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					                                             November 2010

                                   Situation Critical:
                                   CARA’s VE6RYC Repeater
                                   Network at Nose Hill Flag
                                   Ship off the Air!

             REMEMBER November 11th

         Calgary Amateur Radio
                                       Edited and Produced by Tom Cullen VE6SHB
        Association Incorporated
        P.O. Box 592, Station “M”
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 2J2
                                                                             $ 3.00
                                  November 14 to December 25 2009
  Sunday               Monday              Tuesday            Wednesday             Thursday              Friday             Saturday
   Nov.14                Nov.15              Nov.16              Nov.17               Nov.18              Nov.19               Nov.20
 D STAR NET                               RAGCHEW                                                      D STAR NET            COFFEE
VE6IPG 7:00 PM                             SESSION                                                    VE6IPG 7:00 PM        KLATCHES
   147.285+                              VE6RYC TEMP                                                     147.285+          CHINOOK 10A
                                            1:00 PM                                                                         SUNRIDGE
 2 MTR.WEAK                                                                                                                   8:30AM
 SIGNAL NET                                VHF GROUP
 144.200 SSB                             7:30 PM DEVRY
                                            ROOM 201
   Nov.21                Nov.22              Nov.23              Nov.24               Nov.25              Nov.26               Nov.27
 D STAR NET                                 RAGCHEW                                                    D STAR NET            COFFEE
VE6IPG 7:00 PM                           SESSION 1 PM                                                 VE6IPG 7:00 PM        KLATCHES
   147.285+                              VE6RYC TEMP                                                     147.285+          CHINOOK 10A
                                           EXECUTIVE                                                                        SUNRIDGE
 2 MTR WEAK                              7:00 PM DEVRY                                                                       8:30 AM
 SIGNAL NET                                 ROOM 204
 144.200 SSB                             GENERAL MTG.
                                          DEVRY ROOM
                                           201 8:00PM
   Nov.28                Nov.29              Nov.30              Dec.1                 Dec.2              Dec.3               Dec.4
 D STAR NET                               RAGCHEW              CARATELS                                D STAR NET            COFFEE
VE6IPG 7:00 PM                             SESSION            GOLDEN AGE                              VE6IPG 7:00 PM        KLATCHES
   147.285+                              VE6RYC TEMP             CLUB                                    147.285+          CHINOOK 10A
                                            1:00 PM          LUNCH 11:30A                                                   SUNRIDGE
 2 MTR WEAK                                                   PROG. 12:30                                                    8:30 AM
 SIGNAL NET                                                       PM
 144.200 SSB                                                 VE6AO GROUP
                                                             CSCC 7:30 PM
    Dec.5                 Dec.6               Dec.7                Dec.8               Dec.9              Dec.10              Dec.11
 D STAR NET                                RAGCHEW                                                     D STAR NET            COFFEE
VE6IPG 7:00 PM                              SESSION                                                   VE6IPG 7:00 PM        KLATCHES
   147.285+                                 VE6RYC                                                       147.285+          CHINOOK 10 A
                                             1:00 PM                                                                        SUNRIDGE
 2 MTR WEAK                                                                                                                   8:30 AM
 144.200 SSB
    Dec.12               Dec.13              Dec.14               Dec.15              Dec.16              Dec.17              Dec.18
 D STAR NET                                RAGCHEW                                                     D STAR NET            COFFEE
VE6IPG 7:00 PM                              SESSION                                                   VE6IPG 7:00 PM        KLATCHES
   147.285+                                 VE6RYC                                                       147.285+          CHINOOK 10 A
                                             1:00 PM                                                                        SUNRIDGE
 2 MTR WEAK                                                                                                                   8:30 AM
 144.200 SSB
    Dec.19               Dec.20              Dec.21               Dec.22              Dec.23              Dec.24              Dec.25
 D STAR NET                                RAGCHEW                                                     D STAR NET           CHRISTMAS
VE6IPG 7:00 PM                              SESSION                                                   VE6IPG 7:00 PM           DAY
   147.285+                               VE6RYC 1:00                                                    147.285+
 2 MTR WAK                                 NEXT VHF
 SIGNAL NET                               JAN. 18, 2011
 144.200 SSB                                 NEXT
                                          JAN. 25, 2011

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                           Calgary Amateur Radio Association                        November 2010                                         1
                        PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

Message From The
President November 2010
This is a year of opportunity for our association. We have a new streamlined set of bylaws, and we
owe a debt of gratitude to our Past President, Bill InglesVE6WSI, for leading the effort. Well-done Bill!

The way things work under the new bylaws, the board of directors is elected, and they select the
officers for the year. I am happy to serve as president at their request.

Like most of the ham clubs across North America, we have been facing the problem of declining
membership, and the new bylaws do not require as many officers for the club as the old ones, and so
we are in a better position to fulfill our legal requirements. The functions of the club continue and the
board will appoint committees to execute projects as required.

Last year we revamped our general meeting to shorten the business section of the meeting to the
minimum required and emphasize interesting technical presentations. Gord Hungerford organized a
very good series last year, and we wish to keep up the fine work. Our aim is to make CARA the
premier forum in Calgary for technical presentations and lively interchange of ideas regarding amateur
radio. Tony Mountjoy has taken on the organization of technical presentations this year, and we
welcome suggestions for content.

We are looking forward to expanding the linked VHF / UHF repeater system, but first we have to
maintain what we already have. Time, weather, and vandalism have put our flagship repeater,
VE6RYC on Nose Hill, off the air. Tom Cullen VE6SHB, Lindsay Gavel VE6GAV and several other
volunteers have been working very hard at a complete update of the electrical system, waterproofing,
and interior insulation and finishes for the radio building. We hope to be back on the air soon.

We have also had to do some required maintenance on the antenna towers at the club contest station
VE6AO. We are not expanding or adding new equipment to the station since we face expropriation of
the site, but until the city actually gives formal notice, which has been pending for more than a year,
we continue to do the necessary work to maintain existing operations. We can be proud of one of the
finest club stations in North America.

The association has survived on the participation of a small number of dedicated volunteers. We hope
to expand the number of active participants this year, please think about how you can contribute to
the success of our group. We look forward to seeing you at our club meetings and activities.

73 de
Peter Barry,

                     Calgary Amateur Radio Association          November 2010                          2
                     CARA Executive Meeting:
                     October 26, 2010
                     Held at DeVry Institute of Technology 7:00 pm

                     2700 3rd Avenue S.E.
                     Calgary, Alberta.

Attendance: Peter Barry, VA6PJB president; Jean Spenard, VA6JRS, Treasurer ; Rob Wilson, VE6CCL,
Secretary; Tony Mountjoy, VE6MX, Director; Dale Olson, VE6QDO, Director; Tom Cullen, VE6SHB, Director;
Mike, Ross VE6TC, Director; present.
Don Lloyd VE3DD absent, Bill Ingles VE6WSI regrets;
QUORUM was declared

MEETING CALLED TO ORDER BY President Peter Barry at 7 pm

LAST MEETING MINUITES had been circulated by email and appear in October Key Klix.
Minutes for September Executive and General Meetings will be provided by VA6PJB (past Secretary)


Treasurers report:

Casino Account $88,080.28 General operating account $7,065.57


Tom and Tony reported on the progress efforts to restore RYC site.

