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The Sky is Not the Limit_ by zhouwenjuan


									    e Sk y i s N ot t h e L i m i
    h Auction Dinner t

                           f eatu

                           The Lucky
                          Ducky Raffle!
presented by Aviation High School PTSA
     Saturday, November 19th
         the Museum of Flight
                                Is your
           “Honey Do”
     list getting longer and
  longer, with no end in sight?
       •   Don’t have the right tools?
       •   Don’t want to climb the ladder?
       •   Don’t have the time?
       •   Or, plain just don’t want to                                  grout
           do them yourself?                               ce ba
                                                     repla ters
                                              n and         ut
                                      o Clea out rain g
                               o L o Clean rab bars kitchen
Hit the                                      stall
                                                            cet in                   t
                                    pa o In leaky fau liding door room close
Relief Button! e              o Re at o Fix
                                                           on  s
                                                                    g in b
                                                                           e d
                                  o W st o Fix sc ew shelvin oors
Call 206-824-8001 o In e Install n garage d side
                                              o         ate           east       doors
                                      oR         Lubric fence on n outside s bat
INTERIOR / EXTERIOR                     o O o epair                cks o       stair
No job too big – No job too small          o I oR             ew lo and down
                                                       tall n
                                              o o Ins t hallways Jim
                                                   o Pain ramp for
                                                    o Buil


                        Powell Care & Repair savings.

                        • SAVE $100 on any work over $2,000
                        • SAVE $50 on any work over $1,000                            POWELL HOMES

                        • SAVE $25 on any work over $500
STRESS                  Present coupon at estimate. Not valid with any other offer.     POWELL
RELIEVER                22211 Marine View Drive South • Des Moines, WA 98198           MANAGEMENT
Welcome to Aviation High School’s 2011, “The Sky is Not the Limit”
dinner and auction. This evening is a celebration of the enormous
support from the families and friends of our school.

As our school has grown and matured, we continue to benefit from
the dedicated support of an incredible faculty and staff combined with
parental support that has made Aviation High School the extraordinary
school that it is today.

We want to thank the many donors and volunteers who have worked
tirelessly in support of this special event; the results of which will
directly benefit our children.

Your spirited bidding and enthusiastic support is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for joining us this evening in what is truly a spectacular


Teri Katzer
Auction Chair/PTSA President

                      everychild. onevoice.
Dear Families & Friends of Aviation High School:

Welcome to our fifth annual PTSA auction! We invite you to enjoy an evening of
bidding, gourmet dining and the satisfaction of knowing that you are contrib-
uting to a worthy cause, which is the education of our future engineers, pilots,
scientists, astronauts, business, government and community leaders.

Funds raised from tonight’s auction will be allocated to student scholar-
ships and leadership experiences, classroom library books and supplemental
resources, upgrading of technology and equipment, and off-campus learning
experiences at major aerospace companies and organizations. Your generosity
tonight will enrich the educational program, not just for current students, but
for those yet to enroll.

A major fundraising event such as tonight’s auction requires extraordinary
commitment from a number of very talented people. All of us at Aviation
High School are grateful to our wonderful parents and PTSA members!
Special thanks goes to Auction Chair, Teri Katzer, for her outstanding leader-
ship in planning and organizing this year’s auction. She has been assisted
by a dedicated group of volunteers, far too numerous to mention here, but
without whose help tonight’s event would not have been possible.

I also wish to acknowledge our teachers and students at AHS, community
members, and business leaders for their contributions. They have served in
a variety of roles to make tonight’s auction a success, and I know you will
appreciate their efforts when you see the quality of items featured in both
the silent and live auctions.

The sky is NOT the limit at Aviation High School, thanks to your generous
support. Thank you for sharing this special evening with us.


Reba Gilman, CEO/Principal
Aviation High School

5:30 pm        Check-In and Registration

6:00 pm        Silent Auctions Open in the Great Gallery

7:15 pm        Silent Auction A Closes

7:30 pm        Silent Auction B Closes
               Proceed to Side Gallery for Dinner

TBD            T2B Auction Closes

7:45 pm        Acknowledgements and Welcome
               Live Auction and Program Begin

                             ~ Emcee ~
                           Troy Hoehne
               Humanities Dept., Aviation High School

            ~ Your Auctioneer for the Evening ~

                               Jay Fiske
      Jay Fiske is the founder of Northwest Benefit Auctions, Inc.,
      and co-founder and president of MaestroSoft, Inc., creators
      of AuctionMaestro Pro and GolfMaestro Pro, specialty soft-
      ware for managing benefit auctions and golf tournaments.
      One of the premier benefit auction consultants in the coun-
      try, Jay is regularly called upon to train both national orga-
      nizations and local auction committees in the techniques
      which increase auction yields while maintaining the fun-filled
      environment required for a successful benefit auction.

R a ff le

  Buy your tickets early and get ready to win

         The winner will choose any item
          from the “Live” section prior to
            the start of the Live Auction!
                Tickets are $50 each

  Tickets will be available for purchase during the silent
   auction. Look for the Lucky Ducky Raffle table or a
 Lucky Ducky Raffle student roaming the Great Gallery.
            Use your bid number to purchase.
                 Only 100 tickets available.

     Buy your tickets and you could
          be a Lucky Ducky!

                        Dinner Menu
                             First Course
    Iceberg Wedge Salad with Tomato, Cucumber, Shredded Carrot,
     Rye Croutons, Frizzled Onions and Buttermilk Ranch Dressing
   Herb Crusted Salmon with Orange Balsamic Reduction served with
             Jeweled Saffron Rice and Seasonal Vegetables
    Grilled Cilantro Pesto Free Range Chicken Breast with Pancetta,
           Tart Cherries served with toasted Wild Rice Medley
                         and Seasonal Vegetables
             Vegetarian Option of Ricotta filled Pasta Shells
                   with Roasted Onion Tomato Sauce
                             Accompanied by
             Rustic Breads or Rolls and Sweet Cream Butter
                          Dessert Dash Event
       Hosted Wine Service / Coffee, Tea and Decaffeinated Coffee

          Thank you to our event planner, Joanne Rawley,
                     McCormick & Schmick’s

         dessert dash
We have many wonderful desserts to choose from
 this evening! Please take a look at the Dessert
Table and then start bidding with the bid sheet on
             your table. The table with the highest bid will get
               to choose their favorite dessert first. This is a
                   sweet way to end this special evening!

                                   We thank Airfield Estates for
                                    providing the wine tonight.
    Raisbeck Aviation High School

Thanks To The generosity of so many donors, including many of
you who have joined us tonight, Raisbeck Aviation High School will
be ready to occupy in 2013! Construction is in full swing, just across
the street, right here at the magnificent Museum of Flight.
All contributions made through the Aviation High School PTSA will
be recognized on a special plaque that will be displayed in the main
lobby of the new school. Major donors will have their company stories
told within the curriculum and on large wall posters within the school
The generosity of our
community demon-
strates an overwhelm-
ing commitment to en-
suring that generations
of students to come will
be STEM literate and
prepared to fulfill high
demand roles in the
We thank you!
Thank you to our wonderful
   sponsors this evening
            Catalog Sponsor
         Galvin Flying Services, Inc.

             Museum of Flight

          Airfield Estates – Wine

            Blue Angel Tables
           Esterline Corporation
               Galvin Flying

            Fat Albert Tables
            VI Wines Distributing
               Alaska Airlines
                Cox Financial

   Tables also joining us this evening
            Evergreen Sky Ranch
        Scott McComb and Friends
    Marian Hartley / Greater Seattle 99’s
   Skunkwork’s Robotics Team Supporters
      Nathan & Traci Hart and Friends
     Kevin & Tammy Wooley and Friends
         Aviation High School PTSA
    Jordan & Gayle Wagner and Friends

    Thank you to our production service providers:
                        AV Pro
                  McCormick & Schmick’s
                    Mountain Sound
                   NW Benefit Auctions

Science Olympiad is one of AHS’s Sports of
the Mind teams. Participating on one of AHS’s three Sci
Oly teams, our students prepare year-round for invitation-
al, regional, and state competitions. Each team member
is responsible for representing our teams in three or four
college-level challenges in a wide range of scientific
  • Earth & Space Science (astronomy, remote sensing, geology, hydrology, etc.)
  • Life Science (anatomy & physiology, epidemiology, ornithology, cell biology,
    ecology, etc.)
  • Physical Sciences (forensics, chemistry, physics, optics, thermodynamics, etc.)
  • Engineering (structural, mechanical, etc.)
  • Inquiry
We took thirteenth place at State last year.
We need your help to prepare and send our teams to success.
Good luck, Phoenix, Quetzacotl, and Fenghuang!

                         Team 1983
             S kunkworks
                The FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) combines the
                excitement of sport with science and technology to
                create a unique varsity sport for the mind. FRC helps high
                school students discover the rewarding and engaging
                process of innovation and engineering.
Skunkworks was recognized with the highest award given at a regional,
the Regional Chairman’s Award in Seattle. Your investment in Skunk-
works will pay off with great opportunities for our students. G
                                                              Skun Luck

          Please check out our display at tonight’s auction
         For more information: •

                Career Readiness
ahs sTUDenTs benefit enormously from
opportunities to learn beyond the class-
room. Real world experience includes
being matched with one of our 150 profes-
sionals who volunteer as Mentors. Our in-
ternship program is growing and includes
placements at the FAA, Esterline, Aerotec,
Blue Origin, the Port of Seattle and many
other sites. Many students learn how to
network and are inspired by leaders in
the aerospace industry at events like the    Students participating at the
Pathfinder or Joe Sutter Galas.              Governor’s Aerospace Summit.

   Your support makes this real world learning possible.

                 Speech & Debate
 speech anD DebaTe is
 an up-and-coming team here
 at AHS. Formed in 2009, the
 team has grown from a small
 group of six students to over
 thirty students this year. Over
 the past three years, the
 team has achieved numer-
 ous awards including the
 state title in Public Forum
 Debate last year, as well as
                                 2011 Speech and Debate team.
 a trip to the National
 The National Forensics League splits up Speech and Debate into three
 different debate categories and numerous speech categories. Every
 single event requires eloquent speaking skills, a fierce competitive
 spirit, as well as hours upon hours of research and preparation.
 Your generosity will ensure that the team will be able to support stu-
 dents by providing reduced costs to attend the 15 tournaments all over
 the Puget Sound region this year.
                       Thank You ~ Thank You
 We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the many won-
 derful volunteers that made this auction possible. It takes countless
 hours of behind the scenes work to put on the Aviation High School
 PTSA Auction and the many hours of effort are often not recognized.
 It is the commitment, energy, dedication and vision of these volun-
 teers that ensure the success of this event.

 As you enjoy this evening, please remember that our entire commu-
 nity is involved - parents, school staff, students, and local businesses
 have all participated in some way to make this night a success.
 Thank you for your generous gift of time.

                              Auction Committee
Auction Chair. ..................................................................................... Teri Katzer
Catalog/Graphics/Communications/Web .....................................Julie Zaballos
Data Entry ...............................................................................Leslie Schumann
Procurement .............................................................................. Kathy Silvernale
Display - Silent .......................................................................... Stephanie Hoag
Display - Live ............................................................................. Beverly Hanley
Raffle ............................................................................................ Gayle Wagner
Auction Volunteers .......................................................................... Dayna Miller
Decorations ....................................................... Adrienne Palmer/Pat Navarro
Flowers .......................................................................................Dorothy Denny
Guest Services ............................................................Sue Hope/Debbie Stern
Power Point ..............................................................................Bill Campisteguy
Transportation ..................................................................... Kevin Delashmutte
Inventory ...................................................................................... Karen Rencher
Reservations ........................................................................................Sue Hope
AHS Office and PTSA Coordinator.............................................Theda Hiranaka
                 Thank you to all of our volunteers and dedicated
                         student helpers here tonight!

             A special thanks to our sponsors for their continued
              support of Aviation High School and the Auction:
Live Auction Items

auction begins at 7:45 pm

     auctioneer: Jay Fiske
     emcee - Troy Hoehne
L001    Fly Me to the Moon!!
        Buzz Aldrin signed leather-bound, hardcover, limited
        edition book “Men From Earth.’’ Mint condition with
        certificate of authenticity from the publisher! “First
        Moon Walk’’ - Seattle P.I.: “Read all about it!’’ in the
        July 21, 1969 edition of the Seattle P.I. which dedi-
        cates over 5 pages of photos, interviews, and de-
        scriptions about that Apollo 11 historic mission which
        accomplished setting the first man on the moon.
        Includes a July 13 page showing mission highlights
        in chronological time along with drawings of the route
        and event locations. Includes other fun 1960s news-
        paper coverage such as nuclear power, fashions,
        sports, Led Zeppelin photo, and ads including “The
        Grand Cadillac,’’ “standard of the world.’’ This is a
        fabulous historic piece in excellent condition.
        Tim & Janet Dowd and
        Aviation High School - PTSA                              $520.00
L002    Quilceda Creek 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon
        Wine Advocate review: “There is no producer in the
        world that fashions Cabernet Sauvignons as con-
        sistently extraordinary as Quilceda Creek.’’ The dark
        ruby-colored 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon (3,150 cases)
        contains 3% Cabernet Franc. This spectacular wine
        explodes from the glass with loads of flowers (mostly
        violets), cassis, black cherries, blackberries, and
        underlying fresh herbs. Feeling like liquid satin on the
        palate, it is broad, densely-packed, and has stupen-
        dous depth. A refined effort, its medium to full-bodied
        personality is crammed with highly-detailed black
        fruits and loads of exquisitely ripe tannin. In addition,
        the taster has the distinct feeling that this wine is
        holding much of its fruit in reserve. This blockbuster
        has it all! Projected maturity: 2007-2018.
        Mark Abramson & Therese Beale                             $200.00

