Jari Steinlage R6DD1
Jaycee Jeopardy                                                                                           Chapter President Keys
First Place Winner – Joel Blom (Hopkins Area) Outstanding Regional Director of the Year                   BRONZE
Runner-up – Pete Colarich (Hopkins Area)      Danielle Nesvold, RD9                                       Debbie Ackerman - Saint Paul
                                                                                                          Melissa Weinacht - Burnsville
Munganest                                                   Jaycee of the Year                            Heather Noyes - Lake Elmo
Justin and Mandy Harrison (Shakopee)                        Amy Bicek (St. Paul)                          Dawn Palmer - Bemidji
                                                                                                          Crystal Tasseff - Truman
Armbruster                                                  New Jaycee of the Year                        SILVER
Sam Rich (Bemidji)                                          Kathleen Sprole (Minneapolis)                 Peggy Stroeing - New Munich
                                                                                                          Kathleen Sprole - Minneapolis
First Timer's – Trivia Winner                               Charles Culp Memorial Awards                  GOLD
James Koltes (New Munich)                                   Beth Blom (Hopkins Area)                      Sarah Stenerson - Fergus Falls
                                                            Sarah Stenerson (Fergus Falls)                Irene Mittlestat - Rochester
First Timer's – Signature Winner                            Irene Mittlestadt (Rochester)                 Beth Blom - Hopkins Area
James Koltes (New Munich)                                   Justin Harrison (Shakopee)                    Justin Harrison – Shakopee

First Timer’s Overall                                       Blue Chip Chapters                        Presidential Medallions
James Koltes (New Munich)                                   Hopkins Area, Rochester, Fergus Falls, Lake
                                                                                                      Randi Su Tanem, Bemidji
                                                            Elmo, Shakopee                            Clint Meyer, Brainerd
First Timer's Participants                                                                            April Bohlman, Bemidji
Bemidji-Shannon Perry, Kime Williams, Ryan Thomas and       Regional Blue Chip-Region 9               Kris Anderson, Shakopee
Rick Francisco                                              District Blue Chip-Region 6 District 1    Jennifer Nerdahl, Shakopee
Shakopee-Chris Walczak,Kristin Thesing, Alyson Pysarsky,
Julie Haas and Gloria DeSantiago
                                                                                                      Julie Hruska, Shakopee
Hopkins Area-Sarah Vogt                                     Overall Annual Report-Hopkins Area        Chad Groetsch, St Cloud
Lake Elmo-Sarah Hastings                                                                              Darvin Bohlman, Bemidji
New Munich-James Koltes                                     Jim Jurek Memorial Award-Brian Levanduski Juanita Beauchamp, Foley
Truman-Lindsey Bell and Jason Charlet                                                                 Sam Rich. Bemidji
Burnsville-Danielle Walschmidt                              Duane Reese Memorial Award-Alexandria     Jackie Allman, Hopkins Area
Sauk Rapids-Michaela Green                                  Jaycees (Jingle Bells)                    Ann Waterbury, New Munich
Owatonna-Becca Hanson
                                                                                                      Pete Colarich, Hopkins Area
Brainerd-Xoey Engisch, Nicole Johnson, Trina Volkl, Angie
Nelson, Katy Spoden and Melody Owens                        KEY AWARDS                                Jessi Heimer, Minneapolis
                                                            VICE PRESIDENTS-                          Mike Glum, Hopkins Area
5 Member Pins                                               GOLD Mike Chavez-Membership               Brandi Weihe, Truman
Rachelle Ricke (Burnsville)                                 SILVER-Char Blashill, Administrative      Drew Nerdahl, Shakopee
Melissa Weinacht (Burnsville)                               BRONZE-Jason Benton, Community            Dawn Palmer, Bemidji
Juanita Beauchamp (Foley Area)                                                                        Laura Chesney, Saint Paul
Beth Blom (Hopkins Area)                                    Programming Keys                          Jeri Lemke, Hopkins Area
Jari Steinlage (Hopkins Area)                               BRONZE                                    Trisha Reinwald, St. Paul
                                                            April Bohlman - State Secretary           Dustin Fredericksen, Hopkins Area
Les Farrington                                              Paula Heyer - Road Run                    Mark Ewert, Hopkins Area
Sarah Stenerson (Fergus Falls)                              Tony Wencl - Retention Coordinator        Ketti Green, Big Lake
10 member Pins                                              Angel Scott - Blue Chip/Performers Club
Deb Carlson (Burnsville)                                    SILVER
Peggy Stroeing (New Munich)                                 Heather Kolstad - Conventions
                                                            Lisa Ahlquist - Treasurer
 V ol . 21 No . 1
Lifetime Achievement Awards: Senators, Ambassador, Statesman Honorees