The cost of repairs will need to be segregated to allow the treasurer to allocate cost to correct budget items. It
appears the cost of for repairs to the building must come out of general funds. To date about $3,200 has been
committed to the building and $3,000 to the electrical plus other costs yet to be determined. Tom will calculate /
estimate when he can.

Since the initial work party to remove material from the site to allow for a proper re installation most of the work
has been done by two or three people. The consensus was that we need to use the web site and email more
effectively to request help for specific skills, which should also be made at the general meeting this evening. It
was also noted that help will need to be coordinated due to limited space. All volunteer offers should go through

MEMBERSHIP: Current membership is 68 active 4 life members. Robert and membership coordinator Wayne
Barney are to expedite getting out an email and regular mail notices.


ITEM 1: CARA WEBSITE was discussed. Rob VE6CCL, Dale VE6QDO, and Joshua VE6CBT are to work
together to review and implement changes to make the website work better and reduce the workload of the

ITEM 2: Key Klix was discussed. It has been printed but has not been mailed or posted to the website due to
extenuating circumstances. Tony Don and Rob to expedite.


ITEM 1: The use of release forms by organizations we provide services to at public events was discussed.

ITEM 2: Motion to have the Webmaster set up the website to take membership dues online through either
PayPal or some other means...was passed.

                       Calgary Amateur Radio Association              November 2010                               3
The Webmaster and Treasurer to look into this matter and implement the type of payment.

ITEM 3: The issuing of membership cards for all members to be looked into by the membership coordinator.

ITEM 4: Jean VA6JRS is helping the membership coordinator to establish a new source for CARA badges.

ITEM 5: A discussion of how to provide communications while the VE6RYC site is being upgraded. This is an
opportunity to demonstrate the use of alternate repeaters and alternate methods for our November 7th Car Rally.

ITEM 6: The request from CARTELS group to have CARA to purchase golden age club memberships to qualify
members for free use of a meeting room at the Golden Age Club was discussed.

The consensus was that it would be better to just continue to budget for the rent.

ITEM 7: Next General Meeting; Peter indicated that he will be away in November. The need for some one to
arrange for programs for the general meetings was also discussed. In the past this was one of the Vice
Presidents duties. Tony volunteered to be a back up for Peter and secondly the programs.

The members of the board appointed Tony Mountjoy, VE6MX to the position of Vice President.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM
CARA Secretary
Rob Wilson VE6CCL

                               General Meeting Minutes
                               October 26, 2010
                               Held at DeVry Institute of Technology 8:00 pm

                            ATTENDANCE: 11 members and 0 visitors present including 7 directors. At the
                            time of the meeting was called to order membership records show a total of 69
members in good standing. Quorum Declared.

The attendance sheet retained by the secretary.


Peter Barry called the meeting to order and reviewed the activities of the board at the executive meeting and
announced the appointment of Tony Mountjoy, VE6MX, as Vice President.


Casino Account $88,080.28; General operating account $7065.57

The VHF/Digital Group updated the members on the status of the VE6RYC repeater rebuild and it impact on
other repeater projects.

A general request for help with the project was made. All offers of assistance should be directed to Tom
VE6SHB and the CARA repeater team.

Tony outlined the logistics of providing communication coverage for the up and coming CSCS, November 7th
rally using VE6AUY and the CARA portable repeater at Nose Hill site to cover powder face trail. Mobiles with 25
watts minimum requirement with cross band techniques will be an asset. Contact Mark Lund VE6MLX to get

                       Calgary Amateur Radio Association              November 2010                          4
The Club Station Group announced that the tower riggers would be doing maintenance and required
modifications to the club station 100’ towers and antennas Thursday from 9Am till dusk. A number of persons to
provide ground support are required. Contact Mike VE6TC.


Joshua, VE6CBT gave an interesting presentation on details of the CARA Web Site including
member registration and log in procedures. There was also discussion on content and resources available on
the website to members.

CARA Secretary
Rob Wilson VE6CCL

                                            November 03, 2010
                                            Downtown Friendship Centre

                                            The regular meeting was held on Nov. 3/10 in the Golden Age Club
                                            on 8Ave. and 5 St. SE in the East Village and began with lunch in the
                                            cafeteria at 11:30 and continued in the board room starting at 12:30
                                            with business and entertainment.

The business meeting was opened by Chairman Frank Jones VE6ZQ with 9 VE6’s present: CA, MX, CCL, XF,
AFN, GQ, GH, ZQ, and CQF.

The ragchew net which is held every Tuesday at 1:00 PM is working well and the net controllers for the next
period will be Nov. 9 Tony VE6MX, Nov. 16 Grant VE6GH, Nov. 23 Rob VE6CCL and Nov. 30 Frank VE6ZQ

The group welcomed a visitor Robert (Roy) Ward VE6AFN who gave an outline of his experiences in amateur
and business radio in Canada and that he is currently splitting his time between Calgary and Toronto.

There was a report of two new silent keys; Len Tuckey VE6TF on Oct. 13/10 and Karl Spahl VE6AY on Oct.

It was also mentioned that Zane Hennagar VE6ZEE is expecting to have another operation about the middle of
Nov. /10.

For the entertainment portion of the meeting, Les VE6CA introduced Grant VE6GH who gave a presentation of
his personal history and his experiences in both business and amateur radio. Grant recorded his talk which he
will add to his collection of Presentations by others in the past and provide a very valuable history of members of
the CARA.

The next meeting of Caratels will be on Dec.1/10 and will include a presentation by Tony VE6MX on his recent
tour of the Grand Canyon along the bottom using GPS.

Secretary Bill Humphreys VE6CQF

                       Calgary Amateur Radio Association              November 2010                              5
                         PUBLIC SERVICE EVENTS
                              Reminder to all Event Organizers to submit details for this list to Key
                              Klix Editor. Thanks.

     Date                Event                Location                        Contact
                   Nordic Cookie        Peter Lougheed          Tony Mountjoy VE6MX
Feb. 26, 2011
                   Race                 Park                    403-255-6254
Mar. 6, 2011       Winter Car Rally     Hunter Valley NW        Mark Lunn VE6MXL 403-275-2556
                                        Bowness Senior
                                                                Jean Spenard VA6JRS
Apr. 02, 2011      CARA Flea Market     Center.
                                                                403 988 8815
                                        6422 -35 Ave. N.W.
                                        Castle Mtn. Radium,
May 21-23, 2011    Golden Triangle                              Don Lloyd VE3DD 403-293-7462
May 28-29, 2011    Rocky Mtn. Rally     Porcupine Hills         Mark Lunn VE6MXL 403-275-2556
                                        Castle Mtn.- Sask.      Tony Mountjoy VE6MX
Jun. 4, 2011       Banff-Jasper Rally
                                        Xing                    403-255-6254
                   K100 Road Relay
Jun. 18, 2011                           Longview - Nakiska      Don Lloyd VE3DD 403-293-7462
Jun. 25-26, 2011   CARA Field Day       TBA                     Mark Lunn VE6MXL 403-275-2556
Oct. ??, 2011      SARA Flea Market     East Side Church        Ken Oelke VE6AFO 403-226-5840
Nov. 6, 2011       Kananaskis Rally     Powder Face Trail       Mark Lunn VE6MXL 403-275-2556

                   Calgary Amateur Radio Association         November 2010                         6
                               CARA VHF – DIGITAL TECHNICIANS
                               By Tom Cullen VE6SHB & Tony Mountjoy VE6MX
                               November 16th 2010

         Photo by Tom VE6SHB

VE6RYC       A trip May 27th Tony VE6MX found that ½ of the 220 power at the
            weather head was broken. The VHF repeater was moved to the live ½ side. A new power
            service will be installed to repair the problem. ENMAX cut the power to VE6RYC on a citizen
            complaint September 28th and condemned the electrical service. A temporary 146.85 repeater
            was immediately put into service from the VE6MX site operating as a local repeater. Tony
            VE6MX and Max VE6SL had the gate lock replaced and removed the VE6RYC equipment Oct.
            04th.The work parties Oct. 04, 07, 14, 17, 21, 23, 24, 30, Nov. 4, 6, and 7.have completed 4
            walls and the ceiling. Electrical materials have been purchased. Power should be installed soon.
            Portable repeater installed Nov.6 for Car Rally Nov.7.