 There will be four Fund-a-Need events tonight: Science Olympiad
 Club, Skunkworks Robotics Team, Career Readiness and Speech
 & Debate Club. Listen for more details during the Live Auction.
 Your contribution to the Fund-a-Need is 100% tax deductible and may
 be matched by your employer. Please check with your human resources
 department for potential matching opportunities.
L003   Flightseeing Air Tour with Peter Morton
       Enjoy a sightseeing air tour of the greater Seattle area
       in a state of the art general aviation Cirrus SR-20
       FOUR-SEAT/three passenger airplane. Fly with pilot
       Peter Morton, retired Boeing Director of Customer
       Training and VP of Human Resources. Not only will
       you have a chance to fly the plane yourself but also
       included is lunch with Peter at the Museum of Flight
       Café (Peter is a museum trustee) and museum guest
       passes for the day. This 1 to 1-1/2 hour flight accom-
       modates up to three guests with a combined total
       weight limit of approximately 550 pounds. The date
       of the flight is by mutual arrangement and leaves
       from and returns to Renton. Please take this excep-
       tional flight within one year of the auction. It is ideal
       for guests from out of town, a graduation or birthday
       gift, or for a young person to experience the excite-
       ment and freedom of flight. Expires: 11/19/2012
       Peter Morton                                              $500.00
L004   “Star Wars’’ Signed 8x10 Photo
       “Star Wars’’ RARE original cast 8x10 color photo
       signed by three stars - Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill
       and Carrie Fisher! Custom framed classic!
       Aviation High School - PTSA                              $750.00
L005   Family Stargazing with Mr. Joshi
       Enjoy an evening of family stargazing with AHS
       astronomy teacher Mr. Joshi as your guide to the
       universe! On a mutually agreeable (cloudless!) night
       in spring or summer. He will join your family at Rattle-
       snake Lake and take you on a guided tour of the
       night sky. Mr. Joshi will provide a selection of his
       telescopes and binoculars for viewing.
       Expires: 11/19/2012
       Nikhil Joshi                                             Priceless
L006   Mariners Fan Pack - Four Box Seat Tickets & More
       Take-me-out-to-the-ballgame... Four fabulous BOX
       SEATS behind home plate! For (1) game of the 2012
       season. Plus fan gear including bobblehead, t-shirt,
       hat, poster, and more! Good for 2012 season (Game/
       date mutually agreed upon.)
       Cox Financial LLC                                    $250.00
L007   Aviation HS Class of 2012 Signed Propeller
       This wonderful memory-maker was signed by each
       member of Aviation High School Class of 2012!
       Aviation High School-Senior Class                         Priceless
L008   Instant Wine Cellar
       Enjoy a variety of fine wines collected especially for
       you by our AHS parents and auction attendees.
                                                                Value: TBD
L009   Limo Lunch with the Principal!
       Before enjoying a fabulous lunch with the Principal,
       you and seven (7) of your guests will be excused from
       classes, escorted to your waiting Luxury Limousine,
       then whisked away for a fun filled cruise along Alki
       Beach; one of Seattle’s most dynamic and beautiful
       cruise strips. Ms. Gilman will be awaiting your arrival
       at legendary Pegasus Pizza & Pasta, where you will
       all enjoy a delicious, fun filled lunch, then cruise back
       to school in the lap of luxury. Expires: 6/8/2012
       Date and time to be determined by Ms. Gilman and
       AHS PTSA, during the 2011-2012 school year.
       Ms. Gilman & AHS PTSA                                     Priceless
L010   Roundtrip Tickets on Alaska Airlines
       TWO round trip unrestricted coach tickets on Alaska
       Airlines and/or Sky West Airlines flights. Expires:
       11/1/2012. Authorized for flights #1-999 & 2000-
       2999 & 3450-3499. May not be sold or transferred,
       redeemed for cash and is not eligible for mileage plan
       Alaska Airlines                                      $1,740.00
L011   Orthodontic Treatment
       Time to straighten up that smile with one complete
       orthodontic treatment! Take advantage of this tre-
       mendous opportunity for one child OR one adult to
       receive orthodontic treatment at the office of Frank
       P. Rudey, voted a top orthodontist in Seattle Maga-
       zine. Rudey Orthodontics enjoys the reputation as the
       leading orthodontic practice in our area with offices
       conveniently located in Burien and Renton. Visit our
       website at
       Expires: 12/31/2012
       Frank P. Rudey, DDS, MS, PS                           $6,000.00
L012   Henrybuilt Walnut Bench
       Own this beautiful Henrybuilt 36’’ long, solid walnut
       bench, featuring tapered seat with gap, very comfort-
       able. The quality of craftsmanship in each Henrybuilt
       product comes from an uncompromising relationship
       between carefully considered materials and impec-
       cable fabrication methodology. It is also a result
       of individual ownership in the workshop. A single
       craftsperson supervises each product from start to
       Scott and Miranda Hudson                              $1,500.00
L013   Magic of Africa Safari for Two
       View Elephant, Rhino, Leopard, Cheetah, Buffalo,
       Hippo, Giraffe, Zebra, Nyala, and many more other
       species of plains game. A trip to South Africa is truly
       an adventure of a lifetime and you could experience
       the magic of this Southern tip of Africa! You and your
       partner will spend 6 days & 6 nights at Zulu Nyala
       Game Lodge, Zulu Nyala Heritage Safari Lodge or
       our luxury Zulu Nyala Nyati/Ndlovu Lodge located in
       our private game reserve where wild animals roam
       freely. These luxurious settings host elegant colonial
       or stunning stone-and-thatch hilltop Lodge, brimming
       with the finest comfort and hospitality. Cool lounges,
       wide verandas, sparkling swimming pools and tennis
       court make being “in camp” a relaxing, and pleasur-
       able experience. We offer a wide variety of activities
       to suit your particular interests. Enjoy game drives
       in comfortable open game viewing vehicles as your
       ranger guides you through the reserve to view many
       African animals. You will be amazed at the feeling of
       being amongst these beautiful creatures! For the ad-
       venturous visitor – test your skills on our Clay Pigeon
       Shooting range or participate in game walks or track-
       ing trails into the heart of the dense bush, where you
       will be surrounded by the call of the wild. Tastefully
       prepared buffet meals may be enjoyed in our Boma
       or under the stars to the rhythm of proud Zulu danc-
       ers. Includes: Accommodation for 6 nights, 3 meals
       per day and 2 game viewing activities per day with
       experienced guides. Expires: 11/19/2013. Excludes
       air fare, extra tours and activities, off reserve activi-
       ties, and drinks.
       Trevor Shaw/Zulunyala                                     $3,000.00
L014   Premier Seats for 2012 Graduation Ceremony
       SIX premier reserved seats for the 2012 Graduation
       Ceremony at Highline Performing Arts Center, June
       14th, 7 pm. Expires: 6/14/2012
       Aviation High School                                         Priceless
L015   Tugboat Race for Four
       Come Aboard a Tugboat with Island Tug & Barge
       for the Annual Tugboat Races at the Seattle Mari-
       time Festival! This inside look into Seattle’s maritime
       industry is a very special and rare opportunity. If you
       thought Seattle’s Hydro Races were exciting, then
       imagine the rush when you achieve a maximum
       speed of 10 knots! Okay... maybe 10 knots won’t get
       your heart pumping, but the Tugboat Races are sure
       to be the kind of experience that will keep you think-
       ing and talking about it for years to come! You’ll start
       the morning with a leisurely cruise around Elliot Bay
       and playful “bumping’’ with other Tugboats. Enjoy the
       Coast Guard demonstration up close as you watch
       the helicopter crew perform a rescue drill. Then stage
       for the race, sound the horn, and you’re off! Island
       Tug & Barge has taken the gold home many times,
       hopefully you’ll get the chance to say you were on
       board the winning Tugboat at the 2012 Maritime
       Festival! Approximate time on board is three hours,
       and light food and beverages are provided. Race is in
       May 2012 (exact date TBD). Up to four participants.
       Island Tug & Barge                                       Priceless
L016   Flight Simulator, 2 Hour Flight Time!
       The Flight Safety Seattle Learning Center is pleased
       to donate two awesome hours of flight simulator
       time in the Dash 8 full motion visual simulator for
       two pilots and one observer. This is an opportunity
       to experience regional airline flying in a sequence
       that includes the full range of operations from engine
       start, taxi, takeoff, reroute operations, approach, and
       landing at the destination. The flight crew can expect
       to encounter various weather conditions and minor
       and major emergencies during the flight. All opera-
       tions will be as conducted in normal airline operations
       with the captain in the left seat and first officer in the
       right seat. For the second leg the pilots will switch
       seats. Captain David Friedt, a FlightSafety flight
       simulator instructor and Aviation High School Men-
       tor will be your instructor and simulator operator for
       this flight. This is a unique opportunity to experience
       the world of airline flying from the best seats in the
       aircraft. Expires: 6/30/2012.
       Flight Safety International Seattle Center              $1,800.00
L017   Fund-A-Need
L018   Restaurant Frenzy
L019   Cancun Luxury Condo for Six and Marlin Fishing!
       Fabulous Fishing Adventure and tropical vacation in
       a quiet Mexican beach resort. Welcome to Puerto
       Aventuras, Mexico, a beautiful marina and beach
       resort located on the Mayan Riviera, 60 miles South
       of Cancún. Puerto Aventuras is a guarded-gate com-
       munity sitting on a white sandy beach with vibrant,
       multi-colored blue water & coconut palms. You
       receive 6 days and 5 nights luxury accommodations
       for up to 6 people in a 2 bedroom beach front condo,
       including maid service and private beach area. One
       full day of bill fishing (Marlin, Sailfish) aboard one of
       the local charter boats is included. If you prefer, a day
       of exploring Mayan ruins or a chance to swim with
       dolphins may be substituted for the Marlin fishing.
       Expires: 11/19/2013. Does not include airfare.
       Rosa Saucedo/Blue Caribbean                               $3,500.00
L020   One Week at Any Interval Resort Destination
       This offer is for 7 days at any resort within the Inter-
       val International umbrella. Interval World Resorts are
       some of the finest in the world. Just browse through
       the display catalogue to see where your next excur-
       sion could be. The good news - there’s no sitting
       around listening to a salesman with this offer. Just
       fun! Through Interval International you can choose
       where and when, a 1 bedroom room OR a 4 bed-
       room suite - it’s all based upon your select resort’s
       availability! Expires: 8/5/2013. Travel costs, food,
       damages and fun are at the expense of the winner.
       There are restrictions that apply to the reservations
       (i.e., which day of the week you can begin your
       reservation on). For complete flexibility of date and
       place you must work through the donor to make the
       The Rolf Schumann Family                                 $3,750.00
L021   Beach Party! Boating, BBQ, Bonfire & Music
       Hosted by three AHS families, enjoy a summer after-
       noon and evening on the beautiful Arroyo Beach at a
       private party for 6-8 Imagine a relaxing afternoon on
       the beach, a boat ride, an evening BBQ with delicious
       food and drinks, topped off with a bonfire complete
       with live campfire music! A fun and relaxing family
       experience which you will remember for a lifetime!
       Expires: 11/19/2012. Date options in 2012: Sat. or
       Sun. July 28/29 or Aug 4/5. In case of rain on se-
       lected date hosts will offer a rain check for a mutually
       acceptable alternative date.
       Buty, Wooley & Friedrich/Spielberg Families             $1,000.00
L022   Dinner on the Lemley Deck
       Enjoy a mutually agreed upon summer date for dinner
       on the Lemley’s deck for three couples. Featuring Ko-
       diak Island Salmon, grilled Flank steak and a beauti-
       ful view of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.
       Expires: 8/31/2012
       Janie and Dave Lemley                                 Priceless
L023   Fly with Alaska Airlines CEO Bill Ayer
       Alaska Airlines CEO Bill Ayer will take you and up to
       three additional guests in his Piper Malibu on a one-
       hour flight around Puget Sound where Bill will intro-
       duce the student(s) to basic piloting. Students will
       get to take the controls and practice turns, climbs,
       descents, etc. The flight will depart from and return
       to Boeing Field. Weather and a busy CEO schedule
       permitting. Bill is a great host, pilot and tour guide
       - this promises to be a memorable day. Expires:
       11/19/2012. Mutually agreed upon date.
       Bill Ayer & Alaska Airlines                            Priceless
L024   Salmon La Sac Cabin Getaway
       Get away from it all and spend a fun filled summer
       week at a cozy riverfront cabin in the Wenatchee Na-
       tional Forest and Alpine Lakes Wilderness Recreation
       area. Feel your stress melt away as you relax to the
       sounds of the river and enjoy spectacular mountain
       scenery. Stroll gentle trails or excellent US Forest
       Service hiking trails (beginner to advanced levels).
       Fish in the river and nearby lakes, or go horseback
       riding in the area. And forget about roughing it - you’ll
       enjoy all of the comforts of a 1600 square foot home
       with full kitchen, full bath, 2 large bedrooms, big loft
       that sleeps 6-8, spacious living room, plus a deck
       overlooking the river. You’ll have running water, solar
       powered and river generated electricity in addition
       to propane lights and cook stove, wood heat and
       barbecue grill. All this - just an easy 2 hour drive from
       Seattle. Expires: 10/31/2012. Dates to be mutu-
       ally agreed upon. The week is to run from Friday to
       Steve and Elizabeth Chayer                               $1,400.00
L025   Weekend at Vashon Cabin
       Spend 3 days (2 nights) on Vashon Island. This is a
       totally secluded beach house perched 20’ from the
       water on 2.5 acres. Picture yourself taking strolls
       along the beach, kayaking, roasting marshmal-
       lows, fishing or just sitting in front of the river-rock
       fireplace reading a book. Enjoy all the comforts of
       home including: cable fully equipped kitchen, washer,
       dryer, dishwasher and built in vacuum. All this is
       only a short ferry ride from West Seattle. Sleeps 8.
       Now available on VRBO. Expires: 6/1/2012. Mutu-
       ally agreed upon date: From November 2011 through
       May 2012, Not available November 24th through
       27th. Not available December 24th through Jan 1st.
       Photos available at VRBO378857.
       Joel Nark                                                $600.00
L026   Best Day EVER for Two at 107.7 The End!
       Hang out at the world famous 107.7 The End Radio
       Station! You and a friend will chill with legendary DJ
       “Harms’’ on the air, during his mid-day show. Maybe
       even meet visiting Rock Stars! Package includes free
       CD’s, promo items, and tickets to an upcoming “End
       Session’’ Expires: 11/19/2012. Date to be set for a
       mutually agreed upon time. Timing and restrictions
       will be at the discretion of Andy Harms
       Entercom Radio Group                                   $500.00

              A special thanks to our sponsors:
L027   Let Us Take Care of Your “Honey Do’’ List
       Shape things up with an awesome 8 HOURS of
       “Handy Man’’ services, courtesy of Brooks Powell
       Custom Homes & Renovation. Description of ser-
       vices: install doors and trim, routine maintenance,
       electrical, plumbing, roofing, flooring, painting, decks,
       gutters and more. Let us take care of your “Honey
       Do’’ list. This most excellent package also includes
       a $100 gift card to McLendon’s Hardware stores; a
       ceramic pot of blooming Hellebore, and spring bulbs
       for planting; compliments of Classic Nursery and
       Landscape Co. Expires: 11/19/2012.
       Brooks Powell Custom Homes & Renovation,
       Classic Nursery and Landscape Co.,
       McLendon’s Hardware & Shirley Hoag                        $900.00
L028   Seafair Airshow VIP Experience
       Attention all air show enthusiasts - check out this
       once-in-a-lifetime, VIP experience! Enjoy a behind-
       the-scenes look at the Boeing Air Show as you visit
       both the flight-line and Lake Washington! Get a close
       up view of US Navy Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornets and
       enjoy VIP treatment at Lake Washington. Event high-
       lights will include:
          -Greeting by an Air Show official and close up view
           of US Navy Blue Angels F/A-18 Hornets.
          -Meet and greet with Air Show performers & their
           planes at Boeing Field adjacent to the Museum
           of Flight prior to their takeoff for the day’s
          -Chartered bus ride to Genesee Park at
           Lake Washington
          -Guided Pit Tour
          -Catered lunch in a private Bayview suite.
          -Watch the Boeing Air Show from reserved
           bleacher seating
       Also includes a Blue Angels video, t-shirt, poster, and
       various airplanes. Event is August 4, 2012.
       Seafair                                                 $475.00
L029   Take to the Skies!
       Have you been contemplating what would make a
       great holiday gift? Your friends and family deserve a
       unique and exciting gift idea to celebrate, acknowl-
       edge and reward. Show them you care with the gift
       of a lifetime, an introductory flight lesson! Our con-
       venient location at Boeing Field combined with over
       80 years of flight experience, expert instruction and a
       diverse fleet of aircraft create a one-of-a kind experi-
       ence for your friends and family. They choose the
       time and day, we provide the aircraft and instructor
       for a flight around the Puget Sound... in the left seat.
       THE PILOT SEAT! It’s an experience they’ll always
       remember - and thank you for. Expires: 11/19/2012.
       Must be at least 15 years of age, minor must be ac-
       companied by adult guardian.
       Galvin Flying Services, Inc.                             $215.00
L030   Cle Elum Mountain Cabin
       Enjoy a little R&R in the comfort of this Cle Elum
       Mountain Cabin far from the hustle and bustle of city
       life. Centrally located in the Washington Cascades,
       nestled in the wooded community of Elk Meadows,
       across from the mighty Yakima river, and about 10
       minutes from the towns of Roslyn and Cle Elum.
       Among other features this spacious property boasts
       4 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, fully appointed kitchen, with
       fun recreational options inside and out. The perfect
       setting for a little R&R or active play. Two night stay,
       check in 5pm, check out 11am. Date restrictions: not
       available Thanksgiving break; December 24th thru
       Jan. 1st.; Presidents Day Weekend; MLK weekend;
       Memorial Day; July 4th; and Labor Day weekend.
       Pets okay with approval. Person on lease must be
       25+. Maximum of 9 people. Expires: 11/19/2012
       Bill Leaming                                             $500.00

