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					                                  The Pine Cone
                                    Newsletter of the National Society of Colonial Dames of America in the State of North Carolina

“We are those who hold the past in trust for the future.”                                                              SPRING 2011

                                        NSCDA-NC 2011 Annual Meeting
                                        Sunday, April 10 and Monday, April 11
                                        Pinehurst Resort
                                        Pinehurst, North Carolina

                                        “It’s always a beautiful day in Pinehurst!”....Pinehurst Resort

                                        Mark your calendar for a wonderful Annual Meeting in the beautiful village of
                                        Pinehurst, NC ! We’ll have plenty of time to visit with friends and spouses, tour
                                        the village, and enjoy learning about the many meaningful and positive events
                                        that have happened this year in our organization, as well as exciting plans for
Guest Speaker Mark Hewitt               the future!

    On Sunday afternoon, April 10, Dames and spouses may enjoy a walking tour of the village of Pinehurst. The
resort offers tea in the lobby at four o’clock. Sunday evening, guests will enjoy a splendid cocktail buffet prepared by
the hotel’s finest chefs.

    Monday morning, at the resort, the meeting begins with coffee and pastries at ten. The guest speaker this year
is Mark Hewitt. Born in Stoke-on-Trent, England, Mark is the son and grandson of directors of Spode, the fine china
manufacturers. In 1983, Mark and his wife, Carol, moved to Pittsboro, NC, and set up their pottery. Mark built a very
large wood kiln and began making the distinctive, functional pots for which he is known. He specializes in very large
planters and jars along with finely made smaller items. He uses local clays and blends the different North Carolina
folk traditions with a traditional style that has attracted a sizeable following. He has exhibited in London, New York,
and Tokyo, and has been featured in the Smithsonian magazine. (......taken from Mark Hewitt Pottery – bio & resume).
Mark’s topic will be A Few of my Favorite Things About North Carolina Pottery. He will address reasons why North
Carolina pottery has been able to flourish over the years. This will be followed by our meeting and a luncheon.

    Two special guests plan to join us: Hilary Gripekoven, our National President will be in attendance, as will National
Historian Ellen Holt. Ellen is the sister of Anna Rives, Pamlico Committee Chairman.

    Additional local events for Dames and spouses will be listed upon check-in. Hotel information is included in your

    Please join us for our annual gathering and celebration!
                                A Letter From Your President
                            Ladies of the North Carolina Society,
                           There is a very small word in our English language that carries powerful meaning. That
                           word is US. If we apply that word in its broadest meaning to our N.C. Society we begin
to see ourselves as one cohesive unit. Not only are we co-owners of four varied and significant properties, but we are
also co-owners of a heritage of thoughts and actions that it is our mission to promote. We have much in common.
    If we can open our minds to US, the names in our blue book become familiar, fraternal; the houses become ours
to love and tend, the state begins to shrink. Gone from our thinking is the old mindset of “they”, as in “they should
do something about it”. We now understand that we, “we should do something about it.” In educational terms this
would be called a paradigm shift, on Oprah this would be called an “ah-hah” moment, in his hymn Amazing Grace
John Newton phrased it, “I was blind, but now I see”. Together, let us, you and me, usher in the age of US.
   Of course, some of you already “get it”. You are the N.C. Dames who take their new members to the houses.
There, they begin their education and ownership. You are the ones who give to the Museum Houses Trust Fund. You
understand that all houses benefit from your gift. Yours is the county committee that partners with a neighboring
committee for an event. You are building the spirit of sisterhood. Yours is the committee that holds a fundraiser that
benefits all of the houses. You see the big picture. Thank you to all of you who are ahead of the curve!
    Recently while researching my ancestor William Claiborne I discovered that his family motto was FORWARD.
I could not have chosen a motto any more suitable for our society at this time. Your board has set some major
improvement goals for our state. We are not there yet, but we are moving FORWARD. Please, join us.