VE6IPG      The DSTAR system is functioning well from the Southland Plaza. Work was done November
            20th and January 15th and 18th 2010 upgrading the DSTAR system coax runs. The VHF and
            UHF run’s are now LMR400 improving the system performance. The loss of the SQL database
            for DSTAR registration is being looked into.

VE6AUY      The repeater is working well. The east link is non-operational with VE6RYC off air. A service trip
            is being planned this year to do upgrades and maintenance.

VE6RCB      The repeater and links continue to work well. APRS is working but needs to be updated with
            new commands planned soon.

VE6RY       The VHF and UHF repeaters are working well. To use the Auto Patch you will need to dial 9 403
            phone number and *, to turn down the Auto Patch use # key. The IRLP Shaw hub site
            computers and radios have failed. To be replaced.

VE6NOV      The VHF Repeater was updated by Tony VE6MX October 14th, 09. The VE6MX WR90 VHF
            repeater is working well on a RLC-4 controller. To access the repeater you will need a 110.9
            CTCSS Tone installed on the repeater’s RX & TX. The VHF receiver sensitivity problem was
            found to be through a power divider in the host system limiting coverage to one or two miles. A
            test UHF repeater 444.200 +5M was installed Nov. 12th with excellent city coverage.

VE6HWY      Protection Mountain temporary VHF repeater a CTV service was made Friday September
            10th.2010. A new 80 watt Solar panel was installed replacing one existing panel. The radios,
            RLC4 controller and one damaged solar panel were brought down for service. A helicopter trip
            is expected soon as the weather improves. Thanks Lindsay, Doug and Gerry for your

VE6AQA      The VHF repeater is off the air until work at the site progresses further. New owner possible.

VE6EHX      The VE6MX UHF repeater continues to work well at the Petro Canada site.

VE6RMT      The repeater is working well with the VE6MX Uniden link radios in place. A service trip is to be
            done to redo the system, and allow the VE6HWY link frequency of 449.300 – 5Mhz to operate
            from Protection Mountain.

VE6REC      The City repeater has some issues with some white noise on the transmit signal. Normally this
            repeater provides good city coverage on 147.18 =600 KHz. Access to the equipment is planned
            to service the unit.

                    Calgary Amateur Radio Association            November 2010                               7
                   Equipment Sale
                   November 2010

3 Element STEPPIR Yagi on a 48 foot Delhi Tower
Comes complete with 4 bedroom home on a park in
Canyon Meadows Estates.
I will not separate (at least for now)
Please call Paul Taenzer VE6PY
403 281-6972 for more details.

CARA IRB Project Plug and Play
Data/aux jack interface with CAT/CIV rig control cables
Original price $129.74 plus GST and shipping
Contact Rob VE6CCL @ 403 242-2657 or

1 HF Amplifier with tubes 1kw or more
Contact Vasile Pop VA6POP @

                                         In Flanders
                                         fields the
                                         the crosses,
                                         row on row,
                                         That mark
                                         our place;
                                         and in the
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders Fields.
Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
we shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders Fields.

-John McCrae

                      Calgary Amateur Radio Association   November 2010   8
Nose Hill. - VE6RYC
This is Calgary's largest park and one of the largest urban parks found in Canada. This park is a
natural grass land that seems to go for ever. The park offers outstanding views to the west, south and
east. Several trails throughout the park include informative nature plaques. For dog lovers there is a
large off leash area. Dress warm, the wind can really blow on top of Nose Hill.

Courtesy of the Friends of Nose Hill Park

                                                         For millennia, Nose Hill stood silent vigil as Glacial
                                                         Lake Calgary receded and a river surging out from the
                                                         mountains carved its way through the old lake bottom.
                                                         Over the centuries that followed, the hill witnessed a
                                                         succession of people sculpting a unique history within
                                                         and around the Bow River Valley. Many of those
                                                         people visited the Nose Hill itself, and its immediate

                                                       Exposed to the drying and warming effects of the
                                                       recurrent Chinook winds, Nose Hill long provided
                                                       favourable wintering grounds for bison herds which, in
                                                       turn, attracted people to the hill's grassy slopes. The
                                                       park today contains numerous tipi rings - circles of
                                                       stone once used to weigh down the conical-shaped
                                                       skin dwellings of plains bison hunters. Also within the
                                                       perimeters of today's park are ancient tool-making
                                                       stations, a stone cairn, and evidence of bison kills
                                                       conducted long ago. In 1900, one Euro-Canadian
                                                       settler in the Nose Hill area described the
                                                       archaeological residue below the cliffs of the coulee by
McPherson Creek as a bone bed nine feet thick and an acre in extent. Establishing the tribal identities of all the
people who left archaeological evidence on and around Nose Hill is virtually impossible. Most of the more recent
sites, however, probably belonged to the Peigan, who dominated the territory in the vicinity of the Bow Valley
when the Europeans first appeared.

Explorer and Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) trader David Thompson wintered at a Peigan encampment on the
Bow River in 1787/8, and in 1800 returned to the area as a North-West Company employee. In his journal for
the year, Thompson made specific note of Nose Hill. Eight years earlier, another well-known trader, HBC man
Peter Fidler, also recorded an excursion to the hill with Peigan guides. The details of Fidler's journal entry
illustrate well how dramatically the region's warm Chinook winds can affect the cold temperatures that
characterize winters in southern Alberta. The temperature on the December day of Fidler's visit to Nose Hill was
a balmy 14 degrees Celsius (58 degrees Fahrenheit).

John and George McDougall, Methodist missionaries, experienced more typical winter weather when they
traveled to Nose Hill to hunt bison some four decades later. En route back to their hunting camp on the bitterly
cold night of January 24, 1876, the elder McDougall, George, lost his way. A savage snowstorm delayed efforts
to locate the missing man. On February 6, a search party finally discovered McDougall's frozen body on the east
side of Nose Creek.

Names currently associated with topographical features in and near Nose Hill Park reflect the impact of the
European newcomers and European trade goods on the Peigan. For example, Spy Hill, the westward extension
of Nose Hill, derived its present name from the aboriginal practice of communicating with distant colleagues by
flashing European trade mirrors from elevated locations. Other effects of the Europeans' arrival were more
insidious. The six bison that the Methodist missionaries shot during their ill-fated hunting excursion were mere
remnants of southern Alberta's once vast buffalo population. By 1879, the bison herds had vanished from Nose

                       Calgary Amateur Radio Association             November 2010                              9
Hill. A new chapter of local history had begun. A fledgling Euro-Canadian community, Fort Calgary, had
appeared in the valley beneath Nose Hill.