 Our Senate, Statesman, and Ambassador awards are
 an opportunity to recognize Jaycees that have gone
 above and beyond in their years of service within
 the Jaycee organization.

 A reminder that the application deadline for States-
 man, Ambassador and Senatorships are all March
 15, 2010.

 For the application materials and questions, contact:

 Statesman ( Brian Levanduski,
 Ambassadors: Denise Olsen,                                       Statesman Molly Tighe, Hopkins      Statesman Drew Nerdahl, Shakopee
 Senate: Greg Borders,

         Senator Dana Listerud, Shakopee                                           Senator Denise Olsen, Shakopee   Statesman Sarah Stenerson, Fergus Falls

       Ambassador Jeri Lemke, Hopkins                                        Statesman Jesse Henning, Lake Elmo      Statesman Spencer Sokoly, Lake Elmo

                                             Spring Convention 2010

  Now                                        Recent Strategic Plan Updates

Available                                    Marketing/Communications Resources

 online!                                     New Minnesota Jaycees Branding Resources for Chapters:

                                             Online Dues and Alumni Dues Payments

14    Mi nn eso t a J ay c e es G OP HE R N ews M ag azin e - F eb ru a r y 2010/ M ar ch 2010
                             Share Your Impact:                                                                        Give us your Feedback:
            Your Time in the Jaycees; Your Impact                                                                      Minnesota Jaycees Gopher

   Share Your Impact!                                                                                 Please take a moment to fill out the survey on our
                                                                                                      Gopher publication- we are looking for your feedback
   As we strengthen our brand and how we are seen in the mar-                                         on the value you place on the different types of con-
   ketplace- we are working hard to communicate the amazing                                           tent that we print.
   impact that Jaycees have statewide.
                                                                                                      We want to ensure that what we produce is helpful,
   Help us tell the story of what it means to be a Jaycee, the                                        interesting, and what our members are interested in
   impact that it has had on your life as a young person. These                                       seeing from us… and we need your input and ideas.
   stories are what make us unique from any other organization
   out there looking to engage young people.                                                          As we assess and plan our communications in the
                                                                                                      future- your feedback on this resource is incredibly
   We know we have an amazing impact on young members,                                                important. Thank you for taking the time to share your
   and an amazing impact on our communities-                                                          input.

                    What impact has being a Jaycee had on you?                                                                     Share your ideas with us!
                                      Share your story with us!                                                       

                                                            Minnesota Jaycees 2009 Outstanding Young Farmer

                                                                                                             Ryan Feist was selected as the 2009 Outstanding
                                                                                                             Young Farmer (OYF) after an interview and presenta-
                                                                                                             tion process on December 5, 2009. Feist, a Wells, MN
                                                                                                             resident and recruitment professional with Land O’
                                                                                                             Lakes, has been working on the family farm with his
                                         2009 Outstanding Young Farmer Ryan Feist
                                                                                                             father since he started walking and would often fall
                                           View his story online at                                          asleep under the tractor seat while his father finished
                                                                              his work. Upon completion of his Agronomy, CCA,
                                     Pictured, left back to left front:                                      TSP degree three years ago Feist purchased his first 58
                                     Jason Gadd, President, Nominee Scott                                    acres to start his own corn and soybean farm. With
                                     Poepping, Nominee Christy Sathre, and
                                     2009 OYF Ryan Feist                                                     help from his father and brother he has grown his hog
                                                                                                             operation from a 600 grow to finish operation to a
                                                                                                             nearly 10,000 wean to finish operation. He is also a
                                                                                                             board member of the Farm House Fraternity Alumni
                                                                                                             Association, a board member for the Wells Historical
                                                                                                             Society, an active Jaycee, and active in his church.