With warmest regards,

Mary Eggleston
Mary Eggleston, President
North Carolina Society

 Big News:
 Check out our new website!
 The new NSCDA-NC website is up and running! This is a very exciting time for our Society, as we feel we’ve come
 into the 21st Century with style! Please take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with the new website, and let
 us know how you like it!
 User name: ncdames
 Password: pinecone

 More big news…
 The Pine Cone will soon be distributed via e-mail to all members with e-mail addresses, and will also be available
 on our new website. We will only mail printed copies to those who specifically request them. This will save the
 North Carolina Society a substantial amount of money in printing and mailing costs, and will make good use of the
 technology that is now available to each and every member!
                                                 Haywood Hall
   From Thanksgiving until we closed at the end of December, things were very busy at Haywood Hall. On
December 8th Young Dames from the Wake Committee transformed the house into a lovely decorated home.
The natural greenery and fruits were perfect . We thank each of these ladies for sharing their talents with us.
   On December 11th at 11:00 a.m, Santa Claus kicked off our Open House Weekend. He visited and had
his picture taken with a number of children, parents and grandparents. Everyone also enjoyed juice, milk and
homemade Christmas cookies. Santa promised to come again next year on Saturday, December 10th from
11:00-1:00. Mark your calendar for this delightful event. Many thanks to Betsy Foard, Sheryl Long and Greg
Mobley for their coordination efforts. Also, thanks to the members of “Friends” who made the cookies.
   After Santa departed, we opened our doors at 1:00 to the general public. Cider and various sweets were
served and music of the season was performed. Five angelic young students with five small harps touched the
hearts of all of us. Special hosts and hostesses were on hand to show off the house with short tours. Even
though the weather was cold and damp, we had a good crowd until our 5:00 p.m. closing.
   On Sunday, December 12th, we were again open from 1:00-5:00 with refreshments, music by the Untraveled
Road and tours. The weather was even worse, but we had some brave visitors join us.
   I want to thank Nancy Andrews, Bonnie Leopard, Greg Mobley and the thirty plus volunteers who worked
very hard to make the weekend a success.
   As 5:00 came on Sunday, we still were not finished. At 6:00 p.m., Friends of Haywood Hall held their annual
Holiday Cocktail fundraiser. A group of approximately 45-50 people gathered to enjoy heavy hors d’oeuvres
and various libations as well as each other’s company. An annual drawing was held for two country hams.
The winners this year were Mr. Fred Wood and Mrs. Nancy Andrews. As always, a good time was had by all.
Thanks are due to Mr. Robert Parker, Dr. William Procter and Mrs. Patt Kelly for heading up this event.
  Open House and the Holiday fundraiser are scheduled for 2011.
   Open House – Saturday & Sunday, December 10 & 11, 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.
   Fund Raiser – Sunday, December 11, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
  Again, we hope you will mark your calendar and plan to join us in those activities and catch the Holiday Spirit.
   We are preparing for our reopening on March 3, 2011. This includes some special cleaning, some repairs
and planning for our joint fund raiser with Joel Lane House on February 11th at the N.C. Museum of History.
Dr. Elliot Engel will be speaking on Blackbeard at 7:00 p.m.

   Soon we will begin to plan for our annual July 4th celebration .We are looking forward to a busy Spring
and Summer at Haywood Hall. We invite you to join us. Tours are available on Thursdays 10:30 – 1:30 and
by appointment. Special events of any size can be arranged by calling our resident manager, Greg Mobley
(919)832-8357 or me (919)556-4734. Remember, Haywood Hall is your house and we want you to use it and
enjoy it! If I may be of any assistance, please give me a call. Hope to see you in 2011.

Respectfully submitted,
Griselle G. Woodward
(Mrs. Bobby R. Woodward)
Chairman, Haywood Hall Committee

