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Lexis for Advanced Legal Research


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									                                                                                  Emory University School of Law

                                         ADVANCED LEGAL RESEARCH
SIGN-ON: LexisNexis Law School Website: www.lexisnexis.com/lawschool & https://advance.lexis.com

1) 1-800-45-LEXIS or Live Support 24 hours a day/7 days a week!
2) Lexis Rep: Tracy D. Templeton, Esq.
3) Student Reps: Dori Cohen, Lauren Gernsey, Jack Grote and Alex Meier


1) Help
2) Create a Folder
3) History

1) Browse Sources
      a) Pre-Search filter on the left side of the page
      b) Narrow by Secondary Sources
      c) Search Sources: bankruptcy
      d) Narrow to Treatises
      e) Click on Colliers on Bankruptcy, 16th edition

2) Browse Topic
      a) Patent Law > Infringement Actions > Burden of Proof

3) Search All
   a) Access Single Document by Citation
      SEARCH: 444 U.S. 286
   b) Topic Summary Reports - provides a brief summary of a specific point of law
      i) A one-paragraph summary of the point of law
      ii) A list of seminal cases on the point of law
      iii) Links to a variety of secondary sources discussing the point of law
   c) Pull Multiple Cites
      SEARCH: 444 U.S. 286; 326 U.S. 310; 357 U.S. 235
      i) Note all cases appear in cite list
      ii) Select All Cases to send to the LexisNexis printer in the computer lab on the 4th floor
   d) Formulating a Key Word Search
       i) Default: Natural Language –
          (1) you don’t have to use terms and connectors
           (2) Patent Infringment preliminary injunction burden of proof
       ii) If you want to use terms and connectors, just start using connectors  T&C Search
       iii) “Order of operations” = how you type it into the big red search box - You can change default
            by using parentheses
       iv) Big red search box can recognize phrases, but you can always use “…” to be sure
       v) PUT STATUTES/PROVISIONS IN QUOTES – i.e. “501(c)(3)”

   Tracy D. Templeton, Esq. ■ tracy.templeton@lexisnexis.com ■ 770.367.7187 ■ www.facebook.com/LexisNexisatEmory
                                                                                  Emory University School of Law

       vi) TERMS AND CONNECTORS (as opposed to natural language
           (1) Very specific ideas/terms – increased precision
           (2) More control over search
           (3) What are some terms and connectors, with examples?
        T/C                        Explanation                                  Example
  And                Requires both words in result                Defamation and blog
                        - Unless part of known phrase                - Search and seizure
                        - Or if you type AND                         - AND = just a word, not
                        - Don’t use “&”                                  connector
  Or                 Finds either term                            California or Florida
                        - If space between terms, default         Attorney lawyer counselor
                             = or
  *                  “Accordion” blank Scrabble tile –            s*holder = stockholder, shareholder
                     substitute for single or multiple letters
  ?                  One blank Scrabble tile – substitute for     d?unk = drink, drank, drunk
                     one letter
  ! or * at end      Root expander – searches for multiple        inten! = intent, intention, intend,
  of word            versions of the word at once                 intending, etc.
  /# near/#          Within specified number of words (w/s        dr?nk /3 driv* = drink/drank/drunk
  w/#                = w/sentence = w/15)                         within 3 words of drive, driving
                     (w/p = w/paragraph = w/50)
  Pre/#              Must appear not more than # of words         Motion pre/3 dismiss
                     before the next word
  And not            Excludes second term                         “assisted suicide” and not Kevorkian

           (4) Sample search: “patent infringement” and “preliminary injunction” /20 “burden of proof”
   e) Narrowing Your Search Results
      i) Results Tabs
      ii) Post Search Filters – vary by content type
      iii) Example: Cases
           (1) View Terms
           (2) Search within results: Apple /10 Samsung
           (3) Timeline
           (4) Legal Issue Trail

4) Shepardizing
   SEARCH: 481 US 41
      a) VALIDATE your case law and FURTHER your research
      b) Signals/tabs/filters
      c) Graphical reports

5) History- Saves your searches for 90 days

   Tracy D. Templeton, Esq. ■ tracy.templeton@lexisnexis.com ■ 770.367.7187 ■ www.facebook.com/LexisNexisatEmory

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