                                                                                                               To hear the stories and advice of this year’s
                                                                 Pictured, left back to left front:                          honorees go to
                                                                 President Jason Gadd , OYF
                                                                 Nominee Christy Sathre, 2009           
                                                                 OYF Ryan Feist, Kristen Cici,
                                                                 Anita Patel, Jason DeRusha,
                                                                 Brian Peterson, Sara Piekarski,
                                                                 John Zaharia, Patrick Mastey,
                                                                 Norman Jones, Ben Stowe,
                                                                 OYF Nominee Scott Poepping
V ol. 21 N o. 1                                                                                                                                                   15
 Henry Giessenbier, Jr. Award                                                       Management Development Awards
      Shakopee Jaycees                       Outstanding Program Manager of          – Shakopee, Rochester, St. Paul
                                             the Year, Pete Colarich, Hopkins               and Lake Elmo

   Les Farrington Award,             New Jaycee of the Year,
                                                                        Community Development Vice Presidents
Sarah Stenerson, Fergus Falls      Kathleen Sprole, Minneapolis
                                                                      Lane Brudieck, South St. Paul; Kris Anderson
                                                                      Shakopee; not pictured- Deb Most, Saint Paul

          Management Development Awards
    Pam Funk, New Munich; Angela Hanske, Brainerd;
              Robin Groetsch, St. Cloud

                                                                           2009 State Vice Presidents and
                                                                                   Regional Staff
                   Director Awards
 Meredith Black, Shakopee; St. Paul; not pictured- Curt
Carstensen, Rochester; not pictured- Jackie Van Deusen
                  Charles Kulp Award                                                                  Treasurer Awards
         (Outstanding Local Chapter President)                                                      Chris Walczak, Shakopee
Beth Blom, Hopkins Area; Irene Middlestadt, Roches-       Tres Goetting Award
                                                        Mandy Harrison, Shakopee            not-pictured-Jackie Hase, South St. Paul,
ter; Justin Harrison, ShakopeeSarah Stenerson, Fergus
                          Falls                                                               not-pictured-Jim Rudnick, Willmar

                               Gold Chapter Presidents                  Duane Reese Award (Outstanding
                            Peggy Stroehing, New Munich                      Community Project)
                            Sarah Stenerson, Fergus Falls                     Alexandria Jaycees–
                              Justin Harrison, Shakopee                      Jingle Bells Telethon

                                                                                                               Jaycee of the Year
                                                                                                                   Amy Bicek
                                                                                                                 St. Paul Jaycees

                           #1 Parade of Chapters
                           Hopkins Area Jaycees                            Hampton Whetsell Award
                                                                        (Outstanding First Year Chapter)
                                                                               BBE Area Jaycees
Contributor Article by Lisa Hiebert, Director of Marketing and Communications for Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys,
Minnesota Jaycees Branding Workgroup Member

 A brand is much more than just a logo. Take a moment to think of all                                                                                       A good story
 the logos you have seen today. Which ones are can you recall easily?                               Quotes, Photo, Video=           always has testi-
 What do you think and how do you feel about those brands? We ask                                                                   monials – or
 you about the brand specifically- because you probably are not thinking                                            Impactful Story comments from
 of the graphic logo right now, but rather the memorable qualities about                                                                                      people who
 the product or service.                                                                           were a part of the project or benefitted from the project. Don’t be afraid
                                                                                                   to ask someone for a quote or two about how the project impacted
 Brands have evolved from just being another product or service. For                               them. They help tell your story from a different, and often, a more credi-
 example, it is no longer just chocolate, but Dove, Hershey's, or                                  ble position. Finally, the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand
 Ghirardelli chocolate. Brands have a level of consistency, quality, and                           words is true. People love to see pictures and video is even better;
 even values associated with them. The Jaycees brand is no different. As                           whenever possible use pictures to help tell your story—in print, online,
 Jaycees we have a shared mission and values to develop young leaders                              and in person.
 that work to improve each other and our communities. How we accom-
 plish leadership development is by hands-on mentoring, project manage-                            Our Minnesota Jaycees brand is rich with more than 75 years of people,
 ment, risk-taking, teamwork, and community service through our local                              photos, and stories. As chapters work together across the state to share
 projects and programs. It doesn’t matter where our projects occur: a                              our stories of success and community impact, pretty soon people will
 community festival in rural Minnesota, sandbox fill in the suburbs, or a                          hear our name, and see our new logo, and easily recall the true difference
 Valentines’ party for senior citizens in the inner city; we have leadership                       that Jaycees have made on young leaders and our communities.
 through service as a common thread and it is important that we share
 our Jaycees’ stories and successes.