                                              Dumbarton House
   The Dumbarton House Board held its semi-annual meeting in September 2010. Hilary Gripekoven, NSCDA President,
extended greetings from the National Society. We welcomed our own Katherine Taylor Cammack, new National Treasurer!
   Considerable work has been done on the facilities, such as air conditioning, lightning protection and moisture damage
repair. Restoration of the Parlor has begun.
   A purchase was made of the Lemoine Sampler, an impressive work done in silk embroidery of a plan of the city of
Washington, and attributed to Maria Magdalene Lemoine, 1792-1870.
   Museum attendance grew significantly in the last six months, with school and Scout programs continuing to flourish.
Earned income is down 5 percent due to hosting fewer fall events.
   Six objects have been acquired for the Museum this quarter, including four pieces of 18th century creamware, the Lemoine
Sampler and a portrait of Nourse ancestor Joseph Burton.
   Friends donations are off to a strong start. Our Friends campaign goal is $180,000. I am grateful to those who have
contributed to the Friends campaign in the past year. Look for my annual appeal in early April! It would be a thrill for us all if
we could have the highest percentage of participation of any society!
Respectfully submitted,
Carroll Taylor Johnson
Mrs. Otis H. Johnson Jr.
Lady of Dumbarton
                                   The Joel Lane Museum House
    2010 was an incredibly active year at the Joel Lane Museum House! We were busier than ever hosting special events and
lectures, while continuing to maintain and improve our house and grounds.
    On September 19, we held the Lizzie Lane Colonial Tea from 3 to 5 in the gardens. Approximately a hundred grandmothers,
mothers, and daughters learned the etiquette of taking a colonial tea, and also learned some dances and crafts of the period.
The Second Annual Tavern Party was a resounding success. We had been a little concerned by heavy rain immediately
preceding the party, but, fortunately, the skies cleared just in time! Andrew Leager, our neighbor and the owner of the Boylan
Bridge Brewpub, dressed in colonial garb and provided his locally brewed beer to the thirsty crowd. We had delicious food
under the tent supplied by local restaurants. There was colonial dancing and we all had a wonderfully festive time outside!
    We had a big surprise for our Christmas Open House- SNOW on Saturday! It was so cold, but so beautiful. We had our
Camp Flintlock guests making hoecakes outside while the snowflakes fell and the musicians played Christmas music. It was
magical and seemed truly authentic. It was like taking a trip back in time. And, I think our visitors were very grateful for the hot
wassail inside!
Our lecture series have been consistently well attended and informative. James T. Cheatham spoke on September 23 on
“North Carolina’s Role in the American Revolution”. On October 21, M. Ruth Little discussed her forthcoming book entitled
Carolina Cottage: A Personal History of the House of Joseph Lane (Joel Lane’s Brother). On November 11, we were pleased
to have Doug Swords present his lecture: Hiding in Plain Sight: The Water Mills of Wake County”. Our very own docent
extraordinaire, Florence Mitchell, will speak on Thursday, February 3 about “The Enslaved People Who Lived On and Near Joel
Lane’s Plantation”.
    We have two new projects in the works now. We’re in the process of having
pavers installed in the area between the Visitors’ Center and the House. There is
an opportunity to have these personally inscribed and you will be hearing more
about this! We also are looking into having a small storage building installed behind
the Visitors’ Center. This will eliminate the need to store items such as the tent,
Christmas decorations, etc. unsafely upstairs over the kitchen. Please support in
this new venture!
    Finally, as always, we could not accomplish all that we do at the Joel Lane
Museum House without the continued support of our membership. Every dollar you
donate, whether by renewing or raising your membership level, attending lectures
and events, or remembering us with year-end gifts helps us to improve the offerings
we can make to the community. Please come by to visit us. On behalf of the board
of the Joel Lane Museum House I thank you!
Apr. 7, 2011- Lecture: Stitches in Learning – A Look at North Carolina Schoolgirl
For more details on these and other events, visit