The area around Nose Hill itself played a significant economic role in Calgary's subsequent physical
transformation from police fort to prairie city. Much of the sandstone used to construct the imposing public
buildings that became Calgary's hallmark after 1886 came from quarries local entrepreneurs operated on Nose
Creek. Stone from the J A Lewis quarry provided the entrance to the Imperial Bank and part of the new city hall
erected in 1909. Masons used materials carted into the city from Nose Creek to build James Short School and
Calgary's old courthouse as well.

During the construction "boom" years prior to World War I, Nose Creek also made a significant contribution to
less reputable facets of the young city's economy. Bordellos built along the banks of the creek helped sustain
the local prostitution trade, and further Calgary's growing notoriety as "... the booze, brothel and gambling
capital of the far western plains." (James Gray, Red Lights on the Prairies, 1971, p. 125.) Business at the
brothels flourished until World War I, when competing downtown facilities that operated near the city's saloons
and new army barracks diverted attention away from the less accessible Nose Hill and Nose Creek district.

In the fall of 1896, a young Blackfoot man, Running Weasel, died south of the Bow River. His final request
provides eloquent testimony to Nose Hill's enduring role as a sentinel presiding over the passage of time. At his
death, Running Weasel asked that he be "put where he could see the great city [of Calgary] grow beneath his
feet." (Calgary Herald, March 11, 1897). His well-known friend Deerfoot placed his coffin beside Nose Creek.

See future issues of Key Klix of Nose Hill and the privilege CARA being allowed to operate an Amateur
Repeater System on the Natural Park since 1972. This to include Bill Copithorne donating a large portion of
Nose Hill to the City of Calgary.

Present VE6RYC
As most are aware back in
May 2010 the VE6RYC
suffered another major blow to
the site, part of the course and
nothing is really unexpected at
the site. Vandals decided this
time to attack the conduit for
the main AC electrical power
entrance to the site. This
occurred late during the night
sometime just before the car
rally that weekend. After it
was realized what had
occurred, Lindsay VE6GAV
and I, Tom VE6SHB loaded
my service truck with extras
and were about to head up to
the site after work and deal
with the issue. You never
know what we will run into on
site after something goes

Anyways as Lindsay and I
were about to put the service
truck into drive, we heard VE6RYC came alive again. We still were unsure as what was going on, as we knew
one part of the system was working and not the main repeaters until then. Later we found out that Tony VE6MX
was at the site and found the damage, moved the non powered equipment to the phase that was still
operational. We were good until repairs were to be done.

                       Calgary Amateur Radio Association             November 2010                            10
The plan during the summer was to work on the site and prepare it for the upgrade of the repeater network
equipment. As this was tried before and failed, funding for lease hold improvements were not easily available
and are not allowed under the Alberta Lottery guidelines. CARA does not own the building and this defiantly
made the building repairs a moo subject even though we needed to do repairs. Vacations also got in the way.

Well between the vandals’ and the
condition of the building, we got caught!
On Sept. 28th the decision was made for
the field technical team. The electrical
conduit that was damaged back in May
and for unexplainable reasons was never
really addressed and rectified. Even
though we were only providing electricity
on one phase of a two phase electrical
source we were still functional.

This is the second time in about 3-4 years that
vandals decided we were better off with no power.
Tony VE6MX and I replaced the outside conduit
from the weather head right to the electrical meter.
I guess (Hindsight) it still was not strong enough.

As we were dead in the water now it was time to
do the plan of repairs. So I sent an email out
asking for help on a Monday evening to remove all equipment from the site so renovations could proceed. What
an eager crowd showed up to help, CARA and Non CARA members16 in all. Fortunately Tony VE6MX and Max
VE6SL went up to the site to remove the radio equipment. This simplified things a lot as we were not looking
forward of carry items down the hill multiple times. Within 2 hours we had the place stripped of conduit and the
electrical panel equipment. All even hauled the junk and misc garbage away as required, could not be better.

After a few days contemplating Lindsay VE6GAV and I came up with a plan and I shopped around for all the
materials we required to start the process. The construction started on Oct.12th by Lindsay and I and the long
days and evenings are about to begin.

I decided that we needed to seal the building totally as we could look at the corners and see the outside world
from inside and we had major water leaks from the conduit and roof seams. It actually smelled bad in there and
a couple of tools I left there last year were totally rusted out and needed to be thrown out. So we began caulking

                       Calgary Amateur Radio Association             November 2010                             11
the cracks and crevasses we could find. Next it was decided that a 2x4 stud wall would be used to insulate the
building to a value of R14 of insulation that is mildew and rodent resistant to keep out the heat in the summer
and some heat in during the winter. This was also to keep the bugaboos out at the same time. Treated lumber
was used on the top and bottom plates of the walls to ensure if water was to sit there it would not rout the wood
easily or create mildew. When we removed
the electrical meter and breaker panel we
found a heavy accumulation of water in the
panels-cabinets and green corrosion.

As we had some good weather for an
October, we are willing to work during the
weekdays after work and weekends.
Remember most of the time at the start we
had to walk everything up the hill and use
hand tools as the electrical AC was not
available and vehicle travel was limited. I’m
sure many would not want to carry a sheet
of 4 x 8 plywood or 2x4’s up a hill for a 1/3
of mile multiple times. As time went on and
daylight was getting shorter we got special
permission to use a vehicle to access the
site for the rebuild. A van was used to
transport the tools and material as well as
store items. Later the club generator was
installed in the van for AC power when we required it as we needed to heat the building to dry it out and ensure
that the paint would adhere to the walls. So I built a mount to secure the club generator in the van for travel and
use after the carburetor was rebuilt. I decided to do this as the generator was a little hard for one person to lift it
in and out of a vehicle by themselves. I could lift it out but could not get it in.

During the process the roof need attention, so Lindsay VE6GAV, Gerry VE6QLT and I purchased a couple of
large pails of tar and sealed the roof as seen on the front cover. We did find a few surprises as we were doing
the edges as there was a ½” gap around the roof and walls that allowed the moisture to enter, even though it
                                                             looked liked it was sealed. A heavy metal skin will
                                                             be placed on the roof and edges later.

So far it is dry inside and when we heat the building, even when we leave the door open we need to remove a
few layers of clothing. A very good sign as well as it smells pretty good in there now. I would not have a problem
of closing the door and being inside for a long duration.

Once all the interior and electrical panel system is complete, the City of Calgary will need to approve the work
and then we can make arrangements for Enmax to reconnect us. This will give us the opportunity to seal the
cement floor and the donated commercial epoxy floor paint before installing the racks and CARA owned

                        Calgary Amateur Radio Association               November 2010                               12
The City of Calgary Parks & Recreation recently provided some benches for the public to sit and rest while
enjoying the scenic view of Nose Hill.

                                                                                 This     particular    bench    was
                                                                                 installed about 50 feet from
                                                                                 CARA’s repeater shack on one of
                                                                                 the main pathways. It was made
                                                                                 of ¼” steel plating, durable
                                                                                 cement base and some awesome
                                                                                 3 x 5 redwood cedar boarding.
                                                                                 Well within three days of the
                                                                                 installation, this is the end result
                                                                                 of the effort of the City of Calgary
                                                                                 to provide a service to the
                                                                                 numerous        visitors   of    the
                                                                                 spectacular Nose Hill.