                    Be a Lucky Ducky
                 Buy Raffle Tickets Tonight!
 T2B Auction

auction closing TBd
             It’s New, It’s Fun...
Tonight you have an opportunity to bid on selected
fun items using your own cell phone! Our Text2Bid
process is simple, and fun! The best part is, you
don’t have to watch the bidding on your items
because the system will do that for you – and
notify you when you have been out-bid! Of course, you
can re-bid as often as you would like. To get started, here is all
you do:
    To get started, text “AHS” to 37284. You will receive a reg-
    istration message. To participate in Smartphone Mode, click
    on the registration link. Then use your phone’s web browser
    to enter your bidder number, view items, place bids, and track
    item status using our Watch List feature.
    To participate in Text Only Mode, Reply to the registration
    message with your bidder number. Bidding is easy. Text the
    item number to 37284. You will receive a message with the
    item status and next bid step. Confirm your bid by replying “Y”
    (or Yes) to the bid message. Reply with “BUY” to Guarantee
    Purchase the item. You can also text “WATCH” to 37284 to see
    a list of items you’ve bid on.
The best part of Text2Bid for both Smartphone and Text Only
Modes is that if someone out-bids you, you will immediately re-
ceive a text notification and have the opportunity to increase your
bid. You will also receive an update at the end of the auction letting
you know whether you’ve won or lost each item you bid on.
If you have any problems, just ask one of the mobile auction help-
ers in the room and they will assist you.
Enjoy this revolutionary new bidding process, and be sure to give
us feedback at on how you liked it or
how we could improve it.
The MaestroSoft Text2Bid Team
T040   Signed AHS Class of 2015 Street Sign
       A one-of-a-kind must have!! This is a street sign mount-
       ed and secured to ceramic tiles signed by the Aviation
       High School freshman class - the Class of 2015!!
       Aviation High School - Freshmen Class                    $125.00
       Two 2-day general admission tickets to the 2012
       Seafair Hydroplane Regatta, Aug. 3rd - Aug. 5th,
       2012. Get up close and personal to the hydros with
       your own guided tour of the Our Gang Racings’ U-17
       Miss Red Dot unlimited hydroplane. Personal tour
       by U-17 co-owner Professor, John O’Brien, available
       on Seafair Friday, Aug. 3rd. This package includes
       pit passes and admission to the Family viewing area
       Aug. 4th & 5th. Boat tour is on Friday Aug. 3rd, a free
       admission day. Expires: 8/5/2012.
       Lewis Hendrickson                                       $200.00
T042   “Snoopy’’ Framed Sketch, Signed by Charles Schultz
       “Snoopy’’ glossy copy of RARE 8x10 B&W sketch,
       hand signed with original signature of artist creator
       Charles Schulz! Custom deluxe frame!
       Aviation High School - PTSA                           $600.00
T043   Marble Signature Foosball Table
       Invite the friends and family over for a fun day of
       foosball. Be the life of the party with this sophisti-
       cated Marble Signature Foosball table. This signature
       gaming table sports a 3/8’’ thick enamel-coated play-
       ing surface for wear resistance; 2 sets of players, one
       set of counter-balanced players with wider tourna-
       ment style foot pattern and one set of hand-painted
       players. One or three goalie play. Eight-sided hard-
       wood handles allow for precise player control. Bear-
       ings are precision-molded for durability. This table
       was built to last!
       The Schuster Group                                      $600.00
T044   Stained Glass Mosaic Bird Bath
       Spruce up your yard with local artist Nancy Connol-
       ly’s “The Sky is not the Limit’’ stained glass mosaic
       bird bath.
       Dawn and Michael Sharp                                  $200.00
T045   Round Trip Flight: Cessna 421 to Friday Harbor
       You are bidding on a flight in our Cessna 421 air-
       craft from Boeing Field to and from Friday Harbor.
       Enjoy a beautiful flight over downtown Seattle and
       through the islands, with a sunset flight home. In
       Friday Harbor you can enjoy dinner at a variety of fine
       restaurants just a short walk away. The flight is in a
       luxurious, twin engine, fully pressurized, seven leather
       seat aircraft. You will be flown by airline/test pilot Jim
       Young. One passenger each way will get to take the
       controls and have an introductory flight lesson. Flight
       will be on a mutually agreed upon date and subject
       to weather. Flight is limited to no more than 4 adults
       and 2 children or roughly 1000 pounds total weight.
       Dinner in Friday Harbor is not included.
       Expires: 11/19/2012.
       Jana and Jim Young                                         $600.00
T046   London Blue Topaz Necklace
       The wild blue yonder for your very own! A London
       blue topaz of more than 25 cts. Cut in a checkered
       fan is set with sterling silver. Also included is a 20-
       inch sterling chain.
       Davis Family                                              $400.00
T047   Boeing Field Basket and Airport Tour for 18
       WOW! Everything you could want to celebrate one
       of the most exciting airports in the United States!
       An Airside Tour for up to 18 people! History of Boe-
       ing Field book by Cory Graff. Collectors Boeing Field
       hat and pins from the 75th and 80th anniversaries;
       historical Boeing logo T-shirt (size L). A 787 Carbon
       Fiber business card holder, King County International
       Airport/Boeing Field binoculars, silver airplane key
       chain, lanyard, two luggage tags, magnet, a pilot map
       light keychain. Did you forget the Airside Tour for up
       to 18 people? This one’s packed full!
       Expires: 11/19/2012.
       King County Airport/Boeing Field Staff                 $400.00
T048   Handmade Planes and Props Quilt
       Wrap up in a beautiful handmade blue and white,
       aviation themed, twin size quilt (cut by hand, pieced
       on sewing machine and quilted on machine).
       Size: 60” x 78”.
       Greater Seattle 99’s                                      $350.00
T049     Day at the Races for the Entire Family!
         With a stunning view of Mt. Rainier as the backdrop,
         Emerald Downs provides exciting thoroughbred rac-
         ing for the entire family. Box seats for six, visit to the
         owners paddock, choice of barn area tour or ‘how
         to read a racing form’ lesson. Includes $50 cash for
         betting! Expires end of the 2012 racing season. Date
         must be mutually agreeable.
         Washington’s Horseman Benevolent &
         Protective Association                                       $250.00
T050     Golfer’s Dream Basket
         This is a golfer’s dream! This is sure to be a hot bid-
         ding item, so get ready to bid! Burner Superfast Club
         2.0, Callaway balls, $300 of Callaway gift cards.
         Friends of Aviation High School                         $700.00
T051     Night Out in Seattle
         Escape from the hassles of daily life with this Night
         Out in Seattle! Enjoy dinner for two at Seattle’s Sky
         City at the Space Needle. SkyCity, at the top of the
         Space Needle, turns to give you the only 360 degree
         view of Seattle. After a night on the town relax in the
         comfort of a Studio Lakeside Suite at the beauti-
         ful Residence Inn by Marriott-Seattle Downtown/
         Lake Union. This one night stay (Friday, Saturday or
         Sunday) also includes a hot “Home Touch’’ breakfast
         buffet and parking. Residence Inn - Marriott Hotel
         Stay: Reservations are based upon availability and
         must be made directly with the hotel at least 14 days
         in advance. Excludes the months of July, August
         and December 31st. Not redeemable for cash. NO
         EXTENSIONS. Must be 21 years of age to redeem.
         Sky City at the Needle Dinner for Two: Not valid on
         holidays. Offer does not include alcoholic beverages
         or gratuity, and is based on space availability.
         Residence Inn by Marriott &
         Sky City at the Needle                                  $375.00

 For federal income tax purposes, any amount you pay over the fair market
                 value of an item is a charitable contribution.
T052   Aviation Learning Center Program
       The Aviation Learning Center (ALC) brings to life the
       energy and excitement of aviation through a hands-
       on environment where critical thinking, scientific
       inquiry, problem solving, and technical reading and
       writing skills are practiced. ALC participants engage
       in three program components: The Learning Labo-
       ratory, The Hangar, and The Simulation Bay. The
       Learning Lab comprises ten interactive computer-
       based workstations that present various aviation
       topics such as flight dynamics, instrument flight,
       navigation, weather, weight and balance, as well as
       wind tunnel experiments. In The Hangar, students
       develop a flight plan while charting a course from
       Boeing Field, Seattle to Paine Field, Everett and then
       perform a pre-flight safety inspection of an actual
       Cirrus SR20 aircraft. In The Simulation Bay, students
       use advanced software and an immersive environ-
       ment to virtually navigate their pre-planned route. The
       ALC can accommodate up to 20 individuals or ten
       couples. Guests will pilot ten real aircraft simulators
       on a flying adventure in the Aviation Learning Center
       – you may ‘fly’ as a sight seeing tour, or configure the
       simulators as fighters for a simulation Dog Fight. Per-
       fect for use as a corporate team building or a social
       activity for your aviation and space enthusiast friends.
       (Note: for adult groups, Learning Lab experiences are
       not required.) The Aviation Learning Center program
       may be used for yourself or given to a school group
       of your choice. The day and time must be scheduled
       in advance and is dependent upon availability of the
       ALC. Expires: 11/19/2012.
       Museum of Flight                                         $500.00
T053   787 Mosiac - AHS Sophmore Class
       A 787 mosaic created by the Sophomore Class.
       Each mosaic piece has been custom signed and
       decorated by a Sophomore student. A true one of a
       kind keepsake!
       Aviation High School - Sophomore Class                  $75.00
T054   “Two Roads’’ Artwork by Jennifer G. Brooks
       “Two Roads’’ is a set of two works of art by local art-
       ist Jennifer G. Brooks, custom framed. One sketch
       and one watercolor, both depicting a scenic stretch
       of Washington highway.
       Dave and Siobvan Nyikos                                 $250.00
T055    Home Flight Training Package
        Includes software, controllers, and flight instruction
        book to turn your PC or laptop into a fully-fledged
        home flight trainer. Includes Saitek Pro Flight Cessna
        Yoke, Pro Flight rudder pedals, and throttle quad.
        Also includes Microsoft Flight Simulator X and an
        instructional book “FSX for Pilots: Real World Train-
        ing” by Jeff Van West and Seattle’s own Ken Lane-
        Cummings. On-site installation and setup included
        upon request. Requires PC or Laptop with Windows
        XP, Vista, or 7, 1.0 GHz or better CPU, Direct X 9
        compatible video card with 32MB ram.
        Leo & Grace Salemann                                   $500.00

            Bringing You A World of Great Taste!
   V I Wines Distributing is a young, innovative, and family-run company
   dedicated to bringing you the highest quality wines at a phenomenal
   value. V I Wines works tirelessly to import and distribute great wines
   from around the world and we’ll strive to meet your needs while giving
   you the best customer service.

                 ...we strive to give the best customer service
                 possible to our customers and provide top
                 brand management and sales to our vendors.
                                     —Giuseppe & Anne Carraturo

       768 Industry Drive • Tukwila, Washington 98188 • 206-575-VINO (8466)
 Silent Auction A

auction closes at 7:15 pm
A101   Wine Basket and More!
       Kick back and have a relaxing night at home with
       this basket: 2 bottles of 14 Hands Wine (Red Blend
       and Merlot), glass bottle stopper, bag of Hershey’s
       Caramel Bliss, bag of yogurt covered pretzels, dark
       chocolate sea-salt cashews, box of flat bread, and jar
       of orange fig spread.
       Clay & Shari Anderson                                        $50.00
A102   John Deere Die-Cast Model
       Clearly detailed die-cast model of John Deere ma-
       chinery, fully moving wheels and parts. Great for
       displaying. Model is 1/50 scale. What a find for the
       Pape Machinery                                               $25.00
A103   The Burke Museum
       Four tickets to the Burke Museum of Natural His-
       tory and Culture! Explore this gem in the heart of the
       University of Washington. See brochure for hours and
       closures. No expiration date.
       Burke Museum of Natural History                              $40.00
A104   A Total Concept Salon
       Gift certificate for a partial foil or all over color and
       haircut service provided by an experienced stylist at
       A Total Concept Salon. No expiration date.
       A Total Concept Salon                                       $120.00
A105   The Tux Shop
       Time to put on the tux and tails? This time of year
       when parties abound, step out in style at your next
       big event with this $50 gift certificate from The Tux
       Shop! Gift certificate toward rental merchandise. No
       cash value. Expires: 11/19/2012
       The Tux Shop                                                 $50.00
A106   Silver Heart Pendant with Chain Necklace
       Pristine Silver Heart with leaves accent this beautiful
       pendant with matching silver chain.
       Dayna Miller                                                 $22.00
A107   Four Fine Art Puzzles
       Looking for a mental challenge? Exercise the mind on
       four beautiful 500 piece jigsaw puzzles. These puz-
       zles will be an 18’’ x 24’’ picture when complete.
       Laurel Ink, Inc.                                             $60.00
A108    A Week of Airport Parking
        A weeks worth of secure valet parking during your
        travels. MVP parking is open 24/7 with fast conve-
        nient shuttle service to and from SeaTac Airport.
        Expires: 12/31/2012
        MVP Airport Parking                                         $90.00
A109    Corry’s Dry Cleaning or Carpet Services
        Corry’s offers Fine Dry Cleaning Services, or Fuzzy
        Wuzzy Rug Cleaning, at six locations in the greater
        Puget Sound area: Ballard, Edmonds, Lake City,
        Madison Park, U. Village area, and West Seattle. Spe-
        cializing in wall-to-wall carpet cleaning, oriental and
        domestic area rug cleaning, drapery and upholstery
        cleaning. Corry’s Fine Dry Cleaning or Fuzzy Wuzzy
        Rug Cleaning are sure to spruce up any situation.
        No Exp. No cash value.
        Corry’s Fine Dry Cleaning                                   $20.00
A110    Fly Girl Basket
        For the woman aviator who has it all! This fun basket
        has star scarf, aviatrix music box, aviatrix card holder,
        Fly Girl White wine with two wine glasses. Not for
        under 21 years old.
        Greater Seattle 99’s                                        $77.00
A111    Seattle International Film Festival
        Have a fun night out with these two vouchers for the
        Seattle International Film Festival Cinema Box Office
        located at Seattle Center. Voucher is vaild for screen-
        ings. Admission limited to available seating through
        Dec 31, 2012. Not valid for 2011 SIFF screenings
        and events (May 19th - June 12, 2011); not valid for
        special presentations, special events, or SIFF co-pro-
        ductions. This voucher must be exchanged in person.
        No cash value. Expires: 12/31/2012
        Seattle International Film Feastival                        $20.00
A112    The Children’s Museum Family Fun Pack
        Enjoy an exciting day of exploring and learning with
        this “funtastic’’ day of fun with admission for four to
        Seattle’s incredible Children’s Museum. Not valid with
        any other offer, including group visits. No cash value.
        Expires: 11/30/2012
        The Children’s Museum                                       $30.00

       Be a Lucky Ducky - Buy Raffle Tickets Tonight!
A113   Seattle Public Theater Tickets for Two
       Two tickets to any mainstage show at Seattle Public
       Theater. Excludes Holiday shows.
       Expires: 11/19/2012
       Seattle Public Theater                                        $58.00
A114   WebKinz Child’s Basket
       Great for young kids as a gift. Assorted basket with
       various Webkinz pets!
       Pam Walvatne                                                 $100.00
A115   Coby DVD Player
       Pop in a movie and unwind in style with this hi-tech
       portable Coby DVD player, features include 5-inch,
       swivel flat screen and remote.
       Friends of Aviation High School                               $45.00
A116   Yuen Lui Studio - Portrait Gift Certificate
       It’s not just a portrait - its a time capsule, don’t miss
       your opportunity to capture your friends, family, even
       the pets, in a beautiful photograph by renowned Yuen
       Lui Studios. Enjoy one studio session and one 8 x 10
       color portrait. Good at any Yuen Lui Studio location
       for one year. Group size is not to exceed 8 people.
       Expires: 11/30/2012
       Yuen Lui Studio                                           $109.00
A117   Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley Tickets for Two
       Admissions for two (2) to Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley - a
       world class jazz club. This premier night club hosts
       world renowned artists and brings the senses alive
       with soulful music and terrific cuisine. Valid Tues.-
       Thurs. only. Does not cover food, beverages, tax, or
       gratuity; 18% gratuity will be applied to the entire bill
       (cover charges and tax included); must call ahead
       for reservations; reservations based on availability;
       not available for all artists; not applicable for pre-sale
       shows. Expires: 11/19/2012
       Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley                                        $60.00
A118   Starbucks from Hawaii
       Enjoy 100% Kona Coffee (available only at Starbucks
       in Hawaii), a Hawaii Aloha tumbler, a Hawaii turtle
       tumbler, a Hawaiian wave stainless steel water bottle,
       Mauna Loa chocolate coconut covered macadamia
       nuts and Kona coffee dark chocolate covered maca-
       damia nuts in a reusable hot/cold bag.
       Jordan and Gayle Wagner                                       $75.00
A119     Dance Lessons with Kathy’s Dance Studio
         Time to learn some basic moves or improve your
         old ones with this certificate for one-month tuition
         to Kathy’s Studio of Dance. Perfect for anyone, no
         matter what age! One month tuition for one student
         taking one class per week. Ages 3-adult. Expires:
         Kathy’s Studio of Dance                                   $55.00
A120     Sterling Silver with Ocean Charm Earrings
         You’ll look dazzling in this pair of sterling silver,
         hand-painted, one of a kind earrings with tiny ocean
         Dayna Miller                                              $30.00
A121     iHome Clock Radio for iPod & iPhone
         Never over sleep again! Silver faced iHome Clock
         Radio - Wake, Sleep, and Charge your iPhone or iPod
         + remote.
         Matt and Sue Crom                                         $80.00
A122     Yum! Sushi Rolling Party for Four by Keiko Sano
         It’s a Sushi-making party for four people! This item
         is for a 2-3 hour, in your home, sushi-making party.
         Keiko will bring the basic ingredients. Keiko can
         come to your home on most Fridays and Saturdays
         between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Must reserve date 7
         days in advance of party. Expires: 11/30/2012
         Keiko Sano                                                $50.00
A123     Seafair Volunteer for a Day!
         Be a Seafair volunteer! At the 2012 Seafair Hydro-
         plane Regatta, August 3rd through 5th, 2012, and
         enjoy the many benefits of volunteering including
         watching the Blue Angles show among the excite-
         ment of the Hydro pits! Let Lewis show you the ropes
         for a day, providing needed assistance off shore as
         you join The Shore Patrol Team on the water.
         Expires: 8/5/2012
         Lewis Hendrickson                                         $75.00