                                                  Sulgrave Manor
2012 Trip Itineraries
May 2012 – The Friends will fly from London to Toulouse, France, and then drive to the tiny country of Andorra, located in
the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain. From there we drive to San Sebastian, Spain, stopping at the famous
pilgrimage shrine of Lourdes en route. We will visit the French resort town of Biarritz, St. Jean de Luz (where Louis XIV of
France married Maria Theresa of Spain), and Pamplona. From San Sebastian we will drive along the northern coast of Spain,
stopping to visit the famous Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. We’ll spend a couple of nights in the beautiful city of Ovieto, then
proceed to Santiago de Compostela, where another famous pilgrimage shrine is located. From Santiago, we fly back to London
in time for those interested in participating in the Sulgrave Interlude.
(Contact: Glenda Owen, Regency Travel, 901-682-9065,
Sulgrave Interlude
   The Sulgrave Interlude takes place between the two trips, over a long weekend at the end of May/early June, 2012. It will be
headquartered at a hotel in London near Buckingham Palace, and will include special opportunities not available to the average
tourist. One day during the Interlude we will drive to Sulgrave Manor for Sulgrave Day.
(Contact: Laura Clark, Brownell Travel, 251-344-8494,
June 2012 - Following Sulgrave Day we will offer an eleven-night cruise to the Norweigian Fjords (The Land of the Midnight
Sun). This trip will take us above the Arctic Circle to the North Cape of Norway. It is planned to take place as closely as
possible to the Summer Sjolstice (June 21) so that we can experience the white nights. It will begin in Amsterdam , with pre-
and post- trips to Amsterdam and Stockholm available. The ship will be ethe Costa Deliziosa, a new and wonderfully-appointed
(Contact: Benita Lubic, Transeair Travel, 202-362-6100,
Each participant in each trip is expected to make a voluntary contribution of $200 to the Friends of Sulgrave Manor. The trips
are open to all Colonial Dames and to all of their friends!
                                                   Burgwin Wright
                                                      Elizabeth B. King - Chairman
                                                Greetings from your Headquarters’ House!
    This summer was one of the hottest summers at your headquarters house in years. On the first day of June we had a large tour of
American History teachers from surrounding counties. They received a firsthand account of summer life in a southern colony….our
air conditioning died! Luckily we found a replacement for our antiquated system and we did not have to teach life in the colonies to
our tours of Senior Citizens, World War II Navy Veterans and local garden clubs that visited over the summer and early fall.
    Anthony Small (our resident artist, restoration expert, caretaker and man of many hats) noticed the foundation was settling under
the stairs in our front hall. Immediately upon these findings, we contacted Peter Sanbeck, the Burgwin Wright House Consultant. After
Peter’s visit to the House, he recommended a historical structural engineer to give us a professional opinion of our structural issues.
Due to the quality and age of the museum house and furnishings, Peter recommended hiring a professional curator and putting our
collection on a data base He left us with many ideas and questions to pursue. I will let you know as we tackle each issue.
    The Burgwin Wright House docents and New Hanover Committee Dames spent the entire summer preparing our gardens and
house for a special homecoming event for the descendants of John Burgwin who were scheduled to arrive in November from all
parts of our country. Repairs were made to our fence, and preparations were made to our garden areas as well as the inside of
the house. Thanks to the hard work of our garden Chairman, Jocelyn Lynch, every blade of grass and flower was in perfect form
and everything looked spectacular. Tillman Cooley and Tom Lockhart (husband of Ann Lockhart, a North Carolina Dame) worked
with Jackie Margoles, The Burgwin Wright House manager, to make their visit one to remember. Finally, November arrived and
brought close to 100 Burgwins to their ancestral home. They gathered and greeted their long lost relatives at a cocktail party on
the evening of their arrival. The next day they toured the grounds of the Hermitage, John Burgwin’s country home, and visited the
gravesites of their ancestors. That afternoon, a typical southern barbeque was hosted in their honor in the gardens of our House
and the docents enjoyed meeting and giving tours to these special visitors. The Burgwins donated a booklet of the history of the
Hermitage (1885) in Castle Hayne, to our Headquarters along with a small painting of General George Burgwin Anderson, a civil
war descendant of John Burgwin. The Burgwins fell in love with their ancestral home. As a result of their visit we received a very
generous matching gift from Tillman Cooley, one of the originators of this reunion. It was a pleasure to meet John Burgwin’s family
and we hope they will return soon.
    The Burgwin Wright House continues to receive much local and state publicity. Our Headquarters was featured on UNC – TV,
“North Carolina Now”, in July in which our resident actress and House Manager, Jackie Margoles, provided a fabulous tour of
our Museum House. A DVD of this segment is available for anyone interested by contacting our Headquarters’ House. A PBS
producer expressed an interest in using the house for a PBS Movie. We don’t know yet what is intended but will let you know
when (and if) we hear from him again. A local magazine is preparing feature stories on women from the 1700’s. Eliza Burgwin
Clitherall, daughter of John Burgwin, will be a key focus in their spring issue.
    The New Hanover Committee held a greenery sale to support our headquarters. This is an annual fundraiser and this year under
the leadership of Jane Marr and Betsy Parker the house received a check for $6,734.00.
    With support of The New Hanover Committee your Headquarters was decorated in authentic Colonial Christmas fashion. We
opened the House to the public featuring our annual Colonial Christmas event on December 18th and 19th. The visitors were
entertained by Colonial Dancers, Open Hearth Cooking and learned how a Colonial Surgeon could cure your ailments in the 1700’s.
In spite of the rainy weekend, we had a steady flow of visitors and after their tour we sent them home with wonderful memories and
a cup of warm wassail. This annual event received coverage from television and radio stations, and several local publications.
    While the month of January has been closed for cleaning and repairs, we have been visited by the National Trust for Historic
Preservation and a movie producer. We were also visited on line by M.S. Rau Antiques in New Orleans, La., selling George
Washington’s knee buckle. It was a dead ringer for a knee buckle in our collection. As a result much conversation among the
Burgwin Wright House manager, M.S. Rau antique dealer and the curator at Mount Vernon has transpired. Hope you will stay in
touch for the rest of the story as this drama unfolds.
    Since this summer the Burgwin Wright House Museum has been visited by 1029 adults, 1,871 school children and many special
tours. If any County Committee would like to schedule a visit with their members, please let me know and I will help you set up a
special day in Wilmington. Spring is a beautiful time to visit!
    Summer, fall and early winter have been very busy. Your Headquarters House misses each of you and hopes you will visit soon.