Lindsay VE6GAV and myself drilling pilot holes
for the new conduit for electrical and RF cables.
Gerry VE6QLT saw us on the hill that day and
decided to come and help us. It was great as
when we cord out the main holes after the pilot
holes we getting tired of hold the main coring drill
as we drilled 7 holes and did it within 4 hours.
This includes picking up the very large coring drill
and returning it, we did have to move a couple of
holes due to some extreme rebar. The darn
coring drill even threw me off my feet when we hit the rebar. I must admit my left wrist and right thigh was a little
sore for a couple of days.

                                                                    As daylight times have changed, we have set
                                                                    up flood light to work into the night. Hopefully
                                                                    the snow will hold off but as we were putting
                                                                    the electrical panel in, the prediction of snow
                                                                    was in about two days. Not looking good but
                                                                    Lindsay and I will come with a plan to
                                                                    overcome the obstacle if this occurs. As some
                                                                    are concerned, I do update Tony VE6MX on
                                                                    the plans along with the plan Lindsay and I
                                                                    have every few days if not weekly.

                                                                    Please watch for further updates at the CARA
                                                                    meetings and Key Klix.

                                                                    Project leader
                                                                    Tom Cullen

                       Calgary Amateur Radio Association               November 2010                              13
VE6RYC new look!

As we were doing the renovations, many people approached us and commented on how disturbing it was that
the graffiti and type of graffiti appeared on the building. Lindsay and I discussed once we got further, that the
exterior would require a paint job.

                      Calgary Amateur Radio Association              November 2010                            14
Temporarily  installing  the    Portable
Repeater VE6NQ Nov. 6 for the Rocky Mtn
Car Rally.
Tony Mountjoy VE6MX did some preliminary test earlier that
week with a CSCC participant using regional area repeaters that
does cover the area, with little or no results. Not the repeaters
fault as they worked flawlessly. The radio operator did not
program the 2 meter radio properly.

                                                                       I reluctantly decided that the VE6NQ portable
                                                                       repeater needed to be installed on Nose Hill
                                                                       after numerous emails and the discussion to
                                                                       put the old bulky VE6RYC VHF repeater in.
                                                                       Even though there was an alternative
                                                                       communication method, whether it is simplex
                                                                       and the area repeaters. It’s obvious that we
                                                                       will have to teach some basics on some
                                                                       communications when to many people
                                                                       depend on one repeater for everything.

                                                                    Gerry VE6QLT, Lindsay VE6GAV, Joshua
                                                                    VE6CBT and myself Tom VE6SHB, installed
                                                                    the portable repeater on Sat. 6th for the car
rally and after we put a connector on the ½” Heliax for the main VHF C4 antenna we connected up the repeater
to 5 - 100 amp hour batteries. I also configure a module to control and monitor the batteries. If it was required a
battery disconnect would occur at 11.8 VDC to ensure that the repeater would not go into never never land and
damage the batteries and or radio equipment. After a Tom Blonde moment we had the portable repeater
operational. As we tried to make our first contact to see how well the repeater worked, Ray VE6LG came back
to us from no less downtown Canmore. Audio and signal was pictured perfect!

As the repeater was installed for the car rally, all work on the VE6RYC came to a halt as it interfered with the
interior work and any tools we used to work with would interfered with the repeater. We just started using the
generator the past few days for heat and light, along with some power tools. Up till then all was done by hand
(Arm-strong) tools.

This also has delayed have the master electrician work for
getting the AC electrical to a point required for permit
approval and Enmax to make a reconnection by 3 weeks due
to scheduling of the required people as we were going to put
the main panel and meter along with conduit in that weekend.
Plans change, and go with the flow.

The Repeater worked flawlessly and got an extreme work out
for the first time since it was configured. It is still operation as
of today, but we are not worried about the work interfering. If
interference occurs so be it. As we worked later, we charged
batteries and moved the repeater or disconnected as

Tom Cullen VE6SHB

                         Calgary Amateur Radio Association              November 2010                            15
Protection Mountain VE6HWY
Protection Mountain, repeater system on 147.330 MHz has had some major difficulties over the last 2 years.
                                                                          Back in the spring early
                                                                          summer of 2009 the area and
                                                                          most of southern Alberta
                                                                          experienced extreme lighting.
                                                                          What a surprise, we got hit
                                                                          along with Global TV and
                                                                          CTV and may others in the
                                                                          area. Tony VE6MX and I
                                                                          made a flight to Protection as
                                                                          the system was off the air. As
                                                                          we flew to the site from
                                                                          Canmore the scenic view was
                                                                          something, and the weather
                                                                          was picture perfect.

We landed and got right to
work, found numerous fuses
had blown on our equipment
and the TV networks. Tony
replaced the RCL repeater
controller and the main fuse
and we were back on line
again. I replaced the APRS
system completely and APRS
was operational again.

                                                                      This was the start of the unseen
                                                                      damage at VE6HWY. Within a short
                                                                      time we were off the air again for
                                                                      both APRS and the voice repeater.

                                                                      During the summer I made a list of
                                                                      damaged equipment, and requested
                                                                      Tony VE6MX to file an insurance
                                                                      claim for the equipment for items that
                                                                      have been damaged over the last
                                                                      year. This includes solar panels,
                                                                      transceivers, controller and APRS.
                                                                      This was a year plus process.

                                                                      On the Annual Sept. 2009 service
                                                                      trips, Lindsay VE6GAV, Stephen

                     Calgary Amateur Radio Association          November 2010                            16
VE6CPU, and Myself Tom VE6SHB with help of Doug VE6CID replaced all the radio equipment with a different
new package and as requested by CTV removed moved the VHF C4 antenna to the main tower. We also
replaced some RG 8 coax at this time with LMR400. To no avail, the system was down again within a month. I
expected this do to solar panel lighting damage. Not much we could do till the insurance claim was settled.

                                           Sept. 2010 it was decided to remove all the equipment with the
                                           plan that the insurance claim would be history and we could
                                           rebuild the system complete properly. This would entail a second
                                           trip to do the reinstall as time on site and weather would be a
                                           factor. The weather was not to pleasant on the mountain as you
                                           can see above. Ground level was a good day with no snow on the
                                           ground. Lindsay VE6GAV and Doug VE6CID removed the
                                                         equipment and replaced one 80 watt solar panel with
                                                         a temporary one that I supplied to ensure that we
                                                         could still keep the batteries charged on site. This
                                                         was all the time the guys had due to the weather at
                                                         the site. A trip this winter Lindsay and I will install the
                                                         new 600 Watt solar panel system that I designed for
                                                         winter parameters of power. The new repeater
                                                         package will also be installed as a modular system
                                                         for APRS, Transceiver, and Power control so as
                                                         required individual module parameters could be
                                                         replaced with backup modules. This will reduce time
                                                         and repairs on site.

                                                         Watch this fall-winter for the updated progress!
                                                         Tom Cullen, VE6SHB

                     Calgary Amateur Radio Association              November 2010                                17
The VE6AO IRB 1 AND CARA IRB P1 are both available for operation by members.