 For federal income tax purposes, any amount you pay over the fair market
                 value of an item is a charitable contribution.
A124    Ice Cream Goodies from Trotter’s Restaurant
         & Ice Cream Parlour
        This ice cream goodie basket is stocked full of good-
        ies for the ice cream lover! Bowls, barnyard spoons,
        toppings, cones & and ice cream scooper. Enjoy
        dinner and dessert at Trotter’s, then bring home some
        ice cream from the parlour for your own ice cream
        party with a $50 gift certificate. Expires: 11/14/2012
        Trotter’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlour $75.00
A125    Sit ‘N Spin Children’s Riding Toy
        What fun your 1-1/2 to 5-1/2 year old will have spin-
        ning themselves around on this stationary toy! Can’t
        you just hear them laughing and laughing?
        The Harold Family                                         $15.00
A126    Die-Cast “Jeff Gordon’’ Nascar Race Car
        Be the proud owner of a Jeff Gordon die-cast collect-
        able Stock Racing Car. 1:24 scale.
        Friends of Aviation High School                           $50.00
A127    Parlor Live Comedy Club Guest Passes
        Parlor Live: The #1 Comedy Club in The Northwest!
        Includes guest passes for four. Each week Parlor
        Live features a different national headlining comedian
        with shows every Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
        insuring an incredible night of laughter each time you
        visit. Vouchers must be redeemed 45 minutes before
        showtime, not valid for special engagements and
        holidays unless specified, dress code enforced. Must
        be 21 and over, not for re-sale, no cash value, subject
        to space availability. Expires: 8/16/2012
        Parlor Billiards & Spirits                              $100.00
A128    The Hi-Liners Mainstage Production Tickets
        Four certificates towards tickets for our Fall 2012
        Mainstage Production of Cats. Expires: 9/12/2012
        The Hi-Liners                                             $72.00
A129    Red Triangle Handmade Dangle Earrings
        These earrings are lightweight yet loaded with artistic
        detail. Red-dangly pierced earrings.
        Dayna Miller                                              $28.00

       Be a Lucky Ducky - Buy Raffle Tickets Tonight!
A130   Northwest Chamber Chorus Tickets and CD
       Enjoy the sounds of Northwest Chamber Chorus with
       four tickets to your choice from one of three fabu-
       lous selections from the 2011-2012 season concert
       series under the director Mark Kloepper... A Rose in
       Winter: In Praise of Mary and the Season; Americana:
       Folksong’s, Hymns and Spirituals; or The Four Ele-
       ments: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Plus one Northwest
       Chamber Chorus CD to take home with you now!
       Certificate for four guests is good for one (1) perfor-
       mance of the 2011-2012 season. Certificate must be
       redeemed by mail. Expires: 6/11/2012
       Northwest Chamber Chorus                                $108.00
A131   Own a Piece of History - Historic Paper Weight
       Unique and historical! This item is a spark plug pa-
       perweight from the last Lockheed Constellation flown
       in scheduled airline service in the United States for
       Western Air Lines, November 27, 1968.
       Gary & Dayna Miller                                        $25.00
A132   Bistro Tea Basket
       Japanese style teapot with four small tea cups;
       ceramic dish with biscuits, jam; Japanese fan and
       chopsticks; two cross-stitched tea towels; paper
       Karen Wilson                                               $40.00
A133   Nordic Heritage Museum
       Four admission tickets to the Nordic Heritage Muse-
       um! Enjoy Nordic culture in Ballard - heart of Seattle’s
       Scandinavian community. Tuesday to Saturday:
       10 am-4 pm and Sunday: 12 noon-4 pm.
       Nordic Heritage Museum                                     $24.00
A134   Purple ‘Swing’ Sweater
       You’ll look simply royal in this beautiful, soft, purple
       sweater - women’s large.
       Joe Cail and Margaret Barrett                              $25.00
A135   Four Passes to Wing Luke Museum
       Climb the stairs to the past, present and future of a
       great American story still unfolding at The Wing. In-
       cludes tickets for four. Chinatown discovery tours not
       included. Expires: 11/19/2012
       Wing Luke Asian Museum                                     $51.80
A136    Butch Blum Gift Certificate
        The fashion and quality-minded bidder has one of
        the more unique purchase opportunities, courtesy
        of the Northwest’s finest purveyors of men’s and
        women’s fashions - BUTCH BLUM. Enjoy the gift
        of a $100 merchandise certificate from Butch Blum
        in downtown Seattle. Men’s collections include the
        original designs (Black Label) of Giorgio Armani, as
        well as Luciano Barbera, Transit & Boglioli, exclusive
        to Butch Blum in Seattle, European collections for
        women include Cividini, Alberta Ferretti, Blumarine,
        Moschino, Malene Birger, and Jean Gaultier just to
        name a few. BUTCH BLUM - the only name you need
        besides your own. Gift certificate valid 1 year only. No
        cash refund. Expires: 11/19/2012
        Butch Blum Clothing                                      $100.00
A137    Beautiful Handmade Pendant & Earrings Set
        Skillfully handmade pendant and earrings using
        Swarovski crystal rivolis, Tila beads and Japanese
        sead beads. Won’t you look stunning!
        Alan and Louise Turnidge                                  $40.00
A138    Kent Valley Ice Center Passes
        It’s a PARTY! at The Kent Valley Ice Center. Four (4)
        Skating w/rental, two (2) Batting Cage (3 tokens each
        - 20 pitches per token), and two (2) 18-hole mini golf
        (1- round each). Not valid on holiday skate sessions;
        no cash value; no refund. Expires: 11/19/2012
        Kent Valley Ice Centre                                    $82.67
A139    Sounders Tech Back Pack
        Sounders Fan? Bid on this great Sounders Tech
        backpack with matching scarf.
        Friends of Aviation High School                           $60.00
A140    Tacoma Art Museum
        Admission passes for four (4) to The Tacoma Art Mu-
        seum’s Chihuly Glass Cell Phone Walking Tour. Enjoy
        this 13 stop tour at 5 different locations in Tacoma’s
        Museum district. Dale Chihuly narrates this tour of his
        inspirations. Expires: 9/30/2012.
        Tacoma Art Museum                                         $40.00

       Be a Lucky Ducky - Buy Raffle Tickets Tonight!
A141   A Total Concept Salon
       Gift certificate for a partial foil or all over color and
       haircut service provided by an experienced stylist at
       A Total Concept Salon. No expiration date.
       A Total Concept Salon                                       $120.00
A142   Gold Clip Angel Earrings
       Show off the angel in you with these unusual clip gold
       dangle earrings.
       Dayna Miller                                                 $20.00
A143   Tacoma Rainiers Tickets for Four
       The smell of popcorn, the crack of the bat and the
       chanting of “1...2...3 strikes you’re out!’’ Enjoy a
       trip to the ballpark with the Rainiers - 2012 Tacoma
       Rainiers four (4) reserved tickets. Seating is subject to
       availability. Valid Sunday-Thursday home games only.
       No Friday or Saturday games or July 3rd. Certificate
       expires at the completion of the regular season 2012.
       The Tacoma Rainers reserve the right to deny any
       requested dates and provide holder with an alterna-
       tive. Tickets will be available for pickup at Cheney
       Stadium Will Call on game night. Expires: 8/27/2012
       Tacoma Rainier’s Baseball Club                               $52.00
A144   Camaloch Golf Course Green Fees
       Hit the greens at Camaloch Golf Course on Camano
       Island with this certificate for two (2) weekday green
       fees! No holidays please. Expires: 8/31/2012
       Camaloch Golf Course                                         $62.00
A145   Delicious and Fun Barbecue Basket
       Barbecue in the Winter? Why not! They do it in New
       Orleans! Three pack of BBQ sauce; “King of the Grill’’
       picture frame, four bright sturdy dish towels, one
       oven mitt and two fun decorated plastic tea glasses.
       The Harold Family                                            $35.00
A146   Day Spa for Your Feet
       This service is for complete foot care. Includes ex-
       foliation, massage, paraffin dip, thorough grooming
       of the cuticles and nails, finish with beautiful polish.
       Relax for one hour plus! Expires: 6/1/2012
       Head-to-Toe Day Spa                                          $58.00
A147   Harbor Cruise for Four with Argosy
       Join Argosy Cruises for a harbor adventure! Learn
       about Seattle’s history while viewing the colorful
       waterfront, spectacular city skyline, one of the world’s
       largest shipping terminals, and the majestic Cas-
       cades and Olympic mountain ranges during this fun
       filled cruise of the Harbor for four (4) guests.
       Not valid on July 4th, Blue Angels or Special Event
       Cruises. Expires: 11/30/2012
       Argosy Cruises                                             $90.00
A148   Science Toys
       Have fun with these fun toys! First up is the Robotic
       Beeper - easy to learn, build and understand. Inspires
       kids in the understanding of basic robotic science;
       next is the Electromagnetic Playground - step into the
       amazing world of electrical energy; last 3-D miras-
       cope - it creates a 3-D hologram image (you won’t
       believe your eyes). It looks completely real... but you
       can’t touch it. All toys are intended for children 8
       and up. WARNING- Choking hazards - NOT for kids
       under 3 years.
       Sandra MacDonald                                           $38.00
A149    Christmas Holiday Basket
        Start your hunt for decorations early! This basket
        includes a woven tapestry stocking, tapestry pillow,
        two snowmen dishtowels, snowmen stickers, holly-
        berry candle picture frame, holiday notecards, pen-
        guin ornament and gold ornament. Tis the season!
        The Harold Family                                          $50.00
A150    Family Fun with a Table-Top Pool Table
        Enjoy hours of family fun challenging each other to
        games of pool. This pool table is 20’’L x 12’’W x 4’’H.
        The sticks and balls are sized to fit. It can be placed
        on any table top and transported to friends or rela-
        tives houses. This game is recommended for ages 8
        years and up.
        The Harold Family                                          $30.00
A151    Pivit Board
        Improve your core skills for many sports. Why is
        someone a “natural’’ at a given sport? It has some-
        thing to do with their core skills, balance being one of
        them. You practice everything else, why not practice
        and make your balance better? Benefits: agility, pre-
        cision, endurance and fun!
        Joe Cail and Margaret Barrett                              $80.00
A152    Delicious Fixins for Dinner + Dessert!
        Scrumptious dinner fixin’s already put together in a
        bag for you! Just when you think that’s all that’s in
        there - there’s dessert too!!
        Trader Joes-Burien                                         $35.00
A153    Kayaking, Nature & Pizza for Two
        Gliding along in your kayak around beautiful Lake
        Union. What? Never been before? No worries! An
        experienced kayaker will guide you and a friend in
        and out of places you’ve never experienced before.
        Feel the calm summer breeze and the warmth of
        the sun on your face. After the 2-hour tour, Dan will
        treat you to Pizza! Meet at the NW Outdoor Center to
        begin this fun adventure at a mutually agreed upon
        date and time. Contact Dan at 206-276-7814 or Expires: 9/30/2012
        Dan Hrehov                                                 $75.00

       Be a Lucky Ducky - Buy Raffle Tickets Tonight!
A154   Pink and Red Earrings
       You’ll look pretty in these dangly pink and red
       earrings. Skillfully made by a local artist.
       Dayna Miller                                               $36.00
A155   Mountain to Sound - Ski or Board Tune Up
       Get ready to hit the slopes with this excellent Moun-
       tain to Sound Outfitters Ski or Board Tune Up!
       One basic ski or board tune up. No expiration date!
       Mountain to Sound Outfitters                               $40.00
A156   Chone Figgin’s Autographed Baseball
       Own a part of Mariner’s baseball history with a Chone
       Figgin’s autographed baseball. This unique item
       includes a picture of Chone Figgins.
       Seattle Mariners                                           $75.00
A157   Taylor Swift Autographed CD - Fearless Platinum
       This is a collector item, or just an enjoyable CD! Own
       one of the few Autographed CDs of Fearless Platinum
       by Taylor Swift.
       Bill and Liz Campisteguy                               $35.00
A158   Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour for Two
       Dirt, Corruption, Sewers Scandal! Hilarious historic
       tour beneath Seattle’s sidewalks. Seattle’s most un-
       usual attraction. A 90-minute guided walking tour for
       two (2). Be prepared for underground landscape to be
       moderately rugged with six flights of stairs and spotty
       lighting. NOT VALID May to September.
       Expires: 11/30/2012
       Bill Speidel                                               $32.00
A159   Lightening Basket
       All the “real’’ essentials for the Woman Aviator!! This
       fun basket has silk aviator scarf, P-38 Lightening
       video, P-38 Lightening wine with 2 wine glasses and
       Red Barn Coffee. Enjoy! Not for those under 21.
       Greater Seattle 99’s                                       $66.00
A160   An Evening at Garage
       A delicious four-course dinner for two people. After
       dinner enjoy a fun game of billiards or bowling. Res-
       ervations recommeneded. Gratuity NOT INCLUDED.
       This is a 21 and older establishment. Valid Sunday
       through Thursday. Expires: 11/18/2012
       Garage Restaurant & Billiards                             $100.00
A161      Oregon Symphony Tickets
          Get in the Christmas spirit with a concert presented
          by the Oregon Symphony at the Arlene Schnitzer
          Concert Hall in Portland, Oregon. Voucher is good for
          two tickets to the 2011 Season - Gospel Christmas
          Concert for one of the following performances only:
          Friday, Dec. 9 at 7:30 pm, Saturday, Dec. 10 at 7:30
          pm, or Sunday, Dec. 11 at 4 pm. Seating subject to
          availability in Orchestra sides and balcony. Redeem-
          able after Sept 1, 2011 by mail or in person.
          Oregon Symphony                                       $100.00
A162      John Deere Die-Cast Model
          Clearly detailed die-cast model of John Deere ma-
          chinery, fully moving wheels and parts. Great for dis-
          playing. Model is 1/50 scale. A find for the collector!
          Pape Machinery                                            $25.00
A163      Compact Car Jack
          Don’t be caught without a car jack! This car jack is
          compact, light-weight - perfect for the trunk. It can
          handle a 2 ton capacity, lifts 5 to 15 inches and has a
          twist valve release.
          John Seiler                                               $40.00

                                 Gisselle’s House
                                       If you ever need help,
                                     we are here to help you!

