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					                                                         STUDENT HOUSING INFORMATION
                                                         Jesuit School of Theology

JST-SCU Housing Options
   e School sponsors three Lay Communities for those who want to live in intentional Christian community during
their studies. Each community has its own character and commitments. If you indicate interest in community living
when you submit your housing pro le, you will receive a brief description of each community and its neighborhood.
You’ll have a conversation about community living with the Dean of Students and begin the process for exploring
community living at JST-SCU. Rents range from $413 to $595 per person. No pets allowed.

Apartment living is also available in school-owned apartment buildings. Rents range from $720 to $1,750 per person
for studios, 1 bedroom and shared 2 bedroom apartments. No pets allowed.

Other Housing Options
Many interesting housing options are available in the Berkeley area. A limited number of housing spaces may be avail-
able through the Graduate eological Union (GTU) schools. Real estate agencies, rental assistance groups, and the
Community Life o ce at UC Berkeley o er listings of available units. is a great place to begin a search
for housing in the Bay Area. Rents range from $900 for studios to $1800 or more for one bedroom apartments. Two
or three bedroom apartments rent from $2000 and up.

Move In Costs
Move in costs usually include rst and last month’s rent and security deposit, due prior to moving into the rental unit.
For example: if the monthly rent is $900 and the security deposit is $1250, then the total move in cost is $3050. Some
units rent month-to-month while others may require a 12 month lease agreement. Security deposits can be expected
to be higher if you have poor tenant history, bad credit, or pets.

House Hunting Trips
If you are not able to secure housing in one of the buildings owned or operated by one of the schools of the GTU, a
house hunting trip to the Bay Area is a very good idea. House hunting in June and July is preferable to August when
5,000 new students descend on Berkeley.

Starting Your Search
Please review this bulletin as you begin to organize your plan for securing housing for your years of study. To begin
your search, ll out the Student Housing Pro le and send it to: Receptionist, Jesuit School of eology of Santa Clara
University, 1735 Le Roy Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94709. Once we have received your request, we will contact you about
availability. If we are not able to meet your housing needs in school owned housing (e.g.: if you have pets, or need a
larger unit than we have available), we will be happy to advise you in your housing search, but it will be your respon-
sibility to nd housing that meets your needs.
Student Housing Offered by GTU Schools
GTU a liate schools have a wide variety of housing options. Some of these units become available to students near
the end of the summer. Dorm rooms with meal plans are available through the Paci c School of Religion (PSR) and
Church Divinity School of the Paci c (CDSP). e fees are paid per semester. is is frequently an excellent option
for international students. Pets are permitted in one residence hall at PSR. Most of the other schools have apartment
housing similar to the buildings owned by JST-SCU. Students at JST-SCU can be put on a waiting list for these units.
Relying on a waiting list can be risky as rooms do not open until the last minute when students may have few choices.
Students interested in being on the wait list should contact the Housing Coordinators at the schools. Please note that
you may not receive a decision until August.

     American Baptist Seminary               San Francisco Theological               Church Divinity School
     of the West (ABSW)                      Seminary (SFTS)                         of the Pacific (CDSP)
     2606 Dwight Way                         2 Kensington Road                       2451 Ridge Road
     Berkeley, CA 94704                      San Anselmo, CA 94960                   Berkeley, CA 94709
     (5I0) 841-1905                          (415) 258-6500                          (510) 204-0705
     Studio, l & 2 BR located south of       Studio, 1& 2 BR located at              Dorms, studio, 1& 2 BR
     campus at Hillegass & Benvenue          2466 Virginia Street, Berkeley          located 1 block from JST

     Pacific Lutheran Theological             Pacific School of Religion
     Seminary (PLTS)                         (PSR)
     2770 Marin Ave.                         1798 Scenic Ave.
     Berkeley, CA 94708                      Berkeley, CA 94709
     (510) 524-5264                          (510) 848-0528
     Dorms, 1& 2 BR located approx.          Dorms, shared 1BR, 2BR (Families)
     2.5 miles North of campus               located 2 blocks from JST!

Live off Campus & Take BART
Many students have found spacious and more a ordable housing in Albany, El Cerrito, Richmond, and Oakland.
  ey avoid the Berkeley parking problem by taking BART and the Campus Commuter.        e Campus Commuter is a
shuttle operated by UC Berkeley that runs around the perimeter of the campus. e shuttle stops include the Down-
town Berkeley BART station (Center & Shattuck), and the North Gate (Hearst & Euclid), a few blocks from school.
BART commuters and students living on the south and north sides of the UC campus nd the shuttle very useful.

Parking Permits
In Berkeley, street parking is designated by permits. Permits are only issued to residents with a vehicle with current
registration showing the Berkeley neighborhood address. e City of Berkeley issues the permits based on a calendar
year that runs from September through August. e fee is approximately $21.00 per year. If you are bringing a car
from another state, be sure that the registration is current, and you must have a valid California Driver’s License. If
the vehicle is owned by a corporation (e.g. a religious community), in addition to the car registration, you must have
a letter from the corporation stating ownership and authorization for you as a driver. Short term & temporary parking
permits (day or week) are also available.

For more information about parking permits contact:
Finance Customer Service Center
1947 Center Street, Berkeley, CA 94704,
phone: (5I0) 981-7200 Fax: (510) 981-7210
web: // nance/residentialaarking.html

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