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        Club Office telephone: 021 855 8333

    24 August – 30 August 2009
              Sharpening Service
                   9:00 am to 2:00 pm
   Parking area in front of Administration Reception

Arts & Crafts Exhibition Official Opening
  Tuesday 25 August – 5:30 pm - Arts & Crafts Room
       Arts & Crafts Exhibition viewing hours:
    Wednesday 26 August – Saturday 29 August:
       10:00 am – 12 noon & 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
       Sunday 30 August: 10:00 am – 12 noon

 Theatre - Butlers & Botox - Artscape
   Thursday 27 August – 7:00 pm (show at 8:15 pm)

    Social Evening with Henry Morkel
       Friday 28 August – 6:00 pm – Clubhouse
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Monday 24
  By app.     Hand & foot care – Healthcare (Ester le Roux 083 256 1499)
 6:00 am      Senior Fitness (Dena 021 855 4729/083 600 1031)
 8:30 am      Tennis – Social play
 8:30 am      Line dancing lesson – Clubhouse
 8:30 am      (play at 8:45 am) Old Boys Golf Competition
 8:30 am      Yoga classes – Gym (Marié Fouché 021 856 5815)
 9:15 am      Bus to Somerset West/Somerset Mall/Waterstone Village
 9:30 am      Woodcarving - Woodwork shop (Jan Stekhoven 021 855 3523)
10:30 am      General Practitioner – Healthcare (Dr F van Wijk 021 855 4732)
11:45 am      Stretch & Tone class – Gym (Cynthia Gerber 021 886 6800)
 2:00 pm      Waste Paper Collection – IF DRY
 2:30 pm      Prayer Group – Allenwood
 5:00 pm      Back Maintenance class – Gym (Amaritha 021 851 3156)
 5:30 pm      Line dancing practice – Clubhouse
Tuesday 25
  By app.     Hand & foot care - Healthcare (Ester le Roux – 083 256 1499)
 6:00 am      Senior Fitness (Dena 021 855 4729/083 600 1031)
 8:00 am      Back maintenance class – Gym (Amaritha 021 851 3156)
 9:00 am      Chess – Allenwood
 9:00 am      Sharpening Service – parking area at Admin Reception
 9:15 am      Bus to Somerset West/Somerset Mall/Waterstone Village
 9:30 am      Pottery – Workshop – visitors welcome!
10:00 am      Pathcare - Dr Dietrich & Partners (Blood Tests) – Healthcare
10:30 am      General Practitioner – Healthcare (Dr F van Wijk 021 855 4732)
 1:15 pm      Duplicate Bridge –Talani (Pat King 021 855 0567)
 2:00 pm      Dermatologist – Healthcare (Dr Cecile Keyzer 021 855 0214)
 2:00 pm      Christian Fellowship – Allenwood (Robert 021 855 0543)
 5:30 pm      Arts & Crafts Exhibition Official Opening – A & Crafts room
 5:45 pm      - 6:45 pm: Pilates exercises – Gym (Justine 021 851 9231)
Wednesday 26
  By app.     Hand & foot care - Healthcare (Ester le Roux – 083 256 1499)
 6:00 am      Senior Fitness (Dena 021 855 4729/083 600 1031)
 8:30 am      Tennis – Social play
 9:15 am      Tap dancing – Clubhouse (Julie 082 978 2399)
 9:15 am      Bus to Somerset West/Somerset Mall/Waterstone Village
10:00 am      Library (10:00 am – 12:00 noon & 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm)
10:00 am      - 12 noon: Arts & Crafts Exhibition – Arts & Crafts room