                                                              A strong brand
                                                                                                                   “We must be able to say and
   Your Story= Strengthened Brand in the nonprofit                                                                   show that Jaycees are ac-
                                                              world has com-                                            tive, young leaders.
 pelling stories that catch people’s interests and attention, as well as con-
 nect them to the mission (and name) of the organization. In order to                                               We must be able to demon-
 better talk about, and support, our Jaycees brand- each individual, pro-
 ject, chapter, region, and state must work together to highlight the im-                                           strate that we are different
 pact that that Jaycees make on our members and our greater communi-                                                from other young adult or-
 ties. We must be able to say and show that Jaycees are active, young                                               ganizations because we are
 leaders. We must be able to demonstrate that we are different from other                                            more than just promoting
 young adult organizations because we are more than just promoting our                                              our businesses and profes-
 businesses and professions through networking; we get involved and
 make a tangible difference in the lives of those around us.                                                         sions through networking;

                                                            Telling your                                           we get involved and make a
  How to Tell Your Story                                    Jaycee story in a                                       tangible difference in the
                                                            public forum                                            lives of those around us.
 can be intimidating, but it does not require a degree in public relations or
 communications– it requires the passion you already have for your pro-
 jects and a little time to prepare.
 Passion and personality can make a story come alive, but facts and num-
 bers can add depth and credibility. A very simple way to calculate some
 “numbers” and talk about the impact that your project has had is by
 answering individual, chapter, and community impact question number
 10 in the Chairperson’s Planning Guide with some additional informa-
            Who were the individuals impacted by your project? (Get
            specific: children in low-income housing; senior citizens at an
            assisted living center, etc.)                                                                                        What impact has being a
            How many people were impacted by your project?                                                                            Jaycee had on you?
            What were the impacted individuals/groups able to do be-                                                             Share your story with us!
            cause of the Jaycee project?
            How did the Jaycee project change their lives? The commu-
            How much money was raised? What does the money benefit?                                                                 shareyourimpact

 18     Mi nn eso t a J ay c e es G OP HE R N ews M ag azin e - F eb ru a r y 2010/ M ar ch 2010
                                                        STRATEGIC BRANDING INITIATIVE
                                                             The Minnesota Jay-
Rolling Out Our Brand:                                       cees have announced
 A Strategic Brand that Communicates Impact                  the results of the
                                                             branding process that
                                                             has been in the works
for the last two years. As a part of the Strategic Plan of the Minnesota Jaycees,
adopted by the Board of Directors in January of 2008– the branding goal
Workgroup was charged with developing the following:
• Strengthen messaging around our mission, who we are, and what we want to
   communicate to our communities with the goal of increasing visibility and
   improving recruitment
• Determining what brand standards, best practices, and consistency we need
   to institute to build recognition of our brand.
• Designing a new logo that communicated our message and incorporated our new                 Why Was Rebranding Necessary?
   font and color standards