                                        • Houses • Condos
                                           • Apartments
                                        • New Construction
                                      • Move IN & Move OUT
       Licensed & Insured
  affordable & professional

                                 (206) 769-7466
A164    Seattle Musical Theatre
        Two (2) gift certificates for a Seattle Musical Theatre
        Mainstage Production. Subject to availability. Expires:
        Seattle Musical Theatre                                   $80.00
A165    Simply Stated Photography Photo Session
        This certificate includes one portrait session on loca-
        tion (locally) for one or your family. Your portrait ses-
        sion includes a consultation and up to a 2-hour photo
        session. By appointment only. Please reserve your
        appointment early.
        Simply Stated Photography                                 $125.00
A166    Gold Hoop Earrings
        Classic, medium gold hoop earrings. Every women
        needs at least one pair!
        Dayna Miller                                              $12.50
A167    Seattle Thunderbirds, Seattle vs. Portland
        Enjoy the action of The Seattle Thunderbirds vs.
        Portland Winterhawks, Saturday, January 14, 2012 at
        7:05 pm. Cheer for your team from two (2) Club Seats
        with VIP parking included! Game location is at The
        ShoWare Center in Kent, WA. Doors open at 6:00 pm.
        Expires: 1/15/2012
        Seattle Thunderbirds                                      $50.00
A168    InteliSonic Toothbrush and UV Sanitizer
        InteliSonic features: Tri-peak brushhead, 2 minute
        auto timer, 4-30 second intervals, variable speed
        settings, UV sanitizer, environmentally-safe batteries,
        2 brushheads, 2 hygienic travel caps, 1 travel case,
        one-year limited warranty. The sanitizer’s powerful
        UV rays make it up to 99.9% effective against E.Coli,
        Candida, Albicans, Salmonella and H. Simplex and
        96.8 against H1N1 virus. Love the clean feeling the
        InteliSonic toothbrush gives your mouth!
        Dentist Rx Revolation                                     $99.00
A169    Work Out at Normandy Park Athletic Club!
        Work off those holiday excesses with this 1-month
        trial membership at Normandy Park Athletic!
        No Expiration Date
        Normandy Park Athletic Club                               $50.00

       Be a Lucky Ducky - Buy Raffle Tickets Tonight!
A170   Coby DVD Player
       Pop in a movie and unwind in style with this hi-tech
       portable Coby DVD player, features include 5-inch,
       swivel flat screen and remote.
       Friends of Aviation High School                            $45.00
A171   Sophisticated Black Purse Basket
       Sophistication is the look of this basket. Starting with
       the Leopard-patterned silk scarf flowing from your
       neck, the black Isotoner gloves for all seasons, as
       is the black purse! This wonderful basket includes
       choices of earrings, seven sets to be precise!
       The Harold Family                                          $70.00
A172   Nordic Heritage Museum
       Two admission tickets to the Nordic Heritage Muse-
       um! Enjoy Nordic culture in Ballard - heart of Seattle’s
       Scandinavian community. Tuesday-Saturday:
       10 am-4 pm and Sunday: 12 noon-4 pm
       Nordic Heritage Museum                                     $12.00
A173   Museum of History and Industry
       Four general admission tickets to the Museum of
       History and Industry in Seattle. From Boeing’s first
       plane to one of the largest historical photo collections
       on the West Coast, you will revel in the collection of
       world-class historic treasurers. Closed Thanksgiving
       and Christmas. Expires: 6/1/2012
       Museum of History and Industry                             $32.00
A174   Nespresso Milk Frother
       Nespresso Aeroccion Plus 3192. Designed to froth
       both hot and cold milk. Froth in as little as 70 sec-
       onds, purely at the touch of one button. The perfect
       cappuccino made in your own home!
       Joe Cail and Margaret Barrett                              $99.00
A175   Explorer Archery Set
       Hours of fun target shooting with this Explorer Ar-
       chery Set. It sports a composite handle bow, two
       arrows and belt quiver.
       Dayna Miller                                               $35.00
A176   V-Neck Black Cable-Knit Sweater
       Warm up for winter in this beautiful black cable knit
       sweater - women’s size large by Old Navy.
       Joe Cail and Margaret Barrett                              $25.00
A177   Party@ Display and Costume Gift Card
       $50 gift certificate for a shopping spree at Party@
       Display and Costume!!! Party supplies, tableware,
       costumes, balloons, theatrical makeup, and so much
       more!! Join us for a fun filled shopping spree at one
       of our 3 convenient locations in Seattle, Everett, or
       Issaquah. Good for one time use only, no cash value.
       Display & Costume                                            $50.00
A178   Sunflower Necklace Set
       From the Nolan Miller Glamour Collection - an inter-
       changeable sunflower pendant set necklace. Crystal
       bezel can be changed from textured gold tone to faux
       jet center. Gold tone bezel with faux pearl center also
       Dayna Miller                                                 $50.00
A179   Curious Kidstuff $25 Gift Certificate
       Curious Kidstuff! A terrific specialty toy store located
       in beautiful West Seattle. A great place to play and
       shop! Expires: 11/19/2012
       Curious Kidstuff                                             $25.00
A180   Seattle Celebrated Chefs Cook Book
       What awaits you inside this limited edition cookbook
       is the signature recipes of Seattle’s finest chefs.
       From Lemon Sage Flan to Halibut Ceviche with
       Mango and Cucumber. Includes recipes from chefs
       from 74 Seattle restaurants you can share with your
       friends and family. There is a special partnership
       between the creators of this book, the restaurants,
       the chefs and local non-profit organizations. Bid on
       Seattle Celebrated Chefs Cookbook - Volume 2 and
       find out what!
       Gordon and Dorina McHenry                                    $20.00
A181   Round of Golf and Power Cart - FORE!!
       18 hole round of golf for a twosome and one power
       cart rental. Expires: 11/19/2012
       Riverbend Golf Complex                                      $100.00
A182   Fireside “Evening in’’ Basket
       Aviators basket full of fun and goodies for the fly girl!
       Rosie T (size L), 3 videos, signed copy of “Flying Ti-
       gress’’ by Norah O’Neill, pumpkin spice tea, lime and
       salt popcorn.
       Greater Seattle 99’s                                         $78.00
A183   Whale Watching with San Juan Excursions
       Certificate for a four (4) hour Whale Watching/Wildlife
       Cruise for two (2) people. Experience the excite-
       ment of seeing Orca whales, harbor seals, California
       & Steller sea lions, Dall’s & harbor porpoise, gray &
       mink whales, bald eagles, and more! All in the excep-
       tional comfort of the “Odyssey’’ a 65’ classic motor
       yacht! Featuring wrap around decks, large heated
       cabins, and hydrophones to hear the orcas sing!
       Please call ahead for reservations. Certificate valid
       May 20, 2012 - September 15, 2012 (except Memo-
       rial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day weekends &
       Saturdays; and only valid when space is available for
       auction item.) Must present certificate for payment.
       Does not include tax or gratuity. Expires: 9/15/2012
       San Juan Excursions, Inc.                               $175.00
A184   Sea Glass Votive Candles
       Relax next to your beautiful set of three Sea Glass
       votive candles. The glass is a sea blue with white and
       wrapped up in silver-colored wire.
       The Crom Family                                           $30.00

         Look better. Move better.
               Feel better.
         Compassionate, upbeat Pilates personal training
           with Mona Sabrina at Pilates Northwest,
          one of northeast Seattle’s favorite instructors
                   and a proud AHS mom!

       Call Pilates Northwest today for privates, duets, and
                small-group classes: 206.368.6904
                      Gift Certificates Available

                  Northeast Seattle not on your path?
              Mona highly recommends Beth at Be Pilates,
            conveniently located in west Seattle: 206.257.2120
A185   2012 Entertainment Book
       2012 Entertainment book, Seattle area edition full of
       great discounts from fine dining to fuel. Most offers
       expire at years end.
       Friends of Aviation High School                             $25.00
A186   Pacific Science Center Family Pack
       Step into a world of wonder and fun with this “Family
       Pack’’ for four (4) to explore and interact with Pacific
       Science Center’s incredible exhibits and IMAX experi-
       ence. Not valid for special engagements.
       Expires: 6/30/2012.
       Pacific Science Center                                      $72.00
A187   Kids Crafts for a Rainy Day Basket
       Bring out your child’s inner artist with this fun deco-
       rating kit. It could also be known as the “I’m bored’’
       vanquisher. Your child will have hours of fun design-
       ing and creating. Included are “Design your own
       School Gear Kit,’’ Decorating Kit, window art, creative
       clay, foam dot letters, finger puppets, pony beads,
       melty beads, animal stamps, AND animal stickers!
       Hours of self-entertainment and creativity.
       The Harold Family                                           $35.00
A188   Car Service with Tom’s Automotive
       Get fixed! With this 3,000 mile service from “Tom’s
       Automotive Service,’’ includes lube, oil and filter
       service, and 23 point vehicle inspection.
       Expires: 11/19/2012
       Tom’s Automotive Service                                    $52.00
A189   High School Senior Portrait Session
       One 2012 High School senior portrait session and
       one 11x14 wall portrait. Please take a moment to
       register your certificate within 15 days of the event.
       Jon Marie Portrait Studio, Inc.                            $400.00
A190   Wine basket
       Enjoy this basket of fine wine and all the tools for a
       wonderful evening with friends. Basket consists of:
       OXO stainless steel winged corkscrew, wine tasting
       kit, one bottle of Villa Andrianne 2009 Muscat Canelli,
       California; one bottle of Francis Coppola Diamond
       Collection, 2008 Alicante Bouschet. Cheers!
       Jennifer Morsello & Linda Finch                             $80.00
A191   Landmark Theater - Movie VIP Passes
       VIP Guest Passes for four to the Landmark Theater.
       Admission LIMITED to available seating. NOT VALID
       at Greenwood Village, during special engagements or
       when ‘no pass’ policy is listed in daily newspaper ad
       or posted at box office. Expires: 12/31/2012
       Landmark Theatres                                       $42.00
A192   Elegant Clutch Purse
       Won’t you look sharp in this elegant black Rachel Zoe
       clutch purse!
       Doug and Julie Osterman                                 $65.00
A193   Gold Dangle Earrings
       Unique pair of gold dangle earrings with accent
       colors of black, green and blue. Just stunning!
       Dayna Miller                                            $15.00
A194   Party Keg from Elliot Bay Brewhouse and Pub
       Be the toast of your next party by showing up with
       a mini-keg of organic Elliott Bay Beer. PLEASE call
       one week in advance to reserve your Keg (40 pints)
       MUST BE OVER 21.
       Elliott Bay Brewhouse & Pub                             $61.00
A195     Fine Art Stationary
         A must have for all letter writers, a collection of beauti-
         ful stationary for all your correspondence at your
         fingertips. All stored in a delightful trunk!
         Laurel Ink, Inc.                                            $100.00
A196     Woodland Park Zoo - Family Fun Pack
         Passes for two adults and two children to spend a day
         exploring the award-winning Woodland Park Zoo.
         Not valid on zoo special event dates. Not valid with
         any other promotions or offers. No cash value.
         Expires: 12/12/2012
         Woodland Park Zoo                                           $58.00
A197     Aviator Video Gift Bag
         The Aviator’s dream gift bag with hours of flying vid-
         eos and “I’d rather be flying” license plate frame.
         The Aviator’s Store                                        $125.00
A198     ACME Bowling, Billiards and Events
         TEN Free Games of Bowling at ACME Bowling, Bil-
         liards & Events in Tukwila. Valid Sunday-Thursday,
         one card per guest per visit. NOT VALID with any
         other event or promotion. Expires: 11/19/2012
         ACME Bowling, Billiards & Events                            $55.00
A199     Jewelry Box
         A beautiful jewelry box with compartments for your
         rings, bracelets, and earrings!!
         Jordan and Gayle Wagner                                     $35.00
A200     Seattle International Film Festival
         Have a fun night out with these two vouchers for the
         Seattle International Film Festival Cinema Box Of-
         fice located at Seattle Center. This voucher is valid
         for screenings. Admission limited to available seat-
         ing through Dec. 31, 2012. Not valid for 2011 SIFF
         screenings and events (May 19th-June 12, 2011); Not
         valid for special presentations, special events, or SIFF
         Co-productions. This voucher must be exchanged in
         person. No cash value. Expires: 12/31/2012
         Seattle International Film Feastival                        $20.00

 For federal income tax purposes, any amount you pay over the fair market
                 value of an item is a charitable contribution.
A201   Track Taxi Experience
       Want to experience the thrill of a hot lap on the track?
       Ride along with a professional driver in our 2009 NW
       BMW M3 Track Taxi at Proformance Race School in
       Kent. It’s a thrill! No refunds on cancellations less than
       7 days from scheduled date. Other restrictions may
       apply. Expires: 11/19/2012.
       Race Rescue Solutions/John Madden                            $75.00
A202   Red Purse Basket
       Won’t you look sharp this holiday toting your Red
       Purse (includes an easy-access cell-phone holder).
       What to do with your keys? No problem, pop them
       onto the key chain. Notice the stylish, yet matching
       rosebud silk scarf? Won’t it look nice below those
       silver earrings? Going outside? Great! Pop on your
       Thinsulate insulated gloves, grab the Totes Wonderlite
       umbrella and you’re good to go!
       The Harold Family                                            $80.00
A203   Laquered Brass Tribal Earrings
       A pair of tribal-style lacquered brass dangle earrings.
       Dayna Miller                                                 $18.00
A204   Financial Planning Education
       Two hours of education on basic financial planning
       and retirement planning strategies. Pick the brain of
       a 25-year veteran Certified Financial Planner. This is
       an educational session only - no advice will be given.
       See display for additional services offered not includ-
       ed in this certificate. Expires: 11/16/2012
       Anne Zvirblis                                           $600.00
A205   Brightly Decorated Hand-Dipped Pretzels
       Use for a great addition to party treats, or just give
       away! 50 hand-dipped pretzels with decorations!
       Packaged individually. Your choice of chocolate or
       vanilla (vanilla comes in various colors) and decora-
       tions. Can be for themed events. Must give two weeks
       notice, please. Delivery to Aviation High School.
       Expires: 11/19/2012
       Gordon and Dorina McHenry                                    $75.00
A206   Box It Up for Christmas
       Going out one more time for more holiday boxes? No
       worries, bid on this and get your boxes in advance!!!!
       This offering includes gift boxes, bags, bows and tags.
       Friends of Aviation High School                            $15.00
A207   Illusions Hair Design
       Treat yourself to a women’s haircut and style. Also
       receive 10% savings on retail purchases with presen-
       tation of the certificate. Not valid in December 2011.
       Expires: 7/1/2012
       Illusions Hair Design                                      $50.00
A208   Gymboree Designated Wingman Outfit
       Bring out the Aviator in your little one! More than just a
       jacket! This outfit (size 5T) includes aviator glasses, 2
       pair of wingman socks, plaid shorts, hat, fleece pants
       and a long sleeve T.
       Bill and Liz Campisteguy                                   $100.00
A209   Big Squishable Phoenix
       How Cute! A big, huggable, squishable Phoenix - The
       School Mascot!
       John & Lisa Graves                                         $42.00
A210   Wedding Photo Session
       One - 2-hour wedding coverage only and one 11x14
       wall portrait. Please take a moment to register your
       portrait certificate within 15 days after the event.
       Jon Marie Portrait Studio, Inc.                           $400.00
A211   REI Transit Laptop Bag
       One of the best organized REI transit shoulder bags
       you will ever come up against. It has a modern ap-
       pearance with rugged fabric and features suited for
       students, commuters and travelers.
       Jim and Heather Smith                                      $79.50
A212   Turquoise and Gold Beaded Earrings
       Distinctive shiny, gold with beaded turquoise and mix
       metals earrings.
       Gary and Dayna Miller                                      $20.00
A213   Dancing Girls
       Beautiful original art by Louise Williams titled
       “Dancing Girls.’’ Stand included.
       Joe Cail and Margaret Barrett                              $80.00
A214   Evergreen City Ballet - Nutcracker Tickets
       The whole family will enjoy this magical production
       of “The Nutcracker.’’ Our period production includes
       the beautifully costumed party scene, the traditional
       Mother Ginger, mice that have escaped into the audi-
       ence, the gorgeous snow scene, and the waltz of
       the flowers. Enjoy this beautiful, timeless classic and
       create a beautiful holiday memory. Includes tickets for
       two (2). Valid December only. Expires: 12/24/2011
       Evergreen City Ballet                                     $58.00
A215   Black Hole Paperweight by Glass Eye Studio
       Glass Eye Studio presents this Celestial Planet paper-
       weight 501 - The Black Hole. Handmade in the US.
       Glass Eye Studio products contain ash from the 1980
       Mount St. Helen eruption.
       Ron and Mary Spores                                       $75.00
A216   Movie Night Out - With Treats!
       Movie Night Out Gift Pack includes $50.00 in Fan-
       dango gift cards and sweet movie treats plus popcorn!
       No expiration dates.
       Greg and Amy Brancati                                     $60.00
A217   One Year Supply of Dog Treats!
       Your paw family member will enjoy these premium
       treats made with 100% pure and natural ingredi-
       ents, no additives or preservatives in these yummy
       treats. Know your dog is getting the best to promote a
       healthy lifestyle!
       Blue Dog Bakery                                           $48.00
A218   John Deere Die-cast Model Equipment
       Clearly detailed die-cast model of John Deere ma-
       chinery, fully moving wheels and parts. Great for
       displaying. Model is 1/50 scale. What a fun display for
       the person who loves those big machines!
       Pape Machinery                                            $25.00
A219   On the Boards Tickets for Two
       Gift certificate for two tickets to any regular perfor-
       mance at the On the Boards. Redeemable in person
       at the box office. Expires: 12/31/2012
       On the Boards                                             $50.00
A220     Turquoise Dangle Earrings
         Silver and turquoise dangle earrings made with 1920s
         Czechoslovakian glass beads - how unique!
         Dayna Miller                                               $19.50
A221     Experience Music Project Passes for Four
         Four passes good for admission to all exhibitions in
         Experience Music Project Museum (EMP). The mis-
         sion of EMP museum is to explore and amplify ideas
         that fuel contemporary create culture. It’s exhibitions
         and public programs engage the senses; deepen our
         understanding of art and culture; and examine their
         relevance to our lives. Expires: 9/17/2012
         Experience Music Project                                   $72.00
A222     College Planning Kit
         Everything you’ll need for college planning including
         books on financial planning and student preparation,
         a journal for keeping track, a bottle of Tylenol and
         helpful services with a college planning consultant, a
         $250 value.
         Robert Duniway, Aviation High School -
         Career Readiness & Mike Borfitz                           $250.00
A223     Winning the College Game
         A guide to understanding why you might want to go to
         college, how to select the best college to help achieve
         your goals, how to give yourself the best chance of
         being admitted, how to make college more affordable,
         how to get the most value from college when you
         attend and much more.
         Robert Duniway                                             $22.00