Log in information
YOUR LABLE           IRB STATION          URL               usercall            password
VE6AO IRB 1          VE6AO           Your call           Issued to you
CARA IRB P1          VE6NQ            Your Call           Issued to you
CARA IRB P2          future               tba               Your Call          Issued to you

The VE6AO IRB 1 control operators use the call sign VE6AO for ID to enhance the presence of the club station
on the ham bands. The station has been checked out on 160 80 40 20 17 15 12 10 Meters and VHF/UHF. All
bands are all Tx enabled. FL7000 giving us up to 300 watts on hf bands. The antenna is automatically selected
for each band.160, 80 and 40 METER are using DX-LB INVERTED VEE 17 and 12 METER are using the DX
88 vertical; 20, 15, 10. Use the south Triband beam and is controllable using the WEBTRANCEIVER's {Rotator
and logbook feature}

The CARA IRB P1 control operators use there personal callsign for ID. The station is a portable housed in a
wheeled case with rack mount shelves holding the Kenwood TS2000X, Computer, Signal link, RF filters,
triplexer and power supply.


Add 80 meter capabilities to IRB P1 in its South East Calgary location
Put up the DIMOND MX3000N TRIPLEXER 2M/440/1.2 and a 6 meter antenna
Deploy IRB P1 at SAIT or other remote site.
Order another transceiver and complete the second IRB package,
Investigate and build an assortment of antenna options, for use as a portable / special event / Field day station.

Join the mail list or check the CARA WEB PAGES for the latest info.

These projects offer members a chance to learn about computer control of radio stations, packaging portable
stations, antennas and related equipment by getting involved. For more information or to become a
REGISTERED users Contact remote base team BY EMAIL

Robert Wilson, VE6CCL


ARRL Field Day is June 26-27, 2010
ARRL Field Day is the largest on-the-air operating event in Amateur Radio. It draws tens of thousands to the
airwaves each year, bringing new and experienced hams together for a weekend of fun!
Objective- as stated by the event sponsor ARRL
To work as many stations as possible on any and all amateur bands (excluding the 60, 30, 17, and 12-meter
bands) and to learn to operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions. Field Day is open to all
amateurs in the areas covered by the ARRL/RAC Field Organizations and countries within IARU Region 2. DX
stations residing in other regions may be contacted for credit, but are not eligible to submit entries. BUT we do
not have to wait. There are many activities we can do to get ready for June.

If you are interested in FIELD DAY or SPECIAL EVENT PORTABLE STATIONS and would like to get involved
contact Rob VE6CCL, Dale VE6QDO or the CARA executive.

Thanks for your support de Rob VE6CCL

                       Calgary Amateur Radio Association                November 2010                            18
Minutes of Past General Meeting
DATE:           29 September 2010
TIME:           8:00 PM
LOCATION:       DeVry Institute of Technology

ATTENDANCE: Chair Bill Ingles VE6WSI, Vice President Gordon Hungerford VE6TI, Chair, DX Section Mike
Ross VE6TC, Director Tony Mountjoy VE6MX, Treasurer John. Spenard VA6JRS, Director Rob Wilson,
VE6CCL, Secretary Peter Barry VA6PJB,; Frank Jones, VE6ZQ, Caratels
Plus 20 other members in good standing. Quorum declared.

Meeting was called to order by Bill Ingles, VE6WSI president. The new bylaws have been registered and the
approved copy has been received back from the government. Therefore in accordance with the notice given at
the June general meeting, in Key Klix, and by e-mail, this meeting will elect the new board of directors under the
new by-laws. Bill explained that the by-laws require that the governance of the club rests with the board of
directors, who will appoint all officers. There are to be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 9 directors.
Volunteers and nominations will be called from the floor, and if there are more than 9 candidates, and election
will be held.

Jean Spenard reported that club finances are healthy, and funds are in place for the approved budgets for the
2010-2011 year.

Bill turned the chair of the meeting over to vice president Gord Hungerford, VE6TI, who was not offering for
elected office for the coming year. Volunteers and nominations were called and there were 9 candidates. Since
there were not more than 9, the candidates were declared elected by acclamation. The new board of directors

Jean Spenard, VE6JRS Tony Mountjoy, VE6MX Dale Olson, VE6QDO

Tom Cullen, VE6SHB       Mike Ross, VE6TC                  Peter Barry, VA6PJB

Rob Wilson, VE6CCL       Don Lloyd, VE3DD                  Bill Ingles, VE6WSI

The board of directors will meet within one week to elect officers of the association.

73 de
Peter Barry,

                                     DX Meeting
                                     November 2010

                                     Mike VE6TC opened the meeting at 1938 MDST
                                     at the Sports Car Clubhouse. There were 8
                                     members and guests there. They were: Mike
                                     VE6TC, Rich VE6AX, Stephane VE6STP, Dale
                                     VE6QDO, Roy VE6AFN, Rob VE6CCL, Larry
                                     VE6KC and Josh VE6CBT.

                       Calgary Amateur Radio Association               November 2010                           19
Mike reported that the towers have been slightly shortened to meet the requirements of our proximity to the new
airport runway. While the riggers were there, they got all antennas and rotators working in time for the CQ
World-wide SSB contest. This included installing a rotator that had been repaired, and unsnagging the 80 meter

Our Alpha linear amps have been sent back to the manufacturer for upgrading, and should return soon.

We made 1484 contacts in the CQ WW SSB contest for 711,865 points. VE6TC, VE6CCL and VE6KC were

The ARRL Sweepstakes CW contest is this weekend starting at 3 PM local time Saturday.

The SSB Sweepstakes in the weekend of November 20/21.

The CQ World-wide CW contest is the weekend of November 27/28.
Operators are needed for these events.

Rob suggested a project that may be useful on Field Day. It consists of a fibreglass mast in 4 foot sections that
assembles to about 30 feet or more, and can be carried in a bag. After assembly, it can be raised and guyed
with black Dacron rope.

A program director is needed for the DX Club. Several members have agreed to look at this and we will see
what they come up with at the December meeting.

We adjourned about 2100 for coffee at Tim Horton’s.

Larry VE6KC

         TOWER TECH
                                                                       Battery World
          WEST INC.                                                           Ken Waldrum
                                                                         General Manager - Alberta
             Complete Systems Design
                                                             Bay 3 252-23Street N.E.         Ph: (403) 571-3630
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                                                             #105, 6036-3 Street S.W.        Ph: (403) 252-0074
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                                                                 RADIO AMATEUR HANDHELDS
              #12 7139 40th Street S.E.
                  Calgary, Alberta.                           PLEASE MENTION THIS ADVERTISEMENT
                     T2C 2H7                                      FOR YOUR SPECIAL DISCOUNT

                      Calgary Amateur Radio Association              November 2010                            20
CARA holds it’s official weekly coffee klatches every Saturday at the Sunridge mall, on the second floor in the
food fair section. Entrance to the mall and adaquate parking is on the west side of the mall.

                                                              The group of all amateurs from Calgary, wether
                                                              they belong to CARA, FARS, SARA, CCC or
                                                              non club members attend from 08:30 – 12:00
                                                              hrs every Saturday. We have large and on some
                                                              weekend’s small attendies of all hams or
                                                              (HAMS) attend. It is a good time to meet other
                                                              hams form the Calgary area and groups.