                                                             A brand is not just a logo– a
                                                                                                We know that today, young people are vol-
What is a Brand?                                             brand is how people feel about     unteering in record numbers
                                                             you when they walk in the          We also know that membership in the Jay-
door, what their experience is like, the look, feel and sound of your organization and its      cees nationally has been in decline for sev-
members. A brand is the impression you want to give the public– how you communi-                eral years
cate who you are as an organization, what you strive to be. A logo is the visual repre-
sentation of all of that. That is why it is important that the visual elements of our brand
                                                                                                Our research into the marketplace has
align with who we are as an organization and what we strive to be.                              shown us that the Minnesota Jaycees are an
                                                                                                essential asset to the civic health of Minne-
                                                           Our brand is the focal point of      sota
Why is our Brand important?                                our strategic plan– clarity and      Brand inconsistency and coming changes at
                                                           consistency of message, look         the JCI and US Jaycees meant we needed to
and feel– are all necessary to ensure success in the other areas of our strategic plan
implementation, and ultimately necessary for the long-term health of our organization.          position Minnesota’s brand to strengthen
We know we have a set of strengths and assets as an organization- proven impact on              ourselves here first
individuals and proven impact on communities. The problem identified through the                The last two years of market analysis and
strategic planning process was that we lack clarity in our messaging and we lack consis-        research has shown us that
tency; both of these things have weakened our brand over the years. The brand analysis          Our brand doesn’t stand out with competi-
found that current messaging lacks confidence and lacks positioning. The brand analy-
sis also found that the current branding doesn’t show the youth and energy that our             tion
membership really represents.                                                                   We don’t have broad recognition out in the
                                                           While a logo is NOT a brand-         Our brand doesn’t resonate with people out
Why is a logo important?                                   it is the visual representation      side the organization, with our target mar-
                                                           of your brand. We had to
ensure that our visual element reflected who we were as an organization- reflected the
                                                                                                ket of young people
results of our strategic plan work and our analysis that demonstrated that we are a             We knew our brand needed to:
strong organization, with a strong mission, and a large impact.                                      • Evoke an emotional connection
A new logo doesn’t change who we are, it is meant to better reflect who we are to all of                with external audience
those young people out in the community that are not already a part of the organiza-
tion.                                                                                                • Carry clarity and understanding of
           The new logo is meant to:                                                                    who we are as an organization
           • Evoke an emotional connection with an outsider, build understanding of                  • Communicate our local focus AND
              who we are as an organization                                                             the larger impact we have statewide
           • Represent the powerful convergence of local chapter and member achieve-
              ments into our greater statewide impact
                                                                                                Video: Overview of the Minnesota
           • Represent coming together and spreading out
                                                                                                   Jaycees Branding Initiative:
           • Communicate : Energy, Freshness, Connection, Movement, and a classic/     
              timeless look and feel

                                     Branding Tools Web Page:

  V ol. 2 1 No. 1

     Foundation Chapter Grants                                                                      Hall of Leadership Award
     Deadline: March 15                                                                             Deadline: April 15

     It's time to apply for a Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Founda-                                  Now is the time to think about past Jaycees from your chapter
     tion’s Chapter Grants! This is a program designed to provide                                   who have taken their knowledge and leadership skills and con-
     funding to local Jaycee chapters to fund projects within their                                 tinued to work within your community.
     community. The grants will be given out at the Hall of Leader-
     ship luncheon on Saturday of the Spring All-State convention.                                  The Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation Hall of Leader-
                                                                                                    ship Award is a prestigious award that recognizes former Jaycees
     The following criteria has been established for the grants:                                    over the age of 40 years of age. These individuals from local
                                                                                                    chapters have continued to excel in leadership, professional life,
          Projects will be selected based on community impact and/                                  and service to your community!
          or furthering the Jaycee movement.
                                                                                                    The Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation is now seeking
          Projects submitted must be completed during the next                                      nominations for these deserving past Jaycees. The Hall of Lead-
          twelve months, retroactive grant requests will not be con-                                ership Luncheon, where these outstanding individuals will be
          sidered.                                                                                  honored in front of their fellow Jaycees and peers, will be held in
                                                                                                    conjunction with the Minnesota Jaycees Spring Convention at
                                                                                                    Sugar Lake Lodge in Grand Rapids MN on May 14-16.
          Grant amounts will not exceed the project budget and the
          grant money must only be used for the project described in
                                                                                                    The deadline for nominations is April 15, 2010. Please Mail
          the request. If the project is not completed, the grant funds
                                                                                                    Your completed nomination form to the Minnesota Jaycees
          must be returned. A final CPG will be required upon com-
                                                                                                    Charitable Foundation * 2101 West Highway 13* Burnsville,
          pletion of the project.
                                                                                                    MN 55337