10:30 am    General Practitioner – Healthcare (Dr G Haasbroek 021 855 4732)
11:30 am    Golf competition
11:45 am    Stretch & Tone class – Gym (Cynthia Gerber 021 886 6800)
 1:00 pm    Nia classes – Gym (Dena 083 600 1031)
 1:30 pm    Duplicate Bridge – Talani (Margaret Harington 021 855 3524)
 3:00 pm    - 5:00 pm: Arts & Crafts Exhibition – Arts & Crafts room
 4:00 pm    Jeu de Boules – Clubhouse veranda
 5:30 pm    Nia classes – Gym (Dena 083 600 1031)
 5:30 pm    Line dancing practice - Clubhouse
Thursday 27
  By app.   Hand & foot care - Healthcare (Ester le Roux – 083 256 1499)
 6:00 am    Senior Fitness (Dena 021 855 4729/ 083 600 1031)
 9:00 am    Oils & Acrylics – Arts & Crafts room
 9:15 am    Bus to Somerset West/Somerset Mall/Waterstone Village
 9:30 am    Pottery – Workshop
10:00 am    Pathcare - Dr Dietrich & Partners (Blood Tests) – Healthcare
10:00 am    Library (10 am – 12 noon & 3 pm – 5 pm)
10:00 am    Bybelstudie (E Louw 021 855 4359, S Zeeman 021 855 3691,
            G Bester 021 855 4286)
10:00 am    - 12 noon: Arts & Crafts Exhibition – Arts & Crafts room
10:00 am    REAL - REsume an Active Lifestyle - Gym (Trudi 078 747 1859)
10:30 am    General Practitioner – Healthcare (Dr M de Wet 021 855 4732)
 1:15 pm    -1:30 pm: Social Bridge – Talani (Renée Bijl 021 851 6182)
 2:30 pm    Bible Study – Allenwood (Sylvia Leslie 021 855 3713)
 3:00 pm    - 5:00 pm: Arts & Crafts Exhibition – Arts & Crafts room
 5:00 pm    Back Maintenance class – Gym (Amaritha 021 851 3156)
 5:30 pm    Line dancing practice – Clubhouse
 7:00 pm    Butlers & Botox – Artscape (show at 8:15 pm)
Friday 28
  By app.   Hand & Foot care – Healthcare (Ester le Roux 083 256 1499)
 6:00 am    Senior Fitness (Dena 021 855 4729/083 600 1031)
 8:15 am    (play at 8:30 am) Ladies Golf competition
 8:30 am    Tennis – Social play
 9:15 am    Bus to Somerset West/Somerset Mall/Waterstone Village
10:00 am    Library (10 am – 12 noon & 3 pm – 5 pm)
10:00 am    - 12 noon: Arts & Crafts Exhibition – Arts & Crafts room
10:30 am    General Practitioner – Healthcare (Dr G Haasbroek 021 855 4732)
 2:00 pm    Bus to Heldervue
 2:45 pm    (3:00 pm tee-off): Golf Sundowner competition – 9 holes
 3:00 pm    Choir (all at 3:30 pm) – Talani
 3:00 pm    - 5:00 pm: Arts & Crafts Exhibition – Arts & Crafts room
 6:00 pm    Social Evening with Henry Morkel - Clubhouse
Saturday 29
 6:00 am    Senior Fitness – by appointment only (Dena 021 855 4729)

 8:30 am     Tennis – Social play
 8:30 am     Golf Competition
10:00 am     - 12 noon: Arts & Crafts Exhibition – Arts & Crafts room
 3:00 pm     - 5:00 pm: Arts & Crafts Exhibition – Arts & Crafts room
Sunday 30
10:00 vm     N.G. Videokerk– Allenwood
10:00 am     - 12 noon: Arts & Crafts Exhibition – Arts & Crafts room
             Final session and “Button” Competition draw at 11:30 am
All Villagers are invited to join our Social Evening with Henry Morkel next
Friday, 28 August from about 6:00 pm in the Clubhouse. Attendance has not
been great lately mainly due to flu, rain and cold – and perhaps rugby????? -
 but, a minimum number of bookings is required to arrange these evenings, so
please make up a group and encourage friends to attend. Come and dance the
cold away whilst enjoying a good meal and pleasant company at the cost of
only the food and drink that you order – no cover charge. Please book with
WPC on 021 855 8340. There will not be a social in September - the next event
will be our Spring Dinner/Dance on Friday 2 October – details to follow.
The outing to Postberg & Langebaan on Thursday, 3 September is fully
Frank Sinatra and Crooners Evening to be held on Saturday, 5 September at
7:00 pm with a strictly Vintage theme at the Waterford Estate, Blaauklippen
Road, Stellenbosch. The cost of R200 per person (limited tickets) includes live
entertainment, welcome drinks and light meal (soft drinks & Estate wines will
be for sale). This is a charity function in aid of the Stellenbosch Animal
Welfare. For more information, contact Juanita on 021 880 5311/082 855 1780;
e-mail: Sorry, no Village transport available.
The outing to Duckitt Nursery at Oudepost Farm near Darling and the 92nd
Darling Wildflower show on Saturday, 19 September is fully booked.
Russian State Kuban Cossack Dance Company at Artscape on Saturday, 5
September - fully booked.
2 Seats are available for Defending the Caveman, Theatre on the Bay,
Saturday, 3 October at 5:30 pm. Tickets R125; Transport cost R80 p.p. Book
at the Club Office (021 855 8333).
CATS at Artscape, Saturday, 5 December at 2:30 pm – fully booked.
Paarl Open Gardens, Friday and Saturday, 30 – 31 October: Five beautiful
farm gardens and a variety of town gardens will be open to the public in aid of
Rusoord Retirement Home. The gardens will be open from 10:00 am to 5:00
pm. We’ll visit the gardens on Saturday, 31 October. Tickets @ R50 p.p.
include a map and a description of all the gardens. Transport R80 p.p. Please