                                                     Gunston Hall
    I am delighted to report that Alice Harney, our new Regent-at-Large for North Carolina (from the Mecklenburg Committee)
received her certificate confirming her appointment as Regent from the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia in January 2011.
    Gunston Hall celebrated its annual Plantation Christmas on Saturday, December 11, 2010. Lanterns lined the paths as visitors
made their way in horse-drawn carriages to George Mason’s elegant home on the Potomac River. In the candle-lit interior,
costumed characters greeted the visitors.
    Faced with a reduction in support from the Commonwealth of Virginia, Gunston Hall found it necessary to eliminate the
position of Education Director, one of five salaried positions underwritten by the Commonwealth.
    Now more than ever we need your support and gifts to Gunston Hall. Please continue to support this magnificent 1755
plantation home built by George Mason, Father of the Virginia bill of Rights. Among other issues, the Bill of Rights guaranteed
rights that included freedom of the press, religious tolerance and the right to a fair and speedy trial. It later served as a reference
for our Constitution and the major inspiration for our national Bill of Rights.
    Please send donations to Friends of Gunston Hall, 10709 Gunston Road, Mason Neck, VA 22079-3901.
Respectfully submitted,
Cissy Loughlin, Regent
A Request from the Genealogist
Please encourage your 2011 candidates to begin working on their papers as soon as elected. Pay careful attention to
the directions. Remember, you need only one proof for each date on your papers.
For those using a Colonial Dame’s papers, you must include a copy of their papers, but no proofs. If someone has
died since that time, a proof is needed for that date.

Thank you very much.
Mrs. James B. Sloan

                                       County Committee Reports
The Highlights
Forsyth Committee met on November 18, 2010 for a program on Mount Vernon. Mrs. Everette Sherrill (Jean Armfield), one of 33
vice-regents of Mount Vernon presented the program. She gave a talk and slide show about Mount Vernon’s Lady’s association
and their single-handedly saving Mount Vernon from its decrepit architectural state and restoring it to its former magnificence.
They gradually re-acquisitioned most all of the original furniture and color schemes, established an independent endowment to
preserve it in perpetuity, and added state of the art, interactive museum facilities which are carefully and subtly hidden within the
estate’s grounds.
The New Hanover Committee met in November with 26 day members attending and 18 evening members present. Jackie
Margoles, manager of the Burgwin-Wright House, gave a wonderful presentation on Eliza Burgwin, daughter of John Burgwin.
She also spoke about the preparations for a visit from nearly 100 descendants of John Burgwin.
Pee Dee Committee visited the North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh in November to see the George Washington
The Rowan Committee met in November to hear Dr. Charles Floyd, retired Chairman of the Department of Real Estate and Urban
Development at the University of Georgia. He gave a slide presentation documenting the sensitive restoration of the Richard
Barber farm in Cleveland, NC. Currently owned by Dr. Floyd’s wife, Rebecca Barber Floyd, and her sister, Joyce Ann Barber, the
farm has been in the Barber family since 1794 and is on the National Register of Historic Places and has been designated the first
County Historic Landmark Farm.
The Nash Committee met in October 2010 at the Bellamy Mill. Located in Whitakers, NC, the mill is constructed of huge granite
stones. The former textile and grist mill is owned by committee member Dee Gibson and her husband, Stewart Gibson. It has been
completely restored and is now used as their second home.
Mecklenburg Committee met in October 2010 for a program by Mella Gaffney on Art Advisory: The Collectors’ Forum--
Preserving your Legacy. Everyone was allowed to bring one item for appraisal and information.
The Wilson-Edgecombe Committee met in September 2010 for a bit of time travel…the meeting concluded as the Secretary read
excerpts from the Albemarle Committee meeting of October 1947.
The Iredell Committee met in October 2010 for a program featuring Edward Teach, alias Blackbeard the Pirate. Two years ago,
the Committee selected “North Carolina People and Places” as their year’s program topic, and it has proven to be so popular that
it is now in its third year.

