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					Assignment 2: ICT in Organisations

     Portfolio Assignment (2b)

        TDR Dental Clinic

TD Rea’s dental surgery uses a local area network to connect their PC’s
together. There are two PC’s available in the reception area and one in each
of the three treatment rooms including the practice managers office. All PC’s
have Internet access and everyone has their own username and password so
that they can only access the parts of the system that relate to them. You can
see in the diagram below how the system links together.

      A1        A2                 Practice

                                                                     Web Page
                                                                     with online
                                    Server                            booking
                                                      Internet           for
                                                       Broad         checkups.
             TR1                                        link

       TR2         TR3
                                                      A= Administration
                                                      TR = Treatment Room
Hardware Specification

Description                                         Unit Price   Qty

15’’ Monitor (13.7” VIS)                              66.60     7
PC-1100C Eli C 20a/128SD IA IXF C” W98 SB CD        320.04      7
Windows 2000 Server with 6 user licence             300.45      1
MS Windows 2000 Professional Single Client            80.00     6
KODAK DX3900 Laser                                  250.00      1
LX-300+ 9 pin 80 Col                                  75.20     1
Lexmark Z23 Colour inkjet printer                   120.00      3
Network Hub Router with 8 ports                      55.00      1
CAT 5 cabling to link PC’s to server                 10.00      8

Total excl VAT                                      4307.13
Total incl VAT                                      5039.34

Full Description

15’’ Monitor (13.7” VIS)
     15’’ o.28 mm dot pitch low emission (MPRII)
     13.7 ‘’ viewable area
     ergonomic 800 x 600 resolution at 85Hz refresh rate
     3 years on site warranty

PC-1100C Eli C 20a/128SD IA IXF C” W98 SB CD
   Intel Celeron processor 1.1.GHz
   Intel Chipset mainboard with:
        o 3PCI expansion slots
        o Enhanced parallel port and 16550 serial port
        o 2USB ports
   10GB IDE Hard disc drive – 5400 rpm (except for the server station
     which will have 30GB)
   128MB 133MHz SD RAM
   Integrated AGP Graphics
   2 Button PS/2 mouse
      3.5” floppy disc drive

All workstations link back to the file server and although the operating system
is run from their hard disk they all share the MS Office 2000 suite and the
Dental Clinic software from the server.

One of the treatment rooms is actually used as an x-ray room and it contains
the following additional hardware.
    CDMx Size #2 Sensor
    CDMx USB Capture Board
    CDMx Digital X-Ray Imaging Software

This means that the patients x-rays can now be stored with their treatment
details held in the Dental Clinic package.

KODAK DX3900 Laser in the practice manager’s office for production of
professional looking correspondence to external agencies.
LX-300+ 9 pin 80 Col dot matrix printer in the reception area.

Lexmark Z23 Colour inkjet printer – 1 in each treatment room.
Software Specification

Administration Software
Dental Clinic – Treatment Administration Software. This is a software
package designed to assist general administrative duties in a dental practice.
This software organises patients under each dentist name so that only that
dentist can see those patients. Patient treatments can be updated using this
software and a booking system is available which takes into consideration the
type of treatment the patient is going to need and works out the time the
dentist will need with them. It has a graphic interface that looks like a mouth
layout and the dentist can click on each tooth type in turn and record details of
the treatment they did on it. It also has a function that will calculate the cost of
treatment and return the balance the patient still has to pay.

MS Word
The secretarial staffs need to send out reminder letters to patients who need
checkups at the end of each week. The also send out statements to patients
on a monthly basis if they still have fees outstanding. They do this by
exporting the relevant details from the Dental Clinic program and creating a
mail merged statement that is printed onto pre-printed stationary.

MS Excel
This spreadsheet program is used by the office manager to keep track of the
company accounts. This is done by entering details into cells and using
formulas to carry out calculations automatically.

Short for electronic mail. This allows us to transmit messages over long
distances quickly and cheaply. Messages can be in the form of text, graphics,
sound or videos, or even PDF attachments. The advantage of email is that
provided you have typed in the correct address the other person will get the
message when they log on to their system again. Unlike a telephone call,
where if the person is not in, they will not receive the message. The
disadvantage is that if the message is urgent you have no guarantee that the
other person will have received the message. You can easily send the same
message to a group of people at the same time and after reading your email if
you decide it is important you can either save it or print it out for future
reference, otherwise it can be deleted from your system.
Using the Hardware and Software to meet the needs of TD Rea’s
                        Dental Clinic