          Applications for the grant must include the *Minnesota                                    Questions call Foundation Board Trustee Nora Anderson 952-
          Jaycees Charitable Foundation Grant Application Form*                                     431-3640
          (which can be downloaded at **) and an
          *initial CPG* (first 7 questions). Grants will be judged
          based on the impact of the project, not the quality of the                                  
          CPG.                                                                                                      hallofleadership.htm

        If you are interested in applying, Applica-
             tions are due March 15th! Go to

     Our Mission: Minnesota Jaycees                                                                 The Foundation:
     Charitable Foundation                                                                          Investing in the Jaycees

      Your support of the Minnesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation                                        Donate: Support the Jaycees with a one-time online dona-
      provides direct connection to the individual and community                                         tion: or mail a check to Min-
      development programming that is essential to building more                                         nesota Jaycees Charitable Foundation, 2101 W Hwy 13,
      effective community leaders across the state. As a nonprofit                                       Burnsville, MN 55117
      organization, we rely on you to step up and support the work                                       Sustain: Supporting the Jaycees with a recurring donation:
      you value and believe in.                                                                
      An investment in our organization through a contribution                                           Leverage: See if your company has a matching program for
                                                                                                         contributions or volunteer time:
      helps support:
                Our strategic plan implementation
                                                                                                         Workplace Campaigns: Companies and other organiza-
                Maintaining the building and other infrastructure                                        tions often sponsor United Way giving campaigns; Consider
                that the Minnesota Jaycees depend on at the Chap-                                        designating your donation by writing in the Minnesota Jay-
                ter Service Center (including a new roof!)                                               cees Charitable Foundation as your charity of choice.
                Our professional and personal development train-                                         Personal Campaigns: Make it personal! Start a facebook
                ings                                                                                     cause and set up your own matching fund for the Minnesota
                Our project support grants to chapters                                                   Jaycees Charitable Foundation. You can also join Facebook
                                                                                                         Causes we have already started at
                                                                                                         Sponsor: If you or your business are interested in sponsor-
                                                                                                         ing an event or some of the Minnesota Jaycees' program-
                                                                                                         ming, please contact

20       Mi nn eso t a J ay c e es G OP HE R N ews M ag azin e - F eb ru a r y 2010/ M ar ch 2010
                                                                            BOARDS OF ALL VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATIONS
                                                                                 By Jan Masaoka,
This article is reprinted with permission from Blue Avocado, a free bite-sized magazine by believe in the organization's work will want to ensure that they en-
and for nonprofit people. Subscribe free and see archives at           courage new leaders (even if they seem to be doing it all wrong at
                                                                                  first) and let the organization grow into its own future. (This may

          ll-volunteer organizations (AVOs) are a major social and                mean allowing current activities to die out and new activities to take
          economic force, but are seldom given credit for their work.             their place.)
          Through all-volunteer organizations, people conquer alco-
holism, clean up                                                                  Some people with wonderful skills are reluctant to envision them-
                            Volunteerism is an enormous
beaches, care for the                                                             selves in a board role. They may see board members as experts with
dying, coach basketball economic force, yet it is never                           special training. In fact, the boards of all-volunteer organizations are
teams, advocate for gun mentioned in business school or                           among the best places in the world to find training and become an
control, rescue abused in economics departments.                                  expert in managing people and organizations. Current board mem-
animals, raise their                                                              bers need to seek out valued volunteers and encourage them to
voices in song, publish --Walter Hoadley, former Chief                            stretch their skills by joining the board, and support them once they
literary journals, raise    Economist for the Bank of                             get there.
scholarship funds, pre- America
serve local history, serve
as volunteer fire depart-                                            When the board presidency or other leadership position changes
ments, organize protest                                              hands, many AVOs find that the organization's papers and obliga-
                                       marches, exchange heirloom    tions get lost in the
                                                                     move. At the very least, “Board members who truly
                                       seeds, host visitors from foreign
                                                                     one sturdy box should
                                       countries, change public percep-                          believe in the organization's
                                       tion about the disabled, help be "the organizational      work will want to ensure that
                                                                     safe." It can contain the they encourage new leaders
                                       adoptees and birth parents find
                                                                     official documents and
                                       each other, and in thousands of
                                                                     be easily passed along      (even if they seem to be do-
                                       ways make our communities                                 ing it all wrong at first) and
                                       work better.                  from one president to
                                                                     the next. Some organiza- let the organization grow into
                                                                     tions have one box for
                                     That these and countless other each position of respon-
                                                                                                 its own future.
services are provided by volunteers and not by paid staff would      sibility; these are cere-
come as a surprise to many. All-volunteer organizations are nonprof- monially presented at a meeting or installation dinner to the incom-
its where volunteers manage the organization and do most or all of   ing generation of leaders. (If everyone in the group is actively online,
the work. The job of management is done by the volunteer leaders, a service such as a Yahoo Group or a Google Group may be helpful
usually the board.                                                   for document storage).

