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Application to Social Entrepreneurship Forum


Social Entrepreneurship Forum 2010 at SSE Riga
Application to Session “Inspiring Baltics”


Title of the project/ idea: MAMMU
Social entrepreneur (organization):MAMMU

What do you want to change? Why?
How do you want to change it?

MAMMU is a social business fashion company providing young Latvian mothers in need
with flexible working time. Mothers who have to combine childcare and earning money.
Since many mothers cant find a kindergarden place for there children it is nearly
impossible earning money and caring for the children at the same time. The social benefit
payed to those mothers is so low that they live way below the basket minimum (the
minimum that you need per month so that you can survive).
MAMMU trains those mothers in how to produce the MAMMU fashion products and
how to set up there own micro production company.
MAMMU is run according to the 7 principles of Grameen Social Business
When the mothers are trained we provide them with materials so that they can
produce the MAMMU products at home. When the products are finished we buy
them of them .

Who are You/ your team/ the organization?

We are MAMMU

What results have you achieved so far (if any)? Social and financial return (if

We created a big awareness on social business in Latvia, we managed that media
who normally don't mention social business talk about it.
We created a trustable high quality fashion brand.We started changing the live
situation of young mothers in need.

What results do you expect to deliver?
To change the situation of mothers in need.
To inspire many more young entrepreneurs

Do you need investment? What do you offer to the investor?
Yes we need investment.

        School of Social Entrepreneurship in Riga
We offer to become part of MAMMU, to work together with passionate and
inspiring creative high performers.
We offer to work in a professional, playful and joyful environment

(If) what is your question to the Panel? What are your needs/ challenges?

We need in investment, we need more contacts to international media, we need
contact to resellers.

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