                Three Tree Production
       Graphic Design • Print Production • Web

                                                           206 . 246 . 3885
 Julie Zaballos, AHS parent                   
 Silent Auction B

auction closes at 7:30 pm
B301     Crystal Vase
         Won’t your holiday arrangements look wonderful in
         this beautiful Princess House, 9 inch, hand-blown
         crystal vase.
         Teri Katzer                                               $30.00
B302     Landscape Service
         Sit back and relax while From Bottom to Top mows
         your grass, prunes your bushes, and does general
         yard clean up. You are bidding on FIVE hours of ser-
         vices! Doesn’t include debris disposal.
         Expires: 7/31/2012
         From Bottom to Top Remodeling                           $100.00
B303     Black Coral Bead Necklace
         Add a touch of beauty and elegance with this genuine
         Black Coral beaded 6-12 mm in size, 18’’ in length
         Menashe and Sons Jewelers                            $130.00
B304     Michael Rosenberg Photography Photo Session
         A portrait of your child or family is more than a
         fleeting moment captured in time - it is an art form
         - something that lifts your spirit and touches your
         heart - that draws you back to it time and time again.
         Whether it is a large black and white work of art on
         the wall, or a collection of prints capturing the many
         faces and emotions you see everyday in your beloved
         ones, or perhaps a “day in a life’’ session, let Michael
         create images that will stay with you for years to
         come. Certificate is for one professional Child, Senior,
         Couple, or Family Studio/Location Portrait session,
         and additional $110 credit toward print order if ap-
         pointment is scheduled within three weeks of auction
         date (12/10/11). Expires: 5/19/2012
         Michael Rosenberg Photography                            $400.00

 For federal income tax purposes, any amount you pay over the fair market
                 value of an item is a charitable contribution.
Do You Need
Around the
          • Interior - exterior paint
          • Roofing
          • Landscape design
          • Masonary work
          • Waterproof decking
          • Drywall
          • Plumbing
          • Handyman services
          • House cleaning services
     We are local and proud AHS parents

             From Bottom to
             Top Remodeling
 If it’s not mentioned in this ad, please ask.....
           call for Free estimates
   Georgette Trujillo: 206.227.9465 (english)
    Elmer Reyes: 206.931.2930 (spanish)
B305    VIP Wine Tasting and Two Bottles of Wine
        VIP wine tasting for up to eight guests at either
        Prosser or Woodinville locations. Wine pairing with
        papas included. The Prosser location is built on a
        former WW II airbase used for pilot training. And
        there is the unofficial story of how this and several
        other bases were strategically located around Han-
        ford Reach in order to conduct surveillance over the
        highly classified Hanford Nuclear Reservation that
        was refining plutonium for atomic bombs. Two of the
        original hangars still exist and are used for workshop
        and storage facilities. Expires: 12/31/2012
        Airfield Estates Winery                                $188.00
B306    Arthur Murray Dance
        So you think you have two left feet? Here’s an oppor-
        tunity to dance with confidence! Nationally renowned
        Arthur Murray Dance professionals will coach you
        and your family/party/household. The bidding is for
        two 30-minute private lessons; one 40-minute group
        lesson and one personalized program consultation.
        One certificate per single/couple/household. Fully
        transferable. New adult students (21+ years old)
        ONLY. No expiration date.
        Arthur Murray Dance School                            $278.00
B307    Cookies by Design - Bouquet and Gift Card
        Beautiful and delicious cookie flower arrangement
        and a certificate for one seven-cookie classic bou-
        quet of your choice. Valid for pick up at Bellevue
        store only. Delivery is available on request for a
        charge. Allow 72 hours for order. Expires: 11/30/2012
        Cookies by Design                                     $109.98
B308    John Deere Die-Cast Model
        Clearly detailed die-cast model of John Deere ma-
        chinery, fully moving wheels and parts. Great for
        displaying. Model is 1/50 scale. What a find for the
        Pape Machinery                                         $25.00

       Be a Lucky Ducky - Buy Raffle Tickets Tonight!
B309   Bush Pilot for a Day!
       Take to the skies in a Float Plane! Fly over Seattle
       and Puget Sound and play “Bush Pilot’’ as you take
       off and land on WATER!!! Two can take turns, or bring
       a friend to capture the moments on camera. See you
       on the lake and in the skies! (PS: It’s a REAL flight
       lesson - you will be flying with a credentialed instruc-
       tor.) Expires: 5/31/2012
       Seattle Seaplanes / Kit Warfield                         $285.00
B310   A Week of Airport Parking
       A weeks worth of secure valet parking during your
       travels. MVP parking is open 24/7 with fast conve-
       nient shuttle service to and from SeaTac Airport.
       Expires: 12/31/2012
       MVP Airport Parking                                     $90.00
B311   Seattle Thunderbirds vs. Portland
       Enjoy the action of the Seattle Thunderbirds vs.
       Portland Winterhawks, Saturday, January 14, 2012 at
       7:05 pm. Cheer for your team from two (2) Club Seats
       with VIP parking included! Game location is at The
       ShoWare Center in Kent, WA. Doors open at 6:00 pm
       Expires: 1/15/2012
       Seattle Thunderbirds                                    $50.00
B312   Bread Basket of Goodies from Great Harvest
       Enjoy this fresh, fragrant, and delicious variety of
       Great Earth breads and goodies!
       Great Harvest Bread Co.                                 $65.00
B313   Hoodsport Winery Private Wine Tasting
       Join Hoodsport Winery, on the scenic Olympic Pen-
       insula, for a Private Tasting for you and your guests
       (Up to TEN (10) people). Taste and enjoy Hoodsport’s
       award winning traditional vinifera grape wines and fa-
       mous fruit wines, along with select hors d’oeuvres for
       you and your group. Reservations must be made at
       least two weeks in advance. Age 21+ only. Certificate
       cannot be exchanged for wine or any other products.
       Expires: 8/23/2012
       Hoodsport Winery                                       $150.00
B314   2012 SIFF Opening Night Tickets for Two
       Opening Night at the Seattle International Film Fes-
       tival - WHAT FUN! Two (2) tickets to the 2012 SIFF
       Opening Night Film and Gala ONLY on Thursday,
       May 17, 2012. Certificate must be redeemed at the
       SIFF Box Office between May 3 & May 17, 2012. No
       refunds or exchanges, SIFF is not responsible for lost
       or stolen certificates. Some restrictions apply. For
       information on redeeming this certificate, please call
       206-324-9996. Expires: 5/17/2012
       Seattle International Film Festival                    $100.00
B315   Pair of Swirl Sterling Silver Earrings
       Think how stunning these beautiful, sterling silver,
       swirl earrings with just a touch of purple and blue will
       look dangling from your ears!
       Dayna Miller                                               $15.00
B316   Kayaking with the NW Outdoor Center
       Grab a friend, loved one or even a kiddo and enjoy
       two hours of kayaking for two on Seattle’s lovely Lake
       Union. Brought to you by Seattle’s own Northwest
       Outdoor Center. No expiration date
       Northwest Outdoor Center                                   $56.00
B317   Clark Allen Hair Design
       Have Michelle DeBrock, an experienced stylist, give
       you that updated look you have always wanted to
       try. She will style your hair to your specifications or
       collaborate with you for a whole new you! She styles
       men and women’s hair. No expiration date.
       Clark Allen Design                                         $45.00
B318   Hand Thrown Pottery Strainer
       This wonderful piece is both functional and art!
       Handmade by a local artist it includes one extra large
       and one small strainer.
       Joe Cail and Margaret Barrett                              $50.00
B319   Masters Auto Safety Check and Oil Change
       Get the car ready for the weather with this check-up
       for your car. Good for most cars and light trucks. One
       oil change and safety check. Includes inspection of
       brakes, steering, under chassis, belts and hoses all
       fluids, battery, lights and MORE! Tire rotation too!
       No expiration date.
       Masters Auto and Tire Service                              $40.00
B320    Revolation Toothbrush and UV Sanitizer
        Give plaque the brush off. Over 3 million bristle
        sweeps per brushing cycle, 56% more plaque remov-
        al in hard to reach areas, as well as 75% more plaque
        removal from the back of the teeth than manual
        brushing. Also includes the UV sanitizer which goes
        to work cleaning your brush by killing the bacteria
        and viruses on brush head surfaces. It’s powerful UV
        rays make it up to 99.9% effective against E.Coli,
        Candida, Albicans, Salmonella and H. Simplex and
        96.8 against H1N1 virus.
        Dentist Rx Revolation                                      $99.00
B321    The Comedy Underground
        What A HOOT! Four passes to the hilarious Comedy
        Underground, it’ll keep you in stitches all night long!
        Rolling Stone Magazine touts it as “Best Comedy
        Club in the Northwest!’’ Bring some friends & get
        ready to have a BLAST! Special events excluded.
        Expires: 11/19/2012
        The Comedy Underground                                     $80.00
B322    Ballroom Dance with Northwest DanceSport
        Learn to glide with Rick Gossard d.b.a Northwest
        DanceSport. Rick has over 32 years of experience in
        both social and competitive Ballroom Dancing. This
        55-minute private or semi-private ballroom dance
        lesson may be used for 1 or 2 couples as a begin-
        ners intro, or a brush-up for the trained dancer.
        Lessons must be taken at Pacific Ballroom Dance in
        Auburn, WA. (Near The SuperMall) Contact Rick to
        set up your appointment for a mutually agreed upon
        time and date. Expires: 11/1/2012
        Northwest DanceSport                                      $140.00
B323    Bed, Bath and Beyond Basket
        What fun it will be to explore the soaps and scrub-
        bers in this fun gift-basket. It includes soaps, scrub-
        bers, and a $25 gift card to Bed, Bath and Beyond so
        you can add those items that make you feel spa-
        Tammy and Kevin Wooley                                     $45.00

       Be a Lucky Ducky - Buy Raffle Tickets Tonight!
B324   Museum of History and Industry
       Four admission passes to the Museum of History
       and Industry. From Boeing’s first plane to one of the
       largest historical photographic collections on the
       West coast, you will revel in these classic acquisitions
       many of them world-class historic treasures. Closed
       Thanksgiving and Christmas. Expires: 6/1/2012
       Museum of History and Industry                             $32.00
B325   “Old Growth’’ Photograph
       Your walls will smile when you purchase this framed
       photograph titled, “Old Growth.’’ This award-winning,
       signed original black and white photograph was cap-
       tured by famed northwest photographer, Doug Sims.
       It has been custom framed using non-glare acrylic
       glaze, rather than glass.
       Sims Photo Art                                        $325.00
B326   Michael Rosenberg Photography Photo Session
       A portrait of your child or family is more than a
       fleeting moment captured in time - it is an art form
       - something that lifts your spirit and touches your
       heart - that draws you back to it time and time again.
       Whether it is a large black and white work of art on
       the wall, or a collection of prints capturing the many
       faces and emotions you see every day in your be-
       loved ones, or perhaps a “day in a life’’ session, let
       Michael create images that will stay with you for
       years to come. This certificate is for one professional
       Child, Senior, Couple, or Family Studio/Location Por-
       trait session, and additional $110 credit toward print
       order if appointment is scheduled within three weeks
       of auction date (12/10/11). Expires: 5/19/2012
       Michael Rosenberg Photography                           $400.00
B327   Magic Bullet
       Do virtually any job in the kitchen in 10 seconds
       or less!! Everything from refreshing smoothies and
       cocktails to mouthwatering desserts and party favor-
       ites. High speed blender/mixer system. 17 piece set
       includes: high-torque power base, 2 stainless steel
       blades, 1 tall and 1 short cups, 2 shaker-steamer
       tops, 2 stay-fresh re-sealable lids, 4 party mugs with
       colored lid rings, and a 100 page recipe book.
       Alex and Arabella Corcoro                                  $50.00
B328   Estate Planning Services by Jeffrey Werthan
       Certificate for each: one will; one durable financial
       power of attorney; one durable medical power of
       attorney; one health care directive.
       Law Offices of Jeffrey M. Werthan                          $450.00
B329   Hand Thrown Pottery - Bowls & Condiment Jar
       Art in function, describes these pottery items - the set
       includes salt and pepper shaker, honey or condiment
       jar with lid, and two matching bowls.
       Joe Cail and Margaret Barrett                               $80.00
B330   Sunset Sail for Two
       Take the helm, trim the sails, or just relax and enjoy a
       ride aboard one of the custom designed yachts for a
       sunset sail for two. Season is May 1, 2012 to Sep-
       tember 1, 2012. Not Valid on July 4, 2012. Limited to
       available space. Expires: 9/1/2012
       Emerald City Charters/Let’s Go Sailing                      $96.00
B331   Gnome for the Holidays
       Gnomes for every part of the home = Garden Gnome,
       Gnome salt and pepper shaker, Gnome Soap on a
       Rope, Gnomeo and Juliet DVD, Gnome Holiday orna-
       ments, and gift tags, a hot cocoa sampler, “Choco-
       rooms’’ and chocolate dipped pretzels. Everyone
       needs some Gnome for the home.
       Shull Family                                       $110.00
B332   Purple, Torquoise with Gold Accented Earrings
       Finish that perfect outfit with handmade purple, tur-
       quoise earrings with gold accents. These earrings are
       distinctive, yet lightweight. Lovingly made by a local
       Dayna Miller                                                $28.00
B333   Center for Wooden Boats Membership
       Row-row-row your boat... with this One Year Family
       Membership, and certificate for two hours of row-
       boat rental time! Where maritime history comes alive
       through direct experience and our small craft heritage
       is enjoyed, preserved, and passed along to future
       generations at The Center for Wooden Boats.
       No expiration date.
       Center for Wooden Boats                                $105.00
Aerospace Testing Engineering & Certification L.L.C. — Seattle, WA

We congratulate Aviation High School and
the student body for exceptional academic
   performance. Thanks for giving us the
          opportunity to mentor these
          amazing young professionals.

                Thank you AHS!
        Keep up the great work!

B334   Wheel of Fortune Goodie Bag
       Do you have a die-hard Wheel of Fortune fan in your
       family? This is a perfect holiday gift: four VIP passes
       to attend a studio taping of Wheel of Fortune, auto-
       graphed photo of Pat Sajak & Vanna White, signed
       ‘mini-wedge,’ Wheel of Fortune canvas bag, hat,
       t-shirt, round wheel keychain & pen.
       Wheel of Fortune & Sony Pictures Television               $100.00
B335   Aloha Basket
       All things Hawaii: Collapsible Cooler, 2 photo albums,
       2 boxes of macadamia nut chocolates, 1 can of mac-
       adamia nuts, 2 pukalei necklaces, 1 warrior helmet, 1
       gecko, and 1 bottle opener. Aloha!!
       Ted and Cathy Ayson                                        $90.00
B336   West Seattle Adventure Segway Tour for Two
       Motorized Standing Segway scooter fun for 2! You
       will first be trained how to ride a Segway Scooter and
       after warming up in a controlled environment, you’ll
       explore some of the most amazing sights West Se-
       attle has to offer. The tour is approximately 1.5 hours.
       Expires: 9/30/2012
       West Coast Entertainment                                 $164.25
B337   Peggy Washburn Photography Portrait
       Includes one (1) studio fee and one (1) 8x10. Peggy
       Washburn’s fine art is inspired by classical mythol-
       ogy, studies pertaining to memory and mathemati-
       cal definitions. In 1990 Marita Holdaway of Seattle’s
       Benham Gallery, offered to represent her and invited
       her to join the gallery’s Resident Artist program. She
       has photographed the children of prominent Se-
       attle families and art collectors, and her work draws
       increasing interest from prominent players in the art
       world. Major art collections have acquired her work
       including the Harry Ransom Humanities Research
       Center at the University of Texas, The Bibliotheque
       Nationale de France and The Ralph Lauren collec-
       tion. Her work has been widely published, she’s had
       numerous solo shows both locally and nationally, and
       has been included in exhibits at the Whatcom Muse-
       um in Bellingham and The Frye Art Museum in Seattle
       and Museo di Fotografia in Brescia, Italy. Her artwork
       is carried by The Ricco Maresca Gallery in New York.
       Contact Peggy to set up appointment.
       Expires: 11/19/2012
       Peggy Washburn Photography                             $510.00
B338    Bouquet of Gift Cards and Candy
        Enjoy fun nights on the town with these gift cards
        and goodies. This bouquet includes gift cards to
        Red Robin, Regal Theatre, Olive Garden, Applebee’s,
        Starbucks and also various candy bars.
        Theda Hiranaka & Wayne Hiranaka                     $105.00
B339    Graceful Murano Water Goblets
        Adding this set of seven graceful, purple-tinted water
        goblets to anyone’s table decor would make any
        dinner party a success! They were hand selected
        and special-ordered at the Murano Glass Factory in
        Venice, Italy 29 years ago. Shipped directly from the
        factory, and lovingly hidden away in it’s unopened
        original packaging waiting for you to bid on it tonight!
        Anita Davis                                              $130.00
B340    Coby DVD Player
        Pop in a movie and unwind in style with this hi-tech
        portable Coby DVD player, features include 5 inch,
        swivel flat screen and remote.
        Friends of Aviation High School                           $45.00
B341    Get Your Safe and Sound Home Inspection!
        Home inspection by Mr. Darrell Hay ACI, owner of
        Safe & Sound Home Inspections Inc. Darrell has an
        extensive background in construction and inspec-
        tions industries. You may find him regularly giving
        presentations on home inspections, maintenance
        and construction for contractors associations, insur-
        ance industry groups, continuing legal education
        (CLE) for real estate lawyers, landlord groups and so
        forth. Hand-written report for up to 4000 sq. ft. home.
        Greater Seattle area only. Regular business hours.
        Contact Darrell to set up mutually agreeable date and
        time. 206-226-3205. Expires: 11/19/2012
        Safe and Sound Home Inspections                         $400.00

