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                             REGULAR BOARD MEETING
                                     MAY 18, 2009
         The McKinney Economic Development Corporation met on Monday, May 18,
2009 in the Dowdy Boardroom of the Corporation office. The meeting was called to
order at 8:03 a.m. by Chairman Stan McWilliams. Board members present were
Chairman Stan McWilliams, Vice-Chairman Laurie Clegg, Secretary-Treasurer Marta
Gore, Director Scott Lewis (arrived at 8:30 a.m.), and Director B.J. Rone. Ex-officio
member was Bill Cox. Wade Johnson was absent.
         Staff present were President & CEO David Pitstick, Director of Business
Development Jim Young, Director of Marketing Sherie Ellington, Administrative Assistant
Durinda Fisher and Corporation Attorney Mark Houser.
         The Board reviewed the minutes from the Regular Board meeting held on April
16, 2009. On a motion by Marta Gore, seconded by B.J. Rone, the minutes were
approved. Motion carried.
         The Board next reviewed the Consent Items. Ms. Fisher reviewed the check
requests for April 2009. An incentive payment was made to Jersey Investments for the
completion of their new office building located in Heritage Park. Payments were also
made for the boardroom’s phone line, refinishing of a credenza and cabling for the T1
server. Jason Weeks, Assistant Finance Director, reviewed the balance sheet and
operating statements for April 2009. The May sales taxes received were down 3.6%
from May 2008 sale taxes. The sales tax comparisons for the sister cities showed that
all the cities sales tax receipts have decreased except for Allen due to their expanding
retail areas. Mr. Young reviewed the project payment sheet. The new Jersey
Investment’s building is completely occupied except for one space. The Grand Hotel’s
expansion is completed and open for business. On a motion by Marta Gore, seconded
by Laurie Clegg, the Consent Items were approved. Motion carried.
         Sherie Ellington gave the Marketing Report. The second edition of the e-
newsletter was sent. The “green survey” for local companies was completed and will be
distributed and compiled. The Collin County Marketing Coalition delivered baskets to
the winners of the Dallas Business Journal’s Heavy Hitters area broker recipients. The
DFW Marketing Team participated in the CoreNet Summit conference held in Dallas.
         David Pitstick gave his President’s Report. Staff has received several good
prospect inquiries especially from light manufacturing companies. The Chamber hosted
a luncheon with Carlton Schwab, Texas Economic Development Council’s
President/CEO, as the featured speaker. Mr. Schwab presented a power point
presentation to the attendees regarding the state’s present economy, emerging
technology, education levels and higher secondary education trends. He emphasized
that Texas is doing well compared to other states with the present economy. The
Business and Retention Program will be added to the MEDC’s offices. Several good
candidates’ resumes have been received and the new person should be in place by next
month. Chairman McWilliams added that he appreciated the Chamber’s cooperation
with moving BREP to the MEDC offices.
         The Board next heard the Liaison Reports:
         City Manager Frank Ragan reported that the City is addressing budget issues.
The City continues to look at the stimulus program and has applied for several grants for
help with additional law enforcement, fire and programs for non-profit agencies for the
homeless. Discussions continue with McKinney ISD and MCDC regarding a partnership
for the construction of a natatorium. The ice arena’s construction is moving at a fast
pace and may open before the projected October 1st date. Construction continues for
multi-family but single family housing remains slow. Chairman McWilliams added that
the glitz and glimmer in high retail may be nose diving with our surrounding sister cities
but that McKinney is fortunate to have a good business environment.
         CCRA Chairman, John Wroten, reported that their Board received news that the
FAA decision for the funding of the CCRA tower would not be determined by the Senate
in time for the planned start of construction. The marketing plan has been completed
which includes ideas to increase their revenue with operations to the airport. Pete Huff
added that representatives from the TxDOT Aviation Advisory Board will be visiting
McKinney. An invite to the MEDC Board will be extended to join the group for dinner on
June 11th.
         MCDC Executive Director Mike Gibson reported that the Pecan Grove Cemetery
projects were completed. The Board is preparing to sell bonds to prepare for the debt
incurred for the construction of a natatorium. The Board will be hiring a consultant to
prepare a strategic plan.
         McKinney Chamber Chairman Keith Clifton reported that the recent quarterly
luncheon focused on buying locally. The Chamber Board received approximately 270