book at the Club Office. If you wish to undertake this outing on your own,
more information is available from Trucia O’Grady (082 393 1840 or 021 872
8101) or Retha van Wyk (083 407 2552). Tickets will also be available in front
of the Laborie Shopping Centre in Main Street, Paarl.

Thursday General Meeting: Last Thursday evening at the Monthly General
Meeting, Cita du Toit had us spellbound by her beautiful quilts. She is a true
artist and a delightful presenter. We hope to hear from her again next year. If
you are interested in quilting, do contact her or the office, because we are
hoping to get a quilting group going next year. After that, we watched Jetteke
Press make chocolate truffles. The recipes were handed out, so now all can
make truffles for gifts or just to enjoy themselves.
Friday Crafters: Due to the Exhibition there will be no meeting today or next
Friday, 28 August. We start up again on Friday, 4 September with a Parchment
Craft session.
Luncheon: Just a reminder to book your place and to choose your table for our
Annual Luncheon on Friday, 18 September at 12 noon at Talani. Seats are
Exhibition: Please remember to hand in your items for the exhibition on
Monday, 24 August between 8:30 am and 11:30 am at the Arts and Crafts room.
Marion Langton will be officially opening the exhibition at 5:30 pm on
Tuesday, 25 August.
During the exhibition, for security reasons, everybody will have to sign the
register every time they enter the room. We trust that you will enjoy the
exhibition and be inspired as well.
Duplicate Bridge Tuesday - to play or cancel, phone Pat King on 021 855
0567 or Graham Harington on 021 855 3524.
Thursday Social Bridge - to play or cancel, phone Renée Bijl on 021 851 6182
or Jean Pardey on 021 855 2056.
Weekly Results - 11 August - 9 Table Mitchell
1. Bernard Joffe & Ted Hoek                    57.87%
2. Mike & Edna Smuts                           54.40%
3. Jean Pardey & Eddie Daniels                 53.70%
1. Marie v Rensburg & Noreen Geldenhuys        65.51%
2. Bubbles van Vuuren & Dot Lancaster          51.39%
3. Vida Steyn & Hilda Cutts                    51.16%
5 Table Howell
1. Monika Edelstein & Doreen Holmes            65.28%

2. Fienie Coetzee & Geraldine Elwood          55.56%
3. Derek & Jean Hindle                        55.09%
Thursday Social Bridge - 13 August: Pat Sanders – 4 390 pts
CHESS: Play starts at 9:00 am on Tuesdays at
Allenwood. Phone Eddie Daniels (021 855 4999).
Results for 18 August 2009:
Lloyd Pascall      1 - David Mahlangu 0
Bernard Joffe      1 - Eddie Daniels         1
Maurice Wright 1 - Manfred Krause            1
Solution to last week’s problem, no. 68: Qf1
This week’s problem no. 69 is alongside.       Mate in Two – Black to move

