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World of Warcraft - Professions Changes


Profession changes in Mists of Pandaria

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Profession Changes in Mists of Pandaria

Mists of Pandaria brought with it a number of changes, including changes to the crafting
professions. The way players learn certain recipes and gain crafting levels is different
for several professions, and there have been changes to resource systems as well.

All professions will be affected by the change to the crafting materials that drop from
monsters in the world. In the past, monsters dropped “motes” of each element that
could be combined into a more valuable item. In Pandaria, there is only one type of
mote, called a Mote of Harmony. Ten of these can be combined into a Spirit of Har-
mony, a reagent in many crafting recipes.

In addition to the materials changes, the way players gain skill in some professions has
changed. Alchemists are leveling very differently in Mists of Pandaria. Instead of learn-
ing all of the recipes for a given level at the trainer, a new crafter will start out with two
and discover more as they create. Each alchemist might use different recipes to level.
In addition, a new rare herb, Golden Lotus, has been added. This herb is used to make
flasks and transmute uncommon gems into rare gems. The alchemist trinket has
changed as well, it is now a drop. Players find a “Strange Spherical Stone” on high
level monsters and complete the quest it offers to create an Alchemist’s Stone.

Recipes for blacksmithing, tailoring, and leatherworking have also been changed. In-
stead of creating specific items, these professions will level up by creating items with
random stats on them. Different factions have recipes for different types of gear. Black-
smiths will need Klaxxi reputation, leatherworkers will want to get honored with the
Golden Lotus, and tailors can buy a bag recipe from the August Celestials. In addition,
all three professions will need Spirits of Harmony to buy recipes for dungeon and PvP
gear. Raid recipes can drop off of raid bosses and trash, but will require a Blood Spirit
to create. Blood Spirits are acquired by disenchanting raid weapons.

There were only a few notable changes to enchanting. The main difference enchanters
will notice when they log in is that it is now possible to upgrade and downgrade materi-
als, turning dust into essences and essences into shards, or vice versa. However,
some materials will be lost when they are downgraded, as downgrading an essence re-
turns less dust than upgrading dust to an essence. The same principle is true for con-
verting essences to shards.

The mechanics of engineering remain more or less the same, but in Mists of Pandaria,
engineers have a number of new toys to play with. The Blingtron 4000 is a summoned
robot, similar to Jeeves, but instead of acting as a butler, he gives a gift to anyone who
interacts with him. Engineers also learn two new mounts, and the goblin parachute has
become a goblin glider that glides rather than being buffeted by wind. Blacksmiths out

in the world may want to befriend an engineer, as they can create a portable anvil and
forge usable anywhere.

The largest changes to inscription involve the way scribes learn recipes for new glyphs.
In the past, Tomes of Glyph Mastery dropped from monsters and were necessary to
learn certain glyphs. Now, the glyphs can all be learned through daily creation of a
Scroll of Wisdom and with Northrend Inscription Research. Tomes of Glyph Mastery
can speed up the process, however, by teaching a glyph immediately. In addition, the
Prime Glyph category was removed entirely, and now scribes make only Major and
Minor Glyphs.

Jewelcrafters have also seen changes to the way recipes are discovered. There are no
more daily jewelcrafting quests or a jewelcrafting currency. Instead, jewelcrafters can
use three gems of the same color to discover a random recipe for that color gem. This
can only be done once a day. Jewelcrafters can also make several jeweled panther
mounts, however they will need to gain reputation with the Order of the Cloud Serpent
to buy the recipes.

All crafters will have daily tasks, whether it is grinding reputation with a faction to buy re-
cipes or doing research to discover them. In addition, they will all be reliant on Spirits of
Harmony to make rare items. Spirits of Harmony will require crafters to go out into the
world and fight monsters, as the motes bind to the character that picks them up and
cannot be traded. Crafters will have much to keep them occupied in Mists of Pandaria.

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