For federal income tax purposes, any amount you pay over the fair market
                value of an item is a charitable contribution.
B342   Revolation Toothbrush and UV Sanitizer
       Give plaque the brush off. Over 3 million bristle
       sweeps per brushing cycle, 56% more plaque remov-
       al in hard to reach areas, as well as 75% more plaque
       removal from the back of the teeth than manual
       brushing. Also includes the UV sanitizer which goes
       to work cleaning your brush by killing the bacteria
       and viruses on brush head surfaces. It’s powerful UV
       rays make it up to 99.9% effective against E.Coli,
       Candida, Albicans, Salmonella and H. Simplex and
       96.8 against H1N1 virus.
       Dentist Rx Revolation                                   $99.00
B343   Full Circle Farm-to-Table Gift Certificate
       Live the Good Food Life with Full Circle’s Farm to
       Table service. Enjoy organic produce from our farm
       and partner growers, delivered weekly to your home
       or a convenient community pickup location. Custom-
       ize your box to your liking and add our hand-selected
       artisan groceries to give yourself the freshest and
       best selection in the Northwest.
       Learn more at
       Full Circle                                             $40.00
B344   ArtsWest Play Tickets for Two
       Two tickets to upcoming ArtsWest Mainstage season
       performance! Tickets may not be used for Theater
       Education Program Performances. Call Box office in
       advance to reserve your tickets. Expires: 11/19/2012
       ArtsWest Playhouse                                      $69.00
B345   Christmas Stocking Basket
       Stockings were hung by the chimney with care. . .
       This basket will motivate you to get the ball rolling to
       get ready for Santa. This Christmas basket includes
       four sets of homemade Christmas Stockings plus one
       for your pet, two Christmas videos, two Christmas
       CDs, and assorted Christmas ornaments.
       Jeff and Mary Christiansen                               $150.00
B346   Exciting Vacation Hotel / Casino
       Time for a vacation! Enjoy 3 days and 2 nights for
       two (2) at one of many exciting vacation hotels and
       casinos: The current offering is: Tropicana Hotel &
       Casino, Riviera Hotel, Gold Coast Hotel, Las Ve-
       gas, NV; Aquarius Casino, Colorado Belle Hotel and
       Casino, Laughlin, NV; Casablanca Hotel & the Virgin
        River Resort, Mesquite, NV; Harrah’s Hotel & Casino,
        Reno, NV; Harvey’s Hotel & Casino, Lake Tahoe, NV;
        Harrah’s Hotel & Casino Tunica, MS; Imperial Palace
        Hotel, Island Casino Hotel, Biloxi, MS. These are
        subject to change. All Hotels are out of state! Travel
        costs NOT provided. Some exclusions on major holi-
        days and weekends. Expires: 8/31/2012
        West Coast Entertainment                               $250.00
B347    Tour Four of Seattle’s Hottest Radio Stations!
        Tour four (4) of Seattle’s Hottest Radio Stations! You
        and your group (max 8) will take a tour of Legendary
        Seattle Rock Station 99.9 KISW; 100.7 The Wolf -
        Country; 103.7 The Mountain - Adult Alternative; and
        World Famous 107.7 The End - Alternative Rock!!!
        Date to be set for a mutually agreed upon time. Any
        restrictions will be at the discretion of Andy Harms.
        Expires: 11/19/2012
        Bill Leaming                                           $100.00
B348    High School Senior Portrait Session
        One 2012 High School senior portrait session and
        one 11x14 wall portrait. Please take a moment to
        register your portrait certificate within 15 days of the
        Jon Marie Portrait Studio, Inc.                            $400.00
B349    Dazzling Radiant Ring
        Dazzle them with this beautifully radiant Epiphany
        Platinum-Clad Diamondique Ring, featuring three
        channel set rows of shimmering simulated diamonds.
        Gary and Dayna Miller                                       $84.00
B350    Kodak E.S.P 5, All-in-one Printer
        Update your office by adding The Kodak ESP-5 All-
        in-One Printer! Prints, copies, and scans with Kodak
        color Technology to assure crisp clean copies every
        Kevin Delashmutt & Debra Arend                             $150.00
B351    Framed Photography by Photographer’s Touch
        Beautifully framed photograph to enhance the decor
        of any room in your house.
        The Hartley Family                                         $125.00

       Be a Lucky Ducky - Buy Raffle Tickets Tonight!
B352   Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium Tickets
       Admissions for two (2) to Point Defiance Zoo and
       Aquarium. Come explore the only combined zoo and
       aquarium in the Northwest. You’ll see sharks, sea-
       horses, polar bears, meerkats, wolves and walrus - all
       in one place. It’s fun, affordable and offers breathtak-
       ing views of Puget Sound, Mount Rainier and the
       Olympic Mountains. This summer, get a sneak peek
       at the zoo’s new clouded leopards in their temporary
       home in the Asia Day Room. You’re welcome to bring
       a picnic lunch, or you can enjoy a meal in the Plaza
       Cafe or the newly opened Pearl Street Grille located
       near the Asia Forest exhibit. Your tickets are not valid
       for ZOOLIGHTS admission. Expires: 11/2/2012
       Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium                              $29.00
B353   Pearl Necklace
       Thirty-eight inch pearl necklace of fresh water pearls.
       The colors of these pearls are gold, copper, mauve
       and bronze - a truly unique piece to wear doubled or
       opera length.
       Davis Family                                            $100.00
B354   Downhill Ski Lessons
       Don’t put off skiing anymore! Here is a great oppor-
       tunity to to learn with friends or alone! Three hour
       downhill ski lesson for an individual or small group at
       any Summit-at-Snoqualmie location. Instructor is cer-
       tified with the professional Ski Instructors of America
       (Level 2). Time and day must be mutually agreed
       upon. This certificate includes lesson only.
       Expires: 4/30/2013
       Joanne LaBaw                                            $180.00
B355   “First Date’’ at The ACT Fall Theatre Tickets
       Two tickets to “First Date’’ at the ACT Fall Theatre
       (7th and Union) for the 2pm performance on Sunday,
       March 18, 2012. Includes 1 parking voucher (valid 2
       hours prior to the performance for a maximum of 5
       hours) Sunday, March 18, 2012 - 2 pm performance
       only. Parking voucher for 5 hours total time.
       Expires: 3/12/2012
       Fifth Avenue Theater                                 $120.00
B356   Wine and Cheese Basket
       Cozy into the Northwest Fall season with this wine
       and cheese basket from West Seattle Thriftway. In-
       cludes wine and cheese related items as well as a gift
       certificate for perishables. Must be over 21.
       West Seattle Thriftway                                 $250.00
B357   Breakfast & Brownies Galore Basket
       Breakfast and Brownies galore! Enjoy a coffee
       “breakfast’’ feast, Lemley’s famous double fudge
       brownies, or head out to Starbucks with a $15.00 gift
       card for a special treat!
       Janie and Dave Lemley                                        $30.00
B358   Ballroom Dance with Northwest DanceSport
       Choose any two ballroom dances for your special
       event, with this awesome (55 minute) private group
       dance lesson! Taught by Rick Gossard d.b.a North-
       west DanceSport, Rick has over 32 years of experi-
       ence in both social and competitive Ballroom Danc-
       ing. Your dance group will surly be the highlight of
       your event! This lesson is to be given at a mutually
       acceptable date, time and location, for a class of no
       more than 50 people. Expires: 11/1/2012
       Northwest DanceSport                                        $200.00
B359   Hand Thrown Pottery
       Beautiful and functional! Your soup will present won-
       derfully in this handmade soup tureen with a match-
       ing lid and ladle. Handmade by local artist.
       Joe Cail and Margaret Barrett                         $100.00
B360   A Total Concept Salon
       Gift certificate for a partial foil or all over color and
       haircut service provided by an experienced stylist at
       A Total Concept Salon. No expiration date.
       A Total Concept Salon                                       $120.00
B361   High School Senior Photo Session
       One 2012 High School Senior portrait session and
       one 11x14 wall portrait. Please take a moment to
       register your portrait certificate within 15 days of
       the event.
       Jon Marie Portrait Studio, Inc.                             $400.00
We’re   proud to soar
   with such great company.
B362   Frye Art Museum Membership
       All museum member benefits for two adults and their
       children under 18, including invitations to exclusive
       exhibition openings; free or discounted member
       tickets to lectures, concerts and films; and FRYE,
       the museum’s membership publication.
       Expires: 11/17/2012
       Frye Art Museum                                                $75.00
B363   Designer Dress By Evan-Picone
       Wear this designer dress by Evan-Picone and feel
       comfortable and feminine. Turquoise black and green
       pattern with full pleated skirt, lends itself to a night on
       the dance floor with that special someone.
       Gary and Dayna Miller                                          $49.99
B364   Olive Shirt Dress by Express!
       This olive shirt dress by Express is a casual classic.
       Pair it with heels or flats, leggings & boots to create
       great looks from business casual, to a classy day in
       Gary and Dayna Miller                                          $49.99
B365   Track Taxi Experience
       Want to experience the thrill of a hot lap on the track?
       Ride along with a professional driver in our 2009 NW
       BMW M3 Track Taxi at Proformance Race School in
       Kent. It’s a thrill! No refunds on cancellations less than
       7 days from scheduled date. Other restrictions may
       apply. Expires: 11/19/2012.
       Race Rescue Solutions/John Madden                              $75.00
B366   First Issue Envelope - 1928 US Cover
       You are bidding on a piece of aviation history! First
       Issue Envelope from the “1928 US Courier First Ex-
       perimental Motorcycle-Aeroplane Courier Service.’’
       Flight is from Springfield, Mass. to New York City.
       This is a real collector’s piece!
       Aviation High School - Career Readiness
       & Mike Borfitz                                                 $50.00
B367   Daniel Ross Salon Basket
       This basket includes a free haircut with any level of
       stylist, a free 25 minute express facial, and salon
       products. Expires: 9/1/2012
       Daniel Ross Salon & Skin Care                                 $125.00
B368   Gold Dangle Earrings
       Sima gold dangle earrings with a touch of black and
       turquoise on the edges. Hand enameled.
       Dayna Miller                                               $15.00
B369   Dooney & Bourke Classic Satchel Handbag
       This is a beautiful Dooney and Bourke coral leather
       with gold trim classic satchel handbag. Clearly du-
       rable and beautiful. What a piece!
       Walsh Family                                              $199.00
B370   One Month Unlimited Yoga/Pilates Classes
       At Maya Whole Health Studio in Southport we offer
       a full schedule of yoga, Pilates and fusion classes,
       as well as fun and informative workshops and other
       whole health services, including massage, acupunc-
       ture, and holistic skin care. We are excited for you to
       start your free month of unlimited classes!
       Expires: 11/19/2012
       Maya Whole Health Studio at Southport                      $95.00
B371   One Year Supply of Dog Treats!
       Your paw family member will enjoy these premium
       treats made with 100% pure and natural ingredients,
       no additives or preservatives on these yummy treats.
       Know your dog is getting the best to promote a
       healthy lifestyle!
       Blue Dog Bakery                                            $48.00
B372   American Dance Institute Dance Class
       Kick up your heels with ONE MONTH UNLIMITED
       DANCE CLASSES for one. Choose any or all ... Bal-
       let, hip-hop, jazz, music theater, conditioning and
       many, many more! New students only. Can not be
       used for dance camps. One student per certificate.
       Expires: 11/19/2012
       American Dance Institute                                  $172.00
B373   Purse/Accessory Basket
       What a wonderful combination of items for the fash-
       ionable lady. Won’t you look smashing walking down
       the street with your beautiful silk scarf and your Iso-
       toner self-lined gloves, swinging your new Sak-Purse
       with a flip-out jewelry case tucked inside. Starting to
       rain???? No problem! Just pop up your new Totes
       umbrella. Voila! Just when you think that’s all to this
       gift basket - notice the basket itself! It’s a hat box, or
       memory keeper box. What a great bargain!
       The Harold Family                                          $120.00
B374   InteliSonic Toothbrush and UV Sanitizer
       InteliSonic features: Tri-peak brushhead, 2 minute
       auto timer, 4 - 30 second intervals, variable speed
       settings, UV sanitizer, environmentally-safe batteries,
       2 brushheads, 2 hygienic travel caps, 1 travel case,
       one-year limited warranty. The sanitizer’s powerful
       UV rays make it up to 99.9% effective against E.Coli,
       Candida, Albicans, Salmonella and H. Simplex and
       96.8 against H1N1 virus. Love the clean feeling the
       InteliSonic toothbrush gives your mouth!
       Dentist Rx Revolation                                     $99.00
B375   Pampered Pup Basket
       Pampered Pooch Pack includes: ultra-soft small pet
       bed, furniture blanket, portable bed, tons of toys and
       treats, pet pin brush, bowls, waste bags/dispenser,
       eco-friendly dog book, eco-eye wipes, a pet travel kit
       and a carry-all container. Doggie treats galore!!
       Suzzette McClean and James Perry                       $235.00
B376   Candelabra with Candles
       Beautiful rustic silver-tone candelabra with five white
       candles. Perfect for holiday entertaining.
       Statements Home Decor                                   $100.00
B377   Joe’s Favorite Italian Basket!
       Joe’s Favorite Italian Basket is a wonderful array
       of delectable goodies: Pasta, Tuscan pasta sauce,
       caperberries in prosecco, olives, tangerine and blood
       orange balsamic vinegars, olive platter, set of 4
       rooster antipasto plates, vino rosso di amalgamarsi,
       napkins, and last but not least, one priceless historic
       photo of Joe!
       John and Tammy Hittman                                  $120.00
B378   Jillian’s Billiards - VIP Party for 20
       It’s Party Central at Jillian’s Seattle, and have we
       got a party for you! Choose from one of three party
       packages to get the party started! Party must end
       before 10 pm, Sunday-Thursday, and by 6 pm Friday
       and Saturday. All guests must be 21 yrs of age or
       older after 9 pm. Reservations required, subject to
       availability. Alcohol beverages, tax, and gratuities not
       included. Not valid December 1 through December
       23. Expires: 3/31/2012
       Jillian’s                                                $120.00
B379    Apple iPad Accessories
        Add to your love of Apple Computers by bidding on
        a really great iPad convertible shell, iPad camera con-
        nection kit and easily re-charge your iPad after a hard
        day’s work with the iPad dock! - Great small gifts too!
        Gordon and Dorina McHenry                               $118.00
B380    Kubota Garden Portrait Session
        Enjoy a portrait session at the beautiful Kubota Gar-
        den and a 11x14 wall portrait. Please take a moment
        to register your portrait certificate within 15 days after
        the event.
        Jon Marie Portrait Studio, Inc.                            $400.00
B382    Taste of Dream Dinners Party
        Come and enjoy a Taste of Dream Dinners Party for
        up to ten (10) guests - an evening of food, drinks,
        and fun, while learning how to make the most of the
        dinner hour. Come and taste some Dream Dinners,
        and each guest will assemble one meal to take home
        and enjoy. Also learn how Dream Dinners can offer
        dinnertime solutions to busy families.
        Expires: 11/19/2012
        Dream Dinners                                       $150.00
B383    Fly Fishing Rod
        The babbling brook in your ears, birds singing and
        the swish of the rod. This item is a 9 foot, 5 weight
        graphite fly fishing rod by Lamiglass. You can fish
        with confidence!
        Lamiglass                                                $120.00
B384    Chihuly Book Collection
        Lovers of Chihuly Art! This wonderful collection in-
        cludes a set of Chihuly books about Dale Chihuly and
        his art work, coffee table books, note cards and DVD
        Chihuly Studio                                       $150.00
B385    Peggy Kar Glass Platter & Favorite Brownie Mix
        Won’t this hand-made platter of fused ceramics and
        glass look spectacular on your holiday table! Just
        in case you’re short a dessert, why not whip up this
        delicious brownie mix for your guests!
        Alan and Louise Turnidge                                  $82.00