We trust you and your friends have now booked your seats for one of our
concerts on 11 & 12 September in Talani when we present a programme of
Gilbert and Sullivian music, including as the main item the Operetta “Trial by
Jury”. This presentation will involve some dramatic elements, the whole
Operetta brought together for your enjoyment by our Narrator.
In the meantime, rehearsals are going well. Looking forward to seeing you
there. Tickets cost R20 each and are available at the Club Office (021 855
Next Concert Sunday, 6 September
2009 at 4:00 pm in Talani
Talisa Symons (violin), our artist on
this occasion, has performed with
several orchestras in Johannesburg, on
the East Rand and Pietermaritzburg in her short career. She will be
accompanied here on the piano by her father, James Symons. Talisa gained the
Third position in the KZN University Open Musical Competition for all
instruments for players up to 18 years. For us she will play a selection of light
classical works. More next week.

Competition results:
Wednesday and Friday competitions – all cancelled due to rain.
Saturday, 15 August – 4BBB Medal 18 holes: Only played 9 holes due to rain
Winners:     Mike Green & Pitte Swanepoel                            31 Nett

Runners-up: Pierre Hofmeyr & André du Toit                           32 Nett
Monday, 17 August – Old Boys 3B Alliance:
Winners:     Guillaume de Klerk, Andy van Wyk & Stan Luker             41 pts
Runners-up: George Muller, Karl Eick & Willie Gough                    39 pts
Next competitions: (Mon draw 8:30 am & play 8:45 am, Wed 11:30 am, Fri
8:15 am, Sat 8:00 am)
Monday, 24 August: Old Boys 3B Alliance       (Frikkie Pieters 021 855 2190)
Wednesday, 26 August: Individual Stableford
Friday, 28 August: 9 Hole Competition 2nd 9        (Pam Pyle 021 855 4530)
Friday, 28 August: Golf Sundowner – 9 Holes
Saturday, 29 August: 4BBB Stableford

The Special committee (Administration Office and Clubhouse Redevelopment)
can report that many possibilities (both existing and new schemes) have been
considered for the provision of new administration offices both inside and
outside the existing Clubhouse. Each of these possibilities has been priced and
the pros and cons of each are being assessed. The Committee aims to make a
visual presentation in the Clubhouse during mid September 2009 whereat the
various possibilities can be viewed and discussed by all interested Villagers.
Committee members will be present to answer any questions regarding the
various possibilities.
The purpose of the chat session is a genuine good faith attempt to forge in a
positive spirit, a closer and more productive relationship between Villagers and
Village management, with the common purpose of improving communication
and the efficiency of Village management as a whole. It is also an opportunity
of communicating in a positive manner, new ideas between Villagers and
Village management, to clarify issues of policy and management procedures,
reaching a greater number of Villagers at one time than would be achieved by
individual written communications and, thereby, saving valuable time through
the reduction of time consuming correspondence. Chat sessions also provide the
opportunity for Villagers and management to meet each other, and for each to
gauge the others feelings and attitudes towards situations and issues - hence the
presence at these sessions of all the Managers and Heads of Department.
Correspondence will not be tabled at these sessions, if anonymous. However,
the author of correspondence will not be named, and it rests with the author
whether or not he/she wishes to divulge his/her identity. Villagers must please
feel free to submit matters for discussion and to participate fully and frankly in
such discussions. This is your Village and, therefore, it is in your own interests
to participate in its future and to make these sessions worth while.