The term "board" means the group of people that runs the organiza-                The second crucial job for the board is also intangible: the role the
tion. Some groups elect officers, while in others anyone can join the             board plays in establishing a tone for the organization. Through ex-
"core group," or the "steering committee." Because many all-                      ample, leaders foster a spirit where others contribute gladly, not re-
volunteer organizations haven't taken the legal steps to form a non-              luctantly or guiltily. And by paying scrupulous attention to financial
profit corporation, there may not be a legal board of directors.                  matters, and ensuring that government and other paperwork is filed
Nonetheless, the term "board" is a convenient way of identifying this             properly, the board demonstrates a commitment to doing things
leadership group.                                                                 right.

In a nonprofit with paid staff, an important role of the board is its             Some of today's all-volunteer organizations will be tomorrow's multi-
governance function: to hold staff accountable to the community                   million dollar, influential and powerful organizations that change
purpose. The board ensures that the organization complies with tax                laws, change public opinion, and shape society. Others will continue
and legal requirements and uses funds efficiently towards the organi-             to be the invisible glue that connects people's connections that form
zation's priorities. In their supporting role, board members often                the framework for strong communities. In a thousand ways, board
assist staff in the work of the organization, whether that's helping to           members in all-volunteer organizations are the grassroots leaders and
raise money, assisting with accounting or volunteering in a women’s               "keepers of the spirit" upon which so much of community cohesive-
shelter, a thrift shop, or a community center.                                    ness and social change depend.

There are two responsibilities in particular that are uniquely impor-
tant in AVOS: recruiting new leaders, and turning over responsibili-                      •    Board Café newsletter:
ties to them. Sometimes long-time leaders and volunteers view the                    
organization as "their baby" and are sharply critical and undermining                     •    All Hands on Board: the Board of Direc-
of anyone whose approach is different. Letting go is difficult for                             tors in an All– Volunteer Organization:
them. They may find fault with new volunteers, or refuse to allow                    
newcomers to take on real responsibility. Board members who truly                              ID=2.279
   V ol. 2 1 No. 1
Tools to Manage your Jaycee Work

Facebook Start-up Guide
If you haven’t already, consider starting a Facebook group or fan page for your

This is proving to be a great tool for nonprofits and volunteer groups to help
organize themselves, communicate to the public, and get conversation going. If           
you make your page public, it can serve as a website for a chapter that doesn’t
have one!                                                                                                    •    Keep your chapter’s calendar up to date
                                                                                                             •    Set up discussion boards
Chapters should note that if they have a “profile” set up for their chapter– Face-                           •    Include RSS feeds of your yahoo groups
book as been making a habit of shutting down organizations that are using profiles
as if they were a person. The two options you have as a chapter are to create a                              •    Load in picture galleries
page or a group.                                                                                             •    Connect to you chapter twitter feed, live up-
                                                                                                                  date your members
For some good pointers on the difference between a Facebook Profile, Group,                                  •    Send updates, emails to group or page mem-
and Page go to :                                                                                                  bers
                                                                                                             •    Encourage your chapter members to be ac-
                                                                      tively promoting the chapter Facebook page
                                                    Check out the MN Jaycees Facebook Page and find other
                                                                                                   chapters and regions across the state that are all up on Face-
The basics of the difference between Groups and pages:                                             book!