resumes for the Chamber President’s position. A hail and farewell party is planned for
the outgoing and incoming elected officials from the May election results. Mr. Clifton
also asked if there were any legislative concerns pending to alert the Chamber as they
are working closely with their lobbyist.
         Main Street Program Director Ty Lake reported that $10,000 was raised at their
recent nacho fundraiser. The Art Walk will be held in late May. Several new restaurants
will be opening on the Square.
         Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Director Diann Bayes reported that there are
several events planned for the Memorial Day weekend including the Habitat for
Humanity celebration at Adriactica. The event is sponsored by Dr. Jennifer Buchanan.
Entertainment featuring the country band “Little Big Town” along with a fireworks display
is planned. The Pecan Grove Cemetery will be having their annual Memorial Day
program honoring and recognizing the country’s military. The Bureau celebrated tourism
week by doing a live remote with K-LAK from their office. Staff is preparing for the July
4th events along with coordinating the parade. McKinney will be featured with articles
and advertising in an upcoming Texas Monthly.
         President Pitstick gave a brief update on the green initiative committee. The new
BREP person will be handling this committee and coordinating their plans.
         Board was next introduced to Kelly Kemp, Business Development Officer with
the U. S. Export-Import Bank branch located in McKinney. There are regional offices in
New York, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago and Houston to name a few. They are a
government agency and are also located in 155 countries. McKinney is fortunate to
have an office located here. Mr. Kemp gave an informative power point presentation
         In accordance with TXE GOV’T CODE ANN. S 551.071 et. seq. the meeting was
adjourned into executive session a 9:20 a.m. The Board adjourned out of executive
session into open session at 11:53 a.m. Ms. Gore excused herself from the meeting at
11:45 a.m.
         The Board next reviewed the Action Items.
         The Board reviewed Project #07-13/Tong Yang’s request to extend their date for
completion of their internal expansion install by one year. On a motion by Scott Lewis,
seconded Laurie Clegg, the Board approved the extension for all target dates
concerning the project. Motion carried.
         The Board next discussed Prospect Proposal #09-06. The company is interested
in purchasing 10 acres in University Business Park presently owned by the MEDC. The
company will be attending the June Board meeting to make their presentation. On a
motion by Laurie Clegg, seconded by Scott Lewis, the Board agreed to lower the price of
the 10 acres in University Business Park with a claw back provision if construction is not
begun in twelve (12) months. Motion carried.
         On a motion by Stan McWilliams, seconded by B.J. Rone, the Board approved to
continue the suspension of the MEDC reserve requirement through September 2009.
Motion carried.
         The Board next discussed the funding of an Airport Land Use, Alignment and
Utility Study. On a motion by Laurie Clegg, seconded by B.J. Rone, the Board approved
to fund the study up to $140,000 with the stipulation that the CCRA Board provide details
of the planning efforts, construction of the public facilities and the potential revenue
sources with supporting details. The MEDC Board requests that the CCRA Board
present the details to the MEDC Board within the next ninety (90) days.
         Attorney Houser informed the Board that the maximum amount of funding from
the Texas Municipal League for mediation of the lawsuit would be $6.5 million.
         The Board said farewell to Bill Cox and thanked him for his much appreciated
time and services to the MEDC Board.
         The June Board meeting will be held on Thursday, June 18, 2009.
         There being no further business, Chairman Stan McWilliams declared the
meeting adjourned at 12:05 p.m.

                                     MARTA GORE, MEDC Secretary/Treasurer


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