       Be a Lucky Ducky - Buy Raffle Tickets Tonight!
B386   Bellevue Arts Museum - Four Guest Passes
       Come and check out all The Bellevue Arts Museum
       has to offer. The museum exhibits art from local
       Northwest artists as well as national and international
       exhibitions. Valid for one entry each to the museum.
       One time use. Limit one per person. Exp: 11/19/2012
       Bellevue Arts Museum                                       $40.00
B387   “Dutch’’ Hand Made Earrings
       Beautiful green and red “Dutch’’ earrings by Lulu
       Smith Studio. Handmade, resin sterling silver, sure to
       add just the right touch.
       Lulu Smith Studio                                      $170.00
B388   A Day at the Races for Four!
       With stunning view of Mt. Rainier, Emerald Downs
       provides exciting Thoroughbred racing for the entire
       family during the 2012 live racing season. Your gift
       certificate includes admission, official programs tip
       sheet, and reserved seating for (4) four. Call to make
       reservations (2) two weeks in advance for mutually
       agreeable date. Not valid on: Opening Day, Kentucky
       Derby, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Fireworks Spec-
       tacular, Mile Day. Expires: 9/9/2012
       Emerald Downs                                              $58.00
B389   Snowman Figurine by Jim Shore
       Enjoy this Jim Shore design Snowman with Red Car-
       dinal in your home this holiday season.
       Pam Walvatne                                               $40.00
B390   Sam Adams Basket
       Cheers to you and your friends this winter with Sam
       Adams beers! Featuring a 12 pack of Sam Adams
       Winter Classics, you’ll have everything you need
       to toast the night! Four Sam Adams specialty beer
       glasses, 2 baseball hats, 2 t-shirts, bottle opener, and
       beer guide are included in this fabulous basket! Per-
       fect for the beer aficionado or the football tailgater.
       Chelsea Bernard                                            $32.00
B391   Tax Preparation Services
       2012 Tax Season is just around the corner. Get a
       jump on your taxes at one of these convenient H&R
       Block locations: Burien, Boulevard Park, or SeaTac.
       This certificate is good for $100 worth of tax prepara-
       tion services in 2012. Only at listed locations.
       Expires: 12/31/2012
       H & R Block                                             $100.00
B392   Air France 777-200 Model
       Air France Boeing 777-200 Airliner model. 1/200
       scale, high quality and detail. Great for display.
       Delta Air Cargo                                             $30.00
B393   2012 Entertainment Book
       Seattle area edition full of great discounts from fine
       dining to fuel to outings.
       Friends of Aviation High School                             $25.00
B394   Cookies for Santa
       This Christmas basket can be in your home today!
       Contains: Cookie sheets, cooling racks, cookie gun,
       icing pen, rolling pin, cookie cookbook, cookie cut-
       ters, mixing bowl and lots of extra goodies!
       Elfstrom Family                                            $300.00
B395   Beautiful Handmade Quilt by the Greater 99’s
       Beautiful one of a kind quilt! 3’ x 4’ handmade quilt
       from event t-shirt panels spinning off of Greater 99’s
       events on one side and deep purple print pattern on
       the back-side. Greater 99’s is an international orga-
       nization of licensed women pilots from 35 countries.
       What a wonderful holiday gift for your flyer-to-be!
       Friends of Aviation High School                            $100.00
B396   Deep Housecleaning Services
       Take the day off from your housecleaning duties!
       Three hours of deep house cleaning with three people
       working at the same time. Additional time needed
       above the 3 hours must be arranged in advance.
       Expires: 2/29/2012
       Gisselle Housecleaning Services                      $150.00
B397   Sterling Silver Beverly Hills Earrings
       Sterling silver Beverly Hills Silver drop earrings. Fine
       quality and sparkle add to their beauty.
       Dayna Miller                                                $40.00
B398   Outdoor Family Portrait
       One outdoor family portrait session by award winning
       photographer Chris Leavitt! You will receive a person-
       al planning session for your portrait, the photograph
       session itself, and one Signature Handmade 16x20
       color portrait! Open Tuesday-Friday. Some weekend
       and evening appointments with reservations.
       Expires: 8/31/2012
       Chris Leavitt Photography                              $360.00
B399   Basket of Fun for Your Favorite Little Gal!
       Hula Hoop, duvet/sham set, digital coin count-
       ing money jar, 2 movies, heart box, sidewalk chalk,
       bubbles, cosmetic bag, notebook, and other goodies!
       Teri Katzer                                                $85.00
B400   Wooden Photo Frames
       An assortment of wooden frames for your family
       memories. Frame #1: 2.5x 3.5 w/3 openings; Frame
       #2: 3 - 3x3 openings; Frame #3: 2 - 2.5 x 2.5 open-
       ings; Frame #4: 9 - 4 x 6 openings.
       Friends of AHS                                             $60.00
B401   Breakfast Hawaiian Style
       Enjoy vanilla macadamia coffee, Anahola granola,
       mango macadamia pancake mix, pineapple - coco-
       nut pancake mix and coconut syrup while listening
       to the infamous “Bruddah IZ’’ CD featuring “Over the
       Rainbow.’’ All packaged in a reusable Hawaiian print
       hot/cold bag. Aloha!!
       Jordan and Gayle Wagner                                    $50.00
B402   Einstein Signs Gift Certificate
       This is for $100.00 towards creation of a sign. Ein-
       stein Signs can help you with banners, magnetic
       signs, sandwich boards, window and door signs,
       business logos, home decor such as quotes, favorite
       poems for special places, vehicle graphics, and much
       more! Please contact well in advance of need. Some
       restrictions may apply. Expiration date is firm unless
       other agreement is arranged with owner.
       Expires: 11/30/2012
       Einstein Signs/Kelly Family                            $100.00
B403   Brighten Your Smile Kit
       You can have an award-winning smile! Bid on one set
       of bleach tray impressions, models and kit.
       No expiration date.
       Implant Dentistry of Washington                     $355.00
B404   One Hour Flight in a Cessna 172
       Take to the sky with this one - hour flight instruction
       for 2 people or a one - hour scenic flight for up to 3
       people in a Cessna 172. Weight limit for flight is 600
       pounds. Expires: 7/31/2012
       Pro-Flight Incorporated                                   $180.00
B405   Men’s Shirt 100% Cotton Comfort!
       Lounge in or hit a yoga pose in this 100% cotton soft,
       long sleeve black shirt.
       Gary and Dayna Miller                                     $22.00
B406   DJ & Music for 4 Hours for your Special Event
       DJ services for your special event. Includes set-up
       and tear-down and four (4) hours of music! Gradua-
       tion, birthday, anniversary, school dances. Additional
       hours available for additional price. Must give one
       month notice and mutually agreeable date, time, and
       place. Expires: 11/19/2012
       Austin McHenry                                         $600.00
B407   Gorgeous Set of Alexandrite Tumblers
       Six Spectacular Alexandrite Tumblers by the famed
       Murano Glass Factory of Venice, Italy. Shipped direct
       to us, this unique set has never left it’s factory pack-
       aging. Rediscovered after languishing in a closet for
       29 years. The Alexandrite content fused into the glass
       enables the color to change from violet/rose to aqua,
       depending on the light source. Beautiful and unique!
       Anita Davis                                              $200.00
B408   Julia’s Restaurants - Dinner and a Show
       Enjoy dinner entrees for two and two VIP tickets to
       “Le Faux’’ - Seattle’s most outrageous celebrity im-
       personation show. VALID for Friday night show ONLY.
       Julia’s Restaurants                                  $120.00
B409   Family Portrait
       One outdoor family portrait session by award winning
       photographer Chris Leavitt. You will receive a person-
       al planning session for your portrait, the photograph
       session, and one Signature Handmade 16x20 color
       portrait! Open Tuesday-Friday. Some weekend and
       evening appointments with reservations.
       Expires: 8/31/2012.
       Chris Leavitt Photography                              $360.00
B410   Fun Scrapbooking Basket
       A fun, creative memory maker. Capture your child’s
       life in scrap book memories. Just a little time now,
       captures the moments of his life to share with his col-
       lege chums later! Very fun “All Boy’’ scrapbook page
       kit, 8 1/2 x 11 scrapbook pack, stickers, transparency
       frames, glue runner, glitter glue pens, ribbon, metal
       photo turns.
       The Harold Family                                         $35.00
B411   Seattle Symphony - Tickets for Two
       Two tickets to a Seattle Symphony Performance at
       Benaroya’s Hall for one (1) of the following perfor-
       mances: Saturday, Jan. 7, 2012 - Mozart’s Piano
       Concerto No. 20; Friday, Jan. 13, 2012 - Bach’s Bran-
       denburg Concerto No. 2; Saturday, Jan. 21, 2012 -
       Mendelssohn’s “Italian Symphony’’; or Friday, Feb. 3,
       2012 - Bond & Beyond: Celebrating 50 Years of 007.
       Date restrictions apply. Tickets are redeemed by mail.
       Seattle Symphony                                         $90.00
B412   Coby DVD Player
       Pop in a movie and unwind in style with this hi-tech
       portable Coby DVD player, features include 5 inch,
       swivel flat screen and remote.
       Friends of Aviation High School                          $45.00
B413   Doe Bay Resort & Retreat Gift Certificate
       $100 Certificate toward accommodations at Doe Bay
       Resort & Retreat, a rustic paradise on Orcas Island.
       Explore our beaches and nature trails, with access
       to lakes, mountains and ancient forests in nearby
       Moran State Park. Savor a scrumptious meal at our
       waterfront cafe, prepared with fresh produce from
       our organic garden. Then relax around the campfire
       under the stars before a quiet nights sleep. Doe Bay
       Resort is family friendly, introduce your children to a
       time and place with no television or telephones. We
       have movie nights and concerts. We also provide free
       Wi-Fi. This is $100 towards the total costs. Reserva-
       tions required. No cash value. Not valid during Doe
       Bay Fest. Doe Bay is on Orcas Island in the San Juan
       Islands accessible by float plane, boat, kayak, or
       Washington State ferry (not included in this bid). Doe
       Bay is 40 minutes (by car) from the Ferry Terminal.
       Expires: 11/19/2012
       Doe Bay Resort and Retreat                              $100.00
B414   Arthur Murray Dance
       Covers all your dancing needs. Two 30-minute private
       lessons, one 40-minute group class, 1 dance prog-
       ress consultation and program recommendation.
       Social, ballroom, swing, latin, salsa, night club, coun-
       try western, wedding preparation and partnership
       dancing. Valid for new students only, age 21+. Not for
       resale or to be combined with any other offers, gift
       certificate or coupons. One certificate per student/
       couple/household. No cash value. Fully transferable.
       Arthur Murray Dance School                               $278.00
B415   Baby Shower Basket
       Baby showers in your future? Babies need stuff! This
       basket is stocked full! Colorful unisex basket is an
       excellent choice for baby’s first year. What’s in it? A
       bath robe, baby book, sleep sack, sleeper, 4-pack
       of receiving blankets, 2 pacifiers, swaddle blanket,
       teether, 2 rattles, and stuffed animal blanket. Use it
       yourself, gift it all at once, or split it apart for those
       “surprise’’ invitations.
       Aviation High School-Junior Class                          $150.00
B416   Class of 2013 - Freshmen Class Picture
       Great piece of Aviation High School Memorabilia for
       the Class of 2013!! Group picture of this year’s Junior
       class taken in their Freshmen year.
       Aviation High School-Junior Class                          $30.00
B417   Aviation HS Apparel Gift Basket
       Be a true Aviationite! Wear the most popular apparel
       including a scarf WITH spirit buttons, tube socks,
       3 t-shirts, water bottle, 2 crewneck sweatshirts and
       a hoodie! Sizes are as follows: crewneck XL; t-shirts
       2 Sm & 1 Lg; crewneck-Lg; hoodie-Med.
       Aviation High School - ASB                                $160.00
B418   Custom Drawing by AHS Student Tess Sesniak
       Let Tess capture the beauty of your child or loved
       one with an 11 x 14 custom graphite drawing. This
       example of Marilyn Monroe showcases her unique
       style and quality of work. Tess, an AHS student and
       gifted artist, started drawing at age 11 and particular-
       ly enjoys portrait drawing. She will graduate in 2012
       and plans to study graphic design in college.
       Timing and subject to be mutually agreed upon
       Expires: 11/19/2012
       Tess Sesniak                                             $150.00
B419   Original Drawing of Steve Jobs by AHS Student
       Original graphite 11 x 14 framed drawing of Steve
       Jobs by AHS student Tess Sesniak. Tess, an AHS
       student and gifted artist, started drawing at age 11
       and particularly enjoys portrait drawing. She will
       graduate in 2012 and plans to study graphic design
       in college.
       Tess Sesniak                                         $150.00
B420   Mellow Moments Basket
       Perfect for those gloomy dark days, just cuddle up
       and enjoy this Mellow Moments Basket full of books,
       movies, chocolate and tea! Gathered especially for
       you by our own AHS Book Club.
       Aviation High School - Book Club                          $40.00
B421   Basket for the College Bound Student
       Everything for the college bound student! Winning the
       College Game book, Starbucks gift card, beverage
       bottle, energy shots, snacks, 2012 Outer Space wall
       calendar, and iTunes Gift Card... to keep your student
       on track and moving forward.
       Gordon and Dorina McHenry,
       Robert Duniway & Austin Spores                            $87.00
B422   Christmas Tree & Carrying Case
       Six foot tall, beautiful, artificial Christmas Tree
       adorned with white lights. This tree comes with it’s
       own convenient carrying case.
       Pam Walvatne                                             $100.00

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       in your future?
 If so then give Kevin D. a call.
            Managing Broker, Fine Homes Division Director.
      President’s Circle award recipient for being in the top 3% of
          agents for service and successful closings, nationwide.
          a commercial rated helicopter pilot, A&P mechanic,
            and proud father of an AHS Graduate (William)
                   and an AHS sophomore (Wesley).
                “No, we’re not just here for the salmon.”

      “If you Buy, Sell, or Refer a client to me within the
    next year, then at closing I will donate $750 to Aviation
    High School.”

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    Kevin DeLashmutt and Prudential Northwest are proud to be a part of
                  “The Sky is Not the Limit”
              2011 Aviation High School Dinner and Auction.
Thank YOU for joining us ‘plane’ people in supporting our children’s future.
1. Bidding Process - Bidders must legibly write their bid number next to the bid
   amount on the sheet. All illegible bids shall be void. The highest bid obtains
   By bidding in the silent auction, each bidder agrees to the below auction rules.
2. Guaranteed Bid - Each bid sheet displays a Guaranteed Purchase amount.
   A bid number, together with a valid signature written in the Guaranteed Bidder
   box, closes the bidding and guarantees purchase by the bidder. A diagonal
   line is drawn through all remaining lines.

1. Bidding Process – To bid in the Live Auction, hold your bid card with the
   number toward the auctioneer so the auctioneer can clearly see it. The win-
   ning bidder will be asked to give their signature and bid number to an auction
   assistant. By bidding in the Live auction, each bidder agrees to the below
   auction rules.

1. Bid Numbers - Bid numbers will be assigned to each party at check-in. This
   number is your only means of identification. This signature constitutes a legal
   contract and obligation to purchase the item.
2. All Sales Final - A signature, written bid number, or verbal bid acknowledged
   by the Live Auctioneer constitutes a legal contract to buy. All sales are final.
   No exchanges or refunds are offered.
3. Check-in/out – All guests will be encouraged to Express Pay when they reg-
   ister. Guests choosing not to Express Pay may pay at the registration/cashier
   table after the event ends and all bids have been reconciled.
4. Express Pay - Your credit card will be run through Express Pay, signed by
   you, and kept with the cashier’s records. You will receive copies of all suc-
   cessful winning bid forms during the evening. At close of the event you may
   simply pick up your items when you leave. Within five business days you will
   be mailed a copy of your invoice and completed CC slip. If you make no pur-
   chases, your original will be destroyed.
5. Payment - Payment may be made by cash, check, Mastercard or VISA.
   Checks should be made payable to: Aviation High School PTSA.
6. Disclaimer/Warranties - The Auction Committee has endeavored to catalog
   and describe the property correctly. All property is sold “as-is” and the Auction
   Committee and AHS neither warrants nor represents, and shall not be respon-
   sible for the correctness of description, or the genuineness or condition of the
   property. No statement contained in the catalog or made orally at the sale or
   elsewhere shall be deemed to be such a warranty, representation or assump-
   tion of liability.
7. Questions post event – Please email
Thank you to everyone for
coming tonight to support
  Aviation High School.

Have a Great Night!

 A special thanks to our sponsors:
          Galvin Flying Services
          aviation High School
         for the amazing work they
         do with the next generation
          of aviation professionals.

            We look up to these
         extraordinary students as
         they reach for the sky and
         accomplish their dreams.

206-763-9706   •   •   KBFI Boeing Field

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