            •      Groups are meant to be more private, more interactive in nature       
                   among your group members– great for not organizing chapter
            •      Pages are more public, show up in Google search results, but are
                   more difficult to drive traffic to the page, great for a more outward
                   -looking presence in Facebook

• Event Brite: - Free for online RSVPs to events, online ticketing, low cost
 online registration for paid events, print name tags, communicate with attendees

• Doodle: - Free meeting scheduling tool, send a survey to meeting attendees
 and they can select the best dates/times for meeting m the list you have created for them

• Basecamp:– Free project management software (you can create
 one project for free). Track tasks, timelines, chat about the project, set goals and track duties of
 group members

• Survey Monkey:– survey members, event attendees, use polls to
 set meetings.

•– Exactly what it sounds
 like, the only catch is that the calls are NOT toll-free. You can also record the calls for
 people who missed the meeting!

• YouSendIt:
     Send really large files for free using this service– no more bounced emails
     when you try and send PDFs or powerpoint slides!

30      Mi nn eso t a J ay c e es G OP HE R N ews M ag azin e - F eb ru a r y 2010/ M ar ch 2010
Preliminary Details– more coming soon!                                       The Fun is a BIG Part of the Experience!
                                                                                   Friday Night => Friday night hospitality will be held in one
                                                                                   large conference room along with registration, and Friday night
         Elevation => Our Rebranding                                               awards. No outside alcohol is allowed.
         We continue to provide resources, training, and education about
         our brand and how our rebranding will strengthen local chap-                  The Entertainment => Friday and Saturday Dances are pro-
         ters. More information at                                  vided by Dean-o-mite Entertainment! Saturday night theme is
         BrandingTools.htm                                                             "dead celebrities"! Bring our your best impersonations!

         Impact => Featured Keynote To Be Announced                                    The Location => Hotel information: Sugar Lake Lodge, (800)
                                                                                       450-4555 – room rate starts at $95 with many options for ac-
         Achievements => Awards                                                        commodations. The Jaycees have the whole resort- so all cabins
         Come and cheer on other Jaycees as we recognize outstanding                   and rooms are set with our special convention rates- just men-
         leadership throughout 2010. Saturday will feature the Hall of                 tion you are with the Jaycees.
         Leadership Luncheon, sponsored by the Minnesota Jaycees
         Charitable Foundation. Recognize an outstanding past Jaycee                   The Freebies => Arrive early on Friday and stay later on Sun-
         that has gone on to be a community leader- submit a nomina-                   day to take advantage of the free greens fees and driving range
         tion! Go to                                                privileges. In addition, we'll have free access to the marina.
                                                                                       Child Care => TBA whether there will be child care available
                                                                                       at this convention.
         Elevation => Training Breakout Sessions
         Training Breakout Sessions will be announced soon

         Achievements => Individual Development Competitions
         Speak-Up, Write-Up, and Debate will take place at Spring Con-                Full Agenda, Online Registration, and Download-
         vention. Contact IDVP Debbie Ackermann with                                             able Registration Form at with questions.                                       

 In the News: State Minnesota Jaycees Win New Website

 Nerdery Interactive Labs (The Nerdery) announced in February the          tion judges assessed applications from nearly 50 Minnesota nonprof-
 names of 16 nonprofit organizations selected for The Nerdery Over-        its; they also will pick the top development team at The Nerdery’s all-
 night Website Challenge, the web development firm’s volunteer-            nighter.
 driven 24-hour event. The Minnesota Jaycees were selected as one of
 16 nonprofits (out of over 50 applicants) to receive free web devel-
 opment services.

 In just the first two years of this annual event, volunteer web pros                 View the press release and the
 have donated more than 5,000 hours of professional services to 23                  list of other nonprofit winners at:
 nonprofits – with a real-world market value of more than $500,000.
 Last year, 120 volunteers pulled all-nighters helping nonprofits they’d   
 only just met.

 Competing nonprofits had to articulate how they’d direct volunteer
 teams of 9-10 web pros to further their mission online. Selection
 judges also considered organizational need and online testimonials
 from people most intimately involved with the nonprofits. The selec-

   V ol. 2 1 No. 1

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