It has always been the intention that Villagers who have complaints should refer
these to the appropriate departmental manager. In the event of such complaints
not receiving the appropriate attention within a reasonable period of time, the
matter should then be referred to the Villager Liaison Officer and if then still
not resolved, to the General Manager/Chief Executive Officer. If satisfaction or
a solution is still not achieved, such complaints should then be put to these chat
sessions or to the Board of Directors, as Village management then deserves to
be put on the spot. Management sincerely trusts that this procedure will ensure
speedy resolution of problems and complaints, and that these chat sessions do
not degenerate into complaint sessions which will drive away those who
generally support the objectives of these sessions, rather than encouraging
Villagers to attend.
Everyone is invited to attend the next CEO’s chat session to be held in the
CLUBHOUSE on MONDAY, 7 September 2009 to commence at 3:00 pm,
and to make use of the opportunity to have your questions answered or to air
your views on matters in the general interests of the Village.
Please submit topics for discussion in writing (not longer than half [½] a
page) to the Chief Executive Officer, Dave Sandham, by LATEST MIDDAY
ON MONDAY, 31 August 2009. Although letters must be signed, the identity
of the author of any letter will be kept confidential.
ELECTRICITY SUPPLY TO PARTS                             OF     HELDERBERG
Hot water geysers to be switched off:
In order to reduce the electricity demand in the area the electricity supply to hot
water geysers will be switched off in the following suburbs for the period stated
Somerset West, Somerset Ridge, Griselda, Greenways, The Links, Rize, Briza
Township, Helderzight, Parel Vallei, Golden Acre, Natures Valley, Martinville
Kalamuda, Helderberg Village, Bel Aire, Heldervue, Schoongelegen, The
Wingerd, Monte Sereno, Helderrand, Spanish Farm, Golden Hill, Erinvale,
Lourensford, Asanda Village.
Customers in these suburbs are requested to limit their electricity usage during
this period to assist City Electricity Services to maintain the supply of
electricity to these suburbs. If there is a shortage of supply, it might be
necessary to also interrupt the supply to these suburbs.
Customers are advised to treat all electricity installations as live for the full
duration of the interruption as the electricity supply may be restored at any time
without warning.
In the event of extreme weather on 23 August, the work will be carried out on
Sunday, 30 August.
Village management would like to remind Villagers not to over fertilize lawns
as we approach Spring. The use of high nitrogen fertilizers such as L.A.N and
411 results in rapid growth of lawns. This in turn impacts on the mowing teams
who struggle to keep up with the mowing programme. Management
recommends the use of organic fertilizers such as Bounce Back or Blade runner.
Organic fertilizers are less likely to leach out into our rivers and dams and
definitely work for a longer period in your gardens.
Win a bottle of extra special whisky worth at least R300! A bottle of 12 year
old (could be 20 by now!) Extra Special Johnny Walker Black Label Old
Scotch Whisky will be raffled in aid of the Friends of Health Care Fund.
Tickets, as many as you like, are available from the Club Office at R10 each.
The draw will take place at the Christmas Fair on 27 November.
LAUNDRY: Marking of Linen and Clothing items: Villagers are kindly
reminded to either use PRINTED LABELS or alternatively a PERMANENT
LAUNDRY MARKER to mark all items sent to the laundry for processing. A
proper LAUNDRY marker or an ARTLINE 700 KOKI PEN should be used as
other koki pens cause the ink to flow. SEW-ON PRINTED LABELS can be
obtained from Modset Printers (021 854 3718) in Strand at a cost of R40 for fifty
(50) and R70 for one hundred (100) labels.
It is of the utmost importance that all personal items are clearly marked in order to
assist staff with the sorting of laundry items (average more than 1,000/day!) and to
keep misplacement of items to the absolute minimum.
The co-operation of Villagers will be appreciated.
NATURE NOTES 33: Baboons from our Berg?                           Jon Richfield
              Although I have never yet seen a baboon invading Helderberg
              Village, it occurs to me that we can't be too complacent. We do
              get visits from a number of other residents of the surrounding
              mountains, birds, mammals, even the occasional snake. On the
              Cape Peninsula and a few other areas near mountains, resident or
              invading baboons occasionally annoy dwellers in certain suburbs.
              Now, baboons have been pests on farms from the first time that
humans broke ground or pastured livestock in Africa, and my opinion the
problems they cause in the suburbs are far less serious than in crops. For one
thing, could baboons even get into Helderberg Village? Not very easily. Our
fences are electrified, and no baboon is shockproof. However if there is any
point where they can jump over, get under, or find a gap, be sure that baboons
will find a way in. Not only are they surprisingly clever, but they are driven by
hunger such as most of us only read of.
Our local Cape baboon is Papio cynocephalus ursinus, a large and dangerous
animal. The name means "dog-headed, bear-like baboon", a name that quite
correctly suggests a ruffianly beast with muscle and teeth. A mature male
commonly can out-fight a fully grown leopard. His canines are longer than

