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									    Relationship Sales Strategies
   Increasing Sales in the Call Centre

Customer Value. Right. Now.              1
Relationship Strategies can Increase Sales in the
Call Centre with No Risk and Low Cost

                                      Pushing too hard for the sale
                                       during the call can hurt
                                       relationships and future sales
                                      Relationship strategies can use
                                       information collected in the call
                                       from non-buyers and use it to
                                       continue selling after the call with
                                       customized mail, email and
                                      These strategies can double
                                       sales with no risk to current sales
                                      They are now easy to test and

       Customer Value. Right. Now.                                    2
The Potential Longer-Term Impact of Selling on an
Inbound Customer Service Interaction

                    Over-emphasizing sales can hurt relationships.

     Customer Value. Right. Now.                                     3
How Relationship Strategies Can Sell More
 Business as Usual


   Inbound Call
                                                   No Sale

                                                 Relationship Strategy

             Initiate                  Collect
            Dialogue                  Feedback
                                                            Sales Program
              No                       Close
           Feedback                   The Call

       Customer Value. Right. Now.                                          4
Actual Results: More Sales after ‘No Sale’ Calls

                                      More sales
                                        o 70% of callers who did not buy
                                          will provide feedback
                                        o Use this feedback to create
                                          further interaction with mail, email
                                          and micro-sites
                                        o Results in 4% increase in sales
                                        o Exceptional ROI
                                      More value
                                        o   Higher customer satisfaction
                                        o   Lower customer attrition
                                        o   Higher employee satisfaction
                                        o   Lower employee turnover
                                        o   Little employee training

       Customer Value. Right. Now.                                      5
Collect Feedback for the Relationship Sales Program

                                      Ask 4-6 key questions
                                      Ask permission, be brief, be
                                       helpful, gain trust, solicit
                                      Very easy for the agent
                                        o Agent does not ‘hard’ sell and
                                          feels helpful
                                        o Small talk time increase easily
                                      70% callers will share
                                        o 50% - Needs, preferences,
                                        o 50% - Decision timing & factors
                                        o This feedback is used to create
                                          sales material sent after the call

       Customer Value. Right. Now.                                      6
The Selling Automatically Continues After the Call
                                                The right follow-up strategies are
                                                 selected using Call Data and Existing
                                                The selling continues with customized
                                                 mail, email and micro-sites
                                                The customer feels like you care, you
                                                 listen and you are responsive
                                                More sales are generated

                                          Customer            After-Call
     Call                            Follow-Up Strategy     Sales Contact


            Customer Value. Right. Now.                                                  7
How the Raybec Solution Makes It Easy
To Sell More After the Agent Completes the Call

                                      Raybec FUSE automatically
                                       continues to sell:
                                         o Selects the right strategy
                                         o Creates and delivers customized
                                         o Generates personalized micro-sites
                                         o Presents the right offers
                                      The strategy engine uses call data
                                       and your existing data to select:
                                         o   Media (mail or email)
                                         o   Frequency
                                         o   Offer, creative, copy
                                         o   Micro-site content
                                      Tracking, and analysis provide real
                                       time reporting

       Customer Value. Right. Now.                                      8
  Mechanizing Best Sales Practices Increases Results

                                            Thank the customer
                                            Reference details
                                             discussed in the call
                                            Automate best sales
                                             practices to:
                                               o Align benefits with
 Click to                                        expressed needs
                                               o Correct misinformation
                                               o Handle objections
                                               o Be timely and relevant
                                            Select appropriate
                                             content to influence the
              Personalized                   purchase decision

             Customer Value. Right. Now.                            9
                              Case Study
    Relationship Sales Strategies for Call Centers
    Increasing Sales, Retention and Satisfaction

                               Presented at:
          Purdue University Call Centre Campus
                 Las Vegas Conference

Customer Value. Right. Now.                          10
Agents asked for Feedback. A Thank You Card was
sent as a follow-up
  1)   After issue resolution engage the customer in a dialogue and collect
  2)   If the customer does not call us: Use targeted mail program to solicit
  3)   Use the feedback in a customized Thank You (Sales & retention effort)
  4)   Measure impact on sales and retention

          Customer Value. Right. Now.                                           11
Customer feedback was collected
                                    Feedback gathered included:
                                          Preferences, attitudes & concerns
                                          Product/service satisfaction
                                          Intention to renew
                                          Decision factors
                                          Sensitivity to price
                                          What we are doing well
                                          How we can improve
                                          Competitive influence
                                          Probability of cross-sell
                                          Interest in specific areas
                                    Feedback was combined with historical
                                          Single/multi line
                                          Claims data
                                          Affinity group
                                          Renewal date
                                          Tenure
                                          Cohort statistics
                                          Demographic, geographic
      Customer Value. Right. Now.                                              12
Sales and retention results were outstanding

                         X%            5.6%

                                                   Increase in Sales
                                                          + 5.6%

                                                  Measurement was tracked with
                                                  statistical confidence of 95% for
                                                               12 months

  Sales increased by 5.6% (from X% to X% plus 5.6%)
  There is statistical certainty that the test worked.
  There was as significant increase in retention.

         Customer Value. Right. Now.                                                  13
What was learned…

 Adding the Relationship Sales Program dramatically
   increased sales without introducing any risk to current

 Staff are genuinely excited about the relationship

 The results far exceeded highest expectations.

       Customer Value. Right. Now.                      14
How To Get Raybec Working For You

                                     Test it. Raybec will:
                                        o   Work with you to design a successful strategy for
                                            more sales
                                        o   Write transition scripts to ensure that key
                                            feedback is captured
                                        o   Create links to securely transfer call and other
                                            existing data for post-call marketing
                                        o   Repurpose your current creative or design new
                                            material for follow-up mail, email and micro-sites
                                        o   Create and deploy all the follow-up sales
                                     Measure it.
                                        o   We will track and measure results against an
                                            expected ROI model
                                     Roll it out.
                                        o   Raybec makes it easy for you to expand on your
                                            success and will work with you to revise and
                                            optimize strategies each quarter

      Customer Value. Right. Now.                                                       15
 More Sales. NOW.
    o   Relationship Sales Program can
        increase sales from existing calls.
    o   Agents ask a few key questions
    o   Raybec takes care of the rest
 Existing Agents. No Training.
    o   This is a natural use of the agent’s
        current skill set
    o   Add a little talk time to realize the full
        sales potential of each call
 Easy to Execute.
    o   Raybec’s Relationship Sales Program
        make it easy to create More Sales.
        Right. Now.
        Customer Value. Right. Now.                  16

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