Purpose for         Explanation       Hardware /             Evaluation
which ICT is                          Software used
1 Booking /         Patients can      Using one of the       This software is
   rescheduling     phone in to       PC’s in the            specially
   appointments     make              reception area the     designed for
                    appointments /    secretary will use     Dental clinics and
                    change            the Dental Clinic –    appointment
                    appointments      Administration         scheduling is one
                    or do this in     Software package       aspect of this so
                    person at         to check who the       it is a very
                    reception.        patients dentist is    effective method
                                      and when they are      of handling
                                      free to take their     appointments.
                                      appointment. If
                                      they are returning
                                      for continued
                                      treatment they can
                                      select the type of
                                      treatment and the
                                      software calculates
                                      roughly how much
                                      time they need for
                                      the treatment.
2   Up-dating       The treatment     The software           Again because
    patient         nurse can do      contains an            the software is
    records after   this during       onscreen layout of     especially
    treatment.      treatment time.   a patient’s teeth      designed for this
                    Details of any    structure. Similar     type of work it is
                    work done on      to the one dentist     ideal for what the
                    the patient’s     use on hard copy       dentist needs to
                    teeth or any      records. Clicking on   do.
                    medication        the tooth and
                    prescribed        entering the details
                    needs to be       into a free format
                    recorded.         text entry section
                                      can record details
                                      of treatments to
                                      each tooth.
3   Accept and      Payment can      The Dental Clinic        Very efficient. A
    process         be made at the   Administrative           record is kept on
    payment for     end of a         Software program         computer of all
    treatment.      treatment in fullcontains a section       transactions and
                    or in            for managing             the patients copy
                    instalments.     patient bill payment     is produced at
                                     and issuing              minimum cost as
                                     receipts. A              the dot matrix is
                                     statement is printed     not expensive to
                                     for each patient on      use.
                                     a monthly basis
                                     when the secretary
                                     searches for those
                                     with bills
                                     outstanding. The
                                     statement / receipt
                                     is printed on pre-
                                     printed stationary
                                     using the dot-matrix
4   Access          The dentist      The patient’s            The changes can
    treatment       needs to see a records can be             be saved
    notes for a     record of        opened up using          automatically and
    patients        previous         the file in one of the   time is saved as
    appointment.    treatments and treatment rooms.           the files do not
                    needs access     The treatment            have to be filed
                    to the patient’s nurse can make           away like in a
                    records to       changes as               manual system.
                    make changes treatment is being
                    to their file.   carried out.
5   Keep track of   The treatment    This is done using       This is an easy to
    stock items.    nurse needs to a spreadsheet.             use system that
                    keep track of    Each item is listed      warns the user
                    how much of      in the spreadsheet       when an item of
                    each medicine, along with details of      stock needs to be
                    etc they have in how much is in           reordered. The
                    stock.           stock, the minimum       treatment nurse
                                     stock level, a           for each dentist
                                     reorder flag and         will check his or
                                     reorder quantity.        her stock levels
                                                              on a weekly
6   Take x rays.      The treatment     The patients            Saves storage
                      nurse will do     records are loaded      space and
                      this using the    up on the computer      means a patients
                      CDMx Digital      using the Dental        x-rays are easily
                      X-ray system in   Clinic                  accessible and
                      a dedicated       Administrative          easy to view
                      treatment         Software, the x rays    during treatment.
                      room.             are taken with the
                                        digital x-ray camera
                                        and the x-ray can
                                        be stored on the
                                        PC with the rest of
                                        the patient’s
7   Keeping track     The practice      This is done using      When a bill is
    of bills and      manager keeps     a spreadsheet           paid or an order
    receipts to see   tracks of bills   package, which has      made details of
    if the practice   and their         been set up to          the payment is
    is making a       payments.         record details of all   updated in all
    profit.                             their suppliers,        files linked back
                                        accounts and stock      to to the
                                        requirements.           accounts
                                        Orders are              spreadsheet.
                                        produced using          This means that
                                        mail-merge facilities   files are
                                        to a template order     automatically up-
                                        form stored on the      dated; it reduces
                                        practice managers       the practice
                                        PC. They are            managers’
                                        printed on the          workload and
                                        practice managers’      reduces the
                                        laser printer.          chances of
                                                                mistakes being
8   Keep track of     The practice      The hours worked        Staff are paid on
    hour’s staff      manager           by all staff and are    time and no
    work and          records hours     input them into a       mistakes are
    make sure         worked and        payroll spreadsheet     made in the
    they are paid.    calculates how    program, this           processing of
                      much they are     calculates how          their pay.
                      to be paid.       much they are to
                                        get paid, how much
                                        tax they have to
                                        pay etc.
9   Keeping track   The practice       This form is filled in   Claims can e
    of NHS work     manager fills in   on the computer          made quickly and
    and making      a form to claim    and submitted to         money can be
    sure they are   back money for     the NHS using an         refunded to them
    paid for it.    NHS treatment.     EDI system via the       at a quicker rate.
                                       practice managers’       The practice
                                       broadband                manager can
                                       connection through       also keep a copy
                                       the network server.      of the claim form
                                                                without taking up
                                                                a lot of storage

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