                                                              Great time to discuss HAM applications,
                                                              screwups or just get to know other hams in the
                                                              area. Even meet and discuss with some of the
                                                              exeutive of most of the clubs within the Calgary
                                                              area. We are all one when it comes to
                                                              AMATEUR Radio.

                                                              CARA stiil has a small group attend Chinnok
                                                              centre for the Saturday morning gathering.

                                                              Tom Cullen

                      Calgary Amateur Radio Association            November 2010                            21
                             The Contest Column
                             By Michael Ross VE6TC
                             The fall constest season is well underway. Some of the major contests that we will
                             likely operate at the club station this year are listed below.

                             If you would like to take part, please contact me by email at
                             the week before the contest. One on one familiarisation training is available for new
                             operators, or drop by if you have time.

There are several contests every weekend. If you would like to operate one of the smaller contests, as a single
operator, the station is usually available, if we are not taking part as a club contest activity.

The station is also available for casual operating to any suitably licensed club member.

Key fobs that give you 24 hour access to the club station are available for a $10 deposit.
Application forms are on the membership forms and DX areas of the club web page.

You can also get access to the remote internet stations by contacting Rob

                                          Major Fall Contests

ARRL Sweepstakes Contest, SSB                             2100Z, Nov 20 to 0300Z, Nov 22

CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW                               0000Z, Nov 27 to 2400Z, Nov 28

ARRL 160-Meter Contest                                    2200Z, Dec 3 to 1600Z, Dec 5

RAC Winter Contest                                        0000Z-2359Z, Dec 18

                                            Contest Results

CONTEST: ARRL-SS-CW November 6 & 7

Band                         QSOs                         Points                       Sections
14                           159                          318                          23
21                           88                           176                          36
Total                        247                          494                          59

Larry KC operated about 3 hours with Roy VE6AFN listening in on headphones and copying the exchange. Roy
has been off the air for the last 40 years but could still copy CW at contest speed! He just needs a little more
practice with the logging program and electronic keyer to operate on his own.
The contest fell on the same weekend as the car rally, limiting participation on Sunday.

CONTEST: CQ-WW-SSB October 30 & 31

Band                   QSOs                   Points                 Countries               Zones
7                      21                     42                     3                       5

                       Calgary Amateur Radio Association              November 2010                            22
14                    565                    1300                  74                    26
21                    885                    1915                  73                    28
28                    18                     54                    3                     3
Total                 1489                   3311                  153                   62

What a treat to have the bands open with great conditions during the CQ WW contest for a change! 15M was
every bit as good as 20 M, so good that we made more contacts on 15 than 20. That hasn't happened in many
years, with 73 countries making it into the log. Even an opening to South America on 10 M. While we only
operated the daylight hours, we still made a few token contacts on 40 M. If this is any indication of things to
come, we should see ever improving HF conditions.

Recent Awards Received

We finally received our 2009 Sweepstakes “Clean Sweep” Mug for working all 80 sections in the
Sweepstakes contest last year.

                      Calgary Amateur Radio Association            November 2010                            23
Nose Hill VE6RYC Refurburation – Upgrade Man Hours
   DATE         NAME       CALL      HRS     Sub        DATE          NAME     CALL        HRS    Sub
Oct. 09, 2010   Brien                 6.00    6.00   Oct. 24, 2010    Tom     VE6SHB       1.50
Oct. 04, 2010   Doug        VE6CID    3.00           Oct. 24, 2010    Tom     VE6SHB       6.50
Nov. 07, 2010   Doug        VE6CID    1.50           Oct. 28, 2010    Tom     VE6SHB       2.50
Nov. 14, 2010   Doug        VE6CID    4.00           Oct. 30, 2010    Tom     VE6SHB       6.50
                Doug        VE6CID    6.00   14.50   Oct. 30, 2010    Tom     VE6SHB       1.30
Oct. 04, 2010   Electrician           3.00           Nov. 01, 2010    Tom     VE6SHB       3.00
                Electrician           4.00    7.00   Nov. 02, 2010    Tom     VE6SHB       5.20
                Frank       VE6ZQ     8.00    8.00   Nov. 03, 2010    Tom     VE6SHB       2.50
Oct. 04, 2010   Gerry       VE6QLT    3.00           Nov. 04, 2010    Tom     VE6SHB       5.00
Oct. 24, 2010   Gerry       VE6QLT    5.70           Nov. 06, 2010    Tom     VE6SHB       6.50
Nov. 06, 2010   Gerry       VE6QLT    4.30           Nov. 07, 2010    Tom     VE6SHB       2.50
Nov. 13, 2010   Gerry       VE6QLT    2.00   15.00   Nov. 08, 2010    Tom     VE6SHB       7.00
Oct. 04, 2010   Group                28.00   28.00   Nov. 08, 2010    Tom     VE6SHB       7.00
                Jean        VA6JRS    5.00    5.00   Nov. 13, 2010    Tom     VE6SHB       6.00
Oct. 04, 2010   Joshua      VE6CBT    3.00           Nov. 14, 2010    Tom     VE6SHB       6.50   118.30
Oct. 22, 2010   Joshua      VE6CBT    3.50           Oct. 04, 2010    Tony    VE6MX        4.30
Oct. 23, 2010   Joshua      VE6CBT    1.70           Oct. 19, 2010    Tony    VE6MX        2.00     6.30
Oct. 30, 2010   Joshua      VE6CBT    1.00
Nov. 02, 2010   Joshua      VE6CBT    1.50                                    Total Hrs.          317.20
Nov. 08, 2010   Joshua      VE6CBT    1.30
Nov. 14, 2010   Joshua      VE6CBT    3.50   15.50
Oct. 04, 2010   Lindsay VE6GAV        4.00
Oct. 12, 2010   Lindsay VE6GAV        3.50
Oct. 14, 2010   Lindsay VE6GAV        3.00
Oct. 16, 2010   Lindsay VE6GAV        6.30
Oct. 17, 2010   Lindsay VE6GAV        5.30
Oct. 19, 2010   Lindsay VE6GAV        3.00
Oct. 22, 2010   Lindsay VE6GAV        6.00
Oct. 23, 2010   Lindsay VE6GAV        6.00
Oct. 24, 2010   Lindsay VE6GAV        0.70
Oct. 24, 2010   Lindsay VE6GAV        6.50
Oct. 30, 2010   Lindsay VE6GAV        6.50
Nov. 02, 2010   Lindsay VE6GAV        4.30
Nov. 06, 2010   Lindsay VE6GAV        6.50
Nov. 08, 2010   Lindsay VE6GAV        6.00
Nov. 08, 2010   Lindsay VE6GAV        6.00
Nov. 13, 2010   Lindsay VE6GAV        5.00
Nov. 14, 2010   Lindsay VE6GAV        6.50   85.10
Oct. 04, 2010   Max         VE6SL     4.30    4.30
Oct. 30, 2010   Peter       VA6PJB    4.20    4.20
Oct. 04, 2010   Tom         VE6SHB    4.00
Oct. 12, 2010   Tom         VE6SHB    4.50
Oct. 14, 2010   Tom         VE6SHB    4.50
Oct. 16, 2010   Tom         VE6SHB    2.30
Oct. 16, 2010   Tom         VE6SHB    6.30
Oct. 17, 2010   Tom         VE6SHB    5.30
Oct. 19, 2010   Tom         VE6SHB    3.00
Oct. 21, 2010   Tom         VE6SHB    5.00
Oct. 22, 2010   Tom         VE6SHB    6.30
Oct. 23, 2010   Tom         VE6SHB    1.60
Oct. 23, 2010   Tom         VE6SHB    6.00