those of a lion, partly because they are for fighting rather than eating, so that big
canines in a big baboon are valuable for intimidating rival males. To that end
male baboons spend a lot of time yawning. They may not be sleepy or lazy, but
they do want all and sundry to be well aware of their dental endowments. In that
way his exhibition can prevent more injuries by avoiding fights than by winning
fights. Baboons are not what you would call pretty animals, but the big ones are
imposing, the small ones endearing, and baboon behaviour has touchingly
human aspects. When I was a child, baboons was nothing but pests, but
nowadays many a one-time "pest" has been reduced to the status of a wild
animal in need of protection, and often of sympathy as well. Baboons are not a
problem we need worry about in Helderberg Village yet, but we could get a
visit at almost any time. If that should happen there would be nothing to panic
about; they would be looking for food rather than trouble. Even if one were to
threaten you, that would be largely bluff. Shut your doors and any unbarred
windows, and call security. If you neither run at a baboon nor run away from it,
the chances of an attack are negligible. Don't get tough, but don't chicken out
either! After all, this is your territory, not theirs.
Congratulations to the Amen team who triumphed at a very cold Quiz evening
last Tuesday. Although we had a Cape storm at its best, the support by a great
audience was heart-warming! The next Quiz is on Tuesday, 1 September at
6:30 pm in the Clubhouse.
Our monthly Healthcare Support Group morning tea for the Dementia group is
being held in our Healthcare lounge on Thursday, 27 August at 09:30 am (Note
time change). Our guest speakers this month are Erna Nissen & Beatrix Crous,
the Founders of the Dementia Support Group in the Strand.
Anyone interested in joining in, please contact Annalie or Patricia on 021 855
8348 to book your seat. We look forward to seeing you there! Suzanne Steyn
THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK:                         Titus 3 verses 5 and 6
Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy
He saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Spirit,
Whom He shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ, our Saviour.
UNIDENTIFIED MAIL:                   Collect from Salome, at Administration
An envelope addressed to Die Mousecorp Trust, Private X19, Somerset West,
7130 from the City of Cape Town, cannot be identified. If this is yours, please
Village Management wishes to apologise for the inconvenience experienced by
Villagers due to last week’s unprotected industrial action that resulted from the
national bus strike. Village Management is currently busy with attempts to
prevent a repeat of this unfortunate action.

We welcome Mr Mike Chapman to his new home at unit H4 (021 855 5243)
who recently relocated from apartment C1 at the Clubhouse. We wish you
many happy and healthy years in your new home.
The second week of August was really an eventful one for us at Helderberg
Village. We were very busy and really happy to see all the new faces at the
Clubhouse. Our new menu style in the Clubhouse has been running since the
beginning of the month and has been well received by all who have tried it.
The Kiosk is receiving great support from the Village and more specifically, the
golfers. We are very proud of our Mary-Ann who really has made the kiosk her
own. I am sure all who use the kiosk will agree with me, that she really is doing
a wonderful job.
We at Kilberry Lodge are playing host to a wonderful night at the opera. The
evening will consist of a seven course gala style dinner, with the first course
being served at seven as there will be live entertainment between courses.
While it is optional to dress to the theme, the dress code will at the very least be
smart or formal. The evening will be music to one’s ears and definitely one to
remember. The seven course meal including entertainment is extremely well
priced at R180 per head. Included in the price is a welcome drink and canapés.
WPC are really excited about this evening as many of the Villagers should be
too. Bookings are coming in thick and fast, so to ensure that you do not miss out
on a truly wonderful evening, please call the Clubhouse Restaurant on 021 855
8340 or alternatively Kilberry Lodge on 021 855 8394.
The Kilberry á la Carte menu will be changing next week, as we believe
Villagers and more specifically the Kilberry Lodge regulars, deserve a change.
If you have yet to go to Kilberry Lodge, then now is the time.
We are running wine promotions at the moment during lunch time in the
Clubhouse and at Kilberry Lodge during dinner times, so please feel free to ask
your waitron for a glass of our promotional wine on special.
On the last Friday of the month, we are again holding a raffle at the Clubhouse
bar where one can win a Vintage bottle of port. Tickets are being sold at the
Clubhouse for R10 a ticket and the prize is valued at R250. This is a bargain, to
claim the prize you, are required to be present at the evening.
We wish all the Villagers a wonderful week ahead and hope to see you in
person at some point during the week!