                                                    Who are we?
   We thought you’d enjoy finding out more about the composition of our membership! To do this, we took a 12-month
“slice” from the Registrar’s records to share with you.
   From June 2009 through May 2010, NSCDA-NC welcomed 35 new members of which 9 transferred from other
states. Of these new members, 9 had mothers who were Colonial Dames, 4 had grandmothers, 5 had either an aunt,
cousin or sister, 2 had mother-in-laws and 7 established their genealogical proofs for the first time. Qualifying ancestors
came mostly from NC but also from GA, SC, VA, CT, and MA.
   Many of these ladies have established careers ranging from teaching, banking, law, design, art, and real estate, and
all represent active volunteerism in their communities. They attended college at a wide variety of institutions including:
UNC-CH, Duke, NC State, Wake Forest, Davidson, College of Charleston, Appalachian, Furman, East Carolina, Miami
of Ohio, Converse and Sweet Briar. Several have advanced degrees from institutions such as Duke Law, NY Institute
of Culinary Arts, and Simmons College MBA.
   Our new transfer members have come from Virginia, South Carolina, New York, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama,
Louisiana and Kentucky.
   So, you can see what a wonderful mixture of generations, occupations, backgrounds and talents our members

                                                                     Report of the
          In Memoriam                                 Washington Workshop
                                                   Congressional Seminar Winners
May 22, 2010                 Winnabow, NC
                                                   	       The	2010	essay	topic	was	“Discuss	a	Major	
          Mrs. Julien Knox Taylor
                                                   Supreme	Court	Decision	You	Believe	to	be	Pivotal	
      (Elizabeth Holmes Whitehead)
                                                   in	our	Nation’s	History”.		The	student	essays	
                                                   were	thought	provoking	and	well	presented.		Two	
May 25, 2010               Wilmington, NC          Mecklenburg	County	students	were	selected	as	
     Mrs. John Robert Anthony Beatty               Finalists.
           (Annie Empie Kidder)
                                                   	      Kevin	Phelan,	a	junior	at	Charlotte	Country	
July 5, 2010                  Goldsboro, NC        Day School, was selected as a state finalist and
         Mrs. Wedigan Powell Bland                 Morgan	McRae,	a	junior	at	Mallard	Creek	High	
           (Lillian Hooker Wooten)                 School, was selected as a national finalist. Both
                                                   Kevin	and	Morgan	had	an	enriching	learning	
September 12, 2010             Raleigh, NC         experience	in	Washington,	DC.		They	were	very	
         Mrs. John Knox Barrow                     appreciative	of	the	opportunity	and	thankful	to	us	for	
        (Marjorie Claire Whitaker)                 making	the	week	possible	for	them.

                                                   Respectfully	Submitted,
September 30, 2010                   Raleigh, NC
              Mrs. Wright Tracy Dixon
                                                   Rebecca	Crittenden	Purnell
              (Elizabeth Prince Nufer)
                                                   (Mrs.	James	Carstarphen	Purnell,	IV)
                                                   Washington	Workshop/Congressional	Seminar	
October 18, 2010             Charlotte, NC         Committee	Chair
Mrs. Robert Mark McLean (former member)            Mecklenburg	Committee
        Elizabeth Gilmour Cauthen

November 6, 2010            Wilmington, NC
         Mrs. Badie Travis Clark
            (Mary Gilliam Carr)

November 8, 2010                  Washington, NC
          Miss Mary Wright Taylor Payne

Respectfully submitted,
Lindsay S. Newsom
                                                        Kevin	Phelan             Morgan	McRae
(Mrs. Major Charles Newsom III)
The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America                                                Non-Profit Org.
            in The State of North Carolina                                                            U.S. Postage
                    224 Market Street                                                                   PAID
             Wilmington, North Carolina 28401                                                        Wilmington, NC
                                                                                                     Permit No. 176

 	     March	2	                                 Board	Meeting	                 JoeL	Lane
 	     March	31	-	aPriL	3	                      region	iii	conference	         MississiPPi
                                      aPriL	6th	Board	Meeting	is	canceLLed
 	     aPriL	10-11	                             annuaL	Meeting	                Pinehurst
 	     MaY	4	                                   outgoing	Board	Meeting		       headQuarters
 	     	                                        and	Lunch

        From Headquarters…
Please notify Headquarters if you have updated
address information for the following Society members:
Mrs. Hamilton W. McKay Belk
Miss Ashley Penn Christopher
Mrs. Frederick Howard Grubbe
Mrs. Cecelia Dornan Hayslip
Miss Marina Pettway C. Moseley
Mrs. Charles Simeon Royal                                            Editor:   Berta Summerell Hamilton
Mrs. James Moran Shuler                                                        910-251-1383
Mrs. Robert V. Sisk                                                            E-mail:
Mrs. James Rogers Thomas

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