                      Calgary Amateur Radio Association              November 2010                         24
                                                                            Key Klix Advertising Rates
        KANANASK S 100 M LE                                        Full Page                        $210.00
           RELAY RACE
            RELAY RACE                                             Half Page                        $110.00
                                                                   Quarter Page                      $60.00
                                                                   Business Card                     $25.00
           Satturday June 18,, 2011
           Sa urday June 18 2011                                   Back Cover                       $300.00

In support of Hostelling International-Canada-Southern Alberta     All rates are for one year (10 issues).
                                                                   Contact any Key Klix personnel for more
We are still looking for a radio Co-coordinator for this event.    information.
Please contact Cheryl or myself.
                                                                                   Key Klix Staff
To all the faithful volunteers that helped me last year, THANK
YOU ! I again will be contacting you in Mar/Apr for your worthy    Editor     John Spenard
support again this year. Same positions as last year if you                   VE6JRS

To all new hams or any "mature" hams that would like to lend a     Advertising Manager
hand to this worthwhile event please contact me for more                    Tony Mountjoy
information.                                                                VE6MX 403.255.6254
This event from start to finish is guaranteed to be a fun day in
the valley of the Canadian Rockies.                                Distribution Manager
                                                                             Don Lloyd
Don Lloyd-VE3DD 403.293.7462,                              VE6DD 403.293.7462
Cheryl Lowery-K-100 Race Director at:
403.283.7064 ext. 26

                     Calgary Amateur Radio Association                 November 2010                          25
                          Calgary Amateur Radio Association
                                            Promoting Amateur Radio in Calgary
                                       Through fellowship, HF, VHF, Digital, CARATELS

                                      P.O. Box 592, Station M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2J2

                  Check One:   [ ] New Membership      [ ] Membership Renewal   [ ] Change of information

Date: ____________________

Name: _______________________________ Callsign: _____________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________ Province: _____________ Postal Code: ______________

Phone (day): ___________________ Phone (evening): ___________________________

Cell: ________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________________________

Date first licensed: _________________________ Class of license: ___________________

Date Joined CARA: ________________________ Age:____________________

                                      Schedule of Fees for 2010 – 2011 **

New member initiation Fee (one time fee)                                            $15.00    _________
Full membership Fee (electronic Key Klix)                                           $35.00    _________
Retired full membership (retired or over 65, electronic Key Klix)                   $30.00    _________
Family membership (one Key Klix), Family member call _________                      $15.00    _________
Associate membership (unlicensed), electronic Key Klix                              $30.00    _________
Student membership (18 or under & in school), electronic Key Klix                   $25.00    _________
Registered CNIB Members                                                              $0.00    _________
Mailed Key Klix                                                                     $25.00    _________
Ball Cap with CARA crest (and two CARA decals)                                      $20.00    _________
CARA sew on crest                                                                   $10.00    _________
VE6AO Club Station 24 Hour access (one time key fob deposit)                        $10.00    _________
Donations: Would be greatly appreciated to help operate the club                    $15.00    _________
TOTAL REMITTANCE                                                                              _________

All membership fees are due September 1st of each year. Please make cheques payable to:

** Fees have been updated as of September 29, 2008. Please see the minutes of the September 2008 General
Please mail cheque and membership form to address above.

                       Calgary Amateur Radio Association             November 2010                          26
Calgary Amateur Radio Association   November 2010   27
CARA EXECUTIVE 2008 – 2009
PRESIDENT                Peter Barry                 VE6PJB   403 237-5975
TREASURER                Jean Spenard                VA6JRS   403 235-4954
VICE PRESIDENT           Tony Mountjoy               VE6MX    403 255-6254
SECRETARY                Rob Wilson                  VE6CCL   403 246-2761
DIRECTOR                 Tom Cullen                  VE6SHB   403-242-2842
DIRECTOR                 Mike Ross                   VE6TC    403-948-5842   nrossairdrie@shaw.cas
DIRECTOR                 Don Lloyd                   VE3DD    403 293-7462
DIRECTOR                 Dale Olson                  VE6QDO   403 236-2687
DIRECTOR                 Bill Ingles                 VE6WSI   403 229-3270

CHAIRMAN                 Frank Jones                 VE6ZQ    403 276-2131
VICE CHAIRMAN            Les Card                    VE6CA    403 288-7748
SECRETARY                Bill Humphreys              VE6CQF   403 249-3909

CHAIRMAN                 Mike Ross                   VE6TC    403 948-5842
VICE CHAIRMAN            John Brookwell              VE6TUG   403 293-7879
SECRETARY                Larry Chapple               VE6KC    403 251-3899
TECHNICIAN               Mark Lunn                   VE6MXL   403 275-2556
IRB Project Leader       Rob Wilson                  VE6CCL   403 246-2761

CHAIRMAN                 Tom Cullen                  VE6SHB   403 242-2842
VICE CHAIRMAN            Tony Mountjoy               VE6MX    403 255-6254
TECHNICIAN               Tony Mountjoy               VE6MX    403 255-6254
TECHNICIAN               Tom Cullen                  VE6SHB   403 242-2842
TECHNICIAN               Lindsay Gavel               VE6GAV
Assoc. Tech              Ray Bourne                  VE6LG

Membership CARA          Wayne Barney                VE6WMB   403 278-7207
Casino Coordinator       John Spenard                VE6JRS   403 235-4954
Education Coordinator    John Brookwell              VE6TUG   403 293-7879
Legal Advisor            Tim Ellam                   VE6SH    403 260-3533
QSL Manager              Barry Middlebrook           VE6TN    403 257-0923
Equipment Manager        Tony Mountjoy               VE6MX    403 255-6254
Web Master               Joshua Bleviss              VE6CBT   403 2386667
Historian                OPEN
Tube Bank Custodian      Don Everton                 VA6DE    403 252-4131
Social Director          OPEN                        -        -              -
RF Susceptibility        OPEN                        -        -              -
SACNIB Coordinator       OPEN
Humanitarian             OPEN
CARA/Scouting Liaison    Henry Schreiber             VE6HAS   403 248-0706
CARA/Guides Liaison      OPEN                        -        -              -
CARA/CSCC Liaison        Mike Ross                   VE6TC    403 948-5842
Stampede City Award      OPEN
Calgary Emergency Coordinator Gerry Leach            VE6BVZ   403 285-5547   -
Alberta section Manager
RAC Alberta Section E.C. Garry Jacobs                VE6CIA   403 343-1930
Southern Alberta Repeater Association
Calgary Rep (President SARA) Howard Hepburn          VE6GT    403 244-3449
Radio Amateurs of Canada
President                Geoff Bawden                VE4BAW   204 219-9184
Alberta/NT/NU Director   Mitch (J.Thomas) Mitchell   VE6OH    708 446-8958
V.P. Regulatory affairs  Richard Ferch               VE3IAY   613 224-3752

CARA EXEC 2009-2010 REVISED OCT.25, 2010: VE6MX.

                       Calgary Amateur Radio Association         November 2010                          28
Calgary Amateur Radio Association   November 2010   29

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