Bob Killen and family wish to thank all who expressed their condolences after
Ebie’s death. A sincere thank you to the Healthcare for all they have done for
her over the last few years. You are wonderful people.

 Weber kettle braai with cover, 45 cm, R500 – tel. 021 855 2359.
 Computer Owners: Does anyone have an old computer with the old 3,5
   stiffy drive? If so, I have some micro disks with delightful Fonts free to a
   good home! Please phone Gill on 021 855 0647.
 New navy jacket, size 40/42, R400; navy jacket size 40/42 R350; fawn
   jacket size 40/42, R350 – tel. 021 855 2359.
 Winter padded jacket, size 40/42, R400; winter lined jacket size 40/42,
   R300 – tel. 021 855 2359.
 Men’s shoes, 6 pairs, size 8, R80 per pair; men’s tennis shoes (3) size 8,
   R80 per pair; men’s sandals (3) size 8, R180 per pair – tel. 021 855 2359.
 Men’s suits (4), size 40, R400 each; men’s Pringle pullover, large, R300 –
   tel. 021 855 2359.
 Old candles (any shape, colour or size) wanted for charity – all we need is
   the wax. A big thank you to everyone who has donated their old candles so
   far. We need more, please. Please drop off at the Club Office.
 Garden/beach umbrella with stand which you may no longer need. Please
   phone Mitch on 021 855 0919.
 Old camping equipment. Please contact 082 736 2498
 Various units, rental varying from R8 833 to R15 000 per month,
   negotiable, are available to rent (long term). Rental includes levy. Contact
   Vicky on 021 855 8317;email –
   or view on the Village website and click on
 Red scarf found at on pathway near unit 2. Please collect from Club Office.
 A variety of hats, jackets, scarves, etc. etc handed in over a period of time.
   If you’ve lost anything, please come and check – unclaimed items will be
   donated to Hospice at the end of August.
 Sharpening service: Postponed due to rain to Tuesday 25 August from 9:00
   am to 2:00 pm. Ernst’s van will be parked in front of the Administration

Villagers’ Corner:
Jeanna de Waal, the eldest granddaughter of Mrs Antjie
Strydom, unit 460, in the picture with Paul McCarthy in the
UK during her graduation ceremony.
Driving Licenses: Thank you to Graham Harington for his information
regarding the renewal of Driving Licenses (Newsletter 22/2009) and to the lady
in Admin who drew me a map when Graham’s could not be found.
Pedestrians: With reference to the items in Newsletters 28 & 29/2009, there
are a number of street lights which are partially or totally obscured by
overgrowth of trees on Carrowmore Drive, in the Malray area from units 421 to
446. This I have reported to Richard Arm. If Villagers know of similar dark
areas it would help as Grounds Staff are not present at night to become aware of
restricted lighting. John Moot – unit 444
Wed 2         9:00 am       Bowls Committee meeting – Admin Board room
Thu     3     9:00 am       Outing to Postberg & Langebaan
Thu     3     9:00 am       Arts & Crafts Committee meeting – Clubhouse
Fri     4     2:00 pm       Parchment crafters – Arts & Crafts room
Fri     4     3:00 pm       Music Society Committee meeting - Clubhouse
Sat     5     6:00 pm       Russian Cossack Dance Company – Artscape
Son     6    10:00 vm       NG Kerk diens – Allenwood - Ds Hannes Theron
Sun     6     4:00 pm       Music Society Concert – Talani
Mon 7         3:00 pm       CEO’s Chat Session – Clubhouse
Tue     8     7:00 pm       Bingo resumes - Clubhouse
Fri/Sat 11 & 12 6:00 pm     HV Choir concert – Talani
Fri     18 12:00 noon       Arts & Crafts luncheon - Talani
Sat     19    9:00 am       Outing to Darling & Duckitt Orchid Show
Thu     24                  Public Holiday – Heritage Day
                The solution to Chess problem no. 69: Qf1


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