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									AGILE TOKYO 2010
   Agile Financial Tokyo
    I’ve just got back from Tokyo, where I was
   honoured to be invited to give the keynote
 at Agile Tokyo 2010. Agile conferences have a
  short history in Japan – both Agile Tokyo and
 Agile Japan are only two years old – and there
was a real buzz of excitement, with lots of smart
people (280 delegates attended) and interesting
 So first of all I’d like to thank Yoshi
  Nagase and his wonderful team
 at Technologic Arts for hosting me,
Yoko Yoshikawa for taking such good
      care of me during my time
   there, Gihyo for organizing the
 conference and for inviting me, and
 my fellow presenters for some great
The most surprising discovery for me
was that agile is considered new and
somewhat subversive in Japan.
Japanese IT companies have been doing
waterfall on large projects for a long time
now, and it is deeply entrenched.
    Indeed, everybody I spoke to confirmed that
    waterfall worked perfectly well for them as a
   software development methodology. This was
    staggering to me, since outside Japan large
software projects run with waterfall routinely go over
budget and end up with either cuts in scope or poor
 quality – several recent reports, such as this one,
 put IT project failure rates in the range of 60-70%.
This appears not to be the case in Japan
– it is perhaps the only country that could
      make waterfall work reliably and
 repeatably. As my host, Yoshi Nagase,
   commented, this is deeply ironic in a
   country that created Toyota and lean
However there is certainly an interest in agile now.
Several large systems integrators have started running
small agile pilot projects, and apparently the results have
been successful. Why the sudden interest in agile if
waterfall can deliver high quality software on time and on
budget? The answer is easily extrapolated from this
example of a project plan I saw at one of the companies I
visited – the plan has been changed somewhat to protect
the guilty, but not in any essential details – it is a pretty
standard plan following the V-model.
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