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                                Bird Beak Adaptations Lab
1) What is the definition of adaptation?

2) Imagine that, after performing this lab, you had a chance to meet Charles Darwin. What are
the three different types of evolution and a description of each one?

3) How could an adaptation like beak shape make it easier for birds to get food and not have to
compete with another group for food?

4) Imagine you are a hummingbird. You have a very specialized beak that allows you to extract
the nectar from flowers. What benefits does your specialized beak provide? What would be the
consequences if your food source disappeared through a natural catastrophe?
5) What effect did the type of beak have on the types of food that a bird might eat?

6) Which beak worked best to obtain food in Island #4?

7) How does survival of the fittest determine which bird species survives & reproduces?

8) Describe three ways in which you are adapted to your environment.

9) Was there any evidence of direct competition on any of the islands (i.e. were any beaks
comparable in effectiveness)? Give two examples of how different species might be able to
reduce the direct competition for the same food source.

10) Besides the beak, explain other structures or methods that birds use in order to obtain, or to
assist